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Told you guys I'd have the male one up soon!

because I just HAD to finish this at 3:11am, theres a lot more of my two cents tossed into the commentary so it's sounding...then the last one. :slow: and because I'm so lazy I'm gonna recycle the description from the female one, so if you read it already feel free to skip.

this was a little project I gave myself to do. to see how many different body types I could come up with- and this isn't even the tip of the ice burg folks!

and I'll tell you exactly why too. it annoys the living piss out of me when people put their character cast pictures up and there is NO body type differential at all. you'll get height differences and race differences IF YER LUCKY... but body type seems to come last ( sometimes race comes last in character development it depends on the person making the characters) and I think... that having nothing but 6 foot tall Aryan super models in your cast is a very amateur mistake when it comes to character development. it's boring, and casts like this FAIL the silhouette test.

( fyi: the silhouette test is when you black out everything on your characters and line them up to see if other people can tell them apart from one another, to make the test extra hard make yer characters bald for the test)

" the world is not full of reds and blues it's full of wonderful shades and hues!" this is a quote from an ad - the product and the ad were horrible but those words were very true and i applied them to body types. the world is not full of fats and thins it's full of everything in between! I apply most of these to my own characters, also theres a few that got thrown in there just for shits and giggles and aren't to be taken too seriously.

I could add more to this chart but this is enough for now. it's mostly a personal reference but I do hope it's useful to others who are working on more chracter diversity in their lineup, I know I always am. I recommend "force: dynamic life drawing for animators" by Michael D mattesi for anyone who needs more reference.

you can find the Female Body Type chart here - [link]

art & headless torso men © :iconcandy2021:
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:new:This Chart is officially one year old. So I will no longer be replying to comments on it, There should be plenty in the number it has already to entertain you, thank you so much for looking!

Drawn in 2007 I feel it is time to retire the Female Body Type Chart.

And pass the torch to an updated reference! So I bring to you The Female Body Type Chart Version 2.0! A chart that has been a long time coming.

Disclaimer: this is not a drawing tutorial! If you are looking for ways to improve on your drawing style or anatomy please consult a professional this chart is just to get those creative juices in your brain flowing.

A lot of people ask me “Oh Candy why do you make these charts?” Well, the original is the most faved and the most viewed thing in my gallery and being here for 7 years that says a lot. It says that people are hungry for diversity! And being less than impressed with the so called “size diversity” charts that are currently floating around I decided to make my own! I don’t claim any kind of anatomical correctness with this chart; I would hope that would be obvious with the ill-defined hands, feet and heads. But I know if I don’t mention it now someone will go “people don’t look like that! Go back to art school!” Because it happened on the last chart. Or worse someone is going to complain about my comments on this picture because they got offended at something I said.

Can we skip all that this time around? I’m really not in the mood for a game of Miss the Point. it’s a chart about body type diversity not every girl looks the same, I can't possibly include every body type there is, I’m making a male one as we speak just take it for what it’s worth to you or don’t take it at all. :shrug:

Average – neither fat nor thin, according to the LA times the average woman is a size 14 in US sizes. She’s not fat and she’s not skinny she’s somewhere in-between.

Fat – yea that’s right! I called that bitch fat. I’m not going to call her “fluffy” or “husky” or “curvy” or any churched up version of the word Fat. It’s a word we need to stop being afraid of! FAT!...fat is not a swear word, it’s not an insult, it doesn’t equal ugly…Fat is a descriptive physical characteristic and nothing more. She knows she’s fat and and she owns it.

Athletic – the Athletic type is another in-betweenie. She’s not muscle bound but she is far from frail. Think lean muscle, like Tennis players, swimmers and female boxers. This types most striking features are slight muscle definition. Enough to be seen but not enough to overwhelm.

Buff – THIS is our Muscle-bound lady the girl hits the GYM but that does not make her any less feminine, as a rule of thumb with my ladies is that their shoulders should never be wider than their hips, this lady is the exception to the rule since extra muscle adds mass and creates the illusion of wide shoulders. Think female body builders, wrestlers and super heroines.

Boteroesque – one of my more controversial ladies, named after Fernando Botero who made a name for himself painting not just big people REALLY big people. This is the biggest person of size I have ever drawn and I’m not going to lie to you guys, it was a lot of guesswork there are virtually NO tutorials on how to draw large figures and the 2 that I did find? Were of men…so she may not be 100% accurate but I REALLY wanted to include on the chart someone who was over 250 pounds, so I aimed for 400.

“Kate Moss” – My other controversial lady, but sadly she’s one we see way more often than the above…I know everyone probably wondering “why didn’t you just name her the Anorexic type Candy!?” because not everyone who is this thin starves themselves to be that way. And whether I like it or not this is a valid character body type. I know that a great deal of them are people who deny themselves food to be like celebrities like Kate Moss but some are like Lizzie Velasquez whatever her reasons are for looking this way this body type is here to stay and can be used as a plot device just like any of the other types.

Petite –a very lithe frame and a low body fat percentage gives this type a slim streamline look with small but perky breasts and the bottom of the rib cage just barely visible, I advise against adding more rib definition than that as it seems to raise a lot of eye brows about your characters eating habits.

Pear Shaped – a.k.a “child bearing hips” it’s like the average type and the petite type had a baby! And the weight from average went right to petites hips and thighs! And there’s no shame in it! The pear shape is quite common in women which is a good thing too because she’s going to need those hips if she aspires to be a mommy some day! Good thing too since women with wider hips have smarter babies, the pear shape is a very misunderstood type since for some bizarre reason most women are under some sort of delusion that if they have wide hips they are fat…when fat is related to fat and hip width is related to skeletal structure…I’ll never understand women, I should a been born a man.

Hour Glass – a shape that made Jessica Rabbit a star and Ralph Bakshi famous! With an iddy biddy waist, a large bust and a butt to match the hour glass is the most easily recognizable womanly shape, perfect for those sex kitten arch types.

Sex Toy – the sex toy is unfortunately a common character type ( note: not a women type. a character type) more often than not drawn by men who have never seen or been with a women or by women who have quite possibly the lowest self esteem imaginable. This type happens when you make the petite super insecure to that she goes and gets breast implants because that is about the only real explanation for why such a thin framed figured would have such large breasts. It’s not realistic but we see it a lot.

Pudgy / Chubby/ Some Extra Baggage – you’ll debate among yourselves and probably with me whether this body type is “fat” or not. Especially in a world where a size 0-2 is what a lot of women aspire to be and where if she was model she would be considered “plus size” (fun fact: plus size modeling starts at size 4 GOD what a bunch of Fatties!) But the truth is she’s just a lazy version of the average type.

this is just how I draw different body types and at the end of the day I hope that you can apply these ideas to how you draw.

This is only the tip of the ice berg when it comes to different body shapes and sizes! But I hope it has opened your mind a little bit to a world of possibilities! That all these types exist and they can all be beautiful! Whether or not they are all “healthy” is not up for debate. Since not all Original characters are healthy nor are all people healthy but unless anyone is making a series with a cast of fitness instructors how healthy a cartoon character is shouldn’t enter into it. BUT for the nay sayers ANYWAYS who a think that “healthy” only comes in one size, need I remind you that Olympic Athletes are the peak of physical condition that is it possible to have and even they come in many shapes & sizes.

TL;DR: Humans come in all shapes and sizes, shouldn’t the character we make come in different packages too? Every size can be beautiful but no size is more beautiful then the one that you are :) mix and match to find new types!

There’s more tutorials on body type diversity in my club, :iconfat-and-happy:’s Gallery! I hope you all like the chart and I hope it helps anyone whose looking on expand their horizons and draw outside the box! :heart: thanks for reading!

if your looking for a more technically accurate representation *ghostarin was kind enough to do this wonderful red line at my request! please see here.

the chart will be updated at some point but this will do for now.

Download For Bigger View!

If you’re interested in some of my other pieces on character diversity and types please see

The Male Body Type Chart Coming Soon!

Art © :iconcandy2021:
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This one truly was difficult. X____X;;; You have no clue how much time I put into this redline. I tried to keep true to your style as well. I know about the way you draw hips and waists, but I tried to follow the body types as well.

Just so you know, I used MANY references for the body types, just so I could get them right.

► 1. "Average". This body type usually have wider waists that kinda "melts" with the hips. It was a bit too close to Hourglass and Pear, so that's why I needed to "soften" her body and make it more even between her hips, waist and torso.

► 2. "Fat". Fat do have a waist. Notice how the line goes inwards. Don't make the stomach just round, it will make the woman look like she has a beer stomach or that she's pregnant. <; Try to make the knees less visible. Usually, they are more soft looking with more flesh on your bones. Oh, and a small tip. Be careful with those breasts. I'm sure that you didn't think about it, but if you don't draw that line in the middle, it will look like she's wearing some strange body-suit. xD

► 3. "Athletic". Looking trough references, athletic women doesn't have visible abs. At least not that visible. (: More things I fixed with this body shape was that I sharpened her body in order to look more athletic. I also fixed the muscle anatomies as well, giving a bit more detail.

► 4. "Buff." Now, this is the chick that has visible abs. Now, one thing though is that people don't have 8 abs unless you are even more buff than this chick. It's nearly impossible to show off the bottom two, only some very few can show them... slightly. I fixed the anatomy on the muscles. Remember that the muscle on the shoulders are supposed to be drawn in a down pattern, not up. Hope you get what I mean (just look at the differences between our two). Usually, women with this body type have two "lines" where their crotch is. They also have extremely marked knees. And try not to draw the muscles near her breasts (forgot the muscle's name) so clearly. They look a bit too much like fish scales. ;u; Draw them as if they were more smooth and curved ribs. And oh! Women with this body type are flat chested. If they have breasts (my drawing does do too), they have done plastic surgery. Most do.

► 5. "Boteroesque." I found some very useful references for this one, too. When drawing the double chins (idk if they are called that x__x;; ) remember to draw them as if they were.... plastic bags of jelly. xD;; Like, give them move volume. She isn't pressing her head back, so it should be under and around her face smoothly. And most people (looking at references) have "double" stomachs, if you call it that. The arms also gets very interesting "folds", making some strange lines where her armpits are. And the legs, don't make it so tight around her knees. (: Fat goes there too, eventually.

► 6. "Kate Moss." There is not much to say about this body type that we don't already know about. I mostly fixed the anatomy, since the way the bones was drawn (and how the skin was sitting on it) wasn't really correct. Of course, I used heavy reference here as well. And oh, yeah. Usually, if you have had breasts but lost this much weight, the skin will still be there, but no fat to fill them. So they will be saggy.

► 7. "Petite." Not much to change here AT ALL. All I changed was the anatomy on her torso that needed to be a little fixed. (:

► 8. "Pear Shaped." What I changed here Was the hips, actually. Usually pear shapes doesn't just mean the fat around the hips. Some are simply born with wider hip-bones as well, so I added that. I also added some more meat to the legs since that can be included with the Pear shape.

► 9. "Hour Glass." Not much changed here either. I only made the torso/ribs a bit wider in order to match with the hips, since it's hourglass. I also fixed the breasts a little. Naturally, they never sit that tight.

► 10. "Sex Toy." The only one I didn't use reference for. You don't really have to follow my guides on this one, I mainly followed my instincts... and I've had some experience looking at artists drawing sex toys like this. Usually the nipples are shown to the extreme, the breasts are rounder and even larger, waist is even smaller and there are no "imperfections" on their bodies. Knees are often shown as a "imperfection", no joke. :iconnotimpressedplz: And usually the arms barely have shape as well.

► 11. "Pudgy." Not much changed here. :heart: I made her a bit more round, making her look so huggable.~ I gave her some more stomach and I flattened the breasts a bit so they would look a bit more natural. I also softened her knees as well. That's all, really.

I hope this was helpful. (: If you have any questions, just ask. I'll gladly help. And I'm sorry if I made any mistakes. And typos.
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Disclaimer: this is not a drawing tutorial! This will not teach you how to draw! If you are looking for ways to improve on your drawing style , body types or anatomy please consult a professional I strongly discourage attempting to draw like me as I am still a student. But what I CAN offer that I hope you will find helpful is some idea sparkers.

Sometimes all an artist needs is a little spark to ignite a roaring flame! Tiny little tweaks that make a big difference! And if you’re like me you won’t even be aware that you need to be ignited!

For me? If I had a dime for every “Oh she’s so pretty!” “…he’s a boy…T_T” comment exchange that took place in my deviations I could buy a car!

it was a lot of gender confusion between my boys and girls. Lots of people mistook my males for females or my females for males! and over the years this began to annoy me. What was I doing wrong!?.. not ALL men have facial hair and it’s not like I gave them boobs or makeup! Where is this confusion coming from!?

Upon reading a library of how to draw books and plethora of online tutorials at my disposal I learned that there is more to drawing females that just drawing a male body and adding on boobs. especially since not all woman have visible breasts if they have breasts at all!

So I am sharing those differences with you all! The defining characteristics that make the sexes unique!

Disclaimer #2: Please note that these differences are subject to change based on weight, muscle mass and gender identity and that these standards are being used to describe post sexually mature individuals i.e: teenagers and up.

One of the wonderful things our bodies does during puberty is begin to define our sex, with men this happens in many fun ways, like backne and body hair but one of the most distinctive things is their shoulders begin to broaden. And their body becomes shaped like a V or T or an upside down triangle with their hips staying on the narrow end. It’s important to note that Males shoulders should always be the width of their hips or wider for a more masculine appearance.

This is the most basic and distinctive way to convey that the character you are drawing is male.

Other ways to make your man look more like a man as defined by Y! Gallery standards (Gallery dedicated to showcasing the male form) + Body and / or facial hair , Large muscle mass and / or defined muscle, A ‘package’ or ‘bulge’ in the pants (regardless or how small or large it may be it’s still there), Angular jaw line/facial shape rather than soft/round, A prominent Adam’s apple.

Not to say that all men have these features. but the goal here to make the character clearly visible as male.

Like Males, Females also go though a lot of oh so joyous things post puberty that define their sex such as the miracle of menstruation and growing of breasts. But one of the most distinctive things is their hips start to widen to prepare her body for the joy of child birth (Remember: an infant’s whole body fits thought there!) and her body becomes shaped like a 8 or an hour glass or a pear with their shoulders on the narrow end. It’s important to note that Females Hips should always be the width of their shoulders or wider for a more feminine appearance.

Other ways to make your woman look more like a woman as defined by what NOT to do via Y! Gallery standards (they prohibit this content as these are female characteristics) Full lips, big eyes, hourglass figure, soft jaw, prominent eyelashes, visible breasts.

This is the most basic and distinctive way to convey that the character you are drawing is female.

Not to say that all Females have these features but the goal here is to make the character visible as female.

Now is where it gets fun! While, technically speaking there is no third sex lots of people fall into the category of Androgynous where they are neither male nor female or they are both! We all start off life as little Androgynous beings.

If you took a bunch of children, shaved their head and put them in jump suits you’d have a fun time trying to tell the boys from the girls. We PLACE gender identify on children right from birth, if someone has a baby boy we describe them as strong and playful but if they have a baby girl they are described as precious and dainty. But the reality is they are all shapeless individuals and to the untrained eye all look like default humans that have the potential to become either.

That being said I can’t exactly list defining characteristics since there is none. As character who fall under the androgyny umbrella can have both male and female characteristics or they can have neither! However it is very important to make the characters look as genderless as possible, to NOT strongly define the hips or shoulders the body should be as shapeless as possible, this is often accompanied by baggy clothes to keep the characters true gender (or lack of gender) hidden and keep the audience guessing!

It boils down your audience looking at the character and thinking “is that a man with womanly features or a woman with manly features?” if they can’t tell, you’re doing it right 8)

I’m sharing this with you all because once upon a time I too was stuck in gender limbo drawing manly women and curvy men and it just looks wrong no matter how you try to slice it.

I hope you find this informative if you too want to make your genders more defined ( or lack of definition! )

To see more things I’ve done on this train of thought see:

They’re old and flawed but you get the idea.

If you read all that you get a cookie! Thanks for reading and I hope I have given you some food for thought!

Art © :iconcandy2021:
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[EDIT: Updated!! Now with skin colours too. the skin colours has nothing to do with the shapes. I just wanted it to not be so pale. it looked stupid. ]

Whenever I try to find a good reference of the typical, basic, female shapes I can't find any good ones.
So that's why I made this. But please keep in mind that these are exaggerated examples of the basic shapes. There are of course combinations of these, and of course height and weight comes in account as well but I think that's a different story. this is just the basic shapes.

-No, the round one is not "fat" it's simply where the curves are. Just like how the other figures show.
-And yes, I put underwear on them because it felt too naked.
-So no, I have no idea if the size of a woman's chest depends on her body-shape or not. in my personal view - women's breast size has nothing to do with their shapes.
-And Spoon/Triangle got two names because wherever I look, this shape got TWO different names. so I used them both.

Spoon/Pear/Triangle: Bigger bottom than upper body.
Inverted Triangle: Broader shoulders than hips.
Rectangle: Pretty plain and flat curves.
Hourglass: very curvy, hips and shoulders are same size (kinda)
Diamond: Waist is the curvy part
Rounded: Rounder around the hips and waist.

This is what I THINK all my references from the pits of internet are telling me. But I think it makes sense from what I have seen in other women and myself!

Enjoy, I hope it's somewhat helpful.

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this is a little table (?) showing different body types....

the endomorph is the body type that has the dominance of fat that makes the body have a more rounder shape, with smooth skin and tapering ,delicate limbs and hands/feet.

the ectomorph is a more slender and fragile body type,that has minimum fat or muscle and long thin limbs.

hoped you learned something from it! :dummy:
information and reference by Ron Tiner
art by me
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WOOOH! Take it all off!!!


'k. So here's part 3. Uuuuum...yeah, can't think of anything much right now. So enjoy and, as always, I hope it helps.

:rose: Part One: bodies and a little of proportion :rose: Click here!

:star: Part Two: the male anatomy :star: Click here!

:heart: Part Three: the female anatomy :heart: You're in it!

:flame: Part Four: kids :flame: Click here!

:lemon: Part Five: faces, feets and handses :lemon: Coming Soon!
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It all started when my loving husband Nicole saw me drawing two characters who were cousins. They both had the same coloured hair and eyes. She asked "are they clones?"


So I created this in order to see clearly the different body shapes.
Such as Yoden, who is gawky and under developed;
Dawn who is hourglass and stumpy,

Sorry about their legs - anything below the knees is impossible for me :D :P
PS sorry about the writing - you may have to download it to read what it says :P
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EDIT: Added a new version here: [link]

What kind of male body type do you find attractive/like to see in art?

a. Skinny
b. Thin but toned
c. Athletic (like an olympic swimmer or a sprinter)
d. "buff" like a bodybuilder ( think young Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Leave a comment here.
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I don't claim 100% accuracy for portrayals. We're all human here, we all have different bodies.

Anyway, this is meant as a help to just show there's more than one type of body out there, I'll do a male one soon, but wanted to get the female sheet out of the way first, and many of these concepts can be utilized for either gender, or those bearing both.

Generally if one is very thin, or very muscular they won't have much as far as breasts go, unless they're well endowed naturally...or got implants which look far from natural in most cases.(Large boobs look strange and unnatural on one with a hulk or skin and bones body though)

I didn't see anything else on dA like this, so I just made my own after doing some research.

NO IDEA ABOUT CATEGORY. Download for fullsize
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