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Was all this blood
on my hands
worth it?

Was there any other way?
I don't want to fight,
I don't want to hurt anyone.
I just want to live peacefully,
with all my friends.

But is this my fate?
That I will never escape fighting?
That the blood on my hands
stays forever as due to my race?

For that they said I protect
those that I care,
with the raw power that I wield
beyond my control.

I am afraid of it,
I fear for them,
Shall I live alone for their safety?

Or shall I stay with the warmth
of my friends,
and live in fear
that this rage may someday consume
those I tried hard to protect?

---> Torn page from Lucy's diary.


Lucy's info:

Is she still the same sweet girl that we know?
--> extract from Kazeerah's diary, Unknown page

One of Lucy's darker secrets is that she can go berserk. Although she normally is a very poor fighter and can't use any of the moves that a normal Lucario can use (e.g. Aura sphere), she seems to change dramatically from her usual self when she goes berserk.

From witnesses who have seen this rare event, when she goes berserk, Lucy fur and attire will suddenly change to a shiny Lucario's colour.

When berserk, she seems to be able to use skills and moves that she normally is not able to use. She also seems to attack wildly with little care for her own or her own friends safety.

It seems that this ability is triggered subconsciously by a massive fear of the death of her friends. For an unknown reason, she does not go berserk even if her own life is in danger, but she seems to do so if those she cares about are in mortal danger.

She reverts back to her original (non-shiny) colours when she runs out of energy or if her friends can somehow persuade her that the danger is over. She normally faints afterwards.

In her shiny form when going berserk, she seems to generate a visible dark aura. Also the power of any abilities she uses seems to be significantly increased in power (Way beyond that of a normal Lucario) and seems to be tinted with shadow energy. However if she does have innate shadow energy, the implications could mean that she may have an even darker secret than this ability of hers.

________________________________________ __
Art comments

BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!!!!! :evillaugh:

Ok, this one was brewing for a while.

Techniques used:
1) Shift-pencil lineart tech.
2) Experimental shading technique using layers and smudge.
3) Fur tech
4) Experimental blood techs.

Flames were kinda haphazard I think. Not exactly sure how to detail it much, also kinda lazy....... :rofl:
Was dedicating more time to testing a new shading technique using layers instead of my usual burn or black-layering techs.

So yes, advance critique.... for the art.

Not mature cat cause I think that the blood isn't the main focus of the pic.

And yes, Lucy's a Lucario, a pokemon.
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As I noticed that handfuls of my watchers had started taking a liking for a certain Lucario....

This is what she has to say.

I'm cute,
I know it,

But please
Don't say you like me,
just because I'm cute.

--> Lucy Hikari.

________________________________________ _______

Trivia about Lucy:

If there was ever a thing as putting stats in the wrong place when making a character, Lucy's probably a good example.
She's rather intelligent and very wise.....
Though bit lacking in physical strength and agility..... mostly due to a horrible lack of skill.

With such attributes and a very strong willpower, She's actually far better off being a psychic pokemon than a fighting type.
Due to past encounters of ( getting picked on ) she's normally shy if she encounters another fighting type alone.

If you get to know her, she's actually really friendly.

Though if anything,
She seems to not at all be proud that she's considered cute and rather attractive by Lucarios......
She thinks it's too much of surface-deep thinking.

As for her surname..... oddly enough, she rarely mentions it.... only if asked.
For some reason, she's fond of her surname, but doesn't really like to talk about it (cause both her parents are dead... and she tries not to remember bout it ).

Other Trivia:
Lucy has a sweet tooth......... -__-;

________________________________________ _____
Art info

Mmmmm coke..... :drool:

Think I'm startin to LIKE to draw these sorts of pic-and-quote things.
This particular quote was inspired from something I saw from an SPCA poster (bout keeping pets )
Was thinking between love and like....... but think love was stronger (she thinks so too).

Finally think I should take some pointers bout pose.

Originally.... this was supposed to be part of my art trade with :iconxd-385: ...... but even though I got her kneeling pose correct..... for some reason Lucy kinda couldn't put on the needed expression.....

Instead, she ended up looking kinda cute instead....... ^^;

Also was experimenting with perspective..... slightly screwed it up then figured it looked kinda cute anyway.

So I figured that instead of wasting the pic I might as well colour it anyway.....
.... and also give her a chance to say something to anyone who is thinking of stalking her.

So yes.... sorry *XD-385 , but the trade is delayed once more....... ^^;

Advance critique on..... anything other than character design.......

Thanks to :iconvixenthewolf: I now remember what song this thing was partly inspired by too.
"Don't say you love me."

Go listen to that song (on or somethin ) and have a look once more at this pic..... it somehow feels different.

Anything else? Blame Ellie and Stellar....... :XD:
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One hour drawing.... 3 hours colouring...... sigh

Leslie talks a little bout statistics.........

And so continues and concludes the brief Lucario season..... CAs in the Undivided.... hopefully.

Well.... that and some small issue still hasn't been resolved since the last comic.....
.... If you see a pair of blue lucario pants on sale on E-bay or something for 5 cents.... it may just be nova.......

A follow up of [link] cause opinion was kinda spilt between if they wore pants and those that think they didn't.

So this may explain it. :XD:
Some do.

( Love Fence-sitting. :rofl: )

And also the First appearance of the sixth Lucario character.... Azure Swiftwind.
A Lucario again.... though different species from Lucy in that she doesn't have the pants.... it's pants-like fur......

..... Unfortunately for her, her first appearance is as part of one of those CA incidents.
More on her later....
And later... using her to demonstrate the difference in drawing style and colouring style of pants and no-pants :XD:

Ok.... admittedly it's partly Ellie's fault of Nova's little mishap. :XD: You see, Azure spawned off from Ellie wondering how different drawing a lucario with fur instead of pants would look like in my current style and as comparing it with Lucy....... she was impressed and later decided to properly register that character......
and so you have it. Azure.

More Undivided? Well, as an when the council decides to have some. ( Don't really classify them as characters.... cause they are more integral to me than that. )

Previous Undivided: [link] First Lucario.

Nova Vs Azure? Probably gonna be settled outside-comic. :XD: Just like settling stuff outta court.

One more thing
Lucy is normally terrified of other Lucarios, even females. ( So stop tryin to get her with another. :XD: ) This particular comic is a slight deviation. She's completely unrelated to Azure. More later.
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Ah it's raining... ^^
Enjoy the rain while it rains
Enjoy the sun while it shines.... ^^

--> Lucy Hikari

Ellie: LUCY!!! WTF are you doing out there in the rain?? Get back in here before you get SICK!!



Well, There she goes again.

She's decided to make yet another appearance.... yes. that not-so-useful failure of a lucario who can't fight to save herself :XD:

Well, decided finally to do something with her.
simple.... some motivation I guess?

Kinda sick of people being unhappy about stuff all the time... trivial stuff of life especially, so she says a little words of wisdom.... or so some call it.

Happiness is infectious :D

Art wise well
decided to try some CHEAP RAIN EFFECTS :XD:

Also trying out a new style of drawing lucario heads. shorter snout... and well yes.
So yes. New version of ol' Lucy Hikari... now with a first aid band and a FLAT chest!!!



Decided to develop an experimental watermark for my pics in lieu of my first art theft incident.
needed something that will quite easily tell all those F*$%s out there that this piece of work is MINE!!! something more definitive than just a simple scribble of my initials and a date.

Developed one that's semi-transparent, in different areas, so well, will be able to put it over parts of the pic to make it very hard to remove.
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There's something about this girl. She's either the angel that saves us or the daemon that destroys all. She must be kept a secret and protected in the clan..... Bring her back, by any means.

--> Oracle (?) Skydiamonds clan

Concept work, NOT FIXED yet... open to discussion.

Once again, it's that lucario girl again.
not the same sweet girl you know?

Well, yes, concepts of stage two and stage 3 of her berserk modes.

Appears that she has various levels of madness when she goes berserk.
Levels are sort of guides, though actual transition between levels is gradual.
It also seems that how fast she progresses from stage to stage depends on how much damage she takes as well as rage level ( This keeps increasing once she goes berserk and keeps increasing until there are no targets left to attack. )

1) First level: descent

Her most notable change is a sudden change of colour to a shiny lucario's colour.

She fights and behaves like a lucario, ( fights on two feet. ) and she exhibits a visable dark aura. Seems to mix between close combat and ranged attacks.

Gains ability to use all lucario moves and special moves with significantly increased power, but with a shadow energy taint.

Her eyes turn a darker red colour, but apart from that appear mostly normal.

Attack style tends to be more offensive, but will block attacks. Though she does appear not to feel any pain. Psychic ventures into her mind reveal such a horrible twisted rage that it causes powerful psychic feedback.
Also she will roar, but sometimes says rather disturbing things with a completely different voice.

Can regenerate injuries. Ability seems to be supernatural.

2) Second stage feral

The most notable change is that she starts moving much faster than before and starts moving on all fours instead of two.
She starts speaking less coherently and starts behaving more feral than lucario. Growling, barking, howling like a rabid animal.

Though she will revert to standing on two legs if she uses her hands for punches or aura attacks.
Dark aura also seems to intensify, and her fangs and claws seem to grow.

Also her eyes are said to become a "pure red sea of fire."

She gains unusual attacks that are often not usable by Lucarios, seemingly anything she desires, such as teleport, fissure, earthquake etc.

Dodges attacks instead of blocking.

3) Third form: Daemon

Rumoured only to exist (for no confirmed reports of any survivors. )

She reverts back to standing upright, but starts levitating. Lets out horrifying, unnatural howls. Dark aura becomes very thick and appears like a black flame behind her, Manifesting itself as a pair of translucent daemon wings.

Uses Aura to absorb attacks.
Doesn't speak, but appears to have a psychic-like abilities that attack the minds of anyone she targets.

Also gains very fast regeneration.
And insanely powerful attacks and seems to corrupt the very weather in the area.

(supposed) Witnesses claim that her touch burns and her footsteps burn the ground with black flames.
It's unknown if this is her final form.



Oddly enough Lucy only goes berserk due to a massive fear of death of those she cares about. As she has a very strong will and has a certain level of wisdom, she doesn't believe in revenge, so it seems that the only thing that can cause this is if she actually witnesses such a scene and has taken enough damage from the fight. The extreme desperation and fear seems to be the only thing that overcomes her immensely strong will.

Most interestingly, she won't go berserk if only herself is threatened. Even if near death. Likely reason due to her willpower preventing it from happening as she is horrified to have to seriously hurt or kill anyone.....
.... even if that someone is trying to kill her.
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Art trade with :iconomega-warior:

Jessica and Lucy.

Hopefully drew her correctly. ^^;
(Note: I'm partially colour blind :eye: )

Leslie: Actually sort of like a half-reverse art trade..... I mean, it ended up as a case of he wanted to draw my avvie, then I decided I should draw Jess.... Then more stuff was added on each.... and so it isn't like the typical art trade where you ask something and they ask something in return and....

Ellie: Shut up Leslie, you're analysing stuff too much!!!

As for the picture, inspiration was from :iconomega-warior:

As part of his description of her personality was:
"She has a habit of hugging people without warning if she thinks that they look "cute". "

So yes, random hug. :hug:
(Lucy actually does like a hug, though random sudden ones may startle her. )

Also decided to do something cute this time. Too much non-cute stuff recently.

oh and Jessica is (supposedly) 6 foot 10 = 2.08m.
Lucy's only bout 1.2m tall (typical lucario height)

Trivia: Lucy likes soft drinks....... :XD:


Decided to make use of this time to test out experimental outlining techniques where I include shading to the outline and play with the transparency.

Also Used 3 shading layers instead of the usual 1 or 2.... now wondering if there's any difference :?
Though I think I may have to try toning down the shading cause think It's way too dark.

This was also used as practice for some more..... comical faces.

Once more, an uninspired crappy background.... cause somehow can't seem to get enuff inspiration to do a detailed one.

Total time spent: 8 hours :?
Think I spent too bloody long on this one. Time to get back to study.

So yes. This is the first ever art trade I'm engaged in. means of the first batch, there's 3 more trade pics left to do.

Responses to these 3 pics will kinda decide if I do more art trades in the future.

Lucarios are pokemon from and (C) Nintendo, Game freak.
Jessica is from :iconomega-warior:
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Once brothers long past.
both tread a different path.

Not knowing where the other went,
each longing to be together again.

Now they reunite
but at different ends,
as the prophecy was told.

As it was said:
"For every light,
there is a darkness."

Once again,
in this endless war
of brother against brother.

Where the blood on your hands
Is the same as that in your veins

Where the lives of mortals are played
as pawns in this game
of Light against Darkness.

________________________________________ ___



Rone is a Lucario who was descended from an unknown clan ( He either forgot or doesn't say it ). It is also unclear how he got separated from his brother (Speculations are that they went playing and got horribly lost and separated. )

Eventually it seems that he was taken under the wing of an unknown trainer some time back and trained hard in various fighting styles as well as the use of Aura-skills and light energy. Rone was reportedly very close to his trainer and regarded him the same way as he did his own kin. Rone eventually grew to become the strong fighter that he is now.

From what is known about him, after the death of his trainer, he apparently continued on alone in some obscure fight against darkness. Most this is linked to his trainer's passing.

For those who know Rone, he seems to be much of a loner. He hates being with others and is highly anti-social, going to extreme lengths not to form any sort of friendly relationship with anyone. When talked to, he avoids saying anything. Usually conveying what he says in short actions without saying anything (e.g. nodding, "hmmph." etc. ).

It is rumoured that this is something in stark contrast to long past. It is likely that the death of his trainer devastated him to such a degree that it radically changed his views of forming relationships.

Unsurprisingly, he travels alone. Although more recently a certain Suicune seems to be following him wherever he goes..... much to his annoyance.
see [link] .

Raikuro (Aka: Rai )

Rone's long lost brother. After being separated from Rone in their childhood, Raikuro later proceeded in the usual Lucario's pursuit of getting stronger.

It is unclear what happened to him later, as he is now capable of wielding shadow energy together with all usual moves a Lucario has (I.e. Aura sphere). Raikuro's a very strong fighter and seems partly obsessed with furthering his own strength as well as the study and use of shadow energy. This in mind, he often involves himself in fights just for the sake of getting stronger.

Little else is known about him. From those who meet him, he seems to be arrogant, stubborn and rather self-centred.

He also sports odd dark lighting markings on his shoulders.

________________________________________ __
Artist's comments


Violence for the Violence GOD!!!! :evillaugh:

Yes. Lame background story :XD: Bit overused too, but somehow needed something typical to tie down Rone's backstory and his bro's one too.

Anyways. This originally started off from some random Lucario fight-scene poses that I was making for fun (and practice) then decided to try perspective and fight poses.... then it kinda..... spilled over.

Shading style this time used is pencil shading instead of the pen tool. With the tablet, it's actually much faster. Also gives a sort-of cell-shaded look.

Once more, BG is very uninspired.

"Raikuro" name was thanks to *XD-385

Done in one day :XD:
Now must go back to maths.
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Yes, She's another Lucario and the second female Lucario character.

Meet Reece.
Rone and Rai's sister.

Character concepts as well as a new style of drawing feet. Also a little practice into poses, stances, front views and various attack poses and moves.

Just a sketch.

________________________________________ _

Character information
Warning: VERY long

First Name: Reece
Surname: < Unknown >
More commonly known as: "Scarred Rose"
Other names: "One-eye Reece", "The one not mentioned",

Species: Lucario
Subtype: < Normal Lucario >
Sex: Female.
Identifying features: Scar across Left eye and face. Reddish Cross shaped birthmark.
Element: None.
Aura colour: Varies. Usually light blue.

Age: Unknown (?) --> She doesn't bother to remember that.
Marital status: Single --> Seems uninterested in any relationship.

Appearance Notes:

She's a rather attractive Lucario if you don't count the hideous 3-slash mark scar across her face and Left eye. That scar was apparently caused by her brother Rai in some fight that she had with him. A full slash with dark energy caused that massive disfigurement and also made her blind in her left eye.

This is also the reason she has been known as the "Scarred Rose. "

Personality notes:

Reece is a strong willed girl who normally quiet and tries to blend in with the background, but is the most approachable of all the 3 siblings ( Not that she's sociable, it's just her other two brothers are even more antisocial. ). Still, despite that, she prefers to travel alone and wanders around.

She is often seen wearing a hooded cloak to hide that huge scar across her face so as to avoid startling others or making a scene. Though she is known to be kind on occasion, but seems to follow her own judgement of what's good. < Alignment: Chaotic good. >

Like most Fighting types, she enjoys a good fight, she thinks it's part of getting stronger. Be it sparring or anything more serious. To this end it often seems that she goes looking for trouble.

Combat notes

She's a highly versatile combatant, with no particular preference to range combat or close combat. Reece is fully capable of using all attacks known to Lucarios. Though probably not as powerful as either of her brothers, ( And not as skilled as Rone in hand to hand combat. ), she makes up for it by being faster and more agile, as well as having some rather unique combat capabilities.

Most notably, she seems to have a much higher control of Aura energies than other Lucario, to such a degree that not only she can use it to augment her senses, she can easily shape the aura.
In combat, she's well known for shaping it into a blade ( More specifically, a Katana-shaped blade. ) and she wields it with surprising skill and finesse.

Most likely this was because she was adopted by a retired swordsman. ( And had the most happy childhood of the 3 siblings. ) And it was likely that inspired her current combat style.

The blade she uses is blunt in spars and most battles, however she can instantly sharpen it in a serious battle.

Ability notes

Most unusually, she is capable of using aura energies as a healing energy. Although she doesn't exactly specialise in it and she can only heal a limited amount with it.

Apart from that, she is somehow proficient in first aid ( specially improvised ones. ) and even minor field surgeries (she uses an aura scalpel ).
She puts her abilities to good use, however, she never stays around long to talk to those she helps, and will only reluctantly accept gifts of thanks if they insist.

( It is likely that that has something to do with her cross-shaped birthmark on her left arm. )

Plot notes

Apparently in the prophecy of light against dark ( Rone VS Rai. something bout two sons that take two paths... ) She was the one that the prophecy never mentioned about. This is unusual as according to the prophecy she was not supposed to exist, and there are those that plot to eliminate her to put that prophecy back on track.

Random Quote from character:
What's with that look?
You've never seen a Lucario before?

________________________________________ _______

Anyways, that's that.
Comments ( as well as suggestions and questions. ) for this (And her character sheet data, plot... etc ) are appreciated, so leaving advanced Critique for that.

As char is not exactly finalised yet.

Also may need your views on the new style of drawing Lucario feet.

and yes, they are pokemon (C) nintendo game freak.
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Born with sorrow
die with sorrow.

--> Cursed Angel legend, Unknown. ( skydiamond clan ? )

After I pass on....
does the world care?

Have I changed anything?

Even if the world ignores my passing,
Even if I were to be forgotten,

As long as I touched one soul,
As long as I brought a smile to one face
As long as I helped anyone in need,

I will be content with my life.
And I'd accept my fate.

--> Lucy Hikari, thoughts on life and death.

Ok, many depressing thoughts cause of exam in a few hours time..... :(


Belated Birthday gift to :iconxd-385: ( birthday yesterday, 25th may )
Happy birthday.

Decided to do a random surprise instead. more fun.

Apologies for the delay ^^; had to prep for a big test today.
not da biggest test, but still big.... so yes, had to prioritise targets and engage accordingly.

Hopefully will do well.

Event was from his story (fanfic more like. ) [link] , paragraph 24... a short conversation between Ruby and Lucy on the roof.
( ok, technically roof was slanted, but had issues ^^; and got irritated with trying to make it slanted, so made it simple. )

Shading tech: 2 layers + burn/dodge
Bg simple + retarded stars
+ Lazy lens flare filter effects ( got lazy :XD: )

201th deviation.
Ruby ( the spikeless lucario ) from :iconxd-385:
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This one is a quickie. Took 20 minutes to colour.

well, not much special bout this, cept just getting more practice in. Trying to figure how to do things quick and draw stuff to try to restart drawing.

Though well, got big drain of inspiration.
so yes, kinda stalled out, so working on random stuff now.



Rank: 1, Liason with council, special.
Council role: The Representative of characters the council takes charge of, Replaced Azure in that role as she's more responsible than Azure.

First coloured pic she appeared in.

Yes, meet Lucia Hikaru.
Notice anything similar?

Well, yes, It's actually perfectly non-coincidental that she has a similar name to Lucy Hikari.
She's actually related to Lucy in Spirit (though completely different family). She's also a cursed angel, and the two entities living in her call themselves the "Angel of faith" and the "Angel of dispair"

Those two are somehow related to the "Angel of Hope" and the "Angel of Doom" in Lucy. Rumoured they are sister spirits.

Similarities in situation aside, and some physical appearance similarities aside, Lucia is actually a much different personality than Lucy. She's still happy, cheery etc... but it's notable that Lucia seems to speek in Third person as seen here.
Instead of saying "I" or "Me" she usually says her name instead... resulting in cases like her saying "Lucia donnoe" instead of "I donnoe".

Unlike Lucy, Lucia CAN actually fight (and quite well for that matter). She tends to fight up-close and dislikes ranged combat.

The most interesting thing about Lucia is she seems to have a pair of aura "Wings" on her back. Supposedly one represents each spirit in her. After a long part of training to figure how to control the entities in her, Lucia somehow figured out how to use them properly and since then sprouted the pair of aura wings, quite as a mark of power.

According to Lucia, if Lucy ever DOES somehow reach Level 100, she will sprout a pair of angel aura wings like lucia... and Lucy will likely freek out after that :XD:


Angel vs Angel

Don't worry,
Lucia isn't involved in Lucy's storyline. The two don't actually know each other. Though she may make cameo appearances.

Skydiamond logs

Skydiamond clan does know of the existence of another being of similar nature to that of the legendary "Cursed angel" known as the "Fighting angel". This time it is the pairing of the angel of Faith and the angel of dispair. They are both so-called sister-spirits to that of the angel of Hope and the angel of Doom.

This is reflected in the fact that the being takes on the mortal form and name of a lucario called "Lucia Hikaru" which is startlingly similar to "Lucy Hikari", the more well known "Cursed angel"

Even though their power levels are similar, and the resulting condition is somewhat horribly similar, this particular case is treated as one of those with lesser concern than the "Cursed angel"

The reason being that in the case of Lucia Hikaru, she has an equally strong willpower, however she somehow does exert control over the two spirits in her, achieving a sort of mastery over them. In recognition of that, each of the two live (somewhat) more harmoniously in her and she sprouts a pair of aura wings... one from each spirit, as a mark of that.

Lucia isn't biologically related to Lucy. her personality is wildly different. Due to how stable she is, she's of much less concern to the clan and happily lives her life out :D
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