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Finally Finished!!
Ultimate armor X and Absolute Zero from Megaman X command mission.
After all, it took for A week><
I arranged X's armor in some parts.I hope you like it.

Recently, I watched The day of Σ, and I was deeply impressed,
So I tried to draw these two.
(I don't have PSP"Maverick Hunter X" yet (T_T)

I think they are difficult to draw.
Indeed, they resemble human, but different from that in a subtly bodily shape.
So I can't draw them very often.
I want to draw them more from now ^^

(If you download this, you can do in 1280900 size.)







「The day of Σ」を見てまたXシリーズ熱が再発したせいだったりします。


Photoshop CS2, Painter Essential 3
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Also known as the Light armor

Lineart by

This is the first of my "Armors Project", which consist of coloring each of X's armors using the offical Capcom CGing style (or as far as I can mimic it...) The armors won't come in any particular order, but I think it was important for this one to come first! :D
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Lineart by :iconeriance:

One of the most boring armor for the most boring game of the franchise: Megaman X7, the Glide Armor... If at least there had been 2 armors like in MMX5 and MMX6... Nope! You had that piece of **** that gave you the *awesome* ability to... glide...
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Learned 3 new CG aiding methods to make drawings look more slick.

Think it worked pretty good. It's my submission for a contest, which can be found here: [link]

Possibly one of my best works so far, and i'll try to draw some other armors too, including the painstaking Gaia and Ultimate Armor.... Those are a real PAIN to draw, due to the lack of some hi-res official art.............

I hate capcom for the fact that they released so few official pieces, since X4 >_< *throws peanuts at his transformers*

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This was another piece I had put together to sell at an AWA. I had completely different plans for this, but I had to dumb down my concept a lot to make sure I got it done on time (I had to finish this one before Wildflowers that same morning). Someday I owe myself to do a MMX group poster like the one in my head, but until then, the colors on this one are kinda funky nice I guess.

Oh, and as for the guys in the BG, I just picked two from each MMX 1-6, along with all the major boss characters. At the time, Vile was only a memory to many, so it was cool to include him alongside Gate and Hi-Max, who at the time were more popular overall, but now the reverse is so much more true, funny huh?

Anyway, my old ex-roommate was enraged because I didn't put Wheel Gator on it. "A MMX picture without Wheel Gator?" he said. "That's not cool!" Knowing he knew as much about Wheel Gator as my mom, I rolled my eyes a bit.

I like Wheel Gator as much as anyone, but Wheel in place of Stag n' Mag? Please!
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Got another body of Sigma's here. This one comes at you at the very end of Megaman X5.

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Zero ver: [link]
X version: [link]

:icontabby-kitsune: 's idea to finish the series of Mega Man X pics XD!

My first time drawing Axl @__@ I know that's not how regular people hold guns, but he's a huge hotshot :P

Inks: PaintToolSAI
Colors: Photoshop CS2

Edit: Thanks to :icondrawolftiger: and :iconnaviechance: for pointing out funky hands @___@ Man! I always want to draw weird super hard poses that make my brain hurt :(
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Made a gallery of all armors from rockman x 1-6. These are all my faves. i kinda like 7, but being 3d doesn't appeal me. i havent played x8 though. I dedicate these ones for my very favorite side scrolling game, Rockman X!!!!

Made with Flash MX, with one armor everyday.
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I had to do a tribute to Megaman X and Zero. These characters where a big part of my child hood and influenced me as both a gamer and an artist. Hope to see a triumphant return of these guys sometime in the future:-).
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Tribute to one of my childhood heroes.

Rockman X in his full X3 armour attire, the Max Armour.

This is by far one of my fave armour designs in the entire Rockman X series =D

That aside, yes, I admit to having a poor background sense. Mauybe I shouldn't have added one in x_X
Oh, this was drawn from memory BTW, so I think its more than probable that there'll be mistakes in the pic.
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