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Testing A New Thumbnail Grid
In June, we announced forthcoming changes to the display of our thumbnail grid.  Beta Testing followed in September, and after much optimization, bug fixes, and improvements to load times, we're proud to announce that, as of today, we've begun testing the new thumbnail grid to the site-at-large.
The new grid is being tested to a segment of deviants — both logged in and logged out. Currently, there is no way to opt-in (or out) of the test, but if everything goes as planned, it will soon be rolled out to the rest of the site. 
Before and after concept designs on the desktop site
What's Improved
Bigger thumbnails and a new grid system
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Thumbnails in Comments Now Available to Everyone

Artwork: Eidetus Jungle by Farkwhad 
DeviantArt is a visual site — and now it's a bit more visual! When you share a link to a deviation in a comment, it'll automatically be displayed as a thumbnail (with the option to switch back to a link).
This feature has been available to Core Members for a while, but it's in the best interest of the community to make it available to all members. We feel that all artists should be able to represent art as art, rather than just a text link.
In addition, artists whose deviations are mentioned will receive a message in your Notifications, so you'll now know when others are referring to your art.
TIP: If you prefer to share a link, just hover over the thumbnail and tap the "Link" button.

Here are just a few examples on how you can use th
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Video of Chris and I closing down DA's colo
TLDR; The entirety of DA was physically moved from one place to another over the past 3 weeks. WHA??! Insanity. Here's a video of us shutting down the old colocation facility and feeling pretty good about it.
LONG VERSION; On August 26, 2015, Chris Bolt (chris)  and I went to downtown LA where DeviantArt was hosted to dismantle the last of the colocation facility we inhabited for 13 years. DeviantArt has completed its transition to AWS after a long, long process that has taken chris and his team probably the better part of this year to complete. THANKS PAUL! banks, and JESSICA! petralfire - It's amazing to me how insanely complicated such a transition is, and how little the site was affected by it. We did have a glitch or two, here or there, especially the past 3 weeks, so if you experienced such a thing it was due to this wide scale transition. But on the whole? So smooth. 
This is of course due to the brilliance of my brother from anoth
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Watch 2.0 Beta Test Concluded

The heart of the DeviantArt experience is based on viewing and interacting with the art and activity from the deviants and groups you watch.  In November, we launched a Beta Preview for Watch 2.0 focused on uplifting the experience of browsing and interacting with deviations.
Thanks to the help of all our Beta Testers, we’ve learned what features and functions people like most, which are liked least, and have gathered data on how Watch 2.0 impacts activity, behavior, and stats on the site. This feedback is incredibly valuable to us as we move forward and think about the future of DeviantArt.
As of today, the Beta Test has been concluded and is no longer accessible. Stay tuned for more details on what’s to come!
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What's going on with DeviantArt?
There's a lot of changes going on with DeviantArt, and we recognize that this is irritating. We don't want it to be irritating, but unfortunately we don't have a choice.
DeviantArt must transform. The live product is failing to interest as many new members as it used to. We've identified many of the reasons for this, and we're making transformative changes to help new users adopt DeviantArt. We especially want new users to come in and Watch Deviants, and begin conversing about Art. Ultimately we want new Deviants to post Deviations and contribute to the community. DeviantArt is meant as the place to support people in the world as they become more creative in their lives. As a community, we represent the journey of being a more creative person. 
The current state of DeviantArt isn't adequately communicating our value to new members. And the products they are using confuse them. We've interviewed new members on the phone, in surveys, via email. We know what the issues are.
To fix th
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Mobile Web Uplift
This week we released an update to the mobile web version of DeviantArt. We've uplifted the front page, browse, search, header, and navigation of the site.
The new front page and browse pages get a sleek new look with clean, accessible menus and filters. Daily Deviations get a prominent and interactive new carousel design, highlighting DeviantArt's hand-selected picks of the day. This carousel can be swiped to jump to the next or previous Daily Deviation. 

Tapping the category bar lets you narrow your results by category, or by filter (Newest, Popular, What's Hot, etc.).
The new navigation gets a fresh and clean new look, focusing on simplicity and ease of use. 

This is a first step in uplifting the mobile site, and as more and more deviants use DeviantArt on mobile devices, our goal is to make it easier to use on any device.
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Happy 16th Birthday DeviantArt!
As we strive together towards a more creative life, sharing our creations with one another for discussion, we inevitably contribute to breaking down barriers of the mind that plague others from beginning their own creative journey. This is a great positivity that we collectively contribute to society together, for 16 effing years as of today!!!!!!!!! If you can believe it.
I wanted to raise a quick toast to unicorns, ponies and bloodlines of drawn horses. Big ups to llamas, hodor and pikachu. A special celebration for art that some find exciting and others find strange, because those artworks truly push the boundaries. And of course to the best of the best gems from our community, that everyone would agree are great contributions of art in pop culture.
Thank you for making DeviantArt great for 16 years!
I especially want to thank our extended family of team members past and present. Sometimes it is rock and roll around here, sometimes it is the highest of highs and other times its just
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Introducing the DeviantArt Muro Drip Brush

“It’s just a bunch of dribbles and it’s a mess” is the likely reaction to both a kindergartener’s first attempts with paints and to the signature works of Jackson Pollock. Of all the abstract painters, Jackson Pollock was the easiest to dismiss while, in many ways, was the most complex in the concepts he hoped to covey with his famous drip paintings.
World War II had ended and like wars before had exposed many to horrors touching the depths of the human psyche and challenging its very sense of humanity. The use of atomic weapons, firestorm bombings of major cities and the revelations of mass genocides created a new sense of anxiety for everyone. Processing these feelings was difficult. Pollock in these paintings was doing exactly that and more — an attempt to transmit anxiety with a form of visual exorcism with results that could be as beautiful as they are, at times, dark.
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Celebrating Deviousness - February 2017

In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community
Introducing Qinni
Heya, I’m Qing. I’m a background painter for an animation studio in Canada who likes to just draw my own concepts and girls for fun in my off-work time. This is why you won’t be seeing backgrounds in my personal work; I deal with it too much at work, hahaha.
I still remember the moment my highschool friend introduced me to DeviantArt, back in 2005. I grew up in a family that disapproved of me doing art, so I wasn’t allowed to draw at home. DA was really the place where I got the encouragement and confidence to try and convince my parents I wanted to become a professional artist.
I remember wanting to be just as skilled and well known as some of
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Push Notifications for Notes on Mobile
The DeviantArt Mobile App — now with millions of installs on iOS and Android — brings the DeviantArt experience to mobile phones and devices. With so many deviants using the app to upload art, browse and comment on deviations from people they watch, check their profile, send notes to their friends, we get a lot of feedback about what features deviants want to see next.
Today, we released push notifications for notes, a highly requested feature and the first of many notifications on the app.
When you receive a new note, you’ll receive a push notification on your phone, letting you easily respond to friends and fans even quicker.
An update to the Mobile App is now available in the iOS and Android app stores. Once you open the updated app, you’ll be prompted to allow pus
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DeviantArt and Wix: With a Kindred Spirit
Earlier today, announced its acquisition of DeviantArt, and I want you to know how incredibly positive this development is for our community, for the platform, and for all artists who haven’t yet become deviants!

by spyed
Earlier today,—a leading cloud-based web development platform—announced its acquisition of DeviantArt, and I want you to know how incredibly positive this development is for our community, for the platform, and for all artists who haven’t yet become deviants!
DiscoBlues by jasinski
We need to talk about the elephant in the room. You know, the one that’s been sitting on us for the past couple years. Since we’re all
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Mobile Push Notifications

With the latest update to the DeviantArt Mobile App on iOS and Android, you now have the option to receive push notifications for account activity, making it easier to stay connected to your DeviantArt friends and fans.
In addition to push notifications for notes, you can now get notifications on your device each time you receive a new watcher, comment, mention, or favourite.
If you receive a lot of favourites on your deviations, you can choose to only receive push notifications when your deviation reaches a milestones such as 10 favourites, 50, 100, etc.
Customizing Push Notifications
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A More Global Navigation
For many deviants, the Notifications page (formerly known as the Message Center) acts as their main-hub on DeviantArt.  Deviants spend a lot of time there -- checking newly submitted deviations, responding to comments, voting in polls, etc. -- all while switching back and forth to other core areas of the site, like Browse and Watch.
UPDATE: In order to create a more cohesive navigation that incorporates core site components and makes the site experience clearer, we’re adding Notifications and Notes into the global subnavigation bar that includes Browse, Today, and Watch.  Ultimately, helping deviants easily navigate between these frequently-visited areas.  Based on community feedback, the order of the subnavigation is now Browse, Today, Watch, Notifications, an
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DeviantArt Embraces DeviantArt
Lots of high-gloss materials are headed your way to help you understand our recent history and to demonstrate what our future will look like. I wanted to get ahead of it all and just say a few things because the silence is killing me, too.
We've obviously been lagging on releasing the bigger projects we've been working on. We struggled to find the right ... footing? way? balance? However you want to say it, we struggled. We learned how to use the new brand beautifully, and we gained many insights into the current vantage of the DeviantArt community but we didn't find an approach that we could fully release for all. We've been working day and night for 2 years to do this, to update and upgrade DeviantArt with a version that would allow us to reach our mission together faster. Needless to say, it has been very painful for our team and for the community that we've struggled in this way, but fortunately there is good news. 
We figured our $#!% out......... since January, and ce
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Help Center Uplift
Behind the scenes, our Community Operations Department is tasked with encouraging innovative and creative opportunities within the community, and all the customer support and engagement such a calling requires.
Today, we're excited to announce that the look and feel of our support pages has been given an uplift! 

Today kicks off the first in a series of rollouts overhauling our support pages to a more clean, organized look. Some changes of note:
This new Support Search Engine laser-targets the appropriate FAQ or recent Help Desk update light-years better than its predecessor. FAQs can now be voted on for their helpfulness, to aid staff in improving upon some features that could have more clarity.
A more cohesive organization of groupings of FAQs.Easier kick-off points directing deviants where to go, if they're not sure what to search for.Pinned updates and known issues.And, of course, our Suggest
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Notifications Discussion

Whether you’re checking to see the latest comment or badge sent by a fellow deviant, notifications are a vital aspect of the DeviantArt experience.
Now we want to make it even easier for you to find the latest comments, favorites, and other activities most important to you. We’re working on introducing a notifications dropdown on the header that will appear on every page of the site, so that you’ll have easier access to the latest events that matter without having to leave your browsing experience. And yes, the current notifications system will still be there.  
Here is the latest design we are looking at:


Notifications is pretty complex, here is a snippet of what it looks like on the other side of a rather seemingly simple user interface.

Naturally, we will be releasing it in sev
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What is DeviantArt? Part 1

Although it’s getting rarer these days, I sometimes come across people who ask me what exactly “DeviantArt” means.  Before I begin to explain all the amazing things our community has to offer, they sometimes look at me sideways and say, "Deviant, eh? One of those websites..."
Most marketing experts would never name a site "DeviantArt," because the word "deviant" has multiple meanings that can be interpreted in different — not always positive — ways.  Yet we are the greatest, most diverse art community in existence.  Few branding agencies would ever make DeviantArt its infamous green/gray color.  Yet we love it, and have become known for it.
Where else can you stunning fan artists alongside the best nature photographers in the world?  Or top comic book artists alongside the most talented storytellers of our generation?  We are DeviantArt, the wild card of the Internet, th
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New Core Feature: Live Notifications
Live notifications are a new Core Member-exclusive feature that shows you real-time activity on your account from anywhere on the site. Get notified the moment you receive a new comment, favourite, watcher, note, llama, or even when another deviant visits your profile. This new feature makes it easier to stay on top of your activity and keep in touch with friends, fans, and clients.
All "feedback" notification types (comments, replies, mentions, favourites, etc.) will appear as live notifications, as well as notes. To prevent the average deviant from being overwhelmed, activity from people you watch, such as deviations and journals submitted, will not send notifications.
The profile visitor notification works just like the “Recent Visitors” widget on your profile. As always, you can opt-out of this feature by tapping the “Friends” icon on the header and change your status to “Invisible.” This will prevent your username from appearing on these
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Why move Watch out of Notifications?
In my last journal, What's going on with DeviantArt, there was a lot of great conversation back and forth and over 400 comments. I read every single one, and my responses started to become repetitive so I stopped.
One of my favorite questions was, "Why do you even want to move Watch out of Notifications? I don't understand why this is so important." So I wanted to address that head on:
Answer: Moar Power. Easier to Use.
The real project here is that we're switching to a Watch that is powered by the same/similar systems Browse is powered by, making it possible to see your Watch as Newest, Undiscovered, Popular, filter by Category, search by keyword, filter by Shop items, Commission items, etc. MUCH MOAR POWERFUL. 
Here's the disconnect:
1. The experience of Browse needs improvement, too.
Browse needs functionality that reinforces why we're all here; To engage w
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Encouraging New Deviant Engagement
Receiving comments on your deviations can be one of the most rewarding aspects of DeviantArt. The moment you make the decision to share your art with the world, you're ready to connect with kindred spirits, hear their tips, and share feedback of your own.  The cycle is rewarding for each and every participant.

Starting today, we’re running a few experiments that aim to bring attention to new and undiscovered deviants on DeviantArt.  When such a deviant submits a deviation, he or she will be shown suggested deviations and prompted to leave a comment.  The purpose of this project is to create bonds between new deviants and help people find similar artists to grow with.
This feature is experimental, and we’re testing to see how something like this helps deviants grow as an artist and meet new people.  
Share your thoughts!
Have you been prompted to comment on deviations from fellow deviants?
If so, w
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Updated Gallery Favs Layout


Thunderstorm Einsilbig
January 11, 2017
As I'm sure you're all aware of by now, there have been some updates to the way gallery/fav look and operate. I'd hope that it's not too much of a shock to most of you, as this layout was announced all the way back in June of 2015 and launched to everyone for the main browse pages in May of 2016. We've been slowly adding this Torpedo grid everywhere deviations are displayed and this is just the next step in that process.
That being said. It can take some getting used to and some things have changed. I've noticed some questions circling and thought I'd take a stab at answering them.
Why can't I e
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Update from the Help Desk
We want to be completely transparent and own up to the fact that we’ve fallen behind in response times from the Help Desk.
We’re sharing this with you because we know that we need to do better and wanted to assure you that we’re taking steps to make sure that we address any and all concerns as quickly as possible.
As a team, we are re-evaluating and streamlining the way customer service functions on DeviantArt, and although we can’t say there will never be issues, we can say there will be a noticeable increase in response times.
More than ever before, our goal is to make sure deviants know they come first.
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Some things we should talk about
This journal is here to highlight, debug and bust some myths for you all of stuff that goes on ALL the time, and is in part spurred by some recent events that leave me somewhat baffled and perplexed over some of the behavior we've been recently seeing across the DA communities, particularly Stock & Resources, and Photomanip since we work so closely together (and its apparently time I wrote a new wall of text to you all.)
Every community has them.  Those constant "issues" that make people angry and frustrated. Sometimes they can be easily solved with a little effort, and other times something just snaps and causes reactions that are far and away over the top.  Here are some of our top faves.
Its time for everyone to take a nice soothing deep breath, its a long one!
There will be a test at the end. :stare:
OMG WHY DID YOU SEND YOUR REPLY TO PirateLotus-Stock and CelticStrm-Stock AS WELL??
Hello, welcome to TEAM Stock and Resources!
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DA points
Alright, I've seen this happening way too many times and I want to say something about it.
100 DA points is not worth much.
You can buy 800 DA points for $10 USD.
800 divided by 10 is 80.
80 DA points = $1
100 DA points = $1.25
If you're offering commissions for 100 points, you're being paid $1.25. If you're offering 100 points for a prize on a contest, you're offering $1.25. I've even seen 50 points ($0.63) or 20 points ($0.25). I don't know how much it is in other currencies, but I can't imagine it's much.
I spend at least 3-5 hours on a painting. Minimum wage is $7.50 USD where I live. That is not even enough to live on if you're working full time, so I expect to make at least that much for every hour I spend on doing art for someone else. If 80 points is $1, and minimum wage is $7.50, then the minimum cost for a commission that only takes an hour is 600 points. When I open up my own commissions, I take sketches for $10 and paintings for $20+ Depending on how much time it takes, whi
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