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The icons have been featured as part of fediaFedia's Omnimo 3 Rainmeter theme in the software collection of German computer magazine c't, No. 26, 2010/12/06.


The packet includes 116 system and 165 application dock icons in 128x128, 48x48, 32x32 and 16x16 pixel size.

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These theme is based on icons released in October '07.
Put together with v2.50e, don't know if it works with newer versions.

-> No black version of the icons.
-> Some differ to those in the 2009.03 set.

Looking for a black version? Give anthonium's IP theme a try. >> [link]


Some of you asked for an IconPackager theme based on the "ecqlipse 2" icon set.
So here it is.

104 icons in following sizes:

16x16, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 72x72, 96x96 and 128x128

Enjoy :-)
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Windows version of my Reflections SRI icons

Also included are the png's.

You can get the Mac version here: [link]

You may also like ecqlipse by ~chrfb

Get the PSD master here: [link]

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This IconPackager file is based on "ecqlipse 2" PNG by chrfb: [link]

Many thanks to chrfb for permission to port these icons.

IconTweaker version can be found here: [link]

The download is a zip which contains a folder with:
1. ecqlipse 2 - black.ip
2. ecqlipse 2 - white.ip
3. ecqlipse 2 Black & White for IconPackager Preview.png

Extra Info
As mentioned above, the file includes two IconPackager files, one for the black version and one for the white version. Do not worry if the white version appears to be blank. They are there but most likely you can't see them because you have a white background.

To use the white version I highly recommend you use a visual style that has a dark background for Windows Explorer such as Lakrits Visual Style by lassekongo83: [link]
Give it a try!

If you experience any problems, have any suggestions, or any questions in general feel free to let me know.
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Inspired by ~styrizo's marvellous "Reflections SRI for Windows" icon pack I've created additional PNG's.
styrizo kindly allowed me to release them.

Altogether there are 40 PNGs (128x128 px).

________________________________________ ______

>> UPDATE << February 6th, 2008

....fixed saturation issues.
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These slick and minimal TrayIcons should wander inside your system tray now!
I've been searching endlessly for proper, TrayIcons and since i never found them, i made them myself.
These little gems will allow you to replace some of the most common apps, like AntiVirus, Defrag or Chat Applications.
You know it for sure: You want to make the killer-screenshot, and guess whats a pure mess, the system-tray!
The times of dirty sys-trays are over and here is the little revolution that makes your screen even nicer!


  • 19 handcrafted TrayIcons slightly inspired by Vista and OSX

  • All of these Icons have a dropshadow applied so they will work on Light & Dark Themes

  • They will even work perfectly on white themes, try it an you'll believe!


    Grab yourself the realy amazing Software PS TrayFactory, with this cool software you can simply change any SysTray Icon you want.
    More info at their page > [link]

    The site looks a bit crappy, but i can tell you this software is one of the best i ran into as a Windows user.
    It lets you do amazing things with your System Tray and gives you full control over each icon and more.

    Here is a direct download link to the latest version (2.63) which is hard to find and has Windows Vista support.

    Download PS TrayFactory 2.63 Shareware or alternativly: [link]


    And Please fav. them if you like them, they took me quite some time !
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    *HEY, LISTEN* Says the glowing ball on your screen.
    If any of you know how to batch resize a bunch of .pngs from 512 to 128, then convert them to a bunch of .ico files using the BASH command line, please drop me a line.
    I know you can do it with the GIMP, but the MAN pages don't seem too helpful with this, and the forums are only slightly more illuminating.
    Much thanks.
    Still very much a work in progress.

    This is my Syzygy pack, a complement to *chrfb's Ecqlipse set (see what I did there?).

    Again, made with mac in mind, but most of these apps are cross platform anyways, and so are the .png icons.

    Hit the download button for the .zip


    Update Mon Aug 3, 23:44:08 EDT 2009
    So I guess I'm on Softpedia now? This might happen to just anyone with a "soft" computer accessory, but I'm still happy about it. : ) (that's mah happy face)

    Thanks for all of your downloads and views!
    Update Thu Aug 13 08:53:38 EDT 2009
    Added some more icons, and the .zip now includes some .icns (mac icon files) unless it did before, in which case it now STILL includes some .icns files.

    Also added a readme file.
    Update Thu Aug 20 09:15:50 EDT 2009
    Added some more icons, most notably is the whole iLife, iWork and Office:mac suite--just the program's icons, not any icons for files made with the program yet. We're up to about 150 or so. One of these days I'm going to make a nice text list of them all and add them here and in the keyword bit.
    :new: Update Thu Sep 3 18:40:36 EDT 2009
    -Why do I only update on Thursdays?
    -Either way, I've updated the README file with a list of all the icons in this pack (minus those I've forgotten about)
    -Also updated the preview picture up there.
    -Also included more icons (yay) most notably a full icon replacement package for
    -If you don't know how to make use of this new package, or any of the others before it (Quicktime, VLC, Illustrator, etc) Then ask a friend. I'll probably add install instructions in the next README update. Basically it involves right clicking on "/Applications/" selecting "show package contents" and then going to "contents/Resources/" and dumping the load in there. I'd make a backup of the existing "*.icns" files in there first, but that's your choice.
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    • UPDATE - 2012/11/25

      added 16 new Icons...

    • Barcode, Deposit, Factory, Flipchart, Maps - Runner, Phone, Schoolboard, Shredder, Student, Students Class, Tablet, Tag, Temperature, Ticket, User - Private Mode, Water Glass

    • The packet includes 311 minimalistic icons usable for information systems, user interfaces, navigation, in computer, web or mobile device related applications. Available in following formats:

      >> PNG version in 256, 48, 32, 24, and 16 pixel

      >> ICO version in 256, 48, 32, 24, and 16 pixel

      All icons have been retouched in each size in order to ensure crispyness, no batch down- or upscaling!

    • Check out the >> Adobe CS << supplement files.

    If you're a Linux user you can see the icons in action by giving naf1971's Gnome theme >> Web0 << a try!
    Made with Inkscape ! :D
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    The wait is over :) Devine Icons-2 is Here and its Evolved. It contain all modified Icons from Last pack and also some modfied Icons from Part-1.

    Add to Fevorite If you Like it :) :iconfav3dplz: :iconfav3dplz: :iconfav3dplz: :iconfav3dplz: :iconfav3dplz:

    This pack is just for personal use only. You cant share, use it on your art/project or modify any of the icons from pack. For Commercial/ Project or any other Use Send me a note in Deviant art or Drop me a E-mail here

    I guess it fulfill all your requirement But if u still cant find a Icon put a comment below.


    All the Critiques and comments are welcome :)

    Have fun Using Devine Icons

    For more Style Previews Go… and…
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