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Minor update, on 7 Nov 2007:
Category to : Resources > Tutorials > Application Reference > Photoshop

Minor update, on 29 Aug 2007:
• 1 Preview Image spelling correction
• 1 Tutorial spelling correction

TITLE: TRAVEL - Tutorial
Created by: Peter Bide Cui

This is my first time doing tutorial, I had put in all my effort within my limited time and energy.
Because is my first time, so i might make some mistake here or there, i tried very hard to correct all the mistake i made, if you see any mistake please let me know. forgive my grammar mistakes in the tutorial.
Thank you Very much. now go and enjoy the tutorial.

The Package include:
• A 78 Page PDF
• 5 Photoshop Sample Files

Software: Adobe® Photoshop® CS3 Adobe® InDesign CS3.

If you don't know what is " Travel Wallpaper series " here are some link:
• This is when Travel was born : [link]
• A reload of the 1st Travel wallpaper : [link]
• The 2nd Travel wallpaper, is call " Travel - Again " : [link]
• The 3rd Travel wallpaper, i call it " Travel - INTO " : [link]
• The reload of " Travel - Again " : [link]
• The 4th " Travel - With " : [link]
• The experiment of Travel wallpaper : [link] << Is a " DD! " Sweet
• The 5th " Travel - WithMe " : [link]
• The Reload of " Travel - WithMe " : [link]
• The 6th " Travel - Sky " :[link]
• Special Breast Cancer Awareness Wallpaper " Travel - BCA " :[link]
• The 7th " Travel - Reborn " :[link]
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iPhone PSD for snapshots, icons, etc... Made entirely in photoshop. Based on the iPhone design by Apple Inc. [link]


Hope u like it. Made in 30 mins aprox.
U can do WHATEVER u want with this PSD. Just give a link to my gallery on your release, and hit me a note or a profile comment to see your work :D

- Added glossy effects on the metal shapes
- Better preview
- Smaller file
- Improved design
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A tutorial i made for my brother, and i thought it's nice to share with you all too. a easy and fast way to make Folder icons.

Package includes:
1 Quicktime Video
2 Photoshop CS3 Document
3 A Promo image.

Recorded by Bide Cui
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Many of you have asked for a high resolution PSD for the vista orb. I've combined this with the original glossy orb that I collaborated with `-kol. Enjoy :)

Vista Flare Orb

Images included
One PSD.

Orb Size

1337 X 1337 Pixels
256 Pixels

Thank you `-kol for letting me use your vista orb. :)


Please link back or credit me ~Frnak and Javier `-kol when you use this for your own wallpaper. Thanks
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Check out the 1.4 update >>[link]

Update 5 :megaphone: GOLDEN PASS Added :)
Update 4 :megaphone: Category move to: Tutorials & Resources / Application Resources / Photoshop .PSD Files.
Update 3 :megaphone: It's for everyone and anywhere :D
Update 2 :megaphone: Want to customize this id for you own DA-Club? (Read more below)
Update 1 :megaphone: INTRODUCING: The Little Brother (Mini)

Please Read before Download - Thank you

:bulletgreen: Welcome to Peter's DeivantART ID Ver1.3 Template PSDs
:bulletgreen: This is a gift to my wonderful friends and watcher on DA.

:bulletblue: About this Template PSD
Including the MINI and Original ID Templates, Total of 15 professional designed template for easy start;
This is a fully customizable template;
You are allow to customize the content and info, layer style in each layers, add your own images in to the background, even change the size; Freedom is with you :D

:bulletblue: Need Help to Customize the PSD?
if you're not sure how to change the the content in this PSD file, or you are a beginner in Photoshop, i have made is a little video to explain the PSD layer by layer, to help you understand the PSD better.
Not just only that, the video also included a tutorial how to change the Background and how to create vista like glass effect :D
:deviator: >>>> Click this [link] to download the Video File <<<<

:bulletblue: :new:Customize this template for you Club
You are welcome to customize this ID template for you own Deviant Club, but please credit me and be sure to give a link back to this page, and also note me your finish piece, so that i can feature then here :) Thank you very much.
Special thanks goes to =Sketchfighter316 for the idea :) Check out their club >>`RoninsUltramix<< is very interesting.

:bulletblue: Don't do freelance work?
If you do not to freelance work at all, you can take out the freelance work part and put in some info or image however you like :D

:bulletblue: Don't like the DD Part?
If you don't like the Daily Deviantion Part? You can just take it out, and put in your own images or use that space for something more important to you :D

:bulletblue: I would love to see your own ID design :D
Please post a link back to this Page, to showoff your Creative ID design to me. i would love to see it. and also credit me please. i hope that is not too much for you. and i will feature you most creative design below :D

:bulletblue: What about the future?
This Template is likely to be updated, this is the Version 1.3, as soon as i got new idea, i will update the PSD. so if you really like my art, make sure you :+devwatch: me, and you will get the latest update. I will try to add in new sexy colors.

:bulletblue: Comments
Thank you for all the wonderful support and comments, I am sorry that might not be able to reply all the comments in here, but i will read every each comments your wrote. and believe me is all greatly appreciated. if yours did not get a reply dont be upsad. again thank you guys for the constant support.

:bulletred: Questions and Problems
If you have any question feel free to note me or email the problem you are facing, i will be very happy to help you :D. So dont post your questions here, Note me or e-mail me.

And Now please go and Download the templates and explore the PSD file, and start making your very own IDs.

:spotlight-right: :spotlight-right: :spotlight-right: :spotlight-right: :spotlight-right:ID Collections : [link] :spotlight-left: :spotlight-left: :spotlight-left: :spotlight-left: :spotlight-left:
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Watch or Download :
Youtube : Not Available Anymore, and i am quitting Youtube and switching to Vimeo.
Vimeo (Better quality ) : [link]
Watch or Download HD Version : Coming Soon..

This is a interesting tutorial. You may ask what's the big deal, well not a big deal at all, just something i found out this morning. Do download the package here in DeviantART 1st because it include the sample images i use in the video tutorial. And because the video is on youtube, therefore the quality is not ideal so you might not able to see the big difference in the video, but once you try it on photoshop you will see the big difference.

Few more things, Forgive the quality of the video with my face in it, it was really bad. And because i was really tired that's why my voice in the video were low, i had been trying to record this so many times. lastly i got the mood to animate my avatar, it's a very simple animation, but it works well for now. I guess i kind of like it.
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Five Photoshop source files (PSDs) of icons from Radium Neue that I selected to release.

I didn't upload the Computer icon as I've already done a tutorial here on how to create a similar icon.

If you download it, please comment or :+fav:

If you modify and rerelease these icons, please link back to my deviantArt page as credit.

Legal Information

Copyright © 2006 gakuseiSean
Comments disabled by owner.
~A n d - P l e a s e - D o n t - S t e a l - M y - W o r k~

My first official Photoshop tutorial, highlighting an extremely fast and simple way to isolate and extract light
(and thereby darks) into their own layer.
For your reading convenience, this tut has been sized to widescreen wallpaper dimensions, in the
hopes that making it your desktop wallpaper will be easier to reference while working in photoshop.
You may want to temporarily hide your taskbar while using it this way, though, as I needed every pixel of space
I could get to makes this completely comprehensive.

While this small instruction can be done by even beginners, I recommend you at very least understand
the Layers system before attempting.

Pack Contains:
  • Tutorial: Multiple resolutions of the Tutorial seen above, sized in: 1920x1200, 1680x1050, 1440x900, & 1280x800.

  • PSD File: One PSD file, containing a light sample for use as reference to this tut, and as a free resource for you in any other work you might choose to include it in.

  • ReadMe: My standard ReadMe file, modified to include Tutorials in my copyright agreement. This applies to you anytime you download my art.

  • -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    PhotoshopCS3 Icon made by ~julyDrawed, and more credit to them for the divider boxes as well, which were inspired by their work.
    Thank you to ^FallenRox for testing this tut before its release.
    Light-source was created by me in Apophysis, and can be recognized in several of my works, including: Revolver, VAPORise, and Warsight Flux, all of which were created using this techniques.

    Finished in PhotoshopCS3ext.
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    :star: Island Stock Resource Pack 3 :star:

    The 3rd and last set of 3 Beautiful packs of Island Stock Photos!

    | Details
    Amount: 28 Images
    Size: 2150x1613px
    File Format: JPEG

    | ©Terms
    Proper Credit & Comments in either the Description or Comment section of your work!
    Note Me or Comment on the deviation with a link to your deviation.
    Do not Redistribute!

    | Size
    WARNING: Large Download for Dial-Up Users!

    Enjoy This Pack!

    | The Other Packs
    Pack 1 :pointr: [link]
    Pack 2 :pointr: [link]
    Pack 3 :pointr: Loaded! To download .zip follow [link]
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