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I thought of this after reading that Marx and Flandre Scarlet's wings were similar, I kinda got this image stuck in my head. And of course, her theme goes around everywhere, so I couldn't help it.

Gijinka Design notes: Obviously Marx's theme is a jester. An adorable one, not the creepy evil jesters for Halloween, so he has striped leggings and arm..ings.

Color theme was splitting up purple, so red and blue, as hinted by his hat.

I was between making his arms the wings or giving him back wings since he doesn't have any arms in his canon design. I went with the back wings to go with the Flandre parallel, and to keep his stripes on his arms. I like stripes. It was kind of strange to do his wings, because he has those claws and those weird heart lump things. Seriously, what are those for?

I think I'm getting a little better with backgrounds. I'm not hating on this one, mostly because when I was doing the wings, I remembered what the hell a layer mask was.

The lineart for this is also a lot better than the previous submission (Galacta Knight). I think the main reason is that I could rest my entire arm on the table when doing this one whereas with Galacta Knight, I was only resting my hand. I'm not sure if I can do that with my desk at my apartment, but I can always make adjustments to that table.

Favorite point: That ribbon. God damn I can't help but love how it turned out.

Marx (c) Nintendo and all those good folks
gijinka design by moi
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No comments have been added yet. poor Zaraki was wounded in battle ;-; I gotta make sure he feels good ;3; hmm....may be leading up to something else that'll be too hot for DA ;P
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Video example: [link]

This is a quick webcam test I made. I've been wanting to play with the BitmapData funcitons and webcam inputs for a while, but nothing worked and it all always exploded in the end!

Well, I came up with a way to do something, and I wanted to see if it'd work. It's far from perfect, but it does it's job, and I luff it.

What is it, you ask? Cloaking. Not something where you don't show up at ALL, but something where it has a displacement for cloaked objects (anything that moves).

Here's how to work it:
Step 1. Have a webcam
Step 2. Get out of the picture so it's a static background
Step 3. Click the flash -- it should show a visible change form the snapshot
Step 4. That's it, get in the picture and move around! It should be all warpy-ish and displace around moving objects.

I'll upload a video of me working in in a bit~
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"I'm ready to be the pokemon champion now! Let's settle our rivalry! GO Empoleon!

Empoleon! Use...


Oh, screw it."

The little trainer chick I grew is starting to develop her own personality. She's a cute little bugger.
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Ok so, this is a test to see if i could put together various codes to make something in an adventure game style,
that is, to solve puzzles by collecting objects and using them or talking to other characters to progress

so in this little tester, you can control jinx with the arrow keys left and right, collect an object by pressing space (when you're close) and then look at it when it's in your inventory by clicking it, and it will prompt you to use it when it's needed.

Any feedback / comments / suggestions would be very welcome because I'd love to build a full game like this some day =D

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Somethin a little different. Lol. I love how it turned out though. <3
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Character creation is one of the most enjoyable aspects of being an artist or writer.  This is where creativity can truly thrive as a person's imagination shines at its brightest as they form an image of a character that they find special.  No matter what kind of art interests a person, characters tend to bring the depth needed to hook the viewer is looking for so that they can focus on the visual or literary piece.

Anyone can create at least one character if they put their mind to it.  This tutorial will assist you in setting up your own character(s) that you may enjoy for as long as you wish.

Why make a character?

As previously stated, a character serves high importance in creating a memorable piece of art.  Of course, this is not always the case, but that varies depending on the genre that you, the artist or writer, specialize in.  Character creation is also an effective way to keep the creative juices in the brain flowing as there is so much that you can do with one single character's design.

Writers, it is imperative that your characters are memorable and get the reader excited to continue to follow the story you have made.  If your characters are bland and boring, your story will never have a chance at succeeding.

What kind of characters can I make?

The sky is the limit for what kind of character that you can make.  The combinations for making a character are practically infinite.  From the kind of clothes they wear, to their personality, much thought can take place throughout this creative process.

The easiest kind of character that can be made is YOU!  You already know everything about yourself, so you can use that to make a simple design for your very first character if you are at a lack of ideas.  The character doesn't have to mimic you perfectly (unless that is your intention for the character), so feel free to make some minor edits to the design.  Basing a character off of yourself also gives you a deeper connection to other characters that you first create.  This is very effective in writing as you can use this kind of character to live out scenarios that couldn't see yourself in real life for fun.  This kind of process is called "self-insertion" and tends to work well for those that have just started their journey into the art of words.

Depending on your style, your character could even just be a simple self-portrait of yourself that you are creating in a style different than the traditional form.  For example, drawing yourself as a cartoon character is one of more commonly seen uses of this method.

Starting the process

The time that the process consumes varies depending on the kind of character that you are creating as well as your own ability to picture it in your head.  It could take as long as just a few minutes, or it could even take several hours to perfect your character.  I will provide explanations of various parts of the structure of a character that you can consider using to help make your own creation.

-Name: It can be simple at times, but it can also be quite challenging to think of an appropriate name for the character.  If you are having issues with coming up with a nice name that is unique, don't fret.  You can always start with a simple name that you hear in real life and then change the name later if you wish to do so.  As you create the name, try to pronounce it yourself and make a note of how it sounds and see if you like it.  The name does not need to be complicated, preventing any possible confusion that the viewers might have about the name.

Also, often enough, some organizations annually release a list of the most common names given to children.  Utilize these resources and find the most common names in your respective country to also help give you an idea of what to name your character.

If your character is going to serve a great deal of importance regarding a particular religion (real or fictional), then naming the character after a particular god or after a title of a god might be a wise move.  A good place to look regarding this is the Far East and its cultures.  In general though, researching as many cultures as possible always helps in the character building process, regardless of how big of a role the character will serve.

-Gender:  Once again, a very simple choice to make.  However, this would be best to choose after you determine the kind of personality you would like your character to have.  If you prefer your character to not have a gender or even be transgendered, then feel free to do so.  Just because the options are somewhat limiting in this section doesn't mean you can't find a way to break the usual boundaries.

-Age: This depends on what kind of circumstances that you want your character to be involved with.  Feel free to come back to this part once you have determined some of the other qualities.  An easy tactic to choose age would just give an age that is similar to your own.  When it comes to an exact birthdate, my recommendation would be to use the day that you created your character, except that you can change the year to match their age.

-Height/Weight: Most people usually aren't specific with this type of information.  However, if you are one of those people that like to be precise with your designs, you may add such information to your character's biography.  This brings good insight on the appearance of your character.  It is not a requirement in the process, but it is a nice thing to keep in mind.  If you are basing the character from yourself, use your own weight and height, but feel free to change in a way that would be your own ideal goal, particularly with weight since that can always change, depending on whatever circumstances the character faces.

-Physical characteristics: Here, you want to be specific on the appearance of your character.  Now, a general overview of how the character looks is just fine, especially if this is the first character you ever created.  As time goes on, you will become more detailed with their appearance.  Start with simple body types and other important features that your character might have.  Be as detailed as possible with your descriptions, acting like you are a tailor, sizing up a character for an outfit.  You can then use this information to help edit your character's appearance for things such as the advancement in age or other altering events such as injuries, pregnancy, and illness for example.

-Clothing: Probably one of the more difficult traits to determine for your character.  In some cases, clothes may not even be necessary; that usually only works on certain characters, so make such a choice wisely.  Clothing does help add more depth to the design as well as offer more creativity to the process.  A common recommendation would be to choose clothing based on the character's personality.  If you fail to determine a nice outfit, just use clothes that you usually wear to solve the predicament.  If you wish, you may also create an ensemble of clothing for your character.  This will allow your character to be seen in different environments and locations.  If you gave the character an occupation of some sort, you may also design an outfit for what they do;  that is completely optional.

-Personality:  The character needs a soul; that is a fact.  The addition for personality is crucial for depth in the design.  Take some time to really think of the proper mindset for the character.  Numerous factors can play a role into the creation of the personality and it should be designed well-enough for realistic changes in different circumstances.  Be sure to consider how a character will act towards other characters that he or she may encounter.  How the character acts around others could vary.  Some factors include the following:

-Family ties and history
-Past history and events
-Mindset at time of meeting
-Sudden feelings that may pop up (crushes for example)

Here is also a list of personalities that you may consider to give your character: friendly, cold-hearted, angry, calm, peaceful, villainous, courageous, nerdy, cocky, arrogant, biased, innocent and so on.  The use of the most extreme personalities (such as genocidal and racist for example) are only recommended for the most dramatic of stories for the character and the creator has to be extremely cautious about using such a character as the risk of offending someone will be high.  New designers are suggested to avoid using such strong personality types until they are more experienced and even then it may not be preferred.  Also, giving the character such a personality just for the "shock value" is not recommended.

Note that when it comes to designing a romantic relationship for a character, be sure that it would only seem fit for it to experience one.  This will involve repeating the character design process to design a character the first one will find appealing.

-Species:  This primarily will only be involved with a few genres in art.  Fortunately, there are far more than enough species to choose from if you don't want your character to be a human.  It can be easy to not know what kind of species you would like to choose from.  I'd recommend taking a look at what kind of creatures that you consider as your favorites and then go on from there.  If that still does not work, then look around at other people's characters and see if you can infer a species that hasn't been used as much, giving your character a chance to stand out amongst other ones.  If you character is going to be primarily anthropomorphic in design, then you must also determine on how that decision will affect the physical characteristics, while remembering the key features that the animal has to make them stand out.

If you are really daring, create your own species!  Once you have the experience with character design, you can create more species and creatures that can be seen in the world that your character lives in.  Once again, the possibilities are endless when it comes to making a new race of creature!

-Origin:  It is always good to think of a place where the character came from.  Making up a location for your character can be quite easy, but this is an optional part of the process and should be used if you want to give your character a back-story.  Once an origin has been chosen, build the world around the character;  cities, natural landmarks and features, time period, and the inhabitants and among many things to consider as you visualize the world that your character lives in.  Take small steps and make the character the center of the world.  Start with a hometown, then the land surrounding it as well as any water nearby.  Once you got their home figured out, focus on creating new places of residence and land masses to create the entire world.  As the saying goes, "the world is in your hands."

-Strengths/Weaknesses:  Most of the time, this will only relate to role-playing stories with other people's characters.  So, if you have no intention to use your character in such a way, then this can be skipped.  For those that will use this, it can give greater insight into what your character is capable of.  This may also be intertwined with any special abilities that a character has.  A list of three or four strengths and weaknesses is usually good enough for this kind of intent.

-RPG Stats: Now, going deeper into a characters abilities, strengths and weaknesses tend to lead to creating the character as if they were starring in their own RPG.  Now, game designers will primarily do this, but many also like creating such stats for fun.  The question is how to exactly show such stats.  Over the course of gaming history, we have seen many ways of showing how capable he or she at certain categories.  Personally, my favorite way to represent their capability is through letter grades.  Most of the time, the system runs from A-E, with A being excellent and E being practically non-existent.  Now, here are some basic things you see that are measured in a RPG:

-Physical Attack
-Physical Defense
-Magic Attack
-Magic Defense
-Health (HP)
-Spell/Skill Points (SP)

Again though, these are just the basic things that are commonly measured in most RPGs.  As a designer, you will most likely create even more categories to measure your characters by.  Once you have what you want out of the skill measurements, you can move on to the abilities that your character possesses.  Remember to keep their abilities in mind when you create abilities for the character.  For example, if your character lacks Spell Points, then it would not make much sense for it to have access to some of the most powerful magic available.  Instead, they would use their points on skills that enhance their own physical attacks or assist the entire party.  Things such as temporarily raising stats or enhancing their own abilities are some things that such characters are capable of doing.

I will create an example RPG information sheet to show you how you could make your own.  I will use one of my own characters for this.

-Name: Midnight Emira
-Weapon type: Rifle
-Role: Gunslinger
-Attack: A
-Defense: B
-M. Attack: E
-M. Defense: C
-HP: B
-SP: E
-Speed: B
-Casting time: D

-Abilities: Sniper Shot (heavy damage to enemy targeted, possible instant death effect), Combat Medic (Heals some HP for himself or ally), Full-Auto (discharge entire clip for heavy damage, but amount of damage taken random due to accuracy decrease), Air Strike (deals damage to all enemies in the field)

Now, I could have labeled more things, but I rather keep it short for the example to give you an idea of what you might be able to do.  Notice that even though Midnight has some great physical stats, his magical stats are nothing to be proud of.  Most characters learn new abilities from leveling up or improving their abilities of the role they are classed under.  Setting up a table of when the character earns these abilities as well as how much it may cost to use it would be recommended.

As for names of the attacks, be as creative as you want!  Even common attacks like fire (commonly known as flare, flara and flarus in many RPGs) don't have to follow those names.  Break the mold!

The opportunities for customization are practically limitless.  If you are unsure on what kind of system to follow, use the system utilized by your favorite RPG or even create your own!

-Special Abilities/Skills:  Now, this is primarily used for fantasy, but some skills may also be used for normal works.  It never hurts to give a character some sort of special skill if their design warrants effective use of one.  Never go overboard with making such abilities (especially if using things like magic and elemental abilities).  Even though it is fantasy, it is best to at least keep it somewhat realistic.  In choosing abilities for your characters, focus on what kind of abilities interest you and then you can expand on a particular ability's uses once it has been chosen.  Also keep note that a character eventually gets tired after using enough magic in a certain time.  Even the most powerful warlocks have to rest when they use so much magic.

-Backstory:  Both writers and artists can really benefit from the creation of a backstory for their characters.  This adds tremendous amounts of depth and thus it paves the way for future ideas in the usage of the characters.  If you do wish to write a story about your character, spend some time to figure out what it will be about and how it would get them to the current state that they are in today.  If it doesn't make any sense for the character, then it won't work with your audience.  Spend as much time as needed on thinking of an idea for a back-story if you will be writing one.  That way, you can jot down notes on what will be occurring in it and make sure that minimal error is made.  If needed, the back-story can allow minor changes, but any major changes can greatly alter what your character has already become.

Make your characters as unique as possible!  It will help them stand at more and you can have more fun with your character.  You can also feel proud of your design and how it looks compared to other characters.  Take pride in your creations!

Some Don'ts of Character Creation

-A common issue is that some people tend to make their characters "all-powerful," completely incapable of being defeated by any means.  This just takes away from the fun of making a character and this is a big issue for any roleplay stories that the character might get involved in.  If you are going to have one of such a character, at least make another to combat against it.  Otherwise, I'd try avoiding this completely if possible.  Your character can be powerful, but everyone has some sort of weakness.

-Recolors are usually a sign of laziness in a designer.  This usually applies to those who specialize in fan art, but there have also been many instances in other genres.  It is understandable that some people don't know how to make their own unique character, but that doesn't mean you should just copy a character and slap a new coat of paint on their original appearance.  Not only is it lazy, but it is just plain rude to the original artist of a character.  If your character is currently a recolor, take some time to change some physical aspects of it at the very least.  The better option is just scrapping it and trying another new character if possible.

-Addressing the fan art community, a common issue seems to be people having their own characters become romantically involved with official characters from what they enjoy drawing for.  This tends to also cause a lot of drama between people of the same fandom.  The easy way to resolve the issue to just design another character to have a relationship with your current character to avoid the mess altogether.

-If you can't pronounce the name of your own character, it would be best to change it.

Some final bits of information

-If you are stuck on trying to make a character, look around at other people's characters as suggested earlier.  You might find something that catches your interest and you might use that to make a foundation for the design of your character.  Just be sure not to inadvertently copy the character that you are using as inspiration.

-Remember, if you don't like your character, then it is likely that you may not want to keep it.  If something seems wrong, try to fix it or just scrap the character.

-You know your characters are truly special if you somehow start to feel attached to them.  This truly shows in literature when readers or the writer feels some sort of emotion when an event occurs to a character.  If the reader feels like they are the character, then that is an even better result.

-Just because you finish the character's design doesn't mean that you can't edit it more.  As you grow more skilled in making characters, you will come back and try to improve your previous characters.  Once you are completely satisfied with the design, then you can stop making changes.  When this may occur, is up to your own tastes as you age and change.

-To add on to an earlier note, if your character's name is a bit complex, write down how the name is pronounced so that others will be able to say and read it correctly.

-Do some research about characters known as "Mary Sues" if you are a writer, especially in fanfiction.  This concept has caused a good bit of drama amongst character designers in both literary and visual art mediums.  Don't worry about it too much though, especially if it is your first character.  The point is to have fun while creating the character after all.

There you go.  You now have the knowledge to go off and start making your own characters!  Have fun and enjoy all the creations that your mind can think up!  Good luck!
Ah, I am quite satisfied with this one. I have been planning to make this for a while, but I just finally decided to stop procrastinating and make this little tutorial. While I still primarily help writers, this obviously works well for both writers and artists.=p

Any other questions, note me and I will answer.:)

7/24/10: Updated it with the RPG stats section as well as few new bits and pieces throughout.

10/8/10: General cleanup as well as adding a few bits here and there.

Tutorial and Midnight Emira are owned by me.
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Remember these ([link]) that I did some while back? Well, here's a cleaner, larger, and better version of them and more! (Like, new characters and stuff!) For some reason, it's also a height chart. (I know they don't have proper proportions, but that's still their heights!)

Anyway, might be a bit of a long entry as I explain each one a bit. (This is from left to right, btw)

:bulletgreen: ArtRage :bulletgreen:
Nickname: ArtRage
Personality: Generally a nice guy, but seriously stay out of his way when he's working as he is something else during that time. He's not the type you'd want to make angry despite how nice and calm he usually seems. He sometimes helps out at the "Free Art club".
Design: Mostly based off the ArtRage logo. Lots of light gray. Curly hair for the curly lines. Large round glasses inspired by the round logo. Has a chaotic personality since he is ArtRAGE, and also since he has two versions.

:bulletgreen: Traditional Art :bulletgreen:
Nickname: Trad
Personality: A purist of sorts, and holds some bitterness towards the digital age. He's not a bad guy though so long as you give him enough respect. He's actually really old and has been around for a really long time.
Design: Lots of pale colors to signify one of the most basic forms of traditional art; paper. His necklace is an eraser; and his pants are based on a mongol pencil.

:bulletgreen: CorelDRAW :bulletgreen:
Nickname: Corel
Personality: Very calm, and very easy to get along with. He's pretty popular; with a handsome face and an elegant style. Has some girlish tendencies though when it comes to his weight.
Design: Wanted him to look both casual and professional at the same time. I incorporated the colors of his logo into his design; blue being the most solid as his logo used to be mostly blue I think.

:bulletgreen: Manga Studio/Comic Studio/Clip Studio Paint :bulletgreen:
Nickname: Manga Studio
Personality: Has an extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of all genre's of manga. Has some perverted tendencies and loves hijinks and mischief. A rather comical character despite his good looks. Can totally act like an "ikemen" though if he wants.
Design: Both manga and the software originated from Japan, so he has an obvious Asian appeal to him; and wearing something akin to a high school students uniform. His colors are mostly from the box design.

:bulletgreen: Toon Boom Animation :bulletgreen:
Nickname: Toon Boom
Personality: He likes cartoons and speaks with a Canadian accent. Fun loving and a nice guy. He's the type that's hard to dislike.
Design: His hair is an obvious reference to his logo, really. As for his outfit, it was kind of unconsciously based on animators I know. (whelp)

:bulletgreen: Paint Tool SAI :bulletgreen:
Nickname: Sai
Personality: Is a little full of himself, but presents it very coolly, and with the skills to back it up. Has a tendency to pick on Photoshop. He also the type to put a lot into his looks.
Design: Dressed like Hipster. Just because, really. Based a lot on his logo. His logo had a rainbow streak, which is why he has a rainbow scarf.

:bulletgreen: Adobe Photoshop :bulletgreen:
Nickname: Photoshop
Personality: Also full of himself but a little more crass. He likes helping others out as he thinks this makes him important. In truth though, this just makes him someone who is often just used and pushed around. He also looks after his brothers, being one of the eldest, but is in actuality the one who needs the most looking after. Naive and easily fooled.
Design: I took a lot of liberties with his outfit, mostly just going with how I want him to look like since he's one of the ones I use the most and is also thus supposed to be the main character. Color scheme is based on CS3 since that was what I was using when I created him. Logo on his hat is based on CS5 since I like those logo's best. Eye color is based on the latest (CS6) logo's though. (These apply to all Adobe brothers.)

:bulletgreen: Adobe Flash :bulletgreen:
Nickname: Flash
Personality: Another fun loving guy who's into cartoons, games, and likes making webpages. Not originally from the Adobe family, he was adopted from Macromedia. This doesn't bother him or his brothers and he's one of the ones that get along with most of them. Can be as dim as Photoshop, while not being as naive.
Design: The second of the Adobe products to be designed, he was mostly just really designed to match Photoshop to show that they're family. He kinda looks like a Pokemon trainer without me intending to do so, but he likes games so whatever.

:bulletgreen: Adobe InDesign :bulletgreen:
Nickname: InDesign
Personality: Quiet and almost the most level-headed of the Adobe brothers. He's kinda girly but refuses to accept that and gets insulted.
Design: Originally a girl until I turned them all into guys. Apart from getting a haircut, his design didn't really change.

:bulletgreen: Adobe Illustrator :bulletgreen:
Nickname: Illustrator
Personality: One of the eldest of the brothers. Level-headed, and rather kind, but can be rather protective of his younger brothers, and can be rather no-nonsense and straight-laced during such times.
Design: He went through a number of redesigns and I was initially rather unsatisfied with his design. But I like him now.

:bulletgreen: Adobe After Effects :bulletgreen:
Nickname: After Effects
Personality: He is the eccentric director type, with a cool and dreamy demeanor. He's on good terms with Camera. He also has a tendency to be a bit slow.
Design: I wanted him both classy and not. He's handsome, but weird. I dunno. Also, he's slow 'cause After Effects always lags on me.

:bulletgreen: Autodesk Mudbox :bulletgreen:
Nickname: Mudbox
Personality: The younger, but taller, twin brother of Maya. (They have two more brothers actually; Softimage & MotionBuilder). He's more carefree than his uptight brother and easily does as he pleases.
Design: He was really just designed to be a more carefree-looking Maya. Sorry Mudbox. Least he's taller.

:bulletgreen: Autodesk Maya :bulletgreen:
Nickname: Maya
Personality: The older, but shorter, twin brother of Mudbox. Uptight, straight-laced, and a bit of a "tsundere". 'Nuff said.
Design: I find Maya very boring and being too difficult to use, with too many "rules" to follow. So that's why he's very uptight and stuff. Has a lot of gray and and dark colors that represent the interface of the program.

:bulletgreen: Autodesk SketchBook Pro :bulletgreen:
Nickname: SketchBook
Personality: Maya and Mudbox's younger cousin. Brimming with talent and enthusiasm, he's young, naive, and very bright.
Design: I'm a little frustrated with his design but whatever. Designed to dress like his cousins but lighter since his interface is rather bright.

:bulletgreen: Scanner/Printer :bulletgreen:
Nickname: Scanner
Personality: From the devices class. A guy who gets along with most anyone as he delivers or publishes a lot of their works. He works a lot with Trad and they have been friends for a very long time as he is also a lot older than he seems. Dependable and trustworthy.
Design: Based on my very own scanner which is an HP all-in-one. Was supposed to a bit of a side character, so he has a plain design. He also has an Asian skin tone as one of the oldest known wood prints date all the way back to 220AD China. Since he's a printer I also have CMYK there.

:bulletgreen: GIMP/GNU Image Manipulation Program :bulletgreen:
Nickname: Gimp
Personality: A member of the "Free Art club". He's a hard worker and has a lot of talent and potential, but is often over-looked if even completely ignored and not very known. This gives him a tendency to cry a lot. But otherwise, he's a regular guy who also likes to hang with friends and have fun. Not that he really has a lot friends.
Design: His hair is based a lot on the mascot of the program. His outfit is somewhat based on how I used to dress during the times I still used to use him. He also kind of wears a shirt a size too big for him, just because.

:bulletgreen: Camera :bulletgreen:
Nickname: Cam
Personality: Another one who's older than he seems and is friends with Scanner and Trad. He, like Scanner, is in the devices class. Trad doesn't like him much, sometimes looking down on him and calling him mediocre. An artist in his own right, but has a penchant for gossip and rumors regarding others. He sometimes forgets boundaries and gets into a lot of trouble. He always knows the latest trends and likes to expand into other devices territories.
Design: I realized I didn't have anyone who's dark skinned, so my sister suggested I make Camera dark-skinned since she likes him a lot. Otherwise, he wears a lot black and gray since many camera's are of that color. He often changes styles these days though since there are loads of different types of cameras these days. He also wears goggles and stuff, which are references to different lenses of cameras.

:bulletgreen: Google SketchUp :bulletgreen:
Nickname: SketchUp
Personality: The de-facto leader of the "Free Art club". He's close friends with Gimp and treats him nicely. However, he's not above acting accordingly when dealing with others. He's also actually from a very rich family but prefers to give his services for free. He acts very professional though when it comes to business.
Design: His color scheme was originally based on the software himself, but to not make him too plainly colored, I added Google's colors to him.

:bulletgreen: MS Paint :bulletgreen:
Nickname: Paint
Personality: He generally seems like the cute-young-boy type. However, he's actually a bit of a troll and likes to mess with people. Do not trust the cute face. He makes a lot of shitty doodles just for the heck of it, but he's in truth actually very skilled. He's also part of the "Free Art club" and is in the University on a scholarship from Windows (because he's always included as a default program).
Design: I have no idea why I made him look like a boy scout. All I know I wanted him to look younger than the rest since any 12 year old working on a computer most definitely started drawing digitally with MS Paint first or something. His troll behavior though comes from the fact that I've seen a lot crappy comics meant for trolling that only used MS Paint.

I want to make comics for these guys but let's see what happens. Always open for suggestions and stuff. The setting of this is that they are all University students. They're in the Art Department obviously.

I've only done programs I've used at least once.

EDIT: fixed typos and stuff.

This can also be found on Tumblr! [link]

Each program belongs to their respective developers &/or publishers
art & character design (c) ME
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Hitmonchans my favourite!

And its performing Sky Uppercut!
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for :stupidkat:

She wanted me to draw her Oc Luce

That poor kid lost her hands and leg during a car accident and now she has bionics :(

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