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<div align="center">Yay! I got it done on time! Promised I'd have it done by today.

This is ~balloonpup's character, Pop! c:

He was a challange... I'm not used to drawing short-haired floppy-eared dogs XD Especially not... transparent ones. Regardless he was very fun to draw. Lookit all them shineys. D8

<div align="left">
Pop :iconballoonpup:
Image :iconquiddie-2000: (me)
Do not print/use anywhere without permission, do not steal, copy, or duplicate in any form. Kthx.
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l was feelin down when l drew this...and well....l wasnt able to draw anything for a long while because of even more drama afterwards....but l got over it...umm....yay?

Howlette (c) by me

*edit* yay zombie ring!!.....l actually have that ring on my wedding why l drew it =P
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Well, my good friend :iconwhenlovefails2meet: gave me a tattoo challenge and unfourtunatley with all the stuff going on, I couldn't exactly do it the way she wanted and with the limited tools and such I had, I needed to improvise. I still hope you like how this turned out though! ^.=.^

For this challenge, I would most likely use a minor reference but for this I absoulutley didn't use any sort of reference at all but just got more into my mind and came out with the idea of a tribal dragon bursting through a cloud with ember and fire coming from it. I hope to get some good feedback and I hope :iconwhenlovefails2meet: likes it still!

Enjoy everyone!

Bursting-Cloud-Dragon (C) J-Rex1463
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Ever get one of those ideas that just hits you and you drop everything and focus solely on that idea? This was one of those.

Aside from the terrible scanning job (ye olde scanner doesn't seem to appreciate light colors and tones), I really like this. The flower is modeled after a rose in my backyard. It's called the Joseph's coat, and it blooms with an array of so many gorgeous colors that it's impossible to name them all. However, they die rather quickly and the colors fade to washed-out greyish pink, so the beauty is very fleeting. I didn't do it a bit of justice. :)

So yeah, just some personal art in order to escape from my summer homework.

#31 in the 100 theme challenge [link]
Media: watercolor, colored pencil, and graphite
Time: about an hour
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The markings on the hand are called Blueprints, in my story Dark Mage all Mages have a unique pattern or design on the palm of their hands. They mostly have one but in some rare cases they can have markings on both palms of the hands.

Blueprints are made by pure magic when a mage first unlocks his/her first abilities. Since a mage dosen't know how to control his/her power at first it's powerful enough to produce markings or patterns in the hands. The markings are invisable until magic is first flown through the body.

Blueprints have unique abilities locked inside the markings and some certain markings will do powerful magic. To learn at least one of these special abilities it takes an average mage 5 years to unlock the first one. In some cases it has only taken weeks to unlock the first.

Many mages for generations believed that these markings were maps to unique places or even to unlocking what they're future will be, or the people they will become one day. Quite a few markings are compass like and point in many directions .Some mages that are true believers of this will spend their whole life trying to figure out what the markings are and what kind of map it is meant to be.

Well I hope you like it, i might make somemore.

Blueprints (C) J-Rex1463
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When I go out for walks at night time sometimes I wished I could take a camera with me to show you what I see sometimes. Finally I got one and it works! XDD

And my scanner is working again! XD

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I’m going to tell you this is a poem
          It’s what you expect it to be.
It looks like a poem. It acts like a poem
                 It sort of even has a bit of a rhyming scheme.
(we’ll just pretend that be and scheme rhyme real well, ok?)

This is a poem about broken hearts
          There’s quite a few out there.
This poem is not much different from those
                    I just thought you might care.
(though I advice you check out the other poems out there)

I don’t express myself freely when it comes to talk
             In fact you sometimes have to pry
Keep on questioning me about this and that
                           Eventually I’ll get annoyed by your fiftieth “why?”
(and even then it will take me another ten minutes to tell you)

My vocabulary is pretty shallow. My poem lacks the beauty
          That those extravagant poems of flourish hold
My words are understood easily by the population
                       My stories in poetry are quite easy to be told.
(sometimes I wonder why you’re still even reading this)

I just wanted to let you know how much it hurts me
                To never see you around these parts.
Even my poems are feeling lonely
                           Because it is like I’m missing half my heart.
(but you’re not around to give it back)

I cannot write with the same passion, I’ve realized
                My poems for some reason seem to be dying
I don’t feel the joy I once did when I spoke of love and dreams
                           Even though I sit here and keep trying.
(Lord knows I keep trying…)

So this is the last poem I’ll be dedicating
            To the one who still owns my heart.
It’s shattered. It’s tattered.
                          Oh, it’s torn all apart.
(but no one is around to help me pick it up)

I’ll be fine on my own. I’m strong
              Or at least I can pretend.
But even when I find myself falling
                         I’ve got the best of friends.
(they know how to pick me back up)

Don’t worry about me, I’ll be smiling
               My heart will heal eventually.
I’ll amuse myself with other things
                               Perhaps explore different types of poetry.
(oh who am I kidding? Love always finds a way into my words)

I know I was never anything you wanted
         I’m just a little odd that way.
You would have realized the mistake
                     Perhaps you did and that’s why you pushed me away.
(Funny how life works out that way)

No regrets. Of course I’m a little sad
           You’re the best love I’ve ever had.
You showed me my heart in a different light
                               You held my hand late into the night.
(but no one holds my hand now)

No need to apologize. No excuses here
             I was never very good at saying goodbyes
I would so easily take you back
                    Welcome you with open arms into my life.
(I’m going to be strong. I’m going to go forth alone)

So this is the most pathetic poem you’ll ever read
                 The longest one in fact, you’ll see
Of broken hearts and saying goodbye
                    And letting your heart be free.
(Your heart was always free, though)

These are the words I could never say
                But in poetry I set my heart take wing
You can find my soul in each passage
                             Hear my heart sing.
(such a sad and off-beat sound)

This is a poem. It has finally reached its end
            It might be awhile until you hear from it again.
This is a poem from a poet who doesn’t remember how to write
                           Now that inspiration is lacking in her life.
(you were the inspiration, but I’ll live again. I’ll live again)
Full Title:
This Is The Last Pathetic Love Poem You'll Ever Have To Read From Me.

It's wordy. lol

Is it true?
Most likely not
Because pathetic love poems are basically all I know how to write.

Not much else to say.


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My mouth opened to speak—words
          clung to the tip of my tongue,
praying to be released and capture the moment,
   but your mouth denied such pleasure,
enticed my body with different sensations,
           strangled my tongue so what I said was impossible
to decipher. Just a purr vibrating the back of my throat,
                   a moan captured in the chest,
       light-headed, throbbing of the temples, to the point of calling it a migraine.

I'm sick. My mother even told me so.
     As I counted down the days of the months,
the hours of the days, the minutes of the hours,
                 until the numbers became too complex,
too high, and the impossibility of our touching
       became so large that I began to feel suffocated.
Is it really that long? Or could it be possible I'm just terrible at
                    third grade math.

Always possible seeing as I was daydreaming
         of holding hands and skipping through weeds,
and making crowns out of dandelions and calling myself
                  sunshinin' princess of love, wishing to be saved,
taken away, held in the arms of somebody until high school rolled around
       and hormones drove boys to sex and girls to anorexia
And I didn't shine but hid in the corner instead.

You succeeded at making me breathless, of boiling the blood,
        until the ache has overtaken the want and turned it into a need,
so if I don't get my fix, I'll fall to the floor,
             dig my nails into the hardwood, crawling to the bathroom,
and claim this is the end, the end of the world!
                  I can imagine you laughing—your eyes alight with my pain
knowing you were the one who caused it
                                 and the only one who could fix it.

I'll beg you to cure me—to take away this agony,
        this breathlessness, yet heavy breathing....
this prison, yet I've never felt so free before,
                   and I'll scream that you did this to me,
you're the cruelest thing that has ever happened to me,
        and you'll smile—I know you will!
                      And whisper, “darling, welcome to love.”

                                           And I'll hate you for it.
                                                          But I love you, too.
Sorry it took me so long to get to finishing these poems for people....
This is the second poem for :icons-pyde-r:

sometimes the line between love and hate
is so obscure. i don't know where we fall,
i hate you,
for the fact you make me so weak,
but i love you,
for picking me up and putting me back on my feet.
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I suppose it's time to get serious for a moment.

I post this with great excitement, and great skepticism at the same time; I haven't finished anything anthro-related in a long, long time. But I found myself looking at a bunch of characters that I'd created a long time ago, and started thinking about what I'd change now that I'm not completely and utterly trying to blind people in the colour palette department; The first of which was a character previously called (of which nobody will remember, and rightly so) called Zeraphina, which was an anthro that `neoikeia helped me put together when we were together. I'd used her temporarily in the rather controversial Harvesters dA group for a while, before she was forgetten about. Since then, I've been forming a story for my anthro characters, which... Is still in the works, and most of it is in my head, but there we are~! XD

Uhh. I... Worked so much on this I'm kinda at a loss of what to say now. Other than I hope this doesn't get blindsided because a majority of my waters would much rather look at my Sonic stuff. It's not that I've grown out of it or anything ridiculous like that, it's just time to stretch the boundaries, which is important. And to a lesser extent, show the skeptics: I can draw more than just Sonic art, thank you very much. I just love drawing it.

I hope to suprise you with future submissions, and I really do hope you enjoy this~!

Big thank you to those of you who watched this on LiveStream, I know it was pretty slow-going at first, but seeing as the last Anthro piece I tackled didn't use SAI (and was airbrushed), I pretty much had to wing it and learn as I went along. Either way it was an ...interesting few sessions. XD

(Oh, and before anyone asks... She was previously a Lynx/random mix of species we made up. She's now a Jaguar, more defined musculature and stronger-looking as a result. I'll post the bio when I can find it~!)

[EDIT 21.03.10] Looked at it with a 'fresh' pair of eyes this afternoon and realised that if anything else it needed a recrop because she wasn't central enough and there was still far too much negative space. The other issues~ well, I'll have to leave those.

.//0.3mm Mechanical Pencil
.// Copic Multiliner Pens (0.03mm, 0.05mm, 0.3mm; 0.05mm sepia)
.// Coloured in Paint Tool SAI
.// After-effects & Textures in Adobe Photoshop CS2
.// Working size: 2148x3042 @ 320dpi
.// Supplimental Material: Anatomy Sketch, Inks Progress, Inked
.//Textures from

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I’m going under—drowning in the sea
The waves are getting higher—there is no hope for me.
Run away before it’s too late—don’t get caught
It’s no use trying when the battle has already been fought.
Let the waves keep crashing against the shore—
May my heart bother you nevermore.

Storm clouds brewing in the sky above—take shelter
Don’t turn your head to look this way—please don’t even bother.
Because when the rains come down, they’ll drown you
Please I just want you to be free. I’ll make it through
The waves are growing higher—I’m slowly going under
And the last thing that passes by is a face of you.

Give me the strength to pull through, I’m begging
Down on my knees, I’ve been praying.
So long it seems since I’ve actually seen the sun after the rain
Will someone please try and take away my pain?
Oh the waves are growing higher. I’m slowly losing hope
Every battle I fight I always seem to fight alone.

The sands are shifting; the winds are picking up speed
I’m slowly suffocating in the waters of the sea.
Let my heart flutter for just one last time—
Let me just pretend for a moment you once were mine.
Don’t bruise the image. Don’t let it break
Please, just for now, for my sanity’s sake…

I’m going under—drowning in the waves
Don’t even bother. I just can’t be saved.
I’ll wave a hand, but please don’t come in after
The storm is coming in now a little bit faster.
Hear the screams in the air, let them scare you away
Maybe if I make it, I’ll try and find you someday.

I’m going under—drowning in the sea
I guess my life is turning out to be what I always dreamed
A nightmare in which I fall to the ground
And in one moment, I’m lost—I’ve drowned
Because it’s no use rescuing me—it’s no use
My soul has been lost, broken and abused.
It's ironic while writing this...a storm was coming.

Yup, it's depressing. I know. But really, it's just about a person not wanting to drag down the ones they care about...


Sometimes it's better to just fight things alone. >.<
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