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Before you ask anything about my dress ups, please see if your question has already been answered in the F.A.Q. Thank you.

Whew! It's finally done!

When I finished "Nami dress up v.1", I thought that I'd never do another dress up with more than, say, items, because it was such a pain to do. But back in the spring I played my Nami Dress up (v.1), and then thought "man, this is ugly", and redrew everything and added about 200 items...

So, this is Nami from One piece. All the items here are from official art of One piece manga, anime, games, merchandise etc. I'll add more when I find more reference pictures. I had to guess some colours and stuff, and sometimes I could only see her back or hand or something in the reference pic, so I had to make the rest up myself.

Now that I play this I've already noticed few bugs, so I'll try to fix them asap.

"Drawers" were made with :iconjaidenuchiha:'s help. Couldn't have done it without you! Million thanks.

572 clothes +2 tattoos + 19 hairstyles = 593. I think I'm not quite sane..

Click the bikini top after you've put it on to make the bra disappear. Same works for some other tops.

[Edit] Fixed some stuff. Shirt42 and few other things wouldn't show up!

[Edit2] Some things were actually very hectic so I split shirts, pants, shoes, coats & dresses to more pages and also added some stuff.

[Edit3] Added some more stuff and a reset button

Version 1 here
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:new:I am now taking commissions for dress-up games and more! [link]

I'm resubmiting this because DA doesn't allow art that has copyright music in it. So this is the silent version. For the version that does have sound click here: [link]


Change their clothes! (Yay!)
Listen to the music! (Whoa!)
Change their hairstyles! (OMG!)
Watch the animation! *gasp*

Enjoy dressing-up Ed and Winry in my all new "FMA Dress-Up Game". You can dress them in their regular clothes, clothes from the movie and lots of original outfits.
And watch out for Al and his kitties! XD .................. Just kidding. They won't do anything to you. LOL.

K'. I hope you enjoy my game. ^_^
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Best to "download" this one into full view. Its huge and I must say that I may have over did it with the clothes. However, you know me... I wanted to add more! It feels rather finished, I have like no more I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I have making it!

Edit: Whoa, where are you guys all coming from? I've never gotten this much attention on anything before. Is anyone linking this anywhere? Please let me know, its a real mystery right now.

Edit2: It seems that [link] is the one linking my dress up game. Nice! I feel really honored. ^^ Many thanks to :iconkurishojo: for her great detective work >3

Edit 3: I realize that it would have been better with different eye/hair colors but this was for my character. I never thought of this getting popular at all so I did it just for myself.
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edit 4: disabling comments, I appreciated it though, thanks guys ^^;

edit 3: hhhhhhhhh why is this bad dress up so popular D<
go look at my real art, guys. seriously.

edit 2: Please be sure to check out my newer dress-up, too! Way more options than this!!

edit: Uh, whoa. Thanks for all the favorites, you guys. This is really old and awful art, so please take a look at some other things in my gallery... This was my first deviation to get over 100 favorites, so I was pretty shocked ^^; I'm happy you all enjoy it though.
But NO I will not do requests for other dress ups, so please don't ask me!
And yes, VOCALOID Kagamine Rin's outfit does make a cameo in this. XD Some other people and I think that Rin looks a lot like Piyoko. O:

April 20th edit: Updated with version 3.5, added Piyoko's school outfit set, two kinds of wings, and an armband.
Planned additions:
-A larger variety of tops
-A larger variety of shoes
-Meido one-pieces
-Dejiko's outfit
-Puchiko's outfit
-Usada's outfit

Whenever I import rasterized images into Flash, the colors get icky. Plus, the base image (Piyoko) is an old picture as it is, so... sorry for the ugliness. -sob-

I'd like to dedicate this to :iconmusk-parfait: for inspiring me by always doing such well-done dress-up games and for all the help she provided for the very-newbish-me in figuring out how the heck to make one of these crazy things @u@;;;;
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Before you ask anything about my dress ups, please see if your question has already been answered in the F.A.Q. Thank you.

When I was checking my unfinished Flash stuff I found this. I had started and stopped working on this over a year ago, and I know I'll never continue it, so I'll post it as it is now. I'm aware there are flaws in the artwork etc and it doesn't have a lot of clothes but whatever. I like the red shirt and Aika's hairstyles & underwear ;)
In case someone's interested the characters are Akari-Alicia-Aika-Akira-Alice-Athena. Yes they all start with A. Creative huh?

ARIA belongs to Kozue Amano.
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Before you ask anything about my dress ups, please see if your question has already been answered in the F.A.Q. Thank you.

Please post your creations in your Scraps album and not in the normal gallery, as they're not art made by you.

Another dress up lol.

Nothing much to say about this. It was supposed to be a lot better, but I got bored.
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:B I sincerely apologize for unleashing this monster upon dA. Forgive me, I was bored...

(I would like to point out that according to dA rules, creations from bases and dress up games should be posted as scraps)

:bulletorange:Press "Prt Scr" (print screen) on the keyboard (upper right hand corner) to copy the screen (the computer won't tell you that you have copied it.)
:bulletorange: Paste it into your favorite editor or MS Paint.
:bulletorange: To paste in MS Paint: select one of the top two tools and right click and paste onto the canvas.

:bulletorange: Link your creation back to this page Simply copy and paste the web address or write : iconchariot08 : (without spaces) in your deviation comments.


:police: Please, don't ask for a male version. Also, I do not want suggestions, sorry :p.


Original Description:
This took quite a long time but it was so much fun to use flash! This is the first time I have ever used flash, so it got kind of annoying at some points. Sorry if the face markings and village symbols are hard to grab. Enjoy!

More dress up games here >>> [link]

Because so many people have been asking me what program I used, I used ADOBE FLASH. There are a lot of good tutorials on dA and its not a difficult program to learn.

Commission info [link]
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UPDATE: Added the CDE preloader. If you can't load the game, go here: [link]



This is another game I made for CDE (enter the site, they have lots of games!).

This time the game's about my 2 OC's Erin and Jin dressing in the Fruits fashion. What is fruits? (also called "fresh fruits") It is a japanese street fashion style worn by people on the Harajaku district. It's basically a style in which you combine pieces of clothes that don't actually "match", but when put toghter look pretty awesome nontheless.
Here's a definition by Wikipedia (lol) :
"...combining traditional Japanese styles of dress with an irreverent approach to modifying and combining elements of clothing, accessories, and technology."
There's even a magazine about it. It's called FRUiTS, lol XD;

Enjoy! ^_^

Sponsored by: CartoonDollEmporium
Game by: Me
Free Music from: FlashKit
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Before you ask anything about my dress ups, please see if your question has already been answered in the F.A.Q. Thank you.

Yes. No Hinata. I don't like her, so I didn't draw her.

So yet another dress up. Naruto kunoichi need more love! It's a shame Kishimoto only seems to write females as healers, fangirls, hostages or love insterests. Wasn't the last time a female character got a proper fight (Chiyo & Sakura vs Sasori) some 150 chapters ago?

[Edit] Now with Ayame the ramen girl (okay she's not a kunoichi but still a female in Naruto), Matsuri the Gaara fangirl, Yuugao, Pain's female body, Sasuke's mom and Kiba's mom and Sister!

OMG! A Hinata-sama counter!!!
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Every girls' dress up - [link]

:new:Every girls' dress up v3 - [link]


Ok! its done!! 15 hair styles and 66 different ways to wear them and a big bonus is THE BACK GROUND Changes! and that main beatiful back ground comes from :iconcolour-imagination: AND yes her stuff is pretty awsome and so is she XD.

I am NOT taking suggestion this time, TOO many crazy things where asked of me last time.
I listen to want you wanted and liked and like and wha-la!
I think i like this one the best so far ^^

EXPECT changes until the 7th of this month!


How i make my flash games:

Dress up commissions are welcome
for more info contact me at:
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