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And while preparing for the next flash, here's episode 2 of the short Kingdumb heart series I'm making now ^^.
in fact I stop after the third one, I don't feel to confident about this one..ehm, okay, today's contents:

Segment 1: My favorite scene from the Kingdom Hearts 2 game.
I just love the bit after the war at Hallow Bastion. Why? Well starting with the things not featered in the flash:

1) The organisation reveals their plan of havng Sora do their dirty work. Cute, since 5 mintes ago they send one of the organisation members to kill Sora. in fact they do it constantly. Which would either A) ruin their plans or B) gget themselves killed. Waterproof plan alright

2)Gotta love how games often think having a name change is a plot twist. his name is not Pete, it's... JIM! OMG!! That changes the entire story! oh wait it doesn't. Dude, I don't care if he's Xenohort, or Ansem, or Xemnas, he's a generic silver haired who wants to destroy the world. Who cares what his name is.

3) Ah, and then how all those characters keep teleporting into that sequence. Axel, some other organisation guy and Maleficent do all teleport in during that sequence, all whining about Hearts and darkness as usual, even tough Sora only asks where Kairi is. Sora pal, stop asking those idiots questions, you know they can't speak english.

Right, segment 2 has little to do with Kingdom hearts actually, just something stupid stuck in my head, and put in because people like the randomness, and my original sketches weren't really.

And finally the dance sequence, a little diffrent this time. Ah, nothing like singing "everything's better, down where it's wetter, take it from mee!" to a guy drowning. Heh, poor Aladdin.

Bleh, cheated a bit with drawing by tracing to get the general head shape right. Since if I draw Sora free hand, his face changes every 3 seconds ^^;

oh and PS. ,even tough it's called Kingdom hearts final mix, it doesn't actually focus on the Final mix version of the game. it just means that this are things "added" to the original Kingdumb hearts 2 Flash, just like the Final mix game adds extra content and bosses to that original game. Gottit? yay.

Many thanks to Luke Wholey and John Markel as part of the main Kh voice team, and Molly and Zody for jumping in for last minute voices. I can't say whee anymore with my current throat :(
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Hmm, shortest from all yet, still got the most scenes.
it's starting to look more like a robot chicken episode.

Right, scene explanation:

1) Ah, bad one liners. I hate it when they do this in movies, they make the hero say something stupid (like "let me go!" when hanging over a cliff) so the villain can make a joke about how dumb the hero is. It's supposed to make the villain look all witty, but instead it only makes the hero look extremely stupid.
So in Kingdom hearts 2, Belle and Beast's rose get stolen by a thief, and Beast screams "get out of my castle!!"
Eh, the thief was already doing that dude, I would worry more about the fact he kidnapped your girlfriend and all y'know? Dumb heroes.

2) Yoyo

3) Because of the darkness, Riku got the face of evil. And that's.. Ansem? He's not evil. Bob Saget on the other hand..

4)the chairscene was based on :iconsilversister: 's comic, tough she has deleted it since.
Ah well, it'll live on trough this flash.

5) I got the key, from Dancemania speed.

Episode 4, and final episode unless I change my mind again, coming in the future.
Gotta work hard on Halloween IMP now O_o;
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Heh instead of the iMp stuff i promised, i finished kingdumb hearts COM part 1 instead.. it covers pretty much the whole story, part 2 only has one more scene plus a music video..
I was going to only split the newgrounds version in 2 and keep the deviantart version a whole piece, but then i meet my old friend, mr. "after a specific amount of frames the movies freezes" , so voila, 2 parts again, the movie freezes during the end credits, which only menas that the movie won't automaticly reset.."gasp", teh horror..
part 2 will be done, hopefully this week, but i have euan's birthday flash to concider too..
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Wow, im suprised i managed to finished it indeed this weekend.. whew, was a lot work.. but damn it's late, so im probably sick all day tomorrow.. yay... Anyway, enjoy then.
Random Birthday flashmovie is next..
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And finally, after 3 days hard work, especially the final music video took a lot time, it's done! my kingdom hearts movie!!
Strange, everythime i think of a title for games, i get something with "dumb"
Mario dumbshine, orignally it would be megaman dumband mission, beforei made it Megaman commands a mission, now it's kingdumb hearts... maybe i should it make a "dumb"series, sorta like my madness movies.. hmm.. ah well

Ps., press C to go to the fun music video part
Ps2, for those unhappy how i portray Aladdin in this movie, it's based on how moronic he is in kingdom hearts, not how he was in the movies/ series
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part 1: [link]
Part 3: [link]
Part 4: [link]

Great, missed the deadline and it's less footage then I said it would be, go me. Intern work and Evil doc work banging on my door tough, so it'll be a while again before part 3.
So this kingdumb hearts movie will be 4 parts instead of 3. Guess that means more music video's, yay?

Problem with the in between parts is that they don't have a clear beginning or ending, so it's just a bunch of little sketches instead of a full story this time. Ah well.

Right, kingdom hearts 358/2 days issues dealt with in this installment:

Mickey mouse. Okay, this plot hole is so big, I assume I just missed out the magical answer kingdom hearts itself gave.Still I don't get why does Mickey thinks that wearing the organisation XIII cloak disguises him? Roxas immediately notices that a cloaked Riku doesn't have the same body lenght as the others, so if he is spotted as an impostor, what kind of chance does Mickey have?

Also good to have confirmation that Mickey really was hired to guide Sora and the gang in Kingdom Hearts 2 after they woke up.
Riding a train and assuming the sunset citizens notice it and start talking to a random stranger about it. Jup, much better way to guide Sora then say, leave a note at his sleeping pod or give him a cellphone.

So Sora's a huge important element in both Xemnas and Mickey Mouse's plans for the future, and yet they guide him on his mission by pointless trying to kill him or assuming Sora's stupid enough to be rushing towards whatever citizens are gossiping about in town respectively. No wonder those two are such highly regarded leaders.

Then there's all these barriers organisation XIII drops on the planet to keep Roxas within the mission section. I thought the organisation was supposed to do their work in secret, putting giant "Don't enter this section, we're conducting illegal business here" signs everywhere doesn't seem to be all that stealthy to me.
Even funnier when Roxas's sent off to a training mission that's inside Beast's castle. Smashing vases inside your enemy's castle, that'll definitely not ruin your secret existence.

I don't get most missions you get anyway. First Saix is worried that a world will be destroyed by Heartless, then he's worried that there's no heartless. Why do we need to be involved with the planets all the time anyway. It's impossible to remain a secret organisation if I have to kill a heartless that just beat Beast senseless, he might start wondering why the invading heartless spontaneously disappears. Good thing Roxas and Xion are stealthy standing right in the doorway when Beast is asking around about what happened, so no way they'll find out about the organisation.
You'd think the best way to collect hearts while remaining hidden is by mostly fighting in the desert or in the forest, but then we'd miss out the exciting "There's strange and weird mysteries going on in Halloween town! What could possibly have happened?! Ah, it was the heartless that caused it! That was a totally unpredictable and very exciting solution!" subplots, and we wouldn't want that, would we?

I'm also getting a bit tired of Xaldin's endless mumbling about how he's going to steal Beast's rose and Belle.
yeah, very subtle foreshadowing for his great scene in Kingdom hearts 2 where he steals the rose and then just randomly stands around until Sora walks up to him to shove a keyblade in his face. Truly worth all this build up.

Speaking of pointless subplots, what's with Pete? He's making Hook dig up stuff.. and wants the lamp..too..and.. nothing. I suppose there would be some half assed explanation that this has to do with Malificent's revival in the next game, but I think I missed it.
Ugh, I know every decent rpg needs a sub main villain that moves the plot forward until the real villain steps in, but Kingdom hearts really sucks in that regard.

Heck, even the main villain is barely involved in the plot, other then be in the usual "haha, everything that happens without me having any control over it is somehow according to my brilliant plan, I'll just continue to sit here mumbling evil things until the final battle randomly happens to turn up here" villain mode.
Except in this game, even that final battle is missing.But I'll come to that.

Tough what Kingdom Hearts 358 days was mostly missing were more scenes with Axel Roxas and Xion just being friends, doing fun stuff, having a breakfast together, that kinda thing.
Yeah, I know what you're thinking; But Roger, why would I want boring mundane stuff happening in my exciting epic rpg story?
Well, if this game actually had a epic journey quest thing going on, I could see your point, but the thing is, there really isn't any plot or villain in this game untill the final 10 missions or so. It's not a plot centered story, but a character centered story, yet they rarely have an actual cute moment together that sticks out.
Mostly just their stiff "this ice cream is sweet yet salty!" ritual and that's it.

Besides, most people want this game to live a year with organisation XIII, yet we still don't learn anything new about them. Do they eat, what's their actual motivation, how's daily life? We can't even explore their castle freely, despite this being the very first time ever that I saw a villain's evil headquarters that seems to have actual beds and furniture, instead of endless rooms with deathtraps like normal villain castles. Incredible.

I suppose they want to keep all the answers and satisfying details for the future games, although I'm worried they're going to pull a Harry Potter 7 and either/both accidentally forget or quickly kill off all their subplots.
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Note: No big spoilers yet for those who want to play the game. Tough big spoilers in part 2, 3 and 4 :

part 2: [link]
Part 3: [link]
Part 4: [link]

First a big thanks to the voice actors, who had to put up with my rush to get this done before my vacation ended, returning from previous Kingdumb Hearts installments:
:icondcleadboot: as Roxas
:iconsonicgodzillafan: as Axel/ Goofy
:iconluke-the-f0x: as Xemnas
:iconnightdragon: as Queen of hearts
and new to the series
:iconelessthehedgecat: as Larxene
:iconmelodic-spirit: as Xion
:iconumsauthorlava: as Luxord and Marluxia
:iconluxiotheechidna: as Xigbar and Cloud
:iconjakearmitage01: as Lexagus, Xaldin and Squall
:iconthedarkmage: as Vexen
:iconcopycat-the-unknown: as Saix
And finally :iconbabclayman: as Demyx.
And also me, as Sora and Donald, yay.

Ack, such a big list of actors, and it's not counting for the actors and characters that have yet to appear..

There we go, the first real Kingdumb hearts flash in a few years. Part 1 out of 3, it's quite bigger then usual because unlike the previous kingdom hearts games, I could actually understand what was going on most of the time for a change.

So yeah, the game's pretty good. Sure, I'm annoyed about 70% of the locations of the games are ripped straight out of the previous games, but other then that, it's okay.
And the plot is dead most of the time, but I wouldn't want to call "Sora's aimlessly walking from one planet to the next, Sora's walking aimlessly trough a castle and Sora's walking aimlessly to planets again" plotlines from the previous games much better either.

For the rest, it's classical Square Enix story;

Setup that involves cloning, artificially created people and characters completely based on abstract concepts? Check.
Main characters have lost their memories of their dark, tragic past? Double check.
Many, many scenes of the villain having a long cryptic monologue that makes no sense, to cover up for the fact he doesn't do a damn thing during the entire game? Check.
Major plot issues are caused, or are resolved by suicide? Double check.

Hmm, but why do they keep calling the things they eat at the rooftop icecream? Icecream is the stuff you scoop up right, actual creamish stuff? Aren't those things they eat more those frozen popsicle thingies? Ah well.

I love at the start of the game, they list every elemental power each organisation XIII member has, and Xemnas his power is "nothing". I know nothing is an actual power in the game, but it would be more funny if the guy's actually bragging about the fact that he's useless. "I can do NOTHING! Ha!"

So we return to Wonderland, with it's cards of hearts, and out of all organisation XIII members they could choose from, they make Luxord the main sidekick for that world. Yet they fail to make him even slightly interested in the cards? What a missed chance. Fortunatly, that's where I come in.

Also, the organisation seems terribly passive about 5 of their members dying in Kingdom hearts chain of memories.
Sure, they don't have a heart, so don't feel bad, but even so, there's a guy killing strong enough to kill their members, and their vital mission was a failure. You'd think there'd be more of a reaction then "haha, half of our team is now dead, what a couple of dumbasses!"

In case you're wondering why Micheal Jackson wears his smooth criminal outfit while doing the Thriller, it's my own little unfunny injoke. But every single time someone draws a pic of Micheal, tehy always say Thriller is the best and totally super good awesome song he made, yet they always draw him smooth criminal style. Weird.
As for me, Smooth criminal is my favorite, plus the gangster outfit is still something I occasionaly like to wear myself, yay. In fact this outfit is the first time I ever dressed up like something, when I playbacked "Bad" on my grandma's 50th birthday party when I was 5 or so.

Well, I won't say much about the main plot yet, this is only the first act yet, so it's mostly setup and endless "gee, the things I just said would be very ironic and tragic if I remember it later during the unavoideble tragic, bitter and mostly anti-climactic ending." dialogues on the station rooftop.

Ack, my last joke didn't work well.. Ah well. In the beginning of the game, Xion's appearence chances drasticly in every shot. Altough there IS a plotrelated reason for in the end.. Right, well that's all for part 1, next one's over a month.. or later.. I'm pretty busy sadly.

Kingdom hearts by Square Enix and Disney n stuff.
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April fools! Haha, you thought it was 14 days part 3 and it's..uhh, oh it's already April the second, d'oh.

Right, although April fools was kinda weak all around this year anyway.

Right, instead of 14,5 days, I did a short KH movie about Coded, so I got to both uphold my ritual for the annual april fools day as that every KH game got some sort of adaptation... Although I learned there's another one out, Kingdom Hearts mobile, which is a socializing thingy. Damn, what am I going to do with that.

Oh, and Square Enix announced 3 entire new KH games after Birth of sleep as well. Damn Suare Enix, gimme a break already! ;_; I can't keep up.

Err, about Coded, not much to say, it's basically Square Enix throwing as many plottwists at you as possible.

Look it's Sora! No, it's digital sora, Mickey's in the real world! Except the real world is digital too! Oh no a mysterious cloaked guy! Wait, it's the journal itself! No, it's Riku! Who's behind all this? Gasp it's Roxas! No it's Namine!

And none of these plottwists are important or anything anyway, since it all happens within a digital world, so all characters are just avatars based on memories or something anyway.

I would make fun of how the diary destroys itself after it's completed (what's the point of writing down your memories if the book self destructs after writing it?) or how Sora ends the game by getting yet another dumb mission (End your friend's sadness? Now I picture Roxas Xion Axl, Aqua, Ven, whatever and the gang all crying in a corner somewhere in Sora's dark evil mind.)

But this was just a short " quickly finish in one day, yet I fail" movie, so I just made 2 smaller observation jokes, about using a book digitilizer in a library as King Mickey does, and Maleficent's tendency to ignore all facts (Uh, didn't she and Pete commit suicide in KH2? And great, now they get killed of for a third time again.)

At least it's good to know the future games will be about saving Roxas, Xion and the like, especially since their lives and deaths were so pointless in the previous games.

Hmm yeah, my first KH flash without John Markel's voice since the KH2 preview, and the first one at all without a dance sequence and with a straight non-stupid Sora.
No doubt this wil be the black sheep of my Kingdumb Hearts flash movies, but hope you enjoy anyway.

The "real" new Kingdumb Hearts will be finished in 2 weeks.
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Kingdom Hearts by DIsney and Square Enix.
Part 1: [link]
Part 2:[link]
Part 3:[link]

Warning: Huge rant/ final thoughts about the game I've been over analysing for months.

And there you have it. After hours of stiff character development and solving the many mysteries in the Disney worlds (Solve the mystery of the mysterious sandstorm! (Spoiler: Heartless did it) Solve the treasure chest mystery! (Spoiler, heartless did it) Solve the mystery of whatever is happening in Wonderland! (Spoiler, heartless did it)), Roxas is tricked into killing Xion who had to complete her memories or something, and rushes of for justice, until a guy who he met before randomly appears and throws him into a weird digital playground where Roxas can walk around aimlessly until he's killed. Now that's a satisfying conclusion.

Of Course those who played Kingdom Hearts 2 already knew this was going to happen from the start, but at least KH 312/2's final fantasy twin brother, Crisis Core, also starring a tragic minor character who's unceremoniously killed of at the end, was so nice to give the game an extra subplot ,so playing the game gave you at least SOME sort of closure before you get the pleasure of seeing the hero croak in mid-climax.

Here not so much, the final battle against
Xion's not satisfying at all, especially since Roxas has no motivation to fight her, besides "kill the boss or the plot won't continue". If anything it only gives the climax that never happens even more weight. Bleh.

For any story to have any kind of ending, there needs to be a side that won. It doesn't have to be the hero, if the game ends with the villains winning, that'd be a dark yet exciting ending as well. But in this game, nobody really wins. Roxas and his friends are all doomed, organisation XIII barely has a cameo during the entire third act of the plot, because Xemnas apparently lost interest in his own evil plans (Arghh, can someone give that guy some Ritalin?) He just manipulated a emotional teenager in killing his friend, you'd think he'd keep a close eye on Roxas to make sure Roxas will keep working for him, instead of just assuming that a angry angsty teenager will just happily come helping the guy who made him kill his friend.

It's one of the things I hate about all the scheming characters in Kingdom Hearts, all of them have big plans made up for Sora and Roxas to do, but nobody ever bothers to tell them or give directions, they just sit back and hope that Sora and Roxas randomly happen to do whatever their evil plan demands. Marluxia seems the only villain who ever bothered to come out and give Sora orders, for the rest, it's usually "what the hell am I doing here?" characters like Squall or Yen Sid who are Sora's mentors, even tough they don't have any part in the main story..or in Yen Sid's case, any story at all.

And speaking of passive schemers, the third side of the story is the Diz household, and even they don't seem to be the winners of the story. Sure, they succeed in waking up Sora, except AGAIN they don't leave instructions for Sora, leaving Ansem enraged, abandoning Namine and Riku because Sora didn't follow his brilliant plans. Well duh.
So Ansem spends the rest of the series walking around aimlessly until he commits suicide at Kh2's climax, Namine walks around aimlessly until she commits suicide at the Kh2's climax, and Riku spends the rest of the series walking around aimlessly..and surprisingly stays alive at the end. Glad everything worked out for them.

Okay, so nobody wins, and no lessons are learned in the end. So what was the point of this story? To answer unanswered questions from the other games? All answers provided here could have been explained in one sentence. Why did Mickey Guide Sora when he woke up? Because Riku asked him too. There, they could have explained that in 3 words, rather then needing an entire new game for that. The only big answer we get is why Roxas left the organisation, which was because of Xion, a character whom admittingly would take more then one sentence to be explained . Still, I think it'd be more interesting if her involvement and rescue were slowly revealed in Kingdom Hearts 3's plot, so that the tragic ending of this story would be a great tie-in for KH3's climax, rather then to be wasted on an empty plot as here.

So yeah. We never learn anything new about the organisation, who're still as incompetent, passive and unfocused as always, Roxas/Xion/Axel's friendship is a bit stiff since they never get any real fun scenes together,
Well, all my complaints are about the same word, passive. Everyone and every-thing's so damn passive.

All villains have evil plans going on that take 3 years to come to fruition, even tough most plans don't have enough material to fill a single day, so most characters like Ansem the Wise Xemnas or Riku seem to be wandering/sitting in a room aimlessly until Sora and Roxas finally happens to do whatever they need to do to trigger their brilliant plan.
Roxas is the hero, except every-time the poor guy even tries to be heroic it ends up in tears, his attempt to save Xion ends up with him killing her, his attempt to avenge her ends up with him being imprisoned, and his attempt to escape the digital twilight town prison ends up in his death. So all he can do is being pushed around by idiots like Xemnas. Not much of a hero. Friendship is nothing but "friends" demanding to each other they're always there at the roof so they can stare a the sun. Meh.

So we have a hero that's not really a hero, villains that aren't really villains, an adventure that's not really an adventure, friends who aren't really friends.
Philosophical speaking, that's all fascinating, but in terms of actual plot, it means we just have Lot's of characters wandering around aimlessly.

Thing is, if you think and over analyse the plot long enough, I can see what they were trying to do. Post modernism. The whole game is a bait and switch, just like how Metal Gear Solid 2 started of as the perfect Metal gear sequel, and then starts removing every element you expect to be in the game until you end up as naked Raiden running around without a mission, superiors or plot.

In the same way, Kingdumb Hearts 358/2 days sets itself up as the ultimate Fanservice game with promise of lots of organization XIII, Roxas and Axel friendship moments and answers to our questions, and then goes trough enormous lengths to prove yet again that the fan interpretation of Organisation XIII is completely wrong, sending Axel offscreen for more then half of the game, and spends most of the game sending Roxas off to boring pointless Disney movies while the real plot, if there was any, seems to be going on behind the scenes.

Or look at Xion, who's set up as a Mary Sue, making all fangirls foam with anger. She has a keyblade even tough they're supposed to be rare, looks like a Kairi recolorer, intrudes Roxas and Axel's (to fangirls) yaoish relationship, hogs all the screen time, and she's nothing but a sad Sora imitation and should die for being so, blah blah.

And then you finish the game, and all those observations come back with a vengeance.
The fact she has a keyblade is not just to make her special and cool, it's actually her sole purpose of existence, considering Xemnas created her to be a keyblade master to begin with. She's a kairi clone because she is made out of Sora/Roxas's memories off Kairi, barely intrudes on Axel and Roxas's screentime considering Axel's gone most of the time anyway, and has little screentime herself since she's missing/ unconsious during large portions of the plot as well. She truly IS a pathetic Sora imitation since she's built out of his parts and does indeed choose to die because of that.

So what would have been character flaws turn out to be her character's tragedy, and as such it seems Xion was set up as a bait to lure overreactive fans into hating her, while the whole climax and break down is set up as a giant middlefinger to that hate.
Something tells me the screenwriter spend more time laughing at the audience then trying to tell a good story. So yeah, that's Post modernism in a nutshell.

To understand the game, you have to over-analyse it.
However, analyising it to death will also reveal a bazillion plotholes. Ah well, it's entertaining to pick stories apart, so on that regard, it's fun. I love plotholes anyway.

Can't wait for Kingdom Hearts for the PSP. The orgin story of the organisation will be told! And I already know only half of the organisation appears, so half's still never explained how they came to be. Ah well. Hope there's at least an answer to what Saix's evil plan was, since he got killed before he got, past his "hahaha, I might have a evil plan!" stage.
Or why Xemnas needed Castle obvlion even tough he already has a near empty planet sized castle of his own. Or why the organisation never bothered to explore the higly suspicious mansion in Twilight town despite all their exploration missions.

Yeah, I bet those questions will be answered. Hah.
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I was suprised by how many requests I got for spoofing Kingdom Heart 3's trailer (err, Kingdom Hearts 2,5,1/3th I guess) I tought the trailer spoof of the second one was a failure.
Ah well, and this one isn't that funny either, tough a great opportunity for me to try out a new colour scheme effect.
Yay, cheap effects.

Right, so my thoughts about the birth by sleep trailer..
1) We get pure Square madness here, with empty poetry, characters that are conceiled to needlessly complicate things, and a war battle for no plot related reason, I'm sure.
Awesome. All there's missing is half the cast commiting suicide for no reason, and it's pure Square Enix magic.

2) Altough I like to call the trio "generic armor guy#1, generic armor guy#2 and generic armor guy#3", they actually have names. The big one's called Terra.
So yay, Terra Branfort from FF6 is in the game? Nah of course not.

Can't have references to other final fantasies then 7, 8 and X, the ones egocentric character designer Tetsuya Nomura created, in respect to his other Final fantasy design collegues.
A respect that caused the only 3 references to other final fantasies to be Setzer who's turned into a coward, Vivi who's made into a loser, and Terra who's an completely diffrent character altogether. Great.
Can't see them accidently naming a unrelated character after Cloud, can we?

Hmm, and trailer related, didn't Terra already have a keyblade before he grabs one from the graveyard? What a inhaley prick.

3)Okay, so all main characters in Square games always HAVE to be fragile teenagers, okay, but can you give them fitting outfits at least? It looks so incredibly silly when the helmets break of the armor, and there's a little 10 year old kid inside.

How come all their helmets break off so easely anyway, you'd think it's the most vital part of their armor. Then again, Mickey Mouse doens't have a helmet at all, even tough his head is as big as the rest of his body.

4)The old guy name's Xemnas, which is... WAIT, WHAT?
So let me get this straight, in the first game there's a guy who claims to be Ansem, except he isn't, since he's nothing or something.
Then there's a guy who calls himself Ansem, except his name is Xemnas, except his name is actually Xenohort. THEN there's a guy called DIz, except he's actually Ansem, and now there's a guy who's name is Xemnas too, Xemnas being an abreviation of the name Ansem... (facepalm)
4 Ansems, and none of them having any personality or interesting thing to do in the games besides being a random final boss, or commiting suicide like a good Square Enix character.

One of the future KH games better have some kind of payoff for all these dumb name "plottwists"

5) The heart shaped moon looks increasingly silly when those FMV movies are getting more violent and dramatic.

6)And then there's the hilarious ending where, after the violence and slaughter, Mickey Mouse is watching over the carnage, looking bad ass.
It's like ending Saving private Ryan with a shot of Goofy with a machine gun and a Chainsaw.
Why did they bother throwing Disney characters in anyway if the games are increasingly more anti-Disney in style and story.

7) Great, and one of the 3 generic armor guys looks just like Roxas. So first we have 500 characters with the same name, now we get 500 characters with the same face. Why yes, the story wasn't confusing enough, thanks Square.
I hope any of the new characters is capable of speaking a human language for a change.

8)So, how much do you wanna bet that all sidestories in Birth by sleep will revolve around Disney characters losing sleep, or give endless dream related hammy speeches?

Then again, Disney characters are incapeble of finishing any lecture without mentioning dreams at least once anyway.

9) I must admit, I do kinda like the old Xemnas guy, with his huge smile. Reminds me of a hyperactive friend I have, combined with master Roshi. This guy better be either hyperactive, or a pervert, or both. Just, SOME kind of personality please.
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