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Keybear! Yes!

Instructions are pretty self explanatory, but:
- rainbow keys: play a sound
- 1,2, & 3 buttons: change the sound of the keys
- "click" button: click on the keys to play
- "roll" button: roll the mouse over the keys to play

And as usual, everything 100% drawn and coded by me in GIMP and flash. I'm not used to this kind of shading. :(

I would have added more, but i'm lazy and I want to start new things.

Enjoy please!
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so small!! can you remember the foods?

i'm working on something REALLY big and important involving flash, and so this is just something small in the meantime.

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French Harvest moon style game I made for my Macromedia Flash class. Simple but fun!
About 30 hours of work.
BTW, the sheep and chicken both eat chicken food. You must have empty hands to pick up yor vegetables. Magasin=Shop. Marché=Animal shop.
Also, I know, I didn't include a number so you know how many you have of each item. Sorry :)
All graphics were made by me! As well as all the programmation.

Tell me what you think heehee.

I'll be working on a more complete harvest moon style game this semester! To be continued :)
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uhh a gift for my friend on his birthday, shhh
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56k (4.7 KB/s) :
2 minutes and 31.15 seconds
DSL (32.6 KB/s): 25.01 seconds
T1 (131.2 KB/s): 5.51 seconds

These are estimated times using simulated downloading on flash. Real time may vary.

UPDATE: Version 3 of Chibi Pixel Doll

LOL by this point you're probably thinking "??? Dude leave it alone and just make new and better games lol?"

D: But when I first made this game I spent so much time, got so fusterated, but eventually became so in love with the designs and work... It's sort of hard for me to let it go and let people play knowing there's some uncomfortable options or glitch.

Okay, enough, LOL.

You may put it in your game website if you wish but of course just because my game is in your web I'm not giving you seperate special permission or supporting your website :I

Last version--forever! (I hope)
Okay back to more important things Dx ...

Oh yeah before you ask, yes, all my games are put into dA storage. No, I'm not going to release them all out now. lolz.

kthxbai for realz.


<strike>Chibi Pixel Doll, v2.0 :3 The music was broken and I didn't add in any sound effects before, so I added those in. Made my logo clickable, where it will round up back to my page.

Leave the quality setting alone! Or else some of the pixel items will look retarded D:

Will upload Pixel Tetris and PC Bejeweled when I finally set up the highly requested high scores table ^^ Cheers!

-:heart: Cori</strike>

Free music from: [link]
Character modeled in Korean Pixel Styles
Resources: KawaiiHannah's pixel shade tutorials
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Whee net is back to normal speed! 8D

anyway another game for Fuzz academy! Sign up here >>>> [link]

This was fun to make, specially the bonuses. My fav is the attract 8D

the slow bonus is a bit weird... if you get it in level 1 i think, sometimes it makes the bears drop a bit faster o.o but in other levels it should be fine :D

you get a :cookie: if you can complete all 10 levels! (which i cant OTL i keep dying on lv 10 :()

Fuzz Academy is created by :iconmree: check her out!

anyway enjoy! :D

Other Fuzz Academy games:

FA Memory Game
Boboli Says
Dance Dance Boboli
The Great Escape
Jelly Shooter
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Wow I can't believe this recieved a DD x__x
Thankyou so much everyone :hug:
I wish I had the time to reply to you all individually right now!

Ahh finally it's finished, Calvin's story!
A 2D side scrolling point-and-click adventure game.
Talk to characters, interact with the environment and solve puzzles ^__^

Please don't post comments to the answer of any of the tasks in this game, feel free to note and message other members.
I really don't want any spoilers on this page! If I find any I'll hide them.

I really hope you guys like this, I've been working on it solidly for just over a month now. The game has all been created on one frame on the main timeline- and the coding has all been done in AS3 on the main timeline too. *pats self on the back* I've learnt SO much from doing this and hope to start making a few other bigger flash games <3

It's been really fun being able to use nearly all my characters in one game n__n I guess most my new watchers will have never seen Pom, Blinky, Cloud and Chuck before >.<

My eyes are in a lottttt of pain from computer glare right now, youch! :c I've never suffered with this before, I've been writing and editing over 1000 lines of code. It hurtttts! The amount of bugs I've had to fix in this too! XDD Let me know if you find any? I really hope I managed to get them all. x__x

Happy playing! :heart:

Edit: Guh, DA seems to be glitching my code for some people. If you're getting a problem that seems out the normal for the game, hit refresh! It probably just hasn't loaded the code up properly >.<

Edit 2: DON'T PRESS THE ENTER KEY ON THE PASSWORD/PIN CODE BOXES. This adds spaces to the password!! If you've done this, then keep pressing delete and make sure there aren't any spaces left before typing the password in again. I need to fix this bug!

Thought I'd also mention that Calvin is a Capybara!
Capybara look like oversized guineapigs :giggle:

My Facebook Page: [link]
My Tumblr: [link]
Comments disabled by owner.
Run Baby Run

Feel free to post your score in the comments.

Provided by: [link]
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If the screen is blinking and saying it's Loading and Paused, that means your browser can't run AS3 and that YOU ARE NOT USING FLASH PLAYER 9. GO GET IT.

Pressing any key will pause/unpause the game
Right-click / Control-click to bring up the context menu for more commands

In addition, when you "rub" the ball, it's actually finding the angle between the mouse and the center of the orb and measuring the change in that, so tiny circles around the center works well (as does "scribbling"). Also, you can charge while the bolt is sailing, so do that.

This is firstly a test for me to code in Actionscript 3, and secondly a mini game, so don't expect like, a full blown set of stuff like options and story and a way to beat the game.

Anyhow, here's the backstory:
Abby Scratch the Third is rummaging through her grandmother's possessions in search of tic tacs when she comes across a crystal ball. She discovers that not only can it open a gate to the netherworld, but more excitingly, it can spark! Putting two and two together, she decides to electrocute ghosts. Naturally.

Okay, so that's it. The point of the game is to rack up as many points as you can before her grandmother realizes what's happening. Bigger ghosts mean more points, but also bigger penalty for letting them by - eventually some'll be instant death for you.

Oh yeah, and not mentioned in the instructions: The alert will slowly drop at a constant rate, the orb will automatically charge itself if it drops below the needed charge for one shot, and a bolt that's been sailing longer will gain a boost in its explosive power. Rubbing left and right will give you better charge than up and down. The dog's name is Charleston.

So, after this experience, some of you aspiring programmers might be asking, "So, what are your thoughts on AS3?" to which I might reply, "It a bitch."

Well, enjoy. Sound effects were made from whistling, snapping, and clapping. Completed in 3 days.

Made in Flash

EDIT: Made the beginning easier and the latter portion harder. They should come at you faster and with more life now. Around 10000 points or so you should notice your charge will start to increase on its own, though slightly. At this point I figure your hand will tire, so I'll help you out a little.
EDIT2: Fixed a line of code so that the enemy will actually have that boosted life I mentioned earlier. Now it won't be possible to play forever.
EDIT3: Added difficulty levels and the option to mute the sounds from the context menu (that is, right click menu)
EDIT4: Fixed the problem where ghosts congregate at the left.
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Click to view/play the game! If that doesn't work, then click the download link on the left.

My most recent project for school. Dodge the mews. :P
I know the sound is annoying, but I'm done working with this project.

I'm curious to know what people get on hard mode. I'm usually in the negatives when I'm on it.

Game = mine
Pokemon (c) some person/company that is not me.
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