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Similar Deviations
Realm icon pack:
I tried to focus on the simplicity/usefullnes but to the style as well. I made this icon pack in one day so I didnt have time to make very meny icons, but I might release more icons in the serie.

- 32 icons in PNG. + ICO. fileformats.
- Readme and Preview file.

Copyright ©2007 Miika Ahvenjärvi |
Only for personal use. Eny commercial purposes are strictly prohibited. Wallpaper on the preview is a modification of my own wallpaper.

Filesize of the pack: Extremily low. (1,5mb)

If you download, I would appreciate if you :+fav: , thank you!
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Finally finished !!!
Here, after several months to be worked on this set of icons, I finally decide to put it on line. I'm much occupied in this moment, and I had much evil to finish this set, I'm thus sorry for all this time, but I hope that you will like that.
So, it's my really first true set of icons, then are lenient with me !
Lastly, I hope sincerely that you will like, and especially that you will be able to use them to the maximum ! :D

EDIT : This icons are for Mac and Windows users !

the pack contains :

~85 icons (X2)

Format Included :
● 128 x 128px
● 256 x 256px

+ 1 preview
+ bonus : 16 icons - Some icons preview in big size !

If you like, your comments & fav are very welcome....... :hug:

Here links to show you some icons which are not in the preview. They are in very large size :

- Nanosuit HD : [link]
- Nanosuit Trash : [link]
- Nanosuit Video File : [link]
- Nanosuit Home : [link]
- Nano Construction : [link]

Thanks to :iconpanoramix-: for these councils and its support, Thanks to :iconalxboss: for its feedback, and its great work with the "Nano-Colors" preview, and thanx also to :iconrippernkind: and :iconborgo: for their enlightened opinions, and thank you to all for their friendship, as with all these artists who inspired to me by their fabulous work.


EDIT : Wow a Daily Deviation !! Thank you so much ! I'm very honored to been featured with this award. :worship:
Special thanks to Bobbyperux [link] for the suggestion and livius [link] for this DD ! :hug:


All made in PS CS3

Copyright © 2007 by Frederic Ampere a.k.a Freeman . All rights reserved.
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Get these icons for Mac

A simple icon set with both light and dark variations, designed to go with *GeorgeHarrison's upcoming Concave visual style.

Legal Information
These icons are Copyright © and are intended only for personal desktop use. THIS SET IS STRICTLY NOT TO BE REDISTRIBUTED, NEITHER CAN YOU MODIFY AND CLAIM IT AS YOUR OWN WORK. Distributing these icons commercially or with any intent for monetary gains is prohibited.

Copyright © 2007 gakuseiSean
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This may not be a very usable theme compared to my other ones. I would say that it's more of an experimental theme from my side. It's not a theme for those with darkened vision.

I've always wanted to create a dark theme like this, but many of my attempts so far have failed. I tried something different in this one.

Btw. The girl on that photo is: [link] ;)

The wallpaper is from: [link]

Emerald port: [link]

UPDATE: 3/12 - 2007
- Changed the startbutton.

UPDATE: 11/7 - 2007 (Special thanks to aMADme - [link] )
- Text color fixes in browsers like Firefox and Opera.
- Text color fixes in message boxes.
- Window colors are now the same as the rest and not white.
- Other minor fixes.

Any questions about Visual Styles? See my FAQ first!
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This is a small icon set I made for fun. . There are some = gakuseisean PSD´s files retouched and some new icons made by me for the occasion.


There are 19 icons in PNG format, start menu and hardware stuff mostly


Please do not redistribute them without permission. Personal Desktop use only. Thanks.
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3 icons in PNG format.

PNG Download, Comments & Favs in Musett's DeviantART: Musett DeviantART
ICO, ICNS and icontainer available on:

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I'm back =) i tried something different with classic glass effects,

nothing amazing ^^ (i have to learn!)

Formats available for download
2 formats in .zip :
- .ico : 16~256px
- .png : 256*256px

80 icons : Desktop, Drives, Devices, Discs, Filetype, Folders, Network,Toolbar.

comments are (of course) welcome !

very honoured and happy for the daily deviation, thanks everybody, especially livius !
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This is the first icon set I made entirely by my own. Hope you like it.


There are 77 different icons in PNG format including start menu, system folders and symbols icons among others.


Background image on desktop and desktop folder is a modded version of a wall made by *iAmFreeman.


Get the EXTRAS for this set here.

Get the .ICO version of this icons here

|Terms of use:

These icons are copyright © and intented for personal desktop use only. You may NOT modify and release or redistribute them without my permission. These icons may not be used in any way for commercial purposes.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the icons.

© 2007 Roberto Abril Hidalgo |
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I have always wanted to make some clay-style icons, now I did some. If you like some, not so sharp and abstract icons, and you like a painting, clue style / something new, instead, I hope you have use for these. I can make more of these if these come popular, it isnt very easy to make painting style icons. Well, hope you enjoy these.
-Most of icons can be seen on the preview, but there´s still some that aint´, for example, file format icons. Total: 25 icons.
-256 px, 128 px, 64 px and 32px PNG´s.
+ ICO files for each icon. (I recomment to use 32px as system setting.)
The pack´s filesize is only ~1mb, so just download it, heh.
If you you like ´em, I´d appreciate if you´d at least leave a comment./fav. 2007©Miika Ahvenjärvi -Uribaani. Only for personal desktop use. Commercial use not allowed.
If you want to port them to Iconpackager, ask a permission for release.

Important notice:
The icons looks better in windows as ICO. -format, than 32 px PNG. files. So test them, dont look at the 32 px PNG files.
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The icons have been featured as part of fediaFedia's Omnimo 3 Rainmeter theme in the software collection of German computer magazine c't, No. 26, 2010/12/06.


The packet includes 116 system and 165 application dock icons in 128x128, 48x48, 32x32 and 16x16 pixel size.

Additional Links:

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