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Christmas Wishes

It was his first Christmas with the organization. Roxas was trying to brush his hair, but the pointy blonde locks didn’t want to be flat. It was actually frustrating him. He left the mirror to choose what he would wear that night. He looked in his closet, but it discouraged him. He didn’t like to wear elegant cloths… He looked at his clean jeans. ‘’ This will do…’’ He put them on and took off his shirt. He looked at the closet and then at his bed. There was a pale blue shirt with a paper on it. ‘’ It was in my wardrobe, but I think it will look better on you, Axel’’ Roxas looked at the size of the shirt and smiled at the thought of Axel wearing it. It fit number XIII perfectly. He went to the mirror and was satisfied with the result. His eyes looked bluer than the sky with these clothes. It was 7:56 by now. He hurried out of his room; he was supposed to be at the hallway at 8 o’clock.

On his way, he saw Demyx and Xigbar giggling in a corner. Number IX was wearing a black tuxedo with a blue bow tie. And Xigbar was wearing black pants with a spiky belt and a white shirt. Roxas passed in front of them without looking at them. He was used to their childishness.

He arrived in the hallway. It had been decorated for the evening. The usually white castle were now covered with red and green stuff. There was also a huge Christmas tree. The lights were filtered so that it was darker than normal. He could hear Christmas songs, which only made him oddly happy. But this feeling was fake.

Most of the organization members were there when he entered the hallway. Roxas found his way to a comfortable chair. He sat down, looking around; he wasn’t used to all this happiness. Generally the members were cold or were running around messing stuff up… except for one. Precisely, he saw his red-headed friend pass through the crowd. His emerald eyes were looking for something… or someone. Roxas waved at him. Axel was wearing black jeans and a red (as red as his hair) shirt with a loose black tie. He sat on the chair beside Roxas. He was smirking.

‘’ It looks better on you’’ He said pointing the shirt.
‘’ Are you telling me that you really tried it? ’’ Roxas asked, sounding amused.
‘’ Only to see if it deserved to be worn by you! ‘’ Axel answered with an evil smile.

Roxas knew that it wasn’t true, but he still loved to laugh at the fire-lover. But it was only an illusion… because they have no hearts.

‘’ Are you going to sit here all evening? ‘’ Axel asked with that same smile.
‘’ Do you have something better to propose?’’
‘’ Humm… ‘’

But before he could answer, Xemnas was standing on a chair to make himself taller.

‘’ I hope that you’re enjoying the party, even if it’s just the beginning; but I think most of you would like to exchange your gifts now. So…’’

Everyone jumped under the tree to grab a present. Roxas get up and moved towards it. He took the present that he had wrapped carefully the last day. He turned back to where was Axel. Axel was apparently waiting for him. He was smiling… too much maybe. Number XIII gave him the package. He unwrapped it so fast that Roxas regretted for a moment the time he had spent on it, but smiled at the scene. Axel was now holding a black coat made of felt with a green scarf and gloves. Roxas had never seen him smile like this.

‘’ Do you like it? ‘’ He asked, already knowing the answer.
‘’ Do I like it!? like it!? I love it!! Thanks a lot Roxas!! ’’

Number VIII hugged him. Maybe too strongly; Roxas felt his bone twist a bit. But he couldn’t stop grinning. Axel released the younger nobody, and he took from ‘no-one-knows where’ a small gift badly wrapped. He gave it to Roxas. With more care than his best friend, he unwrapped it. It was a boyish necklace. Roxas smirked and looked up at Axel.

‘’ Wow!! You know me better than I thought.’’ He said sincerely. ‘’ Thanks a lot! ’’

He gave a slight kiss on his cheek without thinking of what it might mean. Now it was Axel that couldn’t stop grinning, but Roxas didn’t notice it; he was admiring his present. He tried to put it on… but failed. He looked at Axel helplessly. Number VIII laughed and took the necklace, helping the poor guy put it on. Roxas blushed a bit at this.

‘’ Thanks ‘’ He murmured.
‘’ Want to go outside? ’’ Asked Axel, obviously wanting to wear his new things.
‘’ Yep’’

Roxas went to his room and took his coat and his scarf. When he returned, Axel was waiting for him in his new cloth. The green things made Axel’s eyes look like real emeralds.

‘’ It looks great on you. ‘’ Roxas said.

Axel smirked. Demyx and Xigbar were whispering near them. Their chuckling made Axel look at them. Number IX pointed at something above them. Roxas and Axel looked up to find a leaf of mistletoe. Roxas blushed and flinched because he knew that the red-head would play at this game. Axel’s gaze was on Demyx, after on Roxas, on the mistletoe and finally returned on Roxas. He grinned widely, causing Roxas swallow strongly. Number XIII was going to make a move to escape, but Axel grabbed his thin shoulders and pressed his lips against Roxas'. Roxas blushed so hard that number VIII's hair looked more like it was orange than red. After what felt like hours to Roxas, Axel pulled out of the kiss and fixed a lock of Roxas’ hair, as if nothing had happened. Demyx and Xigbar chuckled on their way back to the hallway. Axel looked at the red Roxas and simply asked with his evil smile:
‘’ Can we go now? ‘’

Roxas was stunned but managed to nod. They went outside; it was snowing lightly. This cool air felt good to Roxas who was so hot. They walked silently. Roxas began to think of how Axel was feeling about what happened. He seemed to find it so easy kissing his best friend… He remembered the sensation of Axel's lips against his own… It wasn’t bad after all. ‘’ Wait, what was that!? ’’ He shook his head trying to get thes thoughts out of his head. Axel looked down at him and smiled at his troubled face.

‘’ Are you okay? ‘’ He asked, really wanting to know.
‘’ Yeah… Why wouldn’t I be? ‘’ He answered promptly… too much in that case.

Axel stopped walking and looked at him with his emerald eyes. Roxas felt something in his chest at this glare. The concern in his eyes was piercing right through him. He never noticed that he had such beautiful eyes… Roxas blushed at this thought and turned away from Axel, trying to hide his pink cheeks. What the hell was taking him? He felt this excitement in his chest. But why? He had no heart, he wasn’t supposed to feel.

‘’I'm guessing that something’s wrong.’’ Axel said, ‘’ If it’s about the kiss, I was just playing.’’
‘’Just playing?’’ Roxas managed to ask. ‘’ Are you really sure? ‘’

Axel frowned; it looked like he was thinking about it more seriously.

‘’We have no heart… I must have been playing…’’ He said but he didn’t seem to quite be convinced.

Roxas took his hand and brought it to his /no heart/. Axel’s eyes widened when he felt the excitement in the other’s chest. The blonde was looking at him with his sapphire eyes. Suddenly he felt it too… this clandestine and strange feeling. His hands grabbed the younger boy's face and leaned forward. Their lips met again; but this time was different. Roxas put his arms around the red-head’s neck. Both were deeply in the kiss. Axel’s tongue was running in the blonde's mouth. Roxas was melting at this sensation… so much that his legs dropped out from under him. Axel caught him before he touched the ground. Number XIII was looking at him with this innocent gaze… he was so cute with his hair dishevelled and his lips red ‘ just-been-kissed ’. Number VIII gave him a quick kiss.

‘’Merry Christmas, Roxas.’’ He said with his soft voice.

Roxas smiled widely and pressed Axel’s lips against his own.

This was his first Christmas with the organization… He would never forget what he and Axel shared this evening.

Okay there is my first fan-fiction!! :dance:

It's an AkuRoku story so if you don't like story with BOYxBOY or BOYkissBOY, DON'T READ THIS!!!

Sorry if there are sentences that doesn't make sense to you... I'm french and I managed with what I know. ^^;

So here it's Christmas time!!! People that can't stop grinning and giggling!!! Hurray! :excited: Christmas!! I love U!! :flirty:

Please leave comments!! I need to know what to ameliorate!! Because there's surely something that need to!! I'm not perfect u know!?

Kingdom Hearts (c)

Edit: Thanks to for fixing my mistakes! :glomp:
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Again, I know I'm not qualified to post a tutorial, but I jut wanted to share some drawing tips.

here we go...

step 1: make a very quick, rough sketch to determine the pose of the character.

step 2: with a blue pencil (for work on paper) or blue brush (for photoshop), draw in details of the body. (naked! yak!)

step 3: clothing! (the reason why we draw the body nekkid first is to be able to determine how the clothing/armor will fall/flow on his/her body)

step 4: finalize your line art. (erase guide lines)

fin: you have your very own line art!! wee!!!

*** the drawing of the weapon is not so detailed cuz I haven't found a hi res pic reference for this. so this project will be on pending til i find that darned pic ref.
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Man, I was working on this picture so I could upload it once I got 100,000 hits... but then all you crazy people out there kept (um) hitting me, and I couldn't keep up with the (abuse?!) speed. It was like the numbers just exploded in exponential growth, and there was no possible way I could keep up.

I started working on this when my pageviews were in the high eighties (80,000), and figured I would have enough time to finish it (especially considering hit-rate... in the beginning of this week. o___0)! You guys have proven me wrong! I'm sorry I couldn't finish the picture in time for a proper celebration, but it's coming! @A@!! In the meanwhile, drinks all around! Thanks for sticking up with my spam, and thanks for the support. =D

I don't deserve the pageviews..... because there are so many other pwnsome artists out there who just don't get enough recognition. So here's to them: Khel's 100k hit PIMP LIST. Go check out their stuff, because they deserve it! X3
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Thingy for university.

(I'll probably have to re-adjust the colour later because this mac seems to have a pretty light screen. This'll probably look weird to you)

Painter Classic and Photoshop
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once again, i have no title :(
im not very creative, apparently. lol

anywhoo, just a speedy. coz im bored ;p
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I've already finished this one ..... let know what you think about !!
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I know, you all think I'm hardly qualified to make such a tutorial. Well I have an artist's model and am not afraid to use it!

Be patient, it's a HUGE file.

Please credit me the first time you use this :) Once you get started you don't have to anymore.
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just wanted to do something sweet.
illustrator cs + ps cs
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A really quick coloring of Hector Sevilla's recycled girl lines. Hector's pretty much an all around awesome guy and was cool enough to give me a sketch the summer at SDCC. First time trying to color something like this. I think I may need to try again. :P

Here's to you, bro. Hope you dig it.

Lines by :iconelsevilla:

Colors by :iconkfoster:
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Found out on Monday night, Nancy Grace of all places, a child brought cocaine to school for show and tell. And from what I saw, the mother (who was arrested) was black. *rolls eyes* I still say Nancy Grace is racist. Or at least her show is. And I wasn't happy either of cocaine bein' on school grounds. Especially when the child was six years old. And that's my inspiration for this comic. Whatever.
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