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Well Merry Xmas!

I got an academic copy of LightWave [8] for Xmas, so I've gotta pull my finger out and start practicing using it more. :)

Here's an image I made at the request of one of my online colleagues; a promo shot of one of the ships that'll be appearing in his upcoming online Star Trek based machinima series. Such a shame you only get to see it for about 30 seconds in the first episode before it gets blown up. Hehe :P

I'm pretty proud on how the ship itself turned out, but I think next time, I'll have to work on refining the Earth model. Main concern is getting ahold of a better cloud image map. :P
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Enterprise refit (300dpi image), NASA orbital picture inspired background.
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The Intimidator class starship from the Star Trek series

The specifications are as follows:

expected duration: 120 years
time between resupply: 15 years
time between refit: 20 years
category: Explorer/Dreadnought


cruising speed: Warp 7.8
maximum speed: Warp 9.85
emergency speed: Warp 9.98 ( 16 hours )


officers: 307
enlisted crew: 728
marines: 290
capacity: 1400

Auxiliary Craft:

shuttle bays: 4
shuttles: 14
2 type-8 personal shuttles
2 type-9 personal shuttles
4 type-10 cargo shuttles
4 type-11 personal shuttles
2 type-18 shuttle pods
fighters: 12
6 Razor Class
6 Eagle Class
runabouts: 5
1 Delta Flyer
1 Blackhawk Class
1 Danube Class (Medical Refit)
2 Repulse Class
interceptors: 3
1 Beowulf
2 Warhammer
Orion Class Scout: 1


14 type-XII phaser arrays
4 type-XV multi-fire phaser strip arrays
1 ventral phaser cannon
launchers: 8 ( 2 turret forward, 2 launchers forward lower engineering hull, 2 launchers aft, 1 launcher engineering hull amidships facing port, 1 launcher engineering hull amidships facing port)
hellfire: 40
quantum: 350
photon: 250
transphaisic: 6
tri cobalt: 20


Ablative Armor
Klingon cloaking device: hull conformal


height: 140 meters
width: 320.9 meters
length: 699.4 meters
decks: 29
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Any detail-sensitive pedantic and boring Star Trek "canon" expert would hurl and point out every single flaw they see instead of appreciating the good humor.

This picture represents the concept of canon blown out the airlock.


BG by Yacuzza
Vor'cha by Ash
Defiant, Reboot Spacedock and Donuts by Fahres
BSG by Mike
Kelvin and Farragut by Amateur
ISD from SWmod
Hutet and Random Green Ship by Dan1025
Borg by darkdrone
Warbird by Neon
Bird of Prey and Galaxy by Rick Knox
Garuda and Red Racer by Terradhyne
Excalibur from AFC
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The Federation fleet leaves for the re-take of DS9...
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Well I recently had the pleasure of meeting a matte artist who works at Industrial Light + Magic, and he offered a few tips on what is needed to make 3D look realistic. :)

One thing of obvious mention is the ambient occlusion render pass (where basically, there's shading around every bit of detail). I was sort of familiar with that, but I never really tried to employ it in any 3D shots of mine.

So, I made this picture as a bit of a test-bed for this. I've just discovered a more efficient method of generating occlusion passes now, so I'll be looking into adding these into my production pipeline. :)

Set-up and rendered in LightWave [8]
Passes composited in Adobe Photoshop
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This is a simple chart that showcases the classic roster of playable ships in Star Trek Armada 2. Granted, some models have been updated and several class names are speculative, but that's part of artistic license.

Models by Aad Moerman, Rick Knox, 9 of 9, Captain Elgy, SNS and the FO Team
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And the Nazi theme continues.. It's a pic of my new character Drohend. He's a Nazi. And so am I (just kidding, I think I'm a Neo-Nazi though..). I think that his character is closest to me and also his character is better thought out than my other characters. Basically, he is a werewolf who's been there during the rise and fall of the Third Reich. He used to have a bit insane grin on his face, but the loss of his so honored Reich whiped that smile off, and from so on the light in his eyes has been fading.. Sorry if I sound very self-absorbed, but I love this character!

The photo in the background is not mine. I just stole it from somewhere and used Photoshop on it..
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One of the oldest of natural enemies(and has been made public, thanks to Underworld). The vampire on the left is based on my friend si-ren , and the werewolf on the right is me. Of course, neither of us really have bad-ass eyes, and I don't really turn into a monster, and she doesn't really drink blood.. ..much to her dismay.
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:) all of them together now. god cant you tell i dont draw gohan and goten often lol :S
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