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Oh my god, I hate my drawing program so much for this thing. it kept compressing all the layers down to the background layer whenever I saved and closed the window. This is why the top panel is the only only one colored; I didn't want to go back over every single picture two and three times and then color it in.
Anyway, on with the show.

1.) Alaric Schiffer. His first name comes from a real-life person, one of the last kings of the Visigoths, and the man responsible for the sacking of Rome that caused the empire to start crumbling. I named him after this man because when he ordered the sacking of Rome, he ordered his men to exercise mercy and self-control against civilians, in spite of the fact that the Romans had previously murdered one of his messengers, broke a peace treaty between them, and had their soldiers brutally slaughter many of his people. (there was a very arrogant man on the throne at that time, but that's nothing new.)
My Alaric remains neutral during the civil war.

2.) Self explanatory. I hate drawing feet. And swords. And arrows. And especially grass.

3.) :iconohlawdplz: I am so sorry about how horrible that bandit, chair and table in the background are. In my defense I've usually been working on this during the wee-hours of the morning... And there's the fact that the bandit's going to be dead soon, so it doesn't matter how half-assed he is. Though I do like how the grey in the background makes it look like he really is hiding in the shadows.

4.)Ancano can go die in a ditch, and I wish I could marry Urag, that badass librarian. :iconirapeitplz:

5.) Oh. My. GAWD. Why, WHY did I make Onmund look so moe?... Not that I'm really complaining, I prefer moe to how he looks in the game.

6.) Meridia is my favorite of Daedric Princes, and that is easily the best sword I have ever drawn.

7.) His hands look too small but what the crap. Pretend he's partially chibified.

8.) I honestly can't say I'm too fond of Alaric's chances against a two-hundred-year-old vampire that's been thrown into the DBZ-verse.

9.) :iconletter-eplz::iconletter-vplz::iconletter-eplz::iconletter-rplz::iconletter-yplz::iconletter-tplz::iconletter-hplz::iconletter-iplz::iconletter-nplz::iconletter-gplz:. 'Nuff said.

10.) An annoying bug, but fixable. What I hated more was when I tried doing Boethiah's Caling, and I got stuck with tunnel vision. I had to delete an entire character because of that.

11.) This game has one of the greatest cruelty potentials of any game I've seen... Not that I play very many games... But other than that, a wonderful, action-packed game.

Skyrim belongs to Bethesda.
This meme belongs to :iconvampirisa:
Blank: [link]
I take full responsibility for Alaric.
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I Live! Again!

Sketched this up last night in Autodesk Sketchbook Pro. May or may not color it.

One of my Dovahkiin, Alaric (you may recognize him from my Danny Phantom meme. Proof I recycle my characters), with Onmund at the College of Winterhold. I probably will write a fanfiction featuring them, I just don't know when.

Let me know what you think. :iconpuppywantplz:

Skyrim, Onmund (c) Bethesda

I take full responsibility for Alaric.

Is it just me, or did Onmund come out cuter than he canonically is? (not that i'm complaining.)
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Two deviations in one day? Blame my little sister.

Onmund and my Dragonborn, Alaric, once again. This time, sharing an intimate moment.

I threw this sketch together in maybe an hour and tossed some blush shading on... probably more than was strictly necessary.

Once I man up and decide to try my hand at making backgrounds(don't expect any masterpieces there), I'll color this, and the one I posted a little while ago.

Skyrim, Onmund (c) Bethesda
I take full responsibility for Alaric.

No mature content warning because there's nothing offensive showing. If you have complaints because it shows two men together, then you're in the wrong place.
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Featuring Indes (formerly Aimitis but due to issues she has been given a new name).

Completely redid it. It bothered me how popular this had become, yet the art burned my eyes. So this is a bit better, and a bit more accurate. And now I have a proper Oblivion character to feature!
I'm not gonna ramble this time, everything should be self-explanatory now.
Obligatory spoiler warnings.

Blank Meme: [link]

Indes belongs to me.
Skyrim and all of its assets belong to Bethesda.
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Freaking love my new Wacom :XD:

Onmund, because I adore him :XD: Nord mage from the College of Wintehold faction, from Skyrim.

Referencing his face was hard. His hood hides most of it :( Looks quite broad though, and pink-ish in places.
I also improvised A LOT with the mouth, since, HAVE YOU SEEN ONMUND'S MOUTH? [link] <---took that shit on my phone. Had a right shock when talking to him! D:

Anyway. Yes. Onmund. And a half decent background :D

Onmund (c) Bethesda
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a.k.a steph is procrastinating~~ hafta sleep so I'll just briefly comment for each.

1.this is actually my first elder scrolls game :3, made him a Nord because..just because. around 26/27 years old, and thought that Sweetrolls are more addictive than Skoomas.

2.yes, those random Thalmor pricks D:, was actually surprised the first time I met them and was all "of course I believe in the statue near whiterun that looks like Thor PWNing a giant snake" and then he attacked me, that's racist D:

3. am actually a double handed weapon guy at first (it even got to 55 skill points) but switched as I'm more of a quick hit and run type, currently double wielding blade of Woe and Dragonbane, while alternating to my "Soulnommer" an ebony sword enchanted with soultrap.

4.NOBODY TOUCH MY DRAGONBRO PAARTHURNAX D:<. also, Esbern glitched really badly before, so I have that as an excuse.

5.before I play, I've been googling some follower and was settled on Onmund or Farkas, but like derp, randomly met Erik and was "sure, I'll take you to ADVENTURE. bye Lydia" and he turns out to be the most amazing, humble, adorable follower ever *A*. <-HE ALSO USE FREAKING CHAIN LIGHTNING STAFF WTF IDEK.

6.This quest has been a source of embarassment and shame for Khrii, yet amusement for me LOL.

7. nuff' said 8Db. ah also, when I joined in, they just seemed like a small, totally functional unique family I JUST CAN'T. AND THEN EVERYTHING HAPPENS. AND THEN I JUST HAVE ALL THE FEELS. I WILL PROTECT THIS FREAKING FAMILY FOREVER.

8. HIS VOICE HIS VOICE *A* I also like Mercer Frey's voice but BRYNJOLF'S VOICE.

9. reason am still playing it for nearly 8 months wow, and it still is throwing surprises at me.


11. self explanatory xD, but I would really love some romance plot, maybe a quest before you get married or something. currently it's just like
*wears amulet*
"hey, Balimu-"
*backs away slowly and bumps into random person*
*backs away further and bumps into more random guy*

am calling my amulet of mara "amulet of trigger lame pickup lines". oh, am also married to Erik once, then loaded up to earlier save because I died. and then I forgot/too lazy to marry him again LOL. WE ARE ALREADY SPOUSES ERIK YOU KNOW THAT 8D

Skyrim (c) Bethesda
Khriisaetos (c) *Emorenji
meme made by *vampirisa
thanks for the meme!
around 5 hours on painttool SAI and wacom bamboo pen
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I can't believe it... but I'm finally done with this! My first finished Meme ever! YEAH!
Just another Skyrim Meme, but this time including my Dovahkiin-character Iraza.

*Question 8:
Nalchai (Oblivion-character) is LordXanathos' character.
We played Oblivion and Morrowind together. While I designed our Morrowind character, he did the Oblivion one. For this Meme, however, with his permission I decided to use Nalchai over our Morrowind-OC, as both Nalchai and Iraza are in the Dark Brotherhood.

Blank Meme: [link]

Have fun with it!

Nalchai (c) :iconlordxanathos:
Iraza (c) me
Skyrim and all the NPCs (c) Bethesda
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Pffffffff, I spent WAY too much time on this and doesn't even show. Whateeever.

Yeah, I finished the main quest. Nothing much to do besides leveling up more.

Blank meme here: [link]
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WOW this took a lot longer than I thought it would. I mean, I did put in the effort for like the first 7. Anyway, here are my thoughts the questions...

1. Galhfor the Angry, certified badass.

2. I couldn't NOT fit this joke in somewhere. :3

3. Nothing but duel war-axes... until I got a nice ebony sword that steals health.

4. J'Zargo (RIP) is the baddest of asses in Skyrim. Straight up. Hell, the only reason he died was he tried to take on a fort of bandits alone without my knowledge. Who did he think he was? Me?
Siddgeir... is a douche. He doesn't have to do ANYTHING as Jarl. Just ask him. The only reason he's there is because his uncle got too damn old to be Jarl.

5. Keeping the Orsimer race alive. ;)

6. Three bosses at once? MAN do I love a good challenge!

7. Self-explanatory.

8. Uhm... I had to restart, and the background looked ugly when I tried to erase and fix it... but other than that, I think my old characters would all be great drinking buddies! Minus Khail, maybe. He's a bit of a lightweight.


10. Seriously. This game is perfect.

11. 'Nuff said.

This meme was made by *vampirisa, and can be found here: [link]
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1. Marrok ze Nord! I imagine him to be a snark XD.

His hobbies include shouting in villages even though the guards tell him to stop.

Killing Chickens (when he can get away with it)

Getting his ass beat by dragons.

Ripping apart Bandit camps as a Werewolf
Dungeon Crawling.

Doing quests for Daedric princes.

Using Unrelenting force on people standing close to ledges.

His current armor is Hircine's Daedric quest reward: Savior's hide. I exploited the glitch that allows you to get the ring (which allows unlimited werewolf transformations) and the armor. This is not what he wears while he's adventuring, but what I "showcase" him wearing because it looks cool.

2. Watch this first please -> [link]

One day, Marrok was just walking about Cyrodill when chickens magically appearing throughout the land, the young Nord was too mischievous to just allow the poultry to live so he killed one. However the townsfolk's reaction was so strong to the murder of the chicken that he was forced to flee to Skyrim where he "accidentally" bumped into Ulfric Stormcloak and the rebels, where they were ambushed by the Imperials... and so on and so forth.

3. Marrok is slowly becoming a jack-of-all trades character, but his best skills as of today (I checked) Are One-Handed, and Block. Also, before he leveled up he was basically Dragonbait, and had to rely on simply leading the dragon into a giant's camp or something.

4. Parrthurnax by far is my favorite :D and this is the first time where I actually hated the Blades. Parrthurnax may have been evil before, but everyone can have a change of heart. F*** those guys.

5. *Squee* I had a hard time choosing between Farkas or Vilkas, but I decided on Vilkas because he's brainer :D yep, Marrok is gay, sorry ladies.

6. When I opened the doors to Blackreach all of the air left my lungs I was so shocked at how amazing it looked. So I dubbed Elder Knowledge my favorite quest.

It was either this or A Night to Remember, but I couldn't draw Marrok running off with a goat properly :C.

7. Even though their questline was weak, the Companions has some of the best characters and plus... WEREWOLVES!

8. I would always make a "good" Character, and a "Bad" Character. And I decided that Enoch, my good character from Oblivion would be the distant ancestor of Marrok (who was an Imperial but he married a Nord and had a child who married a Nord and so on and so forth)

Also, I'm sure he would be shocked atf his double-great grandson's lack of pants. Since the only bad thing about the Savior's hide armor is it looks like a skimpy dress :D but it fit's his personality.

Also, Enoch was the 7th Champion of Cyrodill, and the second Divine Crusader.

9. The dragon shouts were a neat innovation, and the dragons are so cool as well C:

10. Stop it... please... just stop...

11. Best game I have ever played by far :) can't wait for DLCs and Expansions.

Meme (c) :iconvampirisa:

Blank -> [link]
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