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Dark Lord of the Sith


On Tatooine a battle of epic proportions transpired. The local inhabitants of this desolate world were witness to a power struggle between the Force and the Dark Side.

The hate mongering Sith Lords waged fierce war against their counterparts, the Noble Jedi. To many who happened to be nearby, it slowly appeared to be the end of existence itself, for as the lightsabers clashed and the Force was pitted against itself, the tangible world began to buckle and destroy itself.

And while the two juggernauts Master Darren and Darth Horus operated on an entirely different level than their allies, they none the less were visible to those around them. The interchanging elegance and furious blows between the two started to escalate to neigh impossible heights.

Their respective allies fought amongst themselves, also in several duels approaching lethal levels of aggression. In what felt like an eternity of violence to the fleeing dezins of Tatooine, the actual struggle only took moments before it started to become clear who be the victors and who were to be counted amongst the dead.

Master Yiff, resplendant in his attire and skill with his Rainbow Saber was in conflict with Darth Asphyxia. The two delt several critical blows before the Sith Lord summoned for her rope. Using the Force, Darth Asphyxia quickley had it around the throat of Master Yiff and while holding the other end, began to strangle him.

Master Yiff gasped for breath as he lost hold of his lightsaber, brought to his knees before the evil Darth Asphyxia. His eyes began to grow hazy as the air was blocked from his lungs with each horrifying tug on the rope.

Soon Master Yiff was lifted from the ground by a scant 2 and a half feet, held by the tightening rope around his neck and the Force at the other end of the rope.

"Oh my poor little blue friend, is not your end most beautiful? Could you not think of a more...fitting end than to dance for my amusement?"
Darth Asphyxia chuckled darkly as she brought up her lightsaber over her head. Master Yiff's eyes fought to stay open as he pulled at the rope around his neck. But as Darth Asphyxia began to lower her blade at him, instinct took over and he landed a square kick into her stomach. Darth Asphyxia doubled over in pain, holding herself. And in a fast decision, Master Yiff reached out with the Force to his lightsaber, causing it to light up and propell itself to him.

Darth Asphyxia stiffened up as the blade's tip emerged from her mouth, a look of shock upon her. Not a minute too soon was the hold on the rope broken, as Darth Asphyxia stumbled with the lightsaber in her body, the full length running from her bottom and coming out her mouth.

Master Yiff felt at his throat and gasped for air, taking hold of the hilt to his lightsaber and pulling it free from the Sith Lord. Darth Asphyxia's eyes glassed over and she fell dead into the sand. Her rope in a pile nearby.

Meanwhile Darth Luriin was engaged in a two fisted lightsaber duel with Master Snoogans. The women traded close shaves, one of which resulting in Snoogans getting a very unfashionable haircut.

"You evil bitch!" Shouted Master Snoogans. "Do you have ANY idea how much it will cost to have this mess fixed now?"

"You young Jedi and your material needs." Snarled Darth Luriin. "How can you possibly be still alive with your sacred principles in such tatters?!"

The two continued to fight, ending up between a vicious struggle between Darth Abominious and Master Delve. The double sided lightsabers clashed with thunderous noise, sparks expelled in random directions.

Master Delve began to find himself losing control over his anxiety and began to second guess his strategies against his opponent.

Darth Abominious had no qualms on the capitolization of this momentary weakness that the Jedi was showing. And with saliva drooling from her yellow teeth, the young Sith Lord cackled madly as she began to swing terrible arcs of the lightsaber blade at Master Delve.

Master Delve, doing what he could to defend himself nudged his back against Master Snoogans. The Sith Lords circled them, hissing and laughing.

"Well this is another bloody fine mess we've gotten ourselves into." Said Master Delve, panting out sweat.

"This really is a drag, I have plans this evening!" Whined Master Snoogans.

"We must be serious, girl. If we are to make it out alive."

And while all this took place, Darth Seiko, silent as a falling flake of snow, slowly circled Master Rei. Her burning orangish eyes were locked onto the Jedi, who trembled as she held her lightsabers at the Sith Lord.

"I..I'm not afraid of you! Be sensible and surrender!" Is all Master Rei got out before Darth Seiko unloaded a volley of Lightsaber strikes at her.

Rei gasped, barely blocking the blades and found herself in a backwards retreat, fending the terrible Sith Lord off with her emerald green blades. Darth Seiko slowly let a smirk creep over her lips and began to increase the speed of her very circular strikes. Master Rei gnashed her teeth and began to feel the Force flow into her body and begin to guide her actions against the Sith Lord.

It wasn't long before Master Rei's eyes narrowed and she no longer was moving backwards with each blow Darth Seiko gave her. She was begining to hold her ground.

Just then, Darth Luriin and Darth Abominious rushed Master Delve and Master Snoogans. Master Delve's lightsaber was sliced in two by Darth Luriin, who was met by a powerful blast from the Force. This knocked her several feet away, enough time to allow Master Delve to take the remaining blade from his now busted weapon and fire it up.

Darth Abominious managed to destroy one of Master Snoogan's prized neon pink Lightsabers in her attack. This prompted the Jedi to become very upset and start striking wildly at the Sith Lord. So hard were these attacks that eventually Darth Abominious was knocked to the ground, her chin barely avoiding contact with the tip of Master Snoogan's blade.

Master Delve and Darth Luriin traded savage blows, one of which struck a compressor line in a Moisture Condensator and shot hot steam into the face of Master Delve. He screamed, grabbing at his face. Darth Luriin attempted to rush the Jedi Master in his weakend condition but was suddenly struck in the head by a blown gasket.

Master Delve shook off the pain and rubbed at his eyes, expecting to find Darth Luriin in close approximation to himself but instead found her on her back nearby, blood pooling around her head. Upon closer inspection, a jagged rod was through her skull. Darth Luriin's left leg twiched lightly, her eyes vacantly staring into the sky.

For a breif moment, Master Delve took great pity on her, this was not a warriors death. There was no honor in a random act of the Force. But this moment passed as he realized the danger that Master Snoogans was in. And with that, began to rush to her position.

Nearby, Darth Horus and Master Darren continued their struggle. Between ligthsaber strikes, Darth Horus managed to lay into Master Darren with incredible hard punches. One of which cracked a rib in the Jedi Master. Master Darren, taken by suprise by the sheer power the Sith Lord had behind him, slowly started to suspect there was more to meets the eye with his adversary.

He attempted a punch himself, and managed to strike one into the solar plexis of Darth Horus. A loud metallic clang resounded as Master Darren waved off his hand, nearly breaking his wrist. Darth Horus laughed darkly at this and lowered his Lightsaber, fists firmly into his hips. Master Darren took the opportunity and ran his lightsaber through Darth Horus.

The Sith Lord gasped and lightly buckled at the knees. "!" Master Darren held the blade in place as Darth Horus coughed hard, his dark audio assisted vocals rasping. ""

Master Darren, cool headed and smug simply pulled away and turned his back on the Sith Lord. "It can. And it has." As he walked away, Darth Horus slumped over, groaning, holding his chest where the blade made contact.

Darth Seiko, having seen her master fall, abruptly belted Master Rei with Force lightning. Master Rei, caught unprepared for such an attack, screamed as the energy surged through her body. So powerful was it that one of her eardrums ruptured and blood ran from her ear. Master Rei fell to the ground, her clothes smoking slightly.

Darth Seiko turned to Master Darren, glarring with hateful eyes. Her lips curled up in a mean snarl as she tightened her grip on her ligthsabers. Master Darren, still holding his lightsaber eyed the Sith Lord curiously. He chortled at her, shifting his weight as he stood.

"What? You want to die like a fool as well? Don't be like your idiotic master. Give yourself up now and we will allow you to rehabilitate and live out your life as a decent member of the Galactic Republic."

"A fool?" Hissed Darth Seiko. "That fool who killed thousands of Jedi. Who brought the end of countless worlds? Who you could not locate for over ten years? Who embarassed you Jedi by being the one thorn you could not pluck from your wretched hides?"

"We can do this the easy way. Or the hard way." Said Master Darren. Darth Seiko fired up her lightsabers and growled lowly at the Jedi Master. As she began to make her approach, Darth Horus' fingers clenched together. He then pushed up his body from the ground. He soon brought a knee under himself and began to sit up. Master Darren held his Ligthsabers in a defensive posture. Darth Seiko stood her ground and scanned her eyes over him.

Darth Abominious glanced upwards to Master Snoogans with pleading eyes. Her voice quivered as she began to shift herself backwards and away. Master Snoogans followed, giving no quarter to the Sith.

"P-please..spare me. I..I'm only a kid. I was kidnapped by these guys. I don't know any better!" Tears started to roll from Darth Abominious' eyes as her teeth chattered from freight. Master Snoogans eyed her suspiciously for a moment before letting out a long sigh and lowering her lightsaber from the girl.

"..I won't kill you." Said Master Snoogans, a sense of pity in her voice.

"Then that's your mistake." Is all Darth Abominious said before she brought around her double sided lightsaber in a lightning quick movement. A mad cackle was heard as Master Snoogans was caught off guard by Master Delve. The anthromorphic Jedi Master shoved Snoogans clear out of harms way as the deadly blade of Abominious was arced.

A feral scream was let out, while Master Yiff freed his blade from Darth Asphyxia's posterior. Master Snoogans was on her stomach, gasping for air, lightsaber in hand. She shook in fright at the sight before her. Master Snoogans lightsaber was partially in the ground, having decapitated Darth Abominious. The death was a result of the quick thinking of Master Snoogans, who after being saved by a fellow Jedi, found Master Delve thrashing the ground, screaming. In his moment of heroism, Master Delve lost his legs from above the knee by the blade of Darth Abominious, and perhaps would have lost more had Master Snoogans not killed the Sith Lord.

Master Rei, slowly blinked her eyes open. She struggled to make out the shapes before her. Master Darren shook his head at Darth Seiko and waited for the first move. Darth Seiko, gripping her lightsabers tighter, narrowed her eyes to mere slits. She roared aloud as a strange mechanical transformation occured in her lightsabers. In an instant, they became powerful minature turbolaser generators. Master Darren, a little suprised at this did not realize the true danger he was in as Darth Seiko fired both barrels.

The first missed the target completely, with the second a bullseye. Darth Seiko had intended on Master Darren to block both blasts with his lighsabers. However he only had to with one. So powerful was her minature turbo lasers that the lightsaber that blocked its beam shorted out completely. Master Darren gasped and whipped it from his palm, it was white hot and sparking. He turned sharply to the Sith Lord and began to hold another defensive posture as Master Rei got to her feet and screamed at Darth Seiko as she closed in on her.

"NO!" Said Master Rei. Darth Seiko spun on her heel to the charging Jedi Master and converted her weapons into lightsabers again. But it was too late, Master Rei was in such a close distance that she destroyed the lightsabers with one strike from her own.

"Wait Rei!!!" Is all Master Darren got out. Darth Seiko screamed in rage at Master Rei and transformed the blades into turbolasers again. Master Rei gasped and began to reach out to the Sith.

"Wait!! Don't-" Said Master Rei as an explosion tore through Darth Seiko. The feedback from the broken crystals backfired and instantly killed the Sith. Rei, splattered with blood, shook in horror at what she just witnessed. Master Darren approached Rei and patted her shoulder.

"It's over. Shh. It's over.."

And with those famous last words uttered, did rise Darth Horus. Master Rei shook her head in disbelief.

" it can't be..I thought.."

"...he's not dead." Master Darren muttered from under his breathe, pushing Master Rei out of the way. Darth Horus sneered at the Jedi and reached over to the clasp on his cape. In a simple click the garment was blown into the wind, revealing a patchwork metal frame of mismatched parts. Master Darren winced as Master Rei grew repulsed at the display.

"..Triple...Reinforced....Metal...Phirk." Darth Horus said, rage evident in his tone. "Your pathetic lightsaber cannot penetrate my body." Master Darren narrowed his eyes at the Sith Lord. Darth Horus glanced over his fallen Sith and snarled, clenching up his fists. As he growled deeper and deeper, the ground began to shake.

The Force began to push away the remaining Jedi, kicking blinding sand into the air. Master Rei threw her arm over her eyes and yelped, a random bucket having struck her in the head. The sky began to darken as lightning rolled throughout the sky. Darth Horus snarled as the ground started to crater under his feet, he levitated slightly off the ground.

"This isn't good. Something's seriously not right here!!" Master Yiff shouted to Master Snoogans as they helped Master Delve up, to seek shelter for him. Master Delve slowly began to drift from a concious to unconcious state.

The sounds of tectonic plates cracking deep below the surface and the resulting quakes made themselves known. The people on Tatooine ran, screaming for their lives as objects lifted from the ground and floated aimlessly into the air. The sands began to swirl around Darth Horus, blowing themselves outwards. Lightning grew more intense.

And just as Master Darren glanced over the world around him, he himself feeling the Force scream in terror, Master Yiff, Delve, Snoogans and Master Rei, along with several inhabitants of Tatooine paused. They felt at their throats and began to gasp. Master Darren shot a look of anger to Darth Horus, he knew he was doing this. Doing all this.

Darth Horus, stared right back, dark grin growing on his face as his hair blew in the wind. The Sith Lords' eyes began to glow a hellish red. Master Darren stood up straight and unrolled his cloak. It was instantly picked up in the unnatural winds that surrounded. He took hold of his lightsaber and glarred at Darth Horus. Master Darren's friends began to choke harder, unable to help themselves. Master Darren knew Darth Horus was doing this. Doing all this.

And he was the only one who could stop him.

(to be continued....)



Made for and based on :icondarthhorus:

All Star Wars refferences are (c) George Lucas.

Darth Horus, Darth Asphyxia, Darth Luriin, Darth Seiko, Darth Abominious, Master Darren, Master Delve, Master Rei, Master Snoogans, Master Yiff are all (c) :icondarthhorus:
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Ok, there a draw made it in 2 hours, lineart and paint
So long no draw and this is a old style
Ok aki un dibujo hecho en 2 horas desde el dibujo hasta el color.
Hace mucho que no dibujaba y volvi al estilo del principio
pues ya veran a Chloe haha algo sensilla, pero ya saben como es alfin, ahi si quieren despues, si les interesa la hago con mas calidad.
La escena fue cuando desperto la primera vez, solo Katos la vio y creeo Faussto tambien....
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Okey... despues de MUCHO tiempo de no posetar un dibujo a mano mio XD pues eh aki el k le devia a un camarda mio de por aka!


Es parte del trade que hicimos ase ya mucho tiempo, el iso esta imagen: [link] por si les interesa verla X3

Con esta imagen me doy cuenta de algo... no devo hacer fondos XDhaha bueno no soy muy bueno la vdd, soy nuevo ilustrando y pues el agua se vee de k toda falsa XD haha pero queira algo diferente de lo que siempre asia... k era poner aka fondos bien locochones hahaha, aunque al final le puse mi toke.. hasta un logo le ise al dibujo hahah

Aqui estan Mil y artemis, mil es personaje de serge y artemis mios, en una historia vieja ellos dos eran pareja y terminaban casados XD y como esa historia la hicimos entre los dos pues es que ambos dibujamos a esa antigua pareja X3 Espero les guste a todo mundo XD
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Hios! hace mucho que no me aparecia por estos lares! me disculpo por la desaparicion tan larga, pero todo fue por mi Tesis, me alegro de informarles que ya la pase! y me graduare! soy libre!

Y regreso al DA subiendo un logo rapidon que ise para un amigo, para su novela

Destin de :iconl0ganx:

A el le fascino asi que ando feliz por eso =p pronto subire ya dibujos mios y aparte trabajamos en los premios del contest!

Destin™ de Cesar :iconl0ganx:
Logo escho por :iconartemisthefox:

El logo aun esta en etapa de desarrollo
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-to my lovely chubby fox :iconartemisthefox: Happy Aniversary this is the song....that when I be in your arms....

-Te amo bebe recuerdas la canción cuando empezamos a andar...aaawwwrrr

Espacio Sideral - Jessie & Joy

Quisiera darte el mundo entero,
la luna, el cielo, el sol y el mar,
regalarte las estrellas
en una caja de cristal.

Llevarte al espacio sideral
y volar como lo hace Superman...

Quisiera ser un superheroe
y protegerte contra el mal
regalarte la Vía Láctea
en un plato de cereal

Llevarte al espacio sideral
y volar como lo hace Superman...

Me tienes tan debilitada,
todas mis fuerzas se me van si estás aquí,
y mis poderes no son nada,
me siento tan normal, tan frágil tan real.

Me elevas al espacio sideral,
tal como lo hace Superman...

Quisiera hacerte un gran poema,
usar el cielo de papel,
tomar las nubes como crema
y hornearte un super pastel.

Llevarte al espacio sideral
y volar como lo hace Superman...

Me tienes tan debilitada,
todas mis fuerzas se me van si estás aquí,
y mis poderes no son nada,
me siento tan normal, tan frágil tan real.

Me elevas al espacio sideral...

Me tienes tan enamorada,
todas mis fuerzas se me van si estás aquí,
y mis poderes no son nada,
me siento tan normal, tan frágil tan real.(x2)

Me elevas al espacio sideral,
tal como lo hace Superman...
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Bueno, estando en casa con foxy y vagando por mi compu entre los dos, Encontre esto del pasada y foxy me dijo k lo subiera hahaha

Es un Cloud echo en vectores, de mi inicio en el CEDIM ahaha, Fue echo hace como unos tres años bien viejo XD, lo huviera mejorado... Pero... Desgraciadamente, perdi el archivo modificable... ya solo me keda el JPG, pero bueno, esto lo subo como un recuerdo del pasado haha y ya que no tengo nada por el momento k subir haha X3

Echo por :iconartemisthefox:

Subido por influencia de :iconfoxy-page:

Personaje de Square-enix / Kingdom hearts ©
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This is for a secret santa exchange at
I have to say I was almost late and didn't get this in on time, but I did a quick christmas scramble and I really like how it turned out.

There's the whole light vs. dark theme going on here ifyou couldn't tell. Thanks so much to absurdus for the awesome stock! It took me hours to find a decent backgorund, but I think I like that it's winter themed...and I think I did a pretty good job of extending/adding the crack in the ice.

Critique and enjoy!

Time: 3 1/2 hours
For: Rhun (not sure if she has a devart)
Stock: [link] , Charity Carlton at [link]
Program: CS2

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un dibujo hecho por :iconamuthalexiel: espero y te guste chico, es un placer conocerte ^_^
colores por mi
open canvas 4.06+mouse alaska+labouche
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Well, finally. The collab with =Groundbase is done! It took forever, and im sorta glad. This was the first time i had ever improvised as much as to create coments crashing into a landscape i didnt make, and i am eager to know what you think of them! Im rather proud of this picture. =Groundbase made the Landscape, I, everything else. Its my best planet by far, and i think its my best anything all over. Yay! So, i hope you enjoy it as much as i did. Shown at 50%.

(P.S. i kow the same sucks, we both couldnt think of a good one ;P)
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b r e a k t h r o u g h

somewhere in the deep space, far far away from earth, there is a living planet, similar to ours. Atlantica. water, air, ground, vegetation, living flora, and thinking creatures. like we. with their own progress, their own cities, vehicles, their own LIFE. two planets are situated very close to each other, and these two planets are similar with almost the same conditions.

ship journal log [start] Ice... everywhere above us is ice. Our food and water stockings are low, same is with oxygen amount. Our last chance is to go deep into the ocean, and then rise really fast. In that case we might break the ice from below. Let's hope this will work.....
Angle - 5. Full speed! angle - 10. angle - 15. 100metres till collision..... angle - 20. 50metres till collision... 25metres till collision.... angle - 25. 5metr....... [transmission interrupted]

[transmission continued]
Yes! We made it! We're finally free! Damn that was close... But we made it!
I see land.... and a town... yes, a town! Someone, shoot a signal flare, we might get noticed! Commander, we did it! Commander! Comma... shit.... medic! [transmission closed]

My submission to Exotica II.... as usual, almost at the last minute =]

well, base part is terragen, with about 10h render. then lots of work in cs2. submarine modeled in cinema, everything else is brushed. and stocks from =resurgere for planet textures. original filesize is 4000x3000, 140MB *.psd with about 75 layers. in overall took about week or two.

ok, originally i didn't want to make one more Atlantica, but damn, here i got H2O, BIG planet in the sky, modeled elements.... it just suits that Atlantica theme.

oh and, for other wallpaper sizes click download. i got 1024x768, 1280x960, 1280x1024, 1600x1200, 1680x1050 png's there.

Atlantica: next generation
Atlantica II: feelin' free
Atlantica III: leaving home
Atlantica IV: breakthrough
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