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This will be a feature in this Game [link]

------[EDIT] April 1st-------------

Made a lot of changes to the suggestions people made. Added the plaid to stuff and added more eyes, etc.

Bows, clips, and necks still have nothing.


This is the dress up feature that'll be in my op-kh-ds flash game. See me other deviations for details.

The art is really rushed. I wanted to get this done before the weekend was over (in other words: school). So I apologize if the art looks like rubbish, things are off and not all the features work.

With that said... tell me what you think? Do you like the larger screen size? Do you like this as the player basis for the OP-KH-DS game? What would you like to see? Is there anything missing that prevents you from making a character close to yourself?

Because of the lack of time this is only the uniform (sorry folks). More will come later.

I'm thinking maybe I can upload the "doll" for this and people can create clothes for her that I can add to the game. If people could actually do that in flash that would be awesome D:

MAJOR thanks goes to :iconc2ii: who not only supplied the character basis for this, but also inspired me to make this. She is awesome and her art is freak'n cute, who couldn't love her :love:
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Well uh... haha I'm being cheap. It's just an edit to the 2nd game on [link]

It might help if u right click and set the quality to low, that'll speed it up a bit. Yeh~

Just collect everything w/o dying.
Arrow keys to move & jump
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((( This isnt the accual RPG, just a preview )))

EDIT: 1,000 views
alota faves = 1. Thanks to you and specially those
who faved it!! :)

2. My 1st deviation that passed 1,000 :D
thank you all again! ;3

btw glitches are really possible due to how crappy and left-overy i was on the Action script -_-


Screen shots from DS 2:

Tim sketch of the 2nd game [link]

Play KH dark secrets 2:

Double Edit:

Dark secrets part 2 isnt going to be created anymore and has been canceled, due to risk of being sued~

EDIT: Preview changed and file size decreased!,so now u guys wont wait long anymore :)

if its not working plz inform me

plz use the head phones when ever possible (Effects u have not herd will be herd) :D

any sound or song that isn't recognible is mostly recorded and mixed by myself....or found<--low probability ;3

The Characters a kh song remixed by me so dont expect to find anything new on limewire or so ;P

"This is a fan fiction of kingdom hearts"

The first isn't much of a game, There was ment to be a chapter one with out parts...but once i went really far i thought of cutting a small part of the chapter and anyway my drawing style chaged :]
Hope you'll enjoy/u enjoyed it cuz this is the crapiest grahics for the squel ;3 dispite the intro and after game featues i worked on them these few days ^-^

Facts: 12 FPS ( T_T i usually animate18 onwards)-I began a long time ago then later i picked it up and fixed it a little exept the story...i didnt touch the story...(too lazy :P)

i know Dave Cathaway doesnt luk liek himself in the story...
but my recent inlustration of him and Tim are better.

and yes....dave is an emo~... :S
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Just to inform all of you who play this. I also have a brand new dating sim thats waaaaaay better here Please vist Skye033's account for more games and dating sims.

This was uploaded before, but I deleted it 8D
Also try to avoid downloading it. It's not as cool.
This was called "Spectacular Dating Sim" but I changed it to Sweet Dating sim because of that dumb movie D8 So it's not as cool now. -3- This took me a while because I was lazy ;P , but now it's done AND there's a mini game 8DD
EDIT 08/03/09; Spelling error fixed.
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Hurray! It's almost done!!!!!

Date (still buggy), shop, intro, menu, limit, dialogue, gift, cheat

Download for better gaming experience XD


It has music now!

sorry for the lame, nonsense, random intro -_-

meh... found the errors myself so I removed the 2 chars to fix it :P

I tried random dialogue and didn't turn out very well but I'll keep it that way :P (anti-bug)


Oh yeshh!!!
The new!!! The Bettarr!!! KAWAII SIM DATE!!! :iconlaplz:


The G.U.I. is new! So please ask things about it if you don't know it :)

and also please report some errors!

Character Emotion Viewer : [link] :
Previous Version : [link] :

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Credits to: =3

:iconpacthesis: Pacthesis! Tut: [link]
:iconcameronburke:CameronBurke! Tut: [link]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Character Names:

Park - Eiji
Beach - Daisuke
Cafe - Akihiko
Shop - Hatsune Miku

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

!!!FREE :iconlaplz: CHEAT!!!

The best cheat of all : Tab button
reveals all the clickable/non clickable buttons
(even the cheat buttons)

press left or right arrow keys!

Cheat HINTS:

Room > Splat
Park > Flower
Beach > Date >>
Cafe > Doorknob
Shop > Blue Book

(These are buttons, if you rollover on it, you'll hear a click sound so it won't be hard to find)
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Update: I've decided that I'm cancelling this prodject.
Just kidding!!*is shank'd*
There are alot of issues though and I have no idea how to fix (that's what I get for refusing to use tutorials on the flash website) and other irratating glitches. All in all, this is going to take a LOT longer than I thought. And I only have 19 days left on my free tutorial! TT-TT

P.S. The replay button refuses to work. so you're gonna have to, like, refresh the page, or something >_>;


Update: Okay, so far the game is coming along great. Not even halfway through though, but almost. It turns out this will be more of a "Choose you own adventure" game, but with twice the romance!



This is my first attempt at a flash game.


I don't see many sim dates for girls so I decided to make this. Of course it's not finished; this is just a test.

I would love if people comment and tell me if I should continue on this.


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I started this quite a while ago and rediscovered it... but I want to make a Fullmetal Alchemist one instead of finishing it >.> But at the same time I put alot of hours into just this intro, so I'll post it here.

If anyone wants to finish this one or help me with the FMA one, feel free to leave a message. I'll most likely need alotta help XP
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Drawn completely with a mouse. Full popstar Dating sim, no hentai, no nudity. This game contains free to use music loops from and

Please do not upload this game to your own server or site. You may provide a link to this game or to Otherwise, you need to provide sponsorship and ask for permission first.


If you want Emi's endings, you need to either win or lose the competition. Or you can have a crappy ending. There are three endings for every character.

For the best endings, you need to buy every character's favorite items. There are sixty days. And the menu, you can click on it to see the day and the money and hp you have left!

If you need a more complete walkthrough, please leave your questions here. thanks. have fun!
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Finally after 2 days of solid animating It's done!!! :boogie:

My first animation that I have created with my new Flash CS4 suite is complete. And after corrupt programs, crashes, installations, uninstallations, reinstallations and pie, I am quite happy with what I've made :D

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I was frustrated when creating it.

Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 are copyright Square Enix/Soft

Organisation XIII (on piano) copyright Yoko Shimomura
Sanctuary (english version) copyright Utada Hikaru

Thanks for watching :wave:

P.S. don't turn the volume up too loud, "sync"ing is off a tad. Hehe.
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A total remake of the Doki Doki Dating Sim Game! Same cheesy story, new kickass graphics.
This is a bit of a test run, in that if you see any of the old graphics or something isnt working, please please tell me~! There should be nothing wrong with the mechanics of the game, tho, so if it begins to act up, just refresh the page.
The old version will be scrapped, and you can go and marvel at how BAD it was if you want. [link]

Please Enjoy!

*Here is the part where I talk and you dont care*
Concerning the new graphics, I made some very big changes concerning the ways the characters came across. I apoligize for the fuziness... and the ugly expressions.

The biggest change is probably Hana chan, who went from an ugly blushing person to a much prettier looking young girl. The idea for her was "cute and sexy" but I dont know how well I managed to pull that off. All the girls are supposed to be attractive, but I hardly feel I succeeded.

The concept for Kimidori (baking club girl) was originally "last resort," in that she was supposed to be rather homely and, well... baking club. Now she looks much more sophisticated, but she still has a little bit of that "cowgirl" feel from the original that i felt was essential to her character.

Murasaki (the pink one) was supposed to be "cool and aloof" and almost intimidating. i think I pulled that one off here too. She didnt change so much, just got prettier.

Jeff is Jeff. But in this one, he looks like a girl, no matter how hard I tried to make it otherwise. And his facial expressions are no longer cool~! (I feel like a failiure as a person) But he looks much more relaxed.

Any questions? Feel free to ask!

<3 -dovienya
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