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instructions: use the arrow keys to control gubby. collect the leaves.

ok guys please don't take this game seriously

i never thought i was even going to upload it, because it's more of a test then anything, just to see what i could do or something, i mean i didn't even bother shading, you know?

there is really no challenge or anything

it was really fun to make :( but i'm not adding any more levels or anything, so,

the song is called "Lucky Bugs Win Prizes" by Hassle Hound from the Childish Music comp [link]

i will make a better game soon
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Keybear! Yes!

Instructions are pretty self explanatory, but:
- rainbow keys: play a sound
- 1,2, & 3 buttons: change the sound of the keys
- "click" button: click on the keys to play
- "roll" button: roll the mouse over the keys to play

And as usual, everything 100% drawn and coded by me in GIMP and flash. I'm not used to this kind of shading. :(

I would have added more, but i'm lazy and I want to start new things.

Enjoy please!
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so small!! can you remember the foods?

i'm working on something REALLY big and important involving flash, and so this is just something small in the meantime.

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use arrow keys.

: o

edit: I added music!
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chicken barnyard playtime!

use the arrow keys to move and jump
use delete, end, and page dn to move the chicks

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this has been finished for like a month i think

to hear music: click the music note on the right! to change alpha: highlight/click on the 100 in the alpha box and type in your desired alpha. you can also change color and line thickness. and if you want to draw in pixels, right click and select quality>low. this could be useful to people without drawing programs, i think.

you can actually make some pretty nice things with this, because of the alpha and all the colors and stuff.
i made this: [link]

done in flash professional 8

:bug: as usual! all drawn and coded by me!
and the music is (c) Lullatone :)


I think I fixed the loading problem.
Also, the music loops! yayayay
If you weren't able to load this properly before, i think it should work now.
If it doesn't, please don't comment saying "this won't load WHY." Instead read:

If this doesn't load..
1) keep refreshing
2) right click and select Forward
3) download

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4/2/08 - Thanks to :iconmmc-kun: for being the 1234th person to :+fav: this crazy game!! :D :boogie:

2/16/06: THE BEARSOFT WEBSITE FINALLY HAS SOMETHING UP!!!! hahah granted, it's only stuff that I've already posted here, so it's nothing new to you guys... but it's SOMETHING dammit! hahah sigh :slow:


Helloo again :wave: Well guess what!! Not only did I fix two GLARING bugs in the game (sigh, I hope no one really noticed :shakefist:), but I also added SEVERAL new easter eggs!! :boogie: :D :boogie: :D :boogie: :D (if you're too lazy to find them yourself, click here to read how to find the new ones: [link] )

So yes, I hope you guys enjoy the new stuff, cuz I worked SUPER hard on them :faint: I pretty much killed myself JUST as much on these extra easter eggs as I did on the original thing!! ^^; damn me and my psycho perfectionist work-ethic/addiction to not sleeping!! >___<

But yes, I hope you guys have fun and/or get a laugh from the stuff I added!! :) :heart:

ps- I apologize for the slightly larger file as as a result of the newer stuff :hmm:


sorry for editing again, I just wanted to say:

1) Thankies to everyone who faved and commented!! :glomp: I actually got the daily top favorite earlier this week!! :boogie: Hooray! :D

2) I wanted to fix the Ren and Stimpy quote, because I'm stupid and anal about things like that. haha

3) Here's a bigger picture of the model, Quackamoley (and some of my other friends): [link] I forgot to mention, he's huuuge :D

Soooo.... Here it is!!! ahahahah about EIGHT MONTHS after the matter of fact I've finally finished ~rurouniuno's kiriban prize!!! :party: :boogie: :faint: (YOU DIDN'T THINK I'D DO IT, DID YOU??? I TOLLLLD YA' I'D SHOOT!!! BUT YOU DIDN'T BELIEVE ME!!! WHYYYYY DIDN'T YOU BELIEVE ME??? ... *ahem* I mean, um: ha-HA!! to you!!! :nana: :slow: [wtf.])

Anyhoo, onto the actual description:

:gummybear: If you are confused, click the question mark button for help. If you are still confused, please feel free to comment, and the first available customer service ducky will be right with you. :)

:gummybear: 100% of the graphics used in this game were drawn by me. (okay, well, I'm not counting the icons in one of the easter eggs, but that's just because they're supposed to represent other people; so okay, 99.9%. Damn nitpickers. haha) 90% of the graphics were done in Illustrator, 10% in Photoshop (the pixel art), and 84% in Badatmath Pro.

:gummybear: This game was entirely coded/actionscripted by myself. (a few tutorials were used from various sites, mostly FlashKit, but overall I came up with how to make the meters and the growing, etc., nothing like, SUPER SUPER specific that was blatently ripped off like "HOW 2 MAK UR OUN VIRCHULE PETZZZZ... PLZ RIP MAI IDEYA OFF CUZ I SUX AT SPELING KTHX" or anything like that.)

:gummybear: There are five easter eggs, although a couple of them are so easy to get that you might not even consider them easter eggs, haha note: I have made a list for those that don't want to be surprised here: [link] (and if you read the second comment, you can get a little more commentary on one of the easter eggs)

:gummybear: I've already included a sound credit list in the actual game, but just for the record... the jump rope whoosh is from apple/mac; the alarm clock noise, the pooping noise, the love twinkle, and the button click noises were all from FlashKit's freeware sound section, and the intro beep was from Nintendo.

Yep, so thanks again to :iconrurouniuno: for being my 1000th visitor :glomp:, and everyone who visited in general, for the 1000 hits!!! :heart: :blowkiss: .... and the 4000 hits that passed DURING THE TIME I was trying to FINISH this damn thing. hahaha ^^; :love:

Aaannd, last but not least: Thankies x 3493485908345 to :iconmandichan: for being my super bug finder and consultant on this project!!! :handshake: :D :heart: She probably almost killed me numerous times for how long I took to complete this damn thing, though :lmao:

4/2/06: I changed some stuff, so I could be a good girl :floating: if you notice/like the changes, hooray! :dance: if you don't like them, I'm sorry :( I just didn't want to get in trouble (and risk almost 400 :+fav:s :faint:) and if you don't notice at all, then that's fine too :)
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"hey you should make more games"

Mm.. ok. :)

About my last game, Woodland Adventure:
it's gone because deviantart took it down (along with a bunch of others, with no warning at all :(), because it had mochiads on it. I don't have a working .fla, or a .swf without the ads, so I can't put it up again, sorry :/ If you want to play it, you can do so here:


thanks guys. if you find a bug lemme know, i'll try to fix everything.

:bug: EDIT :bug:
I'm so sorry that some of you were having bugs that interrupted the game :( I submitted a new version, and the following bugs have been fixed:

- the exiting the Snax Shop bug where the screen would turn black.
- a bug where you'd get stuck in the wood area when talking to the handyman lion.
- I also widened the annoying bridge barriers, so bridges should be easier to cross.

Again, apologies to those who had their game interrupted :( Hopefully those who play again won't run into these problems.

Thank you so much for your comments, and keep letting me know if you find anything else wrong!
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Game made for school project XD

Haha i wanted to do more with it but i ran out of time :x ... and the score is... so random XD

theres 3 backgrounds and they're random XD so different one will play each time you play :3


my highest so far are:

Easy: 14800 pts
Hard: 43026 pts

both levels are different, so try both! XD

hope you like it XD

harhar sorry for any bugs :x

sound effects are :iconmuse-less: and modified by me XD

bg music is commercial/royalty free by [link]

[EDIT] the keys are spacebar to start game, then arrow keys to move left and right XD

and DAMN stop playing easy LMAOOOOOO
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56k (4.7 KB/s) :
4 minutes and 6.4 seconds
DSL (32.6 KB/s): 35.56 seconds
T1 (131.2 KB/s): 7.01 seconds

These are estimated times using simulated downloading on flash. Real time may vary.

Cori, why are you uploading incomplete work? :[

OKAY before anyone asks or comments....
1. Sick of fixing and coding and looking at my fugly art hours after hours after hours ;[
2. On the computer way too long because of this; I can't see anything past 2 feet of me anymore x_x;
3. I feel like a blob of failz :[
4. Too concerned of this; can't concentrate on lyfe.

I COULD finish this--but this would mean risking my junior report card grades by working on this nonstop, 24/7 like mad. :[ I'm sorry but this is taking way too much time and the file size is sorta becoming too big x_x; this is only about 55% completion! There are maps, objects, and things on this that you can't see because they are NOT connected with each other! :[ I know it's a waste x_x; I'm sorry.

I KNOW it doesn't even seem to relate to Sugar Stars at all but that's because its INCOMPLETE. It was supposed to come all together and more characters shown near the end but akslfjd;lagsdxciovjzfklsafdfkl;jfksd.fds;lfajdlfks;

So WHY am I uploading this?
Because I need to get this off my back and stop feeling guilty about not completing it D: Let's just consider this as a teaser or w/e x_x; If this will be completed--I don't know. We'll just have to see. Yes, the sprites are based from Harvest Moon sprite but chillax, not like I'm making profit or anything and I am crediting them :] I also am not a pixel artist so I fail at this miserably... Put a cookie ( : cookie : ) in your comment if you read this so I can praise you and thank you for wasting your lyfe reading my long rant and sorry message *-*

=Lavender-Ice I am so sorry for not completing this and ruining your kiriban prize but gah x_x;; To make up for it I shall plug your website like mad >:[

[link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link]


Live with it. :[ Enjoy it or not. I don't really care anymore ;_; ~~

.-. Some way to start the 2008.

NO SOUND because it's incomplete. Haha.
The one sound effect that is there (c) me ;D
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