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This is my entry for the Wacom contest "bring your vision to life: dream"

my dream si becoming a Disney's drawer

thank to everyone will fav this work :hug:
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This submission is for Michael Jackson Tribute contest
he is one of my favorite artists.
He is just so Amazing...
unfortunately he left us too soon.
His songs will always live in the hearts of all people.
Good bye Michael.
May God put you where the best in Heaven.
You always in my heart.

this design was done as a commission for my client that gave me permission to enter it into the contest.
Thanks for someone.... :)


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Submission to the deviantWEAR Design Battle 2009

This entry is a semi-finalist in the dA Branded Category. Please support this artist by favoriting, submitting positive feedback and spreading the word if you would like to see this design produced as an actual shirt!

NOTE: Please leave your comments for this deviation on this page, not the original submission, for your feedback to qualify as a vote in the semi-finals.

Artist: ~CALLit-ringo
Category: deviantWEAR Design dA Branded
Original Deviation: [link]
Artists Comments:

well this is my second entry ive made this during a class but im working on other design so this is my second entry hope you enjoy!! oh! by the way the face says: "we love deviant art cause it makes you feel like a real artist" thanks again guys for all the support!!
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A silly boy daydreaming about a girl. Just innocent thoughts and dreams that everyone has as young.. and try to seek this for the entire life.


Ok, i am not good explaining lol. But i think the drawing speaks for itself.
Comments and critics are very welcome !
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this is an Old work, i re submit it for the Wacom contest (Bring Your Vision to Life) "Good Vs. Evil"

i think this work is deeply explaining the Evil and Good conflict...
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Artist of the Future =)
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The portfolio page consists of two sections (the tabs are located in the upper right):

Biography & Contact Information

When the portfolio page is loaded, both sections would be loaded at once, so switching between them would not require any additional load time.

About the Showcase tab:
The arrows protruding from the thumbnail strip and information strip could be clicked to HIDE each panel. The image in the center would then automatically resize to fill the space. There is a little slideshow bubble just above the large image that would allow images to auto-transition with fade effects. It could be paused at any time.

If you have writing in your gallery, then the thumbnails would show the title of the work, and the larger image area would reveal the entire piece, with a scrollbar if needed. I designed this mainly with images in mind, however.

About the Biography & Contact Info Section:
You could choose any two images to place on this page.

You could title your portfolio whatever you want. I would have put my entire last name, but I want to stay safe!
You could also choose which tab would appear first.

A big plus for this design:
The contents would be fairly resizable so that the entire portfolio could fit on most screens without the viewer ever having to scroll down in their browser.

About the image:
The image above is slightly smaller than the actual size of the design.

slight-of-eye took the photo I'm using in the Biography tab.

Thank you Sirielle for all your help!
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Mi segundo diseño para Darksiders Your Last Days Contest.
Versión basada en la "forma destructiva" de la profecía Maya del 2012....
La figura que esta situada más arriba de la pirámide representa a una deidad:
Ah Puch, También conocido como Yum-Kimil es el dios de la muerte y rey del Xibalbá (inframundo) de la mitología maya.
En la actualidad los mayas modernos todavía creen que bajo la figura de Yum Cimil, el Señor de la Muerte, merodea en torno a las habitaciones de los enfermos en acecho de su presa.
En ocasiones se le denomina "Señor del noveno Infierno" o "El destructor de mundos".
Que sucederá cuando esta deidad abandone el inframundo para manifestarse en nuestro mundo?

Profecía Maya:
Según esta profecía, el 22 DE DICIEMBRE DE 2012 el Sol recibirá un rayo sincronizador del centro de la galaxia con el que se iniciará un nuevo ciclo. Será el fin del mundo de materialismo y destrucción en que vivimos y el inicio de una nueva etapa de respeto y armonía. Antes de ese día, la humanidad deberá optar entre desaparecer como especie pensante que atenta contra el planeta o evolucionar hacia una nueva Era de integración con el resto del Universo.

****----Sorry my English is basic, this translation was done with google translator.

My second design for Darksiders Your Last Days Contest.
Version based on "destructive way" of the Mayan Prophecy of 2012 ....
The figure is located above the pyramid represents a deity:
Ah Puch, also known as Yum-Kimil is the god of death and king of Xibalba (the underworld) of Maya mythology.
Today the modern Maya still believe that under the guise of Cimil Yum, the Lord of Death lurks around the rooms of patients on waiting for its prey.
It is sometimes called "Lord of the Ninth Hell" or "the destroyer of worlds."
What will happen when it leaves the underworld deity to manifest in our world?

Mayan Prophecy:
According to this prophecy, 22 December 2012 the Sun will receive a synchronizer ray center of the galaxy with which you begin a new cycle. It will be the end of the world of materialism and destruction in which we live and the beginning of a new era of respect and harmony. Before that day, mankind must choose between disappearing as a thinking species that threatens the planet or evolve into a new era of integration with the rest of the universe.
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Do you hear them? See them?


They hear and see you. Every single one.

Street musicians are everywhere in Brisbane. Every little corner you could easily find a man or woman, girl or boy, larger group of people or a duet. Or just a soloist.

Sometimes they get massive crowds. Other times... they sit like this guy.
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Stock Project images used:

1. wooden_boards_25384429_by_stockproject1-d37lddi
2. pointing_gun_8190802_by_stockproject1-d39pqqv
3. man_shout_4261460_by_stockproject1-d30nqxc
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