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A Poem To MyselfA poem to myself, because you’re lonely.
Hi you,  ----
someone who is
                        absurd, delusional, a hypocrite
                        mirrors crack when
                        you’re in front of them
                        for your personality is
                        split in dimensions
when men
                        linger on you
                        you set a trap, befriend
                        never really pretend
                        still you catch them
                        with only hope
                        as your true lover
(you may change)
                        you keep falling out
                              of love
                        and you’re the only girl,
                        woman, bitch
                        because the world
                        revolves around you, you know,
                        everyone owes you something
of all people,
A Poem To Myself7 years ago in Concrete Poetry More Like This