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Zanimation ID

Whipped this up real quick. Recycled the planet from one of my spacescape works.

Been really busy working on the portfolio site... experimenting, trial and error until I am 100% satisfied with the portfolio. It looks awesome so far, I can't wait to show it to you all.
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Please favorite if you use, thanks!

Mandalorians and affiliated logos © George Lucas, Star Wars
Template: [link]
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XP Optimizer Pro v4.0


I am launching the most powerful version of XP Optimizer here V4.0 which now has a set of 3500 tweaks approximately. I paid special attention this time again to memory as well as CPU performance. I also found some new areas in the registry which I could tweak more and enhance the performance of the hardware which includes CPU. There have been new sections that have been introduced and with the passage of time I shall bring more tweaks in them. This version has a big changelog that I have summarized in 10 little points. I hope that you will thoroughly enjoy this version of the optimizer and will not refrain from commenting on improvements.
If there is any volunteer who can make a help file for this large pack I would highly value him and encourage his act as he would serve a great deal of help for those who dont understand the registry. Currently I advise only those to download this who know and understand tweaking. As the help file is not very advanced I shall not be responsible for any carelessness on your part. The size of the pack has been drastically reduced so that dial-up users dont have a problem too. (Gone down from 12MB To 7.67 MB). Ease of Install has also been introduced.

Download Link: [link]


Well this version of XP Optimizer is a major improvement over its previous versions

1- Improved the overall Icons for easy approach and introduced some better quality ones.
2- Introduced New CPU Tweaks which include virtual device drivers for advanced CPU Cooling
3- Introduced new Motherboard and memory tweaks
4- Introduced Eset NOD32 Antivirus Tweaks
5- Introduced Firefox Hack to minimize its memory consumption drastically!
6- Introduced New Sound Card Tweak!
7- Introduced New tweaks for the performance and File System Section
8- Fixed some minor errors in tweaks and updated old ones to cater for new and upcoming programs
9- Removed some files which were suspiciously being detected as a virus.
10- Introduced some handy fixes for bugging firewall notifications.

Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to all of you!


Click the install button. Dont change the path! and use.

Thats all! I hope you all enjoy Folks! :iconpicassa243:
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Awww <3

My first submission to my new account is my deviantID, and I think it's also the cutest Hato I've ever drawn ;;

2 hours, photoshop

(Also, this is practice with no line art. It was pretty slow but I got the result I wanted!)
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| Title:

Unique ID / Dual ID Series

| About:

Well i wanted tot do something original and from what i've seen here on DA i am the first whith an ID like this. I got many apreciations about how awesome this id idea is (thanks all) and i will try some more ideas in the future.
The basic fundament for this ID was the profile page layout... lots of boxes (journal, polls, newest creations, etc) and i wanted something with a little more substance, something dominant like a big/huge ID on the page.

Thanks again for all the feedback and for those that said they will imitate my ID, well just try to be original yourselfs so this way we can have various inspirational sources here on DA as a comunity.

© 2009 Ardeleanu Mihai |
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Trying this sort of set again! It took me a bit longer than I planned and these are more detailed than I meant for them to be, but they'll still be $15. Feel free to tip me though if you'd like/can afford it, though it isn't required~

These are set price sharkies, but this will be a set price raffle. All you need to do is to enter for the one(s) you'd like to buy. Please know that this is not a free raffle. I'm doing this to make it a bit easier for those who have the money to buy a sharkie but usually miss my sets. Hopefully this will go smoothly, and please read all the rules.


*Please do not resale or steal these. Resell/Trade/Gifting Policy:…
*This is a temporarily closed species.
*Minor edits are allowed. If you're wondering about an edit, feel free to ask about it.
*Be sure to credit me for making the design when you first draw it.
*Please do not give them rare markings/personalities/sub-personalities unless they are marked as being able to. ;H; That way they'll keep rare.
*No trades.
*No begging, whining, or guilt-tripping. I'd like to keep my inbox at least a little less cluttered than it already is. OTL
:new:*Please reply to the "Enter here to buy #" comments!
 -You can enter for all of them but only win 2.
 -REMEMBER this is not a free raffle. You will have to pay for the one(s) you win.
 -This will close when every shark has three entries or 12 hours after upload.
*Cash only, no points. Sorry!
*I'll send you the unwatermaked version once I confirm payment.
*Feel free to give them a new wardrobe.
*Have fun with them Lovelies! *3*


$15 unless stated otherwise.


1. Diamondcaper: Kavaro 

2. Peralflare: KlockworkKat 

3. Emeraldknight: NineStarsKen 

4. Tealsquares: Vespisia 

5. Rubybones: defigure 

More info on Gummi Sharks here:
Gummi Shark Info [General] (New Marking) by PieologyGummi Shark Info [Personalites and Moods] (New!) by PieologyGummi Shark Info [Gender Part I] by PieologyGummi Shark Info [Sub-Personalities] by Pieology

Species, Design and Art(c)Pieology
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Well, it looks cool.
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I'm sorry this picture took so long to update, back when I was in Japan! that's a long time!

I was picking out ramen, and I saw a flash of the very familiar curry ramen. Took a picture and ate it. It was great xD

The ramen was set up for taking pictures!
Of course Konata is the only one who can do it properly.
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