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My favorite scene in the Jimmy/Timmy Power Hour 3. I just love the look on Jimmy's face ^_^

I'm photoshopping this right now and if I get around to finishing that I might post it. Let me know what you think =)

Jimmy Neutron (c) John A. Davis
Timmy Turner (c) Butch Hartman
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today, we are THE SOCIETY, united as one big force of good, brave, selfless, undefeated..and funny, but you get the idea,
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Teh Fighters on Nicktoons SplatSlimeStars!

Veteran Fighters:
Jenny Wakeman
Timmy Turner
SpongeBob SquarePants
Jimmy Neutron
Danny Phantom
Mickey Mouse
Donald Duck
Bugs Bunny
Daffy Duck
PowerPuff Girls
Ben 10
Mikan Sakura
Shadow Mikan
Natsume Hyuga
Naruto Uzumaki
Sakura Avalon
Ranma Saotome

The Red Ruby
Danny Fenton
Kim Possible
Ron Stoppable
Jake Long
Captain Jack Sparrow
Marvin the Martian
Akane Tendo
Zatch Bell and Kiyo Takamine
Galaxy Angels
Xeno Exodium

('L')Comment before fave('L')
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The main cast for my upcoming National Treasure Nicktoon parody comic. I gave them new looks for this story.

Remember this...I don't own this and is for DeviantART ONLY!!! Also this has ONLY Nicktoons!

Here's your little cast for some characters...

Ben Gates - Jimmy Neutron
Riley Poole - Timmy Turner
Abigail Chase - Danielle
Patrick Gates - Danny Fenton (the future one I made up and will be the dad, weird huh)
Ian Howe - Vlad Plasmius
Shaw (I think that's his name) - Skulker
FBI Special Agent Sadusky - SpongeBob SquarePants (yep! SpongeBob's a secret agent!)

Extras for Jimmy, Timmy & Danielle: Darry (my OC and will be Jimmy's immature older brother in the story, NOT in real life!) Cosmo & Wanda (Timmy's fairies), and Poof (Yay Poof!)

Extras for Agent S (that's SpongeBob!): (people working with SpongeBob and are agents in this comic) Jenny Wakeman (as Agent J), Manny Rivera aka El Tigre (as Agent M), Patrick Star (as Agent P), and Tucker Foley (as Agent T)

Have suggestions, you let me know.

Following rights...

National Treasure (c) Disney
Danny Phantom, Fairly Odd Parents (c) Butch Hartman
Jimmy Neutron (c) Jim Davis
Darry (c) Me
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Only named the original characters:

Ginny Neutron: This Girl is Jimmy's Cousin and her story is telled in the comic that I already draw ^^!

Joanie Neutron: Jimmy's 6 years old little sister from the future. She's a genius, but not like her brother: She's a psyquic! How is done the DNA of Mr. and Mrs. Neutron?

The guy in the Chair: He has a big role in the Blasting Again and Double comic, so, I have some secrets about him. I can only say that he's the boss of the Time Section of the Paranormal Agency in the Future, the guy who lives for the people like Jimmy and friends from the past don't change too many the future.

Onnet: Alien with a Human Suit (Just like MIB's Aliens' ones ^^UUU) who has the obligation of take care of Young Jimmy and his young friends. He has a little secret about his past, especially because the guys in the time Section has a lot of respect to him and the Future Jimmy's Friends a lot of fear to him :P .

Edit: AHHHH!!!! A Yolkian O.O What the heck are doing that yolkian here??? Ok, he's Onnet original shape guys ^^!!! But don't worry for Jimmy and co, he's a Freelance Agent, and work for everybody who paid enough... and he has a big Honor Code! Trust me!!!!

Edit 2: Sooret: He's a Yolkian too. Ok, a lot of Yolkians here. His story isn't exactly too important for Teen Genius or Blasting Again and Double, so, I'm going to tell you anyway ^^: He was betrayed by his little brother (more exactly the middle one of three) in order to be the King of Yolkus (O.O :P). Abandoned without his capsule in a strange asteroid/planet, he was finded by the "Guy in the Chair" and sended to this planet. He acepted be a Agent in the Paranormal Agency in Earth (More about the Agency in I-don't-remember-number th chapter of Blasting Again and Double) and recieve in change a new capsule (The Human one, but it's a really good one) and a new home. In Teen Genius, he's the 2nd in charge of the Time Section. Maybe he's peaceful normaly, but he always search a chance of take his revenge.

Edit 3: You already knows WHO it's him... but, if you asked, he's the Scientific assesor and 3rd in charge in the Time Section. And, they are only 4 ^^

Edit 4: She's the 4th in the Time Section, and the reason is... the first two are the olders and the 3th is the only one who succefully understand how works the "Time Theory"... and they are only 4 :P Ok... but She always see the bright side: She has to keep her job into a secret (Just like the 3rd one) and is like be a super hero... Appart, you have time for have a "normal" teenage life and kick aliens and ilegal time travelers butts... the bad part of this is... she works with the family... and this isn't good at all...
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This is a pretty big art project I'm working on now, and I'm missing some characters from other cartoon shows. I'll probably move this to scraps, unless you don't want me to.

All characters seen are not mine.
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The FOP and JN (With a little DP touch) Cartoon Heroes All-Star Line Up:
Vibrating Lad, Burp Boy, Wonder Gal, and Dani Phantom.
Next picture will be Special Girl, Brain Boy, Invisible Sister, and Hawk Gal.

The song "Cartoon Heroes (Speedy Mix)", matches the picture of superhero kids.
Find "Cartoon Heroes (Speedy Mix) MP3 and click on the link.
The link should have that song: [link]
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Since Jimmy Neutron and The Fairly Oddparents have ended officially, I decide to make this power tribute.
Cleft (Timmy Turner), Brain Boy (Jimmy Neutron), Wonder Gal (Trixie Tang), Special Girl (Cindy Vortex), Invisible Sister (Libby Folfax),
Matter Muncher Lad (Chest McBadBat), Bouncing Boil (Elmer), Sanjay (Sonic Youth), Professor A.J. (A.J. Ibraham), Ace (Cosmo), Clefto (Wanda), Burp Boy (Carl Wheezer), Vibrating Lad (Sheen) and Hawk Gal (Veronica, not much of a superhero anyway).
Wonder Gal and Cleft kissing, Brain Boy sharing his feelings to Special Girl, who is being fighting over by Matter Muncher Lad, Professor A.J., Bouncing Boil, and Sonic Youth.
Reviews and Comments please! :)
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i've been away for too long ! i was so busy with preparation of my graduation show that i hardly have a chance to finish off the requests ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ
but now i am officially back and trying to get requests done .

this is a request done for :iconmetarix777:
it's Blossom-powerpuff girls
CIndy Vortex - Jimmy Neutron
and Toph - Avatar

i hope i've done it right, i'm quite pleased with the colouring despite the fact i hardly touched my tablet in these past weeks

let me know what you think ! (σ^▽^)σ
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During december, I'll be making christmas pic about the differents themes I drew during this year. This pic is about the nicktoons with a snowman. Hope you like it.

Danny phantom and Timmy Turner (c) Butch Hartman
Spongebob Squarepants (c) Stephen Hillenburg
Jimmy Neutron (c) John A. Davis
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