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Windows 8 Original New Metro Start Orb Classical with Glow Effect

··············Very soon ···············

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i made an update,with self instaling gadgets,
(now no need to paste and copy anything)
just instal gadget and done.
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Adium icons (6 icons in 128*128)

Hope you like it :)
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After a long time Ultimate Edition of 7zip is finally made public.
In this edition file type icons are remade with transparency support.
>New toolbar icons "KDE Oxygen 1.0" made by Luke Channings, [ [link] content=79046 ]
>Redesined SFX dialog with support for xp themes
>Brand new SFX icon made by me
>New 7zip icon, (found it on google, forgot who made it)
>Corrected file type icon
And some minor changes.

This is modified version of 7-Zip 4.65. Only UI were changed, working process is same as of 7-Zip 4.65.

I also made sfx icon based on giannisgx89 [[link] but didnot used it as it became blur in 48px although design was really inspiring and creative . This icons is avaliblable here: [link]

File type icons screenshots are available here > [link]

Future Updates will be available in my new blog [link] , once visit .
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NiwradSoft UxTheme Patcher modifies the uxtheme.dll system file to use 3rd party themes.

More info in this [link]
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:star: Imagepad :star:

Image viewer with the Ribbon touch

Version 1.0.2 - RC1 additional fix for x64 is here!
      Thank you supporters! :thumbsup:
      50+ :+fav: 1,900+ :below: 27 :points:

This software is released as free-of-use and can be shared too by the public without violating the terms, however, if you want to show the author some appreciation of his work you may
Greetings! If you want to support this project but don't have anything to donate
you can support by downloading from these mirror links.Show your support by simply clicking :+fav: and give feedback. :dance:


:bulletblack: Sorry again for the problem with associating GIF files, I'll work on that as well.
:bulletorange: To those who experience problems and crashes pls remove previous versions and redownload this updated version (1.0.1)
note me if problem is still there. thanks!
:bulletgreen: Fixed all possible issues causing a generic error to stop app from starting.
:bulletgreen: You can now view images from explorer using "Open with..."
:bulletgreen: External programs can now be associated with Imagepad giving you the flexibility to pass the image to your alternative viewer or editor with a few clicks.
:bulletgreen: Profiles are here to offer more customizations and more choices for our users.
:bulletgreen: Lots of other improvements.
:bulletgreen: Some bugs fixed & many more...
:bulletblack: Pardon me for the "delete" bug and "set wallpaper" incompatibility for some OS. I'll work on it on the next version.


:bulletgreen: Windows XP | Vista | 7
:bulletgreen: .NET 3.5 Fw (.NET Fw 2.0 unconfirmed?)
:bulletgreen: x86 | x64

:pencil: note : pls help me test this on your system if you have x64 system with .NET 3.5 Fw installed
and to those with .NET Fw lower than 3.5 (possibly 2.0) installed, please try if Imagepad will run in your system. note me. I am trying to make this app compatible as it can be.

How to

:bulletgreen: Set it as the default viewer manually
  • Right-click on desired image file (.png | .jpg | .bmp | etc.)
  • From the context menu, choose to "Open with..." > "Select program"
  • A dialog box will appear, browse the location of "Imagepad.exe" and check the "Set as default viewer for all file types" box.
:pencil: note : there is an issue associating gif files.

After long hours of coding and debugging I finally made two steps to completing my dream image viewer. :boogie:

Please :+fav: and feel free to comment! :woohoo:

~ Enjoy.
        © 2010 MAGNUMHEART
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this is a mod of moonwatcher's watercolor [link] replaced the orb with a 2D arrow. and replaced some of the colors.
All the icons are taken from
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File Status Icons
ZIP file includes all png files.
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'i' Love green and the Android Mascot, so this is what i came up with - after a days long work

'i'Desk Android

Logon Screen
> Background : Android 3 from Android Wallpaper Pack by Selvo

Desktop 1
> Visual Style: Soft 7 by AP GRAPHIK
> StartOrb : 'i'Android Orb Made by Me using iDroid Icon Pack by iirojappinen
> Icons on the Taskbar : Android Icon Templates by Bharathp666
> 5th icon : Plam re Notes Icon by Thiago
> Google Icon : Google Chrome Original Icon
> Taskbar Clock : A mod of New Simple Taskbar by bubble-qumm
> Today is Date : A Modification of TextItems From Omnimo by FediaFedia
> Mail and Weather : XYZ by Scott-Evo
> Etched Clock : Embedded by Johngreenwood
> Cover Art : Button-Pins Skin for CAD by Aikken
> Google Search : Sticky on The wallpaper
> Battery : Caruso Battery by Leuchtstoff
> Recycle Bin : AveDesk 1.4 PIDL Recyclebin Shortcut
> Recycle Bin Icon : Modded(by me) - Dark Concave Recycle Bin Icon by Gakuseisean
> Bottom Tab : Omega Tray by Leeheb
> Bottom Notes Taskbar : A mod of New Simple Taskbar by bubble-qumm
> Wallpaper: Modded(by me) Android 2 from Android Wallpaper Pack by Selvo

Desktop 2
Omega Tray Icons : Breathe by Benrulz
Last Google G icon: Extracted from Google's Chrome.exe

Desktop 3
> Google Chrome Theme : Robot Theme, inspired by AndroidTM by Roman Nurik

> Youtube Search : Fast YouTube Search by cleanrot

Desktop 4
> Libraries Icons : Modded(by me) - Concave by Gakuseisean

GDI++ used for overall font smoothing

Man this took me more time writing this, than making the desktop :p - enjoy
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Sorry for the delay fellas...had been busy.
So here are the PSD Templates for the Android icon set 2:

~If you do not find your favourite app. Plz tell me!!!~

The List -
1. Action Complete
2. Amazon MP3
3. Barcode Reader
4. Bluetooth
5. Buzz
6. Calculator
7. Car Home
8. Evernote
9. Facebook
10. Flickr
11. Goggles
12. Layar
13. mPhotoshop (2)
14. News
15. News & Weather
16. Opera Mini (2)
17. QR Code
18. Recorder (2)
19. RSS
20. Settings
21. Shazam
22. Skype
23. Tag Reader
24. Twitter (2)
25. Voice Dailer
26. Voice Search
27. Weather
28. Wi-Fi
29. Wikitude
30. Youtube

The PNGs are 600x600 px.

License: There is no license attached to this work. You are free to use them with or without modification.
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