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Please note that this article is not complete as it cannot contain the required images.  Please visit the associated journal to see the required images.

The Problem

You've had the idea, you've built your emotes, you've put them all together in an animated GIF which you upload for the world to enjoy. The comments start coming in; "Sweet", "Cute", Love it", "Why is it so slow?".  All well and good, apart from that last one.

So you take a closer look and either:
a) you scratch your head and think "it wasn't that slow when I built it"
b) you think it looks fine but other people are still saying it's slow

So what's the problem? The answer is Stupid Browsers.  Simple as that.  Our browsers are just rubbish at rendering fast animated GIFs.

The Theory

An animated GIF file consists of a number of image blocks, each with it's own control block.  The control block includes how long (in 1/100s of a second) the image should be displayed before moving on to the next image.

The GIF Programming Reference[1] has this to say about the frame delay:
Process each graphic in the Data Stream in sequence, without delays other than those specified in the control information.

Delay Time - If not 0, this field specifies the number of hundredths (1/100) of a second to wait before continuing with the processing of the Data Stream. The clock starts ticking immediately after the graphic is rendered.

All very simple, the rendering engine should simply wait for the specified delay before moving on to the next image.  No exceptions!  A delay of 0 should be interpreted as instantly displaying the next image and is of no practical use for creating animations. Some programs, JASC Animation Shop for example, will not allow a 0 delay. As each frame in a GIF can have it's own local colour map, some programs have even used the 0 delay to create static GIFs with more that 265 colours[2].

Imagine a series of animated GIFs that all show a progress bar.  These GIFs are identical except for the frame delay.   The first has a delay of 1/100 seconds, the next has 2/100, the next has 3/100, etc. When the first bar has finished the second should be half finished, the next only one third finished, etc.  If you took a screenshot you should see this:

Sorry, image not available in this news article

The Truth

So that's the theory.  After a number of people had mentioned problems with their animations being slower than they had build them, I decided to investigate and put together a test page containing the GIF progress bars described above.  I then loaded this test page into a number of browser/OS combinations to see what happened.  What I found was a remarkable example of piss poor programming.
  • Mozilla's rendering engine seems to have taken the line that, as screens cannot refresh faster than 90Hz, no one will ever use a delay of 1/100. So a 1/100 delay is changed to 10/100.  Not what you asked for.  Mozilla's answer to the 0 delay is to ignore the specification and use a delay of 10/100.
  • Internet Explorer is even worse.  Any delay less than 6/100 is changed to 10/100.  This is probably based upon the assumption that if 15fps is good enough for cartoons then it's good enough for animated GIFs.
  • Opera is the worst of all.  Every delay below 10/100 is displayed at 10/100.
  • Safari is the best as far as delay cropping is concerned.  It does crop below 3/100, but it crops to 3/100, not back to 10/100.

The figures below show screenshots of the test page displayed by various browsers on different platforms (this test page is available here - you may find this test works best if you download it and run it locally).

Sorry, images not available in this news article

Conclusions and Recommendations

If all the browsers followed Safari's example and just stopped making the delays faster then there would not be too much of a problem.  If you ask Safari for a delay of 1/100 seconds and it delivers 3/100 then the animation might not be as fast as you wanted, but it will probably be fast enough.  However, asking Internet Explorer and the Mozilla browsers for 1/100 and getting 10/100 is a significant problem.

So what delays should you use when animating GIFs?  Well never 1/100 or 0; imagine what would happen if one of the popular browsers decided to honour the 0 delay!  As over 2/3 of visitors[3] are using Internet Explorer I'd suggest not dropping below 6/100.  If you really need to go faster than that (and I have seen a few emotes that were stunning at 2/100 in Firefox) then make it clear on your description what browsers it is suitable for. If you're feeling generous then you could always provide an alternative IE version.


Never, never, never use delays of 0 or 1. Avoid 2 - 5 if possible.


2. Wikipedia's GIF entry describes True Colour GIFs
3. Browser share data provided by leSicilien
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Edit 3: Closing the giveaway 30 minutes early since I doubt anyone else will enter and I'm tired from performing at Honors Chorus. Winner will be announced tomorrow evening :D
Edit 2: More prizes have been added to see if more people will enter.
Edit: Since more people than I thought would enter, I'm adding 4 more small prizes

For this, there will be 13 winners.
Winner #1 will receive 250 :points:
Winner #2 will receive 200 :points:
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Additional winners!
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Winner #11 will receive 25 :points:
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Rules to Enter

:bulletgreen: Favorite this journal. You MUST favorite the journal or you won't have a raffle number! Note: Your raffle number will not be given to you due to some circumstances.
:bulletgreen: Comment on the journal. It can be anything from a simple hello or a joke. Anything at all.
:bulletred: Optional: Make a journal to advertise this giveaway. This is very greatly appreciated but is by no means necessary.

That's all!

The numbers will be chosen on Your numbers come from the favorite list and I will go through the list and pick the corresponding number

The more people that enter, the more winners there will be.

The contest will end on Friday, November 22th at 11:00 p.m Eastern Time. Good luck! I am a dummy!
  • Listening to: Amsterdam
  • Watching: Once Upon a Time
  • Drinking: Water
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Cherry Blossom Festival and Sakura Con!

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 10, 2014, 2:34 PM

Hey guys! It's con season again and I'll be at the Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco's Japantown this weekend (April 12-13th), and at Sakura Con in Seattle Washington the weekend after (April 18-20th). As usual, I'll be there with all of my prints, books, buttons, and cards! :)

My table location for the Cherry Blossom Festival is on the lower floor of the Japan Center, right outside the Kinokuniya book store entrance. For Sakura Con, I'll be in the Artist Alley at table 411. I was actually unable to get a table in time for this con, but a kind artist, mind-crash offered to share his with me :) We both look forward to meeting everyone and making new friends so come by and say hi! :D

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New Daily Giveaway!

Sat Jun 14, 2014, 10:24 PM
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Daily Raffle Giveaway

Every day, 10 points will be given to a randomly selected raffle participant. Want to join in? Simply follow the steps outlined below.

How to Participate

1. Include a message with my username in your signature (for example: "Get points at dATrade!"). Signatures can be changed from your Identity Settings page.

2. Comment on my profile page with #raffle to be entered into the raffle.

3. Make sure you do not remove the message from your signature. You will only be eligible to win the daily giveaway as long as your message stays in your signature.

4. Also make sure that you have a donation widget on your profile so that you can receive any winnings.

Please note that if you enter once, you'll be entered into all future raffles. ;)

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So I got a Premium subscription from :iconkelanich: and :iconatouchofmadness:  so many people sent their points this way and surpassed the amount I needed to. So, why not give one to someone else who needs a subscription, let's share the Points!

the only condition is that you are not currently on a premium subscription, and you tell me why you deserve it :D write something funny :D

GAVE 20 Premium memberships away, thanks for those who sent their points this way and those who posted in this journal!
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All our art needs a bit of love sometimes :heart:. Maybe this can be achieved by a simple motivational comment or a chat between people.
No one needs a downer if anything! And a simple cheer can be just enough to wash someone's bad mojo away!
I'm here asking you if you need a boost or if you know someone who's really in need of some inspiration/comments/attention/feedback?
Feel free to submit thumbnails in the comment section and make sure to add a reason or a specific interaction you're looking for.
This could be the right time to post a work in progress or discuss work methods! I will pick a few thumbnails from nice people to add to the journal too, so they'll stay on top!

Borus work in progress. by Suzanne-Helmigh
(a work in progress of mine, feel free to leave feedback if you have any :))

I cannot promise I will get to give back to all of you here as I have it hard enough to answer to all the comments I get.
But I hope that you will all pay it forward and not only post some of your work here but also visit other people's work to give them a boost!

It's how Deviantart used to be in the earlier days! And I promise you: giving to someone else will give you love in return.

I'm blessed to have such an amazing group of people like you to keep me going :D i'm sure you can find your new best artbuddie among each other too!


These are a whole bunch of journals for those who just need to read a bit to get inspired or reflect upon some issues. :hug:

The 5 bullshit myths of concept art.Concept art is getting bigger and bigger. More people know what it is nowadays, it gets shown in the media more often and more books get released. This automatically results into more people wanting to become concept artists. So many artschools are now creating special courses all towards game art or concept art. (Game art can also include UI design, 3D modeling etc.).
Yet it is a fairly new thing to most people and the idea of "becoming a concept artist" has grown rapidly over such a short time that a lot of people who are new to it seem to get a lot of misguide info. I am going to try to list this misguided info and direct you to the correct info.
(Again I would always advise you to do your own research and form your own knowledge and not just simply agree with what you read online, not from anyone, not from me. Even though i'm right ;) .. ofcourse. :P *wink *wink )
  Are you on the right track? + Fuck Talent!Am I on the right track?
This is a thing people often wonder and think it's a complicated to find out, but it is actually pretty simple. It's a different question you need to ask yourself based on different topics.
As for: Fuck talent! You'll find it if you scroll down :P
:bulletblue: Topic 1: Am I on the right track to becoming a better artist?
Does your work from today, look closer to your initial goal than your work from last week? (this needs to be both in skill and idea.)
:bulletgreen: Good skills: Honing your technique, training you muscle memory, being more knowledgeable about your tools and art rules. With art rules I mean: Perspective, form, light, texture, composition.
:bulletgreen: Good ideas: Storytelling, characteristics, charm, emotion and design. Not just making things look polished but also convey something more, something that brings it to life and speaks to pe
How to win Art-contests! (+ Caldyra winners!)Let me start by saying how incredibly happy I am with all these amazing and inspiring entries! This definitely calls for doing another such contest soon!
Most of you have really tried their best and it shows! I couldn't have asked for better or more, choosing the winners among these was already aching my brains.
This journal will show the winners and the special mentions but also a bit about how to higher your changes on winning contests (maybe good for the next one).
This was my contest for those interested:

How to win contests?!
The change on winning a contest always gets smaller based on the amount of people joining in, however this doesn't mean that your work will be diminished by the numbers.
Here is a list of tips and tricks to make sure that your work gets into the top 10 !
:bulletblue: Triple read the contest's description. Make sure you got every detail right.
In this case it was pretty important that the Skyworm loo
A big black hole called: Procrastination.Procrastination is an infinite cycle that becomes bigger and bigger the longer it's there and the time wasted being sucked into it is a dark matter of nothing.
:P hahah I figured this was the most dramatic way to put it, but yeah, it's real and it sucks.
For those who don't know what it means: Procrastination is the practice of carrying out less urgent tasks in preference to more urgent ones, or doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, and thus putting off impending tasks to a later time, sometimes to the "last minute" before the deadline.
We all suffer from procrastination. It is pretty innocent when you have it with household chores or packing your suitcase before you go on a holiday. 
But it becomes a serious problem when you do it with the important things in your life. I take it you're an artist if you're reading this and the biggest aim of being an artist is to be an even better one.
As shown in previous journals there are many
What do do as an artist in training.There are many ways to Rome they say. But I find most aspiring artists lost and asking me for guidance
and this is what I tell them.
Find out for yourself what you really want to do with art, there are so many different professions.
Graphic designer, Concept artist (mobile and high end), Illustrator of bookcovers, or card games.
Once you can make your pick, or at least pick 1 or 2 you must find the best work on the market in those fields. 
Find out what makes the best art of your favorite field the best art. What do they paint? How do they paint it? With knowing this you can find out about the things you need to study.
The most basic study aims are the following:
:bulletblue: Lighting.
What forms of light art there? And how does it influence things?
The book Color and Light by James Gurney will give you a lot of insight.
:bulletblue: Shapes.
How do you paint shapes? How do you light them the right way?
You will learn a l
Where to get started before you can apply for workThere is no such thing as suddenly knowing when you are ready to turn your
passion into your profession. But there is a way of measuring your chances on being
able to get work and eventually sustain a living from it.
Accepting commissions or freelance for low payment won't help you. You can think any penny counts, but it will lower the worth of your work and damage the market.
:bulletblue: How to measure that you are ready?
You probably have high goals, but they are usually not your first step. You must search out the clients who can be that first step. Often found in the card game industry, book cover illustrations and smaller game company's. 
Look at the artwork shown by a company such as the card game company: Fantasy Flight games. Compare your skills with the average of their artworks. If it matches yours, you will have a chance. However, keep in mind that those artworks had been done in a limited timeframe, usually within 12 hour
This is why you (and your art) get ignored.People often get the sense of being ignored in the art-scene, especially here online. We all try so hard to get our foot in the door, it's like trying to stuff yourself in an overfull bus like a sardine in a can.
Sometimes you just want to socialize with other artists you admire and you seem to be talking into a brick wall or perhaps you've send your portfolio to a company over a dozen times and still don't even seem to get the smallest response or feedback. I will try and tell you WHY you get ignored and HOW you can get noticed instead.
I will go through the following cases of being ignored:
:bulletgreen: Your comment.
:bulletgreen: Your art.
:bulletgreen: Your Portfolio.
:bulletyellow: Do know, that even though being ignored feels very personal it's hardly ever personal at all! 
:bulletblue: Your comment(s) gets ignored.
It happens ever so often. You notice an artwork or a discussion and you weigh in with your opinion or admiration, perhaps even some feedback? T
The problematic behavior of online artists.There is a bunch of things online artist do terribly wrong on a regular basis. Some of it might be directly aimed to you and some might be things you from others. 
:bulletblue: Way too little time spend on painting/practice.
:bulletblue: People making nit pick pointers.
:bulletblue: The extreme fuzz about labels and methods.
:bulletblue: Witch-hunting/ talking smack.
However I'd like to start with a totally opposite note:
This year I've also experienced great support from the art community for which I'm dearly grateful for.
:icontituslunter: got me an amazing birthday gift(video), made by him and fellow awesome artists:
And the support I've had this past week with the event of my sisters death has been incredibly helpful. (Thank you for all the donations, there are no more worries about money anymore thanks to you awesome people!)

:bulletred: (most of) You seem to spend way to li
Don't let the crap of the internet brainwash you.warning: This journal is my opinion and my view on things. I support open-mindedness and the possibility of anything.
The internet is full of it: People with strong opinions. Usually about 'how to do things' and 'how to absolutely not do things'.
Ask any given person this question: What is good art?
They will all give you a different answer and some of those answers are waaaay to specific for their own good.
Meaning they have a very specific view on what is good and see other work that does not meet up those qualifications as: bad, fake or cheating.
It is natural to have a preference toward certain topics or techniques when making art, but it's wrong to push those ideas upon others as a set of rules. (kinda like forcing someone into a religion)
Art should be a free medium for people to express themselves, even if this means their work goes against your standards or deems unpleasant for your taste.
(Child pornography, animal cruelty etc not included, there are limits to

The stuff that artists go through.There are so many pro's and con as to being an artist, professional or as a hobby. 
It feels nice to be able to express yourself through something you make and when that something turns out to be looking good we get this sense of accomplishment. 
Most of the time though there are bad feelings mixed with the good ones.
:bulletblue: Not being understood. Those moments where your friends or family does not understand that you have to desire to be alone and work on your art. Those copious amounts of hours you spend working and they wonder why you wouldn't rather be outside relaxing in the sun or hang out with your friends.
The only people who will ever fully understand this are other artists or simply very understandable people. It's important they they will eventually understand so there wont be any hurt feelings. Try to explain ti as calmly and rational as you can, perhaps with using examples in terms they  would understand.

  Overcome your unfair obstacles.We all have certain obstacles that gives us the feeling of: 'This is so unfair!.'
To me it's one of the most annoying feelings in the world because in general we don't really know how to deal with it. One little part of us says: 'Don't whine about it, you are just being jealous.' the other part of you tells you: 'If I didn't have this obstacle or disability I would rule the world!!'
So you bounce around  anger, sadness, hopelessness and envy. 
If you were just sad about something or simply angry it would be a lot easier to deal with, you cry or you just vent a bit towards a friend. 
But how to deal with he feeling of unfairness? 

:bulletblue: There are many things that can form this unfair obstacle for you.
Physical obstacles such as: MS, Lyme disease, Arthritis, Color blindness, missing fingers?
Mental obstacles such as: Depression, being a procrastinator (yes I'm naming it because it's a mental blockade that keeps y
Fast lane to becoming a better artist.I often get this very question: How did you get this good this fast?

Now as I consider myself not being as good as people tell me, even struggling quite often with being an artist in general. 
I do know how to get better and how to reach it fast. I'm still growing as I go and it's the main thing that keeps me going.
You need to get into the right mindset and the rest will follow. With the rest I mean:
1. Willpower.
2. Endurance.
3. Positive energy.
4. The NEED to draw.
:bulletblue: Seeing growth in your work gives you the courage to work harder. You know that feeling when you're just about done with an image
and feel like this image is better than your last one, that great feeling. Use it!
:bulletblue: Do studies! Lots of them!! Make film shot studies, live object studies, master-painting studies. They will teach you a lot about composition, lighting, colors, shapes storytelling etc. 
You will hardly notice that you are learning thing
Why it's so important to unite as artists.We are with many though yet we are with few. We're all divided over little subgroups such as, fantasy illustrators, concept artists, comic book pencilers, photomanipers, techartists, anime drawers, realism sketchers etc. You might even find your place at multiple sections.
I found that the biggest united groups on Deviant Art are mostly evolved around fan art, such as Sonic, or My little pony. 
Observations aside, I think the good thing about those groups is that they serve for companionship. Being an artist all by yourself with no one to share/talk about/discuss your work with can feel rather lonely. And that lonely feeling is not encouraging at all. Most of us  keep a lot of things taboo as well, like techniques or rates. If we were more openly with these the changes of being underpaid or missing out on a job because someone else does it for hardly any money at all will grow slimmer. People should know what they are worth and not be afraid to ask for it.
When I joined Devia
Are you being honest with yourself?As part of becoming good at something you need to be able to reflect upon yourself. Judge your own abilities and work and consider the possibility that what ever you have been doing it wrong all along. Or perhaps you're actually being to hard on yourself and you're better than your conscious is telling you. (This is bad too because it leads to insecurities.)

Signs that you might overestimate your current skills.
Do you often feel these things when you look upon work from good artists?:
I can totally do this too.
This is not so hard, I can do this faster.
My work is way more interesting.
It's not fair that this person gets way more attention than I do.
Why am I not being recognized for my skills.
This other technique is cheating! (photo-bashing, using reference, filters, effects etc)
I don't need to draw and learn all day to become this good.
I spend 2 hours on a painting, Masterpiece!!
Signs that you might underestimate your skills.
Do you ofte
When someone brings your art down...Putting our art out there makes us very vulnerable, especially when you've made something close to your heart. Perhaps something of your own fantasy, a story, a fan fiction your passionate about?
As much as most of us really want to improve, we also simply want to make art because we love it and when we share it there is a slight hope there is someone out there who will love it too.
There are all kinds of ways other people can bring you down by saying something about your art, or by doing nothing at all! Perhaps YOU are even part of making someone feel down and you're not realizing it!

:bulletblue: The harsh critique.
This person might want to help you or simply likes to bring you down. In either case this person will write in length about your lack of technique, uniqueness and/or skill. 
:bulletred: Respond option: Thanks but no thanks! Tell this person you appreciate the time spend on their post, but you rather hear constructive c
How to deal with or get feedback.Getting feedback or critiques may be hard for people.
Some people want it really bad but can't seem to get it, at least not from the people he/she is hoping for.
And other get it all the time but feel a little attacked or bullied by it.
Pretty much anyone with eyes and some intelligence is able to spot mistakes or irregularities in someone's work. This person doesn't have to be more skilled than you. 
However, this person... might be wrong.... 
:bulletpurple: How do you judge a critique?
You initially made your artwork according to the knowledge you currently have. Leaving room for mistakes in the elements you're not trained or knowledgeable in. Or perhaps you think you know something and you are not aware that it's wrong.
When someone gives you feedback, even though it might feel incorrect. Take a little time to do some extra research on the matter. 
:bulletblue: You can ask others if they agree with someone's  feedback.
:bulletblue: You can search online (wit
So tired of not achieving what you want?So tired of not achieving what you want?

Everyone has something they really want dearly, a career, to have a certain loved one, to be able to make certain things...
The most common one among us artist are:
- I want to be able to draw better
- I want to be able to draw like "this"person.
- I want to earn money with my drawing.
- I want to be able to draw what I imagine in my head.
- I want more people to appreciate my art.
- I want more feedback from artists I admire.
- I want more..
- I want better....
All this wanting.. dreaming of... hoping for.
How about doing it!! With these sort of "wants", it's a matter of DOING IT!
How? You ask?
There are many ways, but the usual and only answers to those desires are: 
- Spend the most time you have on drawing/painting.
- Go and ask people for help, it is okay to do so!
- Look at that amazing artwork and try and figure out how this person made it, perhaps he/she will tell you? Perhaps this person has made a video or tutoria
Avoid getting ripped off by a client.As a freelancer most of your business takes place online, which makes it really easy
for people to rip you off. How many times have we seen the following scenario's:
1- Someone offers a descent payment for your artwork but wants you to do an art-test first.
after the art-test you're being told you're not good enough. Later you find out that other people
got to do different art-test topics and also weren't good enough. The client clearly ripped people off to get free artwork.
2- Someone offers good money for your artwork. The sketch gets approved so you continue working. Right when it's done the total image suddenly becomes a great disappointment and the client ends up not paying you.
These were just 2 examples of situations that happen a lot to freelancers. There are many more like it.
:bulletblue: How to detect if a client is a bit fishy...
Does their email address look professional? Some legit people may use their Gmail address, with their real name or nickname, those are questionabl

The emotional shield that prevents hurt.Being an artist = Being sensitive.
We all know it. Making something and then showing it out there makes you very vulnerable, emotionally.
What if people think it's shit? What if they think it's weird... what will they think? Will that reflect on how they think of me as a person?
I know what some of you are thinking right now... 'You should care less about what people think of you or you art.'
In a sense you are right.. than again, you SHOULD care what people think of you and your art! They are your market and potential clients.
It's easier when you're already doing your dream job and couldn't care less for other potential directions... but most of us will always stay interested in new opportunities.
They= Everyone who see your personality and/or artwork.

Being an artist = Being lonely.
Artists of a certain type tent to stick together. Industry veterans seems to ignore the public eye and the internet fully. Some artists in the making clut
Being a miserable artist = being a bad artist.I recently felt it being one of the most important things, not just for an artist; being happy with what you do. No one wants to get up every morning thinking.. shit .. another work day. Of course there can be days, maybe even a full week of that, but the majority of your time you should be feeling content and happy even.
With that lack of love and enthusiasm it is most likely reflected into your work.

Now it's not always your own fault that your work doesn't make you happy and doesn't feed your creative monster. But it can be in these cases.
You make your OWN workday miserable when:
:bulletblue: If you don't speak your mind and stand up for your opinion and values.
:bulletblue: If you're not open minded regarding feedback and new techniques.
:buletblue: If you don't aim for improvement. (though aiming for perfecting all the time can be stressful)
:bulletblue: when you allow yourself to work under stressful circumstances for too long.
These are
Timing fucking matters.Time does a lot of things, it makes you older, it gets you to places, it never stops going forward. However you control when and how you use it!
Everyone makes choices on a daily bases, most of them are actually done with your auto-pilot function out of habit.

Most people usually sit in the same spot on the couch, chooses what to wear based on previously made combinations and so on, unless they consciously become aware of their action and might decide it's time for a change. It can be a small thing that makes people aware of their options
You can count that pretty much every person out there works like this and YOU often depend on THEIR choices.
My point of this journal is saying: Use this in your advantage!
Time can be compared to a diet. Eating to much bad stuff will make you unhealthy and feel bad, while eating healthy things will keep you going and feel good. So time can either make you feel stuck in one place, maybe even going backwards (ageing already does that for you) or
Things I learned at: The Industry Workshops 2014Holy shit amazeballs... this past weekend....
But let me start of by shortly telling you what the industry workshops actually were.
(The artwork in this journal are from some of the lecturers.)
:bulletblue: What is: #IW_14?
The Industry workshops took place last weekend August 29 to 31 2014, at 2 venues both located at Hoxton Square, London United Kingdom.
It was organized and hosted by a group of industry professionals in the fields of concept art, matte painting and illustration in film, games and freelance.
Let me name the people that profited the lectures and demo's from 10 in the morning to 8 in the evening, ending with a 1+ hour QA session as seen on the picture below.

(Not in the same order as the picture)
Alex Brady, Alex Heath, Alex Negea, Andrei Riabovitchev, Björn Hurri, Dave Neale, emrah elmasli, Jama Djurabeav, Jon McCoy, Jonas De Ro, Kan Muftic, Levi Peterffy, Mark tompkins, Nadia Mogile
When inspiration is far to be found...We all get these anoying times when we really want to make something cool, get inspired and work that magic. We see everyone around us (online) do it, but how come we are not?
So we look for ways to get inspired, we ask around, find these usual answers: go watch a film, listen to music.. take a walk...
But even when we do that, we still end up stuck most of the time.
Part of the solution is knowing WHY we get stuck and this is my theory.

:bulletblue: ADT - Attention Deficit Trait.
'Experiencing an inner frenzy of distractability, impatience, difficulty in setting priorities, staying focused and managing time. Those are our biggest enemies as they all end up cluttering your head and keeping you from spending quality focused time on a singular topic.
Everything we do now a days is based around multitasking and it is giving us a constant overdose of information. Let me elaborate.
How many of you travel daily by public transport and don't look away
Taking your art to the next level in 2015!I am taking my art to the next level in 2015, who's with me?
I want to fall in love with art all over again. Going through the painful process of growth as the art-bones stretch and your creativity get's set loose after wondering if you had any creativity at all!
2015 marks a new year and a new start, make the most of it and don't start it unprepared!
Here follows a list of things I'd like to do in 2015. You could call it a bucket-list. You can copy mine or make your own, but this might give you some ideas for yourself.
:bulletblue: 1. Going through all the fundamentals all over again.
It has been a few years that I studied any fundamentals and they seem to be lost somewhere in a dusty corner of my brain. I will buy: Books, video's, classes and study it by drawing or painting the knowledge I get from this. After doing so I will discus the topics with some fellow artist friends and see if they have feedback or perhaps anything to add that I might have missed.
Here is a
The manic mania when you're Arting.Whenever you create something you go through various stages before it is finished (if you want to finish it that is, not all artwork is meant to be finished.) I've noticed that these creative stages that you go through in that small time period of just one artwork is a manic type of emotional storm.
Funny enough, being artists also means you're probably a more sensitive person than most.
This following stage story is based on my own experience. Yours might be completely the same or perhaps you encounter different emotions thought he development stages. They are sort of placed in order, but you usually don't experience all of them in one artwork. (or do you?)

:bulletblue: 01 The brewing stage.
You got this idea in your head of the thing you want to make. It is not a completely clear vision, but you slowly get worked up and cannot wait to get started working on it. Sometimes if it takes to long for you to get started (procrastina
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Draw my OC Contest [Open]

Thu Jan 15, 2015, 2:06 PM

Edit: FREAKING SHIZ, I messed it up again, Dammit. Good thing stash is here to save the day, yay...
Yay, I'm holding another contest *Free Icon/Emote* Molang (I Love It!) 
as always, here are the prizes

Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem 

First Prize

Trophy Emote 2 400 points 
Trophy 3 head shot
Trophy 2 waist up
Trophy  1 Chibi

Second Prize

Trophy Emote 2 250 points 
Trophy 2 head shot
Trophy 1 waist up
Trophy 1 Chibi

Third Prize

Trophy Emote 2 100 points
Trophy 1 head shot
Trophy 1 Chibi

Honorable mention

Trophy Emote 2 50 points
Trophy 1 Chibi

Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem 

Seizure Bullet This contest is always open for donations Seizure Bullet 

Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem 

Chica Eyebrows Chat Emoticon RULEZ Chica Eyebrows Chat Emoticon 

Seizure Bullet Everyone can enter, just comment that you'll join and you're in! 
Seizure Bullet You may enter as many as you want but you'll only win once
Seizure Bullet Don't be rude to other contestants
Seizure Bullet Your entry must be new and must only be for this contest
Seizure Bullet You can draw more than 1 character (you may also add your OCs)
Seizure Bullet You can use a base, just please credit the creator. although this will lessen your chance of winning.
Seizure Bullet Can be in any form of art (Digital, Traditional, Cosplay, etc.)
Seizure Bullet If this contest get less than 3 entries, it will be cancelled.
Seizure Bullet You will get +100 points if you make a journal about this contest, only if you win, I'm not rich, sorry... (This is only for first place.)

At last, the rulez are finally finished. now here are the characters you'll draw

Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem 

Blue Gem Pink Gem Character reference Pink Gem Blue Gem 

EC stands as Eye Color, in case you didn't understand what I meant heh..

Xavier Xavier (new) by XxCuT3MUrd3RxX EC: Green (L) Red (R) (He always wear a dark scarf. gas mask is optional)
Rey Rey by XxCuT3MUrd3RxX EC: Scarlet (wears any kind of hoodie as long as the color is black and blue stripe, you may also draw him with bunny ears)
Andrew Andrew by XxCuT3MUrd3RxX EC: Brown (Loves pandas, draw him with any panda equipment and or clothing)
Vehiron Vehiron by XxCuT3MUrd3RxX EC: Magenta (Loves wearing anything that has a tie (tux, suit, etc.) the Christmas hat is optional)
Vie Vie by XxCuT3MUrd3RxX EC: Purple (Loves chainsaws, always wears clothing that covers her entire body)

If you have any questions regarding the characters, please don't be afraid to ask.

Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem 

Your chance of winning might increase if...
Seizure Bullet Draw more than 1 character
Seizure Bullet Have a background
Seizure Bullet Moe style..? (I guess o3o)
Seizure Bullet Make them look badass (lol)

Seizure Bullet Drawing style/Technique 
Seizure Bullet How you draw the character's clothing
Seizure Bullet Atmosphere 
Seizure Bullet How accurate you got the character (Hair style, eye color, etc.)

Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem 

Some useful information:
Xavier is the silent-type (rarely smiling and stuff)
Rey and Xavier are twins (Identical. except for their eye color)
Andrew and Rey are best friends
Vie is that energetic-stubborn-tsundere-like-type
Vehiron is the shy-type
Andrew and Vie always annoy each other
Rey loves sweets more than anything (will not eat if it's not sweet)
Vie is a yaoi fan La la la la 
Vie and Vehiron are siblings 
uhm... What they all have in common is that they all love gore.

If you want to read informations about these characters, you may read it here:  Story Writing Contest! 800points prize+Arts (open)Wave  Hey guys! Hi!  I'm holding another contest, but not a drawing contest, a writing contest! Love 
I guess there's not much to say about this so...
:supereyecancer::happehwinner: PRIZES!!!:happehwinner:Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2]
First Prize
Trophy Emote 2 400 points 
Trophy 3 head shot
Trophy 2 waist up
  1 Chibi
Second Prize
 250 points 
 2 he
 (You may also join this contest, it has the same prize Wink/Razz )

Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem Purple Gem 

Contest deadline is February 1st 2015


:icondream-of-sprits: :iconyamisaibot: :icontwittershy: :iconbeeeesart: :iconrufflemoon61562: :iconderichan13: :iconwafflebits: :iconxx-oriart-xx: :iconbeast2kingz: :iconkillergirl1425: :iconjec-chan: :iconartsusaurus: :icondespairotaku: :iconacumenashi: :iconhowlforlife: :iconvampineko: :iconohmypumpkin: :iconblackjudgement: :iconwolfbecca: :iconadelinestreet:

*Free Icon/Emote* Thank You Pusheen  Entries here

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Names You Can Trust

These accounts have proven they donate back to the community,
if you need points or would like to donate points we suggest you try them first.

TrustedPointAccount02 by ZoroKingofSwords

:icondahub: :iconhelp-donate-points: :iconmake-punch: :iconpointcollector: :icondapointtrade: :iconpoint-master-pete: :iconpointsewerywere: :icontransmitingpoint2you: :iconxxpointseverywherexx:

On Hiatus

:bulletorange:Note: HIATUS status can only last 3 months after which we must hear back from you either that you will be active again or need more time off. This is so we know you have not forgotten about your account. If we do not hear from you, your account will be moved to the "Inactive" section of the Black List until further notice.

:star: Want To Be On The List? Follow these rules: :star:

:bulletgreen: Must be a point donor account.

:bulletgreen: You must be active on DA for at least 2 months.

:bulletgreen: Note us with this info:

- Main Account Name: (This will not be made public)

- How long you've been on DA:

- Any other Accounts?:

- How often you donate:

- Links to 10 accounts you have donated to in the last month.
(Must be able to see you have donated to them)

:bulletgreen: Wait for us to reply

Disclaimer: If you find an account on here which has done something bad (I feel like I'm lecturing a child) please send us a note with the account name and evidence of their wrong doings.
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Requests Round 3: Closed

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 24, 2015, 12:09 AM

I like how a lot of these requests came after I already came home from the con lmao

Okay I'll do a stream later today or tomorrow for you guys.

Yea Yea I'm doing this again.
So I'm gonna be at a CON tomorrow and I wanted to do some sketches.

So what I'm going to do is sketch for a few people and maybe color it in.

I'm more likely to color it in though if it's a canon character request though haha.

so it would look like this then.

++Vinyl In Style++ by Syico

Here are the rules


  • Must be watching me
  • Share this journal stating requests
  • Make sure its a NEW JOURNAL souly for this request journal (I don't care if you find it pointless to make one just for this, if your too fucking picky about this then get out)
  • Be sure to leave a reference of the character you want drawn
  • And most importantly which people always over look 1 character only
  • ALSO NO REQUEST IS GUARANTEED. Don't throw a fit and try to fight with me cause I didn't get to your request out of the several other I probably got mk.

:heart:Thanks! Anyone who gets a request will probably be noted.:heart:

FanClub :iconsyicopony-fc:
Art by Brishii
Journal Skin by xBeautifulDreamerx
Commission info
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Attention!! There are still about 28 people left that can get 50p (as of tonight January 24th)

<div class="video"></div> 

Alright guys, to make a long story short: go to that video, like it on youtube, comment on the video, make a journal about this giveaway with the link to the giveaway, and then return here and tell me that you commented and state your youtube username. The first 200 people to comment get 50 points each.


1 random winner is awarded either 200$ usd through paypal or 16,000 dA points.

1 random winner is awarded either 100$ usd through paypal or 8000 dA points

1 other random winner is also awarded either 100$ usd through paypal or 8000 dA points

End Date: February 15th (Winners Are Selected)

In order to ensure that this thing remains organized, I am going to try to answer all of your questions here before you ask them:

FAQ: How is the winner determined?
Answer: I am going to use a raffle and coin toss to determine the winners.

FAQ: How exactly do I join?
Answer: Follow these steps:

1. Like the video

2. Comment on the video

3. Make a journal about this giveaway with a link to the giveaway in it (mention me in the journal)

4. Come back here and tell me you entered and state your youtube name

FAQ: Can I enter without a youtube account?
Answer: No. Unfortunately, my friend.

FAQ: What if I am in the first 200 and I don't get my points?
Answer: Tell me pal. I usually respond to the confirmation comments in the order that I receive them. If I respond to your comment and no points end up in your account, I owe you money and you need to tell me. It's really that simple. :)

FAQ: Can I cheat the system?
Answer: Maybe. Do so at your own risk. If I catch you cheating in any way, shape, or form, or I suspect that you skipped one of the steps, I will quietly remove you from the giveaway and you won't stand a chance at winning the prize. Have some integrity. I want to get what I want out of this and I want everyone to have a fair shot at winning this prize. I have to have integrity to host this and ensure payments. So you should have the integrity to follow the rules.

FAQ: When will your other Giveaway end?
Answer: Friday. I will add the thumbnail of that journal here and announce the winners specifically on that journal.

(Closed) Winner Announced
1st place 500 points @NightFury1096 Featured By Owner        
2nd place 300 points @Vaalkaaren Featured By Owner        
3rd place 200 points @K0NP3ITO-SKY
(The first 60 people have already entered so there is no longer a get 10 points just for entering prize going on) Who hasn't gotten their 10 points yet?
To enter, comment on the above deviation that I just commissioned. I want to know what everyone thinks of it. And fear not everyo

FAQ: Can I leave a negative comment
Answer: Of course. It will not hinder your chance at winning the giveaway. What I am looking for in comments is really anything that comes to your mind. If you liked it all or thought it was good, great! If it wasn't your thing then it just wasn't your thing. I use a pro cameraman and studio so everything should look and sound right. Please watch the video in 1080p (high definition) if you can.

FAQ: Why must we make a journal? 
Answer: I need this to go viral pal!

Now, I am very busy tonight and must sleep soon because I STILL GOT THE DUMB DAY JOB, so it may take me a while to start processing the 50 point entry pay-outs.

Also: I am not a positive rapper. Do not allow my words to influence you. Do not turn into a gangster or a rapper just because I am this way. If you are a girl, do not put up with a dude who calls you all the bad words in the book that you may see me use throughout this thing. Furthermore, understand that most criminals and gangsters are 75 percent garbage.

A note about the people in the video:
There is a scene with 5 of us:

Guy on the far left: My best friend. He works for the street department and makes 40k a year. He is not a gangster. He prefers the cultured life and high class things.

Guy on the mid left: Cool guy that I met on the day of the video. He is supposed to fight someone 2morrow so pray that he does not get shot or stabbed. The disagreement seems petty to me and I want to go and knock his opponent out but my gf is whining that I get involved in too many street battles that have nothing to do with me and I should let it be 1 v 1. I might go 2morrow if I'm off work and we'll see what happens but if the other dude talks too heavy I am going to beat him down.

Guy on the mid right: The neighborhood tough guy. He has the Napoleon Complex so if you are taller than him he may feel the urge to prove that he is physically superior. He enjoys proving himself in 1 v 1 fights and I've seen him get stabbed in the chest before. Luckily, he survived.

Guy on the far right in the santa hat and skull mask: Young 19 year old who I convinced to get a job and stop doing crime. I told him that instead of continuing to be street gangsters we can just make music videos and get paid to act out what we normally do. He is very paranoid but he is getting better at coping with it. One half of his original gang is in prison, and the other half are good for nothing bums that are content with being losers. He tells me that I saved him. Unfortunately, he got fired from work and has probation fines from an old conviction, meaning he might go back to jail. Youngins these days....

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