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Hello Deviantart!
:iconcrescentmoon96: was holding an OC showdown contest and it was such a cool idea. I decided to do a similar contest. 

EDIT: Only Pony OCs and humans. I opened it up to humans because I know people who only draw humans
*Your OC's can be your own original species
*Please do not be rude to me or any other contestants
*EDIT: The maximum amount of OCs you can enter is 3
*Put "Dream" in your comment if you read the rules

How to enter:
*Fav this journal
*Promote this journal
*Link your journal and a reference to your OC in the comments 
*You don't have to, but a watch would be very much appreciated :)

How this contest will go: 
There will be certain rounds. 
The first round will judged on talent(the talent of the drawing)
The second round will be judged on creativity(creative characters)
If there are a lot of entries, there will be a third round

EDIT: If your OC doesn't make it to the next round, I'll have another round where you can draw your OC(doesn't have to be the same one) with one of mine. If you make it, you go to the second round.

I might have trouble with judging, so I might ask some of my friends to help me. If I ask you, send me a note with the people you think should win. I don't want people to know anything before the final desision.

First place:
*30 points
*A breeding between 2 characters(Canon characters or OCs)
*2 customs
*2 drawings of your OCs
*3 pixel dolls/sprites from The-Insane-Puppeteer
*2 shaded digital headshots from The-Insane-Puppeteer
*1 traditional fullbody from The-Insane-Puppeteer
*3 shaded digital head shots from Ivystorm54
*2 shaded digital half bodies from Ivystorm54
*1 traditional full body from Ivystorm54

Second Place: 
*10 points
*1 breeding foal
*2 customs
*A drawing of your OC
*2 pixel dolls/sprites from The-Insane-Puppeteer
*1 shaded digital headshot from The-Insane-Puppeteer 
*1 tradition half body from The-Insane-Puppeteer
*2 flat color digital head shots from Ivystorm54
*1 shaded digital half body from Ivystorm54
*1 traditional half body from Ivystorm54

Third Place: 
*5 points
*A breeding foal
*A custom
*1 pixel doll/sprite from The-Insane-Puppeteer
*1 flat color digital headshot from The-Insane-Puppeteer
*1 tradition headshot from The-Insane-Puppeteer

Pegasus and Unicorn Couple by actualcheetah
OC Pegasus Reference Sheet by actualcheetah
Costa Rica and Bloody Horror by Bluesplash1
Shuffling Shades. by PonyPortal
Grave Dancer as pointy pony. by PonyPortal
Dezmond. by PonyPortal
Oc new designs-boys by firstarfan20
Glitch ref by firstarfan20
venom by firstarfan20
Fierce Glare by AnglaFireFlare
Gentle Flame by AnglaFireFlare
Happy Hearts and Hooves Day by digimonlover101

You're just a handsome bubblegum boy~ by PinkieasPonyArtist
Keep smiling!~ ^w^ by PinkieasPonyArtist
Firenze by boregarde
Alex by PaintTasticPony

I don't have much to offer, so if you could offer anything for prizes, I would appreciate it a lot.

If 10 people or more don't enter, then I will cancel the contest, because I want a lot of entries

EDIT: You are aloud to enter drawings that aren't drawn by you, but they probably won't win because you didn't draw them

I can't wait to see your entries!
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Please note that this article is not complete as it cannot contain the required images.  Please visit the associated journal to see the required images.

The Problem

You've had the idea, you've built your emotes, you've put them all together in an animated GIF which you upload for the world to enjoy. The comments start coming in; "Sweet", "Cute", Love it", "Why is it so slow?".  All well and good, apart from that last one.

So you take a closer look and either:
a) you scratch your head and think "it wasn't that slow when I built it"
b) you think it looks fine but other people are still saying it's slow

So what's the problem? The answer is Stupid Browsers.  Simple as that.  Our browsers are just rubbish at rendering fast animated GIFs.

The Theory

An animated GIF file consists of a number of image blocks, each with it's own control block.  The control block includes how long (in 1/100s of a second) the image should be displayed before moving on to the next image.

The GIF Programming Reference[1] has this to say about the frame delay:
Process each graphic in the Data Stream in sequence, without delays other than those specified in the control information.

Delay Time - If not 0, this field specifies the number of hundredths (1/100) of a second to wait before continuing with the processing of the Data Stream. The clock starts ticking immediately after the graphic is rendered.

All very simple, the rendering engine should simply wait for the specified delay before moving on to the next image.  No exceptions!  A delay of 0 should be interpreted as instantly displaying the next image and is of no practical use for creating animations. Some programs, JASC Animation Shop for example, will not allow a 0 delay. As each frame in a GIF can have it's own local colour map, some programs have even used the 0 delay to create static GIFs with more that 265 colours[2].

Imagine a series of animated GIFs that all show a progress bar.  These GIFs are identical except for the frame delay.   The first has a delay of 1/100 seconds, the next has 2/100, the next has 3/100, etc. When the first bar has finished the second should be half finished, the next only one third finished, etc.  If you took a screenshot you should see this:

Sorry, image not available in this news article

The Truth

So that's the theory.  After a number of people had mentioned problems with their animations being slower than they had build them, I decided to investigate and put together a test page containing the GIF progress bars described above.  I then loaded this test page into a number of browser/OS combinations to see what happened.  What I found was a remarkable example of piss poor programming.
  • Mozilla's rendering engine seems to have taken the line that, as screens cannot refresh faster than 90Hz, no one will ever use a delay of 1/100. So a 1/100 delay is changed to 10/100.  Not what you asked for.  Mozilla's answer to the 0 delay is to ignore the specification and use a delay of 10/100.
  • Internet Explorer is even worse.  Any delay less than 6/100 is changed to 10/100.  This is probably based upon the assumption that if 15fps is good enough for cartoons then it's good enough for animated GIFs.
  • Opera is the worst of all.  Every delay below 10/100 is displayed at 10/100.
  • Safari is the best as far as delay cropping is concerned.  It does crop below 3/100, but it crops to 3/100, not back to 10/100.

The figures below show screenshots of the test page displayed by various browsers on different platforms (this test page is available here - you may find this test works best if you download it and run it locally).

Sorry, images not available in this news article

Conclusions and Recommendations

If all the browsers followed Safari's example and just stopped making the delays faster then there would not be too much of a problem.  If you ask Safari for a delay of 1/100 seconds and it delivers 3/100 then the animation might not be as fast as you wanted, but it will probably be fast enough.  However, asking Internet Explorer and the Mozilla browsers for 1/100 and getting 10/100 is a significant problem.

So what delays should you use when animating GIFs?  Well never 1/100 or 0; imagine what would happen if one of the popular browsers decided to honour the 0 delay!  As over 2/3 of visitors[3] are using Internet Explorer I'd suggest not dropping below 6/100.  If you really need to go faster than that (and I have seen a few emotes that were stunning at 2/100 in Firefox) then make it clear on your description what browsers it is suitable for. If you're feeling generous then you could always provide an alternative IE version.


Never, never, never use delays of 0 or 1. Avoid 2 - 5 if possible.


2. Wikipedia's GIF entry describes True Colour GIFs
3. Browser share data provided by leSicilien
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This week's Site Update is a little different from usual in that we don't have any publicly visible changes. However, it's for a good reason. Our Devious Technology team is at a staff retreat! During this retreat, they're discussing our features, conducting hackathons, and creating prototypes for new features.

What's New

Welcome to Holiday Headquarters 2013!

We're happy to announce the return of deviantART's Holiday Headquarters! Follow the Holiday HQ article each day to discover deals and special offers throughout this holiday season.

Important Notice About Account Security

There was recently an incident on another website, completely unrelated to, that resulted in account email addresses and passwords for that site being leaked online. While the information was not deviantART-related, your deviantART account may be at risk if you use the same email address and password for multiple sites. To protect your deviantART account, we strongly suggest that you change your password.

Your Feedback

Thank you to those who commented on last week's Site Update! It was great to hear about the deviants you are thankful for, and even more so to see deviants interacting in the comments!


DeviantART Scripts & Hacks

When browsing deviantART, do you use any user styles or scripts to alter the appearance or function of particular areas of the site? If so, what do you use, and why do you use it? Are there any "hacks" or tricks you use that most people are probably not aware of?

Lightbulb Have a suggestion, idea, or feedback? Leave a comment here!
Lightbulb Check out a list of common suggestions!
Lightbulb Want to keep track of known issues? Check out our Status Forum!
:bug: Find a bug? Report it to the Help Desk! (Be as detailed as possible!)

This week's Site Update includes the launch of Holiday Headquarters, an important password reminder, discussion, and more!
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dADroid: Automate your dA routine

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 30, 2014, 6:09 PM
:bulletgreen: dADroid (online - beta)
Developer: DRSDavidSoft

Please note: I would like to know your opinions, ideas, suggestions, feedbacks and comments on this project. - Also if you are a software developer like me, please let me know

3D Render: dADroid Crystals by DRSDavidSoft

:bulletblue: Do you miss messages left on your profile, or notes to you?
:bulletblue: Do you wish you could get an e-mail when a specified deviation shows up on your message center?
:bulletblue: Do you give llamas/watches/faves on a regular basis?
:bulletblue: Do you thank whoever gives you a llama randomly by returning another llama, or even leaving a message?
:bulletblue: Do you use points accounts like :icondahub: dAhub?
:bulletblue: Are you tired of checking the "newest" list every often, and giving llamas and/or watching deviants one by one?
:bulletblue: Or are you a points account owner?
:bulletblue: And you are would like to automate the points transfer process, but you don't have time or skill to write a bot yourself?

:bulletgreen: Then dADroid is here for you!
By joining the dADroid grid, you can automate your daily tasks, be relaxed and browse dA arts. dADroid will do the job for you. It will automatically:
- Thank people who have gave you watches/llamas/faves by sending a random comment from a specified list (plz accounts are also supported.)
- Send a welcome message when a deviant joins your group
- Return llamas to whoever have given you one
- Get you points :points: from points accounts, by giving watches/llamas/faves

o If you are a points account owner, dADroid can: o
- Find out if a specified deviant has watched/llama'd/faved a list of other deviants
- Manage how many deviants s/he has given, calculate and process the amount of points s/he earned
- Give the points to them on a regular basis or immediately

:bulletred: How does it work?
After logging-in to dADroid, you'll see the configuration page.
You can set different rules for dADroid. For example, you can set a rule for it to check the newest dAhub's watches/llamas/faves list, set a rule to automatically give llamas to users who have gave you watches/llamas/faves or enable the automatic welcome and thanks messages.
Once every couple of minutes, dADroid will go online and read your configurations. It checks what requests needs to be done, gathers the required information from :deviantart: DeviantArt, processes the data, and replies the data, including commands, back to the dA servers.

:bulletred: How to join?
The dADroid bot is at the beta stage at the moment.
Many parts of the source code is being written right now.
Please leave a comment on this journal and watch DRSDavidSoft for future notifications.
You'll be notified when the project is online.

:bulletred: I have an idea! / I have a request.
Please let me know if you have a suggestion or request. I am open to any good and useful idea you might have.
Just ask for something, and I will write the code for it! :D

:bulletred: I want to test the Project now!
:bulletred: I am a Programmer / Software Developer
You can join the dADroid test team by noting DRSDavidSoft.
Your feedback and comments are highly appreciated.
If you are a software developer, feel free to join coding the project. It will help debugging and finishing the project way more soon.

* dAhub modules would only work for verified accounts.
** Your account would still give watches/llamas/faves, only it would be automated by the bot, and not done manually by you (i.e. pressing the "Give" button).

Thanks for all the great and encouraging comments!
I have decided to finish this project and make it online for everyone.

If you are one of these haters, no hard feelings, alright? Just ignore my project.

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!2 Contests! (Extended)

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 6, 2015, 12:08 AM



2 days left xD


So, you have one month more! :D


Would you like more time guys?



If you have made any entry/will make, be sure to mention me, and if I haven't faved it, link it here! There's been many times the mention system hasn't worked right c:

1. Draw my OCs Contest

You've got to draw any OCs of mine ^^

The rules are pretty simple:

:bulletgreen: Anything accepted! Any style, any type, everything! (but no +18 please ;v;
:bulletgreen: Be creative and take your time! I'll extend it if needed.
:bulletgreen: You can submit as many entries as you want!

My OCs are in my page

(If you're confused about the eyes, CMs etc, ask me)

2. Best Buddies Contest

Simple - Draw an OC of mine with your OC! 

:bulletgreen: Same rules as above

:About the prizes:

So, the Senpai is a bit low on points and has bad at art xD

Though prize donations are super appreciated 

Right now, the prizes are:

 For the 'Draw my OCs Contest'


100 :points:

3 Free Commissions

FROM BlazingRivers 

A Blink Hanging Pony Icon

A Headshot Painting  

FROM LittleFlowerDash 

A Pointy Pony

A Vector

FROM ZeraTheZebra 

Free Commissions

FROM MelodyHeartArtist 

Free Requests

FROM darkangle66 


Hybrid of 2 Ponies

 For the 'Best Buddies Contest'


100 :points:

3 Free Commissions

FROM BlazingRivers 

A Blink Hanging Pony Icon

A Headshot Painting  

FROM LittleFlowerDash 

A Pointy Pony

A Vector

FROM ZeraTheZebra 

Free Commissions

FROM MelodyHeartArtist 

Free Requests

FROM darkangle66 


Hybrid of 2 Ponies

Deadline: July 1st 2015 

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This Giveaway is now closed to entries. Winners have been announced! Thank you to all who participated!

Yea, so I have points. A lot of them.

I don't want that many.

Don't ask, just accept. Why? Because you could be the benefactor of this.

I only have one rule, spread the word. Write a journal linking to and advertising this one. That's it. No watching, faving, or llama required. (Tho I wouldn't mind a llama, and of course I'll be giving you one back. Deal with it. ;) )

Here's how this works. You write a comment on this journal that links to your journal. After 1 week, I will select 4...that's right I said 4 lucky people to win the membership.
I will write a comment in one week indicating the stopping point for comments. I will then count the entries, and use a random number generator to draw 4 numbers. I will then count comments backwards starting at mine (the one directly under my comment will be 1, the next 2, and so on.) If the number drawn lands on your comment, and includes a link to the journal you posted, YOU WIN! :)

Now the prizes!
The very first person drawn gets 1 year!
The second person gets 6 months!
The third person gets 3 months!
And the fourth gets 1 month!
So, yes, the order I draw them matters.

And with that, good luck to everyone!

And this is it! Your winners are... (drawn with
Drawn First: Number 55! Midnightthecat13 Redeemed!
Drawn Second: Number 4! XIIIHOUNDS Redeemed!
Drawn Third: Number 25! XxHeartlessHaleyxX Redeemed!
And Drawn Fourth: Number 25 again! xD
Well, we want to spread the love here, so I'll redraw that...
Drawn Fourth (version2.0): Number 66! supersexyghotmew95 Redeemed! (gifted)
However...I'm feeling generous, so I'm going to give away 1 more 1 month Membership
Drawn Fifth: Number 34! Brightberry Redeemed! (gifted)

And that's it folks. Thank you so much for participating. Congratulations to the winners! For those that didn't win, check back occasionally, as I'll probably end up doing one of these again eventually. ;)
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So we've been long speculating that the iMunk/Call Me Maybe designs were going to be the ones used in the new TV Show...we finally get confirmation...and some pretty awesome sketches. <3 

I don't care what anyone says...I adore these designs. They are far from being as cute as the 80's designs, but I think they are PRECIOUS either way! 

Alvinsnewdesign by DeadlyNova

We also now have a release date...2015! And a new name, too! ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks!

I'm very excited. <3

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(Sorry this took so long to be posted, it took longer than I thought it would be to type all of this ^^; I also had work this morning and I accidentally took a nap after I got home from work.)

(Anyway, please read the whole journal entry to understand why you were mentioned on here to if you were mentioned)

Hey guys and gals, mares and stallions, it's me, Loving Brony, and I just wanted to tell you all what I would like to do with our OCs in this journal entry here.

To be honest with all of you, before my idea of the pony hug vectors, there was something else I originally wanted to do at first. In fact, this was something I always originally wanted to do ever since I joined deviantart back in December 2012, but during that time, I couldn't even draw digitally and I could only traditional art, and I didn't know anyone on dA during the time and I didn't have a pony OC during the time either.

Anyway, the thing I always wanted to do was make a comic/fanfic series using my pony OC(s) and other people's pony OCs as well. I'm still deciding whether I should improve my writing/typing skills and make it a fanfic series, or improve my digital drawing skills to make it a comic series. If it's a fanfic, then each part will be faster to make and there will be longer parts to it, but I honestly it would be kind of boring to make it a fanfic with no pictures. If it's a comic, then each part will take longer to make and each part of it will be shorter, but I think it would be fun to make it a comic, but I would have to really have to improve my drawing skills to make them comics.

But, possibly, I'm going to make it a comic series because comics are more fun to make and read then fanfics (in my opinion). :D

Those previous vectors with my OC in it, were just practices on drawing my OC for my comic series.

Since I have really improved my digital drawing skills and I know a lot more people now compared to me in 2012 and I finally have an OC, I'm going to go ahead and make this comic series I've been dying to make for almost 3 years. :nod:

Anyway, the comic series will be called "The Lovable Misadventures" and it's about an uncharted area in Equestria called "ORIGINIA" (It's called that since our OCs are going to be in that area and "ORIGINAL" characters) and it will star my OC Loving Pony as the main character of the series.

And since ShutterflyEQD has made an OC for himself and people want to ship my OC and his OC together as best buddies, I'm going to go ahead and confirmed his OC as the other main character of the series.

Yep, so the two main characters of the series will be Loving Pony and Shutterfly.

Also, for all of your OCs, they will be the minor/background characters of the series. :D

Please keep in mind, that your OC may not be in every single part of my comic series and some of your OCs may make an appearance later on in series. 

When I call your username, your OC has been confirmed to definitely be in the series, only if you agree to have it in my series, so comment saying "yes, I would love to have my OC in your comic series." if it's okay to have your OC in my comic series, and the limit of how many OCs you can have in my comic series FOR NOW is only ONE:

:iconloving-brony: (Loving Pony)
:iconshutterflyeqd: (Shutterfly)
:icongraytyphoon: (Arzon)
:iconlaceysurprise: (Lacey Surprise)
:iconpinkyshy101: (Bubblegum)
:iconapplebirdie: (Silent Song)
:iconsourcerabbit: (Film Flick)
:iconhamithequeen: (Llama Hooves)
:iconshimmer: (Shimmer Shine)
:iconthetrans4master: (Novel Wright)
:iconkaruilknight: (Crumb Chaser)
:iconequestrianwonders: (Paint Paw)
:iconsilvergiraffe140: (Vivid Splash)
:iconthemidnightstars45: (Minty F.)
:iconkunoichipikachu: (Aero)
:icon1shocktherapy1: (Viginti)
:icontherandomjoyrider: (Green Rider)
:iconartypaints: (Arty Paints)
:icondominic11: (Evening Daze)
:iconhucklberri: (Actina)
:iconegondalatz: (Night Breeze)
:iconshadowjake159: (Blue Flare)
:iconwholetthemonstersout: (Unbridled Rage)
:iconflaamez: (Spectra)
:iconhero-mode: (Hero Mode)
:iconmarkicorn: (Mark)
:iconcrona123456: (Cinnamon)
:iconlonewuf: (Lead)
:iconxquavier-the-umbreon: (Moon Flyer)
:iconponieswithcarsrule: (Ruby Recluse)
:iconendlesswire94: (Endless Wire)
:iconenderartmc: (Ender Glimmer)
:iconhavoxrage: (Havox)
:iconthenfspkmnbrony11: (Silver Flare)
:iconmsvixengamer: (Ai Iro)
:iconenkue: (Blue Runner)
:iconkatherinemm: (Honey Sprinkles)
:iconchrodiachangeling: (Chrodia the Changeling)
:iconlilhickson: (Feather Tails)
:iconaquashy: (Carnival Buttons)
:iconperttiperuna69: (Jacky)
:iconrachelcop: (Rachel)
:iconcasimusprime: (Titan Rider)
:iconcowardlyconqueror: (Skylar Watson)
:iconglitch-sketch: (Glitch Sketch)
:iconthunderflash101: (Thunder Flash)
:icontwittershy: (Shyfly)
:iconstingrae-art: (Rapid Fire)
:iconloadpersona: (Script Quill)
:iconarterialblack716: (Justice Armor)
:iconpizzaponypastastuck: (Sugarmoon)
:iconzeldafand: (Controller Skies)
:iconvectorest: (Blue Storm)
:icondigitbrony: (Digi Teku)
:iconpixiecreations: (Pixie)
:iconjeffjr1085: (Cool Tempered Helper)
:iconsteampunksalutation: (Chocolatte)
:iconfluttershiny: (Flash Venture)
:iconcreeppastaqueen666: (Marionette)
:iconsondowverdarkrose: (Sonic Boom)
:iconmlpsketchesandfanart: (Sugar Blossom)
:iconmastergraveheart: (Plot Line)
:iconsevenequalsoneheart: (Baby Blue)
:iconpegasismcg: (Lunar Glow)
:iconivancrysis: (Twister)
:iconicemountaindragon505: (Ice Mountain)
:iconpinkieparty0613: (Orange Blossom)

And there will be more...

If your username/OC wasn't on this list, please tell me in the comments below that you want you OC in my comic series.

If your username/OC was on this list and you don't want your OC in my comic series, please let me know ASAP.

The comic series will be split into episodes where the episodes will be split into parts.

I'm just going to call Episode 1 "The Lovable Misadventures: The Pilot Episode"

Just to tell you all that Part 1 of Episode 1 will only have Loving Pony and Shutterfly in it. It's going to start where Loving Pony meets Shutterfly on a train while they are on their way to Originia because they're both moving into that town to meet new ponies. That's basically Episode 1 Part 1 of the comic series in a nutshell.

Episode 1 Parts 2-4 is when Loving Pony and Shutterfly made it to Originia and we're greeted my new ponies, which will be your OCs. (Half of you will have their OCs introduced in this part because if I do everyone's at once time, I would have to make each slot of the comic very, very small. So, it wouldn't work out really well, plus I already that some of you will have your OCs make an appearance later on in the series)

Also, I want you all to please describe your OC's personalities:

Here's my OC Loving Pony for example:

Name: Loving Pony
Nickname: Lovey
Personalities: Very kind and loving, Defective, Energetic
Talent: Love
Likes: Exploring, meeting new ponies, Everypony bascially
Dislikes: The dark, rude ponies, when ponies mess with his friends
Favorite Food: Strawberry Jam (I have some ideas on why he likes Jam for my series)

Well, I hope you all like my idea of making a comic series of our OCs. :D

I'm going to see what all of you think of my comic series idea first before I start making it. ;)

Thanks for reading! :iconfluttershywinkplz:

Bye! :bye:

-Loving Brony :iconloving-brony:
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Journal Entry: Mon Oct 7, 2013, 7:24 PM
Alvinnn And The Chipmunks by DeadlyNova


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DEADLINE - 31st July 2012. TODAY

SUBMISSION ENTRIES ARE CLOSED. We will be back with you shortly.

SUBSCRIBE to the Omegamunks' YouTube Channel here to get First Hand Information on Future Contests and a First Look at New Official Songs! None of that " Raise Pitch by 100 " stuff. -…


We need someone to take on the 1980s Category. There are many awesome 80s songs out there! Most of the Music from the 80s is better than today. Just our opinion.. But yes.

Be sure to have your submission up as soon as possible. There may be a Prize Increase in the Future!

New Entries are allowed.

Join Our Group, Watch This Group for Updates and Fav this Blog to show your Support!

You CAN also go with Solo Singers!

Be sure to also spread the word among your Friends! If they end up winning, They will certainly be very grateful to you!

Just tell them to say that they referred you and you may even win a few points yourself!

Example Of Songs [ Performed by Tim and the Chipmunks a.k.a The Omegamunks ] - - Take On Me [ Track 3 ] - Flux [ Track 49 ] - Hungry Like The Wolf [ Track 53 ] - The Final Countdown [ Track 59 ] - Marry You [ Track 61 ] - Accidentally In Love [ Track 66 ] - Accidentally In Love (Alternate Mix) [ Track 67 ]


You may only enter ONE OC Band at anytime. You can choose to change the Band to another however.

You may post only ONE Entry.

You may NOT try to enter through Multiple Accounts. Trust us. We will know.

Please be wary of explicit content in your songs. These kinds of songs are allowed but don't go too extreme, Ok?

If you use Images in in your Videos that are NOT made by you then please give credit to the original artist.

NO " Official Alvin Simon Theodore " or " Official Brittany Jeanette Eleanor " [ Example - :iconarrowsorroworton: ]. You will be forbidden from entering the Competition. Show some creativity and, For goodness sake, Be ORIGINAL, Please!

OCs = Good.

Rip Offs [ :iconarrowsorroworton: / :icontheofficialalvin: etc. ] = BAD.

You can either sing the song yourself or use the official version [ Sung by the Original Artist ]. Just be sure to add " Copyright " etc.

Entries will be judged on the Song Editing / Creating and Video Content. Overly Mature Images are forbidden [ That stuff shouldn't even be on YouTube anyway. ]

Any questions or concerns? Post a Comment!


Tim - Hey there! Tim Reville here. Leader of Tim and the Chipmunks.. Or The Omegamunks. Whichever you fancy. Bringing you a BIG Update!

We're going to host a Competition.. The Battle Of The Bands!

Think you can win it?

You can pick between any of these Categories -

1980s Songs

Theme Songs [ Cartoons, Movies etc. ]

What's New? [ Latest Songs Out ]

Just say what category you want to join in [ You can change at any time but only before you have submitted your Entry ]

The Winners of each Category will get 35 Points each, Their own Album Cover made just for them and the option to make FireFox design me ANY Outfit. Wait.. What? I mean .. Yes.. Make me.. Any outfit. Great ... *Turns red* Anyway..

Feel free to make a Video on YouTube and post it here. Or upload the Song to and note us a Link If you are shy!

Judge Positions - Full.

Judges -


Prizes -

50 Points For Each Winner

Your Very Own Profile Doll With An OC Of YOUR Choice -

Examples -

Tim Reville Profile Doll by FireFoxOmicron

Your Very Own Album Cover -

Examples -

Standard : TRJ - Presenting The Omegamunks Album Cover by FireFoxOmicron

Bright : Tim and the Chipmunks - Take On Me by FireFoxOmicron / Tim ATC - Take On Me Alternate Album Cover by FireFoxOmicron

Dark : Tim AT Chipmunks - The Sun Always Shines On Tv OLD by FireFoxOmicron / Tim ATC - The Sun Always Shines On Tv Album Cover by FireFoxOmicron

Club : Tim and the Chipmunks - Flux by FireFoxOmicron

Mystery : Tim and the Chipmunks - Hungry Like The Wolf Cover by FireFoxOmicron

Party : Tim and the Chipmunks - Marry You Album Cover by FireFoxOmicron

Concert : Tim an Chipmunks - The Final Countdown Album Cover by FireFoxOmicron

Happy : Tim ATC - Accidentally In Love Album Cover by FireFoxOmicron

Have a Outfit made just for Tim. :iconteheplz:

Tim's Outfits / Costumes Part 1 -

Tim's Outfits / Costumes Part 2 -

Usually, There are limitations to the Outfits. But the Winners are are allowed to go unrestricted. Just don't go for pure nakedness.

An Image drawn of the Band that won in their Category, With a Trophy and their Album Cover. [ NEW! ]

Entries -

Band Names - Members - Category - Owners


CATEGORY - What's New?

Cookie - Cookie - What's New? - :iconemilyzolanski101:

Received Entry! -…


Tyler's Anti-Munks - Tyler Monty, Maximillian Monty, & Micheal Monty - What's New? - :iconrenee-ketchum:

Received Entry! -…


The Austramunks - Austin, Rox, & Nitro - What's New? - :iconqalaxybutt:

Received Entry! -…


The Munizettes - Cynder, Beckedy, & Meera - Whats New? - :iconsnowymarriner:

Received Entry! -…


Kodie and the Rocksockerz - Kodie, Koby and Kipper - What's New? - :iconxskipperbirgissonx:

Entry Received! -…


The Fabettes & The Swagmunks - Flare, Jazz, Pepper, Spark, Jake and Rocky - What's New? - :icon1cartoonlovinfreak12:

Entry Received! -…


CATEGORY - 1980s

None So Far.


CATEGORY - Theme Songs

Avery N the Hipettes - Avery, Shime, & Tayla - Theme Songs - :icontaylathecountryette:

Received Entry! -…


Pyroettes - Aiden, Damian, Blaize, Venus, & Ember - Theme Songs - :iconronniebear812:

Received Entry! -…


The Mahoettes - Jade, Allie, & Same - Theme Songs - :iconkairiaka:

Received Entry! -…


The Icmunk & The Fireette - Landon & London - Theme Songs - :iconmagic-creative-mind:

Received Entry! -…

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