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Please note that this article is not complete as it cannot contain the required images.  Please visit the associated journal to see the required images.

The Problem

You've had the idea, you've built your emotes, you've put them all together in an animated GIF which you upload for the world to enjoy. The comments start coming in; "Sweet", "Cute", Love it", "Why is it so slow?".  All well and good, apart from that last one.

So you take a closer look and either:
a) you scratch your head and think "it wasn't that slow when I built it"
b) you think it looks fine but other people are still saying it's slow

So what's the problem? The answer is Stupid Browsers.  Simple as that.  Our browsers are just rubbish at rendering fast animated GIFs.

The Theory

An animated GIF file consists of a number of image blocks, each with it's own control block.  The control block includes how long (in 1/100s of a second) the image should be displayed before moving on to the next image.

The GIF Programming Reference[1] has this to say about the frame delay:
Process each graphic in the Data Stream in sequence, without delays other than those specified in the control information.

Delay Time - If not 0, this field specifies the number of hundredths (1/100) of a second to wait before continuing with the processing of the Data Stream. The clock starts ticking immediately after the graphic is rendered.

All very simple, the rendering engine should simply wait for the specified delay before moving on to the next image.  No exceptions!  A delay of 0 should be interpreted as instantly displaying the next image and is of no practical use for creating animations. Some programs, JASC Animation Shop for example, will not allow a 0 delay. As each frame in a GIF can have it's own local colour map, some programs have even used the 0 delay to create static GIFs with more that 265 colours[2].

Imagine a series of animated GIFs that all show a progress bar.  These GIFs are identical except for the frame delay.   The first has a delay of 1/100 seconds, the next has 2/100, the next has 3/100, etc. When the first bar has finished the second should be half finished, the next only one third finished, etc.  If you took a screenshot you should see this:

Sorry, image not available in this news article

The Truth

So that's the theory.  After a number of people had mentioned problems with their animations being slower than they had build them, I decided to investigate and put together a test page containing the GIF progress bars described above.  I then loaded this test page into a number of browser/OS combinations to see what happened.  What I found was a remarkable example of piss poor programming.
  • Mozilla's rendering engine seems to have taken the line that, as screens cannot refresh faster than 90Hz, no one will ever use a delay of 1/100. So a 1/100 delay is changed to 10/100.  Not what you asked for.  Mozilla's answer to the 0 delay is to ignore the specification and use a delay of 10/100.
  • Internet Explorer is even worse.  Any delay less than 6/100 is changed to 10/100.  This is probably based upon the assumption that if 15fps is good enough for cartoons then it's good enough for animated GIFs.
  • Opera is the worst of all.  Every delay below 10/100 is displayed at 10/100.
  • Safari is the best as far as delay cropping is concerned.  It does crop below 3/100, but it crops to 3/100, not back to 10/100.

The figures below show screenshots of the test page displayed by various browsers on different platforms (this test page is available here - you may find this test works best if you download it and run it locally).

Sorry, images not available in this news article

Conclusions and Recommendations

If all the browsers followed Safari's example and just stopped making the delays faster then there would not be too much of a problem.  If you ask Safari for a delay of 1/100 seconds and it delivers 3/100 then the animation might not be as fast as you wanted, but it will probably be fast enough.  However, asking Internet Explorer and the Mozilla browsers for 1/100 and getting 10/100 is a significant problem.

So what delays should you use when animating GIFs?  Well never 1/100 or 0; imagine what would happen if one of the popular browsers decided to honour the 0 delay!  As over 2/3 of visitors[3] are using Internet Explorer I'd suggest not dropping below 6/100.  If you really need to go faster than that (and I have seen a few emotes that were stunning at 2/100 in Firefox) then make it clear on your description what browsers it is suitable for. If you're feeling generous then you could always provide an alternative IE version.


Never, never, never use delays of 0 or 1. Avoid 2 - 5 if possible.


2. Wikipedia's GIF entry describes True Colour GIFs
3. Browser share data provided by leSicilien
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Hug a Deviant Day

Thu Mar 27, 2014, 1:51 PM
Today is a hug a deviant day! I thought about organizing another journal for it but instead utilizing the mentions feature. 

Since 2010, this project has been running! :la: A journal started by WorldWar-Tori that can be found here and recently updated here:heart:

The idea is simple! Go and tag any of your friends, family or somebody who you want to brighten their day and give them a big, fat hug! :tighthug:

Everybody deserves a hug on "Hug a Deviant" day! 

Hug a Deviant by alexskyline
Show your appreciation by favoriting the journal so more people can see and share some love! :+fav:

For those of you who do not know how to tag. I'll teach you. 

For username tags.
Type :devusername: to get username.

For icon tags.
Type :iconusername: to get :iconusername:.

Now what are you waiting for? Go give some people some hugs! :la:

If you're reading this journal, you just got a big hug from me!

 :bighug: REVAMP 

Even if you're late that doesn't mean you can't hug anybody! Hugging somebody you care about shouldn't have a set date! :tighthug:

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Cherry Blossom Festival and Sakura Con!

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 10, 2014, 2:34 PM

Hey guys! It's con season again and I'll be at the Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco's Japantown this weekend (April 12-13th), and at Sakura Con in Seattle Washington the weekend after (April 18-20th). As usual, I'll be there with all of my prints, books, buttons, and cards! :)

My table location for the Cherry Blossom Festival is on the lower floor of the Japan Center, right outside the Kinokuniya book store entrance. For Sakura Con, I'll be in the Artist Alley at table 411. I was actually unable to get a table in time for this con, but a kind artist, mind-crash offered to share his with me :) We both look forward to meeting everyone and making new friends so come by and say hi! :D

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Edit 3: Closing the giveaway 30 minutes early since I doubt anyone else will enter and I'm tired from performing at Honors Chorus. Winner will be announced tomorrow evening :D
Edit 2: More prizes have been added to see if more people will enter.
Edit: Since more people than I thought would enter, I'm adding 4 more small prizes

For this, there will be 13 winners.
Winner #1 will receive 250 :points:
Winner #2 will receive 200 :points:
Winner #3 will receive 150 :points:
Winner #4 will receive 100 :points:
Winner #5 will receive 100 :points:

Additional winners!
Winner #6 will receive 25 :points:
Winner #7 will receive 25 :points:
Winner #8 will receive 25 :points:
Winner #9 will receive 25 :points:
Winner #10 will receive 25 :points:
Winner #11 will receive 25 :points:
Winner #12 will receive 25 :points:
Winner #13 will receive 25 :points:

Rules to Enter

:bulletgreen: Favorite this journal. You MUST favorite the journal or you won't have a raffle number! Note: Your raffle number will not be given to you due to some circumstances.
:bulletgreen: Comment on the journal. It can be anything from a simple hello or a joke. Anything at all.
:bulletred: Optional: Make a journal to advertise this giveaway. This is very greatly appreciated but is by no means necessary.

That's all!

The numbers will be chosen on Your numbers come from the favorite list and I will go through the list and pick the corresponding number

The more people that enter, the more winners there will be.

The contest will end on Friday, November 22th at 11:00 p.m Eastern Time. Good luck! I am a dummy!
  • Listening to: Amsterdam
  • Watching: Once Upon a Time
  • Drinking: Water
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3-month premium membership GIVEAWAY

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 4, 2014, 2:41 PM
Winner is :iconroxyielle:!
Thank you to all who joined! I hope it wasn't my last giveaway!^^

Hello my dear watchers and visitors!^^

Since I noticed that many deviants don't have a premium membership, I thought of giving one away! x3
In other words: I will pay a 3-month premium membership for one fellow deviant!! :la:

Rules: Everyone is allowed to take part!
Fave this journal, it's your raffle number! That's it!^^
Winner will be picked randomly on 9th June at 8 pm (CET) and will get a message from me!

Optional: You are allowed to link some of your friends or idols as icons here!^^
Do some advertisement for them! x3
I will not reply to these postings or else it would look messy.

Good luck and have fun!^^

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Hello everybody! ^w^
I decided to do a Halloween contest! :3 Task for participant will be a little bit unusual and, I hope, so interesting for everyone x3 But firstly I will say about winners and prizes!



Common prizes:
  • First place - 150 points
  • Second place - 100 points
  • Third place - 50 points

Special prizes:
  • Creature that contains the LARGEST amount of pieces of the Halloween - 50 points
  • One random participant - 10 points
  • 10 random featured people - 5 points
  • Everyone who makes an journal - 1 point (ony 10/31/2013-11/01/2013 23:59 GMT -4)

After reading this, perhaps you think: "Creature... largest amount... pieces of the Halloween... what? o.O"
Well, now about task! ^w~



How much things you associate with a Halloween? The most likely It's a pumpkins, candies, candles, ghosts, bats, vampires, so much other different monsters and creepy (exept a candies xD) things. So how about a creature that will consist all of this? For example it's will be vampire with werewolf's legs and with a tail at the end of which is a candle, also on his head will be pumpkin with a spikes like an Frankenstein. How many pieces of Halloween you count? Vampire, werewolf, candle, pumpkin, Frankenstein; amount of Halloween's parts: 5!

So, your task is: be creative and make a creature that contains as much as possible pieces of Halloween!

Example (5 pieces):
[Example] For Halloween Contest by Alisenokmice



  1. Your work may be a digital or traditional art.
  2. Your creature can't consist of your own species monsters! Only already exist and popular monsters can be used! The monsters from modern films are not accepted (their amount is very large) ^^ Something more classic~
  3. You must submit your work in our "Halloween Contest 2013" folder.
  4. Be sure you link back to the contest in the description of your work!
  5. Also in the description you must write how much pieces of the Halloween in your work and list them. Please, do it! This is very important!
  6. Of course it's must be 100% your work. No bases/linearts!
  7. Only 1 work from person.
  8. It's may be adoptable if you want. :D
  9. No 18+, please!
  10. Have fun! ^^



Gold Donators (100+ :points:)

:iconalisenokmice: :iconkingvhunter:

Silver Donators (50-99 :points:)


Donators (1-49 :points:)



:iconalisenokmice: :icontoastermadness: :iconitachigirl21: :iconchibi-adopts-4-u:  :iconmaar3ro: :iconpandorarose22: :iconmicsart: :iconmissiodemphia: :iconfireflarepony: :iconryuu-ou: :iconpikiachewisaninja: :iconkisasohma10: :iconsp00kthedredgewolf45::iconliel08:

Would be featured? So make a journal (in your profile) and write about this contest or donate for future contests! So many thanks to you if you did it!!! ^.^ I remind that 10 random featured people can win 5 points!

Donate a points to my account (Alisenokmice) with "For contests" notice.

Good luck and THANK YOU SO MUCH! x333



November 10, 2013


:icontoastermadness: :iconterrlble: :iconliel08: :iconnahemii: :icononikage108: :iconchibi-adopts-4-u: :icongerda-d: :iconyournightmareawaits: :iconhumbumblehazel: :iconminoraspatchworkart: :iconsophalone: :iconmaar3ro: :iconmicsart: :icon8birdie8: :icongsdpuppypaws: :iconpandorarose22:

And I'm so sorry for my bad English ;n; I made this entry ~4 hours. Please, correct me if I made ​​a mistake >.<
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WE GOT FOUR ENTRIES! :squee: That means we qualify for the first place prize. Winner will be announced in two weeks. Go here to read the entries.

EDIT: Added link to a dA formatting guide! Ctrl+F "new" or skip directly down to the guidelines. 

UPDATED JUNE 24: New deadline is July 31st!

It's simple. Write a story about three pre-selected characters travelling in your original world. Let them explore. Let yourself explore your world through their eyes. After the characters of your novel leave a scene, does it still exist without them? Of course it does. Now's the time to show it.

Quick Links
:bulletblack: Rules
:bulletblack: How to Enter and Submit
:bulletblack: Criteria for Entries
:bulletblack: Deadline
:bulletblack: Prizes
:bulletblack: Premise and Characters
:bulletblack: Logistics
:bulletblack: Guidelines
:bulletblack: Summary of Events

1. Submissions must be at least 3000 words. No max word count, but please don't make me regret that. Chances are the characters aren't going to be able to explore the entire world, so try to keep it cohesive. It should not be broken into multiple chapters, but multiple entries are allowed. However, you'll have to come up with a reason why they've returned to that specific world.

2. All genres are welcome, but obviously the contest is geared toward speculative fiction.

3. All ratings are welcome with proper warnings and filters within dA's guidelines.

4. Because I'm the only judge, entries must be in English. Spelling and grammar count (see criteria).

5. Submissions may be uploaded to deviantart, livejournal, or fictionpress. However, you must credit me for the characters and link back to this contest wherever you have uploaded it.

6. Cannot use previously created work. Cannot use universes not created by you. However, you can create a world specifically for this challenge if you wanted.

7. And obviously no plagiarism or blatantly ripping off another world. For clarification, if you read Harry Potter and decided to create a world around a school for magic, that's inspiration. If you read Harry Potter and decided to create a school for magic where there are there are four houses that compete for points and students are separated on the whim of a talking hat, that's blatantly ripping off another world. 
-If you think another contestant has violated this rule, send me a note with proof. They will be disqualified automatically and I will help with reporting them. Attacking that contestant without contacting me and/or without proof will only result in your own disqualification. 

How to Enter

:bulletgreen: Favorite this journal to state your intent. Anyone can enter. You do not have to ask to enter. If you ask, I'm going to assume you haven't read this and say no. 

How to Submit

:bulletgreen: Comment on this journal with a link to your story by the deadline. No link, no entry. If you upload at 11:59 and comment at 12:01, it doesn't count. :saddummy:
:bulletgreen: The comment can include a short blurb (under 50 words) about the world they're entering to entice anyone reading the comments to click, but it's not necessary.

Criteria for Entries
:bulletblue: The story (was it interesting and engaging?): 30%
:bulletblue: The characters (how accurately are they portrayed? -the characters were created specifically for this challenge. I do not have any preconceived notions about how the characters should be beyond what is written down): 30%
:bulletblue: The world (does it stick to its own internal logic? Is it unique and creative?): 30%
:bulletblue: Grammar and spelling (there are dictionaries, spellcheck, and people out there who offer beta services, so don't try to make me feel bad for wanting to read something intelligible): 10%

June 30, 2013, 11:59 EST (if 10% request an extension, then the new deadline will be July 15, 2013, 11:59 EST)
Deadline is now July 31st. I won't be able to read the entries until after that, so that means more time for writing!
However, if I receive 50 submissions, I'm just going to close it for obvious reasons. (It probably won't get to that, but just in case)

:bulletred: Satisfaction? /shot

:bulletred: 1st place (must have at least four individual deviants submit an entry)
150 :points: 
Feature of winning story and any pieces involving this world the winner chooses 
Two (2) colored full-body sketches
A oneshot (2000-5000w) OR a fully-colored chibi OR a fully-colored half-body normal style

:bulletred: 2nd place (must have at least eight individual deviants submit an entry)
75 :points: OR 50 :points: and a ficlet (under 500w) 
Feature of winning story and any two pieces involving this world
A colored headshot OR a colored full-body sketch OR two uncolored full-body sketches

:bulletred: 3rd place (must have at least twelve individual deviants submit an entry)
25 :points:
Feature of winning story and one other piece involving this world
A full-body sketch

:bulletred: Honorable Mentions
Not sure if I will have these, but if I do, they will receive a colored sketch headshot and feature of winning story.

:bulletred: Point prizes may increase. Prize donations are welcome. Donators can also participate.
:bulletred: If there are 10 or fewer participants, all participants will receive a sketch headshot. If there are more than 10 participants will choose the ten who will receive a sketch headshot. 
:bulletred: Anyone who wins anything from me (points, art, etc.) will receive a note, so it's not necessary to watch me for contest updates (unless you want to).

Niselise, Olix, and Arc travel to multiple worlds in pursuit of knowledge, money, and friendship.

Olix, Arc, and Niselise by imaginary-rose (pixel image created by Kutori)

The Archivist, nicknamed Arc: An ethereal being, he exists between worlds without a world designation. He's socially awkward, but has a strong desire for companionship. Before he found the other two, he had existed with another being. One day, it disappeared and he took to travelling cross-dimensionally in search of his friend. Eventually, his loneliness got to him and he took on a corporal form so that he could interact with people. He can't stay in a corporal world for an extended period of time without resorting back to his ethereal form, so he began just visiting worlds and recording information about them. If a world discovers the multiverse, he'll visit and see how it works out, but if the multiverse "forces" itself on an unprepared world he'll remedy the intrusion. 

He closed a rip in a world after a trans-dimensional creature tore through it, only to discover an injured Olix after the fact. He took him to a multi-dimensional house to recover and Olix decided to stay. Later, a hole is ripped in another world and he quickly patches it up. Unfortunately, he hadn't realize it was a (wo)manmade hole, which would be considered the world's first foray into discovering the multiverse. He tries to extract himself, except Niselise invites herself along. During this time, Arc had continued to search for his friend, but Niselise insists they all get to explore the multiverse. For the most part, Arc lets the others walk all over him without complaint. However, he will take a stand if he believes they will have a significant impact on a world's history or if he believes he has found a clue to his friend's whereabouts.


Olix, pronounced Ollie: comes from the world designated: IR3-2-11, a world thought to be comprised primarily of ocean. Olix was formerly the pirate captain of the Sea Demon. After a particularly daring attack, Olix took his ship farther than any other vessel had gone to escape the authorities. While in the middle of the ocean, his ship was attacked by a trans-dimensional creature. He fell through the portal behind the creature after seeing the rest of his crew perish. Arc rescued him and offered to take him back to his homeworld. However, after the death of his crew he couldn't bear to return to it. He feels intense guilt about his crew, but he is regaining his upbeat personality. It helps that he's established a new crew. 

While Arc might have brought the three of them together, Olix keeps them together. He can be a bit overprotective. If he feels like one of the others is in danger, he's likely to break in guns blazing and ask questions never. He was against the idea of exploring the multiverse, especially if there's no real reward, but he would hardly let Arc and Niselise travel by themselves. Neither has the sense to stay out of trouble. Olix is also very charismatic and charming; capable of talking himself out many situations. He's mostly straight, but he's willing to try anything and anyone at least once. ;P


Niselise, pronounced like niece-Elise: comes from the world designated: IR3-2-12, a high tech world that must upgrade its citizens to keep them relevant in a world with rapid technological advances. Niselise has gone through life un-upgraded without detriment. She suspects there was some genetic tampering, but never met her parents and has no desire to. She's smart, often too smart for her own good. She's been known to throw caution to the wind in the pursuit of knowledge, developing a blind spot for danger if there's a chance to learn something. She might find herself in the role of damsel in distress, but she's bright and inventive and could create an instrument of escape Macgyver-style in a pinch. 

Niselise is very aware of her own genius and appreciates anyone who marvels at it with her. Rules of society mean very little to her. They're necessary to control the drones of society, not her. Niselise joined the group last, after she discovered the multi-verse by accidentally blowing a hole in her own universe. Arc patched it up to prevent overflow, but she decided to stay with the group. It was her idea to explore and catalogue the multiverse. After all the adventures they've been on together, Niselise finds herself occasionally struck with bouts of sentimentality toward the guys. She tries to keep the useless emotions to herself, but it's obvious she cares for them.

:bulletpurple: Arc's ethereal form is basically a ball of red light. Arc's corporal form can be injured, but he can't be killed. He can take on any form, but the pictured form is his favorite.
:bulletpurple: Arc is the only one who can open portals.
:bulletpurple: Arc can understand all languages. 
:bulletpurple: Niselise created a device that can translate any language after some exposure to it.
:bulletpurple: Residing in a multi-dimensional house has adapted Niselise and Olix to most air quality. 

1. It's a story, not a travelogue. The characters should be interacting with the environment not passively observing it. Be creative. Make it interesting.

2. All three characters should be present in the world. They should all enter and leave the world. What happens to them in between is up to you.

3. This is an exploration of your world. Not your novel. Characters from your novel should not have a significant role in the story. Cameo appearances are not forbidden, but chances are I haven't read your novel before and it'll just look like an extraneous detail. There can be exceptions, of course, if your characters are a part of the setting, but it has to make sense. 

4. Stories should stand alone. Prior knowledge should not be necessary to understand your story. It begins with the characters' arrival and ends with them leaving. Don't leave them stranded! Don't permanently kill or maim them!

5. Make sure you know what a badly formatted story looks like and don't do it

You can create your own classification number if you want. Classification can be created by two letters from your username with a 'verse number designation (IR4 is the fourth 'verse) - story number within the 'verse (2 means second story in the 'verse) - last two digits of the year the verse was created (11 means it was created in 2011).

Everything in a Nutshell
Deadline: 11:59 EST, June 30, 2013 11:59 EST, July 31st, 2013
Medium: Prose only, at least 3000 words.
Genre: Any
Content/Rating: Any in keeping with dA's policies
Language: English
Submitting: Comment here with a link to your entry. Unlimited amount of entries. 
Judging: By me on the story, the characters, the world, and basic mechanics.

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Win 500 Points! (Re-Edit)

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 5, 2013, 8:27 PM
You heard me right! 500 points! Want to know how?

Fave this journal, watch me, and comment with a journal linking back to this one! I know, I know, I hate it too, but that's what has to be done.

Read the information I have on my profile page for VITAL information here: weareallthechampions.deviantar…

Thanks to all you guys!

On another note, this contest CANNOT continue without your support! So please, if you can, spare a point or two? This contest ends AS SOON AS I HAVE THE TOTAL SUM OF 500:points: TO HAND OUT TO THE WINNER!


:bulletgreen: :iconcassmutt: CassMutt- (Number 1)

:bulletgreen: :iconraphaelbiggestfan: RaphaelBiggestFan- (Number 2)

:bulletgreen: :iconclovis-thecutestcat: Clovis-CutestKitten- (Number 3)

:bulletgreen: :iconi-am-crazyp: I-Am-CrazyP- (Number 4)

:bulletgreen: :iconchaosemmy: Chaosemmy- (Number 5)

:bulletgreen: :iconyayproductions: YAY-Productions- (Number 6)

:bulletgreen: :iconfierce-fire: Fierce-Fire- (Number 7)

:bulletgreen: :icongryrofox12: GryroFox12- (Number 8)

:bulletgreen: :icongumballcariedarwin: GumballCarieDarwin- (Number 9)

:bulletgreen: :iconfrostbitepotter99: FrostBitePotter99- (Number 10)

:bulletgreen: :icondonutrain: DonutRain- (Number 11)

:bulletgreen: :iconbfdifan142: BFDIFan142- (Number 12)

:bulletgreen: :iconmajorrockstar: PrettyBender- (Number 13)

:bulletgreen: :iconangielee2002: AngieLee2002- (Number 14)

:bulletgreen: :iconbubblesthebunny: BubblesTheBunny- (Number 15)

:bulletgreen: :iconxx-fantasia: xX-Fantasia- (Number 16)

:bulletgreen: :icon3xeverfrost: 3xEverFrsot- (Number 17)

:bulletgreen: :iconkalinereine: KalineReine- (Number 18)

:bulletgreen: :iconmeowlove24: MeowLove24- (Number 19)

:bulletgreen: :iconalexaspears1333: AlexaSpears1333- (Number 20)

:bulletgreen: :iconemanoni: Emanoni- (Number 21)

:bulletgreen: :iconandyduran: AndyDuran- (Number 22)

:bulletgreen: :iconasakaryuunosuke14: AsakaRyuunosuke- (Number 23)

:bulletgreen: :iconazuriin: xXTheFallenAngelsXx- (Number 24)

:bulletgreen: :iconanimeandmangayeah: AnimeAndMangaYeah- (Number 25)

:bulletgreen: :iconbluesky-of-fire: Bluesky-Of-Fire- (Number 26)

:bulletgreen: :iconjayamin: JayAmIn- (Number 27)

:bulletgreen: :iconkirby-tree: Kirby-Tree- (Number 28)

:bulletgreen: :iconleafoftherogues: JHBell- (Number 29)

:bulletgreen: :iconurisha: Urisha- (Number 30)

:bulletgreen: :iconkachow1: Kachow1 (Number 31)

:bulletgreen: :iconlibearty: DrksCrimson (Number 32)

:bulletgreen: :iconprisipls: Prisipls (Number 33)

:bulletgreen: :iconeuphriday: Euphriday (Number 34)

:bulletgreen: :iconakirasakura531: AkiraSakura531 (Number 35)

:bulletgreen: :iconcrunchybellxklc: CrunchyBellxKLC (Number 36)

:bulletgreen: :iconshiningstella: StemarPalen (Number 37)

:bulletyellow::bulletyellow::bulletyellow: Since I was not aware that DeviantArt does not allow point lotteries, I'm afraid I have to edit that part out :( If you donated points and want them back, PLEASE NOTE ME!. I do not want to go against any DeviantArt rules. If you wish to keep the points in this round, I would be so thankful (as my current balance is only 323:points:) Sorry for the confusion...:bulletyellow::bulletyellow::bulletyellow:

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CSS3 Possibilites demo 2

Mon Apr 21, 2014, 12:16 PM

*Put your mouse at the center of each text (:


Bye Bye!

I CAN ROTATE 360 degree


Well, HELLO!!

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This week's Site Update is a little different from usual in that we don't have any publicly visible changes. However, it's for a good reason. Our Devious Technology team is at a staff retreat! During this retreat, they're discussing our features, conducting hackathons, and creating prototypes for new features.

What's New

Welcome to Holiday Headquarters 2013!

We're happy to announce the return of deviantART's Holiday Headquarters! Follow the Holiday HQ article each day to discover deals and special offers throughout this holiday season.

Important Notice About Account Security

There was recently an incident on another website, completely unrelated to, that resulted in account email addresses and passwords for that site being leaked online. While the information was not deviantART-related, your deviantART account may be at risk if you use the same email address and password for multiple sites. To protect your deviantART account, we strongly suggest that you change your password.

Your Feedback

Thank you to those who commented on last week's Site Update! It was great to hear about the deviants you are thankful for, and even more so to see deviants interacting in the comments!


DeviantART Scripts & Hacks

When browsing deviantART, do you use any user styles or scripts to alter the appearance or function of particular areas of the site? If so, what do you use, and why do you use it? Are there any "hacks" or tricks you use that most people are probably not aware of?

Lightbulb Have a suggestion, idea, or feedback? Leave a comment here!
Lightbulb Check out a list of common suggestions!
Lightbulb Want to keep track of known issues? Check out our Status Forum!
:bug: Find a bug? Report it to the Help Desk! (Be as detailed as possible!)

This week's Site Update includes the launch of Holiday Headquarters, an important password reminder, discussion, and more!
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