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HOMEPAGE:: [link]

Today, we are going to share a new application named Ribbon Icons Customizer. Most of Windows users like the new ribbon in Windows Explorer. This application has been created for the people who love the new Ribbon UI. It will let you change the default icons of the Ribbon. For example, if you want to change the icon of copy, you can do so by this application.

Thanks to Solo-dev for some help.
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No comments have been added yet. is an icon set consisting of 30 individual icons of the popular social networks/Web 2.0 sites out there.

The icons are iPhone-inspired and is based on the template provided by Tim ( @ MacThemes Forum. The sites that are included in this release are -

Picasa Web Albums

Feel free to use these icons anywhere on your website, blog, or even in print. I do not request that you give credits to me. However, it will be a nice gesture if you do give me a credit when these icons are used in your design(s).

I would also be interested to see how these icons are used in your designs! So if you want to share it with me, please email me at jwloh01 [at]

Visit my portfolio at [link]
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Download here

Nimi Places - Organizes desktop into customizable containers - showing folders (e.g.: local folders, network locations) contents, displayed as icons/thumbnails (generated with in-built thumbnail engine) on scrollable surface. Supported media formats can be quickly: previewed, listened, played using in-built multimedia fronted. Other management features consist of file & folder rules, time & location based settings, labels and more. Read more

NOTE: there is online help available here
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As requested by many of you all, here is the template for the popular Aquaticus.Social icons set. Do remember to share your icons by posting a link on the Aquaticus.Social page!
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Personal business cards Needed to get some finally
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Hi! I'm making an 32px iconset. My intention is to make almost 100 icons or more. At this moment this preview shows what I've done.

This set will be only 32px, also will be absolutely free (personal/comercial use)

Hope you like it

You can follow updates on my twitter [link]

Note: some icons in the preview aren't finished
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Requires .NET Framework 4.0

Compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP

********************CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD********************


'Show Desktop' is a small portable application, inspired by Windows 7 Aero Peek, that creates a small rectangular button at the right side of the user's taskbar that not only replaces the original Windows 7 Show Desktop Button, but also adds tons of features. For those using Windows Operating Systems, 'Show Desktop' is fully compatible with Windows XP and Vista, and provides all of the features that can be found on the Windows 7 Show Desktop Button, and more.

'Show Desktop' is greatly customizable, in that it allows the user to change the application's settings to their liking.

'Show Desktop' also gives the access to Shutdown options directly from the Show Desktop Button. These options allow the user to easily switch users, log off, lock, sleep, shutdown, restart, and hibernate their computer straight from a menu accessible from the button itself.


• Show Desktop Button addition for Windows XP, and Vista; Show Desktop Button replacement for Windows 7
• 'Aero Peek' support for Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 with customization.
• A redesigned and easy to use Exclusion Manager to exclude certain programs from being peeked through
• Shutdown Options
• 'Toggling the Desktop' and 'Minimize Windows' features that allow the user to choose the method in which open windows are minimized.
• Ability to change the delay before when 'Aero Peek' is invoked
• Support and automatically adjusting feature for different taskbar sizes and positions
• (NEW) Drag and Drop feature where all windows are minimized when a file is dragged onto the Show Desktop Button
• (NEW) Option to have the application run on Windows Startup

and more...

Show Desktop XP is exclusive to Aero Xtreme 7 XP . You may NOT package it with a theme or any other work without my or ~IanITAInc's permission. However, if you want to feature 'Show Desktop', you can simply simply post a link to this page.


Created by ~CeIIular and ~IanITAInc
Many thanks to ~IanITAInc, =PeterRollar, ~ptukey, ~s0be1t for extensive testing.
Wallpaper used in preview: eCO by *lassekongo83
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Sone Thin Typeface

Available for purchase at

I have completed the whole character set and now will be working on spacing and kerning letters. From long time I wanted to have my own typeface which have a unique identity among other typeface. After a long thought process i have come up to this typeface design.

I welcome critique comments.

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This is the Logo from my All-in-One DVD Cover.

This ZIP File contain the Logo and the psd file so you can re-color the logo as you want.
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If there were anything I would do to deviantART's new logo... This would be it.

Enjoy :D
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