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Librarian allows you easily tweak Libraries in Windows 7.

It is a multi-language application which allows you to:
Create a new library with any folder(s) inside
Change library's icon through standard Windows dialog
Rename library
Change content type of new or current library
Change "default save location" option
Change "Show in Navigation Pane" option
Show library as XML

Download link: [link]
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Recently I posted tutorials about moving Details Pane, Navigation Pane and Command Bar in Windows 7 Explorer:


You guys liked the tutorials so I decided to share some more interesting tutorials with you all.

Following tutorials will help you in customizing almost each and everything of Command Bar (aka Folder Band or Toolbar) in Windows 7.

It'll help you in:

Moving Command Bar to bottom of Windows Explorer - [link]

Auto-hide Command Bar - [link]

Add new buttons to Command Bar - [link]

Remove unwanted buttons from Command Bar - [link]

Remove Preview Pane button - [link]

Remove Get Help button - [link]

Remove Burn button - [link]

Customize Organize and Layout menus - [link]

For your convenience, I have uploaded a ZIP file containing links to all these tutorials.

Feel free to ask any kind of questions. :)
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    • Change, remove or restore shortcut overlay arrow.
    • Remove or restore shortcut suffix.
    • Update-able.
    • Portable.

    • Tested on Windows 7 only.
    • For bugs and suggestions, send me a note.
    • Free to use.
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Ok..I was tired of original Android icons so I've made my own ones...some of them inspired by iPhone icons, Android or anything else what is out there...

almost every icon's got two versions: one with and one without glow effect

any opinions appreciated.


PS: hopefully soon I'll make more icons for other apps as well :)

PS2: foursquare icon added [link]
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New version of this is available here ::


This is modified version of 7-Zip v4.65.
new ported bitmaps from Winrar Vista Theme is used to give vistual look.
All old icons/bitmaps has been changes to gloosy vista like icons and bitmaps.
Vista Style 7zip
The code of 7-zip is not changes and is same as of 7-zip v4.65.
icons are made modifying Vista Zip icon by me(pri2sh).
To install this move "7z.dll" & "7zFM.exe" to the location where you have installed 7zip.
You may have to log off or restart to get change in icon.
I don't know who created the 7-zip app logo.. I found this on image search and used it..
7-zip is free & open source software u can get 7-zip from
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Windows 8 Original New Metro Start Orb Classical with Glow Effect

··············Very soon ···············

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This program was made to fix the various issues and limitations of the popular Kishan Bagaria start orb changer. For example, you cannot set different orbs for both small icon and large icon taskbars, you cannot set different orbs for the different DPI modes, the program is not portable, it installs files in the windows directory without asking just by running it, it treats the windows directory like a temp directory leaving behind a mess of files, it has a buggy .NET interface that can display simultaneous success and error messages, it's own error message can have an error message, it loads background processes which wastes resources and is inefficient, it can overwrite files in the windows directory without asking, it fails to take into account windows updates so can restore out of date or incorrect system files, trying many different orbs requires a frustratingly large amount of clicking without further modifying system settings, the default settings need changing. This program has none of these problems.

This program is very easy to use (drag and drop). Do not redistribute this program.

Mirror / previous versions: v1.03, v1.02.


v1.03 [2011/11/29]
- Partial rewite/restructure of code
- New: Menu driven interface
- New: Ability to select and run menu choices using parameters with no user input needed
- New: Restore explorer.exe even with no backup
- New: Extract orbs from explorer.exe
- New: Reset images folder option
- Removed: 'reset images folder.bat'
- Fix: file extension check now case insensitive
- Increased the speed of patching slightly
- Improved some error messages slightly
- Updated documentation
- Updated binaries
- Reduced program size significantly
- Changed date format to: yyyy/mm/dd

v1.02 [2011/09/04]
- Many miscellaneous code tweaks and changes
- Improved handling with spaces in orb name/path
- Extra check to prevent corruption when explorer has been badly patched by another program
- Added orb.ico file to use as an image for your shortcut
- Changed behaviour to close automatically after several seconds when done

v1.01 [2011/06/02]
- Increased verbosity during patching
- Several code tweaks and changes
- New orb guide PNG
- Filesize check is now less sensitive by default for improved compatibility
- Optimized PNG files to reduce file size

v1.00 [2011/05/30]
- First public release
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NiwradSoft UxTheme Patcher modifies the uxtheme.dll system file to use 3rd party themes.

More info in this [link]
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Favicons for Google Reader (Android)
Replacement icons for your favourite subscriptions.

Here is a comparison:

**Root Access required

Use Root Explorer
Overwrite icons in the application cache
Copy icons to sdcard
Open Android terminal
cp /sdcard/favicons/*.png /data/data/


PSD Template Now available --[link]

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a small set of clock:
unzip than paste the folder:windows>;program files>windows sidebar>gadgets...done.

if will not gonna work, just copy from original "clock gadget" a laungage file and paste to "phantom clock " folder, done.:)
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