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Pink Free For Use Custom Background

:+fav: when use.
-Comment when use.
-Only use for Deviant Art.
-Please credit me when use <3


Brush credits: [link]
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New Winter themed custom box background! I don't particularly like using my first Christmas background I made, which is green and red, so I made this! I might make another one too, also with pastel colors. :heart:

Anyone can use this if you want, but if you do, please make sure to fav this and if anybody asks you where you got the pattern from (when you use it on your front page), please give them the link to here. <3 I would highly appreciate it.

P.S: can only be used if you are a premium member, like if you have a subscription and all. C:

:star: Need help with coding? On the right, click "download this image", right click your mouse and select "copy image url". Then use this generator by :iconnakos: - [link]
:heart: All done! :heart:
Still confused? Comment or send me a note~

Art (c) :iconcottoncritter:
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Mine since the only one that offered on her doesn't wants her anymore~

Comments disabled by owner.
Do you like the patterns? I <3 patterns!
Use this stamp wherever you want, inside or outside deviantART.


My stamps: [link]
My collection of patterns: [link]
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Pay using Purchase Button >>
If you would want to pay $2 through paypal please note me!

-Once bought you are allowed to use for adoptable use, chara ref use, etc.
-DO NOT resell or share among others
-You are allowed to change expression or face or whatever you want to change
-You MUST give me credit in descriptions each time it's used

-Contains: PNG, PSD, SAI
-There's only one on the canvas, feel free to add more per canvas
-I used size 6 pen tool
-The colour is not pure black, I made a 2nd layer with a note of what colour used

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This is a commission made for :iconakatsukigirlsakura:

This background is NOT free, it belongs only to *akatsukigirlsakura

Please credit me somewhere visible. :thanks:

Created by (c) r0se-designs

Please do not copy, steal or use this image

Just copy-paste the following code to your custom box:

<div class="popup2-moremenu"><div class="floaty-boat"><br><img src=""></div></div><div class="gr-box gr-genericbox"><br>Body Text and Images Go Here</div>

:star:Click Here for Commission Pricelist:star:
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A small revision of the CSS template submitted by `Flutterings (here) and =brgtt (here)
Permission obtained to submit this revision by `Flutterings
I did not use the deviantART icons on this model since I've gotten in trouble using DA icons before. This CSS uses Silk icons from FAMFAMFAM

:bulletred: Multiple Header-classes with fixed icons. No need to copy/paste img codes to make icons anymore.
:bulletgreen: 6 header classes are included in the CSS. More can be easily created and customized.

How To Make Custom Headers
:bulletblack: Copy the header-clip section of CSS. Paste it into a new section.
:bulletblack: Rename it header-"yournamehere"
:bulletblack: Change the image link in that section to a
16*16 graphic you have uploaded.

Usage Notes
:bulletpurple: The Silk icons are not included in the download. To ensure that your CSS always works, I strongly reccommend you download the Silk iconset and upload your icons individually.

:bulletorange: I give permission for you to use or edit this as you see fit. If you decide to deviate your edited CSS, please send me a note and let me know.
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