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Similar Deviations
OB Windows Media Player 11 Visual Style
by oddbasket

Comes in 4 sub styles
-Vista 48 (For 'Use large icons' option)

Comes in 3 font styles:
-Segoe UI (require Segoe UI and Segoe UI Bold fonts not provided)
-Comic Sans MS

-Install the VS and choose Windows Media Player 11

Special Thanks
To leosss for the use of certain Vista graphics from MiVista RTM.

***Goes best with my XP Vista Pack***

Changelog from Ver1 to Ver3: Changelog

Forum: Help requests
FAQ: Troubleshooting

Download x64 installer: Download

Download Dark menu version:
Download (x86 32bit) Download (x64 64bit)

Download 120DPI version: (only Vista style)
Download (Self-extracting)

***Final updated on 28th July 2007***
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A theme to complement the new look sported by Office 2007 (well done Microsoft!).

Includes Blue & Black themes, both with two start buttons and shellstyles.

- Install Segoe UI, Cambria and Calibri and turn on ClearType.

Drop Shadows & The Start Menu
- See readme file for more information.

Version History:
1.0 - Initial Release
1.1 - improved Start menu to avoid issues related to non-fast user switching.
1.2 - fixed: scrollbars, toolwindow buttons, toolbar colour & more :)
*1.3 - Added font selection (now support Tahoma & Verdana), improve MDI close/restore buttons, start button text bug fixed


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...a minimalistic style.

- font --> corbel
- shellstyle

UPDATE : added folder with startpanel icons
greetings tivar
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remade from swiftvs,48px & 32px icon.(Thintask n Capbar)
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This is how vista had to be done!

This is an update to my previous visual style: Vistablack 8

Vistablack 10 is also like build 8 based on original XP color styles with the Windows & Taskbar borders from Vista.
Visttablack 9 was messed up, so it has not been published.

Added, fixed & removed:
Fixed the taskbar grouped programs context menu bitmaps
Fixed menuhighlight colors
Removed Tahoma from the font selection

Included in the package:
Visual Style


Have fun,
And please leave a comment after downloading :thumbsup:.

Download-link fixed!!
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Office 2007 2.0 By: Dameon

New In 2.0
1. Smoother Caption Bar
2. New StartMenu
3. New "All Programs" Menu
4. Updated TaskBand Buttons And Text
5. Updated Tabs
6. Smoother ScrollBars And Buttons
7. Smoother Status Bar
8. New TaskTray
9. Updated Trackbars
10. Updated Progress Bar
11. Updated Combobox's
12. Updated Combobox Buttons
13. Updated List View
14. Updated Buttons

New In 1.5:
1. Updated Startbutton
2. New Taskbar Buttons
3. New Taskbar Tray
4. Changed Menu Highlight Colors From "Orangish Brown" to "Blue"
5. Updated StartMenu
6. New "All Programs" Menu
7. Removed Black Border Around Active Windows
8. Updated Placebar Buttons
9. Updated Buttons

Package includes:
1. Office 2007 2.0 VisualStyle
2. Desktop Wallpaper
3. "WVT2.1" Styler Toolbar From: "PEPEi" [link]
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AndrexV. version 2.2 - (July 11, 2006)

- Fixed buttons (Minimize - Restore/Maximize - Close) as seen in Vista


- Normal (Thin taskbar)
- Green (Color theme)
- Compact (Start panel)
- BigTask (Big taskbar)


- Shellstyle.dll (Copy in ... Shell/BigTask, Compact, Green, NormalColor, directories if you wish.)
- LSPatch (Hide "LogOff and Shutdown" Captions)
- Transbar (Transparent Taskbar)
- VisualTaskTips (Visual Windows Actives)
- YzShadow (Shadow Menus and Transparent Start Panel)
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The skinning testing continues:

- new shellstyle template (changing one or top one) thanks to MichaŽl a.k.a Lost Soul for having found the way fo the changing one.
- new scrollbars
- new Glass Borders
- new buttons
- new checkboxes
- ...

Thanks to Lost Soul and Karl for some help on tricky parts.

Dedicated to the memory on Benjamin Aaron Lucas (Utakz- 1987-2007)

All work copyright to Nova Casa Jazz, 2006-2007
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Version 0.5 here [link]
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Pristine OS 1.2

WAIT! before you dismiss this theme as one of those innumerable vista clones being released everyday, I ask you
to download and apply Pristine OS. I am sure you'll find it somewhat 'different'. In one word it's 'my' version of
windows vista (theme) :)

Part of inspiration came from Royale Vista [link] by dobee.


Update: Added two substyles with 2 font choices; Segoe UI and Calibri

Big Update 03/08/06: Added another substyle with a new start panel
Improved the smaller start panel as requested
Improved Taskbar buttons as requested
Removed all the glitches reported as yet
Improved the corners and borders to give pristine OS a more crispy look

Update 08/29/06

Added two sub-styles with two different compact start panels
Added tahoma font for all four sub-styles
Fixed a few bugs here and there


1) You can switch between segoe ui, calibri and tahoma via font size menu

2) Download fonts from here [link] if you don't already have them installed.

3) Enable 'clear type' font setting for best results.


The monitor icon used in shellstyle will be released soon.

New ideas and suggestions are most welcome.

Welcome to my website [link]

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