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June Literature DD Round Up:iconneurotype:
Features by neurotype
Ellie, chap. 1. by solis-ortus Journeyed Too Far West by CrackedMack Summer Love by callerofcrows if i hadn't had the drunk luck to meet you by thetaoofchaos Kayaking at 7am on Blackridge by greenleo94 Suicides Learning To Speak by Rosary0fSighs My Mother's Horse by Kathryn-Walt
Features by inknalcohol
Adrian by schriftsteller :thumb448248442: breathing is easy but I'm terrible at it by Bluezbreakr twenty by brokenfragilethings the world doesn't need beauty sleep by herbodyismycoffin Death Is Patient by Longdragon92  yellow by Aquarius-Claire The Day I was Never Born by RoboticZamat The Understanding by oracle-of-nonsense . by oaklungs  The House Of Dying Poetry by NemoX7 longing by chasingcloudbursts he cried because no one cried for him by CelestialMemories The Man with the Gaping Eye by NightLigt When It Rains by Riorlyne Bard's Lament by DeniseCroy She Was With the Stars by WindFragments
Features by HugQueen
Kingdom of Night by fallenidle Renfield's Clock by fainting-goat Jessa by leyghan Afterlife Astronaut by AyeAye12 :thumb427634728: symphony stellata by Lissomer What I Lost by bruxing Grave Robber's Dowager by Mertus Depression (in Eight Parts) by SpiritFingers Passing Ships by ohanthem we shouldn't be so afraid of death by dearspineless In Between the Living and the Undead by AuthorKatieOlson
Features by ShadowedAcolyte
How to disappear completely by fyoot :thum
June Literature DD Round Up1 year ago in Literature Features More Like This
September Lit DD Round Up:iconShadowedAcolyte:
Features by ShadowedAcolyte

Ironman by BloodshotInk Parenting for Sex Addicts by CWeebs
5 reasons to date a girl with an eating disorder by A-Lovely-Anxiety Canning Season by ejeans7 Enceladus by toxic-nebulae
Twelve Moments In The Dead Of Summer by talvipaivanseisaus
Features by HugQueen 
a dangerous hallucination by prettyflour Introductions V: Lasas by tuiskulumi :thumb464911087:
i hear knives in the wind by nawkaman FFM 2014 18: Tragedies by ilyilaice weekends and cigarette smoke by kathleenfergie
how to tell me my scars are beautiful. by ohellohara The Trundler by copper9lives To depression, for creating days without end by Melpyra
How to Be a Smoker by Insifais Reflections by ThatOneWriterGuy hey newton, gravity's flawed by gliitchlord
Bloody Cupcakes by SirCassie :thumb480190027: An Old, Sweet Song by SurrealCachinnation
longdead leaf by Ghrey
Features by inknalcohol
Dear Death by Nihil-Invictus oppression. by silokk Under the Willow Tree by Aerode
Lilium by akrasiel They say the one who prays by Colornote Amber by Blood-Animal
Found Fossil by YppleJax Inspector Wolf by Tobaeus 5:20 by WizardHowl10001
we can't stop treading water, can we? by peaseblossoms Long-Distance Longing. by BleedingProphecies Survival Game by ToxicantDreamer
Mo (1,315w) by Tales-of-Tao Poetic Psychosis by C-A-Harland
As always, an extra special thank you to all our wonderful suggeste
September Lit DD Round Up11 months ago in Literature Features More Like This
August Literature DD Round Up:iconirrevocablefate:
Features by IrrevocableFate 

Features by inknalcohol
Thirty Three Percent by UntamedUnwanted :thumb462411546: eugenics in bulk by straygod Ain't No Redemption - Chapter One by mnmccarthy Glass Memories by Oldsoul-Mira I'm An Again by ArgusPaul [songs of rain] by sea-rchlight what love is not. by amour-raven A Guide to Writing Dialogue by tie-dye-flag Floodgates by awholelotofflowers Pro-Choice by Yamiga Short Poem by smith4891 Andromeda by SavageFrog You Were Not An Aquarium Boy by IrrevocableFate
Features by neurotype
Teacher's Pet Sneaks Out by Rovanna Through all this Light by AllytotheQuaking Samantha Dunmore by ChildOfTheWest The Girls My Mama Warned Me About--- FFM Day 3 by RavenXNevermore My First Pet by raspil Grandfather by BlueStanza Faeriefire by Atheshya Trivela by trueshinken love people by creightonwrites
Features by ShadowedAcolyte
making tea by kilkegard :thumb428177835: The Son, the Father, and Whatever is Holy by The-Ditch-Digger Waiting by SilverInkblot Don't Fall In Love With A Writer by Milk-and-Pie Bad Luck by CailinLiath Liquor is one way out an'death's the other by grew-up-a-screw-up Crumb Tiger by PoeticWar Caitlin by hopeburnsblue Cresting Peaks by SpriteBlayde Spectra by somethingzenzen Love Letters from a Typhoon by Drunken-Splice Nervous Movement by joeyws91
We'd like to thank all the w
August Literature DD Round Up1 year ago in Literature Features More Like This