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Similar Deviations
Smoke and Mirrors.Possibilities and eyelids
sketching shapes
of love or something similar
Effortless and seamless
of something similar
          while pseudo lighting glistens
          on the rain outside.
                                         trapped in cages of
                                         lust                dust
                                         and                 and
                                         hope            smoke
                                         and                 and
                                  wearing bruises and screaming
"I hope I die on this, this day
of love,
release me, the Saint
they called Valentine."
Charcoal streaks and trickling down rivets
in faces and the lonely
hearts tonight will be worse.
Ugly beauty queens will dine
with a wolf
and the fiends tonight.
                                                                    gently sketching music notes and whispers.
Smoke and Mirrors.9 years ago in Free Verse More Like This
Ear DropsHe has my lips
  with promises
                              and my ears
     so it is
                all I can do
       to hold fast    
                             to this chaotic
Ear Drops9 years ago in Free Verse More Like This