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So here it is. loooooong over due. Unforuntly all I have to give you right now is the visual style and wallpapers. I've been so busy with life, I haven't had the time to finish everything else. I didn't want to keep you guys waiting any longer. A few things about the visual style. There's 6 color schemes. If your wondering why there's isn't a shellstyle don't. There is. the point was to make it look like there isn't because imo, they're ugly. Thanks StefanKa! If you don't like the first font try the second and if you don't like the second try the third. There's something for everyone. Here's link to dl them. There's 2 versions for each color scheme. [link] For some reason the link doesn't work when you press on it. Press the link and when the window opens with the error page just copy and paste the link in the address bar and press enter.

A big, big, big, thanks to mr. j3_concepts and the 4imp crew. They helped out a lot with this suite. I promise you'll have the rest of the suite as soon as possible. As always comments and criticism welcome.

Oh yeah almost forgot! Marius and Jared (j3_concepts) made the wallpaper. Just in case you didn't notice. =P
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This may not be a very usable theme compared to my other ones. I would say that it's more of an experimental theme from my side. It's not a theme for those with darkened vision.

I've always wanted to create a dark theme like this, but many of my attempts so far have failed. I tried something different in this one.

Btw. The girl on that photo is: [link] ;)

The wallpaper is from: [link]

Emerald port: [link]

UPDATE: 3/12 - 2007
- Changed the startbutton.

UPDATE: 11/7 - 2007 (Special thanks to aMADme - [link] )
- Text color fixes in browsers like Firefox and Opera.
- Text color fixes in message boxes.
- Window colors are now the same as the rest and not white.
- Other minor fixes.

Any questions about Visual Styles? See my FAQ first!
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ECNMY07 Visual Style for GAIA by *novoo and ~imrik

2 Substyles

Wallpaper: [link]

Winamp: [link]

LiteStep: [link]

Miranda: [link]

U P D A T E:

dark taskbar version added
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This is a complete remake of my first visual style SlanXP.
It's a very dark theme that works good for us with very bright LCD monitors. ;)

Each substyle is a font option.
SlanXP1 = AvanteGarde
SlanXP2 = Tahoma
SlanXP3 = Calibri


Any questions about Visual Styles? See my FAQ first!

UPDATE 7: (19/8 - 2007)
- Minor fixes to the captionbuttons.
- Blank shellstyle removed (It isn't needed).
- Foobar2000 config removed because it's very outdated.

UPDATE 6: (18/4 - 2007)
-Captionbar fixes. Resize problem fixed. This also makes the captionbuttons a lot more compact.
-Blank shellstyle included.
-Small update on the instructions.htm file for the foobar2000 config. (About the foobar2000.cfg file.)

Update 5:
-Foobar2000 instructions improved with screenshots too. See the instructions.htm file. I can't explain better than this, so there's no use asking me for help. ;)

Foobar2000 is a very advanced music player for advanced users. If you can't get it to work after following the instructions I suggest that you use something else instead. :p

Update 4:
-Fixed bug when taskband buttons are collected as a group.
-More compact "all programs" menu.
-Other minor fixes.
-Better instructions and a config file for the Foobar2000 setup.

Update 3:
-CaptionButtons back to normal. Margins fixed. >_< :p

Update 2:
-CaptionButton background removed. Startbutton size increased.
-New wallpaper. :)
-Foobar2000 Config included. (Only code and images. You need Track Info Mod and Single Columns Playlist.)

Update 1:
-CaptionButton, frame and progressbar fixes.
-Calibri substyle.
-Startbutton fix on the Tahoma substyle.
-Other small fixes.
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here is my second visualstyle for you.

after "Klarheit" being quite successful for my first one, i wanted to make a theme that's more stylish, modern but still usable. there are some glowing and glossy elements combined with a simple and flat window-layout.
it took about three months from the idea to the release.

hope you like it.

*update 1.1 (2007-02-23):
  • added full startmenu
  • made min-/max-/close-buttons more visible
  • changed hovered-text-color in startmenu to white
  • added scrollbar-gripper
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Nothing special...

Wall: [link]


All my Visual Styles and Skins are "open source". That means you can make modifications and ports as long as you submit it with the same Creative Commons License I use, and a link back to the original work too. No need to ask for permission.
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Thanks for adding this Visual Style to your collection.

Concave VS 2007-2014 GeorgeHarrison

- This visual style is only compatible with Windows XP (?)
(after reading info, please download the patch tool from here. If you installed service pack 3, here)
- It contains three substyles (Concave Dark , Concave Light and Concave Compound)
- It has compact and full start menus
- Top shellstyle
- Styler Toolbar skins included (click thumb to get it seperately)
Concave Toolbar by GeorgeHarrison
- Wallpapers included

Special thanks to :

:icongakuseisean: for Concave Icons by gakuseisean

:iconmanicho: & :iconuribaani: for wallpapers.

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So here's what Senex and I have been working on for the last couple of months. Be sure to keep a look out for additional parts of the suite.

Winamp // [link]
Icons // [link]
Senex // [link]
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1st one: [link]
2nd one: [link]

And now comes the 3rd one. :p

Vista Basic port is available here: [link]

2 font options.
- Segoe UI
- Tahoma

Any questions or problems with my Visual Styles? See my FAQ first!

But it uses a different BG image. Reason why: Unclear usage of the stock photo in the background ( [link] ). Meaning, according to her rules, I didn't edit it enough. :p

Wallpaper is: [link]

Mods and ports of my visual styles are allowed as always. But please let me know if you decide to make and submit one. (All mods and ports must use the same creative commons license as you can see below the preview image.)

UPDATE: (2/12 - 2007)
- Compact startmenu added.

UPDATE: (20/10 - 2007)
- Minor startmenu fixes.

UPDATE: (12/10 - 2007)
- Pink disabled scrollbar color fixed.

UPDATE: (12/9 - 2007)
- StartPanel size increased.
- Brighter highlight color.

UPDATE: (Just a few hours after the first upload.)
- Taskbar.ProgList CaptionText set to RGB 100-100-100
- Top taskbar bg reversed.
- Toolbar font in the Tahoma substyle changed to Tahoma.
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I wanted to create a smooth bright style again. :p

Wallpaper: [link]
Girl: Jun Natsukawa

Photoshopped preview!

Change log
- Fixed rebar textcolor and arrow (the extra toolbars you can add to your taskbar.)


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