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Similar Deviations
The package includes two skins, without much mutual difference. The second one just has some fonts with different colors to cater to different tastes.

The "UIS2 border buttons" part was a bit confusing for a beginner like me, hence I have edited out the images of ORANGE skin by HSN.I extend my thanks to him.

To get a good interface going, use FindeXer Knightly with Icon sizes of 16 pixels and a light Grey Background.

Desktop Icons may preferably be kept aligned either to the right or to the top of your screen for a better look.

Again, you must use the styler toolbar provided in the folder to get a nice toolbar interface.

Lastly, I would like to THANK YOU ALL for supporting me.

EDIT: Working fine on Larger screen resolutions now!!

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Atmospherica for Winstep Xtreme. Requires Winstep Xtreme 7.1 or higher.
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Jaluran for WinSTEP Xtreme. Part of my 9 component theme. I'll be uploading all within this few days..check it out ..thanks

check out here:-
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-For those who use ObjectDock I present a background made to compliment the NeoGeniX suite created by Dobee.

-Both skins are suitable for either a topside or bottom dock only. Enjoy.

NeoGeniX Home:

Leave comments, tips and criticism welcomed.
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For Talisman 2.7 and higher versions.
1024x768 and higher.
Wallpaper by Wstaylor ([link]). Used with permission.
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Axis VS for Vista, BETA
Black Aero and Basic Style, and White Aero and Basic Style
Still got some of kinks to work out.
Download for TESTING purposes ;P
Leave Suggestions, requests, bugs, and comments here :)

(Instructions: [link] )

(Problem fixed: re-download)
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WindowBlinds + Styler toolbar.

a simple Asch-rho mod , new titlebar , button, taskbar & startmenu.

Windowblind Vista
CD Art Display
Abcisse Miranda by ~ToMOFFeL
Abcisse for IEView by ~ToMOFFeL
Amaranta Suite by ~Mandarancio
Abcisse Litestep ~somnign

Update : after request ,i added substyles with text in titlebar & left buttons
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Now including also a tutorial, simmilar with those from V.2 and V.3 and a more detailed tutorial that was made by iHackit ([link] as a support to this work. For those who have problems understanding this and who may want a more detailed instructions to make it work now they have an alternative so i want to thank him for that !!

Inspired and produced by :
andreascy : [link]

Check also :

V.2 for Windows 8 M2 (7955 Build) :


V.3 for Windows 8 M3 (7989 Build) :


V.4 for Windows 8 Developer Preview Pre - Beta (8102 Build) :


V.5 for Windows 8 Consumer Preview :


We featured this work on our Blog [link] and on Instructables [link]

Here is an animated ExplorerFrame for Windows 7 (32bit and 64 bit) i made ..It works perfectly with Windows 7 SP1 too just replace those files as below :

for 32 and 64 bit bit users :

replace old file in system32 folder of windows directory..

dont forget before to take ownership of the old file,rename it to explorerframe.dll.bak and make the replace with the new file..

After this you have 2 options to see the animations (choose any of them you want) :

(1) run task manager, stop the process of windows explorer,make a new task,write explorer and hit enter or
(2)go to start menu,run command and write "TSKILL EXPLORER" without the "" and hit enter..this will restart windows explorer too.

Animations can be shown on the below things :

- windows explorer icons (any preview type selected it has a different animation style)
- shell texts
-start menu search box (found items fall from the top of the start menu everytime u do a search)

Preview : [link]

Thanks also to Vishal Gupta for featuring this work on ASKVG : [link]

VS used for the preview: Midnight Glass Nature: [link]

Enjoy !! :)


This is a registered and copyright propertyŠ copyright - All Rights Reserved.
MCN : W3PJ7 - ADRL5 - FSTRH ( Registered & Protected)

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This beautiful pack is the perfect extension for your Vista XP Dsktop!

Icludes 3 version which are made to work under all possible resolutions.
Still the recommended res. is 1280x1024 and everything bigger.

Every part skinned! All Buttons,Scrollbars etc....

Versions included:

- Vista Perfect Leaf
- Vista Perfect Logo
- Vista Perfect Simple

Made in Adobe Photoshop CS 2. Two Days work.

Full view is essential to see the fine details!

Enjoy this Pack of highest quality !
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The latest in the long beloved tradition of black skins has arrived. Wraith is a culmination of my own love of this style with a sinister feel. Its straight forward, in-your-face, non-distracting, uber usability is just plain cool. I know you're going to like this as much as I do and as much as I enjoyed making it.

This is a fully skinned windowblind that works equally well with both Vista and XP. Wraith also includes a 'Light Version' substyle which has its own personal feel to it.

Be sure to check out all the free skins available and keep a look out for more to come.

A special thanks to those who helped beta test, contributed at during the making of thread, those who added in their two cents worth in the creation and those making some of the extras to match the skin.

Some might say this is the wrong section for this. But, this is a Windowblind and you can get it, just not from here.

This is a Master skin and can be viewed and purchased here: [link]

List of all Wraith skins
Wraith Master skin: [link]
Wraith Xion Player: [link]
Wraith Dock Icon Set: [link]
Wraith Wallpack: [link]
Wraith Side Docks: [link]
Wraith Tabbed Docks Set 1: [link]
Wraith Tabbed Docks Set 2: [link]
Wraith Tabbed Docks Set 3: [link]
Wraith (DX) Weather: [link]
Wraith Rainy: [link]
Wraith Rightclick: [link]
Wraith Rightclick 2: [link]
Wraith Rightclick 3: [link]
Wraith Logon XP: [link]
Wraith DX Dock: [link]
Wraith DX Dock Left: [link]
Wraith DX Double Docker: [link]
Wraith IP: [link]
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