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Similar Deviations
Current Version :: 2.0.0 (9/30/08)

Version 2.0.0 Updates:
1. Updated some design elements.
2. Introduced Orange and Dark Blue substyles.
3. Introduced compact start menus for 48x48 and 32x32.
4. Switched out the Verdana font for Segoe UI.
5. Compressed images for smaller msstyle files.

Version 1.1.4 Updates:
1. Fixed sizing bug on Lunearo caption background.
2. Updated some design elements.
3. Introduced Black substyle.
4. Introduced easy installer package.

Version 1.1.3 Updates:
1. Fixed sizing bug on the place bar buttons
2. Updated caption buttons on all styles.

Version 1.1.2 Updates:
1. Updated parts of the existing color styles.
2. New shell styles.
3. Fixed some small color bugs on certain borders and backgrounds.
4. Renamed Aero scheme to Lunaero.

Version 1.1.1 Updates:
1. Fixed a small bug with the log off and turn off buttons in the start menu.

Three font choices :: Tahoma, Segoe UI and Lucida Grande.
Six color schemes :: Green, Blue Dark, Blue Light, Dark, Orange and Lunaero.
Also includes compact start menu mods for 32x32 and 48x48.
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Hope you like it~

no shell.
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Celestial visualstyle for Windows Xp

There are three different fonts included (two sans-serif and one pixel font) and four colors schemes (blue, green, pink and grey) to choose from .

Big thanks to Lassekongo83 for helping me with this vs!

Edit: Matching Celestial Vs wallpapers can be found here
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Its my new theme, its KDE for XP !! Feel like linux user :) True its only skin but I like kde style, now windows look like kde.

Please comments and report any bugs! :D
Package include:

Version 0.1
- Visual Style (no shell)
- Wallpaper (*.bmp) 1152x864
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a few people asked for the vs used in my iso screen, so figured i'd finish it up. it's a mod of the gsm vs.

four shellstyles, including an extended caption bar, and versions with caption text.

open source: port and mod, just give me credits. a wall and winamp skin might come soon.
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FlumXP is a theme that I started working on before SlanXP 2.0. And now it's finished. It's not very original, but it should be functional. :)

I've noticed that in some screenshots the captionbuttons (close - min - max) is set to the smallest availble option! The captionbuttons are supposed to look like they do in the preview image. If they don't do that, PLEASE reply with any info on your XP setup. What language you use, what kind of font options you use, which uxtheme patcher you used etc.

Any questions about Visual Styles? See my FAQ first!


FOOBAR config in the new screenshot isn't finished yet.

More substyles (color options) may be added later.

Known issues:
- None at the moment. :)

UPDATE 5: (16/4 - 2007)
- Captionbar height changed to 18. This fixes the "top resize" problem. This also moves the captionbuttons a bit closer.
- Scrollbuttons edge color made a bit darker. (Against the rules. It should have the same color as the 3dshadow, but they can be hard to see if you have an extremely bright monitor.) :p
- LargeFonts setting uses Tahoma 8 as an option. ExtraLargeFont uses Tahoma 10 as an option.
- TaskBand positioning fix.
- Blank shellstyle included.

UPDATE 4: (15/4 - 2007)
- Somehow the msstyle file didn't get updated yesterday. Download the theme again!

UPDATE 3: (14/4 - 2007)
- Message box borders fixed.
- GradientActiveCaption etc changed to blue.
- Font size 2 now uses Tahoma 8 instead of 9.
- Scrollbar changes. Size set to 15 and ThumbGripper image removed.
- Other minor fixes.

UPDATE 2: (13/4 - 2007)
- Group button fixed.
- Scrollshaft made a bit darker.
- Other minor fixes.
- Wallpaper included.

UPDATE: (A fast one ;) )
- Captionbar sysbutton and text fixed.
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Joystick visual styles for WindowsXP.


You have to copy the zipped visual styles into the windows system folder "c:\windows\ressources\themes".
You have to copy the fonts into fonts folder.

This theme is for Windows XP.
You need also a patched "uxtheme.dll" system file.

Thanks to krosavcheg, for the open source : [link]

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Presenting Lebis v1.1

Worked long on this update (for some people too long), so to make things faster :
- 3 colours (chocolate, black ,blue).
- 2 Styles (flat and gloss).
- Lots of updates , fixes and improvements. (that was quick XD)

Also I must thank a lot to Gelosea :icongelosea: for all the help he gave me, all the advices, all the checking and testing, and for all troubles I gave Him. Thanks, a lot, keep up good work on your theme (all the people who know Emico probably know what I mean) and have good luck.

If you like this theme please :+fav: . And for all one last word. Yep this theme looks like that. That window is just made from things from this theme.

Have a fun time using it. And again Gelosea :icongelosea: THANK YOU.

Added skins for shutoff.
Grab shutoff and fade bar from :
Vista port :

Mods only for personal use. Creative commons used.
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Contains four flavours; Subtle (Olive), Skyman (Blue), Cut (Red) and a bonus black theme - Cinder.

Each has both normal and compact start panel versions.

[b]Use the matching wallpapers for the smoothest result:[/b]

Cinder: Aqua-VividBlue.jpg
All others: Aqua-Tan.jpg


- Normal: Trebuchet MS
- Large: Tahoma
- Extra Large: Frutiger Linotype

Oh, use Yz Shadow too, because it rocks (Google before you ask!)
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Gilouche VS for Windows
Gilouche has been initially published as a Gnome skin [link]

License: GPL [link]

Release notes:
Flat and Light Gradient effect on the Captions
Compact and Full Startmenu
Tahoma, Calibri, Segoe UI



mAqua by Foood [link]
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