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 :cake: :party:  Happy 24th Birthday Tyshea!!!  :party: :cake:


I drew this headshot of kye back when they were still in ATLA as fan-characters. I thought it was a good time to bring that outta the grave cuz I was really proud of it. 8( I don't have much else to say for this one it's really just an excuse for me to draw kye for you AND LIKE IT AND STUFF





Check out: My Solaris Gallery | Ty's Solaris Gallery


grunge texture here | blood spatter here :heart:
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uhhhh wowie hi new watchers! I might not be able to reply to every comment on that style meme, but I really appreciate all the comments and how much everyone enjoyed it hoooly hell :heart:

Anyway! You can call me bee, nice to meetcha! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Tyshea is my SO and we've been writing a lot of stories together for over five years so you'll probably see me mentioning her work a lot it's because most of them are collaborations between us. We do a lot of original projects so if you came here hunting for more fanart based off my style meme you might be a little disappointed, I'm sorry to say!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my work otherwise!

I was just going to toss this up real quick because ty posted a solaris dump (which atka belongs to yessss) so it seemed like an appropriate time to do so! This was originally just a practice piece because I don't draw my guys as often as I should and he got a universe change recently; I probably draw him younger looking than ty does but it still turned out nice... So, here you go!

I haven't posted any new work yet for Solaris so my gallery folder for it is a bit dusty for the time being, but you could definitely *should totally* check out Ty's solaris gallery

done in easy paint tool SAI, thank you for the comments, faves, and watches! :heart:
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Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays everyone! :holly:

I'm just gonna post this up now because it's finished- my other x-mas gifts will have to wait til' tomorrow.
This is for *Tyshea, aka my favorite person in the world. You might be outta town right now, but I can still spoil you rotten, right? 
pandas by Emoji-kun

These are her SalaDays OCs; Ash the vampire, Autumn the banshee, Mint the werewolf, and Ren the death god-- and the reason we met, more or less. I've drawn Autumn and Mint before here and there, but I think it was a good excuse to draw them all together. :'P Please accept this CYMK nonsense, my love.

Done in SAI in a day because I went crazy.
Thanks for looking, and for faving/commenting/watching! :love:
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I just wanna be your lover
No matter how it ends, no matter how it starts

Forget about your house of cards
Fall off the table, and get swept under

— House of Cards by Radiohead

With their flipped images, high-ranking cards can represent duality, secrets, and— almost literally— a two-faced nature.

SamSara at it’s core is very much about secrets and what drives us to hide ourselves in a place where appearance and school hierarchy is really everything. This is a story about finding how to be honest, how to be vulnerable, and what brings out the best and worst in a person.

Ace of Hearts: The suit of hearts is ruled by Spring and Fire. It represent emotions, love, youth, and vulnerability. Aces represent the beginning, desire, and the individual. This is a passionate, optimistic card.

Sara represents the lowest and the highest value card, much like day and night. She’s dormant and withdrawn, sheltering a wounded heart- but shines brightest and is at her strongest when honest, heart exposed.

Queen of Diamonds: This suit is ruled by Autumn and Earth. Diamonds represent money, entertainment, responsibility, security, judgement, and values. This card is known to be a flirt and a gossip.

Blaire’s marionette strings represent the control she has over several different things, and the consequences of losing that control and freedom to puppeteer them, getting tangled in her own web.

Jack of Clubs: Clubs are ruled by Summer and Air. Clubs represent irresponsibility, youth, and intellectual growth. Jacks are the adolescent, the young boy. This card sometimes indicates a young, playful admirer.

Tammy’s emotions are young and theatrical, represented by masks. Masking her negative emotions suggests she cannot properly express them, confront them, but the dramatization of them will still keep attention on her.

King of Spades: This suit is ruled by Winter and Water. Spades is the suit of wisdom and maturity; they represent transformation, conflict, and acceptance. This card is an authoritative, ambitious, self-serving card.

Gwen is an ironfist; controlled and steadfast- much as a ruling King. But much like water against a stone, her resolve too can wear away and the self-preserving teacher finds herself worn thin after battle.


PT - House of Cards [Side B] by Tyshea
I did all of these four in SAI, text in photoshop
Picture This: Sam & Sara

Which one is your favorite? ;P
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I knew I was out too far,
Beyond the planets and the stars,
An interstellar oversight of mine.

But how was I to know,
That gravity would let me go?
And send me through the universe alone,
Where fools roam.

But when my lonely chromosomes
Swallow me like a black-hole,
I will take your hand and I will know.
That you and me reverse the polarity
Of the forces pulling me from home.

And I’ll never go,
Or leave you out on your own.

You caught me so far out.
By some cosmic fortune found.
You said, ‘Come back down,
There’s love here now.
I’m your way back around.
Come down.’

We’re Wild Animals — Weaver at the Loom

A collaboration art by myself and Tyshea, aka an anniversary drawing. Emoji04
What better way to celebrate than a little collaboration? Of our first characters from way back in 2009!
I drew Rilu (blue) and lined everything, and she drew Kye (green) and added the color/textures!

Six years have come and gone, and we've grown and changed so much. Thank you guys for hanging with us all this time.

Thank you for drawing with me, baby. Happy anniversary, here's to many more years of wild growth and creation with you at the speed of light and with all the love that brought us here.

:star: On tumblr here!
Be sure to see her version here!
Wild Animals by Tyshea

Some of the same stuff, and Ty currently has more work to see than I do, but you can check more out here:
DA Solaris Galleries: Mine | Ty's 
Our Solaris Tumblr Tags: Mine | Ty's

Thank you for the favorites, comments, and watches! I hope everyone is having a good holiday as the year FINALLY wraps up! :dalove:
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YIPPIE :dummy:

lots of digital work again, I really need to shake off some dust with my sketchbook, it's getting awful neglected
i noticed i forgot to change one of the commentary fonts oops oh well

I have a lot of ocs I'm sorry!- but my undying gratitude and also cookies if you remember any of them :iconhappyhappyplz: :cookie:
*rambles on about how updating/revamping/revisiting OCs instead of scrapping them and making new ones is good for me personally because it's like they're growing up with me and all the character developing doesn't go to waste* //drops some truths and floats away with a scallop on tummy

yuki was for :icontheflamingzebra: and eli was for :iconapplevigilante:
dora and lamees are from this book keepers project ://D
lemonade/leslie was from this old thing i did and i think that's about all i feel like linking atm *shoves older projects under bed* :I

annndd you can reblog my witchsona x gijinka of hazel x and gemsona on tumblr! WOOHOO

Thanks for looking!
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:iconcuteheartz: Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!  ( ˘ ³˘)♥ :iconcuteheartz:

HI EVERYBODY! It's been a while wow 8( The year is already going full-speed. Anyway I bring you PT valentine's, as I may have hinted at in the past few Ty-Livestreams :heart: Some of you might recognize that wee sammy chibi from a pt dump, which was actually for last year's V-Day that never came to be, haha orz/// This is what that was all about!

I tried to match an angel/devil theme to each of them based on personality, but make them all a little different if I could help it. I added some recent updates to some of their designs, it's been so long! Sammy's getting more sunkissed, Jess got a hearty update recently, and I'm trying to push Mona into the more pointedly curly-haired strawberry blonde redhead spectrum! More on that later though :P

I did all of these guys myself in SAI, and Ty did the composition and typography for me! //smooches for you :heart:
I hope everyone enjoys the sappy oneliners we thought up for all of them, WAHAHAH

Be sure to let your friends and family know how much you love them today! :iconawwloveplz:
Thank you for all the faves, comments, and watches! Which one do you like the most? :love:
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I love how this turned out so I thought I'd post it up here on DA real fast! auhuhauhahuahuhah  (ノ)´∀`(ヾ)

Monica's birthday was actually ~yesterday~ (March 20th) forgive this slowpokebee!

ANDD ~my~ birthday was the 19th (we're almost twinsies and I also like to torture myself with birthday art two days in a row apparently!!)

sobs I was really spoiled this year hold shitnuggets 
 (*´//∀//`*) :iconcuteheartz:

I also have a meme I need to post on behalf of my birthday that I'm still in the process of coloring-- I may livestream that! (wow bee actually livestreaming is the sky falling) so keep yer eyes peeled on my tumblr for a link to that today (and since I'm posting this publically I can't chicken out now AHAHAHAH *laughs awkwardly*)

done in sai, text in photoshop-- flower texture from here!
Thank you for all the faves/comments/watches!! :dance:
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sketchduuuump tiiimeee!!! :party:

an accumulation of doodles and sketches throughout the year. white outlines is a slice of life about a supernatural high school within Tyshea's SalaDays universe! Dramedy and romance abounds! WHIPPIE! A couple characters got redesigned or updated but when am I NOT doing that (I-I'm sorry. Kinda. I try to point it out when I do at least so no one gets horribly lost HAHH) It's okay if you just wanna look at the art though because it's not a wholly active project right now, heh!
Not much to say that isn't already said... tried to keep my commentary more simple this time I keep finding old commentary on dumps that makes me cringe LMFAO

see the main characters of this story here:
White Outlines Main Cast by Ai-Bee

Thank you for the faves/watches and comments! :love:
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Reblog here!

From this tumblr post floatin around, we have the first half of 18:

Monica is palette 12 (both mona and this palette were popular!)
01 for that rapscallion Rilu
11 for Quinn (two people requested this exact one!! omg)
8 for Graham (hopin' to do more boys in the second one)
3 for Einnea (FOR U CAIT)
9 for Summer (from here and here, an unexpected request!!)
13 for Dora (FOR U TY)
7 for Phoebe/Mew Plum
14 for Sara (i used white before i realized it was cheating sorry) 

I'm trying to do all 18 palettes so expect a second installment later on eventually! If you wanna request one you can just make sure I haven't done 'em already!
Done in sai far too slowly for my tastes! Feel free to tell me your favorites :D Thank you for the watches/faves as well! :heart: blush blush by Emoji-kun
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