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Based off the characters from Kingdom Hearts:!!!! :fork: THIS TOOK ME THE WHOLE MONTH OF OCTOBER TO MAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!! *plunges dagger into heart* I spent the last 8 hours finishing this up...:stab: My patience has officially run out...but I GOT IT DONE BEFORE HALLOWEEN, AND THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS :w00t:

*If the download here doesn't work, you can view it on YouTube [link] *

This whole thing was done in paint, so that's why the animation quality is very bad...

FAQ (Just some questions I knew you would have :)):

Why is Castle Oblivion a real pic?
Are you kidding? I don't have the time OR talent to attempt drawing Castle Oblivion in paint! :XD:

Where did Sora's candy basket go when he started running?
He threw it would only slow him down... :3 (Plus Roxas4ever was too lazy to draw it in all the time...)

Why is Xigbar really twitchy?
It wasn't until after I had drawn ALL my slides of him that I realized I had forgotten to add his scar, so when I went back through and added it, all these glitches popped up out of know where...^^;

Why does Marluxia's scythe have blood on it?
It looks more threatening that way...I mean, come on, how scary is a giant, pink pansy weapon? :rofl:

Why doesn't Marluxia have pink hair?
If you've played Chain of Memories, you should already know that he originally had BROWN HAIR...

What's with the crappy ending?
-_- Have you ever worked on something for so long that, as you near the end of it, you want it done so bad that you rush through it? Yeah...

Character-Costume Chart (Who is dressed as what):
Sora-himself (duh)
Xemnas-Jack Skellington (It didn't turn out very well ^^;)
Xigbar-a demon
Xaldin- a zombie...I think...
Vexen- a mad scientist (he already is one! :slow:)
Lexaeus- Frankenstien
Zexion- a ghoul (Yeah yeah, I know he looks like a monk or something XP)
Saix- a vampire (Originally I was going to make him a werewolf, but Demyx made a cuter one X3)
Axel- a demonic clown (Before I ever played CoM or KH2, I saw a picture of Axel, and I seriously thought he was some sort of demonic clown! :rofl:
Demyx- a werewolf (So cute! X3 I was going to have him be a ghost with a sheet over his head, but then you wouldn't see his adorable face! :love:)
Luxord- an evil magician
Marluxia- a grim reaper
Larxene- a witch
Roxas- Sora's Halloween Town form :nirvana:
Namine- a mummy

Happy Halloween, guys! :3
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I was board...
This was from Popotan [link]
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This flipbook is for cup_ramen_chaos at LJ, as part of a meme. It's a bit of an inside joke, at least in that it stems from Axel's participation in KH sporkings. Often Axel is struck with a WTF moment from a WTF fic, while he happens to be drinking a here are the results. XD

This was drawn on notecards, so it's very rough and not really on-model. But still, flipbooks are a lot of fun to make!
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It's finally done! XD
So, this was our summer project. And it was quite a project indeed.
Took a while for the piece to get rolling mostly due to weather conditions, lots of rain in Indiana lately. D:
Besides the point. Me, Mirixa, and Bekka had a lot of fun with this. The first day went pretty slow because is was mostly all of the line art, and we were all being pretty lazy. After working most of the day that day, we all biked down to a local icecream place and took a brake. Then afterwards went to this little waterpark place that was pretty much inhabited by kids. All of us were pretty surprised that the kids were playing around with us and getting us soaked, we thought they'd be like, ">.> Big kids...creepy big kids." LOL!
The second day went a lot faster. It felt warmer because the humidity went up due to the approaching weather, so we worked hard on the coloring. Again Bekka came over, and Mirixa was already at my house. We worked hard through the day.
But the most surprising thing of the whole project was my dad calling the paper on a neighbor's suggestion. THEY ACTUALLY SENT A REPORTER OUT!
And hey, we were in the South Bend Tribune the next day! (June 13th, 2008)
It was pretty exciting and fun. Considering it is the largest we've done! (And the most detailed... >.<;)
This was the best summer project we've ever done! (Even if it washed away the next day X3. Just a smudge now.)

Lots o' luff to :iconmirixa: :iconluneamoon: for the loads of help!

Date done: June 11th-12th, 2008
Time taken to do: 4 hours for the line art; 8 hours (correct me if I'm wrong Mirixa) for the color.
Not to heavily referenced off of this: [link]
Boxes of chalk used: at least one or two...
Size: 22ft long by 12ft wide

Kingdom Hearts and everything belongs to: Disney/SquareEnix


P.S. Click on this link to see a slide show, and some of the audio from our interview: [link]

Other shots:
-Sheer Size: [link]
-Close Up 1: [link]
-Close Up 2: [link]
-Close Up 3: [link]
-Close Up 4: [link]
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Right, I'm not sure if this is allowed to be in this section. It's a pencil test, but I saved it in swf format for easier viewing. Making an animated gif is too much hassle.

So, this is something random I did outta boredom. There have been times this week where I couldn't actually do any work for many reasons (file formatting, work being at home, time, equipment failure etc) so I've been doing this in my "spare" time. It's Kaeman doing...something. I didn't really think about what he's doing, just went and did it. I figured I needed to practice animating some more, since I've been doing relatively little of it lately.
I'm aware of the mistake in it already, but I guess some critique would be good. Some examples;
-he seems to suffer from shrinking head/body syndrome
-his mouth disappears, but that's due to laziness and not a mistake
-his hands seem to just "jump" up rather move and come to rest. Again, me not thinking about the timing there
-and if I'm to be picky, his eyebrows keep getting thinner and thicker =p

So yeah, here it is :)

Edit: um, give it time to play out once before commenting. After that it should play at normal speed.
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The logo really pops I think.
After we had progressed in the drawing. My father had come up and suggested using grilling charcol as well. And it really gave the piece a good POP!

Final product w/ info: [link]

Kingdom Hearts belongs to Disney/Square Enix

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lol I drew it late in night but it turn out well ^^;
mmm...Sora without t-shirt O.O I'm such a perv but I like him.
Riku looks very feminine
Painted with water colors. (There is another pic painted with photoshop but it really sucks)

Sorry if you dislike yaoi T_T it's not my prob.
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I wish you a Happy New Year~~~*3*~~~~

I watched some trailers of the new Kingdom Hearts Game....
And...AHHHHHH I wanna play the game right now!!! ;O; I don't wanna wait until next ...winter (?)

Fullview please :heart:
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Phew, finally done! This took a...very, very long time. XD But I was happy to get it done, since I hadn't done a big ol' colored pencil picture in awhile. It's BHK playing the harmonica while hanging out in Twilight Town, because hey, harmonicas are awesome.

Fwee, I actually wrote up a tutorial for this picture, which I shall post later. ^^
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All of the animated characters, and a bit of Roxas.
I must say, Donald and Goofy were two of the easier. And Mickey was just annoying. X3

Final product w/ info: [link]

Kingdom Hearts belongs to Disney/Square Enix

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