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Character bashing is a huge, huge turn-off for me, no matter what the character. I've actually been known to like characters more after seeing them bashed, because I end up feeling sorry for them.

Look, it's not the end of the world if you can't stand a character. Really. We can still be friends. Just have a little respect for them, even if you don't like them, okay? A character never did anything to you.

(If you agree, please feel free to spread this around.)

(Sorry if this hit your devwatch twice. I changed my mind about the preview and couldn't see how to fix it except by deleting the deviation. ^^;)

Edit: Holy crap, you guys. I've been trying to respond to all comments on this one because it's that important to me, but y'all just keep coming! I can't keep up! :heart: I'm really glad this is being so well-received, and I very much appreciate all your comments, even if I can't respond to them all. :thanks:
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I've had this idea swimming around in the vast puddle that is my mind for a while now. It's mostly influenced by some... interesting AIM conversations I've been part of. This thing gave me so much trouble. (Notice one mistake, fix it, export it, notice another. Etc. etc.) But overall I'm pretty happy. I want to do lots more Organization flashes. ♥

Music from

Re-submitted, I happened to upload the wrong file before. Hah. xD;
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Bwaha I just had to post this, a possible crack in my artists block!!!!! O.O!!

In Kingdom Hearts 2 you get to go the the Pirates of the Carribean world, but there's no rum? why is the rum gone!?? lol probably so it wouldn't have been rated T.

I could just imagine instead of Elizabeth and Jack on that island, Sora and Jack XD
haha! XD

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OMG another cartoon-type thing! And yes, I'm singing it... ^^;

EDIT: I made this thing from a joke on a message board, and I'm not actually a fan of FF7. I've watched my brother play little bits and pieces, but other than that, I didn't really get into it. I disabled comments on this thing because I'm sick of hearing about it after so many years.

Comments disabled by owner.

This is a mediallion with heart form, if you open it,
you will took a surprise

.... They are kh couples !!

Thanks thanks thanks to :iconvandervals: to make the flash version twice and the fantastic keyhole lights twice also.


Made by me :icongarijeli: and flash by vandervals twice !

Visit me facebook ;) --> [link] [link] [link] [link]

And Instagram! --> [link] [link] [link] [link]

Art by Carlos Garijo / Garijeli


EDIT: How I made this drawing?

lineart: [link]
Color1: [link]

see that... seems a tutorial!!
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Trade with mah very darling :icondabean: Originally did a Sora drawing for her, but I wasn't happy with it, so I did her a comic instead (the half-done drawing's in my scraps section anyways ^^;)

Buuutttttt - the theme for our trade was 'Summer', and she asked for Sora, whom I never really draw, so here he is. Ice Cream is great until it melts really fast and you can't keep up with the melting and your licking of it...which leads to you being exhausted and ending up just eating it rather than enjoying it. Poor Sora...I feel his pain almost every time I have ice cream. XD

Hope you like, my beanie! :glomp: I love doing trades with yyyeeewwwwwww.
(PLEASE NOTE: No, I'm not open for trades. I only do them with close friends. ;3)

Media: Mitsubishi Uni Pin Inks, Tria Markers, Copic Sketch Markers, Pro Markers, PrismaColor Markers, Hybrid Gel Pen.
Legal Stuff: Sora Property of SquareEnix
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So, I thought it would be cute if I combined my two all time favorite fandoms into one picture. Then I thought it would be even cuter if I made them stand in this pyramid like formation. And what do you know, you have cute little Katara and Kairi sitting on the bottom, along with a rather annoyed Toph. Then you have the two awkward teenage boys - Zuko and Sora. Then at the very top, you have Sokka and Riku fighting over the paintbrush, totally unaware that Momo has already done the job for them XD Oh, and then you have poor Aang between the two guys of hotness - Riku and Zuko XDD

This is what's happening in the picture:

Katara: Oh, that's so romantic Kairi! I'd love to have a boy chase me half around the world to save me and then sacrifice himself, but then come back to life. It's just soo...noble!

Kairi: But don't you have a boy chasing you around the world?

Katara: Unless you count emo boys of hotness who want to capture your best friend to regain their honor...then yes. But the fact that he's so sexy, is what makes up for his crazy ways.

Kairi: Really?

Katara: Yeah...except that his sister almost killed my best friend, and he betrayed me only a few days ago. But still, his hotness makes up for it.


Toph: Damn Sugarqueens >.>


Zuko: Must. Refrain. From...LOOKING AT KATARA o_O;


Sora: Hey Kairi, check this out! Hey...are you listening to me??? ;~;


Aang: What about me??


Riku: Forget it.

Sokka: Please just let me paint the thank you words for Spirit Oasis! Please!

Riku: First off, you're not hot/sexy enough to paint the words, second, my hair is way better than yours, and third, I would totally pwn you if I had my Road to Dawn Keyblade.

Sokka: Hey, I could beat you at anything! Let's spar right now!

Riku: No couldn't even beat me at tick-tac-toe.

Sokka: Shut up!


Okay, so my retardedness is done XD

This took quite awhile since I did all the lineart by hand...I didn't feel like working with the pentool, plus, I had to work on my inking skills o_O;;;;

I think I'm going to start a character series next...for Avatar that is. And I know that I said I would take a hiatus on Avatar, but I just can't - I love that show way too much. Maybe I'll just avoid the Zutara stuff >.> <.<

Oh, and the paper texture is from here: [link]=paper+texture&qh=boost%3Apopular+age_sigma%3A24h+age_scale%3A5

(c) Bryan and Mike for Avatar: The Last Airbender and Tetsuya Nomura for Kingdom Hearts II.
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YES if you have not gotten to Atlantica in Kingdom Hearts II yet, SORA (Haley Joel Osment) SINGS "Under The Sea." It's pure joy, and I failed that part of the world the first time around because I had fallen off my couch from laughing. I think that made up for anything else the game was lacking in (well, i can't think of anything bad about the game, so it just made it that much cooler.) "Darlin', it's better, down where it's wetter..." *bops* Awwww, Sorakins, he is absolute cuteness in this game, if possible, more adorkable than the first!!! I swear, I'm so happy with this game. Go play it, if you haven't!!!

Sora Squeenix/Nomura

p.s. Like my fish? He has nothing to say either.
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Full view to see Harry Potter and friends dressed up for Halloween! Yeah, I'm a freak. Wanna fight about it? XD

I had this idea for about a week ago and my tablet is starting to die, so I got it down quickly. I'll need a new battery now. Yeesh, where can I can a QUADruple A battery? That's right! FOUR As! An AAAAbattery! >.<

Sorry I haven't uploaded anything new in recent weeks. College is a blast! I'm absorbing so much about sewing! Pretty soon, I'll have my own online shop where I can sell cosplay goods for everyone! ^^ Won't that be nice?

Anyway, here's the cast of Harry Potter in the Kingdom Hearts gear. Originally, it was just going to be Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione, but I threw in Lavender and Draco because they're good for a few chuckles. It turned out funnier this way, having Hermione off to the side all pissy and burned. XD I love her to bits, but she's gotta make a move fer god's sake. And damn, that Draco is one hot pup! X3

So have a safe and fun Halloween, everyone! I'll be busy for the next few days with my own festivities. ^^
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Sorry, I dun know whitch category to put this in.

Sora and Riku from kingdom Hearts II
Barely looks like them though since I drew them by memory...
I really love sora but I really hate drawing his hair! O_o
I can never really draw guys w/ pointed up hair.

KH is one of my most fav games ever!
*can't wait for the III one
I still haven't played KH:COM though T_T
does anyone know where I can get a walkthrough?
tools: Oekeki, made entirely out of my beloved pencil tool
And~ I learned about the opacity tool!Yay me!
yeah...I'm a slow learner ;_;

The other hand to your left is Sora's
I's still needs some practice T_T
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