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"So, Sora, I bet you're wondering why I asked you to come out here..."

Sixteen year-old Sora shifted a bit under the sand, half-answering with a simple roll of his shoulder. "Well Kairi, I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with the paopu fruit you have hidden behind your back, does it?"

The redhead jumped a bit, giggling nervously. "Okay, okay, so you caught me." She pulled the star-shaped yellow fruit from behind her, plopping on the sand next to the spiky-haired brunet. "I mean, we've known each other for a long time now..."

"Mhmm." Sora was tracing a circle over and over in the sand, not quite meeting Kairi's eyes.

"And, you know, I really like you..." Sora didn't have to look to know that she was blushing. "And you like me. Right?"

"Right." He looked up, and her face was beaming with a grin. He couldn’t help but grin back; it was infectious.

"So, Sora...would you like to share the paopu with me?" Kairi held the fruit up in between them like some kind of offering. She was still smiling nervously, her big blue eyes widened in anticipation.

"Sure." The word slipped out of the brunet's mouth before he could stop himself. He didn’t mind; after all, he had always wanted to share a paopu with Kairi...

The redhead's smile lit up her face, like the sun coming out from behind a storm cloud. She broke off a piece of the fruit, handing the rest of it to Sora. She chewed her piece quickly, while Sora just stared. Kairi sure was eating fast...and getting close. Really close.

"Hey, lover boy!"

Sora blinked. Was that his brain talking to him?

"Wrong head, buddy. Hey, guess what. You'd better pucker up!"

Wait, was that Kairi leaning in to kiss him?!

"Whoa!" Sora jumped up in flash, causing Kairi to faceplant into the sand where he'd just been sitting. Being the gentleman that he was, he automatically rushed to help her up, but winced and let go of her when he saw the look in her eyes.

"Sora, wha..." Kairi was confused, angry, and on the verge of tears all at the same time. Sora immediately felt a stab of guilt since he was the one who caused those feelings—but Kairi just didn't get it.

"Uh, um...Igottago," he muttered in one breath, sprinting off of the beach and making his way away from those hurt eyes. In the back of his head he knew running away wasn't going to solve anything, but he didn't care at the moment. There was only one person that could reassure him that he wasn't crazy, and his house was right around the corner.


"Riku! Ri-kuuu! Open up!"

It should be advised that one should never answer a door that’s being pounded on mercilessly when the noise woke you up from a totally awesome dream involving sidewalks made of cheese and clouds that were really flying doughnuts. Heck yes.

But the main reason you shouldn't stumble out of bed to get the door isn't because geez, whoever's on the other side must really be desperate to see you, oh no. It's because when you finally do open it, your best friend—who you happen to have a secret crush on, even though you’re both guys, but who cares 'cause he’s totally irresistible—just looks at you and starts cracking his head up at the fact that you're bleary-eyed, fuzzy-tongued, and have worse bed head than a Chocobo on a bad feather day. Not that they have Chocobos on an island, but it's the thought that counts.

"Shut up, Sora," Riku muttered, nonchalantly running his fingers through his silver hair in a sad attempt to get the knots out. "...Ow."

Sora smirked. "Are your fingers stuck in your hair?"




"Hehehe." The two sat on the couch, with Sora behind Riku, as the brunet ran his fingers through the silver strands and tried to untangle them. They sat in silence like that for a few minutes until Riku’s curiosity got the best of him.

"So Sora, what brings you here this early morning while the rest of us humans are trying to sleep?"


Much to Riku's dismay, Sora's fingers drifted from his hair. Riku turned his torso around and leaned back on the couch, raising a silver eyebrow. "Well?"

"Kairi asked me to meet her down by the beach this morning..."

Riku’s eye twitched horribly, which luckily went unnoticed by the brunet. "Yeah?"

"Yeah. She asked if we could share a paopu, and I agreed, but only because...well, I don't know. She just looked so happy, and it was right there, so..."

"Congratulations," Riku mumbled. He missed the old days, when two friends could share a paopu because they wanted to stay best friends forever, but now sharing one was as good as marriage—or in a teenager's case, going steady.

"But that’s the thing..." Sora seemed fidgety now. "I never ate my piece because she tried to kiss me, so I freaked and ran over here."

"Why'd you freak out?" How odd. Riku thought that Sora would've wanted to kiss Kairi.

"I..." Sora sat up and looked at Riku with pleading eyes. "I need you to teach me how to be a good kisser."

Riku, who had been mid-yawn, promptly choked on his own spit. "Wha--what?"

"I don’t know how to kiss. I need you to teach me." The brunet glanced at the floor, his face beet red to the tips of his ears.

Riku was quickly turning red himself. "...What makes you think I'm a good kisser, Sora?"

Sora looked up, his eyes wide. "Because you're Riku. You’re good at everything."

"...Well, maybe, but I don't know about this..."

"Oh, come on. Pleeeeease?"

"Sora, how do you expect me to teach you how to be a good kisser?"

The brunet clearly hadn't thought that far ahead, because he opened his mouth to reply before turning an even more interesting shade of red. "I dunno," he muttered. "But I bet you are a good kisser. Maybe you can give me some pointers."

"Uh, well...I don't know about that..."


"I, uh..." Riku cleared his throat. When he’d been woken up from his blissful dream earlier, he really didn’t expect to engage in a secret-sharing party mere minutes later. "I've...never actually kissed anyone."

It should also be advised never to reveal something you've managed to keep hush-hush for the past two years or so just so your best friend's face will stop resembling a tomato. The intensity of your blush, however, was probably the same color as Kairi’s hair.

"Wait...what?" Sora's mouth fell open. "You haven't? But you always said that you kissed that one girl way back when. You lied about that?"

"I was fifteen, Sora. Give me a break."

Sora desperately wanted to tease Riku about this new-found information—payback for years and years of the silver-haired boy clobbering him with a wooden sword, for beating him at swimming races, and for kicking his butt at video games. However, the brunet very quickly remember his own situation, and if he let this slide, maybe Riku wouldn’t tease him about running for the hills when he was about to get his first kiss.

"Yeah, well..." Sora let out a sigh. "I guess we both need lessons, don't we?"

"We sure do." Riku picked at a thread on his pajama pants. "Now you’ve got me wondering if I am a good kisser. Heh, wonder when I’ll get to find out..."


Sora laughed nervously, rubbing the back of his neck. "Yeah, same here..."

Translation: Sure, Riku! Kiss me into oblivion! It’ll be, uh, 'practice' for Kairi!

"Want to find out?" Riku was smirking now. He could obviously read between the lines. Either that or he could translate small talk really, really well.

"If I screw up, you won’t laugh, right?"

"Of course not. C'mere." Even though he'd never kissed anyone, Riku wasn’t exactly sure as to how you could screw up a kiss, unless you bit their tongue off or something. Ew.

Sora nervously inched towards the silver-haired teen, who placed his hands on the brunet's small shoulders. "So..." Sora said, fidgeting a bit.


"What now?"

"I guess we start practicing." Riku had always pictured his and Sora’s first kiss way more romantic, preferably during the sunset after they'd confessed their love, shared a paopu, and decided to be together forever and ever and ever—not on the couch in his living room when he hadn’t even brushed his teeth yet.

But hey, he was about to kiss Sora. Hell yeah! He'd take what he could get!

Riku was slowly leaning in, totally prepared for a totally awesome make out session—and Sora seemed pretty content, too--when a movement caught his eye. He looked up and out the window, only to see—

"Kairi?!" he yelped, jumping up and grabbing the armrest of the couch to prevent himself from faceplanting. Unfortunately, Sora wasn’t expecting the sudden movement and fell face-first into the couch cushion.


Okay, Sora was making some very satisfying noises, but without Riku's mouth on his. Arguh, damn it! Stupid couch!

Riku groaned and opened his front door. "Kairi, what the heck are you doing here?"

"Well, I'm sure Sora told you about what happened on the beach this morning," she replied, stepping into the house. Sora finally unstuck his face from the couch cushion and gave a sheepish, yet worried grin. "So I figured that he either went home or came here. I mean, he tells you everything, Riku."

"Yeah, he does." Riku scratched at his stomach before sinking down on the couch.

"Riku tells me a lot, too..." Sora added.

"Anyway, I decide to come over here to talk to Sora, and what do I find? You guys were about to kiss, weren't you?!"

Riku and Sora instantly turned bright red.

"Uh, I don't know what you're talking about. Best friends forever, yup." The silver-haired teen pulled Sora into a half-hug, which only became more awkward when he realized that he was still clad in only pajama bottoms. He quickly released the brunet. "I'm gonna, um...yeah. See you guys later." He jumped and tore up the stairs, probably heading to the bathroom, no doubt for a nice, cold shower.

"He does realize that we're still here, right?" Sora muttered.

"Probably not," Kairi answered. "Speaking of which, think you can stay here? Maybe you can set some kind of romantic mood with him or something."

"Wha...what? What on earth are you talking about?"

"Sora, if you didn't like me, you could've just said so." Kairi rolled her eyes. "But you'd also have to tell me that you liked Riku! You guys make such an adorable—not to mention pretty hot—couple! Can Selphie and I watch?"

"What? No!” Sora's mind was running a million miles an hour. "I mean, no because there will be nothing to watch! I don’t like Riku like that! He just...erm..."

"'He just' what?" Kairi cocked her head curiously.

Knowing that Riku would rather get smacked in the head repeatedly with coconuts than have Kairi know his lack-of-kissing-experience secret, Sora was unsure of what to do about this dilemma. Hmm...

"Where’s Riku when you need him? Nice, shirtless, dripping-wet-from-the-shower Riku. You totally know that that cold shower won't help him any, right?"

Noooo! Not that wrong head again! Shut up!

"You liiiike him. Him and his sexy hair. Oh wait, everything about him is pretty sexy, don’t you think?"

"Uhh..." Sora cleared his throat, realizing Kairi had been waiting quite awhile for an answer. "Um...actually, yes! I do like him!"


"Well good for you!" She stood up and clapped, a huge grin beaming on her face. "I have really liked you for a long time, but if you'd rather be with Riku, it's okay. As long as you’re both happy."

Sora wanted to kick himself, then chop off the leg that kicked him and use it to whack himself repeatedly. How the heck did he always manage to get himself into these messes?! He didn't like Riku like that! They were best friends! He liked Kairi!

"Hey, what's going on out here?" Riku suddenly asked, apparently done with his shower.

"Mmm, shirtless, towel-clad Riku. You sooo like him."


'Fine, second head! You win this round! But someday, I'll beat you! I'!'

Sora marched up to his practically naked, dripping-wet best friend and yanked his shoulders down, bringing their faces together. Without another moment's hesitation, their lips crushed together in a hot, brazen kiss.

It seemed like ages, but it was really only seconds before Sora pulled back with raised eyebrows. "And you said you needed practice?"

"I'm that good, huh?" Insert classic Riku smirk.

Their rapport was interrupted by a sudden fit of giggling, courtesy of Kairi. She was laughing while looking away and hiding her eyes with one hand, fighting to keep a blush down.

"I know you, hehehe, probably enjoyed that Riku, but, might want to make sure you hold on to the towel next time you make out with Sora right after getting out of the shower..."

"Hey, Sora! Look down!"

Riku sheepishly pulled the towel back around his waist, much to Sora's second head's disappointment. " about I get dressed and we go over that lesson one more time?"

"Well, you always were really anal about studying," Sora replied with a smirk.

"Awesome!" Kairi squealed. "I'll go get Selphie!"


Years down the road, he'd still frequently engage in lessons, with the excuse that he 'needed the practice'. No matter how private the 'lesson', though, it was always tough to escape Kairi's delighted squeals. Oh, the joys of knowing a fangirl...
Oh geez, I don't think I've ever submitted a fic on dA before. *flails* Oh, well. First time for everything. xD

The only reason I'm doing so is 'cause this is an entry for =kitten-chan's contest. So woot. Fanfic for 'Keeping a Secret'. ;P

Kingdom Hearts
Rated T
Boys kissing, don't like, don't read.
Kairi is so me in this fic. Ah, I love being a fangirl.


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This odd room was different than any of the others they  had visited this night.  It was brightly lit and terribly cluttered much like Vexen’s room, but this was not from books and research notes, this room was far more dirty.  It almost seemed like some sort of animal lived in this dank smelly den.  There were also the odd decorations scattered through out the room:  Unique guns in cases, music CDs of strange rock bands such as Aerosmith scattered from one end of the room to the other, and the occasional tacky poster of some magazine chick pinned slightly crooked to the walls.  And there,  strategically placed in the middle of the room,  was a hideous green couch that sat right in front of an expensive looking flat plasma screen tv on the wall.  Said couch was the exact location of the next target.

Axel and Roxas stepped in unison over the cans that cluttered the floor near the doorway, obviously trash that had just been chucked at the wastebasket near the door and never making it in.   They passed a lone, out of place chair with clothes flung over it as they came closer to the couch.  Axel’s hand shot out suddenly snatching a feather from some freaky looking pirate costume that had been crumpled up on the chair, obviously from the mission the Freeshooter had to take over in that world of Pirates and water. Axel shook his head slightly as the costume had begun to bring unwanted memories back to his mind, yet he never missed a step as they continued to creep up on the victim.  They moved silently,  eyeing the leg that was hanging over the side of the couch.  It really wasn’t a stealthy operation this time, this victim slept like the dead, and it was fairly obvious when he was deep in dreamland due to the hideous bear like snoring.

Roxas chuckled leaning closer to Axel, “Is he snoring or dying?” the sound of his voice was barely audible over the noise.

“Let’s make this quick… he’s making me sick…” Axel grimaced as he whispered back.

They stepped forward in unison once again and peered over the back of the couch, their defenseless target was blissfully unawares.  His mouth slack, drooling just a little, and his eye patch was slightly askew on his ‘peaceful’ looking face.  

“I want to just, snap it…” Roxas motioned at the askew patch.

“Next time… maybe…” Axel whispered as he slowly reached over the back of the couch, gently taking a very light hold of Xigbar’s left hand and turning it slightly palm up. “ok…” he barely breathed the word as he nodded.

Roxas took his cue and sprayed a generous amount of whipped cream into the waiting palm of the Freeshooter, then nodded at Axel to do his part.

Axel pulled the long feather from where he had tucked it behind his ear and gently brushed it along the side of Xigbar’s nose, eliciting a disgruntled mutter and a twitch.  Yet the expected result did not come.  He did it again, this time running the feather’s light tip across the sleeping Nobody’s cheek.  The same reaction yet again.  

No matter how many times Axel tried to coax Xigbar to slap the whipped cream across his face, he received the same reaction.  Grunts, twitching, and even a light sneeze at one point.

“Good grief… he sleeps like a rock ” Roxas muttered under his breath.

Axel was rubbing the bridge of his nose and sighed, “I’ll try one more thing…” he steadied himself as he leaned over the back of the couch further; taking the tip of the feather and practically shoving it up Xigbar’s nose.

Finally a hand flew up and rubbed the tip of his nose, yet another grunt of annoyance escaped the target’s lips as his right hand fell back, hanging over the side of the couch.

Both Axel and Roxas groaned, turning and sliding down until they were sitting on their heels.  “I don’t believe this…” Axel muttered, “go over on the other side and do the other hand… we’ll get him now.” Determination burned in his emerald eyes.

Roxas nodded and crawled around to the front of the couch.  He emptied the contents of the whipped cream can into Xigbar’s other hand.  “ok…” he motioned for Axel to continue.

Axel leaned over the side of the couch again, while Roxas stood and leaned slightly over near the arm of the couch right at Xigbar’s head.  Axel repeated the trick that had forced their victim to move.  

Xigbar finally moved, with swift precision both his hands flew up, smearing the whipped cream in both the faces of his attackers.  Before either one could realize what had happened he had grabbed Axel around the neck and drug him over the back of the couch pulling him into headlock as he stood, also yanking a hold on the collar of Roxas’ PJs and turning him round into a headlock as well.

“Well, well, well… What DO we have HERE… looks like a couple of trouble makers trying to get some kicks by disruptin’ my sleepin’ habits.” Xigbar laughed at the two he had tucked under either arm as Roxas coughed on the whipped cream he had breathed in.

“You made two mistakes, Ladies… One… I don’t even go to sleep until the butt crack of dawn… and Two… come on… that’s like the oldest trick in the book, you honestly think I’d fall for that High School prank? AS IF….”

“Lemme go Xigbar or I’ll…” Axel snarled under his captor’s arm, but he couldn’t see due to the whipped cream that was now stinging his eyes.

“Or you’ll what? Blow me up with one of your little pyrotechnic tricks? Hmmm, Dude, that might be hard, since…” Xigbar released his grip on Roxas, shoving him forward so he stumbled and face planted into the couch leaving him dazed and confused.  Then after using his free arm to secure Axel’s hands behind his back he continued his explanation, “one, you can’t see... and two... I’m about to give you the swirly of a lifetime, and I don’t think your kind does too well with water, eh?” he chuckled as Axel blindly tried to free himself from the other’s grip, “I couldn’t believe it when I heard it, did you two honestly think that you could get away with that many pranks in one night without the higher ups catching on. PUH-LEASE, you shame the art...”

The evil smirk on Xigbar’s face only lasted a second.  Without warning the room resonated with a ferocious battle cry as Roxas leapt from the couch and landed square in the middle of Xigbar’s back. The smaller Nobody latched on refusing to loosen his grip as Xigbar kept a tight hold on Axel.  He knew if he lost his grip on Axel everything would go up in a ball of flames... literally.

“You little weasel, leggo ” He tried to shake Roxas, but the smaller nobody had a grip on him like a crazed baby monkey.  

Roxas inched his way higher, and then snagged the Freeshooter’s eyepatch, pulling it as far back as he could before letting it snap back.  A yelp of pain rang out as Xigbar lost his hold on Axel, covering his face with both hands for a second as the sting died down.  Roxas finally lost his grip and fell back to the floor, desperately tying to scuttle off before Xigbar had a chance to retaliate.  But he wasn’t quite fast enough.  

As he tried to crawl for the door Roxas felt a tug on his pant leg as Xigbar pulled him back by the foot, snatching him by the PJ collar pulling him up to his feet and nearly choking him in the process.  If he couldn’t keep a grip on Axel he knew he was going to need some sort of bargaining chip and Roxas was just the one he needed. “No you don’t, little Dude, you are SO going to get it now...”

He just about hand him pinned when the older Nobody made a terrible mistake, his hand slipped on the silky fabric of Roxas’ heart Pjs, coming within attack range.  Roxas let out a hiss like an enraged cat and then chomped down hard on the other Nobody’s hand.  Once more a yelp of pain echoed in the room, and once more Xigbar lost his grip on his captive.

“You little snot  You fight dirty ” He quickly regained his senses, shaking off the throbbing pain in is hand as he snatched the back of Roxas’ shirt before he could get too far away.

“Not one more move... or the Bay Watch babe gets it...”   Axel was standing a few feet away, holding out a poster of some swim suit clad beauty with one hand, while he had his other hand positioned threateningly at the bottom corner of the paper, ready to snap a flame that would turn ‘her’ into a pile of ash.

Xigbar stopped abruptly, letting Roxas slip away. “Fine... fine.. You win, Colonel Mustang...”

“Don’t compare me to that alchemic hack...” Axel snarled as a the corner of the poster started to smolder.

“FINE ... just get out of here already....” Xigbar growled as he watched them back towards the door, holding the poster hostage.  “But you do realize that you’re going to have to answer for this... someone is going to finally have enough, and you’re going to get yours, Dude.”

“Perhaps, but not at this time... and not by you....” Axel snickered as he pulled the door closed.  A few seconds later the poster slid back under the crack of the closed door accompanied by the sound of hurried steps and a portal opening and closing.  The rest was silence.

Xigbar stared at the door, listening to the quiet for a moment before he walked over to the poster.  There was a ink mustache and goatee now adorning the once perfect paper face.  “Little weasels.. That was my favorite one...”

His time to mourn his fallen poster was cut short, once again the sound of  Darkness reached his ears, the air in the room shifted slightly as the swirling shadows disappeared, “You were right... it’s them.” Xigbar sighed as he picked up the poster and rolled it up.

“I figured as much” a low calm voice answered him from behind, “When Demyx started rambling about all those impossible things I figured the disturbances we’ve been hearing since that ‘incident’ had to be those two goofing around.”

“So what’s going to happen now?”  Xigbar let a smirk flit across his face at the memory of the incident that had taken place much earlier before he turned to face his Superior.

Once more the Darkness opened before Xemnas as he raised a hand. He paused at the edge of the swirling shadows, barely glancing back over his shoulder  “I’ll be calling a meeting soon.  I’ll deal with Axel then.” he paused turning further to look back at his companion.

“And what about Roxas? That little snot snapped me ” Xigbar snarled as he pointed at his eyepatch, then looked down at his hand, “and BIT me.... what kind of cooties am I going to catch from that little rabid monkey.”

Xemnas never looked around, he’d rather the other didn’t see the bemused look on his face, “that’s what you get for turning your back on him.” he stated as he disappeared into darkness.

“Har har... funny, and what if this gets infected.... “Xigbar hissed as he shook his throbbing hand.  


“I was all ready to call it quits... I was telling you we had a close call with Zexion and Demyx... we needed to stop now while we were ahead... BUT NOOOOO ” Roxas was walking ahead of the taller Nobody, looking like he was trying to pick a fight with the air around him as stomped onward.

“You picked him... not me...” Axel smiled as he rubbed the last of the whipped cream from his eye.
Roxas spun around, glaring up at his friend, “BECAUSE YOU MADE ME    you and your stupid... sneaky... Arrrgh STUPID  ” Roxas spun back around again and continued stomping down the hallway.

“So, oh articulate one, what exactly made you decide you wanted to nail Xigbar... of all people....” Axel scratched his chin thoughtfully as he smiled despite the near capture.

Roxas stopped suddenly, his shoulders tensed, “N..nothing... I just figured... since he’s such a prankster... sorta... poetic justice.”

“Liar.” Axel snorted.

“What? It’s the truth ” Roxas coughed, his statement marred by the fact that he wouldn’t make eye contact to strengthen the declaration.

“Oh please, I saw that giddy look that glossed over your eyes as you chomped down on him... you were like a shark once it gets the taste of blood.” Axel laughed.

“Ew, don’t remind me of that... what kind of cooties am I going to get from him.” Roxas stuck his tongue out and made a “blegh” sound, “I need some Listerne.”

“Now, now, subject changer.... why Xigbar?” Axel continued to pry.

Roxas looked away, his jaw starting to set with determination.  Axel just folded his arms over his chest and stared at his little friend, the pressure of the look would be enough to break his young companion in just a matter of moments.  

Roxas fidgeted, twitching slightly as some sort of nervous convulsion began to take him over, “Don’t look at me like that  I said it’s the Truth so why can’t you believe me, what kind of friend are you HE GAVE ME A WEDGIE IN FRONT OF NAMINE!!!  ARE YOU HAPPY NOW!!”

“Aaaaaaaaaaw... isn’t that cute.” Axel poked at Roxas’ cheek, “look at ‘im pout... just cause a cute girl he’s never gotten the guts to even talk to saw his underwear... stretched over his head.”

Roxas slapped his hand away, “Knock it off  Ya jerk.” Roxas took a few steps away but continued his rant.  “Her only memory of me will be... ‘hey that’s the kid that got the horrific wedgie  Argh the horror of his screaming and the sight of his boxers are burned into my mind forever ’....” he paused his high pitched mimic of Namine’s voice, his hands falling limply at his sides “Nice... That’s how I want to be remembered.”

Axel laughed, “Well maybe you should try making a better impression on her... Actually say something instead of catching sight of her from fifty yards and then running like you have all the Underworld on your heels.” Axel paused, “and maybe you shouldn’t wear boxers with butterflies on them, Man.  ‘Cause that was just disturbing... I didn’t want to see it so I’m sure she didn’t either... freak.”

“Excuse me, but it’s your fault... you wouldn’t have had to see my boxers if you’d learn to knock BEFORE entering my room...” Roxas snarled, “and I hadn’t done my laundry yet... they were the only ones I had left...”

“Uh-huh... Yeah, ‘cause we all know you don’t normally wear freaky stuff like that...” Axel reached out, pinching the material of Roxas’ sleeve and giving it a tug, bringing attention once again to his freakish Pajamas.

Roxas glared at his ‘friend’ for a moment, “you want me to do to you what I did to Xigbar back there?”

“Fine, calm down already.” Axel chuckled again as he quickly changed the subject before Roxas had a royal fit.  “Well, now that’s settled.... I think we better find someplace to lay low for a bit... Until things have a chance to blow over a bit.”  He glanced at Roxas who was now shooting him a I-told-you-so death glare, “How bout here?”

Roxas looked at the door that Axel was now pointing at. “Demyx’s room?” Somehow in all their wanderings they had arrived once again to the first in their line of terrible pranks.

“Yeah, since he’s running around telling everyone that his Sitar is eating people he won’t be back without someone to help him... and who’s going to believe him ”  Axel chuckled.

“Axel...” Roxas sighed, not even sure he wanted to get into it again, “maybe we should find Demyx and let him know everything’s ok...”

”Why?” Axel blinked questioningly at his friend.

“It’s gone too far... I don’t think he can take this kind of stress... What if he gets really angry with us or something... You know how sensitive he is...” Roxas was cut off before he could finish his rant of concern.

“Yeah, yeah, and he’ll have some sort of mental break down and bring down horrible DOOM upon us all, blah blah blah....” Axel muttered as he opened Demyx’s door and stood in the entryway. “I’ve heard it, Roxas....”

There was a strange sort of stillness that filled the air as that door opened.  Quiet, almost peaceful; like the calm before a terrible storm.  Axel stood, frozen in the doorway as he stared strait ahead into the room.  A smaller Nobody was standing near the vacant stool and the neatly arranged sheet music that had been left untouched since the Musician had fled.  The baseball bat that had been tossed during a fit of fear was now in this other Nobody’s hands.  It fell to his side with out a sound as he looked up from inspecting it.  Their eyes locked as emerald green stared into dark blue... with a black ink monocle doodle.

“Well now...” Zexion’s quiet voice dripped with a chilling malice, “fancy meeting you here....”

“What, what?” both Marluxia and Larxene stood from looking under Demyx’s bed, glancing around the room and then letting their gaze follow Zexion’s.

Marluxia’s eyes widened when his brain registered who was in the doorway, “ah YOU!!!”

Axel ‘meeped’ slamming the door shut and leaning back against it.  Roxas stared at him, unaware of the danger that was lurking within those quarters, “Axel? What happened? Is someone....”

“Run Roxas... Run as fast as you can... Run as if all the Underworld is on your heels...we’re about to die...” Axel grabbed Roxas and spun him around, giving him a shove as he tried to bolt down the hallway.

“I don’t run like that unless.... What, is Namine in there? What’s Namine doing in Demyx’s room...” Roxas resisted his friend, pushing back against the hands that were trying to shove him into a run.

“No, Roxas, it’s not....” Axel paused as a frightful sound echoed down the hall.

The door nearly shattered, slamming to the ground with a deafening crash as it was ripped from it’s hinges from the sheer force of the kick that had been planted upon it.  Marluxia stomped out onto the fallen door, “ RUN FOOLS!!! But you will not escape my WRATH!!!” His hand shot up above his head as cherry petals swirled and danced in the air from his power, coming together forming what looked like the silhouette of a massive weapon.  The tiny pink petals suddenly seemed to explode revealing his huge Scythe. “No one messes with my hair and lives...”

Roxas ran blindly when he heard the crash, afraid to even look around.  After a few moments he finally managed to gasp out the question that was nagging his mind, “What happened... Axel? Who... was there?”

“It was Marluxia, Zexion, Larx and Saix    And I don’t know what happened    They must have believed Demyx  But why...” Axel glanced behind him, nothing was there.  His pace slowed slightly as his eyes remained fixed on the empty hallway behind him. There was nothing there.  There was no enraged mob, or even the faintest sound of anyone following them,  “I think we lost him...”

“AXEL  ”  Roxas yelped the sound rang in Axel’s ears forcing him to skid to a sudden stop, turning his head back around just as the tip of a large blade whipped past his nose.

“Marly    YOU ALMOST TOOK MY HEAD OFF ” Axel slowly started to back away from the enraged Nobody in the red lace bath robe before him.

“Aw, tsk... I missed, bad me.” Marluxia chuckled as he swung his scythe behind him and readied another attack. “I assure you I will not miss again.”

“Ah come on... can’t we like... talk this over... like civilized rational...” A strange smirk began to work its way across his face, “Man... you look like something out of Sailor Moon...”  Axel snorted and ducked just as the large blade sliced the air over his head again. “Just less scary and more girly.”

“ENOUGH   You little wretch, I’m going to rip your head off and use your insides as mulch for the little fern I keep above my toilet ”Marluxia snarled as he swung again, barely catching a few red hairs as Axel jumped backwards, just out of reach.

“Oooh I’m scared, don’t let the scary lady in the red nightie hurt me  Oooh” Axel feigned being terrified, a wicked grin plastered across his face.

“AXEL stop    Don’t provoke him ” Roxas danced around like a little kid that needed to find a bathroom, desperately trying to think of someway to stop the terrible disaster waiting to happen.  “Marluxia, wait, he didn’t mean it ”

“Can it, shrimp, I am not in a forgiving mood right now.” Marluxia snarled as he gracefully swung his scythe over his head once before letting it drop behind his back.  He lifted his free hand, palm out towards Axel; the air before his open palm seemed to create a vacuum and then burst out into a vortex of swirling petals at his opponent, temporarily blinding him.

The air suddenly sizzled, the smell of burning cherry petals stung the senses of the three Nobodies as one of Axel’s Chakrams spun before him in a ring of flames.  The other soon appeared in his other hand as he gripped them both and swung them back and forth by his sides tauntingly as the flames he had sent forth died down.

Marluxia had held up his arm, protecting his face from the tongues of fire that had nearly singed him as they passed by.  “You’re a fool, if you have a chance to attack then you shouldn’t play around and miss me like that.” he lowered his arm, a wicked grin tugging at his lips.

“Who says I missed....” Axel chuckled then made a point of snuffing the air, “hmmm... smells like barbequed cherries with a nice honey glaze.” He winked.

Marluxia’s blue eyes widened as he realized something wasn’t quite right, he turned his head, catching sight of the ends of one of his perfectly beautiful layers as it smoldered, “MY HAIR    You will PAY FOR THAT ”  Without hesitation Marluxia swung his scythe from behind and sent it flying at his tormentor.

Axel ducked as the Scythe spun over the top of his head, as he stood back up he chuckled, “Now that’s a desperate move, you’ve lost your means to attack me... what are you going to do now, petal me to.... death.” his voice trailed off mid taunt, eyes scanning the battle field before him.  Marluxia had disappeared.

“AXEL   ” Roxas yelled, catching his friends attention, once again alerting him to an attack.  Axel spun around just in time to see Marluxia, scythe in hand as he was flying toward him like some sort of avenging angel, strangely beautiful despite the sadistic grin that marred his face with hatred.  

“ENOUGH ” a loud deep voice commanded, bringing everything to a sudden halt.

Marluxia was snatched mid flight by a pair of strong arms pulling him back, his scythe ripped from his hand by the momentum he had been traveling against his body’s sudden halt in speed.  It clanked to the ground and spun a couple times before coming to a rest near Roxas’ feet.  
“Why did you stop me ” Marluxia snarled behind clenched teeth as he struggled against the grip Saix had on him.

“We should not be fighting each other... this is senseless.” Saix’s voice lowered, but there was still a bite to it that told everyone he was teetering on the edge of Berserk once again, if it wasn’t already obvious by the sheer strength he displayed by holding the enraged Assassin from his attack.

“Marluxia... Axel....  please... it’s not worth killing each other over...” Roxas pleaded, eyeing Axel as he turned one of his chakrams around in his hand, still ready for the fight.

“I wasn’t going to kill him, just maim him horribly.” Marluxia spat, the anger still dripping from his words. “He can’t get away with the things he’s done to everyone ”

“But his punishment is not up to us.” Saix stated, glaring at Axel and then down at Marluxia.

“Like he could even touch me...” Axel chuckled, sending Marluxia into another enraged fit.
“Let me at him ” The Graceful Assassin howled and fought to free himself.

Without a word Roxas snatched Axel by the arm and pulled him through a portal before any of the others had a chance to react.  The swirling shadows closed as an enraged howl escaped Marluxia once again.

“Look at that, they got away because of YOU ” He was finally able to twist his way out of the other Nobody’s grasp, stumbling a few feet before coming to a stand still.  He stood silently, trembling with the anger and adrenaline that had been rushing through him moments ago.

“Marluxia... calm down already.” a feminine voice sighed as Larxene walked up beside Saix, followed closely by Zexion.

The lack of insult and bite in her words startled him, forcing him to calm just slightly, “Don’t tell me what to do, Woman.”  He turned and walked over to his scythe, picking it up and rubbing his thumb across some unseen smudge.

“I suggest we inform the Superior about that creature you were telling me about, and perhaps he knows where Demyx could be.” Zexion’s gentle voice echoed in the now silent hallway.

“Indeed, and he can decide on what should be done.  Our job is done for now... There is nothing more we can do.”  Saix glanced at Marluxia as he waived his hand  opening a portal before them.

Marluxia was still standing with his back to them, rubbing his fingers across invisible scratches on his weapon.  He felt a presence suddenly standing close to him as a calm voice whispered in his ear, “I heard you... you said ‘everyone’... I figured you weren’t wasting that much energy over some honey in your shampoo... but really it all doesn’t matter...” she paused, “especially your hair...”

“If you’re trying to cheer me up you’re doing a terrible job of it....” Marluxia’s low groan was interrupted.

“Why should I care if your happy or not, I’m just saying that there are more important things right now than petty vengeance and your hair.” Larxene chuckled as she reached out and flicked the singed edges of his hair that was hanging over his shoulder. “And you needed a trim anyway, Shaggy... I’m pretty good with a pair of scissors... if you’re interested”

“Like I’d let you touch my hair...” Marluxia turned, reaching up and flicking one of her antennae like spikes of blonde hair, yet there was the faintest hint of a smile that was threatening his lips.

Marluxia paused before following Saix and Zexion into the portal, “We ARE going to report this.... right? I’ll let go of the revenge thing only if we report this... and let Xemnas nail his butt to the wall...”

“Yeah, yeah, let’s go tell Mommy on them for beating you up...” Larxene walked up behind him and gave him a shove to keep him moving.

“Hey ” Marluxia snarled as the portal closed behind them.

~End of Chapter 10: Avenging Angel~

Demyx is missing, and who knows what will happen considering the terrifying state of mind the Melodious Nocturne is in.  And it seems that Xemnas has known all for quite some time... will the Superior make a move to bring the insanity to an end?
Chapter 10!

Well I finally got it up >.< sorry for the wait everyone... I can't tell you how much I was fighting with this more like chapter 11 actually and I was afraid to post this one because I didn't want to write myself into a corner...

Sorry to say this one doesn't have a TON of comedy in it... but it does have a fight scene ^_~ Marluxia's day has come... sorta... well.. you'll see. (I tried to toughen him up and give him back some of his dignity for you Roxas4Ever ^___^ )

let's see... what else was I going to.. oh, yet another bad FMA pun in this one >.O aaaand... I'm having to get used to the WordPerfect program again... I miss my Mom's laptop... it had Word.. and Word helped me when it came to punctuation and a little tiny bit with grammar... so hopefully I haven't done a terrible job in that department.

Now I think i better start doing the little preview doodles.. I'll work on that and get them up soon, I promise.

~Kingdom Hearts belongs to Square Enix
Mentioned Roy Mustang from FMA... belongs to Hiromu Arakawa (and square too, now that I think about it)

ok something freaky is happening to my computer... I just noticed that some of the puncuation's in the fic are missing.. like the !!! when someone is yelling.... and I'm finding it extremely hard to reply to people's comments... it takes five minutes to send it through.... I'll have to come back and fix all this soon.
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The Melodious Nocturne jumped; his mind ripped from pondering the white substance on his coat and gloves and placed back on what was more important.  He knew the reason behind the blood-curdling scream that had just torn asunder what little peace had been left hanging in the air. But this outburst was so unlike the usually quiet and calm Cloaked Schemer; Demyx couldn’t help but wonder if Zexion would come out of this all right.  He slowly tip toed up to the bathroom door, fidgeting a little before he gently tapped on the cold white surface of the entry.


“Leave me alone…” the voice inside was quiet, but laced with a tremor of annoyance.

Demyx flinched at the sound of the other’s voice, yet continued to tap on the door lightly “Zezzy, are you ok?” he whispered again ignoring the warning.  Inwardly he was not even sure he wanted to know the answer to that question, especially after all the things he’d seen this morning. But he didn’t want to leave Zexion alone in this state; he’d never seen that sort of startled look on his face before. He’d never seen much of any sort of emotion flash across the Schemer’s face, except for an evil smirk or the occasional dull boredom once in a blue moon.  

The door suddenly flung open missing Demyx’s nose by just a fraction of an inch, revealing a Nobody with the usual grey-blue hair that hung over his right eye, but now there was the fire of blind fury burning in his other visible deep blue eye, “DO I LOOK ALRIGHT TO YOU? DO I?” he growled through clenched teeth.  

Demyx looked him over; the other Nobody looked the same as he always did, except for his unusual behavior and the dark black doodle of a monocle over his left eye, a swirly heart on the tip of his nose, as well as a rather villainous looking ink moustache.  Demyx cleared his throat and then answered, “Well at least they didn’t write...” He was cut off before he could finish as Zexion made a sudden and highly unexpected move.

Both his hands shot up to his forehead pulling all the long layers of hair that hung over his eye back up out of his face, the thick black letters spelling out “EMO” across his forehead now clearly visible.  

“Oh,” Demyx’s voice sounded slightly deeper than usual and then fell to silence.

“I AM NOT EMO!!! Why does everyone keep saying that? Just because I prefer to remain silent and read, all the sudden every one thinks I have dark issues with life and want to spend my time listening to goth punk music and ramble about how the world has done me wrong....” Zexion’s voice cracked slightly as he walked back into the bathroom, looking at himself in the mirror before letting out an agitated ‘rar’ noise.

“Goth music is kinda cool...” Demyx voiced his thoughts as he stood in the doorway.

“Demyx....” Zexion’s voice clearly had the not-another-word tone to it, but that didn’t stop the Melodious Nocturne.

“Well it’s your hair I think... and you always wear black... and” Demyx started to point out some of the little things that could make someone think ‘emo’ about Zexion.

“We ALL wear black, Demyx... it’s the Uniform... and usually Emo kids wear tight jeans and studded belts… You’re thinking Goth...” he paused mid rant and stared at Demyx, “and what about my hair... Excuse me for not looking like I just rolled out of bed with mousse still in my hair like Roxas or like a red Sonic the Hedgehog wanna-be like Axel...” Once again Zexion shot Demyx a look that clearly said, need I continue. He could have started on Demyx and his Mullet but he turned back to the mirror and rubbed at the word across his forehead.

“You know a little soap with those little exfoliating beads things could get that off pretty easily.  Mar Mar has some I’m sure… and he won’t mind if you use it since he’s dead now….”

Zexion blinked at the refection of Demyx in the mirror, willing himself to calm down, “Demyx… Marluxia is still alive… I can smell his terrible flowery stink as if he were here in the room right now….” His voice wavered, but the angered sting was starting to die down a little.

‘But my Sitar… and the blood… it was all over the hallway.” Demyx argued as he nervously leaned back and glanced down the hallway, a thought suddenly struck him “Look! Here’s Larxy’s blood soaked towel!” he pulled the towel out of his coat and held it out to Zexion.

The slightly shorter Nobody eyed the bloody towel; inwardly wondering why the other would keep a disgusting bloody towel tucked neatly down the front of his coat, but decided to cut to the chase instead of voicing his quandaries,  “It’s your blood… not hers.” He stated flatly.

Demyx stared at him as the gears whirred in his head, “but… wait, that means… Larxy and Mar Mar are fine?!?! And Saix too?”

Zexion sighed, he was quickly finding it hard to remain terribly enraged in the presence of someone as innocent and kind as Demyx, “Yes, Demyx, they’re fine… they’re still here and alive. I told you, all of their scents are strong…” he sighed.

There was an overjoyed expression that swept across his face as a sigh of relief escaped the Melodious Nocturne’s lips, but then his expression faded quickly into blank pondering.  It was now Zexion’s turn to be worried about facial expressions.  The odd look on Demyx’s face began to bother him; it was an expression he’d never seen on the other’s face before. A strange sort of deep thought that seemed to grow further into some sort of irritated look as the moments passed.

“Demyx?” his curiosity finally got the best of him, but Demyx didn’t answer right away and when he did the words were not very clear.

“Saix…” Demyx whispered as his mind ran through something that wasn’t clear to Zexion. “He said it wasn’t… my Sitar… but I heard it… I saw… all the blood, the things my sitar said... but then there was Marly’s hair… and your face…” Things were starting to click together.  The odd way his Sitar had in the way it spoke, the things that Saix had said, the fact that everyone was alive and well, and then finally all the odd things that were happening to all those around him. Everything was starting to come together and paint a larger picture in his mind as he finally began to understand.

Zexion tilted his head, listening to the odd ramblings.  His own plight was quickly forgotten as he tried to figure out what was going on in his companion’s head, “Demyx? What are you talking about?”

Demyx fell silent, glancing down again and inspecting the white substance that was now falling off in little dusty clouds.  He suddenly looked up from under his damp fallen hair at Zexion; the look caused the Cloaked Schemer to take a step back.  There was a fiery anger that seemed to be smoldering behind those sea green eyes that surely no one had ever seen before.

Without a single word Demyx turned suddenly, his hand shot up into the air as a portal of swirling darkness ripped open with such force it sent a gust of wind down the hallway snapping the long leather of his coat like a whip behind him.  Zexion stood silently watching with bewilderment set on his face as Demyx disappeared into the swirling shadows.  He didn’t pull his gaze from the shrinking darkness until a voice called him back.

“Demyx! Zexion!”  The female voice that called him back from his thoughts grew louder with the sound of bare feet running up the hallway to him. Zexion turned to find Larxene as she slowed and came to a stop before him.  “Where did he go? What happened, Zexi…on…” Larxene fell silent as she finally noticed the markings all over Zexion’s face.

Saix followed, coming to a stop behind Larxene as he eyed Zexion, noting the doodles on his face, “So it was you.”

Zexion didn’t say a word; his lips tightened into a thin line as he glanced away, letting his hair fall further and hide his face more. Inwardly wishing he could have joined Demyx in his escape than be caught like this by the likes of them.

Marluxia gracefully walked up as floating cherry petals danced on a light breeze and fell before his bare feet, reaching up to do what would have normally been a stunningly beautiful hair flip but stopped mid-motion and pulled his hand a way sticky with honey.  “Ugh, he’ll pay for that… that little…” he paused when he caught sight of Zexion.

There was a moment of silence; Marluxia just stared blankly at Zexion leaning closer to inspect the doodles, and then suddenly burst into a fit of uncontrollable laughter. “Oh that one’s by far worse than the one they pulled on me…”  He whipped a tear from his eye as he chuckled, only to find himself frozen by the tiniest sound that seemed to echo and grow louder in his ears.


Zexion stood in the middle of the now silent hall, gently tapping a camera against his temple teasingly.  “Nice bathrobe, milady, it’s so elegant and beautiful on you… such a pretty lady… I’m sure the Superior would love to see this photo; I mean you look so lovely when you laugh. Or better yet, perhaps I’ll let Xigbar have a copy of this one…” a wicked little smirk twisted his calm features into an evil image of malice.

A feminine chuckle echoed in Marluxia’s ear, “He’s got you again.  From this view point I’d say you make it a little too easy.” Larxene slapped him on the shoulder as she turned and walked strait up to inspect the doodles on Zexion.

Zexion leaned back, not entirely sure he liked how close the Savage Nymph was getting to his face.  She let out a little ‘hmmm’ noise as she looked him over.

“beep!” She chuckled as she poked the heart on Zexion’s nose like a button.  

Zexion flailed trying to slap her hands away as she continued to poke his nose and make beeping noises, “Don’t touch me!”

Saix let out a low moan, “Now is not the time to be playing games.”

“Aw, but it’s cute... this looks like Roxas’ handywork.” Larxene chuckled as she poked Zexion’s nose again.

“I said DON’T TOUCH ME!!!”  Zexion was starting to turn a shade of rosy pink from either embarrassment or irritation.

“Enough already” Saix barked, then willed himself to calm down, “We need to figure out were Demyx is before that creature tracks him down.”

Zexion’s anger fizzled as quickly as it had come upon him, “Creature?” his attention was suddenly ripped from Saix back to Larxene as she started touching his hair.

“There’s somethin’ under your bangs what does it say?” Larxene was trying to move his hair out of the way as he ducked and dodged her hands.

“I SAID DON”T TOUCH ME!!!” he howled fearful that she would be able to read the word on his forehead.

“Larxene! Stop touching him!” Saix snapped.

“You sound like my Sombody’s mother...” Marluxia was chuckling until Saix shot him a death glare that could have stopped a charging bull.

“Are we quite done now?” Saix growled, as three heads nodded yes.

“So... what about a creature?” Zexion was the first to break the silence that had followed.

“One of Vexen’s experiments got loose a little bit ago.  Some kind of...” Larxene was suddenly interrupted by the Graceful Assassin behind her.

“Hideously disgusting sin against nature...” he filled in, eyes wide in horror as though the creature was still lurking over his head.

“I’m afraid that it might be attracted to the scent of blood. So it may be able to track Demyx down.” Saix paused, an unusual look of worry flashed across his face, “I shouldn’t have left him behind like that.”

“Aw, come one, Saix... Obviously he’s fine, he was just with Zexion, and you know full well that when he nosebleeds it’s like some sort of disgusting fountain.” Larxene chuckled, taking her gaze off of Saix and glancing at Zexion, “he gets it everywhere but on himself...” in her own way she was trying to ease the worried minds of her companions.

Zexion listened, somewhat confused but not too terribly lost after the rambles Demyx had subjected him to.  He cleared his throat and then spoke, his voice barely above a whisper, “but he has your bloody towel stuffed down his coat.”

Larxene stood silent for a moment, her eyes grew wide, “THAT IDIOT!!! What kind of moron does something stupid like that! Now that.. That.. THAT THING.. Can track him!” her once carefree tone was no longer there.

“He said it was all that was left of all you.” Zexion paused looking at Saix, “he said that he woke up in the middle of a bloody hallway and nobody was there, the only thing left was that bloody towel.  So he thought you were all eaten...”

Saix raised his hand to his face, letting out a groan, “I REALLY should have known better than to leave him there.”

Marluxia chuckled, pulling his attention from inspecting his perfectly manicured nails to the others, “Oh please, is he still on that about his Sitar eating people.  Let him run around and be an idiot, I just want to find Axel.”

“Oh, yeah... what do YOU care, eh Barbie, you’re too busy checking your perfect little nails to care about anything else!” Larxene turned and snapped at the other Nobody.

“And since when did you start giving a moogles’ behind about anything but yourself you little harpy!” Marluxia snarled back, readying for a full on verbal battle with the Savage Nymph.

“KNOCK IT OFF, both of you!” the Luna Diviner’s voice echoed in the hall with a loud voice of authority, bringing the argument to a sudden screeching halt.

Zexion watched and then glanced at Saix, “How long have you been putting up with that....”

“Far too long for this early...” Saix sighed, “Did he say anything else to you, what happened before he left, perhaps we can figure out where he went based on what he said and did.”

Zexion nodded, “he told me the whole story, he thought you all were dead for a bit.  But I told him that I could still make out your scents so it was impossible.” Zexion paused, “that’s when he started acting strange.  I don’t know what he meant but he muttered something about you and his sitar saying something odd.” he nodded at Saix,  “and then something about my face and Marluxia’s hair.  Then he got angry...”

All three of the other Nobodies that were listening twitched.  Larxene tilted her head, “Angry?”

“Demyx?” Marluxia’s expression twisted into pure confusion as he tried to picture the musician being angry.

“Yes, angry... I’ve never seen anything like that expression on his face.  He summoned a portal and left just as Larx ran up.”

“He finally understood.” Saix said as he crossed his arms over his chest, “he knows what happened now, which means he’s going to go and check on something very dear to him in order to confirm it. After that... who knows what will happen.”

“Then we should go find him before something happens.” Zexion turned, calling a darkness portal to open before them.

Saix and Marluxia disappeared into the swirling void, then just as Zexion was about to step into the darkness he felt a tug on his sleeve, turning him back to look at the temporarily Not-So-Savage Nymph.

“Was he really that angry?” she asked quietly.

“I’ve never seen that sort of look on his face for as long as I’ve known him.  I fear for what’s about to happen.”  He whispered back.


While the four had been standing in the hallway discussing the mood swings of the resident water elementalist, there was a storm brewing elsewhere in the castle. A strange sort of peace, a calm before the storm, the quiet beginning of all chaos was starting to move into effect.

Axel walked down the middle of the hallway, arms folded back behind his head as he lazily marched along, a tight little smirk playing at his lips as he stared blindly at the ceiling high above them.

Roxas was nervously walking backwards, eyeing the direction they had come since reemerging from the portal.  The adrenalin rush that was so strong just moments ago was finally starting to settle and leave him with a tiny bit of peace, “Axel... we should really call it quits now.” his voice sounded small in the large empty hallway.

Axel let out a ‘hn’ noise and stopped, looking back at his little friend, “Something wrong?”

“Well, no, but we almost got caught back there… a couple times actually... and that last time by Zexion of all people.  I don’t even what to imagine the sort of thing he would do if he knew it was us, let alone caught us... after doing THAT to his face.”  Roxas fidgeted, mentally trying to brush away the worst scenarios that were trying to invade his mind.

“He is a little on the vain side sometimes, kinda reminds me of Marluxia a little.  But I doubt he’d do anything harsh, and besides, he didn’t catch us.  So why worry.”  Axel chuckled as he continued his slow pace down the hall,

“I wish I had your nerves of steal, don’t you get afraid that someone is going to... oh I don’t know nail your butt to the wall one of these days?”

Axel slowed to a stop again, looking around as though he could pluck the answer right out of the air.  He finally sighed, “No...”

“What about Demyx then...” Roxas eyed him, if fear didn’t work maybe guilt would.

A loud guffaw broke the silence, “Like HE could ever take me down...”

“That’s NOT what I meant and you know it.” Roxas glared at the redhead standing before him.

“Ah come on, what’s with you all the sudden, Ya big damp towel.... Fine, if it makes you feel better we can stop for now...” Axel threw his hands up into the air and then shoved them back in his pockets as he continued on for a few steps before coming to a stop, back still turned.

Roxas nervously scratched his arm looking his friend over with suspicious eyes; it was NEVER that easy to make Axel back down.  The only thing he could figure was either Axel had finally tired of their little game or there was a great big ‘BUT’ coming.

“but it seems to me that you had something in mind... judging from that little can of whip cream you have in hand there.” Axel snickered as he glanced over his shoulder at Roxas.

Roxas twitched, looking down at the can, “I knew it...” yet even in his defeat he couldn’t fight back the little smirk that was tugging at the corner of his mouth.

“So... how ‘bout one last victim...I mean... lucky beneficiary of our attention... and then we call it quits for the morning.  Cause it is getting a little... late in the day.” Axel paused as he looked out the dark window then back at Roxas, searching his friend’s expression. “So who did you have in mind?”

Roxas twitched again, “Me?”

“Well obviously you had someone in mind when you snatched that from the fridge, and I don’t mean Zexion... So who was it that flashed through your noggin as you grabbed that can” He poked Roxas in the middle of the forehead, a wicked grin running across his face as he did so. Inwardly he was quite pleased that he was finally rubbing off on the kid.

Roxas never answered.   The wicked grin that widened and spread across his face was answer enough for that evil question.

~End of chapter 9: Red Sky at Morning~

Demyx is angry…is  the world going to end? And who could Roxas have in mind for the next prank? What could this mysterious person have done to the littlest Nobody to make him want to continue this for the sake of vengeance?
I'm sorry... i was going to go strait into the story with Xigbar... but... I figured I was making it too long and Xigbar needs his own chapter... he'll be in the next for sure... I just spoiled the mystery.. but yeah... it's him.

Now, two quickie notes... um I had Demyx call Zexion "Zexy" in the last chapter and in this chapter I changed it to "Zezzy" there's a reason for that... you see When I say Zexy I'm pronouncing it Zezzy... not like the word Sexy (which that's cute and all Sexy Zexy... but I don't think Demyx would be saying that... I think that's a quick way to tick Zexion off...) and the reason I always say Zezzy is because I pronounce his name Zezion ('Zezz' with 'Ion' like the little vampire in trinity blood...which maybe I'm wrong... but I like saying his name like that...)

and the other thing is the title of this chapter... Red Sky at morning or in morning... I figure.. Demyx... water... ocean... red sky at morning sailor take warning ^_~ means a storm is brewing. but you prolly already got that.

Okies.. the next chapter will come soon, after I get a connection at my new place.

*edit* a just caught some misspellings.. oopsie... and I described Demyx as having sea green colored eyes... oopsie.. again... I was thinking of someone else when I wrote that.. I'll fix those right away.
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The lights of the castle were slowly starting to illuminate the darkness, simulating the breaking dawn in this world that was eternally cast in night.  The hallway that was once alive with the loud disturbance of an enraged nymph was now silent and still.   Larxene was sitting on the cold marble floor, staring blankly in the direction Axel and Roxas had escaped.   A strange sort of breeze seemed to pick up from behind her, sending a chill down her back, her gaze then fell to the floor close to her; small pink petals were lightly drifting past her before they finally settled near her knee.

The gentle sound of bare feet across the cold stone floor drew closer to the woman that remained strangely calm and quiet.  The steps stopped just a few feet away, suddenly replaced by a quiet male voice, “And so another falls before their vengeance… So what did you do to them?” the voice was icy, yet laced with a sick humor, “or should I ask… What haven’t you done to them to deserve this?”

Larxene smiled yet never looked around, “Nothing as bad as what you did to them…” she paused, “and besides, I don’t think that was aimed directly at me, I was merely the means to and end.”

“And you’re fine with being used like that?” the mysterious voice cooed evilly.

“Oh, you should know me better than that Marlu…” her voice caught in her throat as she turned and looked up at the other nobody, “EW! PUT SOME CLOTHES ON YOU PERV!”

“IT’S NOT LIKE I’M NAKED!!” Marluxia snapped back, unconsciously tightening up his towel.

“And it’s not like you’re leaving that much to the imagination…” Another deeper voice echoed from the shadows further down the hall.  

“oh shut it, Saix… It’s not like I had time to grab my uniform, the horrible agonizing torturous death I wanted to inflict upon Axel took a little more precedence than my clothes.” Marluxia snarled as he turned and walked to the nearby window.

“We seem to have an issue on our hands that needs to be… taken care of.” Saix paused glaning at Marluxia before letting his gazer fall upon the only female member of the Organization as she stood gracefully, “Would you care to come with us?”

“First we need to make sure my Sitar isn’t eating anyone else…” Demyx squeaked as he stepped out from behind Saix.  He stood for a moment staring at the ground before he carefully glanced up at Larxene.  That was a mistake.

Larxene was standing there still wearing her pink furry slippers and a shiny red bathrobe that had lace trimming the collar and sleeves, and worse yet, it was now gapping open to reveal a pink nightgown that had a slit up the side.  Demyx took one look at her and the next second a fountain of blood shot from his nose as he fell backwards and passed out.

Saix sidestepped out of the way just in time, staring down at the mess at his feet, “Perhaps that’s the real reason he didn’t want to come…” he muttered as he kneeled down to inspect the body.

Marluxia turned around; his nose wrinkled slightly, “Well shouldn’t somebody do something about that… He’s making a mess.”

“Nah, that always happens, let him bleed to death.” Larxene dismissed Marluxia’s concern with a waive of her hand, “So we ARE going to kill them aren’t we?”

“I’ve got dibs on Axel…” Marluxia snorted.

Saix was carefully sitting Demyx up, slapping him a bit on the cheek to bring him around, “Wake up Demyx…” he ordered as Demyx slowly started to come back to the living.

“Meeeh wha happened…” Demyx groaned; his vision was blurred for a moment as he tried to focus on his surroundings.

“You passed out… like always.” Larxene snorted, half chuckling.

“Well if you wouldn’t walk around like that maybe I wouldn’t pass out!” Demyx’s weak voice cracked beneath his hand as he messaged his aching forehead, careful not to look at her again.

“ME?!?! WHAT ABOUT TARZAN AND HIS LOINCLOTH OVER THERE!!!” Larxene’s shrill voice echoed down the hall as she pointed at Marluxia, “I’ve got more clothes on than him, at least.”

“HEY! Leave me outta this you little siren harpy…” Marluxia snarled back at her.

“Both… of… you… KNOCK. IT. OFF.”  Saix’s voice seemed to grow a little deeper; there was a bite to it now that instantly told all three that his patience was now wearing thin.

Saix turned to face Demyx who was still sitting down on the floor yet fully alert and wary of the taller Nobody.  “You… Get up.” He growled before snapping his attention back on the others, “And you two… Give him your bathrobe.” He nodded at Larxene.

“Excuse me?!” Both Marluxia and Larxene stared Saix with stunned horror.

“You heard me, now give it to him… I don’t want to hear any more about that stupid towel tonig…” Saix was cut off suddenly before he could finish the rest of his thought.

“I am NOT going to wear that fruity looking thing; I’ll keep my towel thank you very much.” Marluxia snuffed, nose in the air as he then turned to leave.

Demyx chuckled lightly, “This coming from the man that likes the Bath and Body Works and sleeps with a goofy pink eye mask on…”

“Just because a lot of women shop there doesn’t mean…” the realization suddenly hit the Graceful Assassin, he spun back around “How’d you know about my eye-mask? You’re one of HIS little spies aren’t you…”

Demyx fidgeted under the eyes of his companions, only to be saved by Larxene laughing, “Pink? You wear one of those pink masks?”

“Shut up… it’s the color of cherry blossoms… I like cherry blossoms...” Marluxia pouted.

“Yeah, sure, Sakura-chan!” Larxene’s light chuckle soon became louder.

Marluxia’s face twisted with anger as his lip curled into a snarl; he readied to slip into a full on verbal assault with Larxene, but something cut him off abruptly.

“Mar Mar, this isn’t the time to be arguing…” Demyx’s voice was quiet but demanding, he glanced out of the corner of his eye up at the taller Nobody that was standing next to him.  The look on the Berserker’s face was less than pleased and his hair was starting to do that angry cat thing where it stood on end, thus making Demyx very uneasy.

Marluxia stared down Demyx but it wasn’t really the smaller Nobody he was gauging, his lips pulled into a tight line as he thought over the consequences of continuing.  Obviously Saix’s nerves were being frayed to their breaking point, and Marluxia felt that he’d rather not be on the receiving end of one of those fits of rage. Yet there was one more thing he had to address, so he risked it “Very well, for the sake of continuing on and finally getting my vengeance upon Axel I will back down… But…” he paused as he ran both his hands through his slightly crusting hair and sauntered towards Demyx.

Demyx started to step back, his eyes wide as he tried to grasp what exactly Marluxia was going to pull, “Mar Mar… what…” before he could escape Marluxia had him pinned under his arm, unmercifully rubbing the extra honey into Demyx’s hair as the smaller nobody made horrified squealing noises.

Saix took one step towards them, swinging his hand up and connecting his palm square in the back of Marluxia’s head, “KNOCK IT OFF!” Saix snarled, shaking his hand a little, not from the sting of the connection but from the sticky feeling of touching Marluxia’s hair.

Slightly dazed and now sporting some really terrible cowlicks, Marluxia released his captive from the headlock he had him in.  Larxene stared at the three men, “What are you guys, The Three Stooges?” She paused looking closely at Marluxia’s hair, “and that’s disgusting, there is NO WAY I’m giving him my bathrobe…”

Demyx stood slightly hunched in shock, his breath shallow and erratic as he slowly reached up to his hair.  When he felt the honey and the freakish way his hair was now falling limp and sticky, he let out a strangled squeal, “MY HAIR!!! It takes me hours to get it the way I want… HOURS!!! YOU JERK!!!” the look in his usually sweet blue eyes flared with anger as he readied to lunge for his tormentor.

Saix caught him under the arms mid flight and held him in place, “Calm down, Demyx… Everyone is getting irritable because it’s so early and we have to deal with Axel’s little pranks… Let’s just pull it together for now.”

“Axel?! AXEL’S NOT THE ONE! He’s not the one that accused me of being a druggie, or put honey in my hair, or made me almost die from blood loss, or…” Demyx growled.

“Oh no, the only thing that’s turned on you is your precious Sitar, and oh wait! How could it be that Axel is doing all this when your Sitar ATE HIM!!!  Oooh… fear my evil Sitar! ” Marluxia faked being terrified, taunting Demyx further.

“You’re sitar, what?” Larxene chuckled, not too sure she had heard Marluxia right.

Demyx tensed bracing himself for what he thought was coming.  Saix tightened his grip on the young musician, judging from the earlier confessions; he knew exactly what reaction was coming. “My Sitar… ate Axel…” Demyx hissed through clenched teeth.

Larxene blinked at him, momentarily stunned. “Is that what you meant by making sure your sitar isn’t eating anyone else before you passed out in a spray of blood?” She suddenly burst into uncontrollable fits of laughter.

The giggle fit spread like a virus as Marluxia caught it and struggled to hide the chuckles that were escaping under his raised hand.  That’s when the inevitable escaped the woman that stood next to him, “and what have you been smoking!”

“DON’T SAY THAT!!! WHY DOESN’T ANYONE BELIEVE ME!?!” Demyx howled as he fought against Saix to get free.

“Probably because you’re coming off sounding like an idiot…” Marluxia paused long enough for Larxene to add a “like usual” to his sentence before he continued, “Your sitar can’t eat anyone… and Larxene just saw Axel run that way.” He snickered, pointing a thumb over his shoulder.

“Knock it off both of you… The longer you all spend here acting like children, the further Axel is getting away from us.  Plus I’m getting a headache…” Saix groaned as he released his grip on Demyx, dropping him to the floor.

Marluxia tightened his grip on his towel and stepped back, “Get back, and don’t come any closer… you evil towel snapper…”

Demyx stood, his back rigid as he clenched his hands into fists at his side, “Forget it! I’m going to bed…” He turned without another word and proceeded back down the hallway.

“Aw, Come on Demyx… Can’t you take a little teasing? Ya big baby.” Larxene sighed.  Her outburst caused Demyx to slow; he was just about to glance back at her…

“No! I’m not teasing him, I mean every word of it…” Marluxia snorted, ushering Demyx back on his way.

Saix waited just a moment before stopping him, “and what about your Sitar… you know it’s still there waiting for you.”

Demyx froze in place neither turning around nor continuing on his way.  He just stood with his back to them, grinding his teeth as he tried to think of what he should do next. It wasn’t very long before Saix gave him a way out, “I suggest we stay together… and find Axel before he causes any more problems within the Organization.  If this reaches the Superior then we’re ALL in for it.”  Once again the unbelievable patience of the Luna Diviner had kicked back in, it was surprising all three of them that he hadn’t gone berserk and killed them all by now. Maybe smacking Marluxia was enough of an outlet for his pent up rage to get him through for now.

“Well, well, well, looks like someone’s developed a little compassion in that hole in his chest…” Larxene sighed, “Fine, I’ll play along with you boys… it might actually be fun.  But this better end with some blood…” she slipped off her bath robe and tossed it at Marluxia, “and don’t get honey on that Sakura-chan… it’s silk”

Marluxia shot her a death glare as he reluctantly put on the robe, “Fine, let’s just get this done before the honey crystallizes in my hair…”

Demyx still stood in the middle of the hallway with his back still to the others, seriously contemplating on which would be the lesser of two evils.  His man eating sitar, or having to deal with the three of them bossing him around and insinuating that he was an idiot or worse. He started to take a step forward, his mind finally settling on going back to his loved sitar.  Even if it had turned into a man-eater, he still loved it.  But a voice called him back before he could escape.

“Demyx, come on…” Saix’s voice was quiet, but laced with a threatening command.

“I don’t want to… I’ve had enough of this.” He turned around to face Saix but got an eye full of Larxene.  Her nightgown was actually very lovely; it looked more like an evening dress than a nightgown.  It just didn’t really look that much like the Savage Nymph at all, more like a beautiful yet disgruntled angel in pink lace and silk standing there glaring at him. Or better yet, she was like a pink lily.  She was a beautiful and deadly ‘Pink Lady’.

He blinked; then the shock finally registered in his brain, releasing the defense mechanism that would rid him of his heated cheeks and swimming mind.  In cases of extreme pain the brain will shut down, allowing the body to handle the pain and give it time to recoup; it was the same thing here, only this time it was to stop the sensory overload from his vision to his mind.  Yet again in a spurt of blood from his nose he passed out on the floor.

“Oh good grief, we’re never going to get any where with him passing out like that all the time.” Marluxia sighed as he synched the tie to the bathrobe and then gracefully sauntered off in the direction Axel and Roxas had escaped to.

Larxene chuckled, “just leave him…”

Saix sighed as he followed Marluxia, “Let’s go check and make sure they aren’t getting into Vexen’s experiments, and then we’ll come back for him.”

“We’re coming back this way?” Larxene eyed him suspiciously as he passed her.

“I promised him I’d check on his Sitar…” Saix stated.

“You believe him, then?” Larxene chuckled, surprised that someone as serious and levelheaded as Saix would believe such a tale.

“I believe that he fully believes it.” He paused, glancing down at the unconscious musician, “But I think he’s starting to catch on…”

Larxene stood silently for a moment watching as Saix followed Marluxia down the hall.  She reached up and pulled the falling towel she had wrapped around her hair off the rest of the way as she turned back towards Demyx.  She eyed him for a moment, before she knelt down next to him, “Looks like a murder scene…” she mumbled.  Then in a strange fit of sympathy she rolled the towel up and tucked it under his head to cushion him a little from the hard marble floor.  “You are such an idiot…” She sighed, as she gently tucked one of his fly away strands of hair back behind his ear; then she quickly stood up to follow her comrades in vengeance. She paused when something caught her eye; she turned back to her door, running a finger over her warning note.

“THAT JERK DOODLED ON IT!! Oh he is SO DEAD!” And thus she ran off with new determination to bring about the horrible torturous pain of Axel.

~End chapter 6: The Pink Lady and the Three Stooges~

Demyx is out, but will the others be back before he wakes up?  And what is this strange Red Elixir that Roxas and Axel are risking life and limb for… and… GREAT GOOGALIE MOOGALIE WHAT IS THAT CREATURE!?!?!?  Vexen… you are one sick puppy for creating something THAT hideous…
Yet again I'll have to udate this with the preview image prolly tomorrow... sorry... but hey at least I'm on time with this one ^__^

The story doesn't move very much in this chapter... it's more of what I usually call a conversation chapter involving Saix and his little group recruiting Larxy. There's little things here and there that set up the next chapters, hints at things to come, and few more bad jokes about Mar Mar's Towel :P But you can consider this the short calm chapter before the mighty storm that will be the next one... the next chapter is LONG... and I may consider posting it sooner than a week from now. lots of plot development in that puppy (wait.. there's a plot in all this?!?!)

Extra Note: This chapter is titled 'The Pink Lady and the Three stooges' because of something Larxene and Demyx say/think

a ‘Pink Lady’ also known as the Naked Lady or Lady Slippers, is a type of Lily that is really very beautiful and grows with out any leaves. Its scent is really very nice, but terribly strong. There’s an old wives tale about Pink Ladies that says they can take the Oxygen out of the air, so if you were to lock yourself in a room with a bunch of them you’d die. This of course is a load of horse hockey, the strong perfume will end up giving you a terrible headache and that’s it. (I recall hearing about some of this on the old Ripley’s Believe it or Not series.) But I figured referring to Larxene as a Pink Lady was somehow fitting because of that little tale. Beautiful and supposedly deadly, so I put her in a Pink night gown.

I'll shut up now.... but I wasn't sure that everyone would know what a Pink Lady was...

oh... and I hinted at something else... too... that sometimes I get a kick out of... you should all know that I am usually a Comedy Romance (NOT smut...) writer.... Zerosystem calls me the hopeless Roymance (FMA Royai) writer... so I kinda slipped into that mode there at the end... and I sometimes like the fics with Demyx and Larxene together... sometimes... not always (she's a little to mean for him, but it's ok sometimes...)
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Demyx stood, still holding Larxene’s bloodstained towel in his hand as he took a few wobbly steps back towards the stairs.  His mind was reeling from the scene he had awakened to; he didn’t know where to go or what he should do now. He just stood, staring blankly down the hallway.  He reached up with one hand and nervously ran his fingers through his mussed hair.  It still felt sticky from when Marluxia had smeared honey into it earlier.  Without too much thought, he dropped the towel to the floor and cupped his hands together in front of him; a bubble of water seemed to form and grow out of thin air, floating just above his open palms.  He then bent over and ran the water through his hair, letting the bubble burst and fall to the ground in a splash.  

He stayed hunched over, hair dripping, as he stared down at Larxene’s towel and the puddle of water that now mixed with his own tears, “What should I do?” He picked back up the towel and held it close as though he was trying to protect it as he continued to slowly stumble to the staircase.

A thought suddenly hit him, ‘It’s morning now, if I could get help, and show them this mess, they will HAVE to believe me.’ He broke into a dead run for the stairs, but another thought suddenly stopped him dead in his tracks, ‘But Saix was trying to tell me something…’ His mental conversation with no one paused as he stared down the dark staircase, ‘he honestly thought my Sitar wasn’t the problem.  So what then? If it’s not my Sitar, then that means something else is doing this… some creature maybe… maybe  it even took control of my Sitar…’ Demyx twitched, looking around as though someone had just called out to him and he wasn’t able to see where the sound had come from, ‘I’ll have to be careful…’

A few moments later the Melodious Nocturne was leaning against the wall in the stairway, he could almost swear that he could feel something pounding in his chest but knew full well that it was impossible.  He slid down a few more steps, flattening further against the wall as though he was trying to sneak up on someone or something round the corner.  His mind was racing, trying to recall what had led to his being alone in this sort of situation.  Once again his mind wandered over the last scene he could recall.  Larxene and Marluxia were arguing, while Saix seemed to be loosing his patience with them both.  After that, things got fuzzy and then that’s when he woke up. He glanced down at the towel in his hand; a whimper escaped him as he forced himself to continue.

There was a sound, echoing in the hallway, forcing Demyx to fall completely silent not even daring to breath.  It sounded like heavy, tired boots across the marble floors.  Or perhaps it could even be the slothful trudging of some hideous dreadful sitar possessing monster.  He did notice that the steps sounded off somehow, they were making a sort of scuffing sound as though the being that was coming nearer was limping or having a bit of trouble walking.  Demyx leaned further into the wall, wishing he could somehow just disappear into it.

It wasn’t long before a black figure rounded the corner of the stairway;  a man judging by the deep weary groan that was escaping beneath his shadowed hood.  The stranger suddenly coame to a screeching halt and nearly jumping out of his skin at the sight of Demyx pressed against the wall with his eyes scrunched tight in fear.  

“DEMYX!!! What in the name of Kingdom Hearts are you DOING lurking around in dark corners like that!?!”

Demyx suddenly recognized the stranger’s voice and opened one of his tightly closed eyes to confirm the source of the voice.  “XEMMY!!! THANK GOODNESS!!” he launched himself at the Superior, nearly knocking him off his feet, the force of the encounter throwing Xemnas’ hood back to reveal silvery hair and tired dark rimmed yellow eyes.

“Erm… Demyx…” Xemnas started to try and pry the distraught musician off of him, but faltered as Demyx continued to wail. Number Nine’s dark words catching his attention and forcing him to listen.

“EVERYONE’S GETTING KILLED!! First it was Axel and probably Roxas since they’re ALWAYS together, and now Larxene, Marluxia, and Saix are gone!!! There was blood everywhere and Larxy and Mar Mar’s towels were the only thing left!!! What should we do?” Demyx cried as he slipped down to his knees, still clinging to Xemnas’ waist.

“First of all, let go…” Xemnas shooed him off and then stepped back, limping slightly as his leg threatened to give out.  Demyx noticed the odd movement and looked up at his Superior questioningly, “Now tell me, what has happened? What is this about blood?” Xemnas straitened, hiding the pain that was now shooting up his leg and settling into the middle of his back.

Demyx stared at him blankly, inwardly going over all the reactions that he had received from everyone else he had told about his Sitar, “I… um… You won’t believe me… nobody has so far, and they’re all dead now.”

Xemnas’ eyebrow arched, “Try me…”

“My Sitar… ate them…” Demyx bluntly stated; searching the other’s face for any sign of what he was afraid would come next.

Xemnas slowly closed his eyes, and then turned and started limping up the stairs.  Demyx was startled, he scrambled to his feet and started to follow, “Xemmy, wait! Where are you going?”

Xemnas paused and sighed, “Demyx, I don’t have time for your games right now.  Just go tell Axel to knock it off or face disciplinary actions…”

“But… But… Axel’s…” Demyx stuttered only to be cut off.

Xemnas glanced back over his shoulder, his yellow eyes were cold and piercing, “I have had a very rough night… Now take your silly little game and go else where with it.”

Demyx fell silent and watched as the superior left him alone once more, he turned sat down on the bottom step, “Well at least he didn’t ask what I had been smoking…” He sat for a moment and then turned to look back up the empty stairs, “Why was he limping?”  

Once more Demyx’s overactive paranoid mind started to whir into all sorts of scenarios, “What if he knows what’s going on… He knows my Sitar ate them, and maybe it nearly got him too… that’s why he’s limping! That’s why he didn’t ask me what I was smoking! Because he believes me but can’t say anything for fear of my Sitar’s wrath!”  He paused mid rant as an image of Saix’s face flashed across his mind, “Poor, Saix, why didn’t he believe me… If he had only believed me maybe he wouldn’t…” Demyx shot to his feet with more determination, “I can’t let anyone else get eaten! I need to get help!”

There was a sudden loud noise from the floor above; it was something like that really annoying squeak sound wet shoes make across linoleum followed by a loud ‘THUNK’ and then a yelp of pain.  Demyx turned and stared up the stairs, suddenly remembering that he had rinsed out his hair leaving a large puddle of water near the top of the stairs. He fingered his damp hair unconsciously just before breaking into a dead run for the little kitchen where he had first told Saix the whole story; the only thing worse than a crazed sitar would be the Superior’s wrath.

Meanwhile, near the kitchen a dark swirling portal of shadows opened and then closed, leaving Axel and Roxas standing near the door way.  Roxas sighed, “So, uh… Why didn’t we use the portal sooner?”

Axel blinked, remaining silent for a few seconds, “Because… someone could have sensed it…”

“Liar, you just didn’t think of it.  You get your sick kicks from almost being caught don’t you!” Roxas slugged him in the arm and then left him for something more important, “I’m hungry… I want toast…”

Axel was still rubbing the sore spot inflicted by his best friend, “OUCH! You little jerk… and that is NOT the reason! You just don’t have any respect for the art…”

Roxas ignored Axel as he entered the kitchen and nearly walked strait into Xaldin.  The taller nobody stepped back and looked down at Roxas, “What was that?”

“It was just Axel being stupid…” Roxas snorted and pushed past him.

“I didn’t mean him, I meant that yell…” Xaldin glanced out the door as Axel walked in.

Axel patted him on the cheek and snickered, “Nuthin’, you’re just going crazy.”

The smirk quickly faded when Xaldin held the tip of one of his spears threateningly close to his nose.  “Don’t get funny with me, unless you want this jammed up your nose and lodged in your small pathetic brain.”

“Point taken…” Axel nervously laughed and slowly backed away.

“uuuugh… That was a bad pun too, stab him Xaldin…” Roxas called over his shoulder as he opened the fridge and glanced around, he paused or a moment and stared at something before pulling out a can of whipped cream as a strange sort of smirk quickly passed over his lips. Then he moved on to one of the cupboards, searching for the real sustenance he craved.

Xaldin didn’t say another word to Axel; he just turned back to the counter and picked up the milk he had left when he had been distracted by the odd sound.  Roxas glanced out of the corner of his eye, watching as Xaldin poured a big bowl of cereal.  It wasn’t so much that man was eating cereal that caught his attention; it was what kind of cereal he found odd.  “Xaldin… you’re eating Demyx’s Lucky Charms?”

“They’re magically delicious…” He stated flatly as he turned with his precious bowl and went to sit down.

Roxas chuckled as he closed the cupboard he was looking in and then started to reach for the next one, only to be interrupted by a warning from the Nobody that was now devouring some pink hearts and blue moons, “Careful, that cupboard is jammed full… some stuff fell out on Luxord.”

“Yeah whatever” Axel leaned over Roxas and flung open the cupboard door before Roxas could stop him.  The next thing they both new a large opened bag of flour toppled over and landed square on top of Axel’s head, showering them both with white powder.

Between the unison coughing and sneezing, Xaldin allowed a wicked smirk to streak across his face, “I told you…”

“You set that up, I know it…” Axel snarled over his shoulder, sneezing suddenly and sending a cloud of white floating into the air.

Xaldin shot Axel a very scary death glare and then turned back to his marshmallow stars, “No, contrary to what you think… Not everyone gets their petty kicks from duping fools.” He snorted.

“He just called you a fool…” Roxas elbowed his friend right in the ribs, edging him on towards a fight.

Axel snarled and then started to take a threatening step towards Xaldin, but a strange sound stopped him.  It almost sounded like snoring.  He looked down at Roxas, who returned the same curious look.

The sound was coming from the other side of the room, from the small couch that was arranged with its backside to the little table Xaldin was currently occupying.  It faced a small Tv that was put in the little kitchen area in order to keep the larger entertainment room free of food that would most likely spill and stain the new white carpet Xemnas had ordered.  

“It’s Zexion…” Xaldin stated flatly, knowing perfectly well what was on both their minds.

“Well I can understand falling asleep in front of a Tv, but all night?” Axel pondered, aloud.

“I don’t think so… Zexion is more of a reader, and besides the Tv isn’t even on.” Roxas added.

“He came down about an hour ago… He said that there was some sort of yelling and it woke him up.” Xaldin turned, eyeing the two, “You wouldn’t know anything about what’s been going on around here, would you?”

“Us? Why should we know anything?” Axel looked a little too innocent while Roxas just shook his head, also looking too innocent to be truthful.

Xaldin snorted, “Yeah, I bet. You’re just a bunch of perfect little angels aren’t you?”  He pushed back from the table and then walked over to the sink, setting the bowl down with a slight clatter.  “You know sooner or later you’re going to catch it. Someone is going to finally have enough and you’re going to get a taste of your own for a change.” And with those foreboding words he turned to leave, coming to a sudden stop when a smaller Nobody slammed right into his chest.

“Watch where you’re going, Nocturne… You should know better than to run in the hallway like that.” Xaldin grunted as he walked past Demyx who was now sitting on the ground holding his head.

Demyx shook his head, clearing the little bubbles of confusion from his senses, “XALDIN!!! You’ve got to help me!!” the smaller Nobody yelled bringing the other to a short pause.

Xaldin chuckled, and then continued on his way down the hallway; “If you want to play, your two little buddies are in there…” he nodded for the kitchen and started walking away.  “Get them to play with you; it might keep them out of whatever mischief they’re planning.”

Demyx stood up nervously rubbing his hands together, “But Axel and Roxas were…” he paused, thinking over his words, “but they were eaten…”

Xaldin stopped in his tracks, slowly turning and giving Demyx the ol’ where-you-born-a-nutter-or-just-became-that-way-overnight look.  “What are you…” he was startled suddenly by the death glare Demyx shot him, causing him to pause mid sentence, “…talking about?”

Demyx sighed; relieved that it didn’t turn into the question he thought it would be.  “Well…”

Meanwhile, Axel and Roxas had heard the discussion; a chuckle broke the silence in the room quickly followed by Axel’s quiet voice, “Demyx thinks we were both eaten by his Sitar… heh, I was wondering what happened with him…”

Roxas nodded, “Axel, maybe we should let him know we’re ok… I mean you know how he is.  What if he has some sort of mental breakdown?”  

“All in good time little buddy…” Axel paused looking back at the couch and then over at his little friend, “But first we have some business to attend to… before anyone else shows up… while there are no witnesses.” The wicked little smirk returned as he tip-toed quietly to the back of the couch, Roxas right behind him, a horrified expression on his face.

Roxas grabbed him by the sleeve, shaking his head, trying to tell Axel to let this one go.  But it was useless. No matter how many times Roxas tried, he knew that things would always end up going the way that Axel wanted them to.  So when the younger Nobody was met with the usual mischievous smirk he just sighed giving up with out too much of a fight. He may as well have fun with it instead.

They crept up on the couch, peeking over the back down on the sleeping form of Zexion. His silvery grey-blue hair had fallen back near his ears, revealing more of his ‘angelic’ peaceful face than either of the other two had ever seen before.

“awww… isn’t he cute… sleeping so innocently… you wouldn’t think he’d be the type to have blackmail dirt on every one in this Organization would you…” Axel leaned to the side, barely even whispering the words to his friend.

Roxas glanced over at Axel, the fear of the mighty Schemer brand vengeance being pushed to the back of his young mind as he locked eyes with the taller Nobody.  Once he had Axel’s attention, Roxas then looked down at the whipped cream in his hands, silently suggesting the ol’ whip cream smear prank.  Axel shook his head ‘no’ and then pulled the mighty Sharpie Pen of Doom out of his pocket with a quick wink.  The classic whip cream prank would result in the victim waking from their once peaceful sleep, catching the pranksters right away.  This wouldn’t exactly be the best thing to do with a man like Zexion who had the powers of Emo and Illusions on his side.  

Roxas smirked, but then it faded as he pointed at the pen and tapped his nose.  It was true, Sharpies do have a distinct smell… and Zexion was very keen on scents.  It would probably be enough to wake him from his sweet slumber.

Axel eyed the pen, and nodded as he pulled Roxas closer, “quickly, then we run…” he whispered into his friend’s ear.  

Axel uncapped the pen and then quickly scrawled something across Zexion’s perfect face.  Handing the pen quickly to Roxas, who also scribbled something before they both jumped up and bolted for the door.  

Zexion’s nose winkled, as a faint strangled moan escaped his lips. For a moment he felt a presence, some sort of Disturbance in the Force, but the terrible smell of flour and ink quickly faded.  He turned in his half asleep state and then started to drift back off into his own dreams.

Axel and Roxas slid to a stop in the middle of the hallway, looking forward down the hall at a familiar face standing just a few feet in front of them.  His sea green eyes widened in shock at what he was seeing before him, his bottom lip trembled slightly making it  seem like he was about to break out into tears.

Axel smiled, raising a hand in a greeting gesture, “Yo! Demyx!”

Demyx let out a strangled scream and turned to bolt away, the only thing that stopped him in his escape was the door that flung open to his left, slamming right into his face and sending him sprawling backwards across the floor.

Luxord peeked around the edge of the door, “Good grief, Man… You shouldn’t scream like that, I thought someone was dying out here!” he glanced up at Axel and Roxas, “Oh, you guys got nailed by the bag of flour too? Well the bathroom’s free, have at it.”  He waived as he left.

Axel was laughing hysterically now; he didn’t even stop when Roxas slapped him in the stomach with the back of his hand as he walked past to check on Demyx.

“Demyx?”  Roxas called as he crouched down next to the fallen Musician, “Demyx, are you ok?”

“Aw, he’ll live…” Axel groaned as he joined his friend, yet there was the slightest hint of concern that flashed across his face.

“Why did he freak out like that?” Roxas glanced over his shoulder at Axel.

Axel rubbed his chin for a second and then without warning slapped Roxas up along the backside of his head, sending a cloud of white flour floating down on Demyx.  “That’s why!  He thinks we’re dead... and the flour makes us look all pasty and ghost-like”

“WELL YOU DON’T HAVE TO HIT ME TO MAKE THE POINT!!!” Roxas yelled as he rubbed the back of his head.

“Aw, suck it up, ya big baby.” Axel chuckled.

“This isn’t very funny anymore, Axel! I mean look at him!” Roxas motioned towards Demyx who was still out cold and looked like he’d just run a marathon, and then been attacked by a pack of Rabid heartless after doing a few rounds against Sephiroth.

“How’s that my fault, he’s a clutz... He probably ran into a couple doors.” Axel pouted and looked away; inwardly he was trying to reason things out so that he wouldn’t feel quite so guilty about the whole thing. He finally let out an irritated grunt, shooting a glare at Roxas out of the corner of his eye. “What are you, my conscience now?”

Satisfied that he had finally pricked Axel’s guilty mind, Roxas turned back and gently tapped the unconscious musician on the cheek, calling his name.  Soon, Demyx leaned up on one arm and rubbed his head with his other hand, “ouchies… my head hurts…” He looked up at Roxas and Axel who were looking back at him with concern.  

“Demyx, are you ok?” Roxas asked, inching closer again.

“Well that’s what happens when you slam your face into a door, Stupid.”  Axel snorted at Demyx.

Demyx stared at them both, his eyes wide with horror at what he was seeing. It was in fact Axel and Roxas sitting there in front of him…  white… as… sheets.  He let out a terrified squeal and scuttled backwards until he was pressed flat against the wall, “MY SITAR DID EAT YOU BOTH!!! PLEASE DON’T HAUNT ME!!! I’M SORRY, I COULDN’T STOP IT!!! I’M SORRY!!!”

Axel and Roxas sat dumbfounded for a moment before Axel broke out into an evil fit of laughter, “CORRECT!!! Your carelessness led to this grizzly end for us…” he shifted letting his head fall on Roxas’ shoulder, hiding his face as he began to sob over his ‘lost life’.

Roxas sat for a moment, a dull glazed look in his eyes, “Get away from me…”

Axel suddenly straitened up, a new determination burning in his eyes as he suddenly leaned close to Demyx, “But… We’re here to warn you that your sitar is out for your Soul as well, Mwah ha ha…. Got that Memorized?”

“ALL RIGHT!!! JUST PLEASE… DON’T HAUNT ME….” Demyx curled up and began to sniffle.

A loud sound echoed from the kitchen, it almost sounded like something hitting the floor and then the scuffling sound of heavy boots upon marble.  A gentle yet irritated voice echoed from room a few feet away, “What in the name of Daniel Boone’s sweat stained gym socks is GOING ON out there!!!”

Axel jumped to his feet, grabbing Roxas by the sleeve and yanked him back as they disappeared into a dark portal leaving Demyx curled up into a ball, hands over his eyes and chanting something about happy places.  

“Can’t a guy get ANY sleep around here?!” Zexion stepped out into the hallway; the only thing there was Demyx panicking in the fetal position.  His irritation at being woken up yet again faded a little as he kneeled down and started to pull Demyx’s hands away from his face, “Demyx, are you ok? What happened?”

Demyx let out another squeal of fright when he felt Zexion’s hands on his wrist, “LEAVE ME ALONE!!!” He peeked between his fingers for just a second before scrunching his eyes tight, but then his mind suddenly registered that it wasn’t Axel and Roxas before him now.  “Zezzy? ZEZZY, IT’S YOU!!!” He launched himself at Zexion, nearly strangling him.

Zexion choked and struggled to free himself from Demyx’s death grip around his neck as the musician cried about some really odd gibberish involving Saix, Marluxia, Larxene, Axel, and Roxas all being killed by his Sitar. “Demyx, leggo.. Demyx…” Zexion gasped.

Demyx suddenly released his captive, “Sorry…  it’s just… I had to make sure you were real!  Everyone keeps dieing on me… or they won’t believe me...  And Xaldin laughed at me!” Demyx paused as he recalled the most recent let down.

Xaldin stood before him in the hallway, arms folded behind his back and his jaw set as he listened to the Story Demyx was relaying.  There had been a long pause after the smaller Nobody had finished, he stood there waiting for the larger and stronger looking Nobody to say something or make some kind of acknowledgement that he had even heard what had been said.  That’s when the usually pensive Whirlwind Lancer burst into a fit of uncontrollable booming laughter.  He turned, still snickering and walked away leaving Demyx alone and hopeless.

Demyx shook his head, trying to rid himself of the images that invaded his mind, “You have to help me Zexy!!”

Zexion scratched the back of his head, still confused, “Um…What exactly happened, Demyx? I don’t...”

“My Sitar ate Axel and Roxas and now their dead and trying to haunt me I think… and Saix didn’t believe me… he kept trying to tell me my sitar wasn’t eating people, but he was going to help me anyway.  Only we had to help Larxene and Marluxia first and now all three of them are dead… there’s blood all over the upstairs hallway and the only thing left was Larxy’s towel… and something happened to the Superior… I think my Sitar might have wounded him…” he sniffled.

Zexion blinked, “What do you mean everyone keeps dieing on you? Their Scent is still strong… So what’s going on?” his voice was calm but still confused sounding.

Demyx was staring at Zexion, a strange sort of befuddled look on his face as he listened. Zexion fidgeted under the unnerving gaze, “What?”

“What… happened to your face?” Demyx pondered aloud as Zexion reached up and touched his cheek, suddenly remembering that scent he thought he had dreamed.

The Cloaked Schemer jumped to his feet ducking into the bathroom and pulling the door shut with a loud slam behind him.  Demyx stood up while nervously rubbing his hands together as he glanced behind him; he felt as though something terrible was about to happen.  He looked down at his hands, finally taking notice of the odd white powder that was all over them and down his chest.  He ran a finger over his coat, inspecting the substance, temporarily forgetting his plight and Zexion’s face. Yet this moment of forgetfulness was all too brief.

Despite the disturbances in these early morning hours, the Castle had been relatively peaceful, that is… until this moment.  Suddenly an ear-shattering scream echoed through every hallway, rang in every ear, and shattered even more windows.  The entire Castle seemed to shake from its very core as the Illusionist’s voice echoed throughout.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Saix stumbled as the castle shook; leaning against the wall with one hand to steady himself during the tremor.  Larxene and Marluxia fell against each other and used each other as support in order to keep from falling to the floor.

“What was that?”  Larxene looked around, bewildered by the display of power.

“Surely he wouldn’t have…” Marluxia gasped.

The wall nearest them split, a crack running up the surface about halfway before stopping in a jagged point as the terribly horrifying scream died. Saix straitened up, looking back at the other two.  “Zexion has dirt on nearly everyone in the Organization… Including Xemnas… So of course he would be a likely hit.” He continued down the hallway, to resume his search for Demyx, “but I never would have imagined that someone would be that stupid.” He whispered.

End of Chapter 8: The Haunting

… I’m nearly too scared to even make an end of chapter author summary comment thingy… Dear, dear Axel… you have wrangled your little friend into doing the unthinkable against someone like… Zexion… oh his face… his beautiful face… What will happen? I fear that perhaps Organization 13 will soon be Organization 11 in the distant future…
Chapter 8! and with the grand appearance of Zexion! who will remain a major part of the plot for the rest of the story... ugh I wanted him in so much sooner... but let's face it... if Zexion had been on the case sooner... they would have been caught much sooner -__-

speaking of which... have you seen those new scans on Kingdom Hearts Ultimania of Zexion.... man... I love those... I love his hair so much, I would have loved to have seen those back when I first started drawing the Nobodies.

ok rambles aside...

um as some of you may know... I nearly lost all the remaining chapters when my laptop when * KA BOOM-ISH* and I cried... but luckily I found some of the roughs for the chapters (all but one) and was able to re-write them... and I tried to hurry so you all wouldn't have to wait too long for chapter 8.. so please forgive any little boo-boos in this... (and if you see any... I don't mind if you tell me... I can get back in there and fix them) but it should be good... I re-read it about 5 times, but you know how things can be... you start to miss things once you read things over that many times.

Anyhoo, hope you enjoy this one ^_^
next chapter we will finally have Xigbar... and we're coming quite close to the end... how sad.... (there's a sequal... MWA HA HA)
Kingdom Hearts - Square Enix and Disney
Mentions/references to Star Wars and Angry Beavers (the Daniel Boone curse)
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I burn. Sand under my feet, stones, dust, horizon. A
way across a burning desert. Faster, further. Before the light chars me. Midday
sun on the swells, splinters on burning oil. Apokalypse on my back. Faster,
further. Everything burns, keen heat, blazing sun. Horizon blurs with the sweat
in my eyes. The muffled syntony of my paces, monotone, rhythmic, the sound of my
heart. I’m on the road between shore and surge. Faster, faster. You’re
behind me, I can almost feel you in my neck. Shiver, heat, burning asphalt.

You don’t know why I am faster.
I cannot bear the heat. Midday sun on my shoulders. I speed across the sand. Can
you still see me? I’m one with the wind, blue, the sea, yellow, the sand,
black, rocks, white, the light. As if I didn’t exist. Faster. Fire. You’re
behind me. Hot, so hot.. Can you see me? The midday sun in your eyes. You burn
me away.
You don’t know why I am faster.
Don’t look at me. Don’t go away. I am cliven to the very core. I am the fly
to your light. Living, dying, all through you. Touch me to my death. Touch me. I
grit my teeth. Irony tastes bitter. A grin. Competitive spirit. This is
competition. Not against you. Against myself. A paradox situation. Run on. Where?
I can’t. I can’t get away from you. This fine red string holds me onto you,
connects us like the horizon. I tumble in the wind like a kite and you steer me,
you pull me around and I see your face, so radiant, so full of laughter, such
large blue eyes like the center of the sky, your silken almond-bronzed skin, the
bland conjugation of your temple, the hazel hair upon your forehead, the dimples
on your cheeks in your laughter, this blaze, this unfaltering joy. So much life
is in in you, it turns mine all pale. Such innocence, such beauty. I can’t
behold you. I can’t. Dead end, dead end without you. I’m running on. Faster,
you don’t catch up with me. I can’t behold you. I can only run just ahead of
you, your breathing in my neck, this terrible red string tight between us; I’m
on the run, I want you to catch up with me, I want to get away, I want to stop
time. I don’t know about it anymore, I don’ know where to. Along the shore,
across the mark, further, on; in fact I am still running when my steps have
already subsided, when I am waiting fo you at the mark with a grin. I wipe
across my face with the back of my hand. Sweat. Just sweat.
The sun is searing my back.

I’m hearing you call out, I’m hearing you laugh,
the slapping of your paces on the last arms of the breakers upon the sand. I
feel you lifting your arms, I feel you jumping, how the water splashes upwards
around your legs, the sticky salt on your skin, I feel the sunlight breaking in
every drop of foam, I feel the wind tousling your darkish hair, the drop of
water running down your chest. I close my eyes although I cannot see you. In my
mind I’m holding you tight. There my fingers are following this water drop. I
want to touch what has be touched by it. And slowly this thin red snare is
thightening around my neck. Your laughter throttles me, your innocence takes my
breath away.
In my mind, I’m dragging you to the ground. <br>Am I still running? Yes. Everything ok. I’m still
running. A race? A children’s game? Not in a very long time. This is my
competition. I’m stronger than you. I always won. I’m strong. My body is
stronger. And my heart...
I’m still running.
Adagio (I know you.), Agape (I trust you.), Eros (I
want you.). Again the horizon is blurring. May I trust? But then I’m thinking
of the laughing face of a girl, waiting somewhere ahead for us, but actually
only for one of us. No. No, nothing will ever be. What could I possibly give you?
But I will tell you. Tell you because it keeps on eating my heart. I will tell
you before there isn’t anything left of me that could tell you. And somewhere
inside of my is a tiny light, guttering although it should have run out long ago.
A teacupful of hope.
I’m holding my breath. My paces go into business for
themselves, become silent, together with my heartbeat. I stand still and turn
These big bright eyes are staring at me for a
millisecond. Then I hear a thud, I’m feeling warmth, I’m feeling fine sand
on my back, I’m feeling a light breeze, I’m feeling your left arm over my
shoulder. The red string became entangled between us. I can hardly breath
anymore.And then I hear you laughing. I hear you laughing
against my chest as we’re lying together in the surf, interwined like day and
night during dawn.
I can barely move. Your left arm is lying on top of my
shoulder, my chin rests on your head. Your knees are buried in the sand, your
warm tights keep my lap prisoner and I hear myself laughing and feel my hand in
your hair whereas im my mind, I’m ripping everything off you.
My body becomes
autonomous, for a moment I catch you I my arms and you look at me, all quiet. I
cannot read what’s in your eyes. Now. Now is the moment.
But before I can open my mouth, my body already went
on, I push you over, I laugh, roll you onto your back in the shallow water and
kneel above you. You are laughing, too, struggling, flouncing, splashing water
into my eyes. You’re not very effective. Your hair is hanging in streaks into
your face, I’m shadowing your almond body. Water drops on your chest. In my
mind I bend down and kiss them. I know every curve, every bend of your body.
Three bulges of your chest up to your collar bone, the gentle inlet of your
throat, the scar above your right ancle: all these are your little marks,
seducing me, haunting me at night. I’m kneeling above you, I hold you firm and
we’re laughing, but underneath it all, only one of us is laughing. This is not
a children’s game anymore. How much longer will you do that to me? How much
longer an I go on like this?

I open my mouth, now, now I will tell you. But you’re lifting your left arm
and my voice withholds, the red string is lying around my neck and the midday
sun in your eyes blinds me. I can’t. You’re so beautiful, so untouchable. I
don’t want to dull your light. I stay in the shadows. I can’t go any longer.

A push, water splashing, I’m feeling chillness around me and before me you are
kneeling in the surge, grinning at me. I must have lost the grip for an instant.
I’m grinning back, a little malicious, and suddenly I’m myself again. I’m
leaping up, one step against you. The red string unwinds, one cubit away from
you I seize your slim waist, tossing you on my shoulder. You laugh and yell and
flounce and kick my chest with your knees, but I’m holding you tight, turning
around twice to let you fall out of the blue. Your eyes are so big when you hit
the water. The string that binds me to you pulls me down a little way with you
and I find you so very close in front of me. Why are you smiling that way? I’m
feeling cold all over. You’re not supposed smile like this.
No one is supposed to smile like this.

You’re standing up, so very slow (or is that just me?),
salt walter dripping in gleaming cascades off you, the symphony of water drops
on the surface, one hand in your hair, your look like the first note of a sonata,
and you’re looking at me directly as if you could see everything that is in me.

Terrible, terrible, terribly beautiful.

I’m backing off a step, arms sprawled out, knees a
little bent, upper body against you as the sparring starts. My mind is paralysed.
You’re striking out for me, a turn left, grasping your wrist, now I’m behind
you. The fingers of your left hand are playing an andante on the wind, a fine
red sling around my throat is getting tighter, you suffocate me with your grin.
I’m fighting for my sanity. I’m struggling for my life as I give you a push,
catching your drive in the front and then taking one leap back, letting you
stagger. You pull me down with you as you are falling. Water splashes, you
can’t see me, I’m diving out through the shallow water.
  The tide
is rising.
The wake is dragging me, smudging my hair like a white
cloud in the sky, pulling me back to you, together with everything inside of me,
but my feet already find the ground and I’m standing up, up to the tights in
the sea. The drift is now pulling me outside, I can feel a waterwall building
behind me, but I see you standing at the shore, the delicate line of the surge
between us, and you have seen me. As I meet your eyes, my reason deflates. Did
you think I was gone? But how? This thin red string on your little finger holds
me onto you. Where could I ever go if not where you are?
A wind springs up as if a shadow were reaching for me.
I open my hand. Now. Now is the moment.  And as if you were looking directly into me, your eyes
grow wide and suddenly you’re on the way to me, a leap, another, your hand
outstretched for me, just like mine for you. A light in me is rising like the
tide behind me and as I’m still facing your eyes, a brilliant mirror is
crashing over us.

I’m grazing you, your hand, your heart, the tide is pulling us apart and I see
desperation in your sight. What’s that in your eyes? Why are you looking at me
that way? Why are you looking at me with eyes of sleepless nights’ skies, full
of fear and longing?
My hand is still open, still turned towards you, and my
face is all calm. Your light seems suddenly so different…
And while we’re still drifting apart, our hearts are
embracing for an instant.
Then you burst through the surface.

I feel you looking around for me, I’m feeling insecurity and a moment of blunt
fright. Everything is silent. And over there is the laughing face of a girl. Now
you’re turning towards her, heading for her. You have won this race. I’ve
been looking back on my road to hell. Welcome, Orpheus. You won’t see the
light ever again. Because it’s dashing across there, a red star on the water,
further away by every instant, and my heart will soon stop beating.
red sling around my throat.
Choke me, kill me, bury me under october roses.
Dying tastes bitter. My face relaxes, I’m breathing
out. My arms are pale, my cheeks, only on my shoulders lies the kiss of the sun.
I smile, watching you.
Tomorrow. Tomorrow I will tell you.
Some seem to enjoy my picture notes, so I'm uploading a fanfiction I wrote some time ago. I didn't have time to write for about a year or something.
My style is more the describing than the telling one, you have been warnedXD

And of course, it's a Kingdom Hearts fanfiction (who would have guessed).
RikuxSora (again, who would have guessed)

characters and KH series (c) Square Enix/Disney

Hope you like it! It's not long, so you won't die from itXD
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The boy is curled on the sofa, eyelids pulsing in the rhythms of undisturbed sleep, hands twitching and clutching a worn blue blanket.

Only days before had Roxas been found on the steps of Oblivion’s Castle. He looked around 14, but didn’t know a thing; Number XIII could hardly speak and seemed so wobbly on his feet that Axel spent more time picking him up off the ground than he did walking on it.

How pretty he is…

A warm smile spreads across Axel’s sharp features as Roxas stirs from his slumber. He reaches to caress a lock of soft, dusty hair from the other Nobody’s face. Axel likes how wide Roxas’ forehead is. It reminds him of something far, far in his past; something kind of like a feeling.

“Get up honey.” Roxas moans into his covers. “Come on, sweetie. Get up.”

“No!” But Roxas is awake, trying to pound the sleep from his large, sapphire eyes.

“That’s a good boy. You want a present?” The delight in Roxas’ face makes Axel wish. It’s a hollow wish, like everything else about him, but he still wishes that he could hurt. Just for Roxas. The boy can’t feel and he doesn’t know it yet, but it be nice if Axel could hurt and make it so “I’m sorry” actually meant something.

“Please!” Roxas begs, “don’t tease me anymore!”

Axel only ruffles the other’s hair and drops a dripping ice-bar into the other’s outstretched hands.

“Sea-Salt Ice Cream. Got it memorized?”


“Axel-koi!” Roxas is trying to dance out from under Axel’s hands, “stop teasing!”

Axel chuckles low in his throat. “You always say that.” He does not yet want Roxas to see where they are. “It’s an odd catch-phrase.”

“Well, your's isn’t any better!” Axel has to clutch the boy tightly to his body to keep the other from jumping out of his restless skin.

Not that he minds. Ever. If anything, the holding is nice and Axel tries to do it as much as possible. Roxas doesn’t seem to care either. The attachment he shares with Number XIII is unique. It has been there ever since he found him; coiled like a sleeping dragon, pulsing and pushing in his chest. He cherishes it: maybe a bit too much.

You’d almost call it love.

“Stop being a tease!”


Roxas can suddenly see, and it’s beautiful. Somewhere in the worlds of chaos, Axel had unearthed an oasis: gorgeous with flowered orange, pink, and sparkly-blue plants of paradise. The grass is lush, and sprouting large, exotic trees. The animal tracks are fresh.

“Do you like it?” Axel almost forgets.

We can’t like.

“Yes! Oh, yes!” The blonde Nobody stumbles across the grassy plains on his tiny feet. He’s still so unsteady and flighty, that as he frolics, his boots catch his hem and he trips into the flowers, giggling.

Casually, Axel flops himself, belly down, on the ground. His hand seeks the other's, lightly groping for a hold, but Roxas is sly and Axel can hardly believe it when Roxas is kissing his lips—passionately.

Are you sure we can’t feel?


“I’m leaving.”

The smile is gone. His knees are to his heaving chest and there is no more happiness.

“But it’s okay.” Axel is lying; they both know. Being incomplete is never okay. Tenderly, he extends his arms and tries to pull the younger Nobody into his lap, “pretending is—”

“Shut up! You’ve lied before so just—fuck off!”

Axel needs to leave the boy to his 'misery'.

So he does.

He can’t reason nonexistence; it’s nature. Light feels; dark doesn’t want to; incompleteness can’t.

The end.

But Axel still wishes he could hurt. Only for Roxas.


Axel’s acidic irises focus intently on the photographs laid before him. He is amazed at how different he is; but it’s him. There’s no mistake. It’s just...those black and white clothes, so floppy on an underweight boy; those friends, laughing while he frowns; that smile that doesn’t exist.

“Roxas,” Axel cuffs at his eyes, hoping that this time, maybe, he’ll find some tears.

He has to see him.

Needs to.


“You feel?” Hurt etches the other’s mouth in permanent frown lines.

Axel is confused.

“Who are you?” Roxas gives his humming blade a reassuring grip, “What do you want?”

“Oh, darling, if only.” He can feel DiZ tugging at his being, but he has to see, has to, if only once.

“Start making sense!” There’s that pulling again.

“If only.” Axel likes to repeat himself. Axel likes to like. “Roxas, dear, come home with me.”

Then Axel is holding him, enclosing Roxas tight in his needing arms; knowing full well that DiZ was never pulling at him. “Sick fuck!” Roxas can thrash all he wishes, but Axel won’t let go.

New Roxas doesn’t know passion like Axel knows passion.

New Roxas can’t feel like Axel can.


He is gone; old; long lost, new; quite fresh in his grave. His Other exists, and, without even trying, he became him once more.

Who’s the winner in all this?


The darkest corner of Roxas’ empty room is now Axel’s only haven. He can hear Kairi struggling in her cage a few doors down, and the hollow rattling reminds him more and more of his feelings.

Axel is convinced that he can feel—he can’t explain it, but his inability to move from the grip of a very weathered blanket seems to speak volumes. If he couldn’t feel—then why does he refuse to continue life without that other Nothing? To be without him is—painful? Axel has no clue—but he knows for damn sure that he’s feeling, and he hates it because the only time he ever gets what he wants is when it’s too fucking late.

Kairi is shrieking a name that is too close to what Axel doesn’t want to hear. He begins to yell, too, clutching his head and trying to drown out the cries of “Sora! Sora!”

“Roxas! Roxas!” No one is coming so Axel screams louder.

Chunks of wiry, red hair fall to the floor; the blanket is ablaze.

“I don’t want to feel! I don’t want to feel!” But Axel can feel, from the fire eating away at his glassy flesh to the torment throbbing in his breast. He can burn and he can feel and nothing makes sense.

“Please, Roxas,” Axel begs, “Don’t tease me anymore!”
DeviantART contest entry for

“Please, Roxas,” Axel begged, “Don’t tease me anymore!”

But I changed the tense, mmkay?



Major spoilers


This entry was a killer. I went through so many drafts and then just happened upon several entries that were so very akin to mine that I had to scrap all that I had done, and start again.

But this worked out nicely; one of my personal favourites concerning general fanfiction I have written. I poured alot of myself into this for I recently found out that my long-adored boyfriend was cheating on me with several other, younger girls.


I do hope every bit of what I put into this shows through.


This is also being posted on


Kingdom Hearts and associated characters are © SquareEnix.
My work (written fiction and odd little graphic whutsajigger icon) is © me.
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THIS IS YAOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

Riku did that? He did that for me. It was all for me. He cleared it up with Axel and he tried to tell me but I was too stupid to listen. Sora was sadder than ever. "I'm sorry." Axel said as he bowed to Sora. "Go find Riku. For both of us. You and I both know that you, Sora, are the only one that can talk to that headstrong kid." Axel said. The red-head went down the hall, waving at Sora. He truly does care about Riku.......But now I need to find him. I have to find Riku before something bad happens. Sora said to himself. He swore to find Riku.


     Riku looked up at the clear blue sky. Only a few clouds dotted along, making the scenery look so peaceful. The boy had used organic dyes do change his hair color, which was now a blonde. His hair would return to normal tomorrow, which was the time that it would take to get there if he kept walking at the same pace. Wherever he was going that is. He got back up and walked down the abandoned trail, leading to wherever he wished to go.


Sora had no idea where to look for Riku. The police had already tried the city and now was trying the outskirts. The brunette knew one person that knew Riku better than anyone, even Axel. That was Cloud. The blonde had helped Riku before and after his parents' death. Cloud knows Riku best.....So he definitely knows where Riku is going... Sora said to himself. He finally came to the two-floored white building, and knocked on the door. A tall figure yawned and looked at him. "Sora? What's up?" Cloud asked, still yawning. "Cloud....Tell me where Riku went." Sora said. Cloud looked at him blankly.

"I don't know where he went." Cloud said.

"Don't lie to me Cloud. Please tell me where he went." Sora pleaded.

"I don't know dude. What made you think I did?" Cloud said. Of course he knew where Riku was. He wasn't supposed to tell anyone, especially Sora.

"Cloud....I know you know. Riku tells you everything. You're practically his brother. Please tell me where he is." Sora said again, his voice shaking.

Cloud sighed. "Come inside." He motioned to Sora and left the door open. Sora walked in and closed the door behind him. It had been a while since he was in Cloud's house. The wooden and tiled floors clashed with each other. There was a spiral staircase in the middle of his living room. Sora looked around for a moment, then sat on the couch across from Cloud. "You want to know where Riku is?" Cloud asked.

"Yes." Sora replied strongly.
"Fine. I'll tell you the whole damn story. You won't get what's in Riku's mind unless you do. Don't interrupt me ok? I'll lose where I was." Cloud said. Sora nodded and listened carefully.

---------------------------TWO NIGHTS AGO--------------------

Cloud opened the door to a soaking figure. "Yee-RIKU?!!?" Cloud screeched. "H-hey....." Riku managed to say. "Get your skinny ass in here before I kill you. Oh wait, I'll kill you either way." Cloud said. He helped Riku in and closed the door. The blonde ran upstairs and came back down with a towel and some dry clothes. "Go take a shower and wear these, I don't want you sick." Cloud said. Riku only nodded.

After Riku came out of the shower, he said down across from Cloud at the kitchen table. "What are you doing in the middle of the night, and in a storm?" Cloud asked Riku. 'I'm sorry Cloud. I'll leave no. I'm annoying you I can tell." Riku was about to leave, but Cloud grabbed his hand. "You came here because you're going to tell me something and leave here aren't you?" Cloud said. Riku looked at him blankly. "How-" Riku started, but was cut off by Cloud. "Do you know how long I have known you? Tell me what's wrong Riku." The teen sat back down. "I've been dating someone...." Riku said. "His name is Sora right? The brunette kid." Cloud said, not looking at Riku and fiddling with a pen.

Riku nodded.
"Axel and Kairi tried to break us up. Then Axel tried to make love to me when I didn't want to. Sora busted in and saw, then bolted away." Riku's fist tightened on the table. Cloud put a gentle had over it and Riku laid his hand flat. "Go on." Cloud said. "Well....Sora wouldn't listen when I was trying to tell him. He even said he.....he hated me..." Riku had tears in his eyes, but tried to fight them back. "Riku." Cloud said gently. Riku snapped his head up. "You really love this kid don't you? Not once have you even showed any signs of weakness to me, and yet you're about to cry. You've cried in front of him already, and you know I won't scold you. Do what you need to." Cloud said. Riku let the drops of water fall over his face.

"He...said he hated me...and I couldn't live with myself to make him say that. I love him Cloud. I love him. He was the only reason I kept living in this cursed world, and now....he's gone."  Riku said between sobs and gasps for air. Cloud looked at the silver haired boy. He had never seen him this broken up, not even at his parents' funeral. This boy really meant the world to him. "I told you before....That I figured out who killed my mom and dad right? And that I would kill them and just die in peace..." Riku trailed off. Cloud's eyes widened. "You said before that you knew you fell in love with the boy. If something happened and your heart was broken, you told me that you would kill those people." Cloud said.

Riku nodded. He had sworn that when the love of his life left him, he would have nothing more to live for. He would avenge his parents and would probably die in the process. "That group.....that killed your parents....You do know that you can DIE while fighting them right? No group has ever defeated them or has come out alive, and you expect you can do it by yourself?" Cloud asked. Riku shook his head. "I want to at least try. What have I got to lose?" Riku asked with a smile. Tears were streaming down his face now. Cloud sighed and stood up. He walked over to Riku and hugged him. "Cloud?" Riku asked hesitantly.

Cloud stroked Riku's hair.
"If you do make it back. If you do come back. You better tell me alright? You're practically my brother and I don't want to lose you." Cloud looked at the boy straight in the face. "You've grown Riku. I've watched you grow since you were a small child. Now you're making a big decision about this, but I won't hold you back. Thank you for telling me." Cloud said. Riku hugged him back. "Thank you Onii-san*." Riku said.

------------------------BACK TO THE PRESENT---------------

Sora sat in shock. He meant that much to Riku? If he didn't love Riku, then Riku had no point in living? No way. Is that even possible for a human? "So....where is this group that Riku wanted revenge on?" Sora asked, his voice shaking still. "It's about 20 miles. Riku planned to walk there. Their hideout is in an abandoned subway." Cloud said bluntly. "He's going to WALK 20 miles?!?!" Sora asked, fretting. What if Riku collapsed? "You either walk or ride a bike. Or have someone take you. I offered to take Riku, but he wanted to go alone. He said if I left it would be more suspicious." Cloud said.

Sora looked down at his lap. 20 miles. Could he do it? "How long is it going to take Riku to get there?" Sora asked. "Two days. Maybe three at most. The kid can run and walk fast ya know?" Cloud said. "Are you....going to go after Riku?" The blonde asked. Sora nodded. "I never realized how much of a fool i was. Of course Axel forced him. Riku loved me too much to do that....I doubted him. I know I'm an idiot, but I can't just forget the person I love." Sora said. Cloud nodded.

"How are you getting there?" Cloud asked. "Not sure." Sora said. Cloud smiled. "You care about him a lot huh? I admire that." Cloud ruffled the brunette's hair. "I'll take you. We have to go tomorrow, since it's the same time that Riku should be getting there." Cloud said. Sora nodded. They would find Riku tomorrow. He didn't know how good the gang fought, or how strong they were, or how many that was in it. If Riku was there he would go. End of discussion.


Riku lay in the field. He looked up at the bright full moon above him and stretched out his hand. Tomorrow. His judgment day was tomorrow. It would probably be his last day to live too. Riku wished for only one thing at that moment.
Sora by his side.

*=older brother

No I do not know the real song XD
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I knew he hated me; I could tell just by the way he never looked at me.  The way he talked to me--growled at me, more like it--and ignored me beyond the grumbling was enough to clue me in.  He hated me just as he hated the world and himself.  To be truthful, all I wanted was to see him smile at least once, for me, at me, with me.  But he never smiled for me, at least in the life we shared together.  In his other life he laughed and joked and did everything that I had wanted him to experience with me, but he had forgotten about me by then.  He'd forgotten about his former life entirely.  He'd forgotten about everything before this new life of his.

I tried so hard to make him remember, if only for a moment, but I had been ordered to destroy him.  Him.  All I wanted was to make him smile and now I had to take these chakram and kill any chance of seeing that smile.  Yes, I only knew him for a short time, but because of him being there, it was the happiest time of my life.  Yes, even though he ignored me, scowled at me, yelled at me, hated me.  I didn't care because he was the only person who made me feel as if I had a heart.  Not the memory of a heart, but really being able to feel the thump-thump of a heart against my chest.

Maybe it was those Keyblades of his?  Two Keyblades.  He did not know their names or where they came from or why they chose him, but he hated those Keyblades.  All I know is that whenever he was around I could feel the quiver of something deep within me.  It was something that a Nobody as myself should never feel.  They say the Keyblade resonates with all hearts and joins them together as some great peace or something like that.  Maybe that joining of hearts was what I was feeling from him?  Who's to say?  All I knew was that I liked him.  I liked him a lot.

I soon learned that the true Keyblade Master had awakened.  I was reprimanded by my superiors.  If I had killed Roxas, the one I liked, then this Keyblade Master would never have awakened.  "What's one kid gonna do, eh?" I asked, though I knew what had happened.  A wrench caught in the gears.  Their plans would be impeded with the Keyblade runt running amok.

Until they found out that his Heartless-killing ways were actually aiding their plans.  "The more Heartless he wipes out, the closer we become to opening the Door."  Of course, since that's how that Door opened last time.  Hearts collected by Heartless fuse into Kingdom Hearts, allowing it to either open as the Door to Darkness or the Door to Light.  We all remember that from the first time that brat ran around with his Keyblade.

He looked a lot like him.  Sora, I mean.  He looked so much like my Roxas.  It was kind of creepy.  The strangest part was how familiar he felt.  Like Roxas, he made me feel that quiver in my chest and the faint thump-thump of what could have been a heart.  But that was impossible.  Nobodies can't have hearts.  They're the husks left behind when a Heartless captures a heart.  Nobodies are just animated shells that remember what a heart felt like.  They don't really have hearts.  I didn't really have a heart.

But now, here I lay on the path between the world that should be and the world that should not, wisps of darkness that were once me floating into the colored nothingness.  He's here.  Sora, I mean.  I can see him up close now.  He really does look a lot like you, Roxas.

"Axel, what were you trying to do?" he asks.  He seems so genuine.

"I wanted to see Roxas," I say without hesitation.  He looks surprised by that; I can tell.  I doubt he was expecting me to say that so clearly, or even say anything like that at all.  "He... was the only one I liked... He made me feel... like I had a heart.  It's kind of... funny..." I can barely see him now, the blackened slivers of myself blurring my vision, or perhaps it is the strange stinging wetness in my eyes.  Even so, I look to him with a smirk, trying to forget the fact that I can't feel my legs anymore.  "You make me feel... the same..."  My voice is so hoarse.  It's hard to breath.  With the last of my strength I tell him, the boy who looks like you, where to find his captured friend and open the path for his journey.  I hope he can find her...

Do Nobodies disappear forever?  I wonder if they do.  If they don't, I hope that I can go someplace where I can find my heart.  I want to have it for when I see you again.  That way, if you and I are in the same place in eternity, I can try and make you smile again, and if you've found your heart, you just may be willing to smile for me.  That's all I ever wanted.


Goodbye, Roxas... Remember me and smile for me when you find your heart again...

All right, with that out of the way, this is a drabble from Axel's point of view just before his *spoiler*death*spoiler*. Yeah, there's not much to say since it speaks for itself. It's not meant to be AkuRoku, but if you find AkuRoku in, kudoes to you because that wasn't my intent. ^^;
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Marluxia’s Surprise and Riku’s Dilemma

“Sora. Sora Tenshi. Wake up.” Riku said, lightly shaking the sleeping brunette. Sora rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and tried to focus on Riku. Silver locks danced in front of his eyes, framing a face that was becoming rapidly familiar.

“What time is it?” he asked, yawning and stretching like a cat.

“It’s almost eight. I would let you sleep in but we have to go to the mall to get your school clothes.” Riku informed him.

“S-school clothes.” Sora stuttered.

“Yeah it shouldn’t be too bad; we have to wear uniforms so it shouldn’t be that hard to find that stuff. Then we can get you some other clothes and stuff.” Riku said slipping a shirt over his head. “Come on Sora, hurry up and shower so we can go. We don’t have much time, you start school tomorrow.”

“Riku…do I , do I have to go to school?”

“What? What kind of question is that, of course you have to go to school.” Riku answered, regarding Sora as if he were a toddler.

“But I’ve…never been to school.” Sora told him.

Riku walked over to Sora and put a towel down beside him. “Sora, it’ll be fine, remember I’m there. I told my father to make sure you got the exact same schedule as me, so you’ll be fine okay?” Sora nodded. “Good, now go get ready while I finish getting ready and dressed myself.”

Sora bounced off to go take a shower and Riku went to his dresser to continue getting ready. He was wearing only his blue boxers and a black beater at the moment.  He pulled open his drawer and took out a pair of dark, almost black, pants and a tight blue vest that he didn’t bother zipping up.

He sat down on the edge of his bed and pulled out his wallet, looking at the platinum credit card and his driver’s license. He had some 20’s because it was always good to have cash on you, but other than that his wallet was empty. ‘Buy him everything he needs. Obviously money isn’t a problem’ his father had said.

He sighed and took out his license, setting it beside him on the bed. He slid out a small worn picture from behind it. A woman with unruly blonde hair and bright green eyes stared back at him, smiling widely and holding a peace sign up with her fingers. She wore a blue headband and loose pieces of hair hung out from all directions while neat orderly braids decorated with colorful beads fell around her face and down her back.

“Mother,” he whispered as the door to the bathroom swung open and a much more awake Sora stepped out. Riku hastily returned the picture and his license to their previous positions.

Sora was wearing dark blue pants and a white short sleeve jacket with sleeves that matched his pants; his was zipped up. All the way.

Riku laughed inwardly. “You look like a little kid Sora, why did you zip it up all the way like that?” Riku asked standing and stretching.

Sora pouted, “It might be cold outside. At least mine isn’t open like yours. You look like a…”

Sora never finished his sentence. Riku’s tight sleeveless jacket wasn’t zipped up at all and his tight black beater sat just above his blue boxers. He watched Riku’s sinewy muscles move as he walked toward him. Wait…what…Sora backed up against the wall as Riku’s hands came up to the zipper on his jacket. He closed his eyes and heard a faint ‘ziiip’ and then nothing.

“There that’s better.” Riku announced, stepping back and eyeing Sora. Sora looked down; his jacket was now zipped up only halfway, revealing a dark blue tank top underneath it. Heheh it does look better this way.

“Thanks Riku. “

“Yeah yeah I know, I look like a man whore, you can say it, but come on lets go.” Riku said, grabbing his keys and heading out the door. Sora quickly grabbed his shoes and chased after Riku, mumbling under his breath.

“That’s not what I was going to say.”


Riku stepped out of the house and into the bright sunlight.

“Your right Sora. Sure is cold.” He pretended to shiver and rubbed his arms.

Sora half pouted and punched Riku lightly in the arm.

“Ow, watch out tiger, you wouldn’t want to bruise these sexy arms.

“Yeah right, your arms aren’t that sexy.” Sora said, not looking. Liar.

“Your right. So why don’t you hit me as hard as you can.” Riku said, seemingly serious.

“What? No.”

“Come on.”

“No Riku.”

“Fine no ice cream for you and we definitely will not go to the pet store either.” Riku said walking off. He had a feeling those two things would sound very appealing to the small brunette boy.

“Ice cream! Pet store! No, wait Riku!” Sora ran after Riku and tackled him to the ground.

Of all the reactions Sora could have had, this was one that Riku was not expecting. He fell to the ground below Sora in a huff and turned underneath him so that he could look up at his face. Unfortunately that also put them in a very suggestive position, the way Riku saw it anyways.

“I’ll give you a black eye if you take me to the pet store!” Sora said, oblivious to, or too innocent to understand, the position they were in and the problem he was causing Riku.

Riku looked up at Sora’s very serious but bursting with excitement face and did something he had never thought he would do again; he laughed. He sat up, Sora still on top of him and leaned back on his elbows, head thrown back in laughter, as Sora sat cross-legged in his lap, obviously clueless as to why Riku was laughing.

I’ve never seen him laugh before. Sora found himself smiling while watching the beautiful silver haired teen whose lap he currently occupied laugh for the first time since he’d met him, not knowing this was actually the first time he’d laughed in years. He’s so perfect when he laughs. His lips…and his deep voice… Sora cut his thoughts short; frightened by the direction they were heading in. Why is he laughing anyways…I hope he wasn’t joking about the pet store.

“Riku?” Sora asked as he slowly stopped laughing. Riku looked down at Sora and flashed him a huge smile.

“Sora, you have no idea how cute you can be.” He scooped him up in his arms and squeezed him, still chuckling. Sora wrapped his arms around Riku, returning the hug just as tightly. He was getting used to these hugs. He was getting used to Riku’s touch. He blushed, but smiled nonetheless, glad to see Riku so happy and even more elated to know he was the cause.

“I like it when you laugh Riku.” Sora said, smiling brightly at Riku.

“I like it too.” Riku answered, still smiling. He got up, Sora scuttling off his lap, and unlocked his dark blue jaguar. He walked over to the passenger side and opened up the door, motioning for Sora to get in. He did so, and when he was completely in, Riku closed the door. He got into the drivers seat, put the key in the ignition, turning it until the motor roared, and backed out of the driveway.

“So Riku, when are we going to go to the pet store?” Sora asked.

Riku smiled and shook his head. “You have a one track mind huh.”

Sora blushed. “No, we could get ice cream first.” Riku laughed a little again.

“Well, we can get ice cream whenever we find a place in the mall. But we’re not going to the pet store until we finish all you’re shopping.” He answered, semi-sternly.

Sora pouted and looked out his window. Every lawn in the subdivision seemed the same deep forest-green color and exact same height. He shook his head, not believing how uniform it was. Then, ahead of him, he saw a house with dried, yellow grass. It was course and uninviting. The house itself squatted on the road like a demon.

“Who lives there?” he asked.

Riku knew the answer without looking. Axel’s father didn’t even take proper care of his son, let alone his house or lawn. The only thing he ever kept up was his political image and his late night visits with his own father.

“Senator Ansem Wildfire.” Riku said, passing the house, seeing a flash of red hair go by one of the windows. “And my best friend, his son, Axel Wildfire.” He finished, sighing.

He had been really mean to Axel the other night, but he had been too worried about Sora at the time to care. He knew Axel had some problems with his home life, not anywhere close to what extent, but he was always, always, nice to Axel. They were the same. Only sons of twisted fathers they couldn’t get along with, unbelievably emo and hot, and had everyone chasing after them and running from them at the same time.

“Maybe we should see if he wants to come?” Sora suggested, sensing there was something bothering Riku.

Maybe he and Axel are more than friends. It’s not like I’m his real boyfriend anyways. Sora felt his heart sink lower in his chest and was struggling to figure out why that thought had bothered him so much when he heard Riku speak once more.

“You’re very nice Sora. I wouldn’t have expected you to like him. Especially after last night. But, he wouldn’t be able to go. His father is a bastard.” Riku said through gritted teeth, his knuckles turning white with the force with which he was gripping the steering wheel. He relaxed a little and added, “Besides, I can’t imagine he would want to see me with you anyways.”

“What do you mean?” Sora questioned.

“Well, I thought it was obvious Axel liked me. And he knows I like you. It would be awkward.” Riku told him. He does like me…not Axel. Sora silently scolded himself for enjoying that small piece of knowledge.

“Oh, does that mean I am still pretending to be your boyfriend then?” Sora asked.

“I guess you don’t have to. My attack on Reno should have been enough warning to people. Then again, everyone already thinks we’re together, so if we stop acting like we’re together, people will think your single and fair game. I dunno. It’s up to you.” Riku said, a bit sadly.

“Well, all your friends already think we’re together. We can pretend. I don’t want everyone to come after me.” Sora said, a little bit more enthusiastically than he’d intended. Riku looked over at Sora. The young brunette was staring detachedly out his window.

“Sora, you only have to pretend in public I’m sorry if it bothers you. I’ll try to come up with a better idea…” Riku said quietly.

“No Riku it’s not that. This is fine. It’s just now that we’re doing all this pretending, I’m not sure whats pretend and whats- A deer!”  Sora suddenly shouted, ending his previous train of thought.

Riku slammed on the brakes, alarmed by Sora’s sudden outburst. Once he got his bearings, he looked at Sora confusedly. “You don’t know what a deer is Sora?”

“No, look Riku. There’s a deer over there.” Sora said pointing.

Riku followed Sora’s finger over to where a small stream ran through the middle of their sub. Sure enough, there among the tall grass and bubbling spring, a young doe was grazing.

“Riku let me out, I want to go pet it.”

“No Sora, are you crazy? It’s a wild animal.”

“Riku, unlock the door.”

“No, we have to go shopping.”

“Hmmph.” Sora huffed and let himself out of the car, producing an apple from his pocket.

“I’m not even going to ask why you have that.” Riku said. Does he usually carry treats around for wild animals?

“I took it as a snack. Now stay in the car, you’ll scare her.”

Riku stared as Sora’s retreating figure as if he was a walking toaster. First he is running off to pet deer, now he’s giving me orders. How does he expect to pet the damn deer anyways?  But Riku’s jaw dropped when he saw Sora approaching the deer without it running away. He must have some kind of innocent aura. Too kind or pure to harm anything. Riku’s first image was that of a princess, but that didn’t seem to fit Sora (no matter how girly he was) but his second thought fit him perfectly. The pure child taming the unicorn.

Riku watched as Sora walked up to the deer and stopped about 20 ft away from and off to the side of it. He plopped down cross-legged in the tall grass and took a small bite of his apple, chewing loudly. He ignored the deer entirely, paying a ridiculous amount of attention to his smooth, crunchy, red-green treasure. He made a very loud ‘mmmmm’ sound and stopped to look up at the deer, who, Riku saw, was watching Sora as intently as he was. What the hell is he doing?

Sora stuck his tongue out at the deer and turned his attention back to his apple. The deer stamped her hooves and switched her tail in disdain. Her ears perked forward, listening as well as watching and smelling for any sudden movements, she tentively took a step toward Sora, stamping her hooves a few more times in annoyance.

Sora took another bite out of his apple, repeating his act while keeping one eye on the approaching deer. When he saw that she was close enough to lunge at, her head down, sniffing the scent of Sora and his apple, he shoved the apple out at her, holding it in his hand. She shot her head up with a grunt and Sora shrugged, bringing the apple back to himself.

Finally, the deer’s curiosity and hunger got the best of her and she came to a stop right in front of Sora who, this time, slowly stretched out his arm and offered it to her. She sniffed it a few times and took a hold of it, attempting to take it and run. But Sora held on to it. While she was busy eating Sora carefully brought a hand up where she could see it and placed it on her neck, lightly stroking it. She flinched and blinked a few times, but continued eating; now feeling safe in his presence. She finished the apple, core and all, and began nuzzling Sora’s face and hair, searching for more.

Riku could hear Sora’s laughter and heard him call back between gasps, “Look Riku!” giggling fiercely as the deer’s long ears tickled his face while nudging his arms and pockets.

“Well I’ll be damned.” He has a way with animals.

Sora continued to rub the now playful deer but stopped, bringing his hands to his face, trying very hard not to sneeze. He couldn’t hold it in and he sneezed, scaring the deer and sending her bounding away from him.

“Bye Miss!” Sora called after her. He stood and dusted himself off; running back to the car and plopping himself back down in the passenger seat. Riku looked at the now shining boy amazed, and laughed.  Again.

“Riku, I didn’t know you guys had deer here.” Sora chirped happily.

This made Riku laugh even harder and he pulled the car up to the exit of the sub.

“Sora,” Riku pointed to the large sign at the front of the sub. “It is called ‘Deercreek’”

And at this, they both laughed.


Sora was bouncing in his seat, eyes large with excitement. He had never been to a mall before and he stared in amazement as they pulled into Masonaria’s (major city) major mall.

“This isn’t downtown, but I’ll sow you that another day,” Riku said, shifting the car into park.

They stepped out of the car and Sora ran to the doors, squashing his face against the glass like a little kid. Riku shook his head and grabbed Sora’s hand, leading him through the doors and into the huge mall.

“Where are we going to get uniforms Riku?” Sora asked, looking at all the shops around them.

“Our school has its own store. You know, where it sells only school stuff.” He answered, quickly pulling Sora down a flight of stairs and into a store that Sora missed the name of. He saw many maroon blazers, button down shirts, ties, and backpacks. I’m guessing our school colors are maroon.

“Hi, can I help you? Oh Riku!” a familiar looking girl with light brown hair said very enthusiastically. That’s that girl from the party…whats her name again…

“Selphie” Riku answered her squeal very nonchalantly.

“And…Sora right?” she said, turning to Sora. He smiled

“Nice to meet you, again.” He said, smiling largely at her.

“Oh Riku, you guys are absolutely perfect together!” she squealed once more. Sora blushed, and Riku opened his mouth to reply when a voice cut him off.

“Riku, is that you?” a tall, thin, raven haired woman asked.

“Tifa!” Riku yelled, giving the woman a crushing hug. “I thought you were on vacation.”

“Yeah, well, guess not.”

“What are you doing here?” he asked her. Tifa held up a very small plaid skirt done in the same maroon school colors.

“Kairi got in trouble for her skirt being too short again so I have to buy a longer one. And she needs more socks.” She told them.

“Uhm, is this your mom?” Sora murmured behind Riku.

“Oh, I almost forgot. This is my new friend Sora, he, er, lives with us now.” Riku said, producing an embarrassed Sora from behind his back and introducing him to Tifa.

“Ah, your birthday gift huh.” She said understandingly. “Nice to meet you Sora,” she said, pulling him into a warm, gentle hug. “I’m pleased to have you living with us.”

Sora was confused. Who was this lady?

“Oh yeah.” Riku said, seeing Sora’s confused look. “This is Tifa. I guess you could say she is our mom. She lives with us, cooks for us, takes care of us, since I was 6 by the way, and she has sex with our father; so I think that makes her honorary mom.” Riku announced.

“Riku!” Tifa said.

Sora laughed, and Riku laughed along with him. Selphie and Tifa both stared, amazed.

“Riku…y-you’re…” Tifa stuttered out.

“I know, isn’t it great?” Riku said smiling.

“Oh my god…Sora, you must be REALLY good in bed if you can make Riku laugh.” Selphie said, to Sora’s displeasure, rather loudly.

“What!?!” Tifa demanded, her maternal instincts coming out.

“You didn’t know? Sora is Riku’s boyfriend.” Selphie explained, bringing a blush to Sora’s cheeks and washing away Riku’s smirk. Great, now Tifa is going to think we’re really together. Damn that girl. But before he could do anything he felt a small hand latch onto his and Sora’s voice in his ear.

“Uhm, Riku, could we start looking for clothes so we can go to the pet store?” Sora asked very innocently.

This action seemed to cool Tifa off a little, seeing that Sora didn’t act like the type that gave it up to Riku all the time. Riku looked down at Sora and was about to reply when two very enthusiastic voices beat him to it.

“We’ll help!” Tifa and Selphie shouted simultaneously.

Riku rolled his eyes and pulled Sora towards the boys clothes, Selphie and Tifa trailing them. This is going to be a very long shopping session…


Three hours and one ice cream break later, Riku, Sora, and Tifa waved goodbye to Selphie, all three laden with bags of clothing. Riku and Sora also carried various bags of clothes, shoes, and accessories Sora had also purchased.

“Well guys, I’m gonna go home, I’m guessing you drove Riku.” She asked, pulling her own keys out of her purse.

“Yeah, we have one more place to go and then we’ll be back.” Riku told her. She nodded and walked off towards the exit.

Riku turned towards Sora. “So, are you ready to go to the pet store?” he asked.

Sora nodded and smiled very widely. “I was ready when we got here.”

Riku laughed and grabbed Sora’s hand once more, leading him towards the other side of the mall where the pet store was. As soon as they were close enough to spot the store, Sora let go of Riku’s hand and ran off towards it. He disappeared through the doors and Riku quickly followed him in.

He found Sora at the dog kennels, playing with a very small female golden lab. He had his finger in between the bars and was teasing her by moving it around.

“Riku, look at how cute she is.” He said, tearing his gaze away from the lab to look at Riku. He knew what was coming next and he answered it before the question was voiced.

“No.” he said, crossing his arms.

“But Riku…haven’t you ever wanted a puppy.”

“I have had puppies, and puppies turn into dogs one day. They won’t be puppies forever Sora.” He said.

“Riku…please! I have never had a puppy.” He said looking at Riku teary eyed.

Riku looked at Sora, Why do we need a damn dog? I have one right here…complete with puppy eyes and all. But he couldn’t refuse the look on Sora’s face.

“Fine we’ll get the dog. But she can’t come with us yet. They’ll get her shots all done and then we’ll come pick her up in a few days.” He said looking away, ashamed that he had given in so easily.  

“Thank you so much Riku!” Sora said, running over and wrapping his arms around Riku’s chest, hugging him tightly. Riku returned the hug happily and grabbed Sora’s hand to lead him towards the register.  They paid for the dog and gave the store their information so they could call when the dog was ready to be picked up.

“It’ll be about 3-5 days.” The cheery woman behind the counter told them.

“Thanks.” Riku said, in a slightly better mood compliments Sora’s hand in his. They left the store, Riku mumbling, “I can’t believe I just bought a pet for my pet.”

They went back to Riku’s car and got in, pulling out of the parking spot and onto the freeway. It was dark outside, and neither boy had realized how late it was

“Thanks so much for my puppy Riku; I’ve never had a pet before.” Sora said yawning.

Riku smiled, “your welcome.”

But Sora was already asleep, drool flowing form one side of his mouth. He’s so adorable sometimes…

After about ten minutes Riku pulled into the driveway, looking at the still sleeping brunette in his passenger seat.

“Sora…” he said, nudging Sora with his arm. He stirred but didn’t wake up.

Riku didn’t have the heart to wake him up and instead carried him into their room, laying him down on his own bed. He reached to take off his clothes but didn’t know if he could trust himself with a naked sleeping Sora. Instead he pulled the covers over Sora and got in bed himself, turning off the lights.

Guess I’ll just leave him a note in the morning.


Sora woke up the next morning to find he couldn’t move his legs. He jumped up in bed, coming face to face with bright pink hair. Marluxia was perching on his legs, smiling brightly.

“Good morning sunshine!” he chirped happily.

“Riku!” Sora yelled, pulling his legs out from under Marluxia and curling up.

“Riku is at school already, he had drawing lessons early this morning. He wanted us to come make sure you got to school. He is really sorry that he wouldn’t be there to drive you to school on your first day, but he will be waiting for you at the front doors and he will drive you home.” Tidus said in a monotone voice from a corner, sitting in a chair Sora had never seen before. Since when was there a chair there.

“Yeah, so go get ready sleepyhead.” Marluxia said, shoving Sora into the bathroom.

Sora grabbed a towel; luckily he had left his school clothes in the bathroom the night before, and got in the shower. He washed his hair and body and brushed his teeth (yes in the shower…saves time) and quickly got dressed, not looking in the mirror to do his hair or fix his clothes. He simply didn’t care what he looked like.  

He stepped out of the bathroom and saw Tidus right where he had left him and Marluxia not where he had left him.

“Sora…are you planning on going to school like that?” Marluxia said, looking at Sora like he was disgusted.
Sora walked back into the bathroom and looked at his khaki pants. They were kinda baggy, but he had only bought one baggy pair, thanks to Selphie and Tifa, and he liked them. A plain dark brown belt was looped around his waist. He also had a white button up shirt on, his maroon tie tied securely around his neck in a tight double knot. He had a maroon hoodie jacket loosely hanging from his shoulders and his shirt was tucked neatly into his pants. He had maroon dress shoes and maroon socks to top it all off. I think I look fine…

He walked back out of the bathroom and compared himself to Marluxia. Where Sora had a loose maroon hoodie, Marluxia wore a bright pink blazer. His shirt was a lighter shade pink than his blazer and a white tie hung loosely from his neck. He had on white pants and pink glittery shoes that matched a pink glittery belt around his waist. His hair was pulled back with a loose pink clip, strands of hair falling out and pink bangs framing his pale face.

“Uhm, Marluxia, you do know what are school colors are don’t you?” Sora asked. I’ve never seen so much pink at once.

“Oh he knows. He just doesn’t care. He purposefully accidentally bleached and bled his colors in the wash. And of course we all know he has no money to go buy new clothes right.” Tidus said facetiously. Marluxia shot a hurtful look at Tidus that seemed to go a little deeper than his fashion sense. Tidus stopped smirking and looked away. Marluxia huffed and turned his attention back towards the task at hand.

“I know you have some sexy clothes around here somewhere.” Marluxia said, searching through Sora’s clothes and throwing them everywhere. He pulled a pair of deep maroon boxers out of Sora’s top drawer, “oooh wear these!” he said.

Sora barely had time to catch his own boxers before they hit his face, followed by a pair of the tight pants Selphie and Tifa had forced him to buy. A too small button up shirt followed and a too small deep maroon beater after that. A silver studded maroon belt and small studded bracelet landed neatly on top and Marluxia pushed him into the bathroom. He dropped the clothes and turned to see that not only had Marluxia shoved him off to the bathroom to change, but had followed him in there.

“Ohhh no. no no no.” Sora said, his hands in front of him making a ‘nuh uh’ kind of motion.

“Oh come on, we’re both boys.” Marluxia said, striding over to him and giggling. He grabbed Sora’s shirt and unbuttoned it, pulling it out of his pants. “Did you buy this three sizes too big or something?” he asked, unbuttoning Sora’s pants.

“What are you doing?” Sora yelled, jumping back.

“Come on.” Marluxia huffed. “We’re going to be late if you don’t hurry up.”

“fine.” Sora said, giving in, he could tell this was a losing battle.

“Good now come and put this eye liner on.” Marluxia said, advancing on Sora.

“Tidus!” Sora yelled, clawing the opposite wall. “Your boyfriend is crazy!”


Tidus sat in his chair in the corner of the room, head back and eyes closed, listening to the sounds coming out of the bathroom.

“Marluxia, don’t watch me pull off my pants.” He heard Sora yell.

“Sora, put these ones on, their much tighter, they will make your ass look better.” He also heard the familiar sing-song voice of his boyfriend.

He laughed to himself, imagining the terror stricken look on Sora’s face. True, his boyfriend was overzealous and could be a little scary, but, he was HIS boyfriend. He had spent every ounce of his patience defending his relationship with the pink haired fairy, but it was worth it. He had never felt nor cared so deeply about someone before.

All his life, he had gotten up, gone to school, came home and did his homework, occasionally gone out with his friends, (never enjoying himself) and gone to sleep. That was before he met Marluxia. It had been all downhill from there. He never knew what he was doing anymore, his life was spontaneous and random and dangerous with Marluxia in it everyday, but he had no wish to change it at all.

But their relationship was currently faltering. The last time they made love Marluxia had half screamed half moaned three words into his chest that scared him…

“Unhhhh…Ti-Tidus….ahh…I LOVE YOU!”</b>

Tidus had stopped and gotten out of bed. He had walked off on Marluxia and went into his bathroom to cry. He hadn’t said it. Not that he didn’t love Marluxia back. Damn he loved him. More than anything. And that’s why he hadn’t said it. He was scared of his own feelings.

And his fear had put them at this. This fighting and silence, awkwardness about them, he had brought it on with his own silence and awkwardness when it had mattered. And he hated it. He hated himself for it.

“Whats the point of even wearing a tie or a shirt. Hell why should I even wear any clothes at all. I might as well go naked!” Sora said loudly still.

“Okay! I like your idea!” Marluxia said cheerfully.

“No. No, but do I really need the belt. I don’t think these pants are going to fall off.” He heard Sora say through the door like a little kid getting dressed.

“But Sora…it matches. I think it will look great. Who cares if it holds your pants up or not?” Marluxia replied.

Hell, I agree with Sora. Tidus thought to himself. The only thing those belts are good at is preventing me from getting Marluxia out of his clothes faster.

Suddenly the door flew open and a very accomplished looking Marluxia stepped out. He stood by the door and waited for his masterpiece to come out.

Sora stepped out looking as if he had just lost an epic battle, except he had looked REALLY good doing it.

His normally unruly cinnamon spikes was combed through to give it more bounce and sat neatly on his head. Some kind of product that Marluxia had used made it look slightly wet, giving the illusion he hadn’t tried to make his hair look good.

His sapphire blue eyes were outlined in dark navy blue eyeliner, accentuating them and giving his face a paler gleam. His small lips sat in a pout on his face, the kiwi strawberry lip gloss Marluxia had put on them making them shine. He neck was bare and exposed, seeing as his white shirt was only buttoned three quarters of the way up, revealing a low cut maroon beater and much of his chest and neck.

His shirt was messy and wrinkly, and most importantly small. It wasn’t tight but was hardly long enough to cover his belt, slight movements showing off the studded maroon leather. The sleeves were rolled up to his elbows and it wasn’t tucked in. His tie wasn’t tied in a knot but was wrapped around and under his collar and hung loosely from each side of his neck.

When he moved at all, his belt and maroon boxers would show. They were hanging dangerously low on his hips, meaning his hipbones showed just as well when he moved enough. His pants clung to his waist just below the waistband of his boxers, tight in all the right places, and baggy everywhere else.  Maroon shoes and maroon studded bracelets that matched his belt pulled it all together.

Sora now looked not like an innocent little schoolboy but like a hard ass troublemaker who gave it to his boyfriend (Riku) whichever which way he liked. At least that’s what the people in school who knew nothing other than he was Riku’s boyfriend would think.

Wow. Marluxia is good.

And sure enough Marluxia was by the doorway, looking at his work with pride.

“Come on, time to go or we’ll be late for school.” Tidus said getting up from his seat. Marluxia trotted behind Tidus and Sora grudgingly followed the two.

Amazing…he thought to himself…my first day is going to be even better now. I wish Riku were here…


Riku sat in class sketching a picture of a young buck at a stream, standing majestically in the tall grass, covered to his shoulders in the thick green mass. His head was up and alert, watching protectively over something as if it were its soul. His head was turned towards the far side of the field where shadowy figures of wolves were making their way through the cover of the tall grass over to the deer and his fragile package. Bloody horns gleamed in the setting sun, warning the wolves he would fight and give his life for what he shielded from their attacks.

A young boy sat with one hand on the deer’s shoulder, eating an apple and completely oblivious to the oncoming attack. He leaned lazily against the deer’s front quarters and looked out at the scenery in front of him instead of behind him. There was a longing in his eye to have somewhere like this peaceful place to call his own.

“That is very good Mr. Lockheart.” The art teacher said, coming to inspect his work. “It is very symbolic.” She noted. “I am guessing the deer is a much higher being than all of us and its child is not a deer because it has to symbolize men. It is lazy and laid back and uncaring because it is man and we are not perfect. It is also young and longing to show how very naïve man is and how man longs to be as great as the immortal gods. The deer’s bloody horns symbolize his struggle to keep man on the right path and the wolves are the tempests…” she said, rambling into some pagan episode of man’s flaws and the god’s responsibility to watch over us.

No, that’s not it at all…he ran his hand over the small figure of the boy, what a likeness the boy had to Sora. And the buck, his blood engrained horns a parallel to Riku’s bloodstained hands, head alert, poised, and ready to attack again if it meant protecting the boy, Sora, from the wolves. The wolves… those who would take Sora from him, harm him, and tear him apart like the young innocent fawn he was.

And the longing. He supposed it could be both Sora’s and his. He knew his, it was for Sora’s heart, and he longed for Sora’s affection in return for his. While Sora longed for, for…something. Riku didn’t know what it was, but it was there. He could see it in those big beautiful eyes.

“Is that right Mr. Lockheart?” The teacher asked impatiently. Riku hadn’t noticed she had stopped talking.

“Oh yes, of course Mrs. Trush.” He murmured quickly.

“Well, classes will be starting in about twenty minutes. You have done very well today. We’ll meet again next week.” She said, dismissing him.

Riku quickly grabbed his materials and left the classroom. He had to go to the front of the school to meet Tidus and Marluxia. He felt so bad for leaving Sora with them, although he couldn’t help but find it funny. He made his way through the hallways and to the front doors in time to see Tidus’ car pull into the parking lot. Tidus stepped out, followed by Marluxia, and they both walked towards him.

“Hey Riku.” Tidus said.

“Hey, uhm, where’s Sora?” he asked.

“Marluxia gave him a makeover and he won’t get out of the car.”

“I wouldn’t either!” Riku said convincingly.

“I dunno Riku, Marluxia is pretty good. You’re going to have your work cut out for you today.” Tidus said quite seriously. Riku looked at him questioningly before loud wolf whistles and “hey baby’s” rang in his ears. He whipped around to see what was going on, and he almost died on the spot.

Sora had stepped out of the car and, due to his pissed off mood, was not blushing at all at the other people’s comments, making him look even hotter. He looked messy, like he had just finished some…exhilarating activities, and it was very, very attractive.

Riku was finding he was having a hard time keeping his tongue in his mouth and not panting like a dog. Sora finally made it to him and grabbed his hand pulling him, this time, inside the school doors. There was an audible groan heard all around when everyone saw him take Riku’s hand. It gave Riku a sense of satisfaction.

“Riku, can you take me to my locker. Please.” Sora asked, now blushing. Riku didn’t answer at first but shook himself out of his daze when Sora stopped and looked up at him.

“Riku, why didn’t you stay home and take me to school? You said not to worry because you would be there and you weren’t. And now look at me!” Sora said, tossing his hands out at either side of his body for emphasis. This action made Sora’s small shirt go up, showing off his belt, maroon boxers, and small hipbones.

“Unhh…I uh, had art lessons.” Riku said, not once taking his eyes off of Sora’s lower body.

“Why couldn’t you go tomorrow?” Sora asked.

“I have to go every Monday Sora. I’m sorry. I waited for you here, and man, if I knew Marluxia was going to send you to me like this…” Riku trailed off, leaving Sora to turn an even deeper shade of pink.

“Come on, I’ll show you to your locker and then our homeroom, that’s where we go in the beginning of the day and the end of the day.” Riku told him.

They walked to Sora’s locker, which was located conveniently across from Riku’s,(thanks to Sephiroth) and after Sora was sure he had memorized his combination, writing it down for good measure, they went to walk around campus so Riku could show him everything. They went past the cafeteria Riku said they would eat in with everyone else, all of their classes, the gym, and the student lounges. The school seemed huge and confusing to Sora.

“Sora, relax, its fine. I promise.” Riku said, a bell ringing immediately after. “That’s the warning bell, it means we should start heading to our class now.” He explained, grabbing Sora’s hand and leading him off to their class. Sora immediately felt better.
Their teacher was a young man with a blonde Mohawk. He was sitting at his desk with his feet up and was playing an odd, oversized guitar.

“Morning Demyx.” Riku said, walking into the classroom.

“Morning Riku. That the new student? I expect you to show him the ropes, although it seems you’ve showed him enough already.” He said, eyeing their clasped hands. Sora suddenly felt self conscious. He had forgotten they were pretending to be together in school so people would leave him alone.

“Come on, you can sit next to me.” Riku said, leading Sora towards the back of the room to two empty desks. “You can pretty much do anything you want in this class, it’s like a study hall.” He told Sora.

Sora looked around, he didn’t recognize anybody. Then Kairi walked in, pulling her too short skirt down and fixing her tussled hair.

“Oh! Sora, you’re in this homeroom!” she squealed, running over to Sora and bending towards him over the back of a chair. Sora was sure all those behind her were seeing a really nice view.

“Obviously he is Kairi if he is sitting here, now please return to your normal seat and pull your god damn skirt down. Or at least wear some underwear.” The teacher everyone just called ‘Demyx’ said evenly, winking at Sora.

“Yeah he knows how Kairi is. And he’s gay, so he doesn’t put up with her constant flirting and crap. His boyfriend is really sweet. He’s emo, but he has an awesome sword collection.” Riku said dreamily, causing Sora to laugh. Riku smiled and pulled out his notebook, working on some calculus homework while Sora organized all his stuff for his classes.

When the class was over, they all shuffled out of the room, Sora and Riku’s hand finding each others and they walked towards their next class. The rest of the day went relatively the same, besides the awkward times Sora was hit on in front of Riku by those who didn’t know he was Riku’s boyfriend.

Riku was finding it very hard to concentrate in class, with Sora sitting next to him dressed the way he was. He was absolutely sexy, from head to toe, and he cursed and praised Marluxia at the same time for what he had done.

At lunch the two boys sat with Tidus, Marluxia, Hayner and a few other boys Sora had never met.

“Hey lovebirds!” Hayner greeted them when they sat down next to each other across from the other three.

“Is Axel at school?” Riku asked, pretending to not really care.

“I saw him in my first class.” Marluxia said around a pink fluffy cupcake he was eating. Sora noticed that his hand was on Tidus’ leg and people around were shooting death glares towards the couple.

“Oh, here he comes now.” Sora said, nodding towards the entrance to the cafeteria.

And of course, the red head was walking through the doors rather sullenly. He looked up at Riku and came to sit by him, on the other side that Sora was on, sandwiching Riku in the middle.

“So, I’ve heard you have a boyfriend now.” Axel said rather coolly.

“Axel, can we talk about this somewhere else?” Riku asked, weary that this conversation would give away more than he was willing anyone to know.

“Yeah sure.”

“Excuse me Sora…” Riku said, squeezing Sora’s hand before releasing it. Sora nodded and smiled.

All the boys watched Riku and Axel walk out of the lunchroom. Sora turned back to his food, not wanting to talk about anything to anyone. He just wanted Riku to come back and sit by him.


“What’s wrong with me protecting Sora Axel?!?” Riku shot at his red headed friend. They were in an empty, locked bathroom, shouting back and forth

“There is nothing wrong with it, but why do you have to pretend to be his boyfriend?” Axel shot back just as venomously.

“Because it is the easiest way. Look you know it’s not for real, you know he’s not gay.” Riku said, anger boiling inside of his chest.

“I know he told you that, but I also know how you look at him; how he makes you smile, laugh. I never once made you laugh Riku. And I know how he looks at you. You are more than just friends with him!” Axel yelled.

“Axel, it’s not like that. How can I prove it to you and still keep Sora safe?” Riku said, rubbing his temples to cool down.

“Find someone else to be his guardian. Why does it have to be you? If all your worried about is his safety, then it shouldn’t matter if you are the one protecting him, or if any other guy is.” Axel said as if he had been thinking it the entire time.

“I-I…” Riku said. He had never thought of that, but he didn’t want anyone else to have Sora, he had already been over that in his head.

“Ahh, I knew it. You do like him.” Axel growled, walking out on Riku.


Riku reentered the cafeteria alone and took his seat beside Sora once more. He looked very unhappy and wasn’t talking.

“Hey Riku, Do you want to go get something to drink with me?” Sora asked.

“Sure…” Riku mumbled. He got up and started walking towards the line to get food when he heard a boom and then a whimper.

Sora had gotten caught up in his backpack and had tripped, slicing his leg open on the table. He was lightly crying, trying to hold it in (probably so as to not smear his eyeliner) and was holding his leg.

“Oh Sora…you sure are clumsy aren’t you.” Riku said, picking him up in his arms bridal style. Sora wrapped his arms around Riku’s neck and cried into his chest.

Riku carried him to the nurse’s office and waited patiently while she cleaned out his cut and bandaged it. It wasn’t too deep and he would be just fine, although she didn’t want him on it much more today. She wrote a pass for Riku and Sora to leave school so that Riku could take him home early.

Riku took the pass and carried Sora out to his car, setting him in the passenger seat and getting in himself.

“Sorry Riku.” Sora apologized.

“For what, it’s not your fault you’re clumsy.” Riku said chuckling. “Anyways you did me a favor; I didn’t want to stay at school any longer.

They arrived at home very quickly and Riku once more carried Sora into the house. He set him down on the bed and sat down next to him, propping his leg up on a pillow.

“It’s not broken Riku.” Sora said giggling.

“Yeah I know, but I just don’t want it to get infected so that we have to amputate it. I don’t want to push you around in a wheel chair everywhere.” Riku joked.

Sora’s eyeliner was running down his face, following the trails his tears had made. Riku wiped away the dark blue liquid with his hand and stared at Sora’s quivering lips. He leaned down towards Sora’s face and looked him directly in the eyes, his beautiful eyes. Gods he wanted to kiss him. But he wasn’t gay, and he wouldn’t push Sora into anything. He quickly got up and pulled out his homework.

“you should get some rest. You still have to go to school tomorrow.” Riku said, providing no explanation for his abrupt change of mentality.

Sora just stared at him for a while, watching his pencil scribble across the paper until his eyelids became to heavy to keep open. He fell asleep with one final thought…one that sent shivers of fear and exhilaration down his spine: I wish he would have kissed me…
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