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He walked down the street with a black cloud hanging over his head, feeling so stupid that he forgot someone that important to him. Mixed emotions, were exactly the words to describe to what he felt like. Angry, sad, happy, upset.....
"What should I do? All i remember was that he was my...."
Roxas couldn't say the word, he just couldn't let it slip off his tongue.

He crossed bridges, walked along side lakes, and walked around the town. Everywhere, that dark cloud followed. He wanted to remember more about his past, things he did, people he met, so many things he couldn't remember. Trying to remember he walked all around the entire area, yet, nothing seemed to spark his memory.

He sighed, looking down at his own reflection in the water. Sure to any normal person
they would see themselves but, he saw otherwise, a boy looking like him, same blonde hair and characteristics but, in a dark rob. His eyes being as cold and dark, having no emotion in those deep piercing blue eyes. He hated the reflection he saw, trying to wipe it away, he slurred the water, having the picture fade into the lake.

"Was I him in the past...?"
He rubbed his head.

"I don't know who I am anymore…"

A breeze blew by, leaves falling gently to the ground. He laid down on his back. Closing his eyes to try and remember something from his past. The sun shone brightly down upon him giving him a nice warm feeling upon his skin.
"What a nice day...." someone spoke.
Roxas turned over on his side, finding Axel laying down on the floor next to him, having his eyes closed, his face towards the sun.

"Axel...?" Roxas spoke in a calm voice. Sounding like he was doubting his own words, unsure of things going on. Next thing he knew, he was swooped up by the tall man, having him get a huge hug.

"You Remember!!?"

"Well....not everything...." He squeezed those words up out of his throat, having it hard to speak because of the suffocating hug.
Axel put Roxas down, having a sad yet smiling face on.

"It's okay Roxy! I'll help you remember!" Axel winked at Roxas, giving him a relaxed smile.

"Roxy......? I've.... I think... I've heard that....before...."

Roxas fell down to his knees, grabbing his head.

"Roxas..?" Axel asked worried.

Axel bent down, staring at Roxas, wondering what he could do to help his lover.
Roxas grabbed his head tighter, feeling extreme pain.


"Roxy! Come over here!"

Roxas walked over to Axel, with a stern look on his face.


"Join the party Roxas, we only have it once a year!" Roxas looked away, crossing his arms.

"You know I don't like these types of things!"

"But, Roxy!!" Axels’ eyes got huge, giving a sad look. He knew that Roxas could never fight this look, it was Roxas' weakness. Roxas closed his eyes trying not to see Axels’ face...but, he felt bad, he didn't want to be ruin the party for Axel.

"Fine...." Roxas sighed.

"YAY!!!!" Axel jumped up and down with joy.

"Come on lets have some fun Roxy!" Axel grabbed his hand making him join in the dancing.


"Roxas...? You okay...?" Axel patted Roxas' shoulder, giving a relieved smile.

"Yeah....I'm fine..." He got up onto his feet, losing balance at first but, then regaining it.

"You sure..?" Axel asked again, wanting to be positive.

"Don't worry Axel! I'm fine!" He gave axel a smile trying to reassure him.

"Okay...what ever you say...."

Axel started to walk off into the town, leaving Roxas by the lake.

In midway, he turned facing Roxas.

"Come on!" he yelled, signaling Roxas to come over. Roxas took off, trying to catch up with Axel.

"So Roxy, what do you do over here in this world...?"

Axel and Roxas both walked up the street heading into twilight town. The sun was almost about to go down and shops were getting ready to close. People headed towards their houses and were calling their kids to get inside. Roxas looked up at Axel, staring into his piercing green eyes.

"Well, right now it’s summer so school's out and kids get to just hang out all summer."

"Oh, so is that all you do for fun...hang out?"

"No, I sometimes go up onto the tower and eat ice cream."

"Ice cream..?"Axel asked with fascination.

"Yeah, you've never had one..?"  Roxas asked in shock, feeling it hard to believe that Axel had never had ice cream.

"Nope..." Axel told him in a sad voice.

"Oh...well, I'll maybe take you sometime..."

Axel ran in front of Roxas, having them both come to a halt, having those big puppy dog eyes.
"Oh, really..?" Axel asked almost in tears.

"Yeah, sure....we could go tomorrow if you want to...?" Roxas suggested.

"YAY!!!!"  Axel jumped up and down like a child filled with joy.

Roxas smiled at his in childish behavior, he was adorable Roxas had finally concluded, just the way he looked the way he acted when excited, it was just too cute.

They started walking back to Roxas' house, having passed all the shops. The sun was completely down and darkness overcame the town. All that shined were the stars from above. Roxas and Axel stared at the amazing, bright stars.

"Hey, Axel..?"


"What do you do.....I mean in your world...?"

"Well, nothing really exists...."

"Why not..?"  Roxas asked a little bit confused.

"In my world the people there, they don't have hearts....we are just empty souls wandering around, trying to find are place in the world. But, were lucky when you were born, you had a heart...."

"How did you know I had a heart....?"

"When you were a child growing up in the organization, you were the only one who cared about other people and how they didn't really care about always put other people before you..."
Axel smiled at Roxas.

"But, Axel....when I stare into my reflection...I don't see myself...I see someone who looks like they have no emotion…not someone caring like you described.." Roxas told Axel with a sad expression cross his face.

“Well, the organization didn’t like you the way you were with a heart, so they turned you into something else….” Axel scratched his head, leaning his head back as he walked, watching the many flashing stars.

“When you changed into a person with no heart….you didn’t care what people thought of you…you didn’t care if innocent people were hurt…and everyone you loved with it….”

“But, how come I’m not that person now?”

“When your memory was erased, your heart returned….it was like you were born again.”

Roxas noticed that they arrived at his house, seeing that, everyone was asleep.

“Well, I guess this is good bye until tomorrow…”  Roxas looked up at Axel, finding that he wasn’t paying attention.

“Hello…? Axel..?” he waved his hand in front of him seeing that Axel was in some sort of trance.

“Hel-” Axel, grabbed Roxas slamming himself against the wall, covering Roxas’ mouth.

“Be quiet…” he whispered.

Roxas shook his head in agreement.  They were backed into a corner, hiding in the shadows. Two men with the same exact robes as Axel came storming by, missing them. Axel looked both ways before he let go of Roxas, feeling relieved.

“What was that about..?”

“Roxas….I shouldn’t be here, they told me not to mingle with you but, I just had to see you again…I’m sorry for dragging you into this….”

“Dragging me into what..?”

“I should go….” Axel turned to walk away but, his hand was grabbed.

“Wait….why don’t you stay with me…you could go into hiding….”


“Come on, you told me you’d help me remember….” Roxas looked sad as if his feelings were being rejected. Axel didn’t want the blonde to feel sad, all he wanted to see was that one special smile Roxas gave him.

“Fine…but, until the coast is clear….” Axel told the blonde.

Roxas’ face lit up and a smile formed across his lips. Roxas lead Axel to the back way of getting into his room.

“Okay, we’ll have to climb up the vine….”

Axel and Roxas both started climbing, feeling like little kids trying to get to a secret place. They reached the top with no trouble climbing into Roxas’ bedroom.

“You could sleep on the bed, I’ll take the floor.”

Roxas grabbed another pillow blanket from the hallway closet. He walked into the bedroom and sat down on the floor.




Roxas smiled then shrugged. “It’s nothing….”

Axel sat up staring out of the window, the moon shone brightly having it give some light to the darkened room. Shadows of objects danced across the walls, making different shapes,  sometimes playing with the creative mind.

“What are you thinking about Axel?” Roxas looked up at Axel, with a questioned look.

“The moon….it isn’t like this in my world…”
Roxas smirked, “what’s it like then?”
“It looks like. . .a heart.” Roxas was immediately intrigued by the sound of a moon shaped heart but knew that it was late and that they would probably have to get up early in the morning so with a goodnight Roxas and Axel laid down and quickly fell asleep.
1st pt --> [link]
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story (c) ~LishaZombieh
characters(c) disney
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Gift of the Heart
By Rebmakash


It amazed Riku that he’d even missed those.  They were simple tasks.  In the time that past since the islands fell to darkness, several boards in the bridge and the treehouse started to rot.  This surprised him little. He was the oldest of those who visited that island back then, so he was the one who initiated all the repairs.  That is, if he didn’t end up taking care of them completely.

That annoyed him then, but now it was a welcome job and he smiled as he approached the island.  He shielded his eyes since the morning sun was turning the island into a silhouette from the glare.

Riku’s boat rode low in the water, thanks to the weight of the lumber and tools.  This would be a quick stop to drop everything off.  There were other, more important things to do.

After all, not every day was Christmas.

As he approached the dock, Riku was rather surprised to see another boat there.  He hopped out to inspect it.  

The boat was weather-beaten like his own, and it had a place to put food and supplies. It was empty, though, and the little craft was poorly tied to the dock.  Large sandy footprints left from a hasty departure from the main island told him exactly who was there.

Riku shook his head and turned his attention back to the supplies.  He hauled them away from the threat of high tide but left them on the beach to remind himself of tomorrow’s task.  It was now a matter, Riku figured, of finding where Sora had dozed off and waking him up to make sure he didn’t miss any of the festivities.  The boy had said he was going to get Kairi’s gift this morning.  Somehow it didn’t surprise Riku to find him here instead.

He needed only a well-placed glance.  Riku saw a form on the tiny island he, Sora, and Kairi used as a twilight retreat before going home each day.  He strolled to the shack to use the stairs, but he hesitated.  Based on footprints in the sand, Sora had taken the fast way.  It seemed he had jumped and crawled onto the roof to reach the bridge.

“Typical.”  Still, curiosity got the better of Riku, and he did the same.  He was surprised by how easy it had become, especially due to how much he had grown.  A good reach with his uncovered hand replaced any leap.

Riku found Sora sitting on the island’s edge with his feet dangling.  He seemed to be seriously mulling something over, and whatever it was, he was holding it right at the cliff edge between his knees.

“Hey.”  Sora didn’t turn to face his friend, still concentrating.  His hood of his black jacket was up, possibly to keep the slight sea spray from his face.  Either way, the young man couldn’t see his face.

Riku took his thumb out of his pocket just long enough to put his hand up in some simple gesture.  Surely it was supposed to be a wave.  “Hey.”  Cocking his head a bit, he examined the box Sora held.  Bright gold in color, it was tied together with an equally gaudy red ribbon.  “What’s wrong?  You’re never this serious.”

“Oh, nothing’s wrong,” he said with clear truthfulness.  

“You never seem to think so hard either.”

“No, it’s just—Hey, what do you mean by that?”  Sora whipped his head around to shoot him an annoyed look.

Riku finally had his full attention.  He beamed proudly now that the other’s eyes were off the package and chuckled to himself.  “What, are you worried you wrapped it wrong?”

“Naw.”  Sora dismissed his inquiry with a wave.  “It’s just…  I don’t know if she’ll like it.”

Riku shook his head and brushed the long silver hair from his eyes a little.  “And why is it that if anyone else thinks that way, you tell them they worry to much?”

“I dunno, maybe it’s going too far.”

“Afraid you spent too much?  No, I got it…  You’re giving her a gag gift, aren’t you?”  Riku crouched down to put Sora in a headlock, pulling the hood down and doing a thorough job of trying to mess up his already chaotically spiky brown hair.

Sora tried to shove Riku’s arm away.  “Hey--  GAH!!!  Cut it out!  I’m serious!”  

The man stood back up again, the expression on his face some twist of frustration and confusion.  “…What’s your problem?”

Sora was unusually quiet.

Riku crossed his arms over his yellow and white vest, baffled by his friend’s bizarre behavior.  “C’mon, there’s so much we have planned today.  The gift exchange, the town dinners, just like we remember…  And we haven’t gone sledding on Isle Kismet’s mountain for years now.  Mickey Donald and Goofy are even visiting for that.  What could be so important it would make you, of all people, so serious on Christmas?”

Sora didn’t say a word.  He slowly untied the ribbon and pulled off the lid, showing Riku what was inside.

Riku blinked, and he sat down next to his friend to stare out at the horizon.  “Oh.”  His heart sank.

Sora stared with him.  “Yeah.”

Riku inhaled deeply, taking in the smell of the sea as if it might wash away how he felt.  Out of all the races he participated in, he was disappointed that this was the one he would lose.  Then again, he thought, he knew he had lost that race long ago, thanks to the decisions he made since escaping the islands.

Or by what he did to escape.

And now it pained him to know if that dragons do exist, that magic is real, and then legends like this are true, then he truly was about to lose, officially.

Suddenly the necklace he wove her seemed meaningless.

“I wondered why you were here, when you said you were going to be getting Kairi’s gift.  And especially so late.”

Sora looked down at it again.  “Yep.  Not exactly something you can get the week before.  At least, I don’t think so.  I’m…  Not exactly an expert on this sort of stuff.  Though I asked Mom and she told me how to tell if one’s ready.”

The other sighed, remembering when he thought he was permanently separated from both Sora and Kairi.  He thought of the words he had told Sora as the door closed, to take care of her.

And he did.

Sora fought for her, searched for her, even when he thought in suspicion and envy that he wasn’t.  Even while searching for her he did nothing she wouldn’t approve of.  Riku found her at any cost, and those costs were terrible.  He knew that guilt would always be there.

Sora followed his heart, and he saw the effect the note in the bottle had on him.  It opened something inside him, and its light saved them both.

Riku stood up, chuckling.  “Guess I’ll have to view the light a little differently.”

“Huh?”  Sora looked up at his friend.  He kicked up his huge shoes to get to his feet.

The older turned to the younger.  His smile showed everything he had learned in his tribulations.  “Why do you want to give it to her?”

Sora blinked.  “Well, because I, uh…  Um, I…”  Just below his eyes his skin turned bright red.  It was as if the words were too cumbersome to get out his mouth.

Like a teasing older brother, Riku was tempted to point out Sora’s color, but resisted.  Instead, he tapped him on the chest.  “It came from this, right?”

He nodded.

In return, Riku’s smile became a reassuring one.  “If that led you this far, you should know better than to worry.”  He put a hand on Sora’s shoulder and took on a teasing tone.  “C’mon, let’s go see if you’re right and ‘Santa’ left me a present.”

Sora smiled in typical child-like manner, and looked back down at the gift at his feet.  The box was slightly damp now, but not particularly from the sea spray.  The dew on the paopu fruit had soaked in.

Kingdom Hearts copyright Disney and Square Enix
Digging around the computer about a week ago yielded a short fan-fic I wrote just after Christmas last year, so I thought I'd put it up (revamped), especially since it's adorable. It's just Sora and Riku in it, though other characters are mentioned. This takes place post KH2, so for the few who haven't finished the game (you know who I'm looking at!) there are blatant spoilers.

And, on a random note, I figured I should post this cheesy holiday filk, too:

This is such a blast!
Watching the spells he casts!

There must have been some magic in
That mage’s staff he owns.
But don’t you get that duck too mad or you’ll find he totally pwns!

It’s Do-nald the snowman
With a bucket on his head!
With his arms as sticks
And a scarf for kicks
He says, “Now I’m not undead!”

Kingdom Hearts and it's characters are copyright Disney and Square-Enix.
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You Know You Play Too Much Kingdom Hearts When...

#1: You start to use your house keys to beat up people that you don't like.
#2: You went and got your hair spiked just like Sora's.
#3: You re-watch every Disney movie you own just so you'll get the references.
#4: You re-play every Final Fantasy you own just so you'll get the references.
#5: You start calling the people that you don't like 'Heartless'.
#6: They actually know what you are talking about.
#7: You cried when you couldn't beat Sephiroth for the millionth time.
#8: You screamed like a maniac when you finally beat him.
#9: And you are content to never fight him again, because once was enough for a lifetime.
#10: You cried like a baby at the end of the first game when Sora and Kairi were separated.
#11: You know the Theme Songs by heart. (Even the Japanese version even though you may or may not speak Japanese)
#12: You got upset at the first game because they only showed Mickey Mouse for about two seconds at the end.
#13: You stand outside each night to make sure no stars go out.
#14: You try to open your own Pathway to Darkness.
#15: You made up your own theory about how Ansem is Ansem, but the real Ansem is not Ansem, and someone else was Ansem all along.
#16: You've searched everywhere for your own Paopu fruit.
#17: You sulked for weeks when every supermarket in town told you there was no such thing as Paopu fruits.
#18: You've built your own Gummi Ship
#19: ... And it works!
#20: You inspect every keyhole you find to see if it leads to the Heart of the World.
#21: Your uncle isn't in a coma; he got his heart stolen by a Heartless.
#22: You've figured out what Sora yells to Kairi in the end of the first game.
#23: You wait for Sora to show up on your doorstep because our world is just a speck in the grand scheme of things.
#24: You worked your ass off to unlock the secret endings in both games.
#25: You try to meld with your family members so that you can form change.
#26: You're one of the 5% of Kingdom Hearts fans who understand the Sora/Roxas Kairi/Namine paradox.
#27: You pre-ordered Kingdom Hearts II and camped outside the nearest GameStop in a tent for a month to insure that you got the very first copy.
#28: Then you got upset when you realized that people in Japan got to play it, and beat it, long before you even got your hands on a copy.
#29: When Kingdom Hearts III comes out, you plan to fly to Japan to get the Japanese version... even though you don't understand Japanese.
#30: You played through Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, even though it has arguably the worst battle system of all time!
I didn't really know where to put it, so I just put it there.

I did this for fun after I wrote 'You Know You Play Jak and Daxter Too Much When...', which is over on as authors notes for Back To You. But, I thought these were just as funny, and decided to post them here.
Hopefully, you have played Kingdom Hearts so that you get the things here. Some of them are okay if you haven't, like the one about camping out in front of a GameStop. (Which I didn't do.)

Wow... I have no idea what else to say... anyway... I hope you guys find this funny.

Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 (c) Square Enix and Disney
List (c) Me
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-=“If Only...”=-
Life would surely return to the way it was before now.
But how HAD life been before? And how far back would they return to?

Since returning from The World That Never Was, reunited with his closest of friends back in their familiar home of Destiny Islands, Sora had felt incomplete. He couldn’t quite fathom why. Surely he now had everything he wanted, right? His friends were both returned to him safely. He had saved multiple worlds. He had defeated the Organization. By all accounts, he’d done everything he’d set out to do.

So why didn’t he feel like a winner?

Perhaps it was due to the nature of his task. Defeating the Organization had seemed easy at the time. Enemies clad in black leather, never meant to exist, going through their ‘lives’ stealing the hearts of others. It was easy at the time to view them as evil. He hadn’t the time to analyse it any other way. Now however, things were different. He’d had the opportunity to really look at what it was he had achieved... and he didn’t like it.

Could he really give himself the authority to decide whether someone else should live or die? Had the Organization not been seeking to have their hearts returned to them, just as he had battled for his own friends hearts to be restored? As he would do again, without hesitation? Surely wanting to feel whole again was not such a huge crime. Perhaps they could have been reasoned with. Perhaps there was another way that Xemnas and his followers could have regained their lost hearts.

Perhaps. Perhaps not.

It was too late now, anyway. What was done was done, and there was no undoing it. He’d destroyed the Nobodies with all his might, and had been praised for doing so. Still, did it not seem that they were not the emotionless beings they were made out to be? Had Demyx not feared death? Had Saix not shown anger? Did Larxene not show pride?

At the end of it all, had Axel not thrown himself into harms way just in the hopes of seeing his best friend one last time before his life was extinguished?

Were these really the acts of beings without emotion?

“Sora? You okay?”

His mind snapped back to the present, his eyes unfocussed on the television screen that sat a few feet away from himself and Riku. Since their return to Destiny Islands, the boys had resumed their close friendship once more, spending almost every waking hour in the others company, aside from the times when they were at school (being as they were in different classes). It was 7.30pm on a Saturday evening, and the boys were watching a movie premiere on the tv set in Riku’s room. They sat on his bed, their backs against the wall and legs out across the mattress before them, the screen sat atop Riku’s computer desk opposite. His parents were out, so the silver-haired boy was treating himself to a forbidden four-pack of beer. Sora was abstaining. Riku’s parents did not approve of drinking, but Riku had hardly been one to follow rules unwaveringly. Two cans were already empty, the third and fourth unopened and on the nearby table. Riku’s attention, however, was fully on his friend.

“This is the third time today you’ve gone off into another world, y’know...” Riku persisted as Sora blinked with a blank expression.

“Sorry,” came the response of the spiky-haired brunette, shaking his head a little as if to clear fatigue. He didn’t know why. He wasn’t tired. “I’m just... thinking, I guess.”

Riku smirked. “No wonder you look in pain,” he said teasingly, causing Sora to grin a little. Their rivallry was still strong, and Riku would often poke fun at the younger boy. Sora didn’t mind. It was just how their relationship worked. Riku would provoke, and Sora would never rise to challenge. It drove Riku insane at times when he realised how paitent and controlled Sora could be. Their smiles were short-lived however, as Riku returned to his usual frown, intent on not giving up on finding out what was distracting his best friend. It did not take much for him to eventually get Sora to sigh heavily, resigning himself to attempting to explain what was on his mind. About Xemnas, Axel, and the other nobodies. About how they might have done things differently. About Kingdom Hearts.

“We’ve been over this before,” Riku said, his clear aqua eyes piercing into Sora’s own deep blue ones. “We can’t change what we did, and in the end, we did the right thing. What’s the point on dwelling on it?”

Sora’s gaze dropped down to his knees, his hands kneading the duvet covering the bed they sat side-by-side upon. He knew Riku was right. Riku was almost always right, being logical and level-headed. He accepted that sometimes you had to do something that felt wrong to ultimatly do the world good. Sora, however, found that harder to live with.

“We killed them, Riku,” Sora said finally, unable to meet his friends gaze. “You realise that, right? We killed them. That makes us murderers,”

Riku’s pale hand sought out his friends shoulder, resting upon it and squeezing gently. “You can’t murder something that never really existed in the first place, Sora,” he pointed out, though apparently it was an excuse the brunette had been expecting, as his expression hardened and his eyes rose to meet Riku’s own.

“Do you honestly believe that?” his voice exclaimed, shriller than usual due to his aggrevation. “That they never existed? That they felt nothing? You saw more of them than I did. You watched them. Do you honestly think they had no emotions? No feelings? No desires?”

Riku fell silent, his hand remaining on Sora’s shoulder, though his confident pressure from his grip had now faded. Honestly? No. He didn’t believe it. He had at first, when he had first accepted the darkness into his own heart... but after living in darkness himself, watching the Organization in their daily lives, he found it near impossible to believe they were merely empty shells of former living beings. It was the way they interacted, the way they looked up to Kingdom Hearts as it formed in the sky above them, the way they battle so determinedly towards their goals... these were not the actions of shells void of humanity. They feared death. That said a lot in itself.

“...No,” his response finally came. “No, I don’t think they were completely empty. But... what they were doing was wrong, Sora. They were sacrificing the hearts and existances of others in an attempt to regain their old selves. We couldn’t let them do that,”

King Mickey had made the same arguement, and without any real explaination of his own, Riku stole the concept as his own. Sora didn’t seem convinced.

“There had to be another way..”

“There wasn’t.”

“How can we know?”

“We just do.”

Silence, apart from the low background sound of the television movie continuing. Riku’s hand fell away from Sora’s shoulder, instead placing itself over the tanned hand of his keybearer companion.  Sora’s eyes were back to staring resolutly into his lap, obviously not satisfied with the explainations offered by his friend.

“They were scared, Riku. They didn’t want to disappear.”

Some feared it more than others. But, in those final moments, every single one of them had at least a hint of anxiety in their eyes at the concept of the unknown void that awaited them. The concept of nothingness. They would be erased. Gone. As if they’d never even existed. There wouldn’t even be a body to leave behind to prove they had once been real, solid beings.

What a horrible thought.

“What gave us the right to decide their fate, Riku?”

The older boy didn’t know, so he said nothing. Sora understood and swallowed hard, knowing the question was unlikely to be one Riku would have the definite answer to. A thick lump had formed in his throat, making his breathing difficult as he struggled with the concept of life, death, and judgement in his mind. Not knowing if there was much he could do or say to solve this situation, Riku merely gripped his friends hand firmly in reassurance.

“The keyblades would never have come to us if we weren’t meant to use them,” came the silver-haired boys eventual response. That had to count for something, right? Whatever higher powers controlled the keyblades must be something worth their respect and trust. The mysterious weapons had chosen them as their weilders, Sora to be their most forefront warrior. His own strength of heart proved to be his mightiest weapon, and thickest armor.

“I guess,” came the younger boys response, though he didn’t sound entirely convinced.

If only things could have been done differently. If only there had been another way...
The prologue to my KH fanfic that I'm writing... for the sake of it, really. I've never done fan fics before, so bear with me!

This is not crack, yaoi, shounen-ai etc. It's gonna be a pretty srs one :)

I haven't decided whether I'll post the rest of this or not yet.

Thank you for the comments thus far, and for those who have pointed out the errors in it!
I'm really happy with the feedback I have received so far. As this is my first ever fan fiction, please feel free to give me constructive critisism if you feel it needs it :)

Riku's Drinking - The first time I wrote about Riku having a few beers, I deleted it. However, re-reading, I added it back in. It seems odd to imagine, but it was kind of important to me to show that the two of them had changed and aged since the end of KH2. While Sora has become a deeper character, Riku has become less of an OMG EMO DARKNESS guy and more of your average late-teenager who still pushes the boundaries.
It sounds like a stupid thing for me to comment on, but I just wanted to explain why I added that small detail in there.
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The sun was beginning to set behind the horizon as Kairi started walking up to the small hill. She slowly approached Sora who was resting against the tree. His attention was focused on the sunset, his eyes unwavering. He was unaware that Kairi was walking up right behind him. She walked behind him and tapped his shoulder lightly.
"Hey Sora!" she said with a smile.
"Whoa!" Sora replied jumping back. He recognized Kairi right then. "Oh, hey Kairi! You scared me a little."
"I can tell," She giggled
"Not funny,"
"Yes it is!"
"Never mind. Where's Riku?"
"Beats me,"
"You sure?"
"Yeah I'm sure Kairi," he looked at her with a warm smile on his face. She smiled and slightly blushed. Sora didn’t see her blush. He was also lightly blushing. Kairi walked over next to Sora and sat on the tree. They were still looking on each other with the same smile. Kairi was joyful at the face that Sora and Riku had come back, but more that Sora had come back. She always had feelings for him; she just could never express them around him. Sora, was feeling exactly the same as Kairi was. But he also though that Kairi liked Riku more then him, so he always kept quiet.
They both looked out at the sunset. Sora then looked up at the sky and tilted his head.
"Huh?" he thought out loud.
"What is it Sora?" Kairi replied looking at him puzzled. Her question was answered right after that as small drops of rain started to fall. It quickly turned into a downpour. "Ah, it’s raining!" Sora grabbed Kairi's hand and tugged her off the tree gently.
"Let's go to the Secret Place!" Sora said over the pouring rain. Kairi nodded. They both ran as fast as they could down and over to the Secret Place. Sora helped Kairi in then followed her. They scrambled inside and then looked at each other, both soaked with water. It was darker in here, so they both didn't see each others face almost bright red. They stood there, looking at each other for a minute then Kairi started shivering. Sora instantly noticed. "You cold Kairi?"
"Y..yeah," she said still shivering. Sora walked over and held her hand again.
"Let's sit down over here ok?" he said as he started to walk, "We need to keep each other warm, so we don't get sick." Kairi nodded and blushed more at the thought of being that close to Sora. They both walked over to the door that was in the cave and sat down next to each other. Sora put his arm around Kairi and she moved against him more, putting her head on his shoulder. Sora smiled and so did she. Kairi's hand slowly moved next to Sora's and they touched slightly. Sora was a little stunned but just moved his hand a little closer to hers. Kairi snuggled against him lovingly.
"Mmmm, I missed you while you were gone Sora," she said, breaking the silence. Sora turned his head to look at her. "I missed you allot."
"I missed you too Kairi, very, very much," he replied, moving his hand just a little more against hers. She smiled at him warmly and snuggled up against him more.
“Yeah Kairi?”
“I’ve been thinking about something,”
“What Kairi?”
“Us?” Sora tilted his head at the word.
“Yes, us.”
“You mean like you, me and Riku right?”
“Not Riku, just you and me.” Kairi was blushing even more, as was Sora.
“You and me?” Kairi nodded at him, “What about us?”
“Something that means a lot to me, probably everything,”
“Oh, well, I guess I should say I’ve been thinking about something that means a lot to me too,”
“Really?” Kairi looked up at him, her eyes scanning his face to the best that she could in the darkness of the cave. “Maybe…..” her voice trailed off.
“Maybe what?” Sora looked at her and their eyes locked.
“Maybe, we’re thinking about the same thing,” She shifted very slightly so she was up against him even more, but Sora didn’t really notice.
“Well, what are you thinking about right now?”
“You,” Sora’s heart leaped.
“Yes, you. What are you thinking about?”
“You,” her heart leapt just like his. He moved closer to her and she moved closer to him. “Kairi,”
“Sora? What is it?” Sora leaned closer to her and there faces were only a few inches from each other. Kairi blushed so red she felt the blood heating up.
“I…….love you.”
“You……love me?”
“Yes, I love you a lot. I’ve always loved you, I just couldn’t say anything to you,”
“Oh Sora,” she breathed out his name. “I love you too.”  They moved closer to each other, every moment that they moved closer, their hearts beat a little faster then before. Sora put his hand in Kairi’s and she laced her fingers with hers. They were so close now that their lips were very lightly brushing against each others. Kairi slowly reached up to touch his face and Sora put his hand on hers.
At that moment, everything faded around them, the world, the island, and most of the Secret Place as well. It was only them there, two young hearts that had just tied themselves together. Kairi moved slightly and sat on Sora’s lap. She smiled at him, her eyes lost in his. Sora smiled back and found he was staring back into her eyes. Kairi moved closer to him and Sora put his hand on her face, brushing her cheek lightly with his fingers.
Then they kissed, and their destinies were locked forever. They had fallen in love, and nothing would change that. As their lips pressed against each others, as their hands tightened in each others and as their hearts beating even faster, two faded figures watched them.
Roxas looked over at Namine and smiled warmly at their real selves. Their hands also tightened as Sora and Kairi kissed again. Namine leaned into Roxas and he wrapped his arm around her more. As long as Sora and Kairi were happy, they were happy. Namine looked up at Roxas and kissed his cheek lightly. “Should we go?” she said lightly.
“Yeah, we should,” he replied and turned with her and walked away, both of them fading away again. As they left, Kairi laid against Sora, her back against his chest. Sora had moved his arms around her and was holding her hands. They both were resting their heads against each other, looking at each other with warm smiles on their faces.
“I love you,” he whispered to her.
“I love you too,” she whispered back. Sora kissed her softly and she kissed him back. The rain outside got heavier, but they couldn’t hear it. Kairi curled up in his arms and rested her head on his chest. He buried his head into her hair and they both felt peace. The only noise that was heard in the cave was the sound of their soft breathing as they both slowly drifted off to sleep.
A story I wrote about Sora and Kairi after KH2, bout how they get together
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Here's a Sora,
There's a Sora,
And another clueless Sora.
Merman Sora,
Vampire Sora,
Sora, Sora,
Duck. *Donald*

Sora, Sora,
Heartless Sora.
Model, *Auron figure*
Flower, *Marluxia*
Dragon, *Maleficient dragon*
Sora, Sora,
Hades, *Hades* (Me: Duh...)
Sora, Sora,

Sora wields a keyblade,
Roxas wields them too.
And I really wonder if
His shoe size's fifty two.
He travels in a Gummi Ship;
His friends he tries to find,
But that doesn't explain why
He cried when Vexen died.

Have you ever seen a Sora,
Getting 'lectrocuted, Sora.
Make a face distorted, Sora.
Sora, Sora,

Flying Sora,
Pwn'ed Sora,
Wished he had more health now, Sora.
Naïve Sora,
Not bright Sora,
Sora, Goofy,

At the end of KH one
Sora found his girl,
But he wanted Riku too--
Do you want some Earl? (Everyone: WTF?! 0_0U) (Show Luxord with tea pot...)
Not that I want to promote
hot Riku Sora Yaoi...
I just question why he only
cried for his pal. (Kairi: What about me?!)

Sleeping Sora,
Yawning Sora,
What the hell just happened, Sora.
Dancing 'round in circles, Sora.
Sora, Goofy,

Sora, Sora,
OMG! So much! (Show 1000 Heartless battle)
Quick! Sora!
Sora, Sora,

Thanks to react commands,
Sora's still alive.
Not to mention one where
he hits Demyx with a light! *Gasp*
Sora's got a simple mind.
That's why he needs a guide.
(Someone go and choke him,
The kid cheered when Xemmy died!)

Have you ever seen a Sora
Getting sick of Roxas, Sora.
Use their weapons 'gainst them, Sora!
Sora, Sora,

Angry Sora,
Surprised Sora.
Insulting people's bad now, Sora.
He deserved that meteor! Sora,
Sora, Sora,

The nobodies are gone now, *sniff*
Sora killed them all. *sniff*
He all made them disappeared *sniff*
Up in jet black smokes. *Trumpet nose blow...*
When they breathed their last few lines,
He hardly even cared!
(That's why I keep saying
That kid likes a massacre!)

Sora's evil! Sora's evil!
Sora's evil! Sora's evil!
No really, the kid is evil!
Evil Duck! *Scrooge* (Me:HUH?! Donald: WTF?!)
This is what you get with me getting addicted to the story line, and getting bored at 3am in the morning, high on sleeplessness...

Warning: contains character bashing...almost literally...

Disclaimer: I don't own Kingdom Hearts, nor the Llama song... If I did own Kingdom Hearts...everyone in Organization XIII will get their hearts, and Sora would wear normal sized shoes...

Enjoy, and don't kill me...
BTW, anything that is in italics is not part of the lyrics. They may either be pictures for your imagination, or reactions as I sing this song...Anything that is not italized, but has these ** around them means sound effects.

PS Will continue with other characters...just wait for it...
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“Hey Rox! Rox!” the pyromaniac called, knocking onto the door of his best friend’s room “Are you --”
The door opened suddenly, almost making Axel stumble over and onto Roxas. That’d have been embarrassing.

“What is it, Axel?” the blond asked, aggravated, as his blue eyes scanned over a small piece of paper in his own hands.

“Aha.” Axel placed a slender finger over the paper, as his other hand pulled out another copy of it from a random pocket. “So you got one, too.”

Roxas nodded. “A New Years… get-together?

“That’s what it says, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, but… the Organization sees pretty much every member… pretty much everyday,” Roxas sweat dropped.

“They’re pretty much sugarcoating the word ‘party’.”

“Pretty much.” Roxas pressed his lips together to form a thin line. “When is it?“

“Jeez, Roxy, ya need to learn how to look at a calendar,“ Axel exasperated, “it’s tonight.“

“Oh…” Roxas’s blue eyes wandered down to the floor. He was a little confused. He didn’t know that the Organization liked to do what Axel liked to call, “chilling”.

Axel smiled coyly at his best friend’s expression, draping a strong arm around Roxas’s small shoulders. “Just stick with me, buddy! Mmkay?” He grinned.

Roxas looked away and sighed at his best friend’s actions. “Sure.”

Of course, Roxas just tried to keep a tough front. He really was thankful that he had the redhead with him… the other members kind of scared him. Not that Axel wasn’t scary enough, but still. It was different.


“Axel! Roxas! So you finally decided to join us!” the sitar-wielding Organization member laughed, then began rubbing his chin. “You guys are sorta late… what were you up to?”

The duo sighed simultaneously. They were used to Demyx constantly teasing them about their friendship. It was to the point where it didn’t even get on their nerves anymore. Still, it did make them turn red a little and look away…

Pleased at their reaction, Demyx grinned. “Chill, chill, I was just kidding around, guys!”

Cue glares.

Laughing nervously, number 9 backed away, turning around and headed toward a brooding Zexion, who had a small drink in hand. “Zexy!” he exclaimed. Next victim?

Roxas scratched the back of his head nervously. “We’ve only been here for about 3 minutes, and it’s already a nuthouse.”

Axel looked around the room, the stench of alcohol thick in the air. He was almost expecting someone as stoic as say, Saïx, to start tap-dancing on the table. “Let’s go, Roxas,” the pyromaniac instructed, grabbing Roxas by the arm and pulling him away.

“What?” Number 13 pleaded. “We’ve hardly been here for --”

“Forget it,” Axel grunted. As stupid as he felt about it, he didn’t really want Roxas exposed to that. I mean, if Roxas were to get drunk, then I don’t know if I could hold back and -- waiiiit… He shook his head, red spikes motioning along, shaking the very thought away from his mind. Roxas was his best friend. Well, a very cute best friend, to say the least.

Before he knew it, his legs had dragged the two up a hollow staircase, and to an abandoned balcony. “Don’t you think it’s better if we just spent time together, just the two of us, instead of with all of those idiots?” Axel asked almost forcefully, shutting the door behind them.

Roxas gaped at him. He never really understood why Axel always chose him above everyone else in the Organization. What was so special about the “runt of Organization XIII”? He smiled lightly and chose not to make eye contact with Axel. “I think so.” He really would rather just be with Axel then with everyone else. Being around them was too stressful, even if they were supposed to be having fun or whatever.

Axel smirked. “Good.”

Silence, but comfortable silence came upon them. Roxas’s fingers found themselves tracing nonexistent patterns on the cement floor. Axel hummed quietly to himself.

“What are you thinking about?” the redhead asked suddenly.

“Huh?” Roxas snapped out of his daze.

“I asked --”

“No, no, I heard you.” The blond rubbed his thumbs together for no particular reason. “I was just wondering about stuff.”

“Abooouuut?” It was really hard to get Roxas to be open with him sometimes, Axel thought.

“About… you. And me.”

Axel gave him a confused look. Way to sound awkward.

“Er… I mean, just wondering why you choose me above everyone else all the time… I guess… I mean… Aw, gee, I dunno how to say it, but --”

Roxas froze in place when he felt a warm hand graze his cheek lightly. Axel’s eyes were half-lidded, almost, it seemed. Nimble fingers moved blonde tresses of hair away from his face and ran across his cheek soothingly and smoothly. Roxas wanted to lean into it, badly, but…

“…Axel?” he asked with widened eyes, snapping out of his daze as his small fingers clutched at his own clothes nervously. What was Axel doing?

“…sorry,” Axel apologized, red painting his cheeks slightly as he ran his slender fingers through his crimson hair and retracted his other hand sharply away from Roxas‘s face. “I’d always wanted to know what that felt like. It just seemed like the right time,” he grinned.

“Axel…” Roxas looked him up and down. “You know you can’t feel… we can‘t feel. None of us can.”

“Roxas, Roxas, Roxas,” Axel snorted in amusement. “When are you and the guys gonna learn that it’s all a load of bullshit?”

“But Axel…”

“Atleast, that’s what I think. Maybe, maybe it’s wrong. In fact, it probably is. But it’s something to hold my hopes up… Not being able to actually feel, not even supposed to exist -- don’t you think… don’t you think that’s depressing?”


“Well, I do. And I, for one, don’t plan on living that way. No sir.”

Roxas, this time, decided not to say anything. Axel stared at him compassionately. Well, now that I’ve managed to make my best friend totally and completely freaked out…


What was that?


Oh. It was probably coming from the party downstairs.


“God, Axel.”

The pyromaniac raised an eyebrow. “Hm?”


“You’re just so optimistic sometimes. Are you sure you’re a Nobody?”

Axel sighed. “Unfortunately, pretty damned. But…”


“…but, I’d like to believe I’m not. Not like the rest, atleast.”

“Oh? And why’s that?”


“Because,” Axel grinned. “I’m not afraid to do this.”

Almost instantly, Axel grabbed Roxas’s tiny shoulders and crushed his lips against his, kissing him fiercely. He felt like his lips were on fire. pleasekissmebackpleasekissmebackplease
Shocked, he felt Roxas wrapping his skinny arms around his neck, kissing him back with equal vigor as he tilted his head slightly, meshing his lips fully with Axel’s. Almost on impulse, his tongue ran against Roxas’s lips, attempting to pry them open. Dazed, Roxas parted them and allowed Axel to explore his mouth through his lips and tongue, and explore his body with hands and fingers and light touches and caresses.

Unfortunately, you need air to function properly. Roxas let out a whimper as Axel pulled back, allowing them both to catch their breaths. Axel’s emerald eyes wandered over the capture the face of the panting Roxas, who’s face was completely flustered with an expression of innocence, and his lips were red and kiss bruised. Axel didn’t think he’d ever seen Roxas look sexier before in his existence.

Axel was the first to stand up, as he pulled out an awkward hand for Roxas to take. “Uh… here,” he said shyly, as Roxas took it. Axel then hoisted him up. “We should go check on the others.”

“Yeah,” Roxas nodded. His heart pounded from the warmth radiating from Axel’s hand. Wait… his heart pounded… could Axel be right?

Eventually, they made their way towards the room where the party was held at, only to find…

Marluxia, Xemnas, and Saïx sprawled all over each other, passed out.

Zexion and Demyx with their arms around each other sloppily, passed out.

Larxene with her cloaked zipped all the way down to her waist, so she was revealing her bra, passed out.

Luxord and Lexaeus on the poker table, passed out.

Xigbar and Xaldin, laying on some random couches, passed out.

And Vexen, stripped down to his red-heart boxers, on the floor, passed out.

Axel and Roxas stared in disgust. Ingrates.

“Bunch of pussies. Couldn’t take a little alchohol, hm?” Axel laughed.

Roxas sighed. “Maybe I should get to bed…” he told himself, taking in the realization that him and Axel were the only conscious ones in the castle, and that made him dizzy. He was about to walk away before Axel gripped onto his arm and stopped him, turning him around.

“You mean, we get to bed,” the redhead grinned.

“Yes, I mean we get to be -- what?” He was interrupted by Axel placing a light kiss on his lips. Then, on his cheek, then on his neck, then on his nose, then on his forehead.

“Stop that,” the blond whined.

“Why?” Axel fake-whimpered.

“Because…” Roxas blushed, “it’s making me grin like an idiot,” he smiled.

“But you look adorable when you smile, Roxy.”

Roxas punched him lightly on the shoulder and laughed. “Idiot.”

Axel smirked and scooped Roxas into his arms, carrying him bridal-style to his room.
I wanted to submit something to
And my drawing skills like... died today. XD
So I just wrote a little half-assed one-shot for them. <<;
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"C’mon Axel!! Give that back!" Roxas complained.
"Ahahaha!! Try to get it!!"

Axel was holding the television's remote up in the air and Roxas was jumping trying to reach it. He hated so much being small, and the other was always reminding him.

"Please Axel!! It’s not funny!!"
"Hey! What if I find this funny!? And you’re so cute like this!"
"Cute or not, give me that back!!"
"Humm… let me think… hum... no!!"
"You’re so mean!!"

Axel captured the younger boy in his arms and pulled him onto the couch. Roxas was struggling in Axel's arms. Axel leaned forward for a kiss but instead of lips he kissed a pillow.

"You’re not going to get a kiss after that!!"
"C’mon Roxas!! A little one!!"

Roxas restrained himself from kissing him; he was so cute when he was pouting.


Axel moved back a little bit making Roxas think that he had given up. But leaned in again and reached the younger nobody's lips. The other stopped struggling, and finally kissed the red-head back. The fire-lover reached for the zipper of the other boy's cloak with his hand. Roxas pushed the other back.

"No way! You’re being punished, remember!?" He said with an evil smile.
"Punished?! Because I took the remote?"
"No, because you’re manipulating me!!" He said as he got out of Axel’s arms. After that he rushed toward the exit.

"Roxas!! You’re so mean!! C’mon!!" Axel said as he ran after Roxas.
"Try to get me!!" Yelled Roxas with a wicked grin on his face.
"Please!! It’s not funny!!" Axel moaned behind Roxas; Roxas was too fast and nimble.
"What if I find this funny!?" Said Roxas, returning the other’s words.

Axel stopped running and sighed. Roxas had turned the corner and it was now impossible to catch him up. Axel directed himself to his room. When he reached the door he felt a little regret. He turned the doorknob and was pulled in by someone; Roxas. He felt the other’s lips against his. After taking advantage of this, he pushed Roxas back a little to see his sapphire eyes.

"Wasn't I supposed to be punished?" He asked, risking being alone again.
"Yes." Roxas answered with a big grin of his face. "But I am not."

Axel smiled and kissed him back. He liked to be punished…

Here's a short fan-fiction about Akuroku!! Warning: BoyXBoy

The endless struggle of the television's remote (^^; not sure of the word) and the punishment of the one who stole it!! :boogie:

Leave comments!!

Kingdom Hearts (c)

Edit: Thanks to :iconshattered-destiny: for correcting my mistakes! :glomp:
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It was dark; that deep void that can only come from the late hours of the night. Nobody could have seen in that kind of darkened veil that had fallen over the castle. And nobody in his or her right mind would have wanted to. One would normally think grim darkness of the World that Never Was would remain a constant through out the hours, but this was not true.  Only the inhabitants of such a world could understand what true darkness the night held in such a place.  It’s icy fingers reached into every inch of the land shadowing everything it touched in a sort of abyss that would make one feel like they’d never see the light again.  This was the true reason the castle had halls of white marble.  The pale moon of Kingdom Hearts would give off just the slightest reflected light on these cold corridors; it was the only thing keeping one from tripping over their own feet on the way to the bathroom.

The hour was very late; most had gone to sleep hours before hand, leaving the halls in still silence. However, there was a nobody stirring in the stillness.  Gentle tip toeing footsteps echoed carefully in the night, slowly making their way down one of the long halls.  Stopping every so often at the slightest hint of a sound. A pair of emerald eyes peered into the black, searching for movement only to focus back on the desired destination after they were satisfied they were alone. A hand reached out along the wall, sliding past smooth marble until it rested on a textured surface.  It was a door, an ornately decorated door that seemed to put off the slightest bit of light even in the darkness of night from its ashen color.  The hand rested on the handle, and gently, slowly cracked it open.  Holding it firmly and not making a move until the echoed ‘click’ died.

Ears strained against the small crack, listening to the room on the other side.  There was silence only for a few moments, before a soft moan echoed followed by the gentle sound of breathing.  Someone was sound asleep, stirring only for a moment when the air pressure in the room had changed.  The dark hooded figure cracked the door open slowly, just enough to squeeze through, then stood in the shadows until his eyes were able to adjust to the dim moon light that streamed through the window’s lacy curtains on the left.

It was a large room, with only the usual furnishings you would find in a bedroom.  His eyes fell on the dresser, the desk, and then the bed.  He stopped there, target found.  The bed was occupied by a lump of blankets that slowly rose and fell with the breathing of the being that was snug underneath them. A large wicked smile flashed across the cloaked figure’s shadowed face as he swiftly and silently crept up on the sleeping one like a lion getting ready for the kill.

He was almost to the bedside when something unthinkable happened...


The hooded figure hit the floor like a solder in a battlefield, scrambling under the bed and out of sight just as the now fully awake figure of a teenage boy sat bolt up. There was a flash of light, and the young blond stood shakily in a fighting stance on the mattress, two keyblades of light and darkness firmly clasped in either hand. Frantically he scanned the room in a dazed state, only to find nothing but pale moonlight and shadows.  The boy glanced to the side, out the window at the heart shaped ‘moon’.  His erratic breathing slowed as his eyes suddenly became unbearably heavy. He sighed and fell back to the warm pillow, as the keyblades seemed to dissolve into the air. He turned a few times and snorted as he flung the covers back over his head.

The hooded figure laid there in the shadow of the bed for a few minutes, listening, waiting for the sound of breathing to return to the steady rhythm.  Then he slowly pulled himself out from under the bed, glancing at the floor where the offending squeaky stuffed toy sat.  “What kind of teenage kid has a stupid stuffed Papou dog toy on his floor....” he muttered almost silently as he kicked the horrid star across the room. He then sat up; slowly peering over the edge of the bed at the lump of blankets his nose resting firmly on the edge of the mattress.

He kneeled closer until he was at the head of the bed, then he hovered halfway across, “Roxas... Roooooooooxaaaaaaaaaaas.....” he called in a gentle whisper.

The lump grunted at him in answer, forcing him to duck out of sight.  Waiting a moment before he leaned close again, “Roxas.... I.. Am.... your conscience..... “

”Gggo...a...awaaaaynnmmmm.” the covers twisted as Roxas tried to block the sound.

“You need to listen to me, Roxas.. Me... Your conscience...” The figure cooed eerily in the boy’s ear. “You must change the way you’re doing things, Roxas.  It’s wrong.”

Roxas’ breathing hitched slightly, proving that he was listening even in his dream state.

The intruder took the silence as consent to continue, “From now on you need to listen to your superiors, no matter what, especially that Axel.  Now there’s a bright and intelligent… and handsome... loved by all…” he voice paused a second and cleared his throat, “Ahem,  he knows best,  so you need to stop nagging him... and do whatever he says from now on…” The voice cooed like a lullaby, “got that memorized?”

“How would my conscience like a key blade shoved up his nose....”  Roxas sat up suddenly, staring eye to hooded shadowed eye with ‘his conscience’.

“Ouch... that would kinda hurt...” the cloaked man reached up and yanked the hood back, revealing fiery crimson hair in the silver moonlight.  “Especially if it’s the Oathkeeper one… That one’s nasty... all those pointy little edges and...”

“What do you want?” Roxas glanced at the clock beside his bed, “AT THREE IN THE MORNING!!!!”

Axel fell silent, blinking innocently.   “What I can’t come and pay my best friend a visit....”

“At.... three.... in... the ... morning!!!!! FOR THE LOVE OF MOOGLES!!!!” Roxas flopped over burying his face in his pillow and yanked the covers over his head.

“HE-Y!!! I’m a friend in need here... you must come and help me seek revenge on my enemies!!!”  Axel whined at the lump of covers.

“Go away...” the covers grunted back.

“Please!!!!” Axel whined like a starved puppy.

“No.. I WANT to SLEEP.. Like a normal person at this time of night... they SLEEP!!”  Roxas tugged at the pillow under him, making it curve over his head and muffle the whining sound.

“Normal? Since when have we been normal?” Axel snorted at his friend, but no sound came from the mound of covers.  The levels of frustration finally reached his breaking point, “Fine... you wanna be difficult.” Axel snorted then the room fell eerily silent.

Roxas lay there like a slug, eyes open, staring at the pattern of his blanket overhead.  He felt the little bit of weight from Axel on the edge of the mattress shift and leave.  Then there was nothing.  No sound or movement.  The comforter moved slightly as deep blue eyes peered just above the edge and scanned the space near the bed.  In all the time he had joined Organization XIII and been friends with the overly energetic pyromaniac he had never known the man to leave that easily.

In a state of bewilderment, Roxas slowly sat up, his covers collecting around his waist before he kicked them off completely.  “Axel?” he half whispered as he scanned the room.  “Axel?” his voice rose slightly, echoing in the large space as he slowly slid out of bed and stumbled to the middle of the room.  

The bedroom door was wide open, Roxas stumbled toward the entry reaching up with one hand and covering his eyes from the harsh light as he flicked on the lights.  He blinked and strained to see into the darkness as he peeked out into the hallway.  Finally he slowly turned and pulled the door shut. Staring back at his bed in shock.  “Wow… I guess I ticked him off...” he scratched his head and yawned,  “That’s nice...” he smiled sleepily as he began to reach for the light switch and return to his warm covers.

He then lost all sense of balance and space. Time seemed to suddenly move in slow motion, as he felt weightless in mid air.  The feeling passed quickly and was replaced with a sharp pain in his backside and a lack of air.  He hit the ground hard, while the heavy weight that had knocked him off his feet sat comfortably on his stomach pinning his arms to the floor.  

“aaaaah ouchies…” the boy grunted, gasping for air.

“Roxas, Roxas, Roxas… when will you learn that you need to LISTEN to me…. And not make it hard on yourself like this…” Axel sighed from his perch.

“Ge…. Gg get OFF!!!” Roxas coughed as the last of his air escaped him with the words.

“Will you help me?” Axel bargained.

“Nnnn… NO!”  The blonde spat angrily.

“Why? I mean what kind of friend are you….” A look of hurt flashed across the older one’s face.

“A..A..all you…. W...Want to do… is play stupid tricks on the others…. Jerk!” Roxas gasped stuttering from the lack of air.

“You leave me no choice…” Axel sat up a bit.

It took only a second for Roxas to recognize the stance his friend was taking, “NO…. don’t you dare…”

The next sound was Axel making an aweful ‘snark’ noise as he worked up a good spit wad.

Roxas had had the unfortunate privilege to behold this ‘talent’ Axel was about to use on him.  Those who went against Axel’s wishes then had to undergo the ‘slow-spit-ribbon-of-torture’.  The vision flashed through his poor reeling mind.  Demyx had said the wrong thing and instantly been tackled and pinned just like this.  The last thing Roxas could recall before his stomach lurched and he was forced to leave the room was Demyx screaming in horror as the glistening sting was inches from his nose.

“NOOOOOO No NO NO  no no no NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” Roxas frantically tried to escape but quickly found that he was still perfectly pinned. Axel was quite skilled at being a pain in one’s backside, and he took this job very seriously.

“Help me?” Axel asked on last time.

“If you spit on me…. I’ll throw up on you…” Roxas threatened through clenched teeth.

“Better not.. I’m a chain puker. And I’ve got gravity on my side.” Axel snickered.

“Fine… I’ll help you…” Roxas finally gave in, he knew that his friend was not the type to back down once he made up his mind.

Axel jumped up, releasing his captive “Woot! Now let us rain some doom upon our doomed enemies!”

“Can’t this wait, I mean… I haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep in…” He was cut off by his psychotic friend pulling him up to his feet and pushing him out the door, “Hey, wait, can’t I even change my clothes?!?”

“No time for that… Nice PJs by the way.” He pointed at Roxas’ swirly heart print pajamas.

“Yeah thanks” Roxas sighed as he followed helplessly behind.

It was going to be a long horrible night, which would most likely result in flared tempers and them running for their lives come morning.  But who stand against a tidal wave of fire like Axel, it best to just go with the flow and feign stupidity when the consequences come.

~End of Chapter 1: Roxas' Awakening... To be continued in the next chapter~

~Demyx will have to face a terror like no other; something he once loved will turn on him and test his sanity.  What in the world has Axel planned for our poor Melodious Nocturne? ~
It's night... and usually night means sleep, but not for Roxas, Oh no... Axel drags him outta bed and forces him to join in his quest to rain vengeful DOOM upon fellow members of the Organization who have wronged him.

And so finally I have posted the first chapter of Pain in the Axel (which can also be found on my site... but I believe I forgot and named my first chapter something different there... silly me... will fix later.)

Also... I'm still new to posting my fics here... I'm trying out the option of just uploading my file instead of typing it all out in that little box... so if it screws up, please bare with me...) Well I hope you enjoy
Kingdom Hearts belongs to Square Enix
Rating? would say T for Teens... about 13 up
Warnings? none... there's no cussing, smut, blah blah blah there is comical violence
Woot for KH comedy fics... I can't wait to put Demyx in here... he's so much fun.
(btw Axel is trying to quote Invader Zim-Jhonen Vasquez)
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lips so soft, so sweet
your velvet meets my ashes
taste me tasting you
OMG! I totally missed AkuRoku day yesterday! (I'll be honest... I was wasted all day yesterday... *snicker* ) And so to make up for it I wrote this little haiku. It kinda really sucks... But heh.

The middle line sounds soooooooo wrong but I promise you... It's only a kiss! (Too bad...) I dunno... Everyone tends to associate fire elemented people with having ashy tasting kisses. Weird... But it's cool I guess... Anyway, enjoy!
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