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I know it's pretty short ^^; But I was bored :shrug:
Though it was fun to make =3But Axel lurves his sammiches!

Axel & Roxas (c) SQUAREENIX

EDIT I had to edit it...forgot to add the hair behind Axel when he lifted his head from the sammich

EDIT: NOW WITH SOUND....don't kill me ^^; it's my very first time adding sound to a flash of mine

EDIT: Comments have been disabled due to the fact I don't come here anymore. Please give my new gallery a visit ^^ :iconjexyss:
Comments disabled by owner.

Edit3: I will never make something similar to this, nor draw KH chibis anymore, so please don't ask me, sorry ^^;

I know you want to 8D click on his tummy to poke him :XD:

I wanted to do something silly yesterday, so I come up with this lol
This is really simple and messy, but was fun to made =p
It's also for attempt to remember some about flash basic I learned several month ago @@ I almost forgot everything I think, duh ><

Oh yes, and if you do nothing to him for a while, he'll yawning, which I think looks kinda cute xDD;;;

Blah, the sound effect irritates me :frustrated: I've been trying to search the 'right' (free) sound effect for several hours, but all I can find are only weird sound effects @@ This is the only not really weird sound effect I can find, so if you know better sound effect, please let me know? :please:

Drawn and colored straight on flash, that's why it looks sloppy, I'm not used to draw on it >A< Besides, it's kinda rushed @@

Next will be dress up Roxas..I hope xD;; I've been attempting to finish it even since November, but I'm too lazy and slow to finish it ><

Hope you like it :heart:

Edit: It seems that some people can't see it.. @@; Please check my journal [link] if you can't see it :D

Edit2: Omg :iconsharpanimationinc: made a lovely fanart of this! [link] check it outtt ;__;
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Game last updated June 14, 2007:

Info here last updated Nov 25, 2009:

The Game is currently transitioning into a community project as I am no longer able to handle the game by myself. This account will still be active, but the major of updates and new will be found at

We are currently looking for people to help with the content of the game.

Thank you for all the favs, comments, watches. You guys have been great :heart:

-------Current Demo----------

This is a demo of dating KH game I'm currently creating. Right now you get to meet Sora only. More will come, especially when I get help from viewers like you ^_~ The next update with have meetings with all the guys at the beach, a customizable character, a save/load feature, and a quiz that works.

---Super Short Summary---

You play as yourself in a wonderful little side universe of kingdom hearts and final fantasy 7 mixed. You make your own character who meets FF7 and KH guys in a high school on destiny island. The goal of the game is to get to know the character of your choice and spend events with him until he screams “bloody stalker” …. Oh… I mean till he falls in love with you :D

Datable characters to look forward too:

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===Click or hit Download to play please!!====

Woo!^^ done!!!

lol...this might've been a bit more detailed...but unfortunately flash won't let me save my file....So in order to be able to let my bf play on the computer, I have to post what I've done.

As far as the list of things goes, my personal favorties are the Cait Sith fur collar, Axel toy, and the Organization XIII masks...I'd have done them all...but alas....not enough time. u_u

I promise if I do this again I'll be able to put more into it...I'm sorry!
Regardless I hope you like it. ^^
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Game made for school project XD

Haha i wanted to do more with it but i ran out of time :x ... and the score is... so random XD

theres 3 backgrounds and they're random XD so different one will play each time you play :3


my highest so far are:

Easy: 14800 pts
Hard: 43026 pts

both levels are different, so try both! XD

hope you like it XD

harhar sorry for any bugs :x

sound effects are :iconmuse-less: and modified by me XD

bg music is commercial/royalty free by [link]

[EDIT] the keys are spacebar to start game, then arrow keys to move left and right XD

and DAMN stop playing easy LMAOOOOOO
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EDIT : The maze has been editted with a longer time limit from 100 seconds to 160 seconds. So it's an extra 60 seconds :) [5 Nov 2006]

Lol. Just lol. I am attending a course on Flash and we're learning this pacman kind of maze. so yeah. here's AXEL's MAZE! Haha.. ^^; I'm going bonkers already but i still can't solve the problem of axel going through many walls.. so my apologies. I'll try to fix the problem as soon as possible but till then, we just have to make do with this one. :) axel and roxas :) :heart:

btw, there's different endings to those who completed the maze WITHIN the time limit and those who didn't :) so get go into both circumstances to see all the endings lol. :heart:

Another 'version', the roxas version :):
Roxas' Maze!!

axel and roxas (c) square-enix and disney
maze is mine! heheh =P
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WARNING: This flash contains more naughty words, Larxene getting orgasms, violence (hell yeah!!!), drug reference for no reason, Goofy being a racist, and horrible randomness. Enjoy........I guess. :lmao:

It's here...the Kingdom Hearts YEAH sequel...Kingdom Hearts COM YEAH. ^.^ And yes ladies and gentleman, it's still random as hell, still half-assed, and its pretty long too. O.o

The first one? It's right here. [link]

I recorded this right after I recorded the first KH YEAH. Only this time I was not only drunk...but sleepy too. :sleep:

Making this known: I, Chiliean-Chan, have never in my life beaten Kingdom Hearts COM. I tried to on the computer, but running around while looking and numbers and playing "War" while avoiding 200 things coming at you isn't really my cup of tea. :laughing: So I tried to remember the story as best as I can and...I kinda failed. Oh well. :D

Yay! I have half of the Organization members there! :boogie: Hmm...I could have made Axel more awesome though. :XD: Though I made Lexeaus pretty cool. And Larxene I made her get random orgasms...cuz her hair involves 10 bottles of Herbal Essence....mmm orgasmic. :giggle: And Vexen is Herbert (from Family Guy) in disguise.

Same goes here...if I get enough feedback and comments then MABYE I'll do a KHII one. I have one of Twilight Town, one, but I think that's pushing it. Chances are this might be my last one unless people REALLY like it.

The reason is because flash takes a long time to make and sometimes refuses to cooperate with you. *hits the computer* Plus I miss making my cute little comics. And I had a huge flash project I was making (that is not half assed thank you very much) but now its going to be put in hiatus, cuz I'm tired at Flash at the moment. BACK TO PHOTOSHOP!!
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this is what we learnt in the sabaticals week : making flash mazes! :D
anyway, you are to use the arrow keys on the keyboard to navigate the red ball and solve the maze by getting it to the sea salt ice cream :D

yay. Good luck everyone! :) :boogie: love roxas! :D Have fun!! :love:
ps: there will a be a picture of roxas eating his sea salt ice cream if you complete the game lol.. =P

roxas & sea salt ice cream (c) Square-enix, Disney
maze (c) me haha..
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Um... Flash is certainly not one of my talents... Not that I have a lot of talent anyways. But this is a spontaneous random thing. AkuRoku is love. But weepy Roxas is not.

This features an incredibly out of character Axel who is like a puppy. I'm sorry for raping your character. :'(

[EDIT 3/29/2010]: I am aware of how stupid this is and how out of character these two are. I drew this on a whim when I was 15-16 years old. This portrayal does not reflect on how I view Roxas and Axel today. I'm merely leaving this here for posterity's sake.

Wacom Tablet
Macromedia Flash MX 2004
Little bit of Photoshop CS2
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This is based off a doodle my sister made. It's somewhat humorous, in a strange, little, crazy way. It took me a while. Well, no longer than 48 hours total. But I slaved over this! Please enjoy it, and take into consideration that this is my 2nd, yes 2ND, movie made! YAY! And I finished this one! :w00t!:

________________________________________ ____________

Okay. No sound. Y.Y; Had to get rid of Shippo and the "I Want To Change The World" song because of Copyright laws. T___T; I put a button if you wanna see Shippo dance, but the button is not working correctly, for some unknown reason. Try right clicking the shippo button and press play. Then it should work, according to some of my viewers. ^^; Or, just click this [link] to see the whole thing, with music!

________________________________________ ____________

Thanks for the 8,000+ (and counting) favorites, everyone! :heart:

:babygomamon: = voice actress
Inu Yasha = copyrighted by notme.
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