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And finally, it is done.

Yet another entry for ~nillia's "Character Is..." project, found here: [link]

I believe/hope mine is the only entry for Sora, but I may be wrong. We'll see.

Anyway, this behemoth took for-EVAR to finish up. Honestly, it's almost embarassing how much my style is all over the place in the top three panels. That being said, I'm rather fond of those three pictures and was contemplating making wallpapers. Anyone interested, gimme a comment or two.

If you can understand the little comments in Japanese, mucho kudos to you as well. For those non-Japanese speakers... well, comment if you're curious.

Whew! I'm done with this!

KH/KH2 (c)Squeenix, as usual
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Okay. This was done for a few reasons: 1) I wanted to see if it was possible to fit every character from every KH game on one page. As such, the details are not that great 'cause I had to draw really tiny. 2) A bit of a subtle nod that, hey, there's more than just Sora, Riku, Roxas and Axel to this game. 3) I'm completely insane. 8D

So! Here's every single KH character from all three games, on one page. Yes, every one. If I'm forgetting anyone, I'll probably cry, as I already had to squeeze in three that I forget when pencilling. For a few I used doubles of particular characters if I felt the need to; but I didn't, say, include all of Sora's different forms. Just their latest selves.

Don't ask how long it took, because I really don't know at this point. XD;


- I did not include any of the Heartless bosses, because then there was no way I could have included them all. The Shadow and Dusk are meant to stand in for all Heartless and Nobodies. So, no Darkside or any such. In that vein, I did not include bosses that weren't exactly real characters, like the Experiment.
- I debated whether or not to include Monstro, and finally decided not to because of space/counting as character issues.
- No, I did not include the three armored knights; this was drawn before Final Mix came out, and just seeing a vague reference to them in the secret movie of KH2, I did not think it was necessary to include them. Hadn't seen them in action as they were in Final Mix when I drew it, so please stop asking about the armored knights. Thank you!
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i hate the way this scanned! i also think the whole picture is a little off!
but oh well..
random thought by my friend Cait..
imagine if the organization saw Sora in Little Mermain Land...
lol :rofl:
so i drew this up... yay!
i might rescan it later... hate the way it looks :dohtwo:
you might have to fullview it, otherwise you dont know what their saying D:


after 2 years of HATING how this was originally set up, I have FINALLY fixed it. How is this my most favorited Deviation? 1,046? You people are crazay...
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Hiya agaaain so much time again, ne? ^^;
And guess whaaaatt? Another fanart!!! Maybe right now you're sick but I dont care x3

But still I couldn't resist to do this one! *-* KH PUPPIES!! gotta adopt them all! Because they're so lonely in that box
First it was supposed to be only Sora, but then became into this x3, I love Axel's perverted face looking to the innocent Roxas (slight shounen ai sorry!) and also Riku looks adorable *-*

I dont know how to make dogs or puppies so dont blame all the mistakes you would encounter!

Part of this draw is a Bday gift to Happy Birthdaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy *-*
(only a part?) Yup, Sora is being adopted by her so he's the bday present (but all the whole pic too x3)
and Roxas is being adopted by Thanks for all your support when this drawing was being made!!!

All of them were already adopted!!!
Axel was adopted ages ago by sorry for not putting it before!!! ;___;
Riku was adopted by ! (these adoptions were made as the first comments were made sorryyy)
Kairi was adopted by and they were the only ones who chosen her so I double the adoption x3 You lucky!!!
(imaginary adoptions so is just for playing though *.*)

Artwork © Gina Chacón (me!)
Kingdom Hearts, Sora, Riku, Kairi, Axel, and Roxas are © Square Enix
Media: Notebook, Opencanvas, Painter and Photoshop
Time: Thousands of hours! I got excited because I got recently Painter IX and I was doodling around an making experiments on the drawing to know the program X3

If you want a larger version of this drawing for your desktop here's a link ;)
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:XD: gwahhh, he's not Sora... he's his evil twin who's cute and wants to conquer the world! O_O'
lol, i wanted to draw a cool Sora pic but he looks too cute, so: mission failed... :XD:

I'm drawing pics of Sora cause i found many sketches of him in my notebook, also he's my favorite character in Kingdom Hearts.
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ahhh...finally done T_T. This took forever... XD

anyways, this is for -chan's Kingdom hearts+Jrock contest <3
I tried to integrate some things from actual Jrock stars onto Riku and Sora, cant say it worked though >.<
I gave Sora a Gackt haircut XDXDXD (well one of Gackt's haircuts...this is the one he used for his Vanilla MV ^^, ahh I love that MV)
The idea for the designs on Riku's clothes came from a Gazette photo, forgot which one =/

If you can't tell, they are on a stage with heartless around them XDXDXD *try to identify the shapes of the heartless, it took me forever to look up all of them and paint their outlines =_=*

Oh and I also had to make Sora and Riku "grow up" a little to fit the more "smexy" roll of Jrockers XD. I didnt include Kairi because, well shes a girl and I have yet to see a girl in a Jrock band >.< (Don't flame me if you know of one, cause I dont know alot of Jrock bands to begin with XDXDXD)

I might add to the picture here and there until the contest is over, but there are so many rerally really good artists in this contest T_T *has no chance*.

Photoshop cs + tablet
26 hours @_@ *dies*

Criticism will be greatly appreciated, to help me improve, thanks XD
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Ahh these last two pics have made me feel like i'm getting back into the swing of things again. No 'working on a pic over 4 nights' this round~ 2 hours thank you~

Axel: Awwww....they're so cuuute~
Riku: Yeah, good thing they're like the same person....or I'd be getting pretty damn jealous about now.
Axel: Lets ruin the couch!!!!
Riku: Yeah!!

I always like to put red and black on Roxas~ that kinda fashionable punk/rock kinda look. I love clothes like that. And I prefer to have at least one white item of clothing on Sora.
I like how this turned out tho the lineart is a little clumpy but the drawing is SMALL! It takes up less than half an A4 page! I don't know why i made it so small as I started with the couch.

I feel kinda crap tonight, my ear is bothering me again TT^TT Work was busy today too....then customers wouldnt get the hell out when we closed. The centre closes at 6, the last customer left at 6.15!!!

Anywho~ Tada~~!!

Oh! Kingdom Hearts 2 final mix!!! and COM for the PS2...squeeee~
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Please Full View!

Wow, I am really distracted right now by this new DA's.....interesting >.> eh well, anyway, back to this picture. I am just not able to focus on anyting right now, so I decided to work on this instead, and I'm really happy with the result to be honest. Anyway, I hope you like it, I know I've been all about the kh2 fanart lately, but I love the game so I can't stop xD Anyway, here's sora in final form clothes, and um...things floating around, clothes ripping up. I had lots of fun with the lighting on this. Enjoy this one, hopefully.

KH2 (c) Square Enix and Disney

EDIT: WOW thank you SO much everyone for all your support on this picture O_O *falls over*
Some people asked to see the original drawing/lineart, so here it is: [link] feel free to color it if you want :)

EDIT2: I fixed a lot of things, hope you like it more :D
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They edited this part from the game. XD;;; Um, yeah, drawn, inked, and colored while sick, so don't hit me if things aren't quite up to par. Dx You know...I love pinatas, but I've only ever gotten to hit one. They always break before I get to them. D: Yes, such childhood woes... lol I should think a Mickey pinata would be even more fun to bash to bits. :plotting:

Colored pencils and pen
Sora & Riku (C) Square
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