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I made a video to go with these here where I explain what I use each for, how I made them, etc, so I'm not going to explain that all over. Here's the video:

Brush Presets Panel and My Brushes - Photoshop for Digital Painters

As I explained in the video I made all of these myself or they're variations of Photoshop's basic brushes. The soft brushes are in white because I use those to erase. If the brushes have a light blue box around them that means those are different strokes made by the same brush. The rest is pretty self explanatory.

* These brushes only work and are only included for CS6 users. If you have CS5 and below or Elements install the corresponding brush pack which I have fixed and tested in CS2 with other people confirming they work with other CS versions AND Elements (all the way down to 5.0 is confirmed). I used abrMate, for anyone else who was as mystified by compatibility issues as I was.

I licensed them under CC, non-commercial, share-alike. CC licenses always require crediting/attribution, but I’m adding an exception:

You don’t need to credit me if you’re using them in a painting, whether you sell it or not (the non-commercial refers to repackaging them and selling them). You only need to credit me if you share the brushes, you modify the brushes and create your own pack, or you include them in a pack of your own. I’m talking about the complex brushes I made, the ones where the image tips was mine, you obviously don’t have to credit me for modifying the basic brushes or any made from stuff included with photoshop. I think it’s obvious which are which.


- Will be re-uploading or uploading another without a set size to the brushes which is what I now prefer. Also I have made the watercolor brushes faster. If you want to do it real quickly yourself. Just fiddle with the size and spacing of the dual brush. You'll get rougher edges but almost 2-4 times the speed depending on how far you go.

And now I think I deserve some shameless self-promotion for this...

This was done mostly with basic brushes actually, just to show you, they're not that important. The music notes were a temporary brush and I textured the background, but otherwise all pretty basic:

Sherlock at the Window by AlanTheRobot

1st Below, Sherlock: I used the Real Media Wet to Dry and quite a few others as I wanted a rougher feel. If you saw the video you can see me use quite a variety especially for the floor. 2nd, Kidneys: Round brush for the face with a touch of the wet paintbrush. Some textures for the coat, toothpaste for the hair (not very satisfied with it though on this one). 3rd, Dr.Horrible: Wet to Dry for the face, toothpaste for the hair (seems to work better for hair like this), and all sorts to give some live to the background.

Blood on the Concrete - Part 1 by AlanTheRobot Kidneys by AlanTheRobot Dr. Horrible by AlanTheRobot

More Packs:

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Just an another brush set for Photoshop.

Edit 18/01/2014
============NEW EDITED!!=========================

Edit 25/07/2013
============COMPATIBLE ALSO WITH GIMP!==============

[Please don't ask me to make a PTSAI version, they are two different brush setting system, they can't be similar in either software and I don't know how it works in PTSAI]

============================HOW CAN I USE THEM IN PHOTOSHOP?=====================================

1) Just extract the zip file wherever you want to. 

2) Open your PS work.

3) Go to the selection of brushes with right-click or on the menu-bar to the top and click on the arrow to the right.

4) Click on "Open Brush..." and search your file, the brush will appear in the brush list.

(You can put them also in the "C: Program Files (x86)Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CS5/Presets/Brushes" folder and you'll find them in the standard brush list when you'll click on the arrow)

============================HOW CAN I USE THEM IN GIMP?==========================================

Thanks to :iconriku-gurl: for this update!

1) Just extract the .abr file of the ZIP in the folder "C: Program Files (x86)GIMP/Brushes"

2) Open your GIMP and it will works!.

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Hello everyone!!

Please read

Alright there are many requested notes asking me many questions. I will explain them all here as well!

Which brushes are the best to use?
No, there is no best brushes. It's all depending on the each person.
First of all, I want to suggest that brushes are not the most important part for painting, but your practicing and hard working will make you paint better! ( I mean yes they are helpful when we use for specific things, and we feel comfortable to use them, so we feel enjoy painting. ) However, the best brushes for you are the ones that make you want to continue painting with them.
As long as you try and you like them!

From the brushes that I've shared, I used them all in their own specific ways. [ Basic Painting Brushes ] are what I used mostly before, and [ Winter 2012 brushes ] I like to use them for sketches and painterly style more.

I also still try to create new ones to see if I will like them even more! and yes I have found that [ Wet edge option ] and [ Color dynamic option ] can be useful to improve the brushes.
You will find that the new brushes set that I've made are included some options. ( You can download and try them from "Download" >>> ^^ )

What you need to know

* From the image above, the names are just for fancy and separate them from others! lol Every brush can be used for anything and it depends on you!

* For Photoshop only! ( Recommend for CS 5 and above, but if you have older versions please try them and I think they work fine )

* I don't need credit for this. I love brushes! and like to try making new ones. Please feel free to use.

Finally, I love to collect brushes from other artists and tried them all. I learnt them to see the differences and I really enjoy using them. Their brushes are amazing and I recommend you to try them all. ^^= Of course, they are amazing artists and thank you so much for sharing them to us all!

Hannes , Joshua James Triangle Brushes , Zeoyn , Goro Fujita , 1 / 2 Mathias Verhasselt , Jan Ditlev Christensen, Min Yum , Maciej Kuciara , Yumedust , Dan LuVisi , Shaddy Safadi , Aditya777

:star: :twitter: :facebook: Site Blog Tumblr :star:
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The brushes I tend toward are always changing and evolving but this is my current set and one I enjoy using a lot. These are all custom made or tweaked from default photoshop brushes. They focus on making hard and soft painterly strokes, blending, and sketching.

They should all work in Photoshop CS2 and above but I cannot vouch for older versions, sorry :( (Sad) (please let me know in the comments if you are having difficulties)

Hopefully you will find something useful among them :)

NOTE: These brushes are free to use and may be used to produce commercial work, but please DO NOT redistribute the brush set itself for profit. They have always been and always should be free for everyone. If you should ever see a website selling this set for money please kindly re-direct people here. 
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Hope i wont receive this question anymore:) Look to the right of the screen and click on the download button:) also if you didnt read my latest journal entry:


It has been a while since i posted something here on DA. First of all i want to thank all of you for the kind words and faves that you give to me. I wish i had time to chat to each and one of you:)

Trying to give something back to the community I restarted posting videos on my youtube channel with studies that i do these days. This is the link to my channel:…

If you like, please subscribe, there will be more videos posted soon. If you have questions please leave comments on the videos and i will answer when i see them

For new sketches and studies you can check up my facebook page. Its the most updated thing that i have. The only problem is that i cant add any more friends because i reached the 5000 limit, so please if you are interested in my latest artworks use the follow feature.
Here are links to my FB:

sketches album:…
studies album:…
speedpaints album:…
3d album:…

Thank you again!


Applibot Illustration 3 by alexnegrea Applibot Illustration by alexnegrea Applibot illustration by alexnegrea Applibot illustration by alexnegrea A Song Of Ice And Fire - Mother of Dragons -fanart by alexnegrea

My blog:
CGhub Sketchbook:… (here you can find studies that i do)
Youtube:… (here you can find video tutorials that i did)

For freelance work please contact me on my personal email
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Hey guys, a lot of you asked for my brushes so here they are.. All of them are just a collection of other artists, I just show you which one i use a lot and don't forget its not about the brushes! practice ! 

have fun! 

follow me at :…
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Here are 4 of my basic brushes for Adobe Photoshop.  These are the brushes that I use in almost every one of my drawings.

The first brush is a smooth inker that I use to draft my drawings and for fine details.  The second brush is a hard ink brush that I use for my lineart drawings. The third brush is a soft scratch brush that I use for color blending and it is the brush you see visible strokes of in my paintings. The fourth brush is a harsh scratch brush that I use when I need more of the "strands" to show like in hair or fur.  It also provides good texture for grass when used in short strokes.

Edit: Looks like the brushes work in versions back to at least Adobe Photoshop CS2!

If you're interested in creating your own Photoshop brushes or to see how I use mine, check out my workshop video (link starts at relevant point in timeline):

Created with Adobe Photoshop.

Some of my other digital painting resources!
When Will My No Begin - Steps by TsaoShinDay and Night Steps by TsaoShinGrendel and Rivers Steps by TsaoShinOtakon 2012 Egbert Painting Demo File by TsaoShinSylveon Lines by TsaoShinSisters - Coloring Book Page by TsaoShin
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You can use them for free! No need to credit me.

From top to bottom:
Fur - Best to use with a brighter tone on dark surface to set highlights
Armor Pattern - Best to use with a dark tone on long armor parts (like on legs) to give some easy depth
Bubbles (Still need some work) - Use with white for some randomized basic bubbles
Lace Up - Use with black for corsage lacing etc
Braided - For a quick braid preview (Overpaint recommended)
Chainmail (Updated 21.07.14) - For decent chainmail styled lighting
Braids - Best to use with a brighter tone on dark surface to draw full braids
Scales - To add some scale texture
Skin Pattern - For some exotic skin pattern (on reptiles etc)
Rope - Best to use with a darker tone on bright surface to draw full ropes
Necklace - Plain necklace (Overpaint recommended)
Rain - Use with white to create some simple raineffect

Feedback highly appreciated! Questions too ;)

:bulletblack: Most brushes need a darker or brighter surface to use so i recommend to draw them on an extra layer and add the surface afterwards
:bulletblack: Of course they are heavily stylized and wont work for most realistic drawings. I find them most useful for a quick preview to overpaint or to add a small textured shimmer!
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So Ive been experimenting with how to in-cooperate a canvas texture into my work, and made this with my research.
So I thought I'd share it with you :)


The final art work:
:Commission_fcknariel: by RezwanaDimech
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Don't forget that without the knowledge you can not use it the way I do it:

1) Blend Modes: Normal, Overlay, Soft Light, and others, try; ^__^
2) Adjust the opacity of the brush strokes of each group;
3) Add a mask to the layer - to clean off glare, where they are not needed;
4) A bit blur where you want (:
*Sorry for the creepy translation, omg*

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