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Hello everyone!!

Please read

Alright there are many requested notes asking me many questions. I will explain them all here as well!

Which brushes are the best to use?
No, there is no best brushes. It's all depending on the each person.
First of all, I want to suggest that brushes are not the most important part for painting, but your practicing and hard working will make you paint better! ( I mean yes they are helpful when we use for specific things, and we feel comfortable to use them, so we feel enjoy painting. ) However, the best brushes for you are the ones that make you want to continue painting with them.
As long as you try and you like them!

From the brushes that I've shared, I used them all in their own specific ways. [ Basic Painting Brushes ] are what I used mostly before, and [ Winter 2012 brushes ] I like to use them for sketches and painterly style more.

I also still try to create new ones to see if I will like them even more! and yes I have found that [ Wet edge option ] and [ Color dynamic option ] can be useful to improve the brushes.
You will find that the new brushes set that I've made are included some options. ( You can download and try them from "Download" >>> ^^ )

What you need to know

* From the image above, the names are just for fancy and separate them from others! lol Every brush can be used for anything and it depends on you!

* For Photoshop only! ( Recommend for CS 5 and above, but if you have older versions please try them and I think they work fine )

* I don't need credit for this. I love brushes! and like to try making new ones. Please feel free to use.

Finally, I love to collect brushes from other artists and tried them all. I learnt them to see the differences and I really enjoy using them. Their brushes are amazing and I recommend you to try them all. ^^= Of course, they are amazing artists and thank you so much for sharing them to us all!

Hannes , Joshua James Triangle Brushes , Zeoyn , Goro Fujita , 1 / 2 Mathias Verhasselt , Jan Ditlev Christensen, Min Yum , Maciej Kuciara , Yumedust , Dan LuVisi , Shaddy Safadi , Aditya777

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My new brushes updated :)
these are the only brushes I use.
I primarily use the last one for all my work :)
Have any questions just ask :)

I would also love to see what you produce out of these :)

©Rezwana Khan
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This is a set of brushes created for Adobe.
They asked me to create a set of basic brushes that could be used as a starter for digital painting.

Created and works under Photoshop-CC.
Make sure you adjust the window size of the brush selector, so you can take advantage of the "categories" system.

I hope you guys enjoy it !

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A collection of all the brushes I find myself dabbling with when doing environment artwork. Typically a select few are used much more than the others but they all certainly have their uses. The image in the background is made entirely using the brushes found in this set, with every brush being used at least once. I normally don't use them so extensively or so exclusively when painting and I certainly don't encourage it, but in the very least it shows what they can achieve. Please remember folks that good art is not all about the brushes you use. They are as much a tool as photoshop itself and should be viewed as such when you're still learning.

Some of the brushes have been made by myself and the rest have been tweaked from others that are freely available on the internet.

They should all work in Photoshop CS3 and above but I cannot vouch for older versions, sorry :(

Hopefully some of you will find them as useful as I have over the years :D

NOTE: These brushes are free to use and may be used to produce commercial work, but please DO NOT redistribute the brush set itself for profit. They have always been and always should be free for everyone. If you should ever see a website selling this set for money please kindly re-direct people here.

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A lot of people asked me what kind of Photoshop brushes I use for my work.
So here I share a selection of some of my recent favorites. I tried to put there just brushes I created myself (hopefully I still remember it correctly:))
If you would like to try them just hit download…. download is here    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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Lately I have been experimenting with brush editor in Photoshop aiming for resembling some traditional media tools. I really love traditional charcoal and I couldn't find any alternative for PS on the web. So I decided to create one. Gathered reference, tried to remind myself how it feels on the paper and by trial and error I achieved something that I'm sharing with you. I'm sharing it mainly as an encouragement to experiment and make your own little brush. Try it yourself, maybe improve. And if you like it, pass it on! Enjoy!
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For painting thingies in photoshop. Click 'download' to get these brushes

Ehh I haven't really been using my other brushes as much as these guys for the past couple months, so I thought i'd do a little updaterooni. 

My favorite is the messy one, second from the left. I use that guy for everything nowadays, until the end where I switch over to the fine detailing slanty brush.

-Flow is almost NEVER set to 100% in my paintings. Usually it's down between %20-%40. 
-Transfer, shape dynamics (set to pen tilt), and pen pressure are always on

I only made the last two (experimental and blocky), the others are found in various places on deviantart in various packs. 

Other brushes:
More brushes by bigdaddy KFC by KFCemployeeKFCemployee's favorite brushes by KFCemployee

Video of painting fur with the brushes and brush settings:
Painting fur with kfc (Video link) by KFCemployeeBrush settings and whatnot (VIDEO) by KFCemployee
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Hi there!

Many times I was asked about my brush pack.
I finally manage some time to clean this up and share it with You! 

Cheers and have fun!
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So Ive been experimenting with how to in-cooperate a canvas texture into my work, and made this with my research.
So I thought I'd share it with you :)


The final art work:
:Commission_fcknariel: by RezwanaDimech
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