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This is my very first tutorial.…
It is a very short one just to introduce the animation tools of Photoshop for those who may not know about it. I'll try and make more of those mini tutorials in the future.
I would love to have your feedback and comments. Hopefully with time and with your help I can improve the quality of those tutorials.

Get more on my Patreon:
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I was wondering why suddenly there was so many people coming :faint: Thanks so much to Ikue for the Daily Dev! :happybounce:
Also thanks to everyone for commenting on, faving or using this little thing!

ESPECIALLY the using :) I might not reply to all of them but i do look at every journal that's been made with this if i've been tagged in some way. It's very helpful as i can see how you are using it and what errors need to be fixed or what little customisation changes would be helpful for a possible 2.0 ;)

I think i'm done for now thank the lord :dummy:

HEY KIDS have you ever wanted to make some kinda basic customised journal skin but you suck at coding like a vacuum cleaner?

Or maybe you know how to code but are feeling a bit lazy and would rather have the bulk of it already done for you?

:iconyesbuttonplz: :iconmaybebuttonplz:

WELL then you have come to the right place *confetti* Welcome to the DA Journal CSS Creator.

See "Known errors" below for issues that have been fixed/are being fixed

dA New Symbol Badge - Premium Member by stuck-in-suburbia Journal CSS is a Premium Member only feature

FAQ #62: How do I use Journal skins?

The Journal CSS Creator is pretty simple to use, it's almost fool proof! :lol: All you have to do is pick a template, plug in your info (correctly) and click the "Get CSS" button! THEN BAM COPY AND PASTE THAT SUCKER INTO YOUR "Edit skin" section and tadah freshly made journal CSS to your liking :)

There are currently three templates to choose from, each with their own little feel to it. You can go nice and simple with the Basic Layer Cake, or perhaps show off a bit more of your characters or something with Picture Ribbon or Footloose ~ ok but i must say i am so proud of picture ribbon cos goddamn taking over that pre-built section was an interesting task |D

You can also save up to THREEEE journal designs to work on later! However as a warning you might lose them whenever i update/edit this file ^^; It really depends on what DA server gets used in these events.

  • Badge - Free To Use by bendenfield Free for personal use only! You can also use it to make GIFTS for friends (though you might as well point them here and they can do it themselves lol), but not for commissions or anything where you get paid for it.

  • Please leave the credits in place so others know where to find this creator. In the event the credits cannot be seen, i would GREATLY APPRECIATE IT if you credit me for the basic template/link back to this thing somewhere in your journal or in the journal description or something.

  • PLEASE ONLY USE IMAGES THAT YOU ARE ALLOWED TO USE don't be stealy of other peoples' art even if you think it would make a great journal header.


If you are having issues with your output CSS or want to know how to extend it a little, i'm happy to lend a hand and give some tips :dummy: Please read all the inbuilt help files first though because if it's something i've already explained i'm just going to point you in its direction :B Or not answer it because i trust in your intelligence to figure it out. There are also some handy resources linked below.

If you come across what might be a bug, leave a comment to let me know por favor ~

Known errors

  • Mood boxes do not have padding unless you set a row colour - :bulletred: I forgot to write in default padding. In the mean time if you want your mood boxes to not be squished against the border, please set a row colour in the Misc section

  • Literature thumbs look odd - :bulletred: Lit thumbs default styling was stripped by accident, will need to write them back in

  • Google Chrome not outputting journal correctly for some people - :bulletred: Possibly caused by a certain extension as vanilla Chrome works fine. Please try using another browser if this happens for you.

  • Saved data gets lost when DA Journal CSS Creator gets i just found out just then |D - :bulletred: PROBLEMATIC as DA has like 9 servers or some shit and i never know which one will update the file

  • Alternate mood row was outputting same colour as mood row - :bulletgreen: FIXED


dA New Symbol Badge - Member by stuck-in-suburbia Not a premium member?

Sorry maties but you can't use journal CSS. However that doesn't mean that you have to miss out on all the pretty customisable fun! Consider:

Journal CSS Creator © me [Darqx]
Thanks also to my lovely betas who helped test this thing so it was more user friendly! :blowkiss:
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this is old. lol
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My favorite effect to animate, fire! Not saying I don't like water, ice, electricity, and other effects, but I just like fire. For some reason.

Anyway, hope you will find the tutorial helpful. Sorry if it is speedy, but I had to fit it within 10 minutes and I don't like splitting it up into parts.

YOUTUBE: [link]

Photoshop CS4
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I take commissions, if you'd like to help me! That'd be so sweet of you. ;w;

UPDATE: Due to the loss of my hard drive, I have lost the files needed to get this thing upgraded. Some time in the future, perhaps I can start from scratch. I hear that there is something here on dA that has the same function as this, so hopefully you guys will come across it and hopefully it will be of more use.

Sorry for the inconvenience. :(
UPDATE: So I got the value I need for british pounds. With college in the way, I might take a long while before I can legitly update it. I have to convert it to several other currencies, including the dA points as well. Please bear with me!!

Text entry is allowed: enter your value in the "from field", press enter, and click "Convert!". :D
I would like to take this opportunity to say that-- again-- dA Points can't be converted into currency and that selling them is PROHIBITED. This is strictly a tool for converting US dollar values into dA Points if an artist is considering accepting dA Points as a method of payment. If any of the dA staff find this flash offensive in any manner, they may ask me to take it down. I do, however, would like to declare that I did this out of total innocence and willingness to give back to the community. Again, points can't be converted into currency and can't be sold. Please refer to the information from the terms and conditions below for details:

4. Members are expressly prohibited from and may not sell deviantPOINTS for real currency to one another either within or outside of the Site.
10. deviantPOINTS cannot be used, Transferred, sold or otherwise traded outside of the Site and any such activity is strictly prohibited.

By acquiring deviantPOINTS, you agree and acknowledge that deviantART is granting you a limited, revocable license to a digital item, and that deviantPOINTS are not your personal property. You may not obtain any cash or money in exchange for deviantPOINTS, regardless of how you acquired those deviantPOINTS. Your only method for redeeming deviantPOINTS from deviantART is to obtain the specific services, products or digital products that we offer for deviantPOINTS redemption. The scope, variety, and type of services, products and digital products that you may obtain by redeeming deviantPOINTS can change at any time.

The terms of these deviantPOINTS Terms and Conditions are incorporated into, and form a part of, the deviantART Terms of Service .


I created this tool soley for the purpose of assisting me and other deviants in determining prices of their commissions in deviant points. To avoid confusion, again, these points can't be converted into real currency. I put tons of hard work into this application (including research) and wanted to share this with the community. I don't mean any harm by posting this; it's just that I put too much effort into creating this for it to fade into the dark depths of my dying hard drive. Again, I mean no harm and offense to dA, and I thoroughly reviewed and understand the terms and conditions of points as part of my research process. And I repeat once more, if any of you (especially you, $Heidi whom I've contacted about this application) take offense to this, please feel free to ask me to take it down. I will not hesitate to, for I wish to remain a good example to my peers.

The deviantART logo, POINTS system, POINTS logo, backdrop, and dollar emote are all deviantART Inc.
The OD logo and all else are =Shika192
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See the rules of use : [link]

I so glad to finished this game.

In this game, you can change the genotype of the horse and the coat change, so have fun !

French wedsite very usefull for make this game : [link] [link] and [link]

Some people don't understand this flash game, so a little explanation can be find here :

And a very more completed her

Edit 13 : Actually, I have to fix a mistake (wrong spelling of a word), so I used this edit to change a little the gray. No he get old by itself, but you still can see the younger version of the horse by changing the age.

Edit 12 : Second big update in two days : this time, I add a new gene Rabicano. And I change the Roan, Tobiano, Sabino and White gene to make only the kit complex. So the next update is not for tomorrow...

Edit 11 : Big update today. I totally change the Appaloosa Part. This time, it works with 3 genes : Lp Patn1 and Patn2. So there is no Snow Flake anymore (because, I don't know how snowflake are genetically, so if someone know, tell me !)
Anyway, it must be closer to the reality now. Have fun

Edit 10 : I fix the bug of Seal Brown

Edit 9 : Big big edit. I add fixed some mistake (like the blue eyes of double cream...), I add a random button and the big part : I add the gene Pearl and the gene At.
And if you see bugs or mistake, say me that in a comment please.

Edit 8 : I finally add the Pangare gene, and so I finish this Game (At least for now).And I write "Red dun" instead of "Chestnut Dun", and "liver" instead of "sooty".
I hope you like it ^^

Edit 7 : I add some information on some gene, I improve the white (eye), and I add a link to the following table in the flash :

Edit 6 : I fixed spelling, add some informations with some genes, Add a reset button, and links
Edit 5 : I finish it !! I fixed bug, add age with the gray, appaloosa, and so, pintaloosa and some lethal combinations... And I moved it from my scrap !
Edit 4 : Add the pinto
Edit 3 : Add the roan
Edit 2 : Angain little change (Flaxen and Sooty)
Edit : Little change
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Tradicional animation in Flash
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DeviantArt USD to Point Calculator

Alpha version 1.6

Created in Adobe Flash CS3 AS 2.0

Premium Content | Commission Widget Disclaimer

As of Jan 2013 DeviantArt introduced a way to generate earnings using either st.ash or uploading DA deviations as Premium Content.… (This also applies to the Commission Widget ) This allows you to earn money by selling additional downloadable content or services. It can be withdrawn as real world currency or converted back to DA :points: It is important to know when uploading Premium content values you are only accounting for your "Gross Earnings" at the time of upload. This is the value before the 20% tax gets taken out. This calculator accounts for your "Net Earnings". Net (or Nett) refers to the amount left over after all tax deductions are made. If you are uploading Premium Content or offering Commissions please account for the 20% tax before you use this calculator.

100:points: = 1$ (is your Gross Earnings) only before the 20% tax gets taken out. After 80:points: = 1$ (is your Net Earnings).

Your Net Earnings is the actual value points are worth across DeviantArt. When you click on the "shops tab > Points Balance" it will show your net points total for your account.

Artist Comments

Part of the reason why I've strayed away from doing point commissions on DA is because I'm really not good at math. Figuring out the conversion rate between USD amount into DA points takes me about 2-5 minutes per calculation. (I have to usually triple check my math ) Which is why this calculator was born! My husband did the coding for it and I designed the interface and how it functions. There is one other Deviant art point converter but I wasn't happy with the drop down feature as its function wasn't really necessary. Important things to note, we tested this calculator on many of the items in the DA store. All the calculations came out correctly with out the round up feature.

When using this calculator you need to use the decimal to indicate cents. Using no decimal will indicate just the dollar amount.

If you find any bugs or anything wonky please comment or send me a note. This flash file is intended to also help other artists! Sharing is caring, but please credit the original source.

What are points?

► b0r3d13 did an excellent job breaking down the basics of points! so check it out!

Regarding different country's currency's

:earth: Its been suggested by multiple people that there should be different currency's represented by this calculator. We actually planed to do this but hit a pretty major road block. Since the currency exchange rate changes daily, we would have to pull the numbers daily as well for the equation to work. Right we're now not sure how to do this or even if it is possible. So for now I suggest using Oanda currency converter… after using this point conversion calculator.

DD Honor Stamp by UniqueNudes
Thank you for the DD and all the wonderful comments! Honestly it was a surprise. I just wanted to make an easy to use converter which has a simple to use interface with no buttons, drop down menus or fuss. I hope this will serve the Deviant Community well!

Alternatively, some people like to troll high profile areas. This is your only warning: All trolling comments will be hidden and all trolls will be placed on my block list.

Also do not beg for points in the comments section. I will report them as spam. 

Credits and Special Thanks to:
DeviantArt Logo = n0M3n
DeviantArt Point Logo = atti12
Math Conversion Documentation = RenaKigakari

PLEASE DONATE POINTS stamp by KawaiiLizzie
:points: Use this calculator often? Any donation is much appreciated for the long hours put into my free resources. See my DA homepage Thanks!

:bug: :bug:

Version number and Bug Notes

:bug: :bug:

v1.6 My previous versions had the entire thing working with numbers. When dealing with numbers, it makes adding a 0 behind a decimal somewhat difficult. I’m sure there are a thousand easier ways to do it but this was seems to be working with flying colors. Now it works using strings instead of numerical values. I converted the string into a number and run the math. Meanwhile, I have all these checks on the string to make sure the number fields look exactly how its intended to be used. I also changed the way it hunts for zeroes and decimals which makes it much more efficient.

In short re-wrote most of the engine for these fixes. Thanks to Tekarah, murisakii, oujinx, Dediggefedde, Elemental-Quest, and jujukittychick for the bug reports. If anything else seems wonky please let me know in the comments below.

v1.5 - Thanks for the DD! and with more eyes means more bugs to debunk!

Kodai-Az-Kite reported the over 9000 bug. To where if you typed in $112.52 it should = 9001 but instead gave you 9001.6. This was an easy fix, a rounding calculation was disabled in version 1.4 so we just re-enabled it.

cybertim reported the endless zero bug to where 00100 = 5120, while 100 = 8000. This was a bit more complex to fix. Not to say anyone would really need to put 000 before the number but if you did it broke it. So the fix was to convert the number into a string and put it back in. Hopefully this fixes the issue while not breaking anything else.

v1.4 - Allows for you to copy and paste the content. Didn't allow you too in older versions.

v1.3 - Fixed the crappy backspace to 0 issue. Now you can type in the field boxes without getting the hang up.

v1.2 - Made a edit if you want to know how much DA Points are worth in dollar amount you can type in the DA Point text field. Auto highlight in text field is now active. However this change is a little weird in that if you backspace the 0 the file can hang up a tad. If this happens click in the field to reactive it or ctrl+a to auto select.

v1.1 - Small bug, if you typed in a dollar amount with characters exceeding 13 spaces, DA point value showed decimal places. Quick fix this version limited how many characters you type in the USD field box. Bug reported by 10Sly10

V1.0 - DA Alpha launch original version
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I promised ageeeeeeeeeeees ago that i'd do some flash tutorials, and today i managed to find some time to scrape one together.

I've seen endless tutorials on dA teaching people how to tween a circle across a screen, one even spent 10 mins faffing around with "LOL aren't i funny" before getting to that tweeny circle part.

Which is a big waste of time.

So, here's a tutorial from me. Its straight to the point and should be user friendly, though if you do come across any bugs or problems let me know!

The First tutorial i have for you is: Walk Cycles.

Why? Because they are the trickiest things to get right and the also teach you the idea behind key frames, inbetweens and a little bit of easing, so it should be a fun start.

I hope this helps out those people that have wanted to animate their characters but haven't the slightest clue where to being.

For this tutorial i'd recommend using flash 8 and a pen tablet, though other flashes will still work, flash 8 proves to be a little less of a hastle to work with.

Hope you enjoy~

You can download a trail version of flash at adobes website
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A very simple tutorial for my friends who wants to learn gifs animation. :)
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