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This is my very first tutorial.…
It is a very short one just to introduce the animation tools of Photoshop for those who may not know about it. I'll try and make more of those mini tutorials in the future.
I would love to have your feedback and comments. Hopefully with time and with your help I can improve the quality of those tutorials.

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I promised ageeeeeeeeeeees ago that i'd do some flash tutorials, and today i managed to find some time to scrape one together.

I've seen endless tutorials on dA teaching people how to tween a circle across a screen, one even spent 10 mins faffing around with "LOL aren't i funny" before getting to that tweeny circle part.

Which is a big waste of time.

So, here's a tutorial from me. Its straight to the point and should be user friendly, though if you do come across any bugs or problems let me know!

The First tutorial i have for you is: Walk Cycles.

Why? Because they are the trickiest things to get right and the also teach you the idea behind key frames, inbetweens and a little bit of easing, so it should be a fun start.

I hope this helps out those people that have wanted to animate their characters but haven't the slightest clue where to being.

For this tutorial i'd recommend using flash 8 and a pen tablet, though other flashes will still work, flash 8 proves to be a little less of a hastle to work with.

Hope you enjoy~

You can download a trail version of flash at adobes website
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A very simple tutorial for my friends who wants to learn gifs animation. :)
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Tradicional animation in Flash
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See the rules of use : [link]

I so glad to finished this game.

In this game, you can change the genotype of the horse and the coat change, so have fun !

French wedsite very usefull for make this game : [link] [link] and [link]

Some people don't understand this flash game, so a little explanation can be find here :

And a very more completed her

Edit 13 : Actually, I have to fix a mistake (wrong spelling of a word), so I used this edit to change a little the gray. No he get old by itself, but you still can see the younger version of the horse by changing the age.

Edit 12 : Second big update in two days : this time, I add a new gene Rabicano. And I change the Roan, Tobiano, Sabino and White gene to make only the kit complex. So the next update is not for tomorrow...

Edit 11 : Big update today. I totally change the Appaloosa Part. This time, it works with 3 genes : Lp Patn1 and Patn2. So there is no Snow Flake anymore (because, I don't know how snowflake are genetically, so if someone know, tell me !)
Anyway, it must be closer to the reality now. Have fun

Edit 10 : I fix the bug of Seal Brown

Edit 9 : Big big edit. I add fixed some mistake (like the blue eyes of double cream...), I add a random button and the big part : I add the gene Pearl and the gene At.
And if you see bugs or mistake, say me that in a comment please.

Edit 8 : I finally add the Pangare gene, and so I finish this Game (At least for now).And I write "Red dun" instead of "Chestnut Dun", and "liver" instead of "sooty".
I hope you like it ^^

Edit 7 : I add some information on some gene, I improve the white (eye), and I add a link to the following table in the flash :

Edit 6 : I fixed spelling, add some informations with some genes, Add a reset button, and links
Edit 5 : I finish it !! I fixed bug, add age with the gray, appaloosa, and so, pintaloosa and some lethal combinations... And I moved it from my scrap !
Edit 4 : Add the pinto
Edit 3 : Add the roan
Edit 2 : Angain little change (Flaxen and Sooty)
Edit : Little change
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My favorite effect to animate, fire! Not saying I don't like water, ice, electricity, and other effects, but I just like fire. For some reason.

Anyway, hope you will find the tutorial helpful. Sorry if it is speedy, but I had to fit it within 10 minutes and I don't like splitting it up into parts.

YOUTUBE: [link]

Photoshop CS4
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I decided to make a tutorial on how I make my flash games. It's a very simple tutorial, but I provide all the coding and stuff that you need.

I highly encourage you all to get creative and have fun! Also, it's not required, but I'd like to see what you all come up with! C:

Don't worry about crediting me, you may do so if you wish but I don't have any problem if you don't!

Also, I'll try to answer any questions you all have~ :heart: Have fun and share your knowledge! ^_^

:iconadobeflashplz: Little or some knowledge of Flash is recommended! :iconadobeflashplz:



:icontumblrplz: [link] <- Come follow me!
:iconfacebooklikeplz: [link] <- Come like me!
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:bulletred: Show me how much you love the generator by buying me a cookie. :icongrineagerplz:
(Alternatively buy me one with points on my page.)

:bulletgreen: 1.4.1 mini-update!
Releasing this minor version increment to fix a few things that were bothering me about 1.4.0.

- The "standard" and "realism" categories have been renamed "open" and "default" respectively and have switched places. The "default" category contains all sorts of rules and parameters in an attempt to create sensible results, while the "open" category is able to combine virtually anything with anything.

- Rephrased ALL THE VERBS for more natural results than the constant "is being". :iconxalltheyplz:

- Done a lot of changes to the Fantasy and Sci-Fi categories to emphasize them more, though I'm open for ideas on how to expand them even further if anyone have any.

- Also keen to hear ideas for more verbs that could be squeezed in here and there.

The generator and you
While you can take the generator results as they are, I personally recommend taking them a step further. Think about how the scenario in the results could have come to pass, whether there's any way to build on them or even whether there's any way to make them better on your own. But if you want to just take the results literally, go ahead.

The generator and I
Polishing and improving this tool is a fun project and I'm open for any ideas or suggestions for ways it could be better. While I know my way around an ActionScript code, I'm not a professional coder and not an expert in the language. Still, I try my best. Writing a tool like this is still pretty sweet, right?

Thanks for the DD!
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Use the snails to navigate from page to page
Ive used Adobe flash Cs3 animating these. Put it all together in Cs5 because im to lazy to transfere the code my friend made for me xD

NOW there is a lot more detailed info about what is what and so on, but I dont think I would get room for all that in here. There are rules upon rules for what a keyframe is and you have breakdowns xD BUT im not going into details. What I suggest for people who really want to get serious about animating and learning all the basic things is to buy a book called

The Animators survival kit by Richard williams. The animated version is more amazing, so if you are able to rent it at a library DO IT [link] All the things you need to know is in there xD

I just explained some stuff in this, hope it is helpfull for someone. *0* ignore typos
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As I promised!
I'm sorry for poorly translated SAI panels ":3

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