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My WIP for my first drawing of a female Marvel movie character (Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow in the Avengers). There is much work to do (hair, blending the colours of the skin, add a few more shadows/ more contrast, background,...), but I hope that I can finish it next week.

Paper DIN A4 190g/m², Faber-Castell Polychromos artists' colour pencils and pencil (HB), ~4h

Please don't upload my pictures somewhere else without my permission. Don't infringe copyright!

Here is the finished drawing:
Black Widow - Avengers (colour pencils) by Quelchii
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twest (c) HomoSenpaiDesu 
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im laughing no
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Motivation to draw doesnt come to me often, but I wanted to create something for the fall season coming up C: This will be made into SL eventually as a mod. 

This guy here is Called Jack-o-Face Pumpkin Butt, or Jack-o-Face....or Jack for short x3 

This is an update to a concept i had last year for an avatar on Second Life...that never got finished xD so I updated him for the year and hopefully will have him up as a mod instead of a full avatar. This ISNT the one that getting made into a mod...this guy is my personal Jack-o-face and kinda the poster child for the species...if people are interested in such a creature I can toss out some adopts or MYO spots for em in the future. As for the SL mods, I plan on doing a few Fall related colours and these guys will ONLY be available thru the fall season. once Winter gets here, there going in hibernation. 


Name: Jack
Species: Jack-o-Face Pumpkin Butt 
Age: Unknown
Gender: Genderless (prefers to be called Him tho since it fits his name)
Born: Pumpkin Patch
Rare Traits: Unnatural Colour for his Pumpkin Patch
Mask: Jack-o-Lantern Pumpkin
Likes: Scaring random passerby's to his pumpkin patch, and making Jack-o-Lanterns
Dislikes: Summer or any hot and dry weather
Personality: Smug and Mischievous. 

Jack is a mischievous little prick that loves to prank people (especially children), but he can have his good sides....he will love you to death if you help him prank people, and will grant you access to his pumpkin patch at anytime. Once he likes someone or something, he becomes very loyal and protective, as if you were one of his precious pumpkins :D


What is a Jack-o-face Pumpkin Butt?

They are a mischievous fall Being that only appear around the start of the Fall season, going away to hibernate through the rest of the year, They hibernate by burying themselves fully into the ground. They like to hide out in pumpkin patches and pull pranks on anyone who passes through. They appear deadly, but are actually rather harmless...unless you have a poor heart and cant handle jumpscares. There favorite thing to do is carve a mask out a pumpkin (or squash) and wear it, bury themselves into the ground and pretend to be a pumpkin. There sharp knife looking legs are used to help them dig in the dirt, as well as there long sickle like claws. The Jack-o-face Is genderless, but each individual pumpkin butt tends to prefer being called he or she (infact they get rather annoyed when there called by They, them, or It). They possess NO genitalia whatsoever 

There colours Vary usually depending on which pumpkin patch they were born in, and they dont normally become unatural in colour (such as neons, rainbows, etc.). Tho on rare occasions they can become colours that arent in the pumpkin patch they were born into (mutations/rare). Example: If one was born in a patch of orange pumpkins, there skin is usually a variation or Orange or Browns. a Mutation or Rare one would have a different colour then the pumpkins around them...such as Jack being Green mostly

Since there Genderless, they cant reproduce normally. What they do is produce seeds from the Pumpkin located on there butt...aka there Tail. They plant these seeds in a pumpkin patch and eventually...with a lil green thumb, a new baby Pumpkin butt will grow and mature from this seed. Most Jack-o-face only produce one seed every 10 years, and theres no 100% guarantee the seed will grow. If it Fails to grow a new pumpkin Butt, it will simply become a regular pumpkin. 

Funfact: The Jack-o-face Pumpkin Butts are a cousin species to the Fruit Butts I was developing a while ago...and I need to do something with em x3 

Thats all I have for this species for now, but who knows I might change it

Art/Character/Species/Design @ :iconaoifoxtrot:
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Name: Kladenets
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Height: 5'9"
Hair: Green
Eyes: Metallic chrome (they reflect colors/things really well basically mirror eyes lol wails)

+ Passionate
+ Playful
- Escapist
- Impulsive
- Self-loathing

"Breakdancing" type fighting style, using magic blades attached to her heels
Hairstyle more like the headshots to the right (also very thick and curly/wavy/unmanageable)
Naturally rosy cheeks
Apples are a common theme for her (stemming from wanting to find Idun's Apples and become immortal so she can see everything in the worlds). Stars are also common!

A tall pole weapon a bit taller than herself, it has the ability to change length to her will. While she primarily uses it to assist her breakdancing fighting style, concealed inside are two blades. When using the blades she has a tendency to use one as a sword and the other for helping her maneuver around, rather than using them as twin daggers/swords.
Birthday resake gift by Forged-Artifacts

the red string by resake

(this outfit is more up to date!)

More information (and alternate outfit) can be found here!
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Sinner project idea sketch ,classify some demon ( i will go with that detail later that is if im still alive :iconyaomingmemeplz: )

Ok it's been so longgggggg since i get this going T_T (just wanna make sure u know i'm still alive and still in debt as always
Eh working/study and making an art definitely don't come together :iconrelievedplz:
Just a temporary job but to be honest I'm so sick of working over 8 hours a day  ,i feel like my mind been constantly abuse and as result it totally close up to any new idea :iconimdeadplz: 

Ugh i'm gonna lay down and hope i could out of this world with piece =3= 
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I have becomed addicted to the Beetlejuice cartoon from the 90's!! @3@

[link] there can you read about the cartoon and here is the Opening [link] and here is a episode [link]

I used to watch this show when I was little but back then I was scared of beetlejuice and some weeks ago I foun the opening on Youtube and I was OMG I remamber this :XD: and I started to surtch on the Internet for episodes and read all about it on Wikipedia:heart:
I have 15 episodes on my computer and my :+fav: one is '' Prince Of The Neitherworld'' (BJ was so jelous of the princ :giggle:).

I also got to know that there were a movie that was the insperation to the cartoon [link] So I bought the Movie (or I asked ~escape-the-fate to order it for me^^;).

I coulden't draw Beetlejuice as a old guy so in my verton he's 21! >D

Oh and btw I loooove BJxLydia!!! The way he calls her Babes is so cute!!
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Tumblr | Facebook | YouTube | Pixiv Commissions

Did this as a quick warmup drawing two weeks ago. I made a color version but it didn't look as good to me. Mostly experimenting with the smudge tool.
Here's :iconjohnsilva:'s smudge tool set that I used:
John Silva Smudge Pack 2.0 (Painterly Edition) by JohnSilva
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bust commission for Aireri, it's her character Rei, a karasu-tengu :D
thanks for commissioning me dear :hug:

featured works:
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My gift to :iconcountbleckfan: and :iconvernydog92: and the fans of Carrie from 'The Amazing World of Gumball'. My third Amazing World of Gumball art but first gijinka pic, I like Carrie too and I've made parents for her just my depiction. :blushes: So here's my TAWoG/Gijinka picture of ghost baby Carrie in the care of her ghost parents, both Loretta the mother and Benedict the father loved her so much, even if they're all ghosts, they can still love her. I hope you like this pic, I worked so hard on this. :blushes: I just want to enjoy what I draw using my creativity.

Benedict Richard Von Ghost: Benedict is a top hatted monocled ghost man with a cape, scarf and suit top and carries a cane and sometimes being seen with his pipe. He's often a cold, strict, intelligent and mysterious man according to some kids at school though enjoys being smarter than any father and being strict yet he is Carrie's father who reads newpapers, watches news or listens to the radio and other normal father stuff, he only shows his soft and loving side to his daughter, Carrie and his wife, Loretta. Occationally he shows his secret soft side and makes his assisstance to a few who needs help besides his own daughter and seemingly the only couple who knows and understands Anais. He can easily get annoyed by some people around him and sometimes he'll use his cane to whack of bonk at certain people who annoys him the most. (I'll try work on it more ^^;)

Benedict's Voice: David Wain (the voice of Warden from Superjail only slightly british)

Loretta Spectre Von Ghost: Loretta is the cold yet calm-natured bridal ghost woman. Like most mothers, she gives Carrie support and helps her with her homework, checks her grades and other stuff normal mothers do, she even gives Carrie love. She always wears rather bridal or regal clothes not because of most mysterious horror/sad movies or stories but it's because she likes those clothes and chooses them as her usual attire, she usually acts like a psychiatrist as in listening to some characters' problems or issues on anything and gives suggestions plainly. She enjoys not only being miserable but watch horror movies with no care since she and her family are ghosts. (I'll try work on it more ^^;)

Loretta's Voice: Jennifer Martin (the voice of Miss Bellum from the Powerpuff Girls)

Note: This another pic of Benedict without his trademark smokepipe. :blushes:

Do not make any mean comments, nor critisism at all! Never! EVER! I worked hard on this!!!

Carrie and/or her parents of the Amazing World of Gumball belongs to Cartoon Network yet base [link] belongs to :iconringhog:
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