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Contest Announcement~

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 8, 2014, 2:02 PM

I am officially announcing my first contest, i have planned this for a month and finally i can officially announce it :D :D :D

The idea of this contest is simple, draw one of my OCs Crow or Fox or both if you feel inspired!
They are my original characters. They are creatures with magic but that doesn't make the very special because they live in a world where many things are magical. Also they live in a forest. The place they live in has no cities or technology, only clans of different magical creatures. They have absolutely no contact with humans either although humans do exist in this world, these creatures just stay away from them. Fox is cunning and composed, while Crow is easily manipulated and sincere. Fox is blackmailing him and keeping him under her thumb because she wants to keep him close to her and that is the only way she knows how. 

here are images of them for inspiration Fall at Your Feet by Yuuza  You Are Mine by Yuuza  Don't leave me by Yuuza  Fly Away by Yuuza  Dark by Yuuza  Crow by Yuuza  The Magic of the Crow by Yuuza  Crow and Fox by Yuuza  me want by Yuuza  crow by faQy  SS 2013 Yuuza by erebun  ::Secret Santa:: Yuuza by Jotaku

A few notes about how the characters look like, Fox may or may not have ears, she may have anything from 1 tail to how many you want! I am not strict about their design and i encourage originality and creativity. Crow may or may not have wings, the wings can be normal wings or wings made of crows and black smoke, whichever you prefer. Fox's hair color is white or blonde or the color seen in the images (i am currently changing her design to not have a gradient hair but simple white but again, you can be creative). The only thing to keep in mind is that Crow wears dark colors and Fox very ligh colors.


-make a drawing of Crow, Fox or both. Submit it to deviantart (not stash, i cannot +fav it if it's in stash or on another site) and SEND ME A NOTE with the link with your submission and i will add it to this specially made collection… You can also view what everyone else submitted there as well
Please don't simply comment with your submission because i get tons of comments and it might get buried or worse, i might loose it. So please send a note instead!
-ANY MEDIUM IS ALLOWED both traditional and digital
-any drawing style is allowed, don't hesitate if you don't draw in manga/anime style
-you don't have to be my watcher to enter, anyone is free to enter
-multiple sumbissions are allowed
-you must be prepared to give me your home address in case you win. I have to be able to send the prizes somewhere :D If you're shy about giving it then don't enter ^^

The deadline for the contest is 9th of may :D so i ma giving one month for the cobtestants to make their draiwngs.

And what everyone's been probably waiting to find out, THE PRIZES!!!! :D:D

There will be 3 winners

1st prize bundle

-an A4 sketchbook just like mine with a drawing on the first page made by me! The drawing is already made and waiting! I will not post the drawing on dAbefore it reaches you. Once you received the sketchbook in the mail, send me a note and i will submit it to my gallery as well
-a bookmark
-A print from my gallery of your choosing (A4 or A3 whichever you prefer)
-100 points
-a special written note from me sent along with the sketchbook

2nd prize bundle

-a A5 sketchbook just like mine with a drawing made by me on the first page
-a bookmark
-a print from my gallery of your choosing (A4 or A3, whichever you prefer)
-100 points
-a special written note from me  sent along with the sketchbook

3rd prize

-200 points

All 3 winners will get a feature from me :iconyuuza: and :iconmarcoemma:


the drawings in the sketchbooks are made especially for this contest, i also bought tose sketchbooks especially for this contest. So you won't find the drawings in my gallery. I will submit them though but only after the winners receive their pruize. I want them to see new artwork they haven't seen yet in my gallery :D

The sketchbooks are exactly the ones i am using but keep in mind that the images i submit to dA are edited in photoshop to have color and white. These sketchbooks have white paper, not dark grey as it appears in my deviations. I will make a tutorial on how i edit my drawings soon!

Here is a sneak peak of the prizes!

note: when you will receive your sketchbook in the mail, it will smell like parfume. But that is not because i'm a creeper who parfumes her drawings and then sends it to you :lol: but because after i finish a pencil drawing, i spray hairspray on it so the pencil will not smudge. I highly recommend this technique also! The hairspray will glue your pencil to the paper and it will not smudge or erase, it's very good to keeping your drawings clean after you made them, you can use this technique while drawing, if you have a zone that is finished adn you don't want to smudge it, spray some hairspray on it :D but be carefull, if you spray some zones you want to erase you won't be able to erase them anymore. Another technique for keeping your pencil drawings clean is to always have a piece of paper (i use an A4 copy paper) and keep it between your hand and the page, the paper will prevent our hand from smudging your drawing because the paper will protect it. It will be annoying at first but once you get used to it it's very handy :D and your drawings will be clean~

The judges are me :iconyuuza: :iconadorael: :iconanonymyth: :iconidjpanda: :iconyubbi45:

A special THANK YOU  to everyone who donated points for the prizes! :hug:

Please +fav this journal so that more people can see it!

Sumbmissions are OPEN

Check out what other people submitted here…
*the folder is empty because i announced the contest right now but i want people to have easy access to this folder from this journal


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Octopus Accessories - art thieves

Tue Oct 21, 2014, 4:58 AM
this is their store. They are Octopus Acessories 

This is their facebook page…

They had my drawings printed and were selling necklaces with them. They also lied to me that they did not steal them and took them from from some deviant who supposedly stole them first.
They sent me this link to this deviant :iconxyqueen: but the drawings that belong to me were submitted 12 hours ago. So obviously this couldn't be true since Nijikon was over 12 hours ago, and they had them for sale since 3 days ago.
This girl is so shameless, she lied to my face! She made me feel bad about calling her out and "making a scene" in front of her booth. OMG! And i believed her, i could have had her kicked out of the convention on the spot! She made me apologize for making a scene in front of her booth :( So she stole my art, and i was the one who apologized.

Wow, if thievery was a game, she would be the final boss :iconfacepalmplz:
well this info is public now. I hope this journal will apears whenever someone googles her shop.

They also seemed to have stolen the design of the octopus in their logo from :iconbriankesinger: 
look at their logo here…
and look at this drawing here Traveling with your octopus by BrianKesinger
pretty damn similar.
There is not one drop of originality in their designs. There is not one drop of shame.

The thing that bothers me is not the stealing, not the making money off of it, anyone makes mistakes, but it's the way they handled me at the convention, the lies, her attitude of OUTRAGE that i was making a scene and she was oh so damn innocent
People have stole my art before, on deviantart, on facebook, i always discuss with the first, and most of the time they apologize and simply add a link to my gallery, that's all i ask. I wasn't going to report her and have her booted out of Nijikon anyway if she owned to her mistake and not lie to me and have that attitude! I feel like a complete idiot for apologizing to her! 

:new:They have made a public apology to me:…

Please don't use curse words, no threats, no ugly words, no other drama, i did this so the drama ends. If you do it will reflect badly on me so please don't do that.

This is the translation of the apology:

:For Nijikon we prepared a series of necklaces with 3 characters from The Hobbit (Bilbo baggins, Legolas and Thranduil) because we didn't receive approval to use them, the images created by Yuuza (link to galery) which is the reason we retreated them immediately from being sold. With this occasion i am also presenting my apologies, and thank the author for bringing this to out attention."

I am satisfied with the apology although that does not erase these unpleasant memories and the lies they told me.

I am very happy that you care about my art and what has happened, and i know you were outraged too by what has happened. That's why i want you to see this apology too and know that at least some justice was served. 
I do not however want to see some shitstorm on that apology, if you're angry about what has happened, and want to vent about it, comment on this journal.

Thank you so much for your support in this :hug: your comments made me feel better! If i didn't have you on my side, she probably wouldn't have paid any attention to my complaints whatsoever, it's because i had so many people backing me up that i managed to end this problem and have my voice heard. :new:

Please +fav this journal so that it appears better in google searches.
Thank you!

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A Feature :D

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 1, 2014, 4:51 AM

This is not an april fool's prank :D i really love these artworks. So sit back and enjoy!

Thranduil (2) by evankart

Thorin and Thranduil by evankart

Caged Bird by shalinisingh02

Johan Liebert by dorset

Gintoki by Olggah

Natmada The Exiled by adamtanart

+Madame Peacock+ by Red-Priest-Usada

Demon'S Love by bayardwu

nightmare by faQy

0117817 by kawacy

The King by Sedeptra

SS for Yuki-k by Harumagai

Words for Her by JaimeIbarra

Thranduil the Woodland King by HRFleur

Year of the Horse by alchemaniac

Bilbo Baggins' Book Sculpture by wetcanvas

As Always She Is Waiting by beckycloonan

Tam Lin by wylielise


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Keep a close eye for the revealing of the third giveaway!

Please check out my art!
The Avatar State by KoikiiKORRA X NARUTO - Crossover by Koikii

Good luck everyone!

Previous winners:

Please check out this journal entry for more information! Here's the link in case that doesn't work:…

My name is Koikii but you can call me Ame. I don't know about you, but I love making people happy! So! I decided that since some people can't get PM's, I'd host a monthly giveaway in which everyone can enter!

Please do not enter on this blog- comment on my journal! Otherwise you won't receive a number and you won't be entered into the draw!! COMMENT ON THE JOURNAL! COMMENT ON THE JOURNAL! Please do not comment on this blog! I WON'T GIVE YOU A NUMBER!
Good luck everyone!

P.S. The prizes may seem small now, so please, can I ask you to donate? Even a couple of points means so much and can up the prizes! You will be featured if you donate!

Thank you so much and good luck again!


"Generally, the good graphic novels fetch $100 - $300 per page, although professionals who have been in the industry for a long time can command as much as three times that amount. In fact, one elite illustrator commanded as much as $1,000 a page (on a 22-page comic book)! Most of the popular titles that artists, like David Cassaday, work on are monthly issues, which end up providing him with a six-figure salary. The back-end royalties on merchandise, trade paperbacks and movie royalties are also generous."…

"In 2008, Sean Jordan, founder of Army Ant Publishing, claimed established freelance comic book artists were paid anywhere from $220 to $4,400 per book project, which breaks down to $10 to $200 per page. Pencil and inker artists can ask for $75 to $200 a page. Colorists often fall in the range of $35 to $125, and writers and letterers make $10 to $50 a page. A lucky few dozen famous artists working for top companies bring in $1,000 per page."…

"While, I'm at it, there's a big matzo ball sitting out there. Sean gives us a pretty good idea of his page rate, which works out to about $450 a page, inking included. We're not talking about a big name star in comics (yet), but that's a lot of cost for talent, especially, when you're talking about a guy whose known work was on moderate selling Vertigo books."…

"I highly encourage artists to NEVER charge less than minimum wage for their hourly rate when they are figuring out their prices. If you are going off the hourly as a way to figure out base prices. For the US, $7.25 is a very common minimum wage, so I suggest you round it up to $8 at least. Even at $8 an hour, your page rate should be $40 a page, assuming you spend 5 hours total on it. This method of figuring out your base really depends on tracking and making good use of your time. If your time is highly variable, you might need to use another method.

Another pricing strategy some amateurs/aspiring professionals take the base professional rate and half it as a way of figuring out their base price to break in and slowly raise their prices as they fall into more demand.

You may be tempted as an artist to under charge, and under value your skill. The fear of being denied a job because of charging a decent rate is a huge reason why artists don't get paid well. DO NOT UNDERCHARGE for your skill level. It devalues your work, and devalues every other artist's work too. Try to stay in line with other artists of your skill and resume level, and what you need to charge to cover your bills and make a living."…

"Figure $100 for the writer, $150 for the penciller, $130 for the inker, $90 for the colorist, and $30 for the letterer. Those numbers go up and down depending on talent and publishers, but that's a nice round number for us to work with."…

"Top comic book artists reportedly make around $500 per page; that figure varies depending on the artist's popularity and the publisher he is working for. The best comic book artists may make around $80,000 a year."

"The first rule of freelancing is that paying work comes first. Love don't pay the rent."

"Though he won't reveal what he makes, his page rate—the amount an artist charges per page drawn—is among the highest in the business. Given that an elite illustrator can command up to $1,000 a page for a 22-page comic book and that most popular titles are monthlies, a top talent like Cassaday can comfortably clear six figures annually. And that's not counting potential back-end royalties for merchandise, trade paperbacks, and spin-offs, which are negotiated separately."

"I know a lot of people say this, BUT persistence truly is key. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Never give up. What one editor doesn't like, the next might think is gold. Also, never let yourself be taken advantage of. Never work for free. Always require pay, never work on the promise of pay if profits are met.

Not to sound pompous or conceited, just be confident in your work. Remain humble at the same time. You never know who you'll meet in the industry and who will be working for which company down the line. Don't burn bridges."

When I first started, I would keep my price lower than maybe I should, but if you're going to make a living, you have to stand up for yourself and be a great agent for your work. Be proud and confident in what you do. They need your services, and you just need to decide who is lucky enough to receive those services.…

"Even if you are lucky enough to get an extended run on something, you're still not making $6,000 a month. Remember those extended production times? Yeah... these days, most comic book artists need more than a month to pencil a book, much less pencil AND ink a book. Some creators can, of course, but again, they're the exception. And to come in even CLOSE to the deadlines you have to work under in comics means a lot of long hours at the art table, 8-12 hours a day, depending on how fast you can draw."…

"For creator-owned books – which, again, do not always generate page rates – that amount ranged from $17 to $100 per page, while for-hire naturally was much higher. On the low end, publishers like Boom! and IDW paid between $50 and $150, with the higher end found publishers like Marvel, DC and Dark Horse paying upwards of $300 per page, topping out at nearly $500."…
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Sat Mar 29, 2014, 11:08 AM

100 :points: giveaway!

Five winners will each win 20 :points: each.
All you have to do to enter is fave the deviation below.

Going Home by LashelleValentine

That's it!
Good luck to everyone who enters :hug:

Q. Why do you hold these giveaways?

A. I do it for fun of course! People usually donate points to support me and I hold these giveaways to give back to the rest of these users on DeviantART. No it's not a lot of points, but it's something!

Q. Why do you ask people to fave a deviation? Why not allow them to just comment on the journal or deviation?

A. Because when they fave the deviation, I can click on the "view who has faved this" button and it gives me an already made list that I can easily put into, and that saves me A LOT of time. If I had to go through the comments and write down every single user who wanted to enter I wouldn't be able to hold the giveaways as often. Plus it's easier for others to hit a fave button instead of commenting. I'm trying to make these giveaways as easy to enter as possible!

Previous Giveaway Winners:

:icondazzlingend: :iconmalintra-shadowmoon: :iconfeidhelm::iconroamingshadow::iconyitzin::iconcheshiethecat: :iconsweet-spices: :iconbaerbear: :iconceline123456789: :iconemilyeagan::iconjust-black: :iconworldofpaper: :iconnorthstar170: :icontyshwortzz: :icontylerreitan::iconcrystinapie: :icondemonmilk: :iconlilicartman: :iconabstractedfox: :iconkarmafujikage: :iconthomclyma: :iconaj-brony: :iconhazeltopaz: :iconcharactertamersteph: :iconsakurablossom143: :iconflightpixel: :iconreptonic: :iconchillua: :iconxmisaki-raven-heartx: :iconblanket86: :iconmichaelaforbus: :iconmultiartis: :iconmehmetcaglar: :iconswootness13::iconraveutb: :iconmudkipclove: :iconceline123456789: :iconpoetic-kitsune: :iconrowanf::iconenishi39::iconchemicalkittenbronie::iconilluminouz::iconx-shallow-kisses-x::iconrfextra::iconchloeclik::iconmalesx::iconwandering-heartbeat::iconmbugard::iconnunafish::iconlightsgrace::iconqwstarplayer::iconabstractedfox::iconphilliewig::iconyuki-rainbow::iconfallout99::iconcalistana::iconmayisha::iconawesome43::iconcindysart::iconjessisfinallydeviant::iconerael71::iconisabella-alice::iconsaimgraphics::iconpizzaninja7::iconyoko-tan::iconsymphonicdemise::iconstartail1203::iconleny97::iconavinaskye::iconcremebunny::iconloveandh8::iconserahwolf::iconsugardough::iconteentitansawsome::iconkdthomas826::iconlucy-livija::iconkid1cute::iconroweniichan::iconchillua::iconheartangelfied::icontannywantan::iconcalistana::iconrociozero::iconmichaelaforbus::iconxxxbabyrock::iconellythegee::iconrequiemofdreamz::iconkomaichan::iconleodrolf::iconrebeccathomas::iconthyiacine::iconcrystalcircle::iconsacm88::iconellepaws::iconcascadianrain::iconmisuto-amami-mayu::iconbaerbear::iconmelodious-dissonance::iconmew-meh::iconartisfaktus::iconazuriin:

Skin by SimplySilent
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A feature and a small confession

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 22, 2015, 3:04 PM

First of all, i'd like to feature an artist who deserves more attention. It's :icondenahelmi::icondenahelmi::icondenahelmi::icondenahelmi::icondenahelmi:

She does some pretty sweet fantasy art. Check out some of my favorites:

we found it by denahelmi

Princess flower by denahelmi

tree castle by denahelmi

commission : Leyloriel Dawncaster by denahelmi

What an awesome place, i wanna go there! :happybounce:

Visit her gallery for more :icondenahelmi::icondenahelmi::icondenahelmi::icondenahelmi::icondenahelmi:


I would also like to make a small confession here as well.
Some of you might have seen already that my birthday is coming up on January 28th. However, i don't know how many of you remember that in previous years, it appeared to be on January 1st. That is because when i joined dA, i set up the wrong birthday because i was afraid that people will use it to crack my email and other passwords. On many websites where i made accounts, they publicly displayed all the info and it was really hard to find where to turn that off, if there was even such an option. Many websites have absolutely no regard for user's privacy, so i made it a rule to never give out my real birthday date. 

However, i came here, and i stuck around, and i got so involved in the community like nowhere else. And to my amazement, i started receiving birthday gifts, soooo many birthday wishes and comments, just so much awesome stuff on the wrong date. I felt so guilty for accepting these gifts on the wrong date, even if my real birthday is in the same month. I've been living a lie! D:
So i had it changed and i'm coming clean. This is my real birthdate. I'm not a Capricorn but an Aquarius ;u; It will be so awesome to get all the birthday wishes on my real birthday, what a relief! :happybounce:

On another note, for those of you who don't know, i'm holding a sketch challenge, read here for more info:  1000 anatomy sketches challengeHello and happy holidays everyone! :rudolph:
Since the new year is approaching rapidly, and my mind was on new years resolutions, i thought up a challenge for myself to improve my anatomy. And it would be boring to do it alone so i invite you all to join me. :la:
Here's how the challenge goes:
1. The goal is to reach 1000 anatomy related drawings as fast as possible. There is no deadline.
2. You don't have to start in 2015, you can start now.
3. Comment on this journal with a link to the drawings you made for this challenge. I will keep an eye on this journal and if you comment anywhere else i might not find your comment. Don't link me in a reply though, my reply stack is chaos, you wouldn't want your comment to get mixed up there. I will check new comments every now and then and award points but i won't look through conversations. So if you finished a sketch or a bunch of sketches then come to this journal and write a new comment every time :D
4. The drawings can be posted anyw

  • Mood: Optimism
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Turnabout CLOSED!

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 12, 2014, 2:47 AM

EDIT (08/08/14): CLOSED.

EDIT (08/07/14)
: TODAY'S THE DEADLINE GUYS! I'm moving it today so that I may announce the winners on 08/08! Thanks to all who joined! I'll announce the winners tomorrow~

EDIT (08/02/14)
: I've reached 101 favorites, that means, a hundred and one of you are joining this, thank you super much!

And as promised, I'll be adding another winner for 50 :points:! There'll be TWO winners now, thanks to you guys!


the lovely people reading this

Ciao~! I always did find it rude of me to enter so many giveaways and not make one of my own! I really don't care if I don't have that many points-

I'm just happy to finally do something that'll make other people happy~

Also, I plan to give all deviants entering a llama badge just to say thank you in advance!

How to enter:


:+fav: this journal

So that I may know how many people are entering.

Comment about absolutely anything

and I'll reply with your raffle number~ 

And that's it!

How to get EXTRA raffle numbers:


Share this raffle through a journal.

Link that entry to the comments' section. This will earn you two more numbers.

Give me :points:. One :points: = 1 extra raffle number.

If you decide to give, five points; that's five extra entries!

If you do decide to give points just remember to put

[Giveaway extra entries] in your note with the points.

Do NOT donate the points in the donation's section. Giving me the points directly will earn you extra entries but donating them may result to a different outcome. As you can see, I give something different to my donators.

So don't go questioning why you received a watch or fave when you donate the points. Not that it's bad for you, I
guess. XD

How will you choose the winner?

:bulletwhite: Random Number Generator.

The winner will get 100 :points:!
And a second winner gets 50 :points:!

Footnote: If I get more than 99 people joining this, I'll increase the number of winners! The second winner gets half the :points: of the first winner, and so on.

For example: 100 people joining = two winners; one gets 100 :points: and another gets 50.
                    200 people joining = three winners; one gets 100 :points:, another gets 50 and a third gets 25!

Author's Note: I-I know it isn't much (I'm sorry for I really don't have a lot of points right now and my premium membership was only given to me), but I do hope that a lot of people join!

The entry deadline is on the 7th of August. The awarding will be on 8/8 so I'm sure you'll never forget it~

                                                            Have fun!

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Character Design: Important Updates!

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 18, 2014, 5:27 PM
Since the response for this was a lot better than I expected, there will be more than 3 artists working on this video (recording software isn't necessary, but if you've got it, go ahead and record your speed painting or speed drawing, and send it to me via email:

Here are the artists that will be involved (so far):
and me

If you'd like to be an artist involved please comment on this journal with a link to your best work!

I also wanted to ask: Are you artists okay with doing possibly 10 characters? The response for descriptions was quite over the expectation, and I was wondering if I should increase the slots from 5 - 10. Which means 1 artist + 10 descriptions = 10 characters.

Time frame for this will be 1 month/four weeks/28 days . That's the maximum amount of time you will get.

So far the descriptions are:
Desc. 1:
1. 7 foot tall, around 21
2. Female with short blonde hair, icy blue eyes
3. Cropped black dog ears(don't ask) w/piercings
4. Fairly large breast(once again don't ask)
5. Pale skin.

Desc. 2:
1. short white hair, spiked back (bangs optional)
2. White eye color
3. Scar on his left eye (can still open his eye)
4. Sarashi bandages completely covering his torso, arms and lower half of his face
5. Orange sash for a belt

Desc. 3:
1. is a dude
2. his body and face are covered in bandages and is wearing some torn dark blue pants
3. is the silent and lonely type
4. his eyes are scary color red and the hair black
5. he is around 17-18 years

Desc. 4:
1. is a girl
2. she is young
3. she is usually happy but when the things get bad she turns into a psycho
4. she has cute eyes color brown and hair blue
5. she is wearing a black hoodie

Desc. 5:
1. is male
2. has jet-black hair and green eyes
3. is kind of shy and a loner
4. his mouth is stitched shut and he wears all black
5. is 16 years old

  • Mood: Neutral
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(-404) Deviant Found, vol. 38

Thu Apr 17, 2014, 1:03 AM
218 watchers
suggested by Gryffgirl
Our Own Space by frecklednose124Good Night My Love by frecklednose124
Magpies by frecklednose124The Cold Winter by frecklednose124

159 watchers
Saruman the White by StoryTellerFThere, In The Snow by StoryTellerF
But The King Had Begun To Age... by StoryTellerFFox and Hedgehog by StoryTellerF

117 watchers
Owl ride by mirenneLate afternoon by mirenne
Mushroom journey by mirenneArmin attack by mirenne

70 watchers
Black Wednesday Poster by mahogany-poulaineDrawing for a Record Cover by mahogany-poulaine
Inert Nakedness by mahogany-poulainePatterned Cloak by mahogany-poulaine

329 watchers
Mr Cottage by Wolf-SmithSky Taffy by Wolf-Smith
Miasmar by Wolf-SmithArchives of Lead by Wolf-Smith

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean these artists are underappreciated?
It means that for what they have in their galleries, they deserve much more attention. This doesn't mean they are generally underappreciated, but on dA - yes.

Where do you find all these people?
Often they're my watchers - I check out every user who adds me. Also, I'm a creepy stalker and look through other people's favourites. And group galleries.

Can I suggest a gallery for your feature?
Of course. Please send me a note with a link (not in a comment!). It may take a couple of posts before your suggestion is shown, though, I always have some (-404)'s drafted and waiting in

Presenting 5 deviants with interesting but underappreciated galleries.
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