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Point Comm. ((Opens Jan. 10th))

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 11, 2013, 10:09 AM
:bulletgreen: -THINGS I WILL NOT DRAW- 
- Mecha stuff
- No mythical creatures because I can't draw that either. So no dragons or anythin.
- No insects/arachnids
- Backgrounds other than a simple color

:bulletgreen: -WHAT I WILL DRAW-
- Pretty much anything other than that. 
- Furries/Anthro ((I love drawing them but I just caNT DRAW MUZZLES ASDFGHJ))
- OC's ((if it isn't a mythical creature or somethin))
- Canon characters ((no real life people i cant just turn them into my style))
- Yes I CAN DRAW NSFW, but note me what you want and we can work out a price or something.

:bulletblue: - SKETCHES / DOODLERS - 150 :points: ((headshot, waist up, etc.))
- Boss Ass Beach - by D-Mau5Kanaya west by D-Mau5Jade H. by D-Mau5- Over The Sweeps - by D-Mau5Tulip by D-Mau5tiny doodle dump by D-Mau5 ((top two))

:bulletblue: - COLORED SKETCHES - 450 :points:
- Speak My Peace - by D-Mau5Happy Birthday Bunny! by D-Mau5Braz by D-Mau5Beach Babe by D-Mau5Jada Harely by D-Mau5

:bulletblue: -CHIBI-
Full body = 550 :points:
Bust = 400 :points:
New Chibi Style((last ex.)) = 600 :points:

- It's All Mine - by D-Mau5 [TAKEN]female adopt by D-Mau5- I Watch The Sky All Night - by D-Mau5- Can't Take My Eyes Off You - by D-Mau5

:bulletblue: -LINEART-
Bust = 350 :points:
Waist up= 450 :points:
Chibi ((always fullbody chibis ))= 500 :points:
Full body= 600 :points:
Brush Pen((last ex.)) = 650 :points:
(( I can do colored linearts too, so be specific))
comm mantos by D-Mau5Latula Lineart by D-Mau5the hat ffucktard by D-Mau5ghost babe by D-Mau5Damara lineart by D-Mau5- Los Lobos - by D-Mau5late day of the dead by D-Mau5

:bulletblue: -HEADSHOT- 700 :points:

- Look To The Skies - by D-Mau5 - It's Been Quite A While - by D-Mau5- But I Can't Understand - by D-Mau5Use Thunderbolt by D-Mau5

:bulletblue:- BUSTS - 800 :points:
- Light The Fire - by D-Mau5- Feel The Snake Bite Enter My Veins - by D-Mau5- The Pride - by D-Mau5- No Way In Or Out - by D-Mau5- Tomorrow Never Comes - by D-Mau5

:bulletblue: - LINELESS BUST SHOTS - 1,050 :points:
Winry Rockbell by D-Mau5

:bulletblue: -BADGES- 900 :points:

- Have Some Composure - by D-Mau5 - Maybe You Should Smile - by D-Mau5

:bulletblue: --MONOCHROME-Y BUST SHOTS-- 750 :points:
- Too Many Problems To Count - by D-Mau5 - Voodoo - by D-Mau5 - Piss Off - by D-Mau5

:bulletblue: -CARTOONY STYLE-- 
- Headshot = 450 :points:
- Waist Up = 550 :points:
- I'm A Loser, Baby - by D-Mau5- Destroy All Hope - by D-Mau5- Don't Look Back - by D-Mau5

:bulletblue: -GORE/BLOODY STUFF-
Headshot= 750 :points:
Waist up= 975 :points:
- The Fear - by D-Mau5- Can't Escape What You Are - by D-Mau5- In The Company Of Wolves - by D-Mau5- You're On Your Own - by D-Mau5

:bulletblue: -WAIST UP- 900 :points:

- You Are My Light - by D-Mau5- When I Was Young - by D-Mau5 //girlish screaming/ by D-Mau5 Rykaaaaa by D-Mau5

:bulletblue: -COUPLES- 1,300 :points:

- The Madman And The Wannabe Hero - by D-Mau5- Just Kiss The Girl - by D-Mau5- You'll Know It'll Last - by D-Mau5 - You And Me - by D-Mau5

:bulletblue: -FULL BODY- 1,100 :points: 

Mizuki by D-Mau5 - Just A Scratch - by D-Mau5 - Last Of The Pride - by D-Mau5

:bulletblue: -CUSTOM ADOPTS-  1,400 :points:

 [CLOSED]Male FT Adopts by D-Mau5 KEEPING ASDFGHJKL by D-Mau5 [CLOSED]Adopt by D-Mau5 Custom adopt by D-Mau5

:bulletblue: Ref sheets are 2,000 :points:

- Dead Is The New Alive - by D-Mau5 - Not Like The Others - by D-Mau5 African Painted Dogboy by D-Mau5

+ Colored Bg = 150 :points:
+ Extra character = 700 :points:
+ Blood/Bruises/Scratches = 250 :points:
If you want me to mail them to you((which is perfectly fine if ya really want me to)) it'll be 600 :points: extra. :I

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Species I'm looking for (updated)

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 8, 2014, 11:27 AM

Feel free to ask for a trade if you own any of these species and you are willing to part with, I can trade customs/myo of my species and other closed species characters.


Little Pixel Heart Favorite / Most wanted / want very much
Yellow Square Bullet Seeking / want very much
Green Square Bullet Looking for
Hhhggg by Kawiku Not looking for anymore (have one or more)
Rating will often change depending of my interest to the species/ how much I wish to get one at the moment
Little Pixel Heart Mantibab by PhloxeButt
Little Pixel Heart Skull Cracker by PhloxeButt
Little Pixel Heart Weaver by bananamantis
Little Pixel Heart Giraffaroo by paexiedust
Little Pixel Heart Dreamy by beagalltach
Yellow Square Bullet Sushi Cat by witchpaws
Yellow Square Bullet Fumi by Fumi-LEX
Yellow Square Bullet Flora Devil by bananamantis
Yellow Square Bullet Pillowing by CloverCoin
Yellow Square Bullet Minkin by SA1B0T adelilah
Yellow Square Bullet Koddoe by Jeniak
Green Square Bullet Flowergator by CitrusFoam
Green Square Bullet Ren Fair by Aviator33
Green Square Bullet Kebanzu by Aviator33
Green Square Bullet Cinnadog by cinnabutt
Green Square Bullet Mottipup by ResidualAdopts
Hhhggg by Kawiku Misty Pup by Ponacho
Hhhggg by Kawiku Slimerock Pup by puqqie
Hhhggg by Kawiku Lucky Chime by burrdog
Hhhggg by Kawiku Water Dog by alfeddy
Hhhggg by Kawiku Tufty Trex by bricu
Hhhggg by Kawiku Sushi Dog by witchpaws

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Skies Of Eden by kkart Dark Wings of Tragedy - blue version by Dani-Owergoor Luz by Marazul45 du wartest stumm by AnjaMillen UNHOLY -THE MORGUE OF SAINTS series - collab work by oldSkullLovebyMW Until We Meet Again by Katarina-Zirine The show must go on by TammyPhotography This is our Home..... by vampirekingdom Celtic-Dreams by EnchantedWhispersArt Up. Down. by SheilaBrinson Little bunny by Alena-Koshkar Purple Thoughts by KlaraKay Symphony of colors ~ Daily Deviation by RazielMB Resting Place by kuschelirmel Adrift... by EmberRoseArt Apocalyptic Day by RazielMB Honey by megan7 Tomb Raider Snake Temple by DraakeT by DraakeT Beneath the Tulips by kuschelirmel Calm In  the west lake by DiosaEMR Love is blind by Garden-Of-BlackRoses The Sea Goddess by MirellaSantana The Storm is Coming by EnchantedWhispersArt With My Dragon by tizjezzme Fractals Edge 1 (Greenish Tone) by KarahRobinson-Art For Beautiful Eyes by Amro0 Spies in Mordor by neverdying Sometimes You're Better Off Dead by Shedboy68 Strength by stellartcorsica My Paradise is You by EstherPuche-Art Eugene Onegin and Tatiana by ilona-veresk Valentine by robhas1left Thinking About You by TheTragicTruth-Of-Me The Door by MachiavelliCro
  • Mood: dA Love
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     I don't know how many of you read my journals.. Or how many of you have talked to me personally but typically the first thing out of my mouth is something about ethics. I have a morality code for how I treat people on here. The people who are close to me know it too because they have to abide by it too or I get furious. Cause its on me.. not them.

I am here to have fun but I take myself, my page, my business, and my relationships on here very seriously. I try to never post rants or negative content. Those of you who are on my page a lot know if you post a comment 99% of the time your gonna get a reply. If you have a question I will go out of my way to answer it for you. If you need advice I am here. I have posted journals before about my open policy.

Use my art, my contracts, my documents, my layouts, my species do whatever you need to become successful. I am here to support you. I am here so that you can become a better artist. I am not here for myself. I don't know if you guys realize this but I gain nothing of value if those are my goals. I want to build relationships. I go out of my way every single day not because I have to but because I want to be there for the people who want to learn. Every day when I log on I know everything I write,post, or say could have me criticized. Or better influence someone younger than me. I know every day I log on I am a role model and I love it. More than you all could possibly know.

     I work so hard to be fair, considerate, but most of all make sure people are comfortable around me. I say a lot when people compliment my status "I am just a normal fag" it is a joke but I really am just a normal fag. We are all just people.

I have watched hundreds of times in my almost decade on this site as the under appreciated rip into those who have status for the sake of status. Lately though its been about money. Most my watchers can't know this but I take business very seriously. Incredibly serious. So serious if you ask about money, I will (unprompted) sit with you for 8 hours helping you write a commission price list, contracts, and sale procedure. I am all about making friends and happy faces till money comes into the equation and then I become another person.

I will be the first to tell you selling is art is hard. It can be rewarding and other times agonizing. I have found a way that makes it not hurt so bad for myself. I have also purposely made my work open ended so that I don't have to put stringent rules and obnoxious clauses in my paperwork. I do it to save myself pain and hype but it is hard to see your work misused or underused. Its hard not to use those clauses. But I know it is bad business. Once the commissions start its great. 5-10 dollars. But it doesn't add up. You become overwhelmed, feel used. You raise prices. Paranoia ensues. "Is this too much?" Your stomach knots in fear to send a note to a client for a 30$ commision. I still get hiccups when I have to send people totals...I sit for hours wracking my brain about percentages, fairness, my worth, how long it takes.... It isn't a joke...

Today I watched people rip into the value of a product. I often see complaint journals about originality and over pricing. You guys talk a lot about "what is a product" I don't like drama (to be honest I delete them or those people from my list). I am not here to insert some opinion about the conversation other than to simply to point out. Those are your peers you are talking about; and that is all I want to say about it. We are all peers here regardless of your opinions. You could be the worst artist in the world and me and you are peers.

     There are plenty of people in the adopts community who have different selling philosophy's than I do but they are my peers. As much as I may agree or disagree with their business they are a business and I take it seriously.I will be the first one to open my mouth to tell you off for toying with someones right to conduct business without scrutiny. They are just people trying to make money, people like you, and me. Not some abstract force of evil hell bent on licking quarters out of your wallet strictly because they are ignorant to the little man. We are all the little man. I am not here to get so incredibly good that no one can produce anything to compete with me. I am here to tell you HOW to get so good you can compete with me.

     I really hope that none of you are mad at me cause I am selling stuff.... I am doing it for fun and for others...hell I spend a lot of time coming up with ways to make things more easily available...Gosh  darn it I am sorry for font but it had to be said cause this journal has been brewing in the back of my head for 3 months. It always came out super negative but not this time! I just ask you please read and think it over...huff

...and please dont like post omg I hate the drama about -insert name here- I hate that xD like ...seriously...I just got done explaining they are your peers...respect them cause this isn't specific to anyone or to create drama just to make you think~ otl

 Bookworms are creatures that attaches to a certain book, they prey on humans who reads said book by taking their soul. Humans with their souls taken becomes thoughtless and emotionless, an empty vessel. Bookworms have monster or animal features such as claws, sharp teeth, horns, and some even have weapons. The number on their body represents the page number which they're attached to, waiting for the reader to open said page. Once opened, they will jump for the kill. Their page number determines their strength; the higher the number, the weaker they are.

Wormie example:

Bookworm Adopt Auction#3 [CLOSED] by Mirrae
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Non-premium members raffle! [WINNERS]

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 26, 2014, 8:04 PM

UPDATE - And the winners are...
:iconhelen-neleh: Helen-Neleh from the favs list and :iconwrittmanica: writtmanica from the comments~

Congrats! <33 I'll be noting you shortly. Thank you all for participating!

omg-- It's that time of the year again ♥
I'll be giving away two Premium Memberships to non-premium members!

♦ Only non-premium members can participate.
♦ There are two ways to enter:
1.Add this journal to your favorites to get automatically a number. (favorites list number)

2. Leave a comment mentioning one or more friends of yours that you think would like to participate in this raffle and I'll reply with a number.
Your friends have to be non-premium members as well.

♦ There will be two winners. One will be chosen from the people who fav'd and the other from the comments. So if you do both you'll get two numbers (favorites list number and a number given by me).
♦ Winners will be determined using

♦ Each winner will get a 1 month Premium Membership.
I won't be giving the value in points, only the PM.

The raffle will end in 48 hours after posted this journal.

Skin by SimplySilent
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EDIT: Well, I'm pretty sure there isn't a damn thing we can do about this now since the fucker made EVERYTHING private or unviewable unless you follow or befriend him. 
Goddammit, that makes me angry! 
What the fucking Hell? Is it that damn hard to comply with someone asking you to remove something you stole from them? Why?
Act like a fucking adult baby and play games, as if it's funny or something -- "Nah nah nah nah, you can catch me now" ;P JUST because you admit to tracing it doesn't make it okay. It's still not yours. 

So yeah, never fucking mind. I'll likely have to just eat it on this one because there is literally NOTHING I can do now. I'm blocked/pre-blocked and this idiot is playing the 'hide everything' card. 
Whatever man. Won't be seeing much work from me on here anymore. Sorry. I can't keep dealing with this shit. It's growing really really annoying now. 


It's no mystery that art theft happens... And normally I can, despite how annoying it is, deal with it and the person is either apologetic or can be dealt with accordingly.
HOWEVER, there's some cases where the person winds up acting like a prick and trying to act all 'big and bad' while trying to make you out to look like a fool...This is one of those cases that I am dealing with on Instagram. 
Last night I got a comment on a commissioned piece that someone had 'copied' it and was posting it as their own work. 
I went and saw they traced it and even admitted to tracing it... 


Alright… so here’s the deal guys.

This asshole has traced a commissioned piece of mine. I asked him to remove it and got: 

"Hummmmm no"

He’s deleted comments and refuses to remove the image. I’ve reported it already but with no avail… 

The customer who bought this design is a bit angry about this. 
Link to the dA page where this piece is located!

You DO (stupidly) have to have an account to report an image on there. Not to mention you have to have the 'app'... 

Normally I don’t do this but this guy is REALLY being a jerk… a smarmy git. 
This was a piece that someone PAID me to do… and this idiot is claiming it as his own work; refusing to credit or even acknowledge me. 
He also blocked me so any comment I make with proof doesn’t show up!

To compare the two. He just literally flat out traced it (and adjusted some parts). 
Even has a ‘#trace’ tag on it. Note my username is not mentioned anywhere in the tags.

UPDATE: Oh look… all the comments are gone!

I have reported it before… idk if it was removed and reposted or that but it’s back up and he’s refusing to remove it now.

Please report it if you can by going here

Apparently this guy put up a ‘WIP’ shot  of the image he fucking traced (which is likely something he threw up quickly to try and ‘prove’ he’s the original artist) which looks like a ton of bullshit. 



Just because you can post a traced ‘sketch’ doesn’t mean you own the image, moron… 

More so when you admit it’s a trace and STILL refuse to credit the artist you traced from! 
See THIS is why I despise art thieves like this… they act all clever or snobbish… All because YOU, as the original artist, want them to removed the shit THEY TRACED from you. 
And this is what they do?
They further lie and then try to be ‘smart’ about it. 

Well, guess what, fucker…?
I can be smart too. His whole account has been reported and if not the images. 
For those who are unaware, the link is to the original post where other information can be found… THIS one was an update.

Please guys, this idiot is really pissing me off with his piss poor attitude. He treated me like shit after I asked him to remove the images he’s traced from me… saying ‘Hummmm no’ and then blocking me! 

I am tempted to post this to Deviantart since that appears to yield results, however it also yields drama which is not wanted. I just want this guy to stop posting the trace over of a fucking commissioned piece!

It's on his Facebook as well!…
Does someone have the email address for direct reports to Facebook staff? I cannot seem to find it anymore.

He blocked me on Facebook as well! What an ass...

This kind of shit pisses me off. I DO NOT think it's appropriate behaviour for a grown ass adult to act like a 5 year old child, taunting and acting all 'smart'. It's highly disrespectful and annoying.
This guy isn't a troll... he's a jerk. There IS a difference. He's trying to be 'right' when in fact he is wrong... and I don't think his full intentions are to be mean, just not to get caught stealing. 
It's like -- You admit it's traced but OPENLY REFUSE to even credit the original artist whose work you traced?! How big a lying jerk can you be?
I asked nicely for him to remove it since the customer who bought this design was informed of this as well and they are actually really upset. 

This may be the internet but that's no excuse. I park my car on public streets but that doesn't mean it's fucking free to take. My name isn't even ON the car!
My art is no different...

Sorry if this is dramatic but I'm running out of patience. I report the image and somehow he keeps putting it back up, and then he blocked me from even viewing his gallery to see any other pieces he's used/traced!
Grown ass man acting like a little thieving kid... What a shame... 
HELP if you can, please?

It wouldn't be as bad if it wasn't a commissioned piece. This guy adds insult to injury by acting like an entitled asshole as well so... that doesn't help make the situation go smoother. 
I report it and he tries to repost it. 
I am also kind of sure at this point the images on his page are NOT him or even his... I cannot see someone like that pulling this kind of bullshit. More so with fucking kids! What is this guy teaching his kids (if in fact they even his)...? 

Oh and...I'm not going to just 'get used to it', sorry. Internet or not, don't take my shit. If I find out I will do what I can to the full extent of the law to take it down. People pay ME for MY work... Not to have it used, abused, and traced...
We're not all fucking 3 year old kids who don't know right and wrong anymore. Some act like it though... Which is ridiculously sad -_-; Fucking adults acting like little snotty entitled children. 
Makes me sick to see people who act like this guy. 
** I am aware that because it contains something from 'Assassin's Creed 3' that 'I'm stealing'...
Thing is I'm not suing the guy. I want him to remove the image on account of it's traced and he's acting like an asshole. 

EDIT: BECAUSE I have to somehow say it otherwise people will go on a rampage: DO NOT SPAM HIM WITH THREATS OR MEAN COMMENTS. It will literally do NOTHING at all to help the case. 
Posting a link to the original piece in a comment is fine but do not spam with mean messages. I'm not asking for a flaming army, just help in getting this piece and profile reported for repeated cases of tracing/thievery. 

He's hiding comments that provide evidence or don't praise his superb 'artworks' so chances are he's just going hide any comment you make. So, just report it.

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Contest - Bleed up pairing [OPEN]

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 8, 2014, 8:06 PM

And the best part is that everybody are winners.


Bleeding up fantrolls:

*What is the contest about?
-It is about gore and blood, as you can see, I am holding a contest for bloody and wounded up fantrolls.

*What I gotta do for entering?
To enter you gotta draw one of my fantrolls with YOUR fantroll or fankid wounded up and bleeding. The pair you choose could be cracked paired as '<3, <> or <3<'.
You can check my fantrolls folder:…
And if you have any questions about my fantrolls, ask me.

*What are the prizes?
-For anybody who enters owns their-self a free animated icon and a traditional sketch by me.
For the first place; they win 300:points:, a digital full-body pic of their choice and a digital sketch of a couple of their choice also. (+ A chibi from :iconthecowgoesmoo12:)
The second place wins : 90:points: and digital head-shot by me. (+ A chibi from :iconthecowgoesmoo12:)
The third place wins: 60:points: and a costumed fantroll by me. (+ A chibi from :iconthecowgoesmoo12:) (You can wonder around my adoptables folder, you might be interested?…

*Can I be one of the judges?
-Sure thing you can! Only one can be though. In return and to be a judge, you can offer a simple chibi pic for the top three winners later! I'd be very happy if anybody would do so, I might as well make it up to you someday later, or you can just request me a traditional pic of whatever<3

*When does the contest ends?
-You got yourself 2 months to finish up your work and enter, it starts from the date of today and 'till the next 2 months. By then I might be free from school and would work hard on the prizes, and people know what I can do when I work hard<3

*How many entries I can enter with?
-It's up to you! You can enter with as much as you like!

*Yuri, Yaoi, straight?
-If you want to ask about the pairing you may draw, the yes, Yaoi is more than welcome!<3 Yuri is fine, but I don't really like it, y'know. And straight is also very fine, heh, duh.

That is all for now, You gotta fave this journal if you wanna enter! And everybody can enter, there are no losers, no worries<3 If you have any questions ASK ME. Thank you!!


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Great Artists - Jane-beata

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 16, 2014, 2:24 AM
:frail: Jane-beata :iconjane-beata:

A dreaming moment by jane-beata

Frustration by jane-beata

Watercolor explorations with blue and brown by jane-beata

Charles Bridge, Prague, watercolor painting by jane-beata

A sealed thought by jane-beata

More info about Great Artists: paradiseofartists.deviantart.c…


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On the whole, believe there’s a difference between the people that run a country and the rest of the people who live within its borders. Politicians, regardless of where in the world they hail from, are generally bullies. You have to be a special kind of egomanic, self-serving prick to claw your way into a position where you have the power to put other people in harm’s way to benefit your own agenda. The only difference geography seems to bring is a level of subtlety. British politicians are slimy and insidious, American politicians rely on drama and theatre, and as we’ve seen over the last couple of days: Russian politicians are obsessed with proving they carry the biggest stick, at the expense of everything else.
Of course, in order to prove you have a big stick, you have to actually use it. That’s quite difficult in this day and age. A couple of hundred years ago, a master of a people could just point to a spot on the map, say “Want!” and his army would go there, kill everyone and steal their sh*t. These days you kinda need a reason. Even if you have to make one up.
In 2008, Georgia sent troops into its own South Ossetia region to take control back from separatists. At the time, the Russians claimed that the Georgians were conducting genocide, killing thousands of people and turning many more to refugees. That was the excuse they gave for sending their troops in and seizing control, which they maintain to this day.
The Russians have since admitted that the Georgians only killed about 180 people, which is terrible in its own right, but it hints at a far more restrained offensive than was indicated.
6 years on and we have a new aroma of bull-sh*t wafting over Europe, with Russia essentially claiming that the Ukraine is now under the control of a new Hitler. Why? Because a sizeable chunk of the Ukrainian people wanted to join the EU and got a bit upset that their former, pro-Russian President had a bunch or protesters killed and then fled the country.
Yes. Clearly fascist behaviour.
Solution: Invasion.
25 years of relative peace and quiet in Europe is obviously too much for some.

This is why the Iraq debacle is so terrible: it’s damn near impossible for anyone in the west to criticize unjustified military action and take a stand against it when your own country has been complicit in the same bloody thing.

This is a piranha. It’s ugly, has a temper and feeds by nibbling bits off the other fish around it. It probably hates gay people, too.
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