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46 frames

Another one done during break time at the office.
Just a simple animation exercise showing 2 very familiar fighting moves.
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Toute toute premièrefois que j'ouvre le logiciel flash, j'ai un peu galéré au début... Evidemment ce dress up est tout vide mais c'était juste pour prendre en main le logiciel, j'en ferais surement un plus abouti par la suite :D De plus j'ai réutilisé ici des dessins que j'avais déjà fait il y a quelques mois déjà.

PS n°1 : Pour la full view : fais download cher ami ça t'enverras sur un nouvel onglet tout bien. parce que là vive les pixels.
PS n°2 : si tu cliques sur le lien t'arrives sur mon blog. vive flash !


It's the very very first time I open Flash, it was fun :D This dress up game is pretty empty, it's just to practice the soft, I think i will make another one bigger in the future.
More on my blog

The outfits in this are inspired by fashion bloggers such as lehappy (her blog ) and betty (

Outfits there

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Hey, Prince Charming should have knocked first. 

My Liara as done by Lord Dirk on FA:…
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Name: Holly Contiello
Age: 23
Height/Weight: 5,6, 143lbs
Extra Items: Emerald Charm


Calm type, a little cold and intuitive, always distrusts people.
Sometimes gets paranoic about what other people think, neverthless, she always tries to be relaxed in most of all situations.
She always prefers to work alone, regardless she can only work with others just when they are close friends.
The only way Holly can relax on a rough situation is to listen music. She loves Kanto Orchestra.

She spent most of her time on her family's bakery shop in Goldenrod city. Since she was a little girl she helped her mother with the bakery and learned to love the family bussiness. her mom died 5 years ago, and since then she has been working as owner. As the only child of the family, she took care of the shop by herself meanwhile her father has been working for an important corporation on Unova and she barely sees him, maybe once a month... luckily.

Story so far

Holly decided to join valkyrie industries for some reasons, one of them is try to find a person who can tell her whats the reason behind his charmeleon behavior, Dario never act that way before when it was a charmander, Also she looking for some childhood friends and she heard they might be there, but more important, to take a little break from her work.


Dimitri The *Haxorus
Holly´s very first pokemon, an aggressive pokemon who is just waiting for fight, ussually awaits for Holly order to do it. a very loyal pokemon.

Mia The Altaria
The queen, Mia is the spoiled pokemon from the group. Always trying to show off

Byron The Wartortle
Byron is the secret weapon of the team, he always have a perfect plan for tough situations, always following holly orders but with an extra.

Julius the Luxray
Wise and Calm, Julius its a very charm pokemon who knows when come to action, also over protective with Holly

Dario the Charmeleon
He is just...Wrong, Dario is the berserk one, always having issues with the rest of pokemon, also with the flaw of be racist with shiny pokemon, still wondering why...(Always having fights with Dimitri, stills, Dario is afraid of him)

Camile the Braviary
Camile is the perfect combination between attack and speed also a loyal companion to Holly
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It's a FLASH file: use the right switch to go forward with the frames.

Previous one:

Harmoneeka - When Freud Comes to the Beach 4 by TirNaNogIndustries

The 'When Freud Comes...' franchise:
Harmoneeka - When Freud comes to the beach 2 by TirNaNogIndustries Harmoneeka - When Freud comes to the beach by TirNaNogIndustries Harmoneeka  - When Freud comes to the beach 3 by TirNaNogIndustries

The whole Harmoneeka gallery: tirnanogindustries.deviantart.…
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I played the new Game Dillon's rolling western for 3ds and wanted to draw the armadillo named Dillon. The characters style is nice and the game too. I hope you like it^^

********EDIT: If the animation isnt working proper (Stomach and legs not animated) you just need to right click on it and activate "repeat" and refresh the side*******

Dillon (c) nintendo
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Part 1 - Outrage - [link]
Part 2 - Persuasion - [link]
Part 3 - Insight - [link]
Part 4 - Liberation - Coming Soon


Just like this part's title, it is sweet liberation for me. FREEEEEEEEDOM~~~~ ROUND 10 I HAVE FINISHED YOU >8UUUUU

So let’s go over the crazy, long-winded process that culminated in this final round’s final product:
- All the artwork aside from text was made with traditional mediums.
- Sketched all the individual panels in the pages of my sketch book.
- Used marker paper to trace and refine each panel, and get a nice watercolor effect with my markers when coloring. I used a paper cutter to cut the larger marker paper sheets into 3”x4.”
- Made the backgrounds from colored paper cut out from larger sheets and painted them in ink and brush. Traditionally inked speech bubbles too.
- Scanned 100+ of these 3”x4” pieces.
- Digitally compiled each panel with background, foreground, and speech bubbles. Saved as PSDs then saved each frame for Flash as JPEGs (so each time a new speech bubbles appeared).
- Worked on this basically every day in the time given in R10. Even took it with me to Florida and inked and colored in the road trip to and from.

So I know I’ve given the maximum amount of effort and time for this round as I could. Being the final round, I wanted it to be no less than my best.

Notes About Part 4 -
•For the past few rounds, I had been trying to find a good time for Kimyun to evolve. And since this was the final round, I figured this was my last chance. He's been wearing an EXP. Share this entire competition, it shouldn't be too surprising he's gained enough experience to evolve ;3c It's also kinda symbolizes Gracidea's growth as well.
• Final panel count on this entire round (excluding speech bubbles changes and backgrounds) is 121.
• Rayquaza fainted due to a combination of Dante's control wearing off as well as recoil from being forced to use Struggle since he was out of energy/PP to use his normal moves (One of my favorite strategies in regular gameplay eh heh >v>).

As this is my last round, it’s pretty crazy to realize I’ve been participating in this contest for over a year now. The contest actually started when I entered RISD my freshman year, and I know that in that time I’ve improved a lot and feel my rounds reflect that. I’ve met a lot of awesome people in BFOI, we all encouraged each other to finish, bounced around ideas during the rounds, and all and all helped each other out despite it being a competition.

This tournament has also given me experience in storytelling (and making a good story in a short amount of time) which will certainly help me in my future endeavors. Character development too, Gracidea and each member of her team overcame personal challenges in addition to the pokemon battles that obviously come with a Pokemon battle tournament. I feel like I know each character’s personality far better than I did at the beginning of the tournament, and it’s been wonderful to see them grow. I think that’s one of the main things I especially enjoy about OCTs. And I challenged myself to experiment with different mediums and techniques which was really fun.

I enjoyed my BFOI Y1 run, and I hope you all enjoyed following Gracidea's journey throughout the tournament as I did <3


Gracidea: [link]
Rhea: [link]
Remi: [link]
Will: [link]
Dante: [link]
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See Vamp Becca in Full 3D --->…

Made with 3ds Max
Rendered with Mental Ray & Quicksilver
Sculpted and Textured in Zbrush
Edited in Photoshop
Textures generated in Filter Forge
Presented with Flash

Turntable Animation
Vamp Becca: Turntable by grico316 

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I may be shooting myself in the foot here, but I felt like sharing this.
As many of you know, on the 9th of October, it will officially be 4 years since I released Super Mario bros Z episode 8 to the masses. It'll also be almost 19 months since I officially laid SMBZ to rest.
But, with the assistance of a friend, I was able to reacquire Flash and felt like trying out sprite animation again to see if I could re-ignite my passion to work on the series. As practice, I remade the first scene of the first episode of SMBZ. After a few months working on and off, this is the result.
Don't take this as confirmation that I will be working on the series again, but if I did, I would like to remake the series from the ground up. There were numerous things in the older episodes that I felt could have been done better. Namely the fight scenes, the story and the godawful dialogue. Here are some of the key changes I would implement.

1: Mecha Sonic will be replaced by Metallix.
For a supposed upgrade to Metal Sonic, Mecha Sonic was a visual downgrade. The design for Metallix just looks more imposing than the original faceless design. Metallix was going to appear later in the series anyway as Mecha Sonic's perfect form after he got all the Chaos Emeralds.

2: The Pipe maze episode will be removed
The whole episode in general was filler suggested by a fan of the series because I didn't know what to do for the 5th Chaos Emerald. With that said, I feel it was poorly executed on my part. It was too dialogue heavy. It spouted out unnecessary exposition that had no bearing on the plot. And who can forget the ridiculous Deus Ex Machina moment with Kolorado's stopwatch. The 8-bit parts were kinda cool, but to me it couldn't save it from being a bad episode.

3: Captain Basilisx won't be in the remake
While Basilisx was well received by fans, I feel he was shoehorned into the plot. He just showed up out of nowhere with no backstory or buildup. I feel that also distracted from the anticipation of Mecha Mario's appearance and would have undermined the upcoming battle against the Koopalings.

For the time being, these are just ideas. I want to make sure that I would be willing and committed to work on this series again. I don't want to cancel it twice. Until then, enjoy the practice animation.
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Updated some bosses from EBF3; they’re a bit shinier now!
Jack has a new spellcasting animation, so that he can use Eruption, and maybe some other spells.

If the animations spaz out, it might be because there's no preloader and things haven't finished loading, so try refreshing the page.
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