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just for you to help :)
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So, as a sort of follow up to my last "writing tutorial", I decided to write one that people have been asking me for tips on for a long while: dialogue. I hope it proves helpful!

Other tutorials:

How to Write an Unattractive Protagonist by HennaLucas
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Things to think about before making a suit costume

Here's a whole list of questions of possibilities that I'd highly recommend anyone take a look at and answer if they plan on making a suit. It might bring up some problems to think about before they happen during the process of making a costume.
I'd copy/paste and print this off and answer to any questions that apply to your future project.

Physical requirements
1. Do you relate to the creatures physical traits in any way?
2. Do you have any physical problems? ( allergies, loss of breath, heart problems, flexibility, claustrophobia, bowel/bladder problems, etc)
3. Where will be an air vent(s)?
4. Where will the vision be?
5. Can you hear well in the suit?
6. Can people hear you clearly if you should speak?
7. How will the suit be taken apart in case of quick relief?
8. In what rooms or areas can you travel in your suit?
9. How heavy will some pieces of the suit be?

1. Can you sit on the floor in the suit?
2. Can you sit in a chair in the suit?
3. Can you lie down in the suit?
4. How far can you walk in the suit?
5. Can you run/hustle in the suit?
6. Is there any physical tricks being performed in the suit? ( dancing, aerobatic, etc)
7. Can you walk up stairs?
8.   Can you ride an Escalator/Elevator?
9. Will you be walking Plantigrade, Digitigrade stilts, or quad stilts?

Common Sense
1. What's your time line of when you'd like the suit or costume to be finished?
2. Is there a place away from public that you can change into the suit?
3. How big is your personal bubble? ( distance between you and another person standing around you)
4. Can you access water while wearing parts of the suit?
5. Can you fit though a door?
6. How many pieces will your suit be? ( 5 piece= Head, bodysuit, gloves, boots, tail)  
7. Can the pieces of the suit fit into a car without obstructing view?
8. Where can you store the suit when not being used ( at home and the convention/event) ?
9. Bring a mini repair kit with you.
10. Place a hidden pocket somewhere within your suit ( for your cell phone, wallet, glasses, etc.)
11. Will you have a spotter? ( someone to aid you while in the suit)
12. How far will you walk while caring pieces of your suit? ( to a car or room)
13. Will you be near or around fire?
14.  Is it Convention/People friendly?
15. Is there any sharp edges on the suit?

1. Will there be anything to become an obstacle to you and others around you? (Large tails, wings, stilts, large feet, etc.)
2. How long is the tail?
3. Will the tail get in the way of walking?
4. If the suit has wings, how large are they?
5. Any skills you may want to learn to make something? ( resin casting, LED's and electrical devices, sewing with a machine or serger, airbrushing, dying)

1. How much foam/padding will you possibly need?
2. If your suit has wings, how will the structure be built?
3. Will you be using fake Furs or fleece or other materials for the skin?
4. If your suit has wings or is bird like, will it have feathers?
5. If your suit is reptilian like, how will you make effects of the scales?
6. Will air bushing help or be involved?
7. Are there any special things you want?
8. Is there anything to be commissioned from other artists?
9. Is there anything that can be broken and replaced?
10. What do you want, and what do you not want? ( on appearance, and fabric choice)
11. Is there any material that is extremely flammable?
12. Can you get close enough or right colors of fabric? Or will dye be involved?
13.  Avoid using metal and glass if you are wearing the suit in public

Make it look Good
1. How many poses can you perform?
2. Can you act/perform in the suit?
3. Can you act/Perform around others while in the suit?
4. How does light work with your suit? ( for photos and stage performance)

~Not everything desired may happen to plan, and sacrifices will be made~
Questions that should be answered before buying, cutting, or sewing anything for a costume!!
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Creating a Well-developed OC

Hello! Welcome to my guide on the creation of a balanced, believable original character! Whether this is your first time creating a character and you want some advice on where to start, or you need to tweak your character, because you're unsatisfied with it, then you've come to the right place. In this guide you'll find details on the importance of every aspect of an OC, from something seemingly insignificant as the name to the powers of a character.

This guide can be applied to original characters of any fandom or purely of your creation for your own story! If your setting doesn't include some parts, like having abilities, you can simply skip over that section. Likewise, if I'm going into details on some specifics that don't apply to your character, feel free to skip over that as well.

Before I get into breaking down a character, let me first start off by asking you to do one thing. Get the term "Mary Sue" out of your head right now before reading this. This will be the only time you'll see the phrase used. Why you ask? I'm not here to judge your OC and label them as being one of those; that's not the reason for my creating this. I personally dislike the term, because half the time people use it without understanding the entirety of what it means. If a person sees one aspect that is considered that, they automatically label the OC as such, which isn't very encouraging. It puts a damper on creativity and is just a negative, ugly term.

In place of that, I'll be using terms such as "undeveloped," "poorly developed," "overpowering," "unrealistic," "unbalanced," etc. (And the "M" word.)

Without further ado, let's begin!

Your Character's Name

You might be wondering if this should really even be on this list, but actually, the name is a very important aspect of your character! It's almost like what the first person sees, and first impressions are pretty important. Some advice:

1. Don't name the character after you. In fact, try your hardest not to basically create an OC version of yourself. This is what people refer to as a "self-insert" and oftentimes relate it to the "M" word. The reason I am against basing a character off you is because it's not very original and even slightly boring. (And then of course there are those assumptions that you're just inserting yourself into the story to live out your fantasy or be with your dream character.)

2. Try not to make up a name. If you suddenly pull a name out of your head like, "Phonesca," it will definitely raise some red flags from critics. There are some exceptions of course, like if a story takes place in the future and everyone has unique names, then it's fine.

3. Keep the fandom/settings in mind. Let's take anime for an example. A majority of them are set in Japan, so more than likely you should think of naming your character a Japanese name. Again, there are always exceptions, but ask yourself if they make sense. Like if the character were visiting from another country, then having a non-Japanese would be fine. However, if your character is fully Japanese and has a name like "Emily," then that wouldn't be very realistic. It's pretty common for people to name their Japanese characters American names.

4. Meanings are important, but let's not take it too far. If your character is cold-hearted and loves the night, be careful about naming them something like "Raven." Let's face it, though your parents know a lot about you, they probably couldn't tell what you would be like when they first named you – so keep that in mind. If the meaning is something general (such as "beauty" or "faith"), then that's fine. Don't try to search names for their meaning to match your character – that's not how it works in the real world.

5. Multiple names…? A bit iffy. That's like if the name was something like, "Marianne Elizabeth-Hudson Lockheart." Kinda crazy to have so many names, and a little unnecessary? Again, being realistic, some Spanish names have more than one last name, and if your character is married and hyphenated their last name, then that's okay. So long as we're being realistic, you don't have to worry about it.

Was that too bad…? Didn't think there was so much to a name, did you? Now onto the looks!

Your Character's Appearance

Another biggie some people use to throw around the "M" word. I'm trying to make this guide general enough to apply to both male and female characters, so bear with me in this section!

1. Modesty, let's not go overboard now. And this is calling for some modesty on your part. When describing your OC, try not to use biased descriptive words, like actually calling your character "beautiful, sexy, gorgeous, handsome, etc." People get a bit iffy when you're very attached to your character; let the people decide for themselves if the character is beautiful or not! Likewise, in the canon world, be careful of having every single character fawn over your OC. If the canon character naturally ogles, then that's okay. And if every other character is jealous over how good looking your OC is, then that's also a problem. You don't want to exude them as being too much in any category.

However! It's absolutely okay to make your OC beautiful! And by that, applying to females, you don't have to feel obligated to make her flat chested in worriment over what critics will say. I find that very silly. It's a little strange to see that people feel the need to make "average" characters, if we're truly being realistic; there are tons of good-looking people in this world. But like I said before, modesty. We're modest people here. (Now, that doesn't mean your OC has to be. But we'll go onto personality later.)

2. Don't stand out for the sake of standing out. Be careful on making some unique feature for your character. For example, pink hair is rarely natural; so mention your character dying it at some point. And purple eyes, if you really want them to have that, say they have colored contacts. Yes, there are some fandoms where that's natural, and if that's the case, don't worry about it. Also I wouldn't be so hasty on giving a natural tattoo that the person was born it that holds some special meaning…it's a little overdone.

3. OMG BOOBS. Sorry, I have to specifically go into females now! Breasts. I have nothing against large breasts, but if you're only making your character have them to score some points with male fans, then I think that's a very shallow reason right there. And please, please, don't use the excuse that anime creators make female characters with horrendously large breasts, they have NO idea what it's like. My friend is actually getting breast reduction surgery because the size of her breasts are causing her back problems…it's not so great when you think of it that way now, is it?

4. Your character should have a natural style of dress. I don't have much to say about this one, except can I say that their wardrobe should correlate with the character's personality? If your female OC wears a mini skirt and super tight shirt, but is very innocent and shy, does that really work together well…? …Not really. However, sometimes things like that can be pretty interesting, like a guy has a lot of tattoo and piercings and looks completely frightening, but he's actually a sweetheart.

Your Character's Past

Unless your OC is a baby, he/she should have a past, most definitely. It sets the stage up for the rest of the story and it's actually helpful to you. Yes, you have to take your time in creating it, but if you're writing a story or even in an RP, you can pull elements from that to thicken the plot and add more depth. Notice how I said, "take your time"…because I mean it. A past thrown together in five minutes is pretty half-assed; excuse my language.

1. Oh…woe is me! One of the biggest reasons people use the "M" word is when they see a character with a ridiculously tragic past, and I actually agree with this. To me, it completely throws a character off-balance. You don't have to try and garner tons of sympathy for your character to make people like them. That's not the best way to go about doing that. So let's list some tragic events people often put:

- Raped
- Beaten
- Abandoned
- Poor
- Adopted
- Kidnapped
- Enslaved
- Abused in some other way
- Experiencing a parent's divorce
- Losing someone (or witnessing their death)
- Amnesia (poor excuse to not create a past)
- Having the life of nobility (and despising it)

Now, ask yourself this, "Do people really go through all of this?" The first one is my absolute "NO NO." Unless you do extensive research on the effect it has on rape victims, then I suggest you not use it at all. This is a very touchy topic and if you put it in some fluffy, teenage way, then you're basically slapping anyone who's had to suffer through it across the face with such a poor representation. So don't do it.

I honestly don't completely understand why people feel the need to dump so much tragedy on their character, it's almost as if you hate them! If you want to add some slight tragedy, elaborate on it and make it seem more realistic. For example, if the person lost their mother (a huge cliché, but we'll still use it), let's be reasonable: that person will not angst over that loss every second of the day. If you lost someone and told someone about it, and that person says "sorry," you're not going to burst into tears about it unless it happened recently.

So with all that in mind, remember that all characters have good and bad things in their past, and unless their life just sucked, the majority of it should be relatively decent.

Your Character's Powers

Not all characters are going to have this, so if this doesn't apply to your OC then you can just go on to the next section. However, more often than not, your OC is going to be involved in some original storyline or fandom in which powers play a key role. Personally, I'm not very fond of this part of the character-making process; so pardon me if this section seems less than adequate.

1. Your character is not God. In an RP the term would be "godmodding." A character that is ridiculously strong and overpowering is simply one people don't want to roleplay with. And for fanfiction, how boring is it if your OC already has every power imaginable and can defeat anyone with ease? This a balanced character does not make. So tone it down a little and come up with some weaknesses so that people know your OC isn't the most perfect thing in the universe.

2. All-in-one? I don't think so. Think carefully about creating a hybrid OC in mixing two or more races, or creating an entirely new one when ones already exist in the fandom. I prefer to stay true to canon, but you don't necessarily have to.

Yeah, that section was short. Now we get on to my favorite!

Your Character's Personality

To me, it's this part that makes or break a character, and so many fall short when it comes to describing their character's personality.

1. Traits, you gotta have the good and the bad. When creating a character, you can't just slap on two or three characteristics and call it a day. Do you think you could describe a real person using only, "nice, smart, funny?" What about stubborn? Impatient? Happy go-lucky? Easily angered? You're obviously going to be missing something. But let's take it the other way, you can't just pile on traits that don't even flow together, like, "he's really rebellious, yet still respects his elders." Wait…what? That doesn't make sense at all. Some paradoxes can work, but not many do.

And you have to remember that for every good trait you give your OC, there should be a bad one as well. And I wouldn't necessarily count "shy" as being a good or bad trait, to me it could go either way or is neutral. If you're really struggling to find some flaws for your character's personality, here's some websites that should help:……

2. Show a little quirkiness. One of the things I personally like to know about a character is their likes and dislikes, what they do for fun, what kind of food do they like, what are their dreams, etc. I especially find it unique to put something unusual in, like just some strange hobby that makes you go, "Huh? Well, that's different." But in a good way! I believe putting these things in makes the character seem more human and easier to relate to, like you can imagine sitting next to that person.

Your Character in Love

This part mostly has to do with if you've paired your OC up with a canon character of a fandom, but it can also work for OC x OC couples.

1. Are we turning this into a teen chick flick? What I mean by this is, how corny is it? Are you using every cliché in the book? We don't want your love story to be the typical cookie cutter romance do we? It's uninteresting and unoriginal. Your relationship to you is unique and special, but you have to convince others of that by giving them something they haven't seen before. Originality. Uniqueness. The unexpected – within reason of course. Here are some clichés I'd try and stay clear of:

- Love at first sight (very unrealistic and uncommon, it's also more interesting when you actually show the development of the relationship and some problems before the two characters actually get together)
- Love triangles (this sets some people off especially if it's canon x OC x canon. The "M" word is used here, because they assume your OC is special and wonderful enough to attract the love of more than one person)
- Not doing justice to the canon character (if the canon character or OC love interest is someone cold-hearted or not one to typically be interested in love, you have to work very hard to make the relationship develop naturally)
- Sex after a short amount of time (It's tacky)
- Dying for the other person

Your Character and the Plot

This means both the plot of your fanfic/original story or the plot of an RP that is ongoing.

1. Keep check on the hero complex. Your character will probably be the focus of the plot, however, you want to make sure that you're not surging them through every obstacle effortlessly. Yes, they will triumph, but with time, hard work, and impediments along the way. After all, nothing comes easy. Everyone shouldn't automatically befriend your character, because it's more interesting when there's some conflict between characters. However, I'd suggest not making your character hate the character you personally despise…again with the self-insert concept mentioned earlier. Your character is not you, or at least it shouldn't be. To create a well-balanced character, it almost has to have a mind of its own. That means its thoughts are different from your own, so that it can stand on its own. Also, when you create a character that is unlike you, you won't be so emotionally attached to it. And that brings us to our final topic:

Your Character and Criticism

Yes, it's awful when your character is called an "M" word. That's why if you base it off yourself and someone insults or criticizes it, you take it as a personal attack, because your OC basically is a version of yourself. So don't do that.

My suggestion to you is to be open to criticism and not immediately lash out on the person giving it. And yes, be able to tell the different between a harsh criticism and someone who just wants to be mean (a "flamer"), because there is a difference. A person that points out something they don't find quite right isn't necessarily trying to bash you, but may genuinely find a detail unrealistic or feel that it doesn't make sense.

Now, that doesn't mean you'll never come across someone that doesn't just hate your character's guts. It may be out of jealousy or for whatever reason, don't let it get to you. Stray from the negative side and instead divert your attention to the positive feedback you receive, and I can almost guarantee you that the good outweighs the bad. It's okay if not every person in the universe doesn't like your character, not everyone can be pleased.

And if when you're creating your OC you try to make it so that ever person will find your character "adorable," "sexy," or "badass," then you might as well just stop right there. Just stop. There's no need to continue making your character, because it's not even yours anymore. It belongs to all those people you're trying to make happy, all the people you want to like your OC. You're not doing any justice to your creativity and abilities. Don't make a character to please others, make an OC that you are happy with. Who cares what others think? In the end, it's only your satisfaction that matters.

So long as you put your heart into what you create, that will always be good enough.
Hey guys, I was finally able to make this! I've been wanting to write some advice on creating an original character for a while, but never got around to it until today!

Firstly, this advice is not the words of God. So it's completely find if you disagree with some parts, find it inaccurate, or what have you. All of this I compiled from my own (painful) experience in original character creation; from the many Mary Sue tests I've taken to researching character flaws and looking at some amazing original characters. Also, pardon the bit of sarcasm laced in this article. I can't help it. I'm a naturally sarcastic person.

That being said, this is in no way based off of any original character. All of this is generalized information that I've come to conclude help creating a balanced OC. So if you feel that I may be describing your OC in some part, don't take it personally, the only OC I had in mind while making this was my own: Marise Asahina.

Depending on the feedback I get from this, I may create an example using Marise to show each part, because I kind of feel that it's sometimes hard to really understand new information unless you apply it to something, and so by showing an example I feel that would help people understand this advice better. But I'm not sure yet.

If you feel that I may be missing something that should be up there, feel free to let me know; I might just put it in. :)

This article =angel808

DO NOT STEAL. You are allowed to give this link on other websites, but do NOT copy this onto another website or on here.
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My fellow Americans — and Swiss, and Provolone, and even that fellow over there from Tibet:

No more shall we, as the saying goes, stand alone! It is time to let our pressers — I mean, oppressors — know that their rancid regime is about to rind down — excuse me, wind down.

For far too long, we cheeses have been treated as second-class foods. Grains and meats garner all the glory, while we languish half-forgotten in the endmost dairy case. It's no surprise that many of us suffer from low self-esteem! And occasionally, heartburn.

Some people will actually go out of their way to avoid us! What have we done to earn such scorn? We are certainly not ashamed of our history and our heritage as curdled milk. Perhaps there is a subtler, more sinister reason?

(By the way, who let in the representative from Limburg? Somebody, please, open a window!)

Well, no more shall we allow them to string us along; we demand our own thick slice on the pantheon of foods! We are as rich and hearty as any meat, and the variety of textures we offer is matched only by the vegetable kingdom. And we are far more mature than milk (or at the least, less spoiled and better aged), yet just as nourishing.

We hardly claim to be perfect. (No single food is: except perhaps chocolate.) But there's no whey — I mean, way — we're deserving of the rough and gaseous media treatment to which we've been subjected.

So I beseech you, my thousand points of flavor, to spread our message as quickly and thickly as you can! Go forth and tell the people this:

Cast your vote in favor of cheese, and cast a vote against lactose intolerance!

Thank you.

(This message was paid for by FETA: Food for the Ethical Treatment of Aliment, and BRIE: Bringing Reform If Elected.)
:cheese: There are few things cheesier than a paid political announcement. Especially one about cheese. Wouldn't you agree?

(Of course, there's no evidence to support the idea that lactose intolerance would have anything to do with political favoritism. But hey: in this all-too-PC day and age, one can never be absolutely sure. :lol:)

Although this piece was conceived for ~ThePurpleNurple's Another Cheesy Expo, its tone owes much to ~Error732's recent series of Breakfast Stories, with their overarching theme of what might best be described as "plausible surreality."

And I've entered it under Satire rather than Sociopolitical, since it's more about the humor of the scenario than politics itself.

:reading: ~WordCount: 305 words.
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“Hey Karkat! Look what I can do!”

The troll glanced up from his computer screen with enough time to see John completely dissipate into nothing. “What the fuck? John? John!” His husktop was folded and hastily moved to the side so he could stand. “John!”

Something swirled around Karkat and laughed in his ear. “I’m fine Karkat!”

Much to the troll’s surprise John reappeared beside him. “Don’t ever fucking do that again asshole.”

John just laughed some more, “Oh come on Karkat, it’s not doing any harm. It’s part of my wind powers. I think the “Heir of Breath” can like, become the wind or something. I dunno, I learned it in a dream bubble once, it’s pretty cool. I am the Windy Thing!”

“I don’t like it.”

The human smirked, “Of course you don’t like it, think of all the pranking possibilities I can now do! Oh gosh I’ll be unstoppable!”

Karkat sighed and sat back down reaching for his computer. “Be careful, ok? I don’t need you blowing away or something.”

“I control the wind, hell I am the wind, I can’t blow away,” John reassured Karkat and gave him a quick hug. “I’ll be careful, don’t worry,” he said as confidently as he could.

“With you, I can’t help but worry,” he turned his attention back to the chat log windows he had opened.


Everything was chaos. Dirk would argue that it was organized chaos, but chaos none the less. Karkat did his best to dodge and weave between the barrage of bullets from Lord English as well as the monster’s huge clawed hands. His weapons left him at a strategic disadvantage. Roxy yelled for him to duck so quickly he dropped to the floor. Shots whizzed above his head and found their mark, burying deeply into green flesh. Karkat rolled away in time to see Dirk and Dave double team the Lord of Time with their swords. He leaped in to fill the gaps before getting tossed aside.

Rose raised her needles creating a blinding light that Jake used as cover to fire his own golden pistols. Jade took the opportunity to manifest the asteroids from the dormant planets and send them at the massive cherub. But Lord English thought fast and froze them in midflight. She growled and reached for her own rifle. The tides of the battle were shifting from an old-fashioned sword fight to a firefight within minutes.

The Knight of Time tried his own time freezing abilities on their foe, but it wasn’t any use, even a fully realized Knight was no match for the Lord. Some of the new arrivals had made it to Godtier and their powers were much needed.

Jane was especially useful at lending her life powers to the injured; quickly healing them before life threatening damages were sustained. Karkat angled his eyes to the sky and scanned for his co-friendleader. There was a boom and John came hurtling down from the sky hammer ready. He slammed into the Lord English’s staff and darted back into the sky. Seconds later he came crashing down again landing another deafening blow and disappearing back into the inky blackness.

Out of all the players of the game John was proving to be the strongest. After crashing his hammer down on the staff one more time it fractured and broke, causing Lord English to yell in anger. John zipped away before claws could rake across his stomach and bullets invade his chest.

“Karkat are you doing ok?” He asked floating next to the battle worn troll.

“I’m fine, you?”

“Tired, but ok,” John scanned the battlefield watching his friends fight, “we can’t keep this up forever, we need something to beat him with.”

“I wish Meenah would have found that secret weapon…” Karkat growled. “We could use it right now. At this rate-“ His speech was interrupted by the sound of a chainsaw screeching to a halt a scream piercing the air. All Karkat’s eyes could see was the splash of jade blood coating the ground. “Kanaya!”

He sprinted towards his fallen friend screaming for Jane. “Kanaya! Not again! I’m not doing this again!” Karkat bit back tears when he reached her side. Jane was right behind him and set to work trying to fix her up the best she could. “Kanaya stay with me, please, Kanaya!”

Jane put a hand on his shoulder and urged him back to the fight, “They need you,” she started but couldn’t finish.

Instead a weak voice interrupted, “They need their leader Karkat. They need you.”

“Kanaya…” He watched her golden eyes close and growled low in his chest. The ringing of gunfire snapped him back to reality and he picked up his dear friend moving her to the side of the platform they were fighting on.

Jake and Dirk were side by side, giving everything their all. Dave was helping Rose to stand; the Seer had a hand over a nasty looking bullet wound. Karkat could see the scene looked hopeless and grim. “Terezi!” He called, trying to locate the other Seer.

She called back from the other end of the platform, “What is it Karkat? I’m sorta busy!”

“I know! Fuck I know! Can I get you to swing around and maybe go for his legs?”

“I’ll try!”

Karkat turned his attention to Roxy and Jake, “Aim for his head!” They nodded.

Dave appeared at Jade’s side, “Jade, use your space powers, do what Bec Noir did to me.”

She nodded grimly, remembering the gruesome state she found Dave in after accidently shooting him her own gun. Jade tossed her gun back into her sylladex and ran straight into the fire. Focusing all her energy she warped the bullets into herself then appeared behind Lord English to release them. They peppered his back and he howled in pain.

“John!” Karkat called.

The boy rocketed down blasting the cherub with a strong gust of wind before spinning around to meet Karkat. “What do you need?” He said gasping.

“I know how strong you are, you have to do something.”

“Yeah,” he placed a hand on Karkat’s shoulder, “I have an idea, give me your hand.”

Karkat didn’t hesitate, nor did he flinch when John spun him and launched him straight for the boss. Sickles met flesh at a dangerous speed and Karkat hit the ground and rolled to a stop. He lost one of his weapons in the monster’s side. Carefully he picked himself up and watched the fighters working their hardest.

Nothing was working.

Jade was held frozen in mid jump, the Lord of Time held his hands out and concentrated on blowing out the lives of the foolish children who opposed him. It was easy, stopping their time and freezing their hearts. Karkat watched in horror as one by one gods froze and humans fell to the ground. His eyes saw the guns raise in slow-motion and bullets embed themselves deep in flesh of both grey and pale.

Dave screamed, he was one of the only kids that remained untouched due to his own time powers. His red eyes widened behind cracked shades and his voice went raw from yelling. John was the other who was bearing witness to the end of his friends.

Tears streaming he charged Lord English, his hammer ready to kill. The cherub had a smug smile on his face and swatted John from the sky like a fly. This time when he pulled himself from the ground he was glowing blue and his mouth was curved in a twisted smile. “You killed my friends and destroyed time itself.” John walked calmly towards the monstrous enemy.

“John!” Both Karkat and Dave yelled at the boy. Surely he had lost it.

Lord English turned all his attention on John; he was intrigued by the human’s calmness. “Perhaps you have finally snapped human? You have either lost all sense, or you are truly that stupid of a race.”

John laughed. He laughed and laughed till more tears ran down his cheeks. They combined with the blood and dripped off his chin. “You left me alive, and that was your biggest mistake.”

“Oh? Well then, I better correct that right away then,” he raised his hand and was going to say something more when his expression changed to surprise.

The Heir of Breath was glowing blue, “You don’t deserve to breathe.” The Lord of Time scraped at his throat. “Air is too precious for your disgusting throat.” He laughed some more, “So why don’t I just take it all away from you?”

Lord English dropped to the floor and his concentration over time fell away. The bodies of John’s comrades fell to the ground and blood began to pour from their wounds. Dave thought fast and leapt into action. He created a time field around his friends to shield them from their own wounds. Once inside they remained frozen, all but Jane. She was injured, but not as badly as the others. She quickly realized what had happened and started in on fixing the damage done to her friends. “I can’t heal myself,” she said.

Dave nodded and gave her a quick squeeze. Dirk, Jake, and Roxy were by her side. “Janey,” Roxy whispered, “that looks hella bad…”

Dirk looked her in the eye, “Make it heroic.”

She materialized her massive fork. “Yeah,” but when the turned their attention back to the fight they found John standing over the body of Lord English. He was laughing hysterically and Karkat rushed to his side.

“I did it, I killed him. Me. It was me. Aaallllllll me. Hahahaha! Ha!”

Karkat pulled him away, arms holding him tightly. “John snap out of it.”

“I killed him. The big baddy. It was me. I’m the best of the best. You guys would be dead without me.” He broke into more giggles that made Karkat’s blood run cold.

“John stay with me. John I can’t lose you to.”

He broke Karkat’s embrace and started muttering, “You know…you know, you know Vriska? She said that behind every bad guy there’s an even bigger and stronger bad guy. It’s like the curtains keep pulling back you know? They never end it keeps getting worse!” He took a step back and then lifted into the air. “So maybe, you know, maybe I’m like the end, end boss?” John laughed again hefting the Vrillyhoo onto his shoulder.

“John no. John stop it.”

“She said I was destined for great things Karkat,” his blue eyes darted over the remains of his team. The majority of them safety behind Dave’s time bubble. “Are any of you going to thank me? You know, because I basically just saved all your worthless asses here. Bow to your god.”

“John stop it!” Karkat screamed. “You are not a god, that’s my job remember? I’m your shitty god, not the other way around. I made you, you insolent piece of shit. Now get your windy ass down here and stop this nonsense.”

In seconds John was beside Karkat, “You’re a god? You told me that a lot. But I don’t see any powers. All I see are tired eyes and a fallen knight.”

“I’m the god everyone forgot about.”

“Doesn’t sound like much of a god then, huh?”

Karkat bared his teeth and through clenched fangs growled, “You were supposed to be my Matesprit asshole. Snap out this.”

One shot rang out loud and clear through the air. John felt pain and turned around. Lord English’s hand fell away and he grinned before struggling to stand. “Before you boast about killing your end boss, you might want to check to see if your predecessor is actually dead.”

The troll caught John before he hit the ground. “Shit, John!”

Blue eyes widened in fear, “Karkat? Karkat!” He grasped the troll’s shirt, “Sh-shit I got hit didn’t I?”

“Y-yeah,” Karkat couldn’t believe it, it was like he had never said any of those things.

“How did…oh,” He clung a bit harder, “I didn’t. I didn’t mean that, I was…I don’t know what came over me,” John coughed blood.

“Jane!” Karkat called desperately.

She bolted from the safety of Dave’s barrier and rushed to their side. Ignoring her own pain she placed her hands on John’s chest and began healing the damage. “Karkat he got he you too.”

“What?” In his panic he didn’t even notice that the bullet had passed into his own body.

“You’re lucky you’re alive Karkat, I have no idea how you didn’t feel that.”

John stared at the blood dripping from her godtier shirt, “Jane…”

She grabbed her weapon and turned to face Lord English. “Come on, we have a universe to make.”

Karkat nodded and stood. Jade, Rose and the others emerged from the time shield. John moved to pick up his hammer when Karkat stopped him. “I don’t want you losing yourself again John.”

He gave the troll a toothy smile, don’t worry, it won’t happen again!” He sped off into the heat of the battle and quickly gained the upper hand once again. “You know Lord English, I can create tornadoes to blow you away, I can take the air from your lungs, and you still think you have a chance.”

“Of course mortal. Your first attempt to kill me didn’t exactly impress me.”

“Well then, let’s try this!” Just before Lord English could send more bullets through his body John dissipated into the wind. His voice echoed around the monster. “It’s impossible to hit the wind!” He moved around Lord English and blasted him with wave after wave of strong wind. The others backed away and let the wind do the work. “You shouldn’t have messed with us. We have time, space, light, life and even hope on our side. All you have is a lot of guns, your shitty attitude and time. Big deal.” John focused himself on the cherub’s lungs and started filling him with air, “Vriska said we needed a secret weapon, but I think we’ll do just fine. He materialized and watched the monster gasp for air.

Dirk was on him with his sword, Dave close behind and both Jake and Jade were unloading round on his collapsing body. Jane thrust her weapon into his chest before collapsing herself. John looked over at Karkat and gave him a double thumbs up. The troll smiled back weakly and went to return the gesture. But the all too familiar sound of gunfire ruined the moment and John could feel a bullet pass through his body moments before he dissipated into the wind.

“John? John!” Karkat screamed again. The others were vaguely aware of what happened.

“Karkat, it’s ok, I’m fine,” he swirled around the troll, “It missed.”

“Don’t fucking scare me,” Karkat rushed to Jane’s side but couldn’t get passed her friends who were already with her. Instead he and Terezi joined Rose at Kanaya’s fallen body. Karkat gently picked her up and carried her towards the others.

“She’ll be ok, right?” Rose asked. “She’ll pop back, good as new, like last time right? Because of the rainbowdrinker thing?”

“I don’t know.” Karkat said quietly.

“She’ll come back right? Karkat right? Come on, say something.”

“I said I don’t know!” Karkat snapped before hastily apologizing.

He joined the others just in time for a huge two dimensional house to spring up from the ground. “That’s it,” Karkat said. “That’s the door to the new universe.” He nudged Roxy towards it. “One of you has to open it, it’s your world.”

“No,” Dirk said, carrying Jane’s body, “It’s all of ours. We’ve all suffered equally and fought for the same thing.”

“There’s no bloody way we’re taking all the credit so come on,” Jake walked towards the door, pulling Jade behind him. Dave followed and close behind him Terezi and Roxy. Dirk took Jane and Karkat carried Kanaya towards the light.

“John come on, you can cut it out now,” he looked around, “John?”

“Karkat come on!” Jade called, “You don’t want us to leave you behind!”

A strong wind forced Karkat forward and he stumbled through the door.


The new planet was beautiful. It was better than anything Karkat had ever hoped for. The idea’s and dreams off everyone combined into the perfect world. Karkat stood high on a cliff and watched the waves roll in. The ocean reminded him of Crabdad and the seadweller friends he lost. “You lied to me John.”

“Oh come on, I soooo didn’t.”

“You said it missed.”

“Well…it did, sorta.”

“Sorta? I can’t see you. You’re obviously a ghost.”

A laugh filled the air all around him. “No way man, I’m the wind.” The voice paused before adding, “And you can totally see me if you look.”

“What do you-“ He spun around and was greeted by a transparent figure of John.

“See? I told you,” John smiled, “I think when I dissolved into wind that final time it saved what was left of me. I could feel the bullet pass through my chest, I’m sure it was fatal.”

“Then you did lie.”

“Nooooot exactly. I turned myself to air at the same time. I’m alive I guess.”

“I can’t kiss the wind.”

“You can try.” John giggled. “Besides, I fucked up back there. Maybe this is what I deserve.”

Karkat growled and furrowed his eyebrows, “What do you mean?”

“Back there…you know…when I lost it. Maybe this is fate’s way of telling me that I need to own up to that.”

“That’s nonsense. You just lost your friends, everything, who wouldn’t go insane?”

“You didn’t, Dave didn’t.” John sat down on the ledge. “It doesn’t matter, I think I’ll like being the god of the wind. It should be fun.”

“Idiot,” Karkat sat next to him.

“Hey Karkat?”


“We did it.”

Karkat laughed once, hollow, “Yeah, I guess we did,” he watched the waves reflect the orange glittering sun.

John carefully reached out and wiped a tear from Karkat’s face, “Don’t,” he said quietly. “I don’t think I could stand watching you be sad.”

“You should have fucking thought about that before you gave up your physical body.”

No response came from John. Instead he lifted to his feet and used the wind to pick Karkat up. Together they flew down to the water and hovered above it, they moved by the shore and through the town that sprung up by the water’s edge. He took them past the graveyard and past the resting places of their friends. “I didn’t mean for this to happen.” He stopped and let them hover high above the trees.

“I know you didn’t.”

“I love you Karkat, and I’ll stay beside you, no matter what.” He tried to grin, “I know you might not be able to see me all the time, or touch me, but you’ll know that every small breeze is me. You’ll know that I’m here, I’m always here.” He placed a transparent hand over the troll’s chest. “I’m not dead, and you’re not either, maybe someday I’ll find my way back to a physical form.”

“Yeah, maybe.”

“Yeah maybe? That’s all you have to say?”

Karkat shrugged, “What else is there?”

“You could at least fake some hope.”

The troll grinned and said, “You know that’s not my style.”

“Come on, let’s go back.”

Even though Karkat couldn’t hold John’s hand, he could still feel his presence and the reassuring squeeze. ‘We’ll figure it out. Somehow, we’ll figure it out.”
This is technically a thirty min challenge that got a biiiiiiit out of hand.
I had this idea in my head for a while now. I'll do some editing in the next few days and make it flow. For now this will have to due because I'm tired.
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Over the years, I've been asked many questions on how I make my ponies through many different outlets (notes, comments, in person, etc). And through that time, I've been collating those questions in hopes of one day making an FAQ/tutorial with pictures and demos for anyone interested in sculpting. However since then, I haven't gotten around to finishing all the questions nor editing them nor polishing them. Frankly, I don't think I ever will. So instead, I'm opting to publish them somewhat raw. Most of them are copypasta's of questions I've answered in some form, others I've gone back and actually polished them to be more coherent. You'll notice some duplicates with slightly different information, the context may be missing, or that some of the questions are left unanswered or half answered but that is how it appears in the document. Also, the names of the questioners have been removed. Either way, this is only a fraction of the questions I've collated so far, and depending on how this is received or how useful it is, I'll opt to post more in the future (some include some long held secrets like how I do eyes, colored clay techniques, etc) So be sure to let me know if you enjoyed this or not. 

Please let me know if there are any errors (grammatical or otherwise) in the writing in the comments, I'll be sure to address them when I can.

What type of clay do you use?

First off, I use a mixture of Sculpey III/Premo (effectively the same thing) and Cernit([link]). Since I don't paint my sculptures, I use the colored clay from Sculpey III mixed with Cernit in a ~50:50 ratio. Sculpey III/Premo is great because there are over 40+ colors to use. If the color I need doesn't exist, I can simply mix 2 or 3 colors together to make it. However the problem with Sculpey III is that it is extremely soft when baked and thus very fragile. This is a huge problem when I need to send ponies in the mail because they're apt to break. But that is why I mix it with Cernit. Cernit is used because it is a polymer clay that hardens stronger than Super Sculpey but is translucent so as to not disturb the color when mixed with Sculpey III. This allows of a solid sculpture to be baked and thus able to post in the mail with little worry.

Super Sculpey is an excellent alternative (which I see you use) if you like to paint your sculptures (unlike me). I, however, use a mixture of Super Sculpey and Sculpey Firm. Mixing both in a ~50:50 ratio will give more rigidity to the clay allowing for greater detail and 'posing' when sculpting. Where as the softness of Super Sculpey would not allow for as much stiffness. If I weren't already using the Sculpey III/Cernit method, I'd probably be using this instead.

How to wire a pony?

As for your first question about wire, the answer is abit more complicated as it honestly depends on what I'm building.

If sculpture is something very simple which will be supported when baked, I will use the latter method of using small bits of wire to connect each leg/arm/head etc as it is much faster than building a full on wire 'skeleton'. However I will always include a 'spine' . The 'spine' is about what you think it is. Its a thick, sturdy length of wire (normally I use 16 Gauge aluminum wire) that runs from the head thru the neck, all the way to about halfway in the tail. This is used to support the head which is the heaviest part of the sculpt. Otherwise it might sag or, worse, come loose when baked thus giving a much different expression than I was intending.

In this [] picture, for example, all the foals were made using this method, however, being more complicated, Rainbow dash has a full body wire 'skeleton' which I'll describe next.

For Rainbow dash, I built a full body wire skeleton which connects all the major parts together including a wire that connects her to Tank. This is done by simply twisting lengthy wire around the 'spine' for each major part (legs, arms, wings ((if they're unfurled))). I make sure its tight so as to minimize movement when sculpting. (I wish I had an example picture of this to show but I don't, sorry)

Also finding the sturdiest wire possible is key to getting difficult poses down. In general regarding gauge wires, the lower the number,, the thicker and sturdier the wire is. However different brands will carry the same gauge wire but be much more malleable or 'softer' than other brands. Unfortunately finding out which works better is simply trial and error. When I first started, I used some 16 Ga beadcraft wire I found at Walmart. I still use it as it is one of the strongest wire I've found despite going thru several brands.

Unlike what most tutorials will say about building armature wire skeletons, I don't build the wire skeleton first. I actually sculpt the body and head in the pose I want first sans details (eyes, ears, hair, tail, etc.) This gives me a real world sense of how long the skeleton needs to be when I build it next. Upon finishing the skeleton, I will then incorporate it into the body and head.

How to make your Ponies silky smooth?

Anyway, to answer your question, I assume you're using polymer clay (Sculpey, Fimo and the like). Just one hour before I bake the sculpt, I put on gloves and use 91% Isopropanol (or Isopropyl alcohol). I use Q-tips or my finger (depending on the area) and lightly wipe the entire surface of the sculpt. If necessary, I will then wipe the surface again w/ a VERY clean paper towel or a baby wipe. Let dry for a couple mins, then rinse and repeat till clean. Its an arduous task, as I've tried rushing it before but it never turns out as clean. So its well worth it to take your time.

Isopropanol can be found at CVS or any local pharmacy, probably under the First-Aid section. Because it evaporates so readily, its also good for cleaning computer/smart phone screens  Just dont over do it.

Hope this helps!

Protip: Be sure to NEVER INHALE the alcohol fumes and remain in a WELL VENTILATED area. The alcohol is much more highly concentrated than in a beer or hard liquor (except for maybe the likes of Everclear XD) and a large whiff -will- have you passing out. Keep it at arm's length from you, only pulling closer when necessary.

How to make your ponies look as large as life? (Photography)

One of the hardest things to do when taking photos of my sculptures is to get down.  Truthfully, the hardest part is to get down at eye level of whatever it is the subject you are taking, i.e. Ponies. By getting at eye level, you give your pony a sense of scale, making it larger than it actually seems in real life. This can be applied to any object. Try photographing your pony from underneath, pointing the camera toward the sky. Another angle (and most common angle) is to shoot your pony from above, which would make your pony seem smaller since we (the viewer) are looking down on the pony. I usually try to avoid this angle as the pony is small already. However the angle is not without its uses. Certainly if you want to see a pony cowering or retracting physically, this would be the way to go.

How to make your pony ‘fit’ IRL? (Photography)

Well one of the most important things to think of is scale when making ponies fit. I always try to have objects around the pony I photograph that are of similar scale to it so that she doesn’t seem too small. Things like small bits of grass or tiny flowers/weeds can go a long way in terms of making your pony seem to belong in the environment. This goes for indoor shots as well as outdoor with stuff like small blankets, books, etc. The more objects you can get to fit to your pony’s scale the better. Its really all about keeping an eye out for tiny things.

Do you use any tools for working with your clay? Also for blending colors? Also for finer details?

Oh boy, this…is a long list and in fact, I don’t think I can possibly list every single tool I use since many of them are one use/situational. But I’ll be listing my most used tools, which greatly helped me to get consistency in my sculpting

Xacto Knife w/ #11 blade (most common)

$2 Box cutter w/ 4” detachable blade

Wood Scapel/ Wood poker

$20 set of sculpting tools (I only use about 4-5 tools from the set but I use them so much)

Knitting needles


Pasta Machine

Wire Loop tools

Metal needles

Toaster Oven (I personally use)

Iso-propanol (or Iso-propyl alcohol/ rubbing alcohol)


Cutting mat

Gloss/Satin Glaze

Glues (Super Glue, Gorrilla Glue, 3m Super strength adhesive)

Sculpey Bake and Bond glue

Set of Acrylic brushes

Set of heavy body acrylic paints

How do you usually create the eyes?

What types of clay brands you’ve tried and what kinds of blends you’ve experimented with?

Do you use anything inside for structural support?

Do you suggest half baking or full baking (then return to add finer details)?

Any type of gloves used/preferred (maybe oils on skin would affect the clay in an undesired manner)?

Sculpting Ponies: Getting the shape down

So one of the major issues most starting sculptors face is getting the shape of the pony down right. Now I can’t give you exact measurements for which to follow since I am not that exact myself but I can give you guidelines and a method to determining the shape of a pony.

What clay do you use for the body? Or do you mix brands? The ponies are so cute! Also, what temperature do you cook them at? I've heard that some people cook it lower than what the packaging says. Lastly, how do you tell when its completely cooked? I had sculpey premo and I made a necklace of it. I could bend it! I didn't know if it was because it wasn't done or too thin.

I use a combination of polymer clay brands~ mostly Sculpey III/Premo and Cernit (which can be found online). And I have no qualms about mixing brands as they would all work with each other, for the most part (testing should be done before any real sculpting)

I cook them at a temp of 265 F for about 18-20 mins, give or take. Which is about the recommended cook time/temp. But depending on how thin or bulky my sculpture is I'll increase or decrease the time by up to 5 mins.

I've read of others cooking at a lower temp for a longer time (as low as 225oF) in order to minimize burning/charring of the sculpture.

With my experience I'd say that would work, especially if you have hot spots in your oven that tend to heat up above the designated temperature but I've never done it myself so I wouldn't be 100% sure.There are also many other ways to prevent charring that I won’t go into right now, since that wasn’t the question.

Lastly, You'll know a sculpture is done when you've done it for the alloted time and temperature. Unfortunately there's no superficial way to determine if a sculpture is done. However all sculptures will come out extremely hot and pliable when they come out until they cool down (about 20-25 mins) This is a very crucial period, as any wrong movements can cause the sculpture to crack, which down the road will lead to a probably break. So be very careful, and always have a preset "staging area" that you know won't have the possibility of anyone touching/moving your sculpture.

Also, just in case that didn't pertain to your bending question, many brands of polymer clay can be bendable when made very thin long after they've cooled. (I'm talking up to 5mm or so thin) This however should be avoided with most brands of polymer clay as this will weaken and probably break the clay. If you can, make these segments thicker or reinforce them with wiring or something.

....More soon...
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So, hello and welcome, once again, to one of my long-as-longcat text tutorials. This one here is going to be on the creation of original species. Unlike my other tutorials, this one is going to be better organized and hopefully make more sense, although, like all my other tutorials, it's going to be more a guide, than anything else. After all, you might not like, or even have to follow, everything I do, though I hope I can at least lay down a good path for you to follow, least you decide you want to follow it at all.

For this tutorial here, I will be using one of my own, nearly-original species, my biological vampires. These are simple characters, more humanoid than anything, and a very good springboard for showing one what developing an original species can do for you, your story, or anything else you plan on using these species on. Along the way, though, I will also be stating things that might apply outside my vampire species, and might apply to your species. Whether you use them or not, that is entirely up to you.

Now, let us continue to the first step of this long-as-longcat text tutorial! Have fun!~

Fantasy, or Non-Fantasy?

This is the first thing you need to think about when considering a new species. The question might seem a little broad, however, it is very, very important. The borderline between a believable, living-breathing creature and a fantasy creation that will only appear in a magical world is a thin, but distinguishable one. The question, fantasy or non-fantasy really pertains more to science-fiction or fantasy-fiction, and how 'real' you want your species to be. Things like symmetry, appearance, personality, actions, and even things right down to the very eye-color and toenails can make or break a project. Think about it like this-- if you want your species to be real, they should, technically, be able to occur and spawn in nature itself. It's understandable to have oddities occur, though there is no species that develops only three-legged animals, at least, not on this planet. It's okay to bend the rules a little, though bear in mind that bending too far backwards will cause your spine to break.

*This is just a little side note, but I find that mixing both fantasy with believable, biological function can really make everything jump off the page. Though in fantasy, undead and magic can occur naturally, I find it more exciting to put an element of realness within the fantasy realm. It makes one think, 'what if magic is real, and this really could happen?' That's what my biological vampire species really is. Instead of being undead, sparkling, blood-sucking monsters that burn in the sunlight, I made them nocturnal, misunderstood, living and breathing creatures infected by a specific virus (a bit more like zombies, but alive, I suppose). In that sense, I can make the reader believe there is the slightest chance that this might actually be able to happen. Whether you want to use this mix is entirely up to you, though, as I know that the opinions between fantasy and sci-fy can vary vastly from person-to-person.

Things to think about

-I'm putting this before 'the world' for a lot of reasons. Symmetry is one of the most commonly occurring things in nature, almost before everything else out there. Think about it. Unless it's a plant, if you were to cut it in half, the other half, theoretically, should look identical. Though this can often vary, between mutations, birthmarks, or just naturally occurring differentiation, things should not have one arm, thee legs, seventeen eyes and an odd number of toes on each foot. Now, if you choose to branch away from the non-scify sorts of things, then tricks like this might be acceptable, though typically, if you want anything to appear real at all, then it should have an element of symmetry.
-Don't try to over-complicate everything. Seriously. Baroque tried this and half the nation hates playing the viola to his song for terribly long. Make it fun, but don't put too much in one thing. I am practically notorious for having an ungodly amount of tropes in one character, and this is a trait I'm trying to lose. If it makes sense, use it-- but if not, then what's the point?

-The World
-This is something that is very, very high on the list. The world a species lives in can change them drastically, deciding whether insects, reptiles, or mammals evolve to the dominant species, and deciding what adaptations these creatures have. The world, also, consists of more than separate planets, from Earth, but also the time period of the planet, the weather conditions, and sometimes the other species occurring there. Often, the hardest part about developing a species is looking at the world they live in, and deciding simple things, like 'how do they bathe' or 'should they have teeth'. When you are developing a species, it's the little things like that that will really make your own creature stand out among others, and make them jump off the page, to life, as well.
-Once again, don't try to over-complicate it. It might be good to know how this creature bathes, but if it doesn't come up in the story, then don't use it. Knowing little things like that will help you define your species as a whole, but if it's not something that the other needs to know, don't go off on a whole ten pages describing why your creatures eyes are green. Hell, my eyes are green, and I have no idea why. Do I need to know why, though? Hardly.
-The world is such a broad topic that I'm going to take the rest of this, and leave it here until later. Mull it over for a while, and have us come back to this. In fact, this things to think about section, think about this all the time. These are the most important things to keep in mind. Always keep these things in mind.

Biological Factors
-The coolest thing about creating a real-to-life species is that, beyond symmetry, the possibilities are practically endless. Bugs all have their skeletons on the outside of their bodies. The rhinoceros has two horns on it's head, the elephant two tusks, the cow, two horns. Some fish are transparent through and through. And things like squid? Seriously. What the hell is this? Some creatures out there, on our own Earth, are pretty crazy, inside and out.
-Though this is not entirely true (minus plants, viruses, and other things) everything living on this planet has some sort of beating heart, some sort of function to keep them alive. Oxygen and water do it for us. Maybe Hydrochloric Acid and Helium keep your species alive, and maybe some organic, nuclear substance does. Either way, another thing, beyond symmetry, to consider, is biological functions. How does your species digest food? How do they breathe? Sleep? Talk? See? Maybe none of that?
-One last thing to consider, biological factors outside of your species can influence your species. For example, a nuclear bomb could eliminate everything but roaches, and roaches could rise to take over the Earth. The gravity could take a sudden change when the poles flip, and all all the species bigger than a cat become squat and short. Another species could become extinct and upset the balance of a food-chain. I am not exactly saying that evolution exists, and that it needs to exist (a tricky path I will not walk today, with this), though these are still important things to consider, when making a brand, new species.

Culture and Social Factors
-The only reason this is last on the list is because these tend to evolve only after everything else is set into motion. However, there can come the occasional need to put this before other things, such as deciding whether or not your species is a loner, like the solitary tigers and panthers, or if they are more pack-oriented, like apes and wolves.
-When the deciding factors hinge less on environment, and more on time-frames (such as in my soon upcoming species) culture can sometimes endure through the centuries, from little things to eating with chopsticks, to larger things, such as dealing with money and currency. Sometimes, the species will evolve around the culture, such as hunting dogs and horses, or domesticated birds and hamsters. Even humans as a whole have evolved around culture, as we are bigger people, as a whole, than we were two-hundred years ago, and our brains are probably chemically a lot different. Though time usually erodes things quickly, there will always be something left of a civilization that will endure, into the next generations.

The Application of Species

Here comes the fun part!~
Once you've got everything down, thought everything through, it's time to start deciding what this sucker is going to look like, act like, and live like. I find it good to have a base to start off with, such as a humanoid, and then extend from there. With that base, one will, more than likely, have some symmetry to go off of, though if you really wish to not have the symmetry, go ahead. Just remember, don't get too crazy with it!
*The first time I did an exercise like this, I was in a class with an author that was completely off her rocker. The class was on creating your own alien, I believe, and the species that we had to make was some sort of shellfish, based on a swamp-like planet with low gravity, purple water, and a very distant sun. (as an example) Despite the oddity of our creature, the exercise we did was a lot of fun, and I would not be where I am today without those creatures, and that author.

Your World and Them
For simplicity's sake, the species I'm going to be using as the example are both humanoid, and based on Earth. The only difference? Earth is two-thousand years older. Now, considering I derived this species from humans, (and I intend them to have been human, at one point) they are going to be similar to us, though hardly the same. The species I am using are vampires, though I like to call them Biological Vampires, just not to confuse anyone. You can use whatever you like as your base, just don't try to stray too far from the original structure of the being.

The Origins
A mix of biological factors and the world, this is always, always good to know when your writing a book with an original species. Perhaps, if you're an alien species, that's just how you evolved on your planet. Perhaps there was an outside, biological influence? Let's take a look at my example, and, from there, you can try to determine, what, exactly, made your species the way they are, today.
Biological Vampirism: For my vampires, the story is a bit complicated. Vampirism itself is actually a strain of virus that has evolved, and is transferred through these monsters that crawl from the pits of hell (for serious, though. That's the fantasy part.). The virus grows a bit of a consciousness, and about as much intelligence as a colony of ants has. Once it enters the body it goes directly to the brain, and other parts of the body, forcing a massive mutation of cells. A bit like a body grows a tumor (but on a much faster, more painful rate) the body will mutate and grow wings and fangs, new muscles, and mutate old organs and joints. The basic function of the virus is to keep itself, and it's host, alive, and the only fuel it needs to do that, blood. Thus, the birth of the vampire, basically, a new sub-species of human.
*See there, how I made vampires suddenly as real as is physically possible, via a disease? It sometimes takes a lot of thinking and work, but eventually, you can come up with something 'realistic' as well, at least, something more believable and with more of an explanation than you originally had.

The Biology
Once you figure out the origins, you can delve deeper into what actually makes your species tick. No matter what your species does, from acid-spitting dogs to six-legged horses, it's always good to make sense of the situation at hand, and figure out exactly what makes them do that. For humans, we function primarily on our brain, and our dexterity. An ostrich, though, needs to be able to outrun a cheetah to keep from being eaten alive.
Here, let me put this in two steps; first, you need to figure out what the creature does to keep it alive, second, you need to figure out how the creature, does that, exactly.
Biological Vampires: Firstly, the thing about vampires is that they need blood. They need it as much as food an water, to keep then alive and functioning. The virus forces them to crave this blood (via access to the brain it already has), and from there, the vampire must get the blood. Any type will typically do, but vulnerable prey, say, the abundant human, is the obvious choice. The vampires, eventually, figure out striking at night is ideal, when everyone is asleep. Flying makes it easier to land on balconies. Their stomach usually mutates to digest the blood they need, as well. Their jaws unhinge at the joint to compensate for a thick neck, and easy access to a jugular. They become nimble, quick, and smart-- and easily compete for land, with the humans.
Effect on Appearance
Once you get the how and why out of the way, it's time to decide the what. After all these adaptations, what does your creature turning out looking like? Sure, the obvious might ensue, that 'they've got wings, they've got fangs' deal, but what more? Because of the way biology works, a lot more can change. A six legged animal won't have two pectorals, but four. A vampires fangs will either have to retract, or, slip into slots in the bottom of their jaws. Lots of these obvious changes often have major effects on the smaller features no one seems to think about.
Biology of a Vampire: Because of their most noticeable, new features, the wings and jaws, vampires seem to alter, sometimes growing, a set of muscles to fit them. A new set of pectoral muscles, longer and thinner, seems to appear under the original pec's, attaching to their shoulder-blades to move their wings. Around their shoulders, muscles to extend their jaws, and to maneuver their wings, can grow. All of this extra musculature and tendons and joints and, well, everything, can make a vampire appear very muscular, very broad shouldered and thick-necked. Their lower half, though, almost seem lacking. Where as they still appear to have normal, humanoid feet and legs, though their upper torso really stands out, almost making some thinner vampires appear top-heavy.
The Mutants
A fun little section I'm throwing here just because. I know I mentioned, stick to symmetry, but oddities do happen. Bi-colored eyes. Five legged frogs. Just Google the people of 'Ripley's Believe It or Not', and you'll see all sorts of, sometimes symmetrical, sometimes not, people. In many stories, the main character will be nothing more than a mutant, given the situation, and sometimes mutants can be used to an advantage, or rather, a disadvantage.
Mutant Vampires: So if vampire is a virus that causes a tumor to grow, can you imagine how many people actually do die from it? Part of the lungs, while vampires are mutating, often will be converted into air-sacks, to make it easier to fly. What if the whole lung were to, accidentally, be swallowed up by this? What if, instead of wings grew from your back, you grew a pair of arms? What if the tumor just raged out of control, and couldn't be stopped? Still, for the amount of mutations that do happen, it is found that those healthy, surviving individuals, can mate together and have a perfectly healthy vampire baby. The virus is transferred, suddenly becoming generational. And those little, 'pure bred' vampire babies, well, they seem to have no problems with their disorder, at all.

Effects on Society
Depending whether or not your new species is nothing more than a domesticated animal, or a whole other ruling race rivaling humanity will affect how drastic their society and culture will differ. They might love socializing together, or be lonesome, yet powerful beings. Their military tactics might be their greatest asset, or they might be the embodiment of peace. Religious leaders or not, their world and the things around them will have a huge impact on how your species acts, and what your species does. This part of the species-making process can be the most difficult, but most rewarding, part of this whole shebang, and, when done right, can really make your already believable, living creature become one step more-- a relatable species.
Asking Strange Questions
Before I get too far into this topic, this is the place where I really like to stop, look back at my species, and ask some really strange questions. Go around your weekly life, and write down everything you do, then think about how your species does it. Really strange things will start to come up, from 'how do they brush their teeth' to 'how do they have sex', and then some. It's the little things that will really make you think, but remember, don't over-complicate it. Just use these strange things where applicable, within whatever environment or story you've got.
Here, I've compiled a small list of questions, just to get you thinking:
-What does their furniture look like?
-What sorts of pets do they have, if any? Are they animal companions, or animal slaves?
-What sorts of eating utensils do they use?
-What do they use for a light source? Do they need to see at all?
-What is their form of art expression? Music? Dancing? Sacrificial rituals?
-Who are their gods? Do they believe in gods, or science?
-What sorts of natural enemies do they have? Are they at the top of the food-chain?
-How do they travel long-distance?
And from there, I'm sure you can come up with many, many more than I have. What's most important, when considering things like this, is to not automatically assume that your creature is going to do something humanly possible, at all. If your species is bird-based, and have no hands to speak of, it wouldn't make much sense for them to use guns in war, would it?
Social Vampires: Because they originated from humans, vampires share many of the same social traits as they do. They live in small, family groups, and can speak in the same languages as everyone else (though those 'newly bitten', will often speak with a lisp). They are very social creatures, and some have even been known to mate with humans, if the situation calls. However, because humans are their natural food-source, a rift has fallen between the two species, and now they are in a state of perpetual-war. Though in most places, they have come to make peace with humans, in small pockets, namely Japan (where my story takes place) Civil War has broke out, causing violence towards species beyond humans. Due to the nature of the vampire, these small conflicts are very hard to control, causing lots of racism, and violence, towards all vampire species. In short, vampires are usually fairly violent, vindictive individuals, though there are quite a few who believe the fighting is pointless, especially with the noticeable decline in the human population.
Cultural Norms
Society and culture, though tied together, are two different things. Where as someone can be very social, their culture, say, might call for them to avoid growing a certain plant in their back yard. Sometimes, society will influence culture, causing a strong force we like to call the law, though laws are constantly up for debate. When designing a species, it is important to remember society and culture are different to a point, though the two do influence each other quite often.
Vampire Culture: Vampires are a relatively new species, and therefor, don't have terribly much of a culture to speak of, yet. Small things are arising, though, such as the 'three, thee, three', rule: Three days without water, thee weeks without blood, and three months without food. Already, a royalty has been established within several places, small vampire families that consider themselves 'top of the line, not bitten, and pure-bred'. Due to their racism they receive from their peers, they tend to be a haughty, proud race, thinking everything they do is better, and it is not uncommon to find that vampires have written they they can break the law, rebel against everyone else. One thing, though, that is entirely taboo to this race, is the drinking of another vampire's blood. It is not entirely clear why, but even a pure bred will apologize profusely if they mistakenly drink even a half-bred's blood. One suspects that the vampires believe their blood to be sacred. Another thinks that it might be more scientific, and that the virus itself can not ingest blood that is already contaminated. That being said, it is acceptable for lovers to bite one another on the neck in a sensual manner, but not drink their blood. In fact, because a vampire has so many muscles, tendons, and protection around their neck that humans don't have, it's almost redundant to try and bite another vampire, anyways. Beyond their necks, though, the vampires have also made it an unspoken law that vampires should not go out in the light. Though many in the lower classes do, those 'higher up's' avoid sunlight like the plague. The rooms of the vampires often have tall ceilings, and thin windows, if any at all, both to keep the sunlight out, and to keep their wings from brushing against the walls of their homes, as they move about. All in all, their day-to-day life doesn't differ drastically from that of a human, though their beliefs and ideals can reach points of extremes.
Religion and Science
The cool thing about culture is, unlike biology, not everything has to have the most concrete reasoning. Though things without a little backstory can and will fall through, things that might be based off of little folk-tales, myths, and word of mouth can sometimes be respected by an entire population. Sometimes science will fall through without fact, but within my story, not one person understands how a virus can somehow cause the cells within someone's body to mutate so drastically. Just as we don't understand how cancer works today, many things could simply remain a mystery, within your tale.
Another cool thing about crossing culture and science is that you can do it in such a method that the very biology of the species can influence what they do. Because vampires have wings, it is suddenly culturally acceptable to have bigger houses, not to mention it would be difficult to wear just a t-shirt without having to cut holes in the back of it. Because of their muscular shoulders and necks, it's unlikely that you would  kill a vampire via decapitation, and probably less likely that you would even be able to feel their pulse in their necks. Night life probably light up across the world, with an entire species grounded to the night. Your species might have a slightly different biology, but, of course, the same effects apply. It wouldn't make any sense at all if your race of unicorn-people wore hats, now would it? This is what I meant when I said your creatures will come to evolve around their own biology, come to grow their own culture around their own world. And, most important, it is remember to apply it only if it makes sense. I know that sounds simple, but there is an unbelievable number of people who can still manage to get that wrong.

Tying Loose Ends
The only real way to ever be entirely sure if your species makes sense, and can survive in the world it was made for, is if you use it. This is only a personal step, but I never actually go in and 'tie up loose ends' whether it be with characters, species, settings, or plots. You might want to finish everything completely before use, but I find that doing that only puts a restriction on a creation that still has room to be magnificent. The trick, though, is not to hold back. If you've got an idea, go for it! If it doesn't work out, set it aside and try to use it at a later date. The species that you just created might not be perfect, might not do everything you want it to do, yet, but they will evolve, with time. They will eventually adapt to the world around them and, like any natural species.
That doesn't mean that you should just fling your creation out into the world, either. Smooth out the little bumps and bruises, and be patient. I cannot stress this enough. Creativity takes a long time, and thinking through all of the possible situations, the coming and narrowing everything down to the one thing you do want to happen, is the hardest, but most exciting part of writing any story, developing any character, making any plot. Once you feel comfortable with your new baby, though, don't be afraid to let them into the big, wide world. After all, what else did you just go though so much work to do!
Beyond that, there's not much more advise I have to add. Take examples from real life, keep it simple, keep it natural, and don't forget to have fun while doing it. If you don't like it, then I can guarantee that no one else will. As you will learn, what makes a good character is one's ability to relate to them. If your species is completely alien, completely different, they might make for a wonderful antagonist, but not such a good protagonist. Still, play around. Nothing is set in concrete, and you can always change something later on. Don't be afraid to change!
Anyways, enough of my ramblings. Seven pages strong and I feel like this is a wonderful stopping point. Hope this helped, and get out there, have a ball!
What can I say? The title says it all.
Need any help with creating your original species? I am here to help.
If you think I'm missing something, then feel free to tell me and I'll see if I can incorporate it somehow.
If you don't like how I did this I'm not writing it again so.
One afternoon of wanting-to-write-hardcore-porn wasted.
What do you think?
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This guide has been made by the Wolfaboo Research Institute (WRI).
1. Sane Wolf Fans: While technically not wolfaboos they deserve to be mentioned. They like wolves but don't take their interest in wolves to the extreme like wolfaboos. They may or may not support regulated wolf hunting. They are actually pretty cool people. It's kinda hard to find them on DA.
1.5 Wolf Artists: They draw really good wolf art. The anatomy is good and they aren't sparklewolves. They deserve to be praised.
2. The Underage Wolfaboos: They are a bunch of kids who made their way to DA. Most of the time they don't post any artwork. If they ever see someone posting a different viewpoint from them they use CAPS RAEG on them. They try to insult you, but instead of offending you they end up making you laugh.  
"U stooped wolf hatur I hop u die in hell u Bitch!111111!! Ur also a faggot!!!1111"
If you are a troll you will have a lot of fun trolling these guys. 99.9% of the time they eventually deactivate their account or are eventually banned for being underage.
3.The Sparklewolf Wolfaboos: They post artwork of Sparklewolves(often colored over bases). The Sparklewolves often have bad anatomy, look like they have anorexia or bulimia, really weird anime hair, and/or sometimes have wings or clothes. When confronted about the bad anatomy on the sparklewolf they try to defend themselves by saying "ITZ MAH STYLE!!!!!111!!"or something like that.
4. The Mallgoth Wolfaboos: They are basically wannabe Goths. They post pictures of their "GAWTHIC" wolf OC. The OC typically is really dark colored, has markings associated with death, is bleeding profusely, and looks like a corpse. They often make pictures of the OC killing stuff (Like wolf hunters,Sarah Palin,and "TEM WULF HATERZZ"). In their journals they typically talk about how "GAWTHIC" they are, how much they hate their parents, preps,Sarah Palin and "TEM WULF HATERZZ, and what they bought at Hot Topic last weekend.  They usually listen to Slipknot,Korn,and Marilyn Manson because they are under the impression that that those bands are "GAWTHIC". In fact none of those bands are Goth. They are basically typical mallgoths,except they are obsessed with wolves.
5. The CAPS RAEG Wolfaboos: They always type in Caps. ALWAYS. They don't realize that typing in caps makes them look like a tool. When they encounter some artwork with a different opinion then them they troll and/or spam all over the page. They usually end up getting banned.
5.5 The Fail-Trolls: They try to troll Anti Wolfaboo groups pages and over the homepages of Anti Wolfaboos, but like the Underage Wolfaboos they end up making you laugh instead of making you mad. Usually end up getting banned.
6. The Emo Wolfaboos: They are emos who like wolves. Their Sparklewolf OC's are just as emo as they are. The OC is usually dark colored, has emo hair, sometimes has emo clothes(wolves should never be drawn wearing skinny jeans),and has cuts all over their front legs. They also overreact to everything. When they find out that a wolf was shot or was accidently run over by a car, they have an emotional breakdown and cry a lot. They are basically attention whores. They usually talk about how much they hate their miserable lives in their journal. It is best to leave these Wolfaboos alone.
7.The Wolfifiers: These are the most annoying Wolfaboos. They draw characters from every fandom has Sparklewolves. I've seen plenty of pokemon drawn as wolves. (And I thought Pokemon gijinkas and Pokemon ponies were bad.) They even draw CELEBRITIES as wolves(I've seen a Miley Cyrus wolf). Believe me, It's just as bad as drawing fictional characters and celebrities as ponies.
8.The Wolf Cult Members: They gather around bonfires and sacrifice virgins at midnight…nah I'm just kidding they actually worship wolves and treat them like gods. They claim that Native Americans worshiped wolves(They didn't). Sometimes they hold elaborate ceremonies and speak in weird tongues. They often say killing a wolf is like killing a god.
9. The Beastiality Wolfaboos: These Wolfaboos are really disturbing. They are sexually attracted to wolves. They usually draw pornographic wolf pictures. These guys are usually found on FurAffinity, but some have made their way to DA. They often talk about how sexy wolves are.  Wolves don't need to be saved from hunters,but they do need to be saved from these sickos.  These people really do exist. REALLY.
9.5 The Hardcore Furry Wolfaboos: These are Wolfaboos who are also hardcore furries. Occasionally, two of them put on wolf suits and air-hump each other. Sometimes they go a little further.
10. The Lycanthropic Wolfaboos: They think they are wolves(or wolf spirits inside a human body). Some are just trolling but others actually mean it. They often make wolf sounds while on DA. Some of the more extreme ones howl and walk on all fours in public. Usually end up getting sent to a mental hospital.
11. The Confused Wolfaboos: They can't tell different canine species from wolves. Often take pics of their husky, upload it to DA and claim it's a wolfdog or a wolf.(Even though it's clearly a husky).
12.The Anti Anti Wolfaboos AKA The White Knights: They try to defend Wolfaboos. Usually have better grammar then Wolfaboos. They often generalize about Anti Wolfaboos, by claiming they are all "evil". They list "facts" to show how Anti Wolfaboos are "wrong". The reliability of their "facts" is questionable because they don't cite their sources and when they do it's towards some obscure, biased website or another to one of their Anti Anti Wolfaboo artwork(This shows how big of attention whores they are). Some Anti Anti Wolfaboos disable the comments to most or all of their artwork because they aren't too fond of other peoples opinions.
12.5:The Anti Anti Wolfaboo Worshipers: They worship the ground that the popular Anti Anti Wolfaboos walk on. They often try to copy the techniques of their favorite Anti Anti Wolfaboos(Disabling the comments,Writing a lot of text in the description,etc.) which makes them look like tools and posers(Actually,they are tools and posers.) A lot of them can be seen hanging around their favorite Anti Anti Wolfaboos home page,craving attention. They are really big suck ups.
12.75 The Chris Crockers: They are always like "LEAVE WOLFABOOS ALONE, THEY NEVER DONE ANYTHING TO YOU!". They are complete drama queens and attention whores. They aren't worth anybodies time.
13. The Wolf Comic Makers: They make wolf comics. Their comics usually all have the same plot, but with different characters and settings. The plot that is mostly reused all the time exactly like that of "The Lion King", but with wolves instead of lions. The title is usually cheesy, like "Blood Moon". The title usually has something to do with the Moon, fangs ,claws, body parts, and/or bodily fluids. The characters are often poorly drawn and 1-dimesional. In the fight scenes they often use their CLAWS to fight(Wolves fight with their fangs, not their claws. Wolves =/= felines).  Not all wolf comics are bad, but it's tricky to find a good one.
14. The Br00tal Wolfaboos: They talk about how they want to kill wolf hunters in their journals. Sometimes they draw wolves and/or themselves graphically killing wolf hunters, Anti Wolfaboos, and/or Sarah Palin.  Anti Anti Wolfaboos often accuse Anti Wolfaboos of being "sadists". They obviously never seen Br00tal Wolfaboos. Many Br00tal Wolfaboos have the potential to become serial killers in the near future.
15. The Baltotards: They are extreme fans of "Balto". They think that Balto really was a wolfdog. They even like the two sequels(Which I thought were crappy). What's that? You have a different opinion about Balto then they do? Congratulations! You are now their worst enemy!
15.5. The Recolorists: They recolor Screenshots of Jenna and pair it up with Balto. LIEK SUPER ORIJINALS!!!!1
15.75. The Mary Sue Makers: They pair up their Mary Sues with Balto. Sometimes the Mary Sue is a recolor. Sometimes it isn't
16. The A&O 3D Fans: Alpha and Omega 3D was a horrible film. It had bad animation, bad character designs(The "wolves" looked like anorexic dogs with anime hair),bad acting, and a predictable plot. Yet these Wolfaboos call it "TEH BEST MOVIE EVUR!111" They claim the negative reviews are "lies" and the haters are "STOOPID". Trolls will have a lot of fun trolling these Wolfaboos.
16.5. The A&O Recolorists: See 15.5, but replace "Jenna" with "Kate" and "Balto" with "Humphrey".
16.75. The A&O Mary Sue Makers: See 15.75, but replace "Balto" with "Humphrey".
17. The Animal Rights Activists: They are Wolfaboos that support animal rights. Need I say more?
17.5. The Petatard Wolfaboos: They try and fail at defending PETA. They claim that PETA doesn't kill animals. When they try (and fail) to defend PETA they unintentionally cause you to laugh.
17.75. The Vegitard Wolfaboos:  Vegitard - An extreme vegetarian. Tries to force their beliefs down omnivores' throats. They make sane vegetarians look bad. Oddly enough even though they are vegetarian they are obsessed with a carnivorous animal.
18.The Weeaboo Wolfaboos:  Basically they are Wolfaboo/Weeaboo hybrids. They say "Kawaii Desu" to almost every wolf picture they can find. Their user names usually include the words "Kawaii" and/or "Desu". A lot of them are obsessed with Okami and/or Wolf's Rain.
19.The Scene Wolfaboos: They are Scene kids that like wolves. Like most Scene kids they are really big attention whores. They are really obsessed with wolves and dinosaurs.  Their sparklewolf OC is just as Scene as they are. The OC is typically is really brighty colored, bangs that are cut at a 45 degree angle, has a lot of neon colored colthing(Yes, I am talking about their sparklewolf OC's here),and is sometimes part dinosaur(You know how they love dinosaurs). Occasionally the OC has a Myspace account.(Since when do wolves use Myspace?). Usually found on Myspace,but some have made their way to DA. They often take pictures of themselves from many differant angles and upload them to DA. Their friends are usually other Scene Wolfaboos which basically isolates them from the Non-Scene Wolfaboos(and the rest of DA).
20.The Zombie Slaves: These guys are a really sad case. Since they became obsessed with wolves,they lost their sense of individuality and become hollow shells of their former selves. They essentially become zombie slaves to the Wolfaboos hence their name. Any former artwork they had before they became obessed with wolves gets gradually replaced with sparklewolf art. All they talk about in their journals after becoming Zombie Slaves are wolves and NOTHING else.
Mixtures: A lot of Wolfaboos are mixtures of some or all of the Wolfaboo types I listed here.

A short section on people almost as retarded as the wolfaboos themselves.
1.Wolf Haters:Wolfaboos often complain about the wolf haters. Most of them turn out to not actually be wolf haters. However these guys really do hate wolves. Their hatred of wolves is rather irrational because they don't hate other animals and they hate wolves for ridiculous reasons (WOOFS ARE OVERATED! WOOFS KILL STUFF! ETC.). Often found on the DA group "Anti-Wolf". I can name one DA user who hates wolves and is in Anti- Wolf,but I shouldn't say his name. ;)
1.5 The Wolf Art Haters: They hate any wolf art,no matter if it's a crappy sparklewolf that was drawn using a base,or a really good professional-like wolf painting. According to them all wolf art sucks because "THERE ARE WOOFS IN IT!". This is rather irrational if you ask me.
2.The Prophets of Doom:When ever something beneficial to wolf populations occurs,they act like it's the end of the world. These guys are very irrational and are impossible to reason with.
What's that? Wolves are planning on being introduced into their former range in the Eastern US? OMG,THE APOCALYPSE IS GONNA HAPPEN!
Huh? Obama signed a bill that regulates wolf hunting? OMG OBAMA IS THE ANTICHRIST! BURN HIM ON THE STAKE!
OMG! A wolf killed a deer? THE END IS NIGH!!!
I was inspired by ShadowSpyro's guides to the Sonic fandom and MLP fandom when I made this.
Anything I missed? Please tell me.
I will update this guide,so expect to see new things being added.
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01. letter
02. sticks and stones
03. birthday
04. immortal
05. circus
06. abandoned
07. nosebleed
08. mother [or father, or both]
09. sunrise
10. distraction
11. habit
12. fuck
13. love
14. waste
15. skinny
16. eyes
17. white noise
18. impulse
19. addiction
20. desecrate
21. death
22. low
23. heartbeat
24. first kiss
25. tomorrow
26. sweet
27. fog [or mist]
28. can't
29. village
30. time
31. forget
The 31 writing prompts I found somewhere, maybe even here on dA. I will by trying to write a poem for each. It prob won't be in order, but what ever is?
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