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This was much more difficult to pixel than i expected x_x

Character was originally designed by vividExplorer, and won first place in my contest! It's my most favorite thing right now and I promise to take good care of it ;w; <333
Lizard by vividExplorer
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This is just an overview and does not get too detailed. Icon used in this tutorial: Tori Icon by LapisTiger
Link to the FireAlpaca website:
Link to the gif website:

If anything is unclear or if you need any extra help ask me!
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Another button animation tutorial.
This one was suggested by catmeowly.
If you want to learn how to do the fireflies animation check out my tutorial.
I hope it helps some of you figure it out. ^^
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1: creadit me
2: link me back
3: Favorite this base if you plan to use it
4: have fun
5: don't steal
6:don't claim is yours
7:Make sure that you download for full size. If you don't the pixels may not be the right size
Original : :iconbronyboy:
mlp fim (c) :iconfyre-flye:
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my Tumblr

What I usually use are a combination of Airbrush and Water tool :). If I want rough stuff, I'll go for marker tool.

Alright, here's a more detailed shot on what I use for my brushes. I still had a lot of people asking me what settings i use for my stuff ^^;
I will be putting this on my FAQ xD~!
well, plus i'm using the marker brush a lot more now, so here are my settings : ). If you have any more questions, feel free to note me xD;, but i feel like i pretty much covered it all here :D.

my other works:
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I like aussies...haha So you get the PSD file if you buy/download, rules below. Thanks a ton to all who buy! :D


-You can use these for personal character or to sell adoptables for ANY currency (:points:, USD, etc)
-You cannot resell the lines themselves
-Please keep my signature on the image somewhere
-Do not claim you drew it
-If you have any questions feel free to ask!
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1. Do I need a source image?
No, you can draw anything you want directly onto the rice paper. If you were going to do that, I would just skip the rice paper and draw directly onto the cake with icing. ;)

2. Can I make an image that is bigger than one sheet of paper?
Yes! You will just need one piece of rice paper per sheet of paper. My Spike cake was 4 sheets big (2 sheets X 2 sheets). Then line them up on the cake and continue like normal.

3. What is rice paper/wafer paper and where can I get it?
Wafer Paper also called Rice Paper is an edible starch based confection that can be airbrushed or easily cut into desired shapes. It is slightly flexible, but is not designed for printer use. (Source [link])

Where to get it is a harder question to answer. In my area (PA, USA) they don't have it at the big chain stores (like Joann Fabric/Michael's Craft).
The store I used to get it from, is no longer is carrying it. :(
Check your phone book for something that has cake/bakery/candy supplies, and ask around.
You can also get it online. I recently, ordered a bundle from Country Kitchen SweetArt. Wafer Paper-Rectangle-8 x 11"
100 pages for $15.80. It came within a week and was shrink wrapped with an expiration date.
When you do find it; buy a bundle. It store it in a dry place. I keep it in a ziplock bag. Then you don't have to run around, and find it again for each cake.

4. Help! My people are PINK! How do you make such a nice flesh tones?
I use Wilton (concentrated gel) Ivory Icing Color. Start out with just a tiny dab – the tip of a toothpick – in white icing, and see if you need to work in a little more. Since it is concentrated, work in a tiny bit at a time.

5. My red keeps ending up PINK?!?
I hate making Red and Black icing. If you only need a small amount of Red (<2 inches), Mix a small amount of white icing (1-3 tsp) with red food coloring. It will still take a lot of food coloring, but add it slowly – you don’t want the icing to get watery. If I need more than 2 inches of red, I just buy the prepared stuff in the tubes.
I also buy all my Black icing in tubes. It’s easier than ending up with a discolored off brown mess from mixing it myself. HAHA.
I find the tube icing is easier to work with if it is a little warmer than room temperature. I keep it in my pocket for a while before I need it.

NOTE: Even though the red and black are already in neat little tubes, I always transfer the icing to a ziploc bag to work.

6. Does my background have to be white?
No, You can make it any color you want, I just find that white provides a nice contrast to the colors of my image. Bear in mind, if you do a darker colored background and the image contains a lot of white, the dark background may show though.

Remember Icing can cover Icing, if you mess up something, just color over it again with the correct color!

I would also like to point out that you will most likely be consuming this artwork later, so keeping your area and hands clean should be pretty obvious.

This is my first tutorial, so please tell me if I missed anything or there are typos, etc...

Any questions or comments not addressed in the tutorial or FAQ, please feel free to ask!

I know my anime cakes will loose some of their magic when everyone realizes how easy they are to make, but it is worth it to see the awesome cakes that will be made by others.

If you use my tutorial, I would love to see your cake! Send me a link or note.

.... and it was Delicious

Frau Cake: [link]

Frau 07-Ghost © Yuki Amemiya and Yukino Ichihara
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i haven't posted art in centuries and this was laying in my 

feel free to use!
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YOU GUYS ASKED FOR IT; AND YOU GET WHAT YOU ASK FOR ||I'm so sorry but I thought of dirty things as I typed that
so yeah, I used Orion: Orion River Pie by dr187 by AusieOtterPie cause I WANTED TO
Finished Icon: Orion icon by AusieOtterPie
So if you have any questions or want to see my brush settings, just let me know.
This was done in: Paint Tool SAI - and I don't know if this will work in other programs. But since it's really just like the base instructions it might.
P.S. You have to Lock the silhouette! Just Click Preserve Opacity, I forgot to add that but yeahhh.
So I hope this helps you guys some <33

Art/Orion/Icon(C) Me
Previous Tutorials:
Icon Tutorial - New by AusieOtterPie <-- Lined icons
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This is for my ABCEmotions Challenge. 

:bulletblue: You can find the rest of my ABCEmotions here.  :bulletblue:
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