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" If you experienced what you call the afterlife for one moment, you would smile the biggest smile at funerals, and let joy fill your heart."

This doodle is due to some esoteric books I've been reading lately. I know the "afterlife" is a controversial theme but I don't mean to create any ugly debate. =3=


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Inspired on Walt Disney's Mulan. I watched the movie recently and this theme occurred to me this afternoon. 
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Valentine's day's cuteness has invaded this doodle :love:

Couldn't come up with a creative title OTL
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The current progress of my Skyrim Windows theme.
Release likely this weekend!

The finished theme pack when finished will contain in addition to my  Skyrim Rainmeter desktop skin:

- Visual Style for Windows
- Shellstyle and explorerframes
- Matching icon set
- Cursors
- Maybe browser / media player skins too

The theme will also be free to download after the release of the final version.


Contact for feedback, suggestions:

- mail: 
- Steam account: yorgaSh
- Skype: yorgash55
- and of course, you can contact me here, too.


If you like my work and want to see more, or support the making you can donate via PayPal at paypal address.
You can also purchase the premium content as a form of donation - and you get the current beta version of the visual style as an added extra.
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* UPDATE V1.1 *
*Now includes a variety of animated cpu and RAM meters (health and mana globes)
*Fixed issues with the font not working
*Fixed issue with the launcher updating path locations
*Minor cosmetic and coding improvements

This is the first Rainmeter theme I've ever made so it's still a bit of a work in progress.

The theme includes:

    CPU Meter
    RAM Meter
    Hard Drive Meter
    Network Meter
    Shortcuts Launcher
    Notes Box

The Network Meter uses the left and right "III" lines in the Diablo III logo as a bar to display upload(left) and download(right) speeds. The Network Meter has two variants, one with just the logo and one that occupies the entire bottom bar to display upload and download speeds.
Middle click on the Shortcuts Launcher to edit the shortcuts.
The RAM meter has a blue and purple-ish variant.
The HDD Meter has two variants that occupy the bottom bar as well as stand-alone HDD bars for additional hard drives.
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Dektos for Rainmeter
by Tibneo

Please donate $1 USD to support a starving artist!
via PayPal
Every donation helps! Thank you!

Update - June 10, 2011
For your music use!
This update will allow a VERY unique iRemote for your desktop. Download while you can! :D

Update - June 7, 2011
This update has FIXED the start menu and tray menu glitch!
Also, I've added in "Shut Down", "Log Off", and "Restart" buttons in the start menu.
I've trimmed the tray down a bit.
And I've added in a carrot system in the app bar that can be customized.

Watch the preview before downloading!
YouTube Video

What You'll Be Downloading...
Bottom Dock + Glass Back
Right Dock + Glass Back
Left Dock + Glass Back
Calendar, Shortcuts, Programs, Clock, + Google Search (Reskins of Indent by Etcoman)
Start Menu (Bottom Left)
Tray Menu (Bottom Right)
Icons (Cube² by Etcoman)

update 5/31
May 1st = better Dektos!
Go to Etcoman's Journal for Cube² Template.

This glass theme will complete your desktop. In fact, there is little reason to have a windows taskbar. If you like glass, Dektos is perfect!

Just open the .rmskin file and install!

❝ this is so cool.. thanks very much.. ❞

❝ nice theme..thanks :-)


Look no further! Check out my video tutorial and don't forget to check the description!

Kevin Utkarsh for the idea.
Indent by Etcoman.
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A Skyrim themed visual style for Windows.

The theme uses a light style for windows and controls, to avoid issues with any non-skinnable applications, and for best everyday functionality in my opinion.

Windows 8 port thanks to poweredbyostx

Skyrim VS for Windows 8 / 8.1 by yorgash 

Made to match the style of my Skyrim Desktop 1.02

Skyrim Desktop 1.02 by yorgash 

The icons I made use Token Icons by brsev as their base.



How to Install Custom Themes
 - A guide by neiio

Basically what you have to do:
- Download and install uxstyle ( or universal theme patcher.
- Copy the contents of Themes folder to \Windows\resources\themes folder.
- Apply it in personalization or double clicking Skyrim.theme file.


Made an installer for the visual style (not the rest):
Skyrim VS Installer


In the package you will find:
  • The visual style itself (only for Windows 7)
  • Navigation icons
  • Timedate
  • Fonts
  • Icons
  • Template for making icons
  • Matching Rainmeter suite

With any questions, requests, suggestions, feedback contact me:
  • Mail: 
  • Steam: yorgash
  • Skype: yorgash
  • Or leave a note here, on DA

If you like my work and want to see more, or support the making you can donate via PayPal at 
You can also purchase the Premium Content on the site as a form of donation.
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So...for some reason when I think of Kuroshitsuji I remember the poem of the crooked man (makes me think of Ciel) and somehow when I read the words they this is part 1 of a two part wallpaper series based on the crooked man (using vectors~ :dummy: 'cause I'm lazy like that)

If it isn't obvious, Ciel is the crooked man. (Though why he would be anywhere near a stile let alone a crooked one is beyond me...and he wouldn't have used a sixpence I'm sure...bratty rich kid lol)

Part 2:

Feel free to download and use as a wallpaper just don't upload it anywhere or I shall have to remove the download feature and watermark it--which would sadden me greatly.
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These are the first free (and elegant) pixel frames of several different frames that will come in a gold/silver version.
Was originally made for use on one of my group banners.
If this is a success, I'll make a full package with all the frames available for download.

Would you prefer the full .zip folder was free or that you should pay a small fee? Please comment your opinion :heart:

They can be used for:
- Banners
- Stamps
- Custom box buttons
- General buttons
- Etc.

Terms of use
- They may be used outside dA but not without my notice (send a link)
- Please :+fav:
- credit in your artist description or on the page depending on how you use it.

Gold + silver frames V.2: Free pixel frames gold + silver V.2 by Hoshi-Hana

Created in: Sprite studio /Photoshop CS6
Tools: Mouse
Time: 15 minutes

Pixel frame Hoshi-Hana

Please critique: I would like to know what I can do better :heart:
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