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'Breath in. Breath out. Breath in. Breath in- Wait, did I just breath in twice?' Blinking into the deep abyss of darkness, your head slunk down further under the blanket. Hearing the creak of the wood from the ship settle against the water, rattled the back of you mind, causing you to imagine things that it wasn't. And being so dark in the Merry at night didn't really help matters, for you hated the dark with a burning passion. Maybe it had something that was etched into your mind as a child from stories, maybe it had something to do with actual experiences, you weren't sure- you just knew you wouldn't get to sleep. Letting out a shaky sigh, you weighed your options on how to deal with this; you could try and fight through the night, not sleeping at all or maybe.. just maybe.. you could- no, that would just be embarrassing! Just the thought of it made you want to slink further under your blanket and further you went! 

Another creak, a jerk movement, the sound of a crack. Your eyes widened and a sweat rolled down your face, opposite cheek buried into the worn pillow. A shivered racked down your spine as you felt a presence behind you, and you couldn't stop the shivering of your vulnerable body that followed. Another creak, louder, right behind you, head side. Clenching your teeth and your eyes shut, you shook harder, clutching the inside of your blanket until your bare knuckles turned white. What could you do? You couldn't scream, what if it was just your imagination and you ended up waking everyone up!? But what if someone really was behind you..? That is, until something made your bed dip in, and something small and hard, gently touched your shoulder. Your first re-action was to freeze, all breathing stopped and your world froze as fear set in. Should you scream? Should you attack? Should you- "(F-first Name)?"

Your eyes rolled into the back of your head and you let out a long sigh of relief. Letting the grip on your blanket loosen, you smiled slightly. It's only Chopper. But as happy as you now were, something gnawed at your mind. What was he doing in here? This late at night? Pushing the blanket off you, only by a bit, to allow you to turn over and face him, you did so. Blinking you eyes multiple times, your tried your best to adjust and see in front of you and when you did, the sight in front of you made you want to melt. There sat the little blue nosed reindeer, looking down at the floor and nervously twiddling his hoofs as if he were embarrassed. Putting your hands under you side, you applied pressure and pushed yourself into a sitting position, causing him to shift slightly and look up at you. Rubbing your eye, you smiled as brightly as you could towards the little guy, but that only seemed to make him more uncomfortable. He turned his head back towards the floor and let out a small noise. "Chopper, what's wrong, dear?" You whispered to him, bringing your hand up to touch his small shoulder.

Jerking at the feel of your touch, he could feel his little face burn and his eyes widened. Dear? He couldn't deny the fact that he loved the words you used when you spoke to him, and for some reason it made him feel special because you only used them on him. You were always so kind to him, never judging him or anything negative. You seemed to understand him. So why did he feel this way about coming to you with this? Clenching and un-clenching his little fists, he burned holes into the floor and he could feel your worried stare on the back of his head, for he had yet to answer you. Making a noise, showing he wasn't sure, he mentally slapped himself for even believe you would laugh at him. Turning his head to the side enough to see you, he opened his mouth and paused trying to word his question right. For some reason he felt so dumb doing this, but he knew you had trouble sleeping so maybe.. this could benefit you both? "Um.." He shifted around on the bed, bringing his front to face yours and was glad you couldn't see his face. "I-I was wondering.." He swallowed hard, once again twiddling his hoofs. Nervously glancing around at the dark, he took a deep breath and decided to come out with it. "C-can you.. sing me to sleep..?"

Blinking once, twice, you just stared down at the little guy. Sing? That's what he came in here for? Scared the living hell out of you for? Although, you couldn't exactly get mad at him; he obviously came to you in the dead of the night because he either couldn't sleep or was scared of the dark, much like you. Smiling brightly, your head shook vigorously. Suddenly, a small idea came to your head, nothing vulgar of course, no, no.. just a small idea that would seem as fluffy as the little doctor in front of you. "Of course, hon.." Seeing the smile that crossed his lips caused you to widen. You almost felt bad about what you were going to pull. Lifting up a hand, you held up a single finger, pausing his movements as he started to adjust himself. "Only on one condition.." Silence, and a blink to continue speaking was what you received in return. Giggling a bit, your hand came down and rested on his furry cheek, rubbing your thumb on it. Though this request was a little.. odd, you didn't feel the least ashamed with asking for it. "You have to be my Pillow Pet for the night."

His eyes widened and his cheeks burned, burned hotter then they did moments ago and he nodded. Little did you know, if he could, he'd be your Pillow Pet this night and every night on.

Well, this was so sweet I think I almost barfed I lost a tooth. 
I came up with idea talking to someone in my comments on another story. She mentioned Pillow pets to me, I thought of the story...
THANK THIS FINE YOUNG, LASS: :icontinybirdgames:
She gave my brain the babies... pvp
As fucked up as that sounds...


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.:I'm watching you - Jeff:. by PuRe-LOVE-G-S

You huffed. A puff of smoke billowing out of you as it hit the cold air, and slowly drifted to the trees where it faded into thin air. The pitter-patter of rain filling your ear drums, and muting your surrounding as you let your imagination wonder again. For once feeling free enough to do so without having to be worried about getting rapped or beat if taken off guard. All you could do was play dragon in your head now. Letting out more hot breaths just to get the smoke affect as you pretended the rain drops were a bunch of mini people. Having no choice, but to flee or struggle to fight against your mighty fire breath.

Though your imagination had only occupied you so long. The tall creature you had met in the woods having stopped causing you to bump into him. The sudden wall having thrown you from your advance to the castle, and back into the real world. The real, cold world. You were about to ask why he had suddenly stopped when your attention was grasped by another tall creature. The only difference being instead of fear you felt amusement looking at his smiley face, and polka-dot attire.

The creature seeing he had grasped your attention let out a very pleased hum before doing the oddest thing. Taking off his hat, and giving a bow he came just a few feet from lowering himself to your level. A weird happy dance erupting from him as he wiggled his shoulders before he looked at you. A weird almost tigger like laugh coming from him as he placed his hat back on his head again. Finally seeming to speak now that he had finished...Whatever that was.

"Hello hello hello my lady! You must be the lucky girl who will soon join our fine family! I look forward to working with you, and hope you have a wonderful stay~!" The creature cheered in an oddly giddy voice. You weren't sure why exactly  he seemed so happy, but you didn't want to ruin his good mood so all you did was smile. Letting him go on oddly smiling at you till Slender broke the silence that you had created. It being awkward for everyone that all you seemed to be able to do was oddly force a smile.

"_________," this is my brother, Splendorman. Splendor, this is-"

"Yes yes Slender~ ____________ I know! You just said her name silly~ Now, miss _________, let me show you to your new home. I'm sure everyone will be eager to meet you!" The colourful man hummed, surprisingly taking your hand in a ginger manor as he lead you deeper into the forest. Leaving your original guider behind to follow. You couldn't help but feel like a little child with this new guy. The way he held your hand was almost as if he was a mother ensuring her child didn't lag behind while crossing the street, but oddly enough it was reassuring. Made you almost know he wasn't going to just abandon you. You wouldn't say it was nice, but it was defiantly something.

"Splendor, she's a killer. Not a child." You heard Slender scold, looking up at the colourful creature to hear his response at which he just laughed.

"Nonsense Slender, she's nothing more then a lost fawn. You really need to stop judging by action, and look a little deeper." The man hummed happy to smile at you as he continued. You were surprised at just how friendly he seemed to be. Though his words sounded like something out of Disney, so you were a little skeptical on wither or not he had meant what he said.

Humming as you walked along, taking in the opportunity to look around the forest you had previously been blocking out you couldn't help, but let a small smile slowly make it's way onto your face. Feeling safe with your new colourful companion you couldn't help, but be happy to be with the tall creatures. Even if they could easily kill you, it was better then suffering in that old gloomy house you had been forced to live in. For once you felt almost...Free. Well, as free as you could get. It had been a long time since you just took a walk through the woods just to enjoy nature. Even though you weren't technically doing that now, it was pretty close.

Jolting your attention back towards the tall creature holding your hand when he came to a sudden stop you blinked, a childish nature almost having returned to you as you tilted your head to he side a bit. Confused as to why he had stopped. Though looking forward again you returned to your somber nature seeing a gloomy old house. Granite it wasn't as bad as the one you had just come from. It had flowers in the front of it, but you couldn't help, but let your stomach churn as you took in the large rotten structure.

"We're not going in there are we? I mean. I'm not scared, but it doesn’t look safe. Is all." You murmured, not willing to admit, as usual, that you were scared. Mainly because all your experience with old creepy houses with negative, but none the less seeing your new tall friend insist you follow him you hesitantly stepped forward. Keeping your steps light as you walked through the old house. The windows were either rusted shut and dusty or shattered and dirty. Some parts of the wooden floor were torn up, exposing the black abyss under the house, while any tile was either stained with mud or broken. Cobwebs dangled lightly from the rafters like angle hair, while spiders and rodents scrambled around the rotten structure making it work as if it was the best place they could have ever stumbled across. You weren't even sure how a place so run down had managed to stand as long as it had.

It smelt of rotting wet wood, and mold which was never good. Though despite all that you were still lead forward. Your heart skipping a beat as you approached a old finished wooden door with an old fashioned brass knob in the shape of a skull. The depth of the eyes staring into your soul as you went to reach for it. Assuming that was what the creatures were waiting for since they had both stopped, and gone silent. Though you couldn't help but screech out in fear at the tension when a deep rusty voice shouted at you. The skull knob coming to life as it cackled, shouting a bunch of words in what you assumed was Latin. Its words just seeming to get more aggressive as the sound of a jiggling door knob erupted into the air. The cackling continuing as the door shook and rattled as if someone on the other side was desperate to leave the room. 

By this time you had your back pressed against what you assumed was a wall. Your heart pounding as you wanted to flee though resisted since it'd only be trouble if Slender had to come find you again. All you could do was close your eyes. Pulling your legs close to your chest and covering your ears with your hands the same way you use to when cowering away from your father. It was a pose you'd never forget. It was forever buried into your DNA. Though after what felt like minutes, maybe even hours you realized the cackling had finally stopped. The air was still, and the rapid rattling of the skull door had faded. Tears surprisingly having pricked your eyes in the moments you had been curled up against the wall you shakingly looked around the room. Very slowly coming back to yourself as you realized you were alone. Slender and his brother had gone, and all that was left was the rotten house, and its hidden guests.

Where had they gone? Why were you alone again? For some reason you couldn't help, but be more hurt then ever. Even more then your father could have done to you physically. That was what you got for trusting something so easily. Though none the less you were left with plenty of questions, and you were sure you had lost your mind. Well, more then you had originally thought. Hesitant now of the door you slowly slipped along the side of the wall, and instead of staying inside out of the rain you quickly walk out of the house. Not wanting to run, and fall through the floor or something.

That night you slept in the rain. Pulling an old curtain you had snatched from the house on your way out close to you as you used it as a shield. Curling up on the driest patch of ground you could find before closing your eyes. The only reason you didn't run till you couldn't see the building was because, well, where were you suppose to run? You didn't have any money, you couldn't go home, and you had no idea where you were exactly. It'd take a day or two of exploring before you'd be able to freely walk around, but till then sleep was all you could hope for. So under to comfort of your curtain, and the branches of a tree you curled up, and drifted off. Hoping that in the morning you'd still be healthy enough to function.
Any donations will be much appreciated! I don't make money off these stories so even just points helps to motivate me into getting chapters out!

So yes! I am working on this story again! I know I had spoken about sell the chapters in lumps for points over time, but I couldn't come up with a good price without being guilty, and if I post pone uploading chapters after I finish them I forget about them for months. So now I'm just asking of donations if you are feeling willing enough to support me. Wither its points, trades, designs ect. Anything is accepted and welcome. ^^

Part 1:…
Part 2:…
Part 3: Your here
Part 4: Jeff x Reader - Long Time No See 4

Art: PuRe-LOVE-G-S

Story: :iconinkqueenpilus:
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Z małym poślizgiem, ale jest. Mam nadzieję, że wynagrodzę Wam tyle czekania aż 27 stronami :)

Ostatni fragment z Winterem polecam czytać z tym utworem:…;
Robi dodatkowy klimat.

Czekam na komentarze, jak zwykle, cholernie bardzo.

Muszę też dodać, ze Niv po tym rozdziale dorobił się nowych ksywek: pędziwiatr i szybki spust. XD Ale Marcin mówi, że to dlatego, że hakował wyniki ankiet/etc.

:bulletred:English version:… :bulletred:

Korekta - przed korektą. 
Wszystkie rozdziały:…

Chapter 01 -
Chapter 27
Chapter 28 - CDN

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Masky's POV


"That's for trying to kill me!" I yelled at Red as I punched him right in the gut. Slender gave him a black eye and a few broken bones, but at least he left some bones for me to break. I've killed a lot of people, but I can't kill Red. He can get bruised up, but sadly he's immortal. Which sucks. I punch his jaw and heard a cracking sound. He fell to the floor and spit out a tooth. I grab his shirt and look him dead in the eye. "You better listen Red cause I'm only going to say this once. Stay away from (Name)! She's mine! So you better deal with it or else!" I throw him to the floor and walk away. I thought of (Name) and how great our relation ship was. I know she really does love me, and I love her.


Could my life be any better?


The End


Sorry for the long wait. Oh and by the way.....:iconmanvsspiderplz::iconmanvsspiderplz::iconmanvsspiderplz::iconmanvsspiderplz::iconmanvsspiderplz:

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12:15 PM Tokyo time 2013/03/05 Sunday


It was a another day in Tokyo the people were living out their daily lives just as they did every single day but today wasn’t going to be like every other day this was the day that will change the lives of two worlds forever


"Say mom can we get some ice cream later please?" Said the little girl to her mother.

"Will see sweetie." Said the child’s mother.

"Ok mama." Said the little girl happily.

"Yes sir I’ll get those reports done soon as soon as possible." Said a businessman over the phone.

"Say baby do you love me." Said the young man.

"Of course I do silly." Said the young lady to the young man.

"This is a big move Nintendo and Gamefreak are making right guys?" Said a young boy.

"Yeah that’s right!" Said the 2nd boy.

"I mean come on a worldwide release that’s completely crazy right?" Said the 1st boy.

"…" but the 2nd boy was silent.

"Uh hey you ok man?" Said the 1st boy.

"Look at that green thing." Said the 2nd boy.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!!!!!!!!!" Shouted the 1st boy.


Then out of nowhere a giant green portal appeared and everyone around it were both amazed and afraid some believed it was an alien invasion others thought it was a government experiment and some say that it was a magic portal and then it happen 2 people came out of the portal one of them was a girl with long strawberry hair ruby eyes a white shirt, black skirt ,a cape witch is also black and a gold metal with a pentagram on it she is short in height and hardly has any curves the other person was a guy he has black hair and blue eyes he was wearing a blue and white hoodie ,black pants and has a unreadable tattoo on the back of his left hand and then the portal

"Mama who are they?" Said the little girl to her mother in a sacred tone.

"I don’t know sweetie." Said the little girl’s mother.

"Uh baby did that just happen?" Said the young lady to her boyfriend.

"Yes it did sweetheart yes it did." Answered the young man to her girlfriend.

"Um sir I think I’ll call you back." Said the businessman as he hangs up his phone.

"Dude I’m I dreaming here." Asked the 1st boy to the 2nd.

"…" The 2nd boy was silent as he pinches the 1st boy.

"Ow!!!!! What gives?!" Exclaimed the 1st boy.

"Nope you’re not dreaming." Said the 2nd boy.


The people in the area stared at the strawberry blond with wonder and worry as they also began to take photos of her and the young man with their phones


"Saito there staring at us." Said the strawberry blond haired girl while she was at the young man’s side now known as Saito.

"Don’t worry Louise just ignore them and let’s do what we came here to do." Said Saito to the young woman now known as Louise.

"You’re right Saito let’s go." Said Louise.

"Ok let’s see if we can take the train that goes to the park it’s the fastest route I know to get back home." Said Saito.

"A train?" Said Louise in a confused tone.

"You I’ll tell when we get there ok." Said Saito.


After a while of walking they arrive at the train station so that they could take the train to the park Saito paid with some of the yen he had on him and they got on the train


"So this is a train?" Asked Louise. Yes it is honey. Said Saito to his wife.

"Um thank you dear." Said Louise with a shade of pink on her face.

As the train goes by some of the people in it were staring at Louise but she’s just looking from the window the buildings that stood before her with awe and amazement in her eyes


"You look cute like that." Said Saito.

"Ah what do you mean familiar!" Said Louise while blushing.

"Like I said you look cute my beautiful wife." Said Saito while getting closer to Louise’s face.

"Thank you my noble husband." Said Louise while still blushing.

As Saito was about to kiss Louise the intercom interrupts telling them that they arrived the couple got off the train and went on their way

"(Damn it so close i really wanted to kiss her)". thought Saito with a blush on his face.

"(So close)". thought Louise with a blush on her face.


20 minutes of walking later


After going through the park and walked for a while they finally got to Saito’s home Louise was absolutely nervous but Saito calmed her down and reassured her that everything is ok


"So you ready Louise?" Asked Saito.

"I think so I’m a bit scared what if they hate me?" Said Louise with a small tear in her eye.

"Hey don’t cry Louise my family will love you my mom, dad, and older brother and sister won’t hate you." Said Saito in a reassuring tone.

"Wait you have a brother and sister?" Asked Louise.

"Yes I do." Said Saito.

"Why didn’t you told me about them." Said Louise.

"Well we never talked about my family in detail before in fact this is the first time I talked about my family at all to you." Said Saito with a sweatdrop on his head.

"Oh well I guess it never occurred to me to ask." Said Louise with a blush on his face.

"Anyway I’ll tell about the rest of my family after I introduce you to my mom and dad." Said Saito.

"Alright then it’s time." Said Louise in a nervous tone. 

"Ok then." Said Saito as he rings the doorbell.



Please review and no flames please 

Responding to questions that I mentioned in this journal - (These are, obviously, all of the questions that were asked; but if enough questions are still asked after this batch, I may do this again with the new ones)

1. Why does your left eye bleed in every drawing?
 - Because it is a mask.

2. How were you introduced to devianart? And how do you feel about your growing popularity?
 - Hmm, can't quite remember. It was a long time ago, well, it feels like a long time because I stopped using my account for like 1-2 years and then came back. And for the popularity, I usually just sit down like 'why do people like me I don't get it' ehehehehehe damn you low self esteem

3. How do you deal with hate on the internet? Do you have any sassy comebacks? -flees-
 - Depends on the hate. If it's obvious griefing that's empty, then I just ignore it. If it's idiotic rabid fangirl brats saying retarded things like OMG JEFF IS IMMORTAL BECAUSE HE IS SO SEXY then I throw logic at them. And yes, I do have sassy comebacks. But it depends on the situation of course. (To be honest, I think I've gotten more sassy since I started writing about Trenderman. That dude is so fabulous and sassy.)

4. you like vocaloid? :D (Big Grin)
 - Eh, never really got into it. I like one or two songs, but when it comes to Japanese music I prefer Arashi, Greeeen, things like that.

5. What would you do if you met your favorite band?
 - D-daft punk? eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-flails- I'd probably be speechless but try to keep my cool, then tell them that they're incredibly amazing beyond reason and they've blessed the world with their presence. (and I'd love to get an autograph but I don't want to seem pushy)
6. What would you do if you met an OC of yours?
 - Depends. Kagekao - go play some video games and just chill and talk about stuff and how stupid some of the other killers can be. Zippers - hugs. immediate hugs. Zehnder - Eh, probably just talking about stuff. Asking about his abilities and stuff. With the occasional taunts and jests of course. If he complains then I'll just remind him how much I've pampered him, he has his own island, his own mansion, Esther, badass powers, etc.
7. What's the weirdest dream you've ever had?
 - Huh, let me think. Okay this is one of my favorites; I appeared in this weird place, kinda looked like an abandoned town, silent hilly. And I had an AK47, one of my favorite guns. And I was killing zombies. Then I realized I was a dinosaur. And then there was a spaceship. And they took me onto the spaceship. And Harry Mason was there. And a few other people from video games. And I can't quite remember what happened after that, so here's another dream that was AMAZING: I went to a cafe, and Thomas and Guy-man were there. And I think they noticed me silently freaking out and fangirling, and they invited me over to their table, and we talked about random stuff and drank coffee and tea and it was so amazing Thomas and Guy are so sweet. (I know that dream sounded like a perfect scenario fanfiction but screw you it was amazing Guy is so cute when he smiles)
8. And on your character list that you've made on your profile page you mentioned an old horror series of yours. What was it about?
 - Ah, When The Clock Strikes Twelve, that takes me back. It was kind of like Silent Hill, in the sense that it's a town. Although a bit different of course. This town, I think it's name was Ashfield (funny thing, I could not decide on a name, so I searched up 'Most common town names in America', and this was my favorite name from the list) which has connections to another dimension. This other dimension exists on the same physical world as Ashfield, but in another plain, so if the monsters run around then the people in the human world can't see them and vise versa. But occasionally, some of the monsters (only some significant ones though, like Sauros) walk around in the real world. If a human walks through or touches one of these monsters then they get the ability to see them, but it's only them who can, so everyone else thinks they're crazy if they talk about it. The monsters usually have some sort of abode they stay in when they're in the real world (for example, Sauros has this large old house) and if the human follows them into this abode, when they come out they're most likely going to be in the other dimension now. It's hard to get back to the normal dimension, but it's possible. There are many gateways between either, but it depends if the other dimension allows them in or not. However, it's an odd dimension. The monsters are only allowed to roam at certain times of day. When the clock strikes twelve, midnight; all the monsters appear and roam free. When the clock strikes twelve again, afternoon; they all disappear into slumber again (So if a human is stuck there, their best bet would be to explore 12 pm - 12 am and then hide 12 am - 12 pm). Reminiscing about this is fun, I might upload a few short stories I have about this town, or some concept art from it. 

9. How did you find out about Daft Punk?
 - This was maybe '09 or '10, but I was looking for some new music, and my bro showed me Kanye West's 'Stronger (feat. Daft Punk)', and I loved it. So from then I searched up Daft punk, and it was an instant crush.

10. Whats your second favorite band?
 - Deadmau5 isn't really a band but Deadmau5.

11. Do you like cheese? if so, whats your favorite kind?
 - Eh, not my favorite food but I like it. I like Parmesan  Never really paid attention to the type of cheese though, to me it's just yellow cheese and white cheese.

12. can i be your friend?
 - Yes, yes you may.

13. What inspired you to create your OCs, and what inspired their designs?
 - Huh, it's interesting. Kagekao, I literally cannot remember where his inspiration came from. He just kind of, appeared. His original concept was tweaked of course, but he just appeared. Zippers, can't remember his inspiration either. I remember Pebbles was originally inspired by an old cat character of mine named Rowly, but he was changed greatly. Rowly was scrappy, whereas Pebbles is kind of chubby and fluffy. Zehnder was interesting. His bandana was inspired by an old Silent hill sketch (Lying figure got terrifying facepaint to be scary), trenchcoat because I freakin' love trenchcoats. His hat, I just found a pic of a similar hat online and loved it (it had a feather in it, but I took that out) silver tie because silver is pretty and I haven't seen it done before. When I first sketched him, I just pictured him with smoke all around, so that's where the cigarettes came from. I pictured him sadistic, so barbed tendrils. His bone crushing tactic was actually inspired by hyenas. Yep. I can't remember how I came up with his face ripping thing, but I loved how it came out. Overall Zehndy is a big mass of some of my favorite ideas, so I'm proud of him. For others, inspiration usually comes from random places, and then I build up around those base ideas and get the result and turn it into a character.
14. Do you know the muffin man?
 - Muffin man requests that I release no information about him, as he is a private person.

15. How did you come up Kage? Was there inspiration or just boredom? 
 - Refer to question 13

16. How old were you when you started drawing?
 - I have been drawing since before I can remember, so I'm guessing I was drawing once I learned how to hold a crayon. If you mean putting pics on the internet, then 12 or 13. 

17. What inspires/inspired you? (to start drawing, to make your OC's, etc.)
 - For OCs refer to 13. But music inspires me, particularly Daft Punk. Other writers inspire me, My favorite authors being Stephen King and Edgar Allen Poe. But mostly, just nature and life inspires me. Along with my weird imagination. Sometimes I can get an entire story out of one tiny thing. For example, my character Sauros, black robed guy with stork mask and weird symbols. He was inspired when I was in a hallway and heard slow footsteps. That's it. I imagined someone walking slowly at an unchanging pace, and for some reason I pictured bird feet, and then the bird footed man had a stork mask, and a cane, and he got a story, and all of that to end up with Sauros. All from footsteps.

18. If you could meet any fictional character ever who would it be and why?
 - Huh, a little vague, hard to answer. Hmmmmmmm, it would be nice to meet Pyramid head and just spend a day as friends, 'cause that dude seems pretty badass. As long as he's hospitable though.

19. What's your favorite horror game? 
 - Silent Hill, ALL OF THEM. No but seriously, Silent Hill 2 might be my favorite, as it was my first Silent hill, and my first serious horror game. Silent Hill is a classic though, and I love Samael he's pretty. Dead space 2 is also an amazing game.

20. Meow! (Do you and/or Kagekao like cats?)
 - Of course I do, I love my Harukins :3 Kage likes cats too, but not as much as Pebbles or Kai.

21. (apparently there are a bunch of codes here but they only seem to show up in the preview so yeah)
<table class="f"><tbody><tr><td class="f">
what got you into drawing? everyone has their own story, so what's yours?
</td></tr></tbody></table> - Well, I guess I always saw pretty things and pictures so I kind of wanted to recreate them and started drawing (most of my earlier drawings were of dinosaurs XD) I started with comedy because I wanted to make people happy, as I was an unhappy person and didn't want others to be like me. (I could go into much more detail, but I've already explained this several times)

22. What do you think is important when writing a comic that other people will read?
 - It depends on the comic itself. If it's a short just-for-the-lolz one, then content. Mostly, to me, content is the best. But art style is good for drawing in readers. If it's more serious, then keep a good art style. 
23. If you could make any Creepypasta/fictional chara/OC etc. real, which one would it be?
 - Zehnder, no offense to my other OCs, but Zehnder could be like my personal bodyguard. And I could order him around. 

24. What sort of movies and shows interest you? (besides Horror and thriller XD) 
 - Well, as implied, I do love me a good horror. But I also love good stories, ghibli has many good stories. Castle in the Sky has always been one of my favorites, along with Nausica (I think I spelled that right) And other cute stories, like Arashi no Yoru. For shows, I enjoy ones with good plot. The Walking Dead is one of my favorites, although I still need to catch up and watch season 3 and 4. The youtube series 'Daft Thoughts' is also quite amazing. I do enjoy good comedies as well, like 'Modern Family' (now there's a show that can make you laugh and cry, although I usually cry a little at the sweet parts because I'm a sucker for sweet things and a little over emotional)

25. Is it bad that I think of you as family? Do you also think of me as the little brother you never got? Or is it just a one way thing.... (this one actually only pertains to a certain person but I'm not naming names here, you know who you are though)
 - No it's not bad, I think it's cute how we're like a big family :aww: And I never thought of it that way, but now that I think about it, kinda. (I do have a little brother though XD) But it's not a bad thing :3 It's fun 

26. What was the first Creepy Pasta that you read? 
 - It was some kind of video game Mario pasta, it was kinda meh. Cliche video game pasta. This character dies the person's name is in the game there is blood everywhere, you know, video game pasta.

27. Where did you get the inspiration to start drawing Kage (your OC) Jeff the Killer, Slender, etc.?
 - I drew Slenderman with Pyramid head after reading about him on 'Know your meme' (this was a little before the game came out) and began to draw comics with him in it, and someone told me about Jeff, so I looked him up. Kage's inspiration came after this. 

28. Would you rather be a hero that dies or a villain that survives?
 - Eh, it depends on the type of villain (I've always wondered what it would be like to terrorize things but that's not me, it's fun in video games though) if I'm a villain to PETA then yes. Villain please and thank you.
29. Also burgers or pizza?
 - Burgers I guess.

30. Are you God? 
 - Aha. Ahahahahahahahha. Ahahahahahahahahhahahahhahha. Of course not. Because there are two gods, and here they are;
Tumblr Mvvko3pwf31qggfioo3 1280 by GingaAkam
Nah I'm just kidding, I know they're not gods of course. They're just god-like. (don't mean to offend any religious types, trust me I am very tolerant as long as you are equally tolerant)

31. Do you/have you ever been caught dancing in your room alone while listening to music? 
 - Nah, I don't dance. I never tried, but I know I'll fail. Wait . . . does headbanging count? 

32. What were you listening to when this happened? 
 - Probably EDM; Daft punk, deadmau5, etc. 

33. What got you so interested in CreepyPasta?
 - Slenderman originally. After a few comics with him, people invited me to creepypasta group. And I thought 'the hell is a creepypasta? haunted spaghetti?' and that got me to research others, as I love horror.

34. What is your favorite CreepyPasta character/story?
 - Character, Splendorman. He's epic. Story, eh, No End house was pretty good.

35. What would you do if you seen on the news Kagekao? *Opinons that could be part of question.* There is a photo taken of him being seen. His live on the news now! XD What would you do and react to this? XD
 - I would probably stare at the TV so damn confused and wondering if it's one of those dreams that seems real. Then I'd go to the roof and wait for him, because if I know Kage (and I do he is like my child) he'll come find me to chat or something. Then I would question him a lot and ask him where Zippers and Zehnder are because I want to see mah babies. 

36. If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be?
 - (Totally unpredictable answer alert) Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel De Homem Christo 

37. Ginga, what do you do with all your extra OCs? Do you like, still play around with them in your head?
 - I do actually. Just the other day I had this intricate story going in my head that had Caller, Erebus Styx, and two new OCs. I'll probably end up writing these down somewhere.

38. What does the fox say?
 - 'Aww man!' (it's because Swiper was not allowed to swipe)

39. if your the creator of zhendy can u like make him your servant and boss him around like make him embarrest himself?
 - Of course I could, but I'd never make him do embarrassing things XD 

40. -holds mic- Gingaaaaaaaa. Do you have any drawing tips? Like, what advice do you have to improve a piece of artwork?
 - Depends on the style of drawing. But here's one thing, ALWAYS sketch first. (unless it's traditional and it's like, ink or something that you can't erase) base sketches can make a BIG difference. Also, if you're using a base, make sure to give the close volume. Most of the time it's not supposed to be skin tight.

41. If you could say one sentence to Daft Punk, what would it be?
 - Something like "You two are the most perfect two people on the planet, and have helped me so much that I can't think of any worthy way to thank you so just know that you're perfect." (It'll probably end up hyperventilating gasps though)

42. Any tips for writing you'd be willing to share?
 - If you're writing something longer thank like, a page or two, then keep an outline (unless it's improv, that's different) I use bullet points showing the main points as the story progresses. If you think of something you really like but might forget, make sure to write it down. If it has specific wording, then write it down exactly as you want it. 

43. Do you know how to be a smartass.
 - Very much so.

44. What got you into creepypastas?
 - Refer to 33.

45.  Its now becoming clear that Marble Hornets is winding up for a finish. How does this make you feel? 
 - Not as disappointed as you might think, even though it's one of my favorite shows. It's a great series, although a little hard to follow. I just hope it has a good ending. 

46. If you were being Stalked by the Slenderman, how would you react?
 - I'd randomly turn around and wave at him at random intervals. Then tell him that if he watches me when I'm in the shower or changing, I will hit him in the crotch with a baseball bat. (I'm half his height, it'll be easy)

47. who/what is your favourite creepypasta?
 - Already answered this but I'll answer it again, Splendorman.

48. Batman or Superman?
 - Batman nananananananana Batmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.  

49. How long have u been drawing for?
 - Refer to 16
50. What inspired you to make Kage?
 - Refer to 13
51. If you were a creepypasta character, what would you be and how would you look?
 - Eh, a toughie. I would like to have retractable claws, because they are pretty. Might be hard to paint, but pretty. Also masks. I love masks. And trenchcoat. Yesssssssss. I guess I'd help people, not really into hurting people. I can be batman.

52. What is your favorite TF2 quote, outside of Pyro's adorable mumbles?
 - "You are dead, not big surprise" & "You got blood on my suit"

53. If you could be any animal in the universe (real, mythological, made up, etc.) what would you be?? :3
 - Eh, such a hard question XD Maybe dragon. Because I could fly and spit fire things. (Well, depends on the dragon, but you know what I mean) Or alicorn, because I would be MAJESTIC. And magic and flying.
54. If you were going to find yourself in the creepypasta world, would you be scared to meet any creepypasta character?
 - Of course not. First, I'd have dudes like Zehnder, Tamashi, Caller, and Kage (you know, tough guys) to protect me. If I encounter Jeff, throw something in his eyes. Slender, Zehndy can talk to him. Ben, turn the electronic device off. Jack, eh, he seems like a reasonable fella.

55. If you could have ANY super power what would it be?
 - Shapeshifting, just like Alex Mercer. This means consuming too. And the parkour. That amazing parkour. 

That was really fun actually. Might do more of these, I love answering questions and it's much easier in text. Not to mention I can go more in-depth with my answers. Might make an ask thing just for me, only in text unless I deem the answer image worthy. (More of a tumblr thing, but I don't get much asks on tumblr and tumblr still confuses me in terms of post storage [for the lack of a better phrase])

Maybe 10 or 20 questions per answer thingy though. But yeah, would be a good thing to do when I don't feel like doing what I'm supposed to be doing.  And good way to get to know me more. 
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Proszę o komentarze, żebym wiedziała, czy się podoba i czy opłaca się pisać dalej :)

Panie i panowie, przedstawiam moje drugie dziecko :D
Jest to nowelka na kanwie historii o Batmanie. W jakiś sposób jest to fan fiction, jednakże wykorzystuję w tym opowiadaniu także swoich bohaterów. Wszystko jest ładnie (mam nadzieję) wyjaśnione na początku rozdziału. Marcin z Nivem po prostu zostają superbohaterami ;)

Stron nie ma jak na razie wiele, ale mam zamiar updejtować tą historię częściej, lecz w mniejszych ilościach. Będzie to zawsze ten sam plik. W komentarzu będę powiadamiała, od której strony dopisałam kolejne wydarzenia. 

Przygotowałam też małą ściągawkę wyglądu postaci. Jak na razie musi to wystarczyć, dopóki sama ich nie narysuję po swojemu ;) 
Tytuł i foto jest za pewne robocze, muszę mieć dłuższą chwilę, żeby to lepiej ogarnąć :)

Nightwing (niebieski), Red Hood (czerwony):

Nightwing and Redhood by KijuMiju 

Korekta: :icontsuki0:

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:bulletred:English version:… :bulletred:

Mam nadzieję, że ten rozdział zrobi Wam sporego mind-fucka, bo na tym właśnie mi zależało.
Ostatnia scena chapteru była planowana od dawna i przy każdym chapie zastanawiałam się..., czy już mogę. ;)

Jestem bardzo ciekawa waszej reakcji.
Dużo komentarzy proszę! 

Korekta - przed korektą. 
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