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Edit: Added 2014 :D
Sorry for the bit of life story in the comments up there, but it kinda dictated how I learned and how often I arted and all that stuff!
Who's looking forward to next year? IT'S MEEE :la:

Happy Holidays everyone!! :party: 

I don't think I have much else to say about this that I haven't already, so!
Thanks for looking, and thank you for the favorites, watches, and comments! :love:

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30 Day Magical Person Challenge List HERE

Set 1 (1-6) :star: Set 2 (7-12) :star: Set 3 (13-18) :star: Set 4 (19-24) :star: Set 5 (25-30)
:iconsparklesplz: ~+*ULTIMATE SEPTEMBER MAGICAL GIRL INTERLUDE*+~ :iconsparklesplz:

That's where I rambled on about each of them more in detail. Characters featured here are 90% ones I already own that I've either revamped for this challenge or just cameoed for the fun of it, so if you recognize someone, that's probably why! *w*;

If you guys can't tell by now, the magical girl genre is my lifeblood. From random fan characters, assorted loose characters, or actual series Ty's helped bring conceptual life to like recently, this is one of those things I'm totally nuts for. I've wanted to do this challenge like crazy- far before the 30day Monster girls one, but I had to legit mentally prepare myself for it for a while before I could. OTL// I really like it when the genre is diversified, so things like super heroes and solitary heroines definitely feel magical girlesque to me, hence why some of these probably don't fit the frilly pink staple that is mahou shoujo. But yeah, I hope you guys enjoy this month long explosion of designing I did to kickstart my productivity again!

If you're interested, also check out my

30 Day Monster Girl Challenge!

Each was done in Paint Tool SAI on a 500x800 canvas with a tablet and lots of patience/endurance. I dunno how I survived. Text is added in PS7.

So guys, here comes the hard hitting question... :evillaugh:
TOP 5 FAVORITES ANYONE? And why? I'd love to hear your faves! :dance:
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I just wanna be your lover
No matter how it ends, no matter how it starts

Forget about your house of cards
Fall off the table, and get swept under

— House of Cards by Radiohead

With their flipped images, high-ranking cards can represent duality, secrets, and— almost literally— a two-faced nature.

SamSara at it’s core is very much about secrets and what drives us to hide ourselves in a place where appearance and school hierarchy is really everything. This is a story about finding how to be honest, how to be vulnerable, and what brings out the best and worst in a person.

Ace of Hearts: The suit of hearts is ruled by Spring and Fire. It represent emotions, love, youth, and vulnerability. Aces represent the beginning, desire, and the individual. This is a passionate, optimistic card.

Sara represents the lowest and the highest value card, much like day and night. She’s dormant and withdrawn, sheltering a wounded heart- but shines brightest and is at her strongest when honest, heart exposed.

Queen of Diamonds: This suit is ruled by Autumn and Earth. Diamonds represent money, entertainment, responsibility, security, judgement, and values. This card is known to be a flirt and a gossip.

Blaire’s marionette strings represent the control she has over several different things, and the consequences of losing that control and freedom to puppeteer them, getting tangled in her own web.

Jack of Clubs: Clubs are ruled by Summer and Air. Clubs represent irresponsibility, youth, and intellectual growth. Jacks are the adolescent, the young boy. This card sometimes indicates a young, playful admirer.

Tammy’s emotions are young and theatrical, represented by masks. Masking her negative emotions suggests she cannot properly express them, confront them, but the dramatization of them will still keep attention on her.

King of Spades: This suit is ruled by Winter and Water. Spades is the suit of wisdom and maturity; they represent transformation, conflict, and acceptance. This card is an authoritative, ambitious, self-serving card.

Gwen is an ironfist; controlled and steadfast- much as a ruling King. But much like water against a stone, her resolve too can wear away and the self-preserving teacher finds herself worn thin after battle.


PT - House of Cards [Side B] by Tyshea
I did all of these four in SAI, text in photoshop
Picture This: Sam & Sara

Which one is your favorite? ;P
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:star: PART ONE:
Meme - Palette Prompts 1 by Ai-Bee


From this tumblr palette challenge part two:

02 Bailey | white outlines... she has a facemodel now, can you guess who?
04 Mint | Ty's from Saladays! one of my faves... 
05 Wen | also ty's; our collabed book keepers)
06 Kirby | white outlines
10 Linette | fantasy world **also on art blog
15 Atka | Solaris **took me forever to get this last one done but it's my FAVORITE NOW
16 Jess | Picture This: JayJess
17 Piper | Sleep tight **bonus normal colors on my art blog
18 Stella | Picture This: StellaGale

Thank you for the faves/watches/comments and suggestions! I would like to do another one of these challenges sometime!
I'd also love to know.... your favorites~  (。´∀`)ノ *dun dun DUUNN*
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Reblog here!

From this tumblr post floatin around, we have the first half of 18:

Monica is palette 12 (both mona and this palette were popular!)
01 for that rapscallion Rilu
11 for Quinn (two people requested this exact one!! omg)
8 for Graham (hopin' to do more boys in the second one)
3 for Einnea (FOR U CAIT)
9 for Summer (from here and here, an unexpected request!!)
13 for Dora (FOR U TY)
7 for Phoebe/Mew Plum
14 for Sara (i used white before i realized it was cheating sorry) 

I'm trying to do all 18 palettes so expect a second installment later on eventually! If you wanna request one you can just make sure I haven't done 'em already!
Done in sai far too slowly for my tastes! Feel free to tell me your favorites :D Thank you for the watches/faves as well! :heart: blush blush by Emoji-kun
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YIPPIE :dummy:

lots of digital work again, I really need to shake off some dust with my sketchbook, it's getting awful neglected
i noticed i forgot to change one of the commentary fonts oops oh well

I have a lot of ocs I'm sorry!- but my undying gratitude and also cookies if you remember any of them :iconhappyhappyplz: :cookie:
*rambles on about how updating/revamping/revisiting OCs instead of scrapping them and making new ones is good for me personally because it's like they're growing up with me and all the character developing doesn't go to waste* //drops some truths and floats away with a scallop on tummy

yuki was for :icontheflamingzebra: and eli was for :iconapplevigilante:
dora and lamees are from this book keepers project ://D
lemonade/leslie was from this old thing i did and i think that's about all i feel like linking atm *shoves older projects under bed* :I

annndd you can reblog my witchsona x gijinka of hazel x and gemsona on tumblr! WOOHOO

Thanks for looking!
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Reblog on Tumblr | Ty's Version Here

I'll search for you and find you
These questions are just answers on the other side of clarity
I'll reach for you and know you
I swear this time I'll pour myself out for you until there's nothing left

Bloom - Mae

Happy anniversary, PT! (And happy late birthday, Sam!)
I know this is rather Sam&Sara centric, but we are working on their story the most right now, it seemed only fitting. Ty suggested calling it Chapter 0 and it couldn't fit better, really... this is how they are pre-story. (Obviously not 100% of the time, but y'know the feeling you get when you want to talk to/be friends with that one person but can't bring yourself to? Like that.)

I did quite a few drafts for this piece last year but it never was completed. It ended up getting simplified and collaborated on which I think really made all the difference! I'm so happy with it and proud of what Ty contributed to it. She helped me lay out and refine the panels and thumbs I had down and I lined it all! Then she took the rough colors I had and refined those too and did the text.

Picture This and Sam&Sara is a collaborated series by myself and Tyshea, about love between girls.
Sam & Sara gallery | My PT Gallery | Tyshea's PT gallery | Ty's Sam & Sara Gallery

Thank you for the watches, faves, and comments! :love: I hiighly suggest checking out the tumblr link, you can listen to the song as you view!

Comment on Ty's post here~
PT SxS - Chapter 0 by Tyshea

Edit: This isn't the actual comic. It's an illustration comic representing their feelings/emotions prior to the story so this isn't what the actual comic will look like. Sorry if it mislead you...! OTL
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well that's the most productive I've been all day! WOOHOO :dance:
We all sketched ourselves and then took turns lining and coloring. FUN TIMES! I can't even handle how gorgeous these look all blended together.

There's no template to this meme so I just threw one together: [link]
Thanks for the faves/comments/watches! :love: :heart:
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The move went pretty well! We only had a minor overcharge for the U-haul, the rain while we moved was generally pleasant and refreshing (we were sweating like pigs anyway right) and the unexpected third trip due to having the other u-haul place fuck up our order ended up being a blessing, because only heaven knows what mom would've been like behind the wheel of a 14 footer instead of a 10. I was clenching my buttcheeks in terror through the whole first ride.





So hi this is me
My name is mashup of lemonade + rebecca. Lemonade and keylime pie are two of my favorite desserts/treats... and since minty type things are far more popular, I decided to go with those. I LOVE SOUR THINGS! :dance: I'll probably draw up a car never later on... I'll call it The Cooler. 8-)

I think that's it, then. Glad to be back. Gonna go draw even though I should be cleaning my disaster of a (new!) room.

Drawn on paper, colored in SAI, fancy effects done in Potatoshop7, it took about forever. }:'|
Thank you for the comments, faves, and watches! :love:

oops ty did one :heart:
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.........*looks around*
Haaaaaay guys. What's up? :dummy:
*clears throat*
Do any of you remember that one time, about a year ago, when I said I was going to take a break from drawing my notorious Tokyo mew mew fan characters?

....Well, I guess that break is over... and I was sorely mistaken about being over them. :nuu:

To sum it up, I uh... I started drawing mew mews again in my free time in the fall of last year. There will be a TMM dump of that soon, but I thought doodling other people's mews, or designing them for fun on preexisting characters would curb my strange unhealthy addiction to them, but like with all addictions, it only made me want more. However, since I'm already ankle deep in redesigning my old set of 10 girls for a different story, I kind of.... had an oopsie... ...and made more...
:iconotlplz: ...... So... yeah. That was a thing.

For those of you that didn't watch me until PT, I kind of have a obsessive need to draw magical girls at random intervals or I become a basket case. Particularly, my old attachment to Tokyo Mew Mew and making fan characters for it. Eeeyup.
If you could care less about that, feel free to just pass over this... silly stuff. Like really. I won't be upset. ://|;

:bulletpurple::bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletgreen::bulletblue: Mewmew: Fruit Parfait! --------------------------------------------------

:bulletpurple: Mew Plum | Black Rhinoceros | Oversized Lance
Pheobe | 16 | South African | Mark: Forehead |
- Quiet, soft-spoken, intelligent and reserved
- Emotionless, insecure, reluctant

:bulletred: Mew Watermelon | Philippine Eagle | Bow & Arrow
Whitney | 16 | Fillipino & Irish | Mark: Small of Back |
- Excitable, eager, bubbly, optimistic, clever
- Clumsy, temperamental, easily smitten

:bulletyellow: Mew Peach | Asiatic Lion | Sabre / Claws
Monique | 17 | Arab | Mark: Upper Sternum
- Gung-ho, rowdy, stubborn, born leader
- Upstart, competitive, inconsiderate, blunt

:bulletgreen: Mew Kiwi | Green Sea Turtle | Trident and/or Shield
Keira | 18 | Japanese | Mark: Center of Back |
- Skilled, rebellious, cool, determined
- Egotistical, cocky, shallow, dense

:bulletblue: Mew Blueberry | Rosalia Alpina Beetle | Microphone and/or staff
Belle | 18 | African American, French | Mark: Back of Neck |
- calm, eccentric, cunning, mysterious, dreamy
- premeditated, mischievous, manipulative, detached  


Q & A!
Where are their Japanese names? No one except Keira is Japanese, who goes by her English name.
Where are your other old mews? I'm putting them in an original universe!
Do they have a story? Not particularly, this is just for fun :'P
Will the canon girls/aliens/etc be in it if you do make a story for it? No, I don't involve canon characters in my fandom stories.
Can you help me with my mews/story? I'm fine with being asked my opinion on things if you wanna, but I can't collaborate with anyone... Far too busy!;;
Can I use your mews in my story/Can my mews be in your story? No thank you! I'm not looking to collaborate, I'm just doing this for me.
I have a mew -insert fruit here- or mew with -insert DNA here- too. You can use those fruits and DNA too, of course. Just don't copy my match-ups or outfits, obviously... That'd be pretty lame.
Can I draw you fanart of them? Of course you can!! I would love love to see, please link me if you do!!!! <3
art, characters (c) me
Tokyo Mew Mew (c) Mia Ikumi and Reiko Yoshida
/runs away back to work ~~~~/o/;;

TMM Dump 4 by Ai-Bee TMM - Fruit Parfait by Ai-Bee
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