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Edit: Added 2014 :D
Sorry for the bit of life story in the comments up there, but it kinda dictated how I learned and how often I arted and all that stuff!
Who's looking forward to next year? IT'S MEEE :la:

Happy Holidays everyone!! :party: 

I don't think I have much else to say about this that I haven't already, so!
Thanks for looking, and thank you for the favorites, watches, and comments! :love:

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I just wanna be your lover
No matter how it ends, no matter how it starts

Forget about your house of cards
Fall off the table, and get swept under

— House of Cards by Radiohead

With their flipped images, high-ranking cards can represent duality, secrets, and— almost literally— a two-faced nature.

SamSara at it’s core is very much about secrets and what drives us to hide ourselves in a place where appearance and school hierarchy is really everything. This is a story about finding how to be honest, how to be vulnerable, and what brings out the best and worst in a person.

Ace of Hearts: The suit of hearts is ruled by Spring and Fire. It represent emotions, love, youth, and vulnerability. Aces represent the beginning, desire, and the individual. This is a passionate, optimistic card.

Sara represents the lowest and the highest value card, much like day and night. She’s dormant and withdrawn, sheltering a wounded heart- but shines brightest and is at her strongest when honest, heart exposed.

Queen of Diamonds: This suit is ruled by Autumn and Earth. Diamonds represent money, entertainment, responsibility, security, judgement, and values. This card is known to be a flirt and a gossip.

Blaire’s marionette strings represent the control she has over several different things, and the consequences of losing that control and freedom to puppeteer them, getting tangled in her own web.

Jack of Clubs: Clubs are ruled by Summer and Air. Clubs represent irresponsibility, youth, and intellectual growth. Jacks are the adolescent, the young boy. This card sometimes indicates a young, playful admirer.

Tammy’s emotions are young and theatrical, represented by masks. Masking her negative emotions suggests she cannot properly express them, confront them, but the dramatization of them will still keep attention on her.

King of Spades: This suit is ruled by Winter and Water. Spades is the suit of wisdom and maturity; they represent transformation, conflict, and acceptance. This card is an authoritative, ambitious, self-serving card.

Gwen is an ironfist; controlled and steadfast- much as a ruling King. But much like water against a stone, her resolve too can wear away and the self-preserving teacher finds herself worn thin after battle.


PT - House of Cards [Side B] by Tyshea
I did all of these four in SAI, text in photoshop
Picture This: Sam & Sara

Which one is your favorite? ;P
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30 Day Magical Person Challenge List HERE

Set 1 (1-6) :star: Set 2 (7-12) :star: Set 3 (13-18) :star: Set 4 (19-24) :star: Set 5 (25-30)
:iconsparklesplz: ~+*ULTIMATE SEPTEMBER MAGICAL GIRL INTERLUDE*+~ :iconsparklesplz:

That's where I rambled on about each of them more in detail. Characters featured here are 90% ones I already own that I've either revamped for this challenge or just cameoed for the fun of it, so if you recognize someone, that's probably why! *w*;

If you guys can't tell by now, the magical girl genre is my lifeblood. From random fan characters, assorted loose characters, or actual series Ty's helped bring conceptual life to like recently, this is one of those things I'm totally nuts for. I've wanted to do this challenge like crazy- far before the 30day Monster girls one, but I had to legit mentally prepare myself for it for a while before I could. OTL// I really like it when the genre is diversified, so things like super heroes and solitary heroines definitely feel magical girlesque to me, hence why some of these probably don't fit the frilly pink staple that is mahou shoujo. But yeah, I hope you guys enjoy this month long explosion of designing I did to kickstart my productivity again!

If you're interested, also check out my

30 Day Monster Girl Challenge!

Each was done in Paint Tool SAI on a 500x800 canvas with a tablet and lots of patience/endurance. I dunno how I survived. Text is added in PS7.

So guys, here comes the hard hitting question... :evillaugh:
TOP 5 FAVORITES ANYONE? And why? I'd love to hear your faves! :dance:
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:star: PART ONE:
Meme - Palette Prompts 1 by Ai-Bee


From this tumblr palette challenge part two:

02 Bailey | white outlines... she has a facemodel now, can you guess who?
04 Mint | Ty's from Saladays! one of my faves... 
05 Wen | also ty's; our collabed book keepers)
06 Kirby | white outlines
10 Linette | fantasy world **also on art blog
15 Atka | Solaris **took me forever to get this last one done but it's my FAVORITE NOW
16 Jess | Picture This: JayJess
17 Piper | Sleep tight **bonus normal colors on my art blog
18 Stella | Picture This: StellaGale

Thank you for the faves/watches/comments and suggestions! I would like to do another one of these challenges sometime!
I'd also love to know.... your favorites~  (。´∀`)ノ *dun dun DUUNN*
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Reblog here!

From this tumblr post floatin around, we have the first half of 18:

Monica is palette 12 (both mona and this palette were popular!)
01 for that rapscallion Rilu
11 for Quinn (two people requested this exact one!! omg)
8 for Graham (hopin' to do more boys in the second one)
3 for Einnea (FOR U CAIT)
9 for Summer (from here and here, an unexpected request!!)
13 for Dora (FOR U TY)
7 for Phoebe/Mew Plum
14 for Sara (i used white before i realized it was cheating sorry) 

I'm trying to do all 18 palettes so expect a second installment later on eventually! If you wanna request one you can just make sure I haven't done 'em already!
Done in sai far too slowly for my tastes! Feel free to tell me your favorites :D Thank you for the watches/faves as well! :heart: blush blush by Emoji-kun
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YIPPIE :dummy:

lots of digital work again, I really need to shake off some dust with my sketchbook, it's getting awful neglected
i noticed i forgot to change one of the commentary fonts oops oh well

I have a lot of ocs I'm sorry!- but my undying gratitude and also cookies if you remember any of them :iconhappyhappyplz: :cookie:
*rambles on about how updating/revamping/revisiting OCs instead of scrapping them and making new ones is good for me personally because it's like they're growing up with me and all the character developing doesn't go to waste* //drops some truths and floats away with a scallop on tummy

yuki was for :icontheflamingzebra: and eli was for :iconapplevigilante:
dora and lamees are from this book keepers project ://D
lemonade/leslie was from this old thing i did and i think that's about all i feel like linking atm *shoves older projects under bed* :I

annndd you can reblog my witchsona x gijinka of hazel x and gemsona on tumblr! WOOHOO

Thanks for looking!
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well that's the most productive I've been all day! WOOHOO :dance:
We all sketched ourselves and then took turns lining and coloring. FUN TIMES! I can't even handle how gorgeous these look all blended together.

There's no template to this meme so I just threw one together: [link]
Thanks for the faves/comments/watches! :love: :heart:
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:star: Tumblr Post Here! :star:

So I was REALLY excited Ava’s Demon was having a design contest… I’d wondered what mine would look like when I first started reading and now I had an excuse to design her! Yesss!! “ヽ(´▽`)ノ”

I really really really love themes and hidden meanings and the way the canon characters both match yet also foil an aspect of their demons. I really wanted my demon to represent both good, bad, and neutral things. So ok lets see how well I can summarize this oh gosh.

:bulletyellow: My demon’s name is Notimbia Apeiro!
Notimibia is an anagram of Ambition, and Aperio is from the Greek word Aperios/Apeiron, meaning infinite.
I struggle with my ambitions, anxiety, and self doubt- Ambition is a close word to me because it’s powerful and overwhelming. I drew myself with my hand on her arm because I’m afraid of her and her power, but I also depend on her. I liked how ambition is infinite like the galaxy, which I also associate with; So my irises are space-y blue-green with a stylized yellow star like a compass rose!

:bulletgreen: About her design…
I wanted her to be a condensed powerhouse- A supernova star, with a boiling core of energy and potential. Our element is light/lightning, which I figured was a good way to summarize all that “potential energy”. Light can be invigorating, but also unstable under pressure. When I’m drawing energy from her, I’d glow from my eyes/mouth/nose/hair. Then extreme situations would I start conducting electricity and zapping things (in the way that Ava’s extremes include vomiting lava and burning stuff!) The times I do let her “help” me, I get wired and go very fast. But afterwards there is a crash and a long period of fussing and being exceptionally jittery/nervous and reluctant to try again.

I’ve always associated with fairies, which is why my door is on my back where wings would be and are vaguely wing-shaped. Also, it’s incredibly hard to reach from its location, and equally hard to open because the handles are conductive. No pain no gain, right? Just need to be ambitious to open it...

For Notimbia, I decided to blend that into her (as some space fairy alien race) but also bring in something more sturdy than the bees and moths I usually liken myself to- So I chose a beetle; in the way her skin is sectioned, her serrated horns, and her multiple arms- which also double as a metaphorical “more hands = more opportunities"

I wanted a visual dichotomy of how she’s both masculine and feminine in the opposite way I am. Tall vs short, thick vs thin, strong vs petite, short hair vs long hair, multiple eyes vs bad vision, ambition vs apprehension. She has the strength to do incredible things, but as per terms of our pact she’s restrained by me, which is why her gauntlets are chained together. (But our pact was willing)

Also, I figure the inside of my mindspace would be like space and a surreal fantasy forest with a lot of liquid bodies of stars, space, fairy-type sprite beings, and glowy bits. A star forest!

If I had to pick a sin for her to represent… Ahh, it’s pretty hard. I’m personally most like Sloth (apprehension, inaction) but I feel like this would be best associated with Greed, as in constantly wanting to do more/be better/not being good enough. I’d have to spend days re-configuring how this design represents that though omg… I headcanoned that other demons that were an embodiment of an emotion or state of being were lesser forms of the sins- so not quite as high in rank, y’know? But yeah!

:bulletblue: About Notim!
Notim herself is a very ‘tough love’ personality. She’s ‘less talk more action’ and she can get very frustrated with the way I refuse to act when she would have. She’s confident, decisive, and impatient when I’m the opposite. She also a bit self-serving and unsympathetic of “distractions”, whereas I can’t seem to let little things go. She’s tried being cruel, parental, a teacher, and a drill sergeant with me- all with mixed results. She’s a bit reluctant to be outright gentle at first, but learns a little patience and kindness do go a long way in motivating her less-than-brave host.

When she wasn't a ghost, she was a warrior, a soldier, and a leader or general of some kind- She was moderately less exasperated and more… well, freely ambitious! She also enjoyed competitive alien sports. (Which naturally, I can’t even look at without getting nervous, nevermind participating in. She thinks I’m the most timid unmotivated space-lamb that she’s ever seen.)

And… I guess that’s everything I have to say! This was really really fun to think up and do research for. +__+ I feel satisfied! Thank you for reading if you did omg that was so verbose! Oh, and be sure to check out all the entries in the #ddcontest2k14 tag on tumblr, there’s some awesome stuff in there!

Sorry for random bare-bee-back gpoy shot hahaha.... *runs around shirtless and gets back to work now sorry sorry*
Thank you for the faves/watches/comments!! :love: 

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The move went pretty well! We only had a minor overcharge for the U-haul, the rain while we moved was generally pleasant and refreshing (we were sweating like pigs anyway right) and the unexpected third trip due to having the other u-haul place fuck up our order ended up being a blessing, because only heaven knows what mom would've been like behind the wheel of a 14 footer instead of a 10. I was clenching my buttcheeks in terror through the whole first ride.





So hi this is me
My name is mashup of lemonade + rebecca. Lemonade and keylime pie are two of my favorite desserts/treats... and since minty type things are far more popular, I decided to go with those. I LOVE SOUR THINGS! :dance: I'll probably draw up a car never later on... I'll call it The Cooler. 8-)

I think that's it, then. Glad to be back. Gonna go draw even though I should be cleaning my disaster of a (new!) room.

Drawn on paper, colored in SAI, fancy effects done in Potatoshop7, it took about forever. }:'|
Thank you for the comments, faves, and watches! :love:

oops ty did one :heart:
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:bulletyellow::bulletyellow::bulletyellow: A unicorn of few words, LanternLight is content with the silence of the mysterious yet peaceful forest she presides over. She lives in a quiet cottage tucked away in a garden of the glowing flowers she grows throughout the wood to help guide travelers through it.

I was itching for an excuse to try doing more background work after I did the gravity falls piece in my style meme... and it ended up bein' poni-related, oooh! ( 。´∀`)ノ Lil' Lantern here is an OC pony I made a year or two ago but I don't typically post much of my pony work because reasons, but I really like how this turned out so *boops* up it goes! Lantern is a very quiet little guiding-light type of pony that never seems to be lost but is never entirely there either, very distant and thoughtful. u//u Other than gardening, she likes animals and exploring uncharted places-- and although she may end up wandering awhile she always finds what she's looking for eventually. She also really likes things that glow, so seeing her gently splish-splashin in puddles and ponds in the moonlight is not too uncommon!

Done all in sai last night, I binged on drawing until 5am ahahahah~
Thank you for the favorites/comments/watches :heart:

reblog it on tumblr here if ya really wanna
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